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CfaN Christ for all Nations

Reinhard’s Millions!

I have reported what is wrong with CfaN’s ministry in two substantial articles — CfaN is NOT In God’s Will and Reinhard Bonnke, Evangelism, & God’s Will. 
Matters of biblical purity for His people are more important to God than anything else.

hat’s the use of bringing the name of Jesus to millions of people, ostensibly converting them (to become nominal Christians), and then farming them out to be devoured by wolves? You are merely taking them out of one bondage and into another.

Probably I have already trodden on toes by my statement above. Many will object. Some will claim that if God delivers, He doesn’t then allow His chosen ones to be taken captive again by something else. They also object to being told that wolves are present in the majority of churches.

If that hurts your pride, please realise that God speaks for very important reasons. He has revealed in dreams to prophets (see MM’s dream diaries):

1) the dreadful spiritual state of most churches,
2) the abominations that exist in many African churches, and
3) that false ministers abound!

Is that not good enough reason to shout aloud? Or do you know better than God in your primitive self-righteousness?!

It’s no wonder church leaders don’t want to hear from true prophets! A prophet’s call to repentance and reform is not a palatable one!

Are You Impressed By Reinhard’s Millions?

In CfaN’s Extra Impact report about the 8th of February 2008 ‘crusade’ in Yola, Nigeria, Reinhard said [my comments in square brackets]:

“Today was another glorious day. During the last 3 meetings well over 1 million people attended. [Of course, most of these people are already churched.] The harvest is plenteous and the miracles so numerous and mighty that no one can deny. [True! But read later what God considers more important.]

“Tonight I asked evangelist Daniel Kolenda to preach and he truly preached with fire. After the prayer of salvation I prayed for the sick. A man who was totally blind for 40 years received his sight... It is no exaggeration that thousands of healed people wanted to testify. This is the Jesus at work as we know Him from Scripture. [True!] Reports reach us of how people throw their crutches away while on their way to the meeting and others when going home. The power of God is simply everywhere in reach. You should see how the streets are filled with people to and fro the Crusade venue; there is hardly room for vehicles. It is true to say, that Yola and the whole Adamawa State in Nigeria is literally stunned by the power of the Gospel.”

Then of the 9th of February, he reported:

“The 4th crusade meeting was attended tonight by 525,000 people. I can hardly describe what we experienced... It was so personally intense and glorious. Jesus had thrown His arms around each single visitor. Mass conversion was followed by a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And then notable miracles happened to thousands everywhere: paralytics walking and the blind seeing, including a boy who was blind from birth. [Wonderful, yes.]

“In the morning, the Fire Conference in the stadium reached its climax with a fantastic baptism in the Holy Spirit. More than 40,000 delegates were there and received their fulness ‘out of His fulness’. All of us from the CfaN Team here in Yola are totally overwhelmed by the wonderful works of God.

“Tomorrow night is the grand closing service and we will return to our respective homes.”

Of 10th February, Reinhard wrote:

“Tonight 625,000 people attended, which means that over the 5 evening services a total of 2.2 million. We have not yet been able to count the decision cards, but it will be absolutely huge! What a mighty God we serve, and what an honour that he has chosen us to bring in such a harvest of souls.

“The miracles of healing were heart moving. A 14-year-old boy, who was born totally blind, suddenly saw perfectly... It was a real river of healing manifestations. Jesus Christ is surely the same today.”

Then, on 18th February 2008, Reinhard wrote:

“I have just returned from Africa and wanted to share this encouraging report with you! Here are the figures from our Yola, Nigeria Gospel Crusade: During the 5 days of preaching 1,469,800 people responded to the call of salvation, and received a follow-up booklet – Now That You Are Saved – of which 1,403,640 actually completed and returned the Decision Card! Isn’t that wonderful? What a rich harvest for our blessed Lord Jesus Christ!

“We have seen bigger crowds than this, but I rank this crusade among the best ever! The glory of the Lord swept so low. A few times, I had the feeling that something like a mighty Holy-Spirit-tornado hovered over the huge mass of people with its trunk sucking up uncleanness, sin and sickness. Often, the sick were healed before we even prayed for their healing. The whole Adamawa State was shaken to its core.”

There is no disputing that God is at work! He performs mighty wonders and miracles for His people wherever sincere hearts seek His face, and wherever the Gospel is preached with faith for such signs.

Some may want to dispute the numbers. They could be exaggerated. But it is a minor point, in my opinion not worth its mention.

What Will Happen To Them?

Certainly, with all that Reinhard says about the wonderful response, the moving of God’s Spirit, and the display of God’s miracles for His people, I do not argue. What I vehemently argue about is: What will happen to all these people?!

Just because they are ‘saved’ today doesn’t mean that they will make it into God’s kingdom. For:

...we must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God (Acts 15:22).

Paul was very conscious of the precariousness of spiritual growth in converts. He returned time and again to “strengthen[ing] the souls of the disciples” (Acts 15:22).

Reinhard doesn’t do that. He leaves it up to others. And therein lies a massive problem!

It’s all very well reaching millions with the news of Jesus, but if you leave those converts in the hands of false ministers who are not converted, who care more for themselves than for building up the body of Christ spiritually, you abrogate your spiritual duty to protect the flock from wolves in sheep’s clothing!

Many ministers are false because they do not care for God with all their heart; they do not care for His truth as much as they care for personal prestige, position, status, elevation, self-aggrandisement, etc., and a good living for themselves. You can discern a false minister by his fruits. At least, you should.[1]

But Reinhard doesn’t.

The inertia of his organisation, and the impetus of his own agenda keep him going forward the same way, without dealing properly with the repercussions of his work.

Jesus warned repeatedly about the need to beware of men (Matt 24:4,5,11,24) who would lead disciples astray. Paul warned about it (Acts 20:28-30); Peter warned (2 Pet 2); Jude warned (letter of Jude); John warned about antichrists in the Church (1 Jn 2:18-22); Revelation warns; and we warn also in a raft of publications (see MM’s literature list) about the very real dangers of antichrists beguiling God’s people, destroying them spiritually!

The Church is being prepared for a massive slaughter! If you don’t believe me, read the revelation which God gave to another person who is not a part of this ministry – in Preparing A Flock For Slaughter. Paul prophesied of a great falling away just prior to Jesus’ coming (2 Thes 2:3).

Jezebel Is Tolerated!

Reinhard says in his 18th February letter:

“It is worth the while to keep going into all the world!”

No it’s not! Not if all you are doing is taking people into the arms of Ezekiel 34 shepherds! Better to disciple a few properly, than millions improperly! God is more interested in quality than quantity.

The agenda based upon the fallacy that we must reach the masses now, because it is the only day of salvation, is seriously flawed. It starts with a wrong premise – that this is these people’s only day of salvation, and that if you don’t reach them now they will burn forever in hell, without any hope of escape – which is completely untrue! God is not a monster, tormenting people for eternity. The wicked are killed!  Not tortured unmercifully! And those who have not heard of Jesus are not condemned to an eternity with- out God. God has another day of salvation awaiting them, as I have explained elsewhere, according to accurate Bible teaching with proper exegesis.

It’s not right to preach if you are not preaching “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” You mislead.

I’m sorry to say that Reinhard misleads. He is not preaching the whole truth, merely part of it. And a mixture of truth and error is a dangerous concoction! It was what Satan spouted from the snake’s mouth in the Garden, and humanity was led astray by it.

How much was humanity led astray by it? Only partially, or completely?

How much is the Church being led astray by false teachings and false teachers? Partially or completely?

What do you think Jesus wants preached? Is He happy with a mixture? Is He content to let false ministers trample on His pure truth? Does He mind if they lead people astray with false teachings? Or does He get angry when people don’t care about compromise?

You’d better read your Bible a bit better to find out, if you don’t think He’s that bothered! Read what Jesus had recorded in Revelation 2 about tolerating false teachings, which He likens to committing sexual immorality and eating things sacrificed to idols (Rev 2:20). What will He do to such a Church?

Indeed, I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her [with Jezebel, teaching falsity in the Church] into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds (Rev 2:22).

The Great Tribulation is coming to purify the Church of all its falsity. Tragically it will wipe out all nominal Christians and demolish churches wholesale! All because falsity is tolerated instead of shunned!

Teaching Sexual Immorality!

“But,” you may say, “look at all the good works at Reinhard’s meetings! Look at how CfaN’s work has expanded so much, and is now doing far more than at the beginning! Look at Reinhard’s love for people. Look at all the good that is being done. God is surely behind it! I don’t think your assessment is correct.”

And, with such an incomplete appraisal, many reject what God says prophetically through us.

If the above is your appraisal of CfaN’s work, notice what Jesus says to those like Reinhard who tolerate false teaching for the sake of expedience:

I know your works, love, service, faith, and your patience; and as for your works, the last are more than the first... (Rev 2:19).

You see, evangelists can be used by God to do much, but still be short of His ideals:

Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants... (Rev 2:20).

That is what God is sorely displeased about! False teaching is being fostered that needs changing.

He likens it to teaching and seducing you to commit sexual immorality and to eat things sacrificed to idols (Rev 2:20).

What would you think of someone who teaches you to commit sexual immorality?!

I’m sure you would be horrified! Rightly so. And that is why God uses such strong metaphors in His criticisms of those who teach false doctrine, even though they may be doing an otherwise wonderful job in His Work on earth.

God’s Priority

Restoring God’s Truth to the Church is more important to Him than ‘saving lost souls’. They are not ‘lost’ irretrievably. God has everything in His hands. He has a time for their redemption. He’s not trying to get all saved at this time. (Explained in the article series, The Church Is Missing The Mark.)

I presented these truths to Kenneth Hagin Snr. He said he hadn’t got time for them because he was so busy ‘saving lost souls’. A year or two later, he died. God revealed in a dream His assessment of Kenneth Hagin’s ministry.[2]

Kenneth Hagin thought he was doing God’s Work. He did so much for God – so others thought. But what God saw was something very different. He saw a man who did it for his own glory; who got proud and lifted up by what HE did for Jesus. God used him, yes, but God did not sanction all he taught or did.

Kenneth Hagin tolerated Jezebel, and there is no assurance that he himself was actually saved. He was one of the few evangelists who had a vivid hell experience before conversion! The fear of that fate projected him into ministry. But in his final days he rejected the pure truth God offered him. Instead, he chose to stay with compromised teachings that were more expedient, humanly.

Jesus Severely Punishes Compromise

If Reinhard continues with the same, notice what God says He will do:

I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death.. (Rev 2:22,23).

Kill her children with death!? What does that mean? Remember, these are spiritual allegories! It’s what Jesus revealed in Person, as explained in the publication Preparing A Flock For Slaughter.

Besides having to face trouble and slaughter in the Great Tribulation – the Church will not be raptured away as many falsely teach! – these people will not be saved because their conversion is nominal only. Anyone who compromises – tolerates sin for the sake of human expedience – will lose the Holy Spirit, and eventually lose out on salvation, unless they repent.

That’s what Jesus means by: “I will kill her children with death.”

These issues are serious! Deadly serious!

That’s why Jesus was so emphatic in the way He presented Himself to Thyatirans (Rev 2:18-29). He appeared with eyes blazing with fire! He has fury! He doesn’t tolerate sin or compromise!

He is pure, and adjures you to aim for purity, too. Those who don’t want His level of holiness will be severely punished, as mentioned above:

...and all the churches will know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts. And I will give to each one of you according to your works (Rev 2:23).

God rewards righteousness; He also ‘rewards’ wrongdoing! The wages of sin is death! (Rom 6:23.)

Downfall Of Reinhard’s Ministry

I have explained elsewhere that God revealed this to Kassahun Ayele, a prophet in Ethiopia:

July 26/05. K. Dream of Reinhard Bonnke
I was listening to Reinhard Bonnke preaching in a large auditorium. He seemed very old and weak. The audience wasn’t impressed by his preaching. The miracle-working power was also gone from him.
Meaning: Reinhard’s ministry is on the wane. God is removing much of the anointing that accompanied his ministry, because it is time for God’s ‘new thing’ on earth. What this ministry (Midnight Ministries) brings is part of that ‘new thing’, restoring truth which has been neglected, ignored or rejected.

Many will reject this revelation. They don’t walk by faith, merely by sight. What they see at present contradicts what God revealed in that dream, so they don’t believe it. (Most don’t believe in prophets either!)

What they see are Reinhard’s massive campaigns and the miracles of healing that occur, so they assume that all is well.

God gives revelations like the above to show you what you CANNOT see. That’s why He reveals it. He doesn’t need to reveal what you can easily see.

The dream predicts the downfall of Reinhard’s ministry. When it will happen is up to God, not man.

Vital Issues

1. You need to know how close Jesus’ coming is! It’s very close – a matter of only a few years. Perhaps you can count them on the fingers of one hand. If not, it’s not much longer than that!

How Soon Will Jesus Come?, Will Jesus Come Soon? and The End of The World provide some insight about this.

Does Reinhard preach about the imminence of Jesus’ coming? Does he even realise?!

2. You need to get ready. The parable of the ten bridesmaids or virgins in Matthew 25 is a now parable. It reveals the UNAWARENESS and UNPREPARED- NESS of all believers for Jesus’ coming, at this hour.

This is explained in the booklet The Ten Virgins. Is Reinhard preparing people for Jesus’ coming by restoring ‘lost’ truths, so that Jesus can come back? No. He is unaware of the Work of Elijah today!

3. The Great Tribulation of which Jesus fore- warned is just around the corner.

Is Reinhard aware? Is he preparing people for what is coming? No. He doesn’t even know, himself.

4. Consequently, a flock is being prepared for SLAUGHTER! A tragic thought! But unavoidable.

5. In place of the pure truth, Reinhard tolerates the concoction which the majority regard as acceptable. And why do they regard it as acceptable? Because it is what they were taught by others before them... and on down the line. Many of the heresies tolerated by the Church today go back an awful long way! In the case of Sunday-keeping, they have their roots in the first century apostasy.

The traditions of men – widespread dogma and teachings in churches that are a mix of biblical truth and error – are the “things sacrificed to idols” (Rev 2:20). Reinhard presently values these traditions of men above pure biblical tradition.

These erroneous traditions and the pure truths of God which they replace are listed on page 11 of the article Reinhard Bonnke, Evangelism & God’s Will, and articulated in A Message To The Charismatic Church.

6. Reinhard doesn’t encourage people to seek God for themselves. He puts himself forward as their leader in his giant evangelistic ‘crusades’, and when ‘converted’ leaves them in the untried hands of church leaders whom he has not tested to know whether they are true or false.

The miracles that God has performed at his ‘crusades’ are not because Reinhard is in God’s perfect will. They are because of God’s mercy, grace and love, in response to the needs of the people.

When people read MM literature such as Faith And Healing they get healed if they express their faith. There is no fanfare, just the presence of God.

Isn’t it better to teach people how to work out their own salvation, than to bring them into bondage to church leaders, bound by false church traditions?

What does God want? You have seen what He does NOT want. He doesn’t want compromise! He doesn’t want an impure Bride. He will not accept her. He disowns Jezebel and ‘kills her children with death.’

The Long Dead Will Rise

People don’t like correction. For that reason they don’t like prophets. False prophets may be heard – but not the true variety.

Resentment often surfaces with questions such as “Who do you think you are?!” or “What authority do you have for saying such things?!” The arrogant, self- righteous religious leaders asked Jesus the same. They weren’t really interested in His replies; merely in finding fault with the truth. Things are the same today.

Jesus didn’t waste much breath with them explaining about His authority as Prophet of God. He let His Commission do the talking.

In answer to my critics – who likewise choose to disbelieve, and reject the truth – I say only one thing. People long dead will be raised. We have named names in the article Waking The Dead.

And when this comes to pass – surely it will come – then they will know that a prophet has been among them (Ezek 33:33).

Malcolm B Heap, Feb 2008

[1]   This subject is explained in Apostasy In God’s Church! (£2.00) and Testing The Spirits (£6.00) from Midnight Ministries.

[2]   Included on page 79 of the booklet A Message To The Charismatic Church (£2.00).

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