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NEW Let My People Go!

NEW A Warning To All Opponents Of MM

NEW A Prophetic Witness To TBN UK (download PDF) or (view in browser)

TBN UK is NOT a MOVE OF GOD as claimed!

Emily Raised From The Dead

Demonic Warfare

Opponents Are Being Struck Dead!

Mighty Miracles Of God (Vol 1-4) NEW

A Demonstration of the Power of God in UGANDA NEW

Meet Me At Midnight NEW

On 15th June 2002, a two-year old boy died. His parents brought the child to David Isaac, an evangelist working with Midnight Ministries' outreach in Nigeria. David prayed for his resurrection, and taught the truths of God to the child's parents for three days... and... boom!! God restored the boy's life!

The young boy was dead for three days!

Further prayer and ministry followed, because the child still needed to receive complete healing. And, true to God's Word, Jesus completely restored the little boy to full health by the end of that week.

It is a miracle of restoration, which God deliberately took a week to fulfil. It parallels the restoration of a vital truth to the Church at this time, that also requires a week to fulfil.

Read the full account of this wonderful miracle.

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Dreams From God
To An Ethiopian Prophet

About world events to affect Christians;
revelations from God for your spiritual enlightenment; and things that must shortly come to pass.

Midnight Ministries'
Dream Diary

When a prophet of the LORD is among you,
I reveal Myself to him in visions, I speak
to him in dreams  (Numbers 12:6, NIV).
He who has an ear, let him hear what the
Spirit is saying to the churches (Rev 2:7).

Should We Have Churches? NEW

Prophecies Concerning Britain

Islam The Koran And GodSome Observations

Islam asserts itself as the true religion which all mankind should accept. Muslims claim that the Koran is a holy book, containing the perfect words of God, and that it was dictated to the prophet Mohammed by the Angel Gabriel. Yet, God spoke to mankind long before Mohammed, and He has more to say today!

A copy of this booklet may be obtained for a suggested donation of 1 from Midnight Ministries.

Why Britain
Will Fall

The Prophecies
Of Hosea Concerning

More Than A Prophet


Revelations From God About the Judgement of Britain

The Danger of False Ministers

Jesus told His first disciples, "Go your way; behold, I send you out as lambs among wolves" (Luke 10:3, NKJV).

And within the expanding Church, Paul had to warn about false ministers arising with selfish motives (Acts 20:29, 30), more concerned with their influence among people than serving the flock of God from a pure heart.

Certainly there are many wolves in the Church! They appear good to others, but their virtues are a sham (2 Cor. 11:13-15). Underneath their laudable-appearing exterior lurks a hidden agenda based on self-seeking and pride.

Read more.

God Is NOT Pleased With Tele-Evangelism!
GOD TV A Prophetic Message
Dream: Evil Motives in GOD TV
GOD TV Is Not God's TV
Judgement To Fall On All Falsity And False Ministers!
Jacob Prasch
David Hathaway - Man of God? Or Tearaway?
'God Digital' and the False Revival
The Deceit and Cunning of Don Stewart
COMBATING the Strongholds of Satan!
Light Versus Darkness
The Subtlety Of PRIDE

The Perennial Problem of False Believers

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Why The Church of England Is A FALSE Church

Dreams From God About Morris Cerullo

Morris Cerullo’s Mission To London

Cfan Is NOT In God's Will

Reinhard Bonnke, Evangelism & God's Will

Reinhard’s Millions!

Reinhard Bonnke For $450 a Day

CfaN Christ for all Nations Reinhard's New Booklet

CfaN Christ for all Nations Reinhard Bonnke and... Antichrist

CfaN Christ for all Nations Reinhard Bonnke and the Numeric Signs

CfaN Christ for all Nations Reinhard's Impartation Meetings

Masquerade In Ministry

If God were interested in numbers, He’s doing a lousy job of saving the world! Most of the world is steeped in superstition, deception and false religion of all shades. And for those who think that Christians are excepted, that very supposition is evidence of their own blindness of which Jesus warned (Matt 24:4,5).

The Midnight Cry:
A Message To All Churches

It is prophesied in Matthew 25:6 that a Midnight Cry is to go out shortly before the return of the Saviour to take His bride. Why? Jesus gives the frightening reason: ALL the Church is asleep!! (Matt 25:5.)

The cry is a prophetic call to the Church to awake [a metaphor for coming out of deception], to prepare and accept all that Jesus offers her. She MUST not refuse any aspect of truth and practice He wants to impart. But, strangely, many believers DO reject certain aspects! They don't want all He is imparting! Because the Church is resistant to what He wants her to accept, He cannot give this to her via the regular channels. He sends a prophet

The Midnight Cry is a prophetic call to awake from deception and to put on all the wedding garments.

Midnight in America


Russian translations of MM literature are available at:

DISCLAIMER: 'Midnight Ministries' in America

There is another ministry by the name Midnight Ministries, which is based in Reno, Nevada, USA. It is operated by Robert Harris. It is NOT associated in any way with this Midnight Ministries in the UK.

Please note also that Midnight Ministries in the UK does NOT subscribe to various doctrinal expositions that Robert Harris expresses on his web site. He is also very antagonistic towards some major doctrinal positions which we express here on our web site.

Just as in nature there are positive and negative forces; in essence, you could accurately say we are poles apart!

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