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The Imminent Fall of America

If you would like to request this book please write to the address at the bottom of this page and, if possible, send the suggested donation of 5. Thank you. For more information see Publications of Midnight Ministries.

Please note that parts 53 and 54 listed below are not included in the printed version of the book The Imminent Fall of America.


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Rely on Jesus for All Things
test1.jpg (1283 bytes) God Said test29.jpg (1518 bytes) War and Death Camps
test2.jpg (1443 bytes) America Will Fall! test30.jpg (1516 bytes) The Lost
test3.jpg (1471 bytes) Revival Before Chaos 31test.jpg (1490 bytes) "Turn To Me Now"
test4.jpg (1404 bytes) The Darkness of America test32.jpg (1566 bytes) Destruction is Sure to Come
test5.jpg (1458 bytes) God's Spirit is Moving Across the Earth test33.jpg (1574 bytes) The Church Must Grow Up
test6.jpg (1431 bytes) More on Abortion and Fearing God test34.jpg (1564 bytes) Blessed Are Those Who Follow After God
test7.jpg (1442 bytes) "Don't Deny My Spirit" test35.jpg (1549 bytes) "I Am Your Hope and Life"
test8.jpg (1426 bytes) The Remedy test36.jpg (1558 bytes) Band-Aid For a Severed Limb
test9.jpg (1442 bytes) The Result of Turning From God test37.jpg (1534 bytes) "Dedicate Yourselves to Me"
test10.jpg (1532 bytes) Look to God, Not to Yourself test38.jpg (1548 bytes) Jesus Returns Soon
test11.jpg (1466 bytes) All God's Law is Still in Effect test39.jpg (1566 bytes) God is a Perfect Loving Father
test12.jpg (1539 bytes) The Demise of the Global Economy test40.jpg (1541 bytes) A Caveat to the Church
test13.jpg (1564 bytes) Sin test41.jpg (1514 bytes) The Chinese Invasion
test14.jpg (1537 bytes) Seek God's Way First and Foremost test42.jpg (1554 bytes) America: Modern House of Israel
test15.jpg (1552 bytes) The End of All That is Modern test43.jpg (1563 bytes) The War Drums Beat Against America
test16.jpg (1459 bytes) The Word of God for Islam test44.jpg (1569 bytes) The Solution is God
test17.jpg (1447 bytes) The Seventh Day test45.jpg (1557 bytes) History Repeats Itself
test18.jpg (1474 bytes) Satan Has Lost test46.jpg (1570 bytes) America... Once Great and Shining
test19.jpg (1467 bytes) Death! test47.jpg (1537 bytes) America Must Remember and Keep the Law of Moses
test20.jpg (1520 bytes) God Has Created All That Is test48.jpg (1560 bytes) What Will You Do?
test21.jpg (1472 bytes) The Longsuffering Love of God test49.jpg (1540 bytes) My Vision of the Destruction of America
test22.jpg (1527 bytes) The True Revolutionary test50.jpg (1540 bytes) 2 Years to the Chinese Invasion
test23.jpg (1525 bytes) "You Are Driven Mad By Demons" test51.jpg (1529 bytes) The Visions of Dumitru Duduman
test24.jpg (1513 bytes) The Coming Storm test52.jpg (1549 bytes) Visions of The Invasion From The North
test25.jpg (1508 bytes) A Word of Thanks to God test53.jpg (1545 bytes) Dream of the Destruction of Seattle
test26.jpg (1517 bytes) God Will Save Us in the Coming Fire test54.jpg (1545 bytes) Church Leaders Hinder God's Prophets
test27.jpg (1502 bytes) "The Church Denies Me Again & Again"


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