Opposition and Objections to the Work of Midnight Ministries

"DESTROY Those Who Destroy The Earth"

'Binding' Demons

Jesus Did Not Abolish Passover

When You Feel Like God Is Not With You

The Third Angel's Message and the Mark of the Beast

No-One Listens!

How To Impress

"Christ is the end of the law for righteousness for all who believe" (Romans 10:4)  What Did Paul Mean?

End-Time Fireballs

When You Pray

Praying for the Living

Some Points on Prayer

Watching Carefully and Prayerfully

Facing The Tribulation 1 This Present Distress

Facing The Tribulation 2 The World's Nemesis

Facing The Tribulation 3 Birthpangs of Jesus' Millennium

Facing The Tribulation 4 When Love Meets Hate

Facing The Tribulation 5 Be Prepared To Listen To The Spirit

Simple Evangelism

WHEN Will Russia Attack Israel?

God's Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence

So, Now You Speak In Tongues

So, Now You Speak In Tongues Part 2

To Believe, Or Not To Believe? That Is The Question

"When You Were Small In Your Own Eyes"

In weakness, in fear, and in much trembling

"I have been very zealous for the Great Eternal God"

The Habit Of Prayer

Repentance & Weeping

Don't Be Deceived

God Wants To Heal, But Will You Let Him?

Gold, Silver and Precious Stones

Don't Let Satan Steal What Is Yours

These Are The Days Of Elijah!

No Man Has Ascended To Heaven

No One Has Seen God At Any Time

Do You Maintain Your Own Integrity?

Hardness of Heart or Repentance?

The Dreadful Influences of Religious Spirits

Days For Awe

The Solution To Famine

More Than A Prophet

Watching Carefully and Prayerfully

"A Christian Exists To Impact Society"

Contending Earnestly...

Do You Confront Evil Or Do You Tolerate it?

"Bless The Lord O My Soul!"

When God Speaks

From The Mouth Of Two Or Three Witnesses

Funerals And Honouring The Dead

Seeking Reward In This Fleeting Life

Get Ready For The Time Of Trouble

Entering A Time Of Revival

55,000,000 Will Turn Back To God

All Tables Are Full Of Vomit & Filth!

What Are Our Duties To The Body Of Christ?

Keeping Your Word, Even When It Hurts You!

Four Things Are Little On The Earth, But They Are Exceedingly Important

Anxiety, Guilt, and Resentment

Observing Passover

Give It Up!

The Seal Of God

 The Mystery of Lawlessness

"All That God Has Said, We Will Do"

Interpreting Dreams

Committing The Unpardonable Sin

The Orthodox Pride

The 'Job Factor'

Are You Listening To God?

A FALSE Pentecost

The Church Is Missing The Mark


The Charismatic Deception

Living On Borrowed Time

Souls, Souls, Souls

The Law Of The Spirit Of Life


Imbibing The Truth

Matters Of The Heart

The Vision Delusion

The Religious Wicked

Submitting To God

The Bricks Of MM Literature For Building The Walls

"I Am The Vine, You Are The Branches"

The Bible Speaks - "This Generation Shall Not Pass Away Until..."

Praying For Jerusalem?

God's Irrevocable Gifts

Tattoos & Demonic Studs

Visit To A Charismatic Church

The Law Of Moses

The Pope & The Catholic Church

Was the Pope Saved?

Coming Out Of The Toronto Deception

The End Of The World

How Is God's Work Accomplished?

Are You Resistant To Change?

Wielding The Divine Axe

Church Leaders Shut The Door On Jesus!

You Should DEFY, Not Deify, Church Authority!

Are You Moving Ahead?

Carried Along By The Spirit

Opposition Against The Power of God

More About The Gifts of The Spirit

He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease

Dismantling Churches

Preparing A Flock For Slaughter

FIERCE Persecution!

He Saw The Great Tribulation

Blessing Or Curse?

Guidelines For Evangelists

God's Work CANCELLED For Lack Of Interest!

Questions About The Prophetic

Why Keep Sunday?

The Last Outpouring Of The Spirit

Consider The Significance Of God's Appointed Times

Rebellion Is As The Sin of Witchcraft!

Will Elijah Come Again?

The Early Church Kept Israel's Commanded Assemblies

The Festivals Of God

Zechariah's Amazing Prophecy

Resisting A Prophet

Principles Of True Worship

Praying For The Nations?

To Whom Should You Give Your Tithe?

Is The Lord's Arm Too Short?

Some Tips On Giving To Charity

The 70 Weeks Prophecy

"Blessed Is He Who Is Not Offended Because Of Me"

Cursed Be...

Education For The Nation

God Has Done GREAT Things!

Heap It Up! Heap It Up!

Hindrances To Being Led By The Spirit

Prayer...? ...Or... Performance?

Reorganising The Church

Trial and Testing!

Women In The Church

The Lesson of Psalm 123

Prophecy Being Fulfilled

The Alpha Course

Dreams From God About The Charismatic Church

The Charismatic Church Shrine

No More Time

The Middle East Is About To EXPLODE!

Don't Commit The Sin Of Being Independent

Complacency - A Spiritual Killer!

One In Two

Cursed Is He...

Listening To What God Is Saying

Will Jesus Come Soon?

Comprehending God's Nature

"O You Of Little Faith!"