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Morris Cerullo’s Mission To London

Do you look at things according to the outward appearance? (2 Corinthians 10:7).

...he who glories, let him glory in the Lord. For not he who commends himself is approved, but whom the Lord commends
(2 Corinthians 10:17-18).

  • This is the Midnight Hour.

  • Deception is rife and ever more subtle.

  • These are the days of Elijah.

  • Falsity is being exposed.

  • But will you heed?

Morris Cerullo’s ministry is soon going to be cut back. He is NOT in God’s will, and is ignorant of God’s end-time agenda.

Morris Cerullo’s boast is that he is fulfilling the role of the End-Time Elijah. He astutely avoids saying it overtly, of course. It is subtle, just as Satan was in the Garden to Eve. By founding the “Elijah Institute”, and claiming to raise up thousands of Elishas, the inference is deliberately unavoidable.

In the past he has called himself “God’s prophet”, asserted his pre-eminence on the stage of international evangelism, and gathered a coterie of sycophantic ministers around him who are willing to embellish his standing in exchange for a convenient ‘leg-up’ with their own ministries.

Pride is characteristically ugly. It tarnishes the reputations of many men of God who started out well, with good intentions, and who have tried their best. I’m sure there are many who will resent negatively critical comments from me about Morris Cerullo because of all that Morris has tried to do over the years. They will object: who do I think I am to cast aspersions on such an accomplished evangelist?!

However, I offer no apologies. I do not answer to men, but to God. And His bidding I must do (Is 58:1; 1 Tim 5:20,21). The watchmen He places on the walls are there to sound an alarm, not to make appeasing noises. The apostle Paul adjured:

Cut off opportunity from those who desire an opportunity to be regarded just as we are in the things of which they boast (2 Cor 11:12).

Morris Cerullo Is NOT
‘The Elijah’

I have explained previously in Masquerade In Ministry that Morris Cerullo is failing to understand God’s mind and hear clearly from Him.

Over the years, God’s voice has become more and more distant to him, as his self-elevation or pride has got in the way. To compensate for this lack of vision and direction, he has resorted to gimmicks and slogans to appeal to, and impress, his faithful followers.

It seems he thinks he always needs to be seen to be doing something new to impress his mailing list. Perhaps he thinks it protects his ‘superiority’ and maintains his standing in their eyes.

I don’t recall the prophet Elijah trying to impress men. He made more enemies than friends by what he did in championing the cause of unpopular truth.

In fact, the contrast between the prophet Elijah in the OT and Morris Cerullo is most marked! Here are a just few points of comparison for you to consider.

Remember what Jesus said:

Beware of false prophets... you will know them by their fruits... (Matt 7:15,16).

1. Lifestyle.
Morris Cerullo lives an opulent lifestyle, has a large income, owns an expensive mansion in the USA, a personal jet (which, it is claimed, is fitted out with expensive gold-plate), etc., etc..

I seem to recall several statements in the Bible that do not favourably reflect upon those who are rich in this world. Please excuse my facetiousness and deliberate understatement. If you are a novice, or need reminding, please read Luke 1:53; James 5:1-3; Luke 6:20; 6:24; Hebrews 11:26; Jeremiah 17:11; Matthew 6:19-21; 2 Corinthians 8:9; and James 1:10,11. There are also other less than savoury biblical comments about men who exalt themselves – and wealth can be one means of exaltation.

You would be right to question the credentials of an evangelist who has got rich by preaching the gospel, or who stores up wealth for personal use. Jesus and the Twelve never did that. They USED what wealth came to them for the Gospel. Even though they had their own home, they were average dwellings, not opulent mansions. And Jesus was prepared to go without in this respect, which is why He said the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head (Luke 9:58).

Likewise, Elijah did not enjoy a lavish lifestyle. For a while his home was a cave (1 Ki 19:9).

2. Reliance / support. Elijah did not rely upon wealth, popularity or influence, as Morris Cerullo does. He relied upon God’s Spirit.

When Elijah was alone by the brook Cherith, his only means of support was God. God arranged for ravens to bring him food (1 Ki 17:5,6). When God wanted him to move on, He arranged for a widow to take care of him. The provision again was miraculous (1 Ki 17:8-16). It was not human support!

Elijah didn’t have an entourage of people to buoy him up, support him and carry him along. He only had the Spirit of the Living God. His popularity in human terms was close to nil!

He stood alone against 450 false prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel, with only God behind him. His “Mission To Carmel” didn’t rely upon practiced choreography – the well-oiled machinery of stage performance, polished choir singing, and other human deckhands to give their approval of the man. There was ‘merely’ a blunt call to repentance or else, followed by supernatural fire from God, and swift judgement that followed (1 Ki 18:20-40). Not exactly your conventional ‘crusade’ format!

Elijah was a prophet. That’s why he was rejected by the majority of the religious fraternity. Morris Cerullo is an evangelist, not a prophet. If you want to see a true prophet, look for one who does not have acclaim in the eyes of the people, who brings unadulterated truth like Elijah did – which is why he was so unpopular in his day (he was only hailed a hero after he was taken) – who has little or no human support, who has undeniable revelation from God, supernatural testimony, but unpopularity as well.

Here’s a good test: Tell all the fawning, boot-licking associate pastors with Morris Cerullo of this Work of God conducted by Midnight Ministries. Tell them of the truths Midnight Ministries promotes, of the things we have written about Morris Cerullo in our various publications. Then see them all reject MM – and possibly worse!

Then you will have an idea of the scale of rejection that characterises a true prophet, not the masquerading variety that Morris Cerullo presently represents!

3. Who brings pure truth?
Morris Cerullo doesn’t. Unadulterated truth characterises the last Move of God in this age.

Elijah was raised up by God to challenge the status quo amongst God’s people at that time. He was appointed by God to RESTORE the true faith at that time. ‘Elijah’ in this end-time is similarly engaged.

However, Morris Cerullo doesn’t possess the faith once delivered to the saints. We do. That is not an unwarranted ‘boast’. God told a Kenyan evangelist in dreams that we are commissioned to restore all things (the pure truths of God) to the Church. These revelations are recounted in Revelations From God About Midnight Ministries. I am not ‘boasting’ beyond the limits of my divine remit. Paul wrote:

We will not boast beyond measure, but within the limits of the sphere which God appointed us (2 Cor 10:13).

The sphere to which God appointed Midnight Ministries is to restore the faith once delivered to the saints. This is outlined in the booklet by the same title and expanded in other publications such as Our Sabbath Rest; God’s Church – Whose Authority?; The Festivals of God; and a number of other titles.

4. Miraculous power.
The power of God has accompanied Morris Cerullo. I don’t deny that. I have upheld his position in the body of Christ and given credit where credit is due. (You can read the many supportive comments I made about him in previous years in various publications such as the Mind of God series, which are written to demolish the strongholds of pride and prejudice that trap people in cults.)

But what of raising the dead as Elijah did? – which was a sign from God of His divine commission.

I have written in WAKING The Dead of some of the names of people who have already died – years ago – whom God has said He will bring back from the grave to witness for Jesus on earth before the end closes in upon our civilisation.

Morris Cerullo will not be raising the long-dead, as we prophesy in that article, because he is NOT appointed by God as an end-time prophet. Nor does he have the commission of restoring ‘lost’ truths to the body of Christ. He simply doesn’t possess them.

At least 50 people, who have been dead for years, will be brought back. These feats will grab headlines and create media interest.

When this comes to pass – surely it will come – then they will know that a prophet has been among them (Ezek 33:33).

5. Fruit of ministry
includes many aspects. This is not the place to detail that. How to identify false ministers is given in outline in the booklet Apostasy In God’s Church! and developed further in the more advanced book Testing The Spirits. People are easily deceived.

What happened to Morris’s boast of the nineties about reaching one billion souls before the year 2000? What happened to his plan to create a Prayer Centre? As if God needs him (and the people he employs in his ministry) to be a go-between or mediator between sick people and God! People don’t need mediators; they need proper teaching to give them a correct assurance in God. And won’t his present vainglorious attempt at self-promotion through his non-existent ‘Elijah Institute’ be another flop or failure?

He spouts much, claiming it is coming from God, but the fruit or end result shows that it was merely his own vanity deceiving him. God promises:

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it (Is 55:11).

God foreknows all things. He knew that Morris would run ahead, puffed up by vain notions of pride in his own self-importance. God will accomplish what HE pleases, not what man pleases. And top of God’s list of achievements with humanity is humbling – the exact of opposite of what people want or seek.

The loftiness of man shall be bowed down, and the haughtiness of men shall be brought low; the Lord alone will be exalted in that day. But the idols He shall utterly abolish (Is 2:17,18).

Morris Cerullo is one such idol to his followers. And his imagined position has become Morris’s own greatest idol.

Elijah tore down the established idolatry of his time. Morris Cerullo is busy consolidating it, and the idolatrous churches where new believers end up!

6. Promises, promises, promises...
These are the ‘stuff’ of Morris Cerullo’s ministry. But where is the substance now? It was there in the past, but is it still there today? Much less.

God, in His mercy, still gives some healings and deliverances to people who truly seek Him from a pure heart, not realising the errors and failings of Morris’s ministry, Morris Cerullo World Evangelism. But the power is departing. MCWE is not the centre of God’s Work on earth. God’s agenda centres upon the restoration of His ‘lost’ and forgotten truths – which the majority of churches refuse to accept.

For rejecting the prophet(s) whom God sends with His last days restoration, God will reject them. That’s why the Tribulation looms on the horizon (Prov 1:20-32). But does Morris warn the people about that, or does he ply them with nice-sounding promises? Does he tickle their ears with what sounds good?

Take this invitation letter to attend Mission To London [my comments in square brackets]:

June 27th, 2007

Dear Beloved,

Along with tens of thousands of my partners worldwide, I am at the mid-way point of our 40 days of prayer and fasting... [Didn’t Jesus say that when you do what you feel you should do before God, don’t sound a trumpet in the street for all to take notice of? But do it in private before Him, and He will reward your genuine motivation openly. Matt 6:1-8. Didn’t Jesus imply that if you do such things like fasting in full view of men, that you are not doing it with proper motive, but are doing it to be seen of men? Matt 6:18.]  ...and God has dramatically spoken to me about what He wants to do for you at our 2007 Mission To London and All European School of Ministry. [This is a mixture of truth and falsity. Yes, God wants to pour out His power to heal, to deliver, etc., but God did not say that He wants to do that exclusively at those venues like Morris subtly implies. The aim of Morris’s words is to get the gullible to attend, to pay the fees, and to bolster Morris’s ministry. What if God would prefer to heal the sick and deliver the oppressed in different situations, NOT at Mission To London? Morris wouldn’t tell you about that, because his agenda is to elevate and promote himself.]

God told me to tell you... [this is mischievous, devious; it is deception; God didn’t tell Morris that, but Morris wants you to believe that God spoke to him like that; it bolsters his psychological control over you; it gets you to elevate Morris in your eyes; it promotes and consolidates Morris’s idolatrous position; but it is A LIE!]

“The greatest demonstration of power and anointing you have ever witnessed – to lift burdens, break bondages, set captives free, to heal, to answer prayer, to anoint you for ministry – will be released at Earl’s Court, July 30 - August 4th!” [If it is the greatest demonstration of power you have ever witnessed, that will be because you have not witnessed much of God’s power before. There will be LESS power evident in 2007 MTL than in previous years because Morris is glorifying himself as a main part of his agenda, although he thinks he is God-centred. But a deceived man doesn’t know he’s deceived.]

...I believe that Mission To London is your God-ordained time for the greatest spiritual breakthrough you have ever experienced in your life, your family, your physical body, your finances, and in your ministry! [That is more hype! God works with people individually, so for many it will NOT be that time of release. There are always conditions that people must fulfil to receive God’s release, and it takes time for people to come to repentance, make the necessary changes in their approach or attitude, for God to grant His grace. But Morris ignores all that and treats God’s power mechanically, as if he can, by ‘magic’ and fiat, solve all your problems and renew your life in an instant. These are the promises of a charlatan, not a man of God! When Morris repents of this terribly wrong approach, and learns more about God and His mind, he can be restored and no longer be a charlatan. I look forward to that day, which is coming, after the dead are raised.]

[I won’t bore you with more of his empty promises given in that letter, so I have omitted quite a segment of it. But you need to realise that much of what he says, and his promises, are manipulative, to get you to do what he wants. Three main aspects of the devil’s working are: manipulation, intimidation and domination. Not a savoury trio!]

...The European School of Ministry is your time to receive your DOUBLE PORTION anointing! [Like Elijah passed on to Elisha in 2 Kings 2:9-10. That’s a lie! Elijah’s promise to Elisha was unique. It did not involve being imbued with twice as much of God’s Spirit in Elisha. It was fulfilled when Elisha performed twice as many miracles as Elijah. Morris Cerullo either doesn’t know that, or doesn’t tell you. Instead, he misleads.]

...I am passing on the mantle and legacy of training Elishas to reach Great Britain, Europe and the world. [Oh yeah?! Another empty promise! Is he God? Only GOD appoints Elijahs and Elishas.]

...I am ready to release your double portion anointing. [What presumption! What arrogance! What diabolical impudence! This is BLASPHEMY!! He is ascribing to himself a prerogative which uniquely belongs to God! Even a prophet wouldn’t say that! The implication in his words – which is not so subtle now – is that you will not get this promised portion of the Holy Spirit unless you attend Morris Cerullo’s MTL! This is scandalous! He is promoting deception. He is giving promises that he cannot keep. Just as he formerly got discredited for dishonest fundraising tactics which were equally mischievous and wrong, he is again using the same devious, wrong approach to try to ‘buy’ himself an audience.]

Morris’s Masquerade

Morris Cerullo is misleading people for personal gain. Money and power are two major corrupting influences. It seems he has been corrupted by both. Tragically, Morris Cerullo falls under this description:

These men are blemishes at your love feasts ...They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind... (Jude 12, NIV). [See also Jude 16.]

Morris claims the wind that drives him is that of God’s Spirit, but the ‘fruits’ bear testimony otherwise. It is a mixed wind.

I do not say these things from any personal malice or wrong motive. My concern is for the purity of God’s truths and God’s Church. God has warned in dreams about Morris Cerullo’s waywardness. We published these previously in Dreams From God About Morris Cerullo. That article is available from MM, and is also on the web.

Our concern is for the people of God who are being subtly led astray by a masquerade. Morris is deceived about his position and his function. And he deceives others. God has revealed this to us in dreams.

Exalted like a pope on the pages of his promotional literature, he elevates himself while he talks vainly about humbling: “as the Lord’s people humble themselves before Him...” (MTL Newsletter Issue 2, p 1). Perhaps he only means that others, apart from himself, need the humbling.

I wrote last year, before MTL 2006, in Masquerade In Ministry, of his deceit and what is wrong with his approach and outreach. I am not repeating that here, so anyone who genuinely wants to know the truth should read that short article also.

Morris abuses the power of God, because it is given as a gift of God to draw people to Himself. That is why God originally gave Morris this miraculous gifting, and God does not usually rescind such gifts even when they are wrongly used. Many will vehemently object that Morris Cerullo is not abusing the power; people ARE brought to God.

I realise that many are blinded by his rhetoric and papal influence, and more so by the very fact of such power accompanying his ministry. It’s why many follow him. Such people fail to see the idolatry, the hierarchic blasphemy, and spiritual arrogance that is also there. They should read God’s Church – Whose Authority? to understand what I mean and know the truth about leadership of the Church.

Satan infiltrates the Church very cleverly, and subtly, through leaders, by wrong conduct and subtly erroneous concepts.

Morris uses God’s power to elevate himself, not altruistically.

God’s power is NOT uniquely available to him by any means! GREATER DEMONSTRATIONS of God’s power are seen in far flung places where Morris Cerullo has no outreach. You don’t need Morris Cerullo to receive a miracle from God. God’s miraculous power is available according to God’s purpose in your life. As you surrender your life to Him, and do His will, He provides what you need.

Much of the problem with Morris Cerullo’s ministry centres around the fact that he has become a second mediator – that you need him, or MTL, for your miracle, deliverance, healing or whatever divine help you need. Jesus’ position has been undermined, and also His unique relationship with you has been compromised by this man placing himself between Jesus and you.

In this position, he is not a prophet. He is an impostor. One day he will see his error and repent of it, but it will take the destruction or end of MTL to achieve it, because MTL is an idol to Morris and to many other masquerading, pontificating little overlords. It has become an institution.

God said to me one day – as I was writing to Derek Prince about a similar problem with his ministry – “I am not found in the institutions of men.” When a man becomes elevated and important, and what he has established glorifies him, he has ‘lost it’. God is not pleased.

Jesus warned that unless you become as little children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of God (Matt 18:3). That is very emphatic!

It’s all very well talking about humbling. Reality is not in words, but in deeds. If you proudly mention that you are fasting for 40 days, your pride may be plain to see to others, even if it is not obvious to you. (It won’t be total fasting because a 40-day fast could kill you, as it has done some who tried it. It is NOT recommended! You can only go without water for a few days. In fact, you should never suggest to others to total fast for 40 days. That is irresponsible! Jesus fasted that length of time because it was God’s command to Him and He was the Son of God. You are part of “the last degeneration”, and carry poisons in your system that Jesus did not. You don’t get any more ‘pull’ with God the longer you fast. It’s not a ritual to lever what you want out of God. Nor does fasting automatically humble you. It makes some people very proud! What is important is your attitude and how you live your life each day. Consider yourself nothing, and live that way in sincerity and truth, and you will see God come through for you, without a need for long fasts. Don’t listen to the empty promises of Morris Cerullo or follow his bad example. It’s prideful. I know a man who fasted 74 days – only because it was part of God’s plan for him to witness to prisoners in a Chinese jail – but it didn’t make him better than you or me because he did that. He was a sterling example of surrender to God before and WITHOUT fasting. So don’t fall into a ritualistic trap that has snared many religious people from Pharisees to monks. If you want to fast, do it before God, silently and sincerely; say nothing to others, and let God humble you through it.)

Morris Is NOT A Prophet

People think much of false prophets. Of course they don’t realise they are false. The man who stands before you on stage, impressive, sounding good, with a commanding speaking ability or manner, is very persuasive. He may touch your emotions, move you, and impress you. He may receive prophetic words that edify, build up, encourage.

But that doesn’t mean he’s a prophet, or even sent by God. Paul encouraged all who would, to prophesy (1 Cor 14:5,31,39). And God is willing to speak in many situations, to many people, even false believers!

The evidence of the commission of a prophet of God is not so clear-cut, because his message from God is unwelcome. The majority reject true prophets. So has Morris Cerullo and his ministry, MCWE.

When God raised up Elijah to contest the falsity in Israel, God showed His inimitable power through Elijah. Morris Cerullo does not have inimitable power because he doesn’t have the final restoration of truth in this age which contests falsity in the Church. Moreover, there are many others in the body of Christ who perform equal miracles to those of Morris Cerullo, including this ministry.

I relate in When God’s Judgement Falls and Terror At Midnight that God struck some people dead who blocked the Work of God through Midnight Ministries. Is that inimitable power? Jesus confirms His Word with appropriate signs and He backs up His prophets. Judgement falls!

But God doesn’t make things easy to discern. Mixture is seen everywhere in Christendom, and God allows it to test His children. Many prefer falsity to truth, and even submit to abuse from false ministers, just as in Jeremiah’s time (Jer 5:31; 2 Cor 11:4; Gal 3:1). Likewise, people choose to follow false prophets. They are preferred instead of the true, because a true prophet’s message or teaching is uncompromising.

The false prophet is here to impress. A true prophet is not. There is a difference in motivation and priority. The gullible are deceived. The wise can learn.

Unfortunately, where men appear on stage, in ‘the limelight’, with a large audience, that very situation brings its own deception. They think that it is evidence that they are in God’s will, and the money that flows in is proof of God’s support. But it’s not always so. Many men of God have been poor and destitute, rejected and disregarded by most. The promises of God are NOT primarily for this life, but for the next (Heb 11).

Compare Hebrews 11 with Morris Cerullo’s promises of giving you mainly what you want physically in this life. I hope you can see his wrong emphasis. Also read of the tortures and suffering of your brethren under ruthless totalitarian rule (in, for example, Richard Wurmbrand’s Tortured For Christ), and you can discover a new dimension in your life in God.

Don’t be impressed by any man. Fear God and give HIM glory, not Morris Cerullo (Rev 14:7).

Malcolm B Heap, July 2007

Much more needs to be said about what is wrong with mass evangelism like Morris Cerullo’s. Besides the publications mentioned above, these serious spiritual issues are fully addressed in Midnight Ministries’ publications, some of which are:

God’s Church – Whose Authority?  The Charismatic Deception;  SOULS, SOULS, SOULS;   God Is NOT Pleased With Tele-Evangelism;   GOD TV Is NOT God’s TV; GOD Digital and the False Revival;  Benny Hinn’s Dream of Jezebel & The Last Outpouring;   The Last Outpouring of The Spirit;  The Subtlety of Pride;  The Charismatic Church Shrine;  Dreams From God About The Charismatic Church; Some Pitfalls Of Reinhard Bonnke’s Ministry; A Message To The Charismatic Church; You Should DEFY, Not Deify, Church Authority!;   He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease;   Dismantling Churches;   More Than A Prophet;   Wielding The Divine Axe;   Will Elijah Come Again?

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