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Dreams From God About Morris Cerullo

Morris Cerullo has been used powerfully by God to reach millions. His organisation, Morris Cerullo World Evangelism (MCWE), has spanned the globe, penetrating many third world countries with the gospel of Jesus Christ. But, God says through dreams which He has given to us, that Morris Cerullo’s miracle ministry and teachings have serious flaws. It is now time for reform!

“Whoever has ears, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.”

It was in 1992 that God first gave us revelations about Morris Cerullo. We had attended his big spectacular stage event, Mission To London in June at Earls Court.

We thought highly of him, despite the obvious flaws in his teaching. For example, he would make broad sweeping statements, which are distortions of the truth, such as:

“You’ll never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, EVER, be defeated by Satan again!!!”

That is not the real truth, although I can understand that he wants to encourage people to have firm faith in God’s unwavering help and power. John the apostle wrote that it is entirely unreasonable to claim that we are without sin or that we will never sin again:

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us (1 Jn 1:8). If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His Word is not in us (1 Jn 1:10).

I realise Morris was not saying precisely that. But what he was drumming into people’s minds was very close, and was a subtle twist of the real truth. And that’s how deception starts, with a very slight distortion of the truth.

In saying that you will never be defeated by Satan again, was he saying that you would never sin again? Perhaps not. But some could take it that way, and it is not helpful to be taught half truths that give a false sense of security or over-confidence. They lead to complacency.

Slogans such as this were repeated over and over again like mantras, at Morris’ meetings.

There were other more blatant errors in his teaching. But that is not the purpose of this paper, to examine all those. Besides taking too long, it would not be helpful here.

Furthermore, a person can hold many mistaken views, even seriously incorrect ones on biblical doctrine, and still enter the Kingdom of God. For, it is not the head upon which God principally looks, but upon the heart – a person’s inner motives.

God Revealed...

The dreams which God first gave us about Morris revealed that his teaching was seriously disjointed. The delusion he is suffering is so serious that God portrayed him shut inside a little room with the door blockaded so that he is unable to get out. (See page 11 under Dreams.)

However, despite the very disturbing nature of what God revealed there, He tempered it later with other dreams which showed that he could be delivered by the truths which God is revealing to His prophets.

The door behind which he was shut in, was blocked by a pile of mattresses. When we moved them away and let him out, he gasped with massive relief: “Phew! I could have died in there!!”

The mattresses symbolise those who are currently ‘asleep’ – dead – and who will be brought back to life through the resurrection power of God. We have prophesied of these miracles of raising the dead for over eight years now, and Jesus has even told us some names, which we have publicised in our newsletters for those who care enough to support our ministry. (This is a family-run ministry, without church backing. It has very minimal support, and for a long time we have had to fund our publishing exploits with money earned within the family.)

‘Our’ raising of the dead will draw us into prominence. Morris, and many others like him, will then be able to take notice of us, and (more importantly) what God has given us to teach in our publications. They will be able to see where their current teachings are in error and revise their doctrines accordingly.

Restoration of truth at this end time is the most important issue on God’s agenda. It is what unites the Church (when truth is accepted) or divides it through satanic conquest (when it is rejected).

The deceptions in the Church at present run very deep! And the ‘sleep’ is widespread. (‘Sleep’ is a metaphor for deception). Morris is by no means alone in being deceived. The entire Pentecostal movement needs reforming!

In one of the early dreams about Morris, God also included two other prominent evangelists – Reinhard Bonnke and Benny Hinn1 showing that they, too, will benefit from what we can give to them. They have been used powerfully by God, and, they will also be able to reform their views based upon what God has revealed and promoted through this ministry.

I hope no one thinks that I want to put any of these individuals down. I don’t. I have had great respect for all of them, and for the function they have performed in the body of Christ. But truth must take precedence over personalities, and it is now God’s time for reformation. If personalities get in the way of God’s agenda, it is right that their prominence should be cut back.

The Dangers

The problem of prominence is one of the things that seriously dogs Morris’ ministry. He has become so elevated that Jesus has lost His primary position.

Prominence may take the gospel to many nations, but it brings with it its own problems:

  • There is money. It can pour in... and be misused. This has happened in MCWE.

  • There is personal aggrandisement. Pride is easily engendered. Tick this box, too.

  • There is complacency and spiritual blindness, which brings with it loss of true direction. Deception is no respecter of persons.

When things are going well, an evangelist who has heard from God and responded to His call, can think more of himself than he should, and can even get inflated views of his position or function in the Church. Morris has not been exempt. He has even thought he is “God’s Prophet” – the only one... God’s Chosen... or Anointed... – as if there were no others worth listening to!

Is that blasphemy? Or very close to it?

Isn’t Jesus God’s Prophet, God’s Chosen, His Anointed? Any other prophet (if he is a prophet – and Morris currently does not have the credentials of a true prophet) is one of several or even many such prophets. He is not alone. And he is not ABOVE others, as Morris mistakenly thinks, in his vaunted opinion of himself.

  • Then there is abuse. Abuse of others; abuse of privileges; and abuse of office. (See p 15.)

A man called into a ministry office has no right to lord it over others. He is a servant, not an overlord.2 Morris, unfortunately – like so many other ministerial dictators – has lost this vision and understanding. He has become deceived.

In this state, it is easy to reject input from others whom God is speaking through.

It is easy to think you’ve got all you need.

It’s easy to be duped into thinking that your teachings are OK and don’t need any revision, other than on minor points.

In short, it’s easy to arrogantly dismiss any spiritual input which God tries to give you through another person.

The following two dreams (cut and pasted from my dream diary) show these failings in lurid technicolour:

16th August 1999. M. Dream of Morris Cerullo (1).

I went to meet him. He handed me a publication of some sort. It was quite big. But the way he gave it to me indicated that he didn’t have much time for me. He was abrupt. Perhaps he was so busy doing ‘his thing’ that he didn’t have time to consider ‘my thing’.

Meaning: Unfortunately, with all due respect to Morris Cerullo, he is part of the Laodicean trend of this age of not wanting any more from God. Oh, he would want a greater anointing or outpouring of power. (He has a miracle working ministry.) That is down ‘his street’, but he doesn’t want any more that would challenge his present doctrinal persuasion, as the second dream illustrates, which follows. 

I do not say these things to condemn Morris. He has been a fine man of God. It’s just that he needs more. God has used him as an example, because there are many other world ranking evangelists who have yet to move on and embrace the entire scope of available truth at this time.

16th August 1999. M. Dream of Morris Cerullo (2). In this dream I saw all his theology published in 13 volumes. They all had pale green glossy covers. They looked very nice. But, as far as he was concerned, his theology was all stated and not for alteration. It was a finished work.

Meaning: 13 represents Satan in this dream. Morris’ 13 volumes are truth mixed with error (the devil’s most potent concoction because of its subtlety!). This is how Satan has compromised God’s truth, not just in Morris’s ministry, but in that of every evangelist who fails to move on and accept all truth which God is now making available.

God has given us dreams to warn and give positive guidance for the Church, to prepare her for Jesus’ return. I hope you care enough about what concerns Him, to read on.

Prophet or Pontiff?

A recent court case against Morris Cerullo threatens to destroy the ministry he has created, Morris Cerullo World Evangelism (MCWE). Other men of God are faltering, too. Why?

Scripture declares unequivocally that:

The arrogance of man will be brought low and the pride of men humbled (Is 2:17, NIV). So men will be brought low and people humbled (Is 2:6, NIV). Both low and high will be humbled and the eyes of the arrogant brought low (Is 5:15, NIV).

Judgement first begins at the Church (1 Pet 4:17). The people of God are His first place of working because in them God is forming a dwelling for His own habitation. He must humble those who have become lifted up. He cannot live with the lofty (Is 66:2). Jesus said:

Unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of God (Matt 18:3).

If God did not intervene in the affairs of some preachers and chastise those who have become elevated, they would not make it!

The Destructiveness of Pride

We received this prophetic word in one of our meetings last year:

Everything that is cast down I shall lift up, but everything that lifts itself up against Me I shall cast down.

It is very significant that when God began this ministry through us in 1991 and 1992, one of the first publications he had me compile was on the subject of humility. Entitled The Missing Dimension in Christian Living, it lays part of the essential spiritual foundation for all in the Church. Prior to writing it, there was only one other topic which God had us address: the matter of authority in the Church, in God's Church – Whose Authority? And that book emphasised that right authority is centred in humility.

It is no coincidence that the two most common failings which lead to the downfall of ministries are these: 1) abusive church authority and 2) lack of humility. Both are based in pride.

It is written of Satan that he fell from his light-bringing capacity as Lucifer when he allowed pride to find a footing in his character:

How you have fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, you who weakened the nations! For you have said in your heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High (Is 14:12-14).

Because Satan got lifted up, he fell. And he wants to drag with him everyone he can. Those he most wants to destroy are the ones God has called into His service. The adversary's most potent weapon is pride.

Wrong Church Authority

Equally destructive is wrong church authority exercised in most churches the world over. In God's Church – Whose Authority? the Holy Spirit had me write:

While your church leaders usurp the position of Christ, they stand as mediators between you and God. They are the antichrist in your worship.

Unfortunately, they don't see this. Even many Church leaders with good intentions have been subtly lured into a trap of the devil's making.

Authoritarian forms of governing are satanic. No man has a right of rulership over another in the spiritual sphere. This is not to be confused with ad- ministration on a physical plane, which is another matter. Where people are qualified by knowledge, ability and expertise to supervise others, their administration is in the best interests of all, for the smooth functioning of work projects. But in the area of spiritual matters, there is only One who has authority and He is Christ (Matt 28:18).

He confers that authority through humans by His Spirit, but only as they are subject to His Spirit. To assume that humanly-appointed leaders of church organisations automatically possess divine privileges, is a mistake! Those privileges are conferred upon them only through divine appointment, through the indwelling of the Spirit of God. In degree, and according to function, that conferral is granted to EVERY believer who receives God's Spirit. But, I repeat, only in relation to the appointment and lead of God.

Church leaders have no divine mandate for lordship OVER other people in spiritual matters. Jesus confers His authority upon believers who submit to Him, so that they can cast out demons, heal sicknesses and preach the gospel. But those ministry privileges don't extend to ruling over others spiritually, or dictating to them. Such lording it over others in the spiritual sphere amounts to spiritual abuse. (Spiritually, we have only one Lord and He is Christ.) Men called by God into the five-fold ministry offices of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher are in positions of service, not of lordship.

Where such lordship is seen in the Church (and you don't have to look far), it is borrowed from Satan's world system, described in Revelation as that of the Beast. The devil confers GREAT AUTHORITY (Rev 13:2) upon his human agents! It causes people to worship Satan (Rev 13:4).

The Image of the Beast and 666

Hierarchic authority lets Satan into the Church through abuse. In fact, hierarchic Church authority is none other than the image of the Beast (Rev 13:14), a copy of Satan's system of governing and illicit means of domination over the lives of people made in God's image!

The image of the Beast is an exalted edifice. And it is not difficult to see the damage it causes within the ekklesia. As men are lifted up instead of Jesus, subtly they take His place. They may not mean to, of course. But it can occur without them realising. And, as they are lifted up, other abuses accompany this.

Revelation 13, which introduces this monolith of ecclesiastical authoritarianism, ends with a warning about the curse to come on people from submission to man's rule in place of God's. In Bible numerics it is encapsulated in the number 666.

Jesus, whom we should worship -- not those whom He appoints to serve His body on earth -- bears the title Faithful. In Greek, this word totals 666 (all Greek words have numeric values). Jesus is totally faithful, and we are to be totally faithful to Him. But not all Christians are.

It's hardly surprising that two other words carry the number 666, too. Tradition and wealth. They are the two factors which most easily get in the way of true faithfulness to Jesus on the part of His followers.

Wrong traditions in the Church, and reliance upon wealth give rise to massive blasphemies, equal to that of leaders supplanting Christ's place.

Morris Cerullo

On 14th November 2001, international evangelist Morris Cerullo appeared in the Superior Court of Appeals of the State of California at San Diego to try and clear his name of the allegations against him of deceitful fund-raising methods.

The case was also reported in the journal Contending Earnestly For The Faith (which does not propose the true Faith Once Delivered To The Saints, but a compromised version based upon the syncretism which most Christians accept as orthodoxy). Like most false Christians, they were only too glad to expose Morris Cerullo's follies!

"According to Broyles, Cerullo's primary focus is raising millions of dollars in the name of God to support his own personal lavish lifestyle both overseas and in the United States." (Contending Earnestly For The Faith, p 6.)

While I find it sad that a man of God should end up humiliated like this, the allegations are true. God gave us a dream of Morris Cerullo's lavish lifestyle some years ago. In this dream, God depicted him spending huge amounts of money buying expensive suits for himself. Not just one or two, but many, even though he didn't need them.

His spending has not been confined to buying clothes, of course. The imagery depicts the lavish expenditure in his ministry. For example, his Gulf stream G4 jet is estimated to be worth $50 million and has a gold-plated interior.

Of Morris Cerullo's personal mansion it is said: "The two-storey home is over 12,000 square feet. It is behind two secured gates in the richest neighbourhood in America and has been estimated at over $12 million. Mr. Cerullo and his wife are the only two who live there, and report that they are on the foreign field 70% of the time...." (Contending Earnestly For The Faith, p 6.)

John Paul Warren, a former senior executive of Morris Cerullo's organisation confronted Morris about unethical and fraudulent fund-raising tactics, but he arrogantly dismissed such complaints, as he has done most constructive criticism, with the justification that he is "God's prophet" and no one should argue with "God's prophet".

Certainly Morris Cerullo was called by God to be an evangelist. But I question whether he is a prophet. God communicates to prophets via many dreams, giving spiritual directives and guidance to the Church through them. (As an example, we publish many of ‘our’ dreams in our newsletters.) Undoubtedly Morris has received things from God, as all ministers called into Jesus’ service do. But he is by no means the only one through whom God has spoken. And in his current decadent spiritual state, his wealth and influence having gone to his head, he is not hearing clearly from God.

In Ethiopia last year, Morris slapped his translator in front of the crowd when he wrongly assumed that he had not adequately translated what Morris said. (In fact, he had. The phrase was rendered in very few words in Amharic.)

Other victims of his presumption have been some MCWE employees, ruthlessly ruled over, mistreated, and from whom he expects a lot.

There comes a time of reckoning for every minister of God who goes astray. That time is here for Morris and others like him whose arrogance excludes the message of the prophets God sends.

On 25th August 2001, Helena was shown in a dream the damage his ministry is causing, preventing truths from going out which God wants restored at this time.

Some of those pertinent dreams follow.

Two Dreams From God With Relevance to Morris Cerullo

25th August 2001. Helena Heap.

In this dream, there were several big horses. One of them was bigger than the others and he tried to dominate us. He was overbearing and pushy. [This illustrates the behaviour of Morris Cerullo and his organisation.] We tried to get away from this oppressive situation. With great effort and determination we were able to get away from this horse and move forward.

Meaning: Horses represent powerful ministries which dominate the Church. The pushy horse represents Morris Cerullo. He imposes HIS agenda on others.

We are a small ministry with little support, so it takes much more effort for us to move forward.

3rd January 2002. Malcolm Heap.

The scene was our back garden which was a beautiful sight. However, there were tall Beech trees in the adjacent land which created a lot of shade. They were oppressive and dominant, over- shadowing our garden. Then, as if supernaturally, a huge bough of one of these trees broke off. It crashed down, just missing our shed.

Meaning: The large trees represent large ministries overshadowing / dominating the Church scene. Because they are so prominent, they prevent other ministries with important contributions to the Church from being received. 

The large bough breaking off represents God's judgement partly curtailing one of them.

The End Results of False Teaching From Morris Cerullo and other False Pentecostal and Charismatics Teachers

Charismatic preachers have been preparing the people for a great falling away (2 Thes 2:3).

Many evangelists who have gained prominence blatantly promise their hearers success. The key, they claim, is for these sheep to financially support the evangelist. It is a subtle twist of the real truth. They put themselves centre-stage, elevated, important, and even in place of Jesus, standing before the people as their Messiah.

The real truth about success in life is in what Jesus said, "If you want to enter into life, keep the commandments" (Matt 19:17).

Similarly God had told the nation Israel:

If you obey Me fully and keep My covenant, then out of all nations you will be My treasured possession. Although the whole earth is Mine, you will be for Me a kingdom of priests, a holy nation (Ex 19:5,6).

Of course, this wonderful promise was met with unanimous approval by those who heard it! (Ex 19:8.) Equally welcome are the appealing words of preachers who promise their followers rewards of success, prosperity, and salvation.

But then.... the people failed to live up to these aspirations, as the Old Testament relates. Why did they fail? Because they sought it selfishly.

When you appeal to people's selfish desires you cater for the devil and spiritual failure.

The devil is behind the subtly wrong teaching of the "Prosperity Gospel".3 It instills false hopes and wrong priorities with an emphasis on getting rewards, particularly physical ones. You don't give to get. This lie panders to selfish desires.

Jesus prophesied what the outcome of this subtle heresy would be at this end time:

You say ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realise that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked [spiritually] (Rev 3:17, NIV).


I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess [she elevated herself and deceived the people that she spoke for God]. By her teaching she misleads My servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols (Rev 2:20, NIV).

When men of God become proud, they veer away from the straight and narrow and fall prey to the subtlety of Satan's deceptions. Tragically, they take many people downhill with them.

The metaphors in Revelation 2:20 of sexual immorality and eating food sacrificed to idols correspond to the promotion of idolatry and false teaching. I have explained this in much more detail in Understanding The Book of Revelation.4

What is the outcome for the Church? As Jeremiah lamented:

The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and My people love it this way. But what will you do in the end? (Jer 5:31, NIV).

Here is the end of it:

I will cast her on a bed of suffering and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways. I will strike her children dead (Rev 2:22,23, NIV).

So, you preachers...

Feed the flock for slaughter, whose owners [church leaders] slaughter them and feel no guilt; those who sell them say: ‘Blessed be the Lord for I am rich’; and their shepherds do not pity them (Zech 11:4,5).

Morris Cerullo World Evangelism and the Final Outpouring

From 31st May to 4th June 2002, Morris Cerullo held a European ‘Conference’ in Earls Court, London, as part of his evangelistic outreach to the British Isles and Europe.

In a letter of 8th April 2002 to his supporters, he writes about this upcoming event as if it could be the centre point of the final end-time outpouring of God’s Spirit, bringing revival to this land and Europe. Here is that letter:

8 April, 2002

Dear Xx. Xxxx,

I pray you can feel the spiritual power building!

The full-force and supernatural power of what God is about to EXPLODE is an END-TIME SPIRITUAL EARTHQUAKE . . . the revelation on the final outpouring of God to His people.

Xx. Xxxx, I beg you; please do not take this lightly. I believe the EPICENTER can be in London, England, at our European Conference from 31 May - 4 June, 2002.

We are about to enter into what God has promised us would take place in the last days.

Xx. Xxxx, God has revealed to me that this release of end-time Holy Spirit power will be . . .

THE FINAL OUTPOURING PROPHESIED IN JOEL - “And it shall come to pass I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh . . .” Joel 2:28

Thus saith the Lord!

Get ready for the greatest move of God’s Power in spiritual history.

This will not be the work of man - it will be the work of the Holy Spirit!

God is going to release A FINAL SHAKING in this end-time hour as prophesied through Joel the prophet:

“The heavens and the earth will shake . . .” Joel 3:16

I prophesy that THE LAST SHAKING will . . .

  • SHAKE your personal life as you receive a mighty BAPTISM IN POWER!

  • SHAKE your family and release restoration from all the hurts, wounds and fractures. Put this is your spirit . . . the restoration of all things!

  • SHAKE your ministry in ways you’ve never imagined!

Beloved, God has shown me that the purpose of THE FINAL SHAKING is to PREPARE HIS PEOPLE to walk in signs, wonders and miracles to reap the final, end-time harvest as we get ready for the return of Jesus Christ back to earth!

It is YOUR personal harvest!

I believe that when you leave this European Conference at Earls Court II, London, you will return home “. . . speaking boldly in the Lord” and laying hands on others, empowered by the Holy Spirit to release the “. . . signs and wonders to be done” Acts 14:3 through your yielded hands.

God told me: you will begin to experience more answers to prayer 30 days after the European Conference closes than in any period in your life. Come expecting! Receive this prophecy!

I will explain more in London -

In London, I will REVEAL end-time truths on THE FINAL SHAKING - THE FINAL OUTPOURING and ANOINT you for God to EMPOWER you to MANIFEST signs, wonders and miracles in your own life.

Beloved, God has commissioned me . . .

To personally lay hands on you, to personally anoint you and give you specific marching orders for His end-time outpouring. I believe you (YES, YOU!) will experience a SUPERNATURAL MANIFESTATION of signs, wonders and miracles unlike anything you have ever seen before.

I know you say - “ME? - I am so small in God’s eyes” . . . but God knows your heart!

Partner, now step into the flow of the supernatural like you have never experienced it before in your life. Take the enclosed registration form in your hand . . . plan to come for THE FINAL OUTPOURING Anointing! THE FINAL SHAKING!

God needs you because you have a heart for spiritual things - you are willing to labor in this end-time hour for the final harvest of souls. Men and women willing to give of themselves for the end-time harvest are not plentiful.

“The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.” Matthew 9 :37, 38.


Beloved, you have demonstrated to God that you are willing to be one of His laborers, and He wants to ordain and empower you as one of His end-time, Chosen people!

“Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it to you.”

John 15:16

Xx. Xxxx, when you walk in God’s final anointing, you can ask the Father to heal a member of your family or friends, and God will heal them!

You can ask God to restore your family and He will do it!

THE FINAL OUTPOURING is first and foremost a personal encounter, a specific anointing to prepare you and your family to manifest signs, wonders and miracles NOW - while we can still harvest souls.

Theresa and I will be joined by so many of God’s anointed leaders such as Tommy Tenney, Ron Kenoly, John Avanzini, Ayo Oritsejafor, Perry Stone, Matthew Ashimolowo and Rory and Wendy Alec.


While God’s Generals will be sharing, the Holy Spirit has prompted me to spend MORE time teaching you the revelation, prophetic message - THE FINAL “SHAKING” . . . OUTPOURING - than I have ever done on any message at a World Conference. I believe the full force, the mighty manifestation of God will be greater in London than the power released to the early Church, see Acts 14:3.

“And when he called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.” Matthew 10:1.

I believe you will receive . . .

POWER over unclean spirits!

POWER to cast them out!

POWER to heal ALL MANNER of sickness and disease!

You must not miss this mighty manifestation of God in this FINAL OUTPOURING - RESTORATION TODAY! I believe your enemies will be smitten!

Pick up your enclosed registration form - complete your European Conference registration - and mail to me TODAY!

Xx. Xxxx, as one of our élite partners . . .

I am especially counting on you to be with me, in London, 31 May -  4 June!

Xx. Xxxx, complete and mail your enclosed registration form today and Theresa and I will look forward to seeing you, in London!

God’s Faithful Servant,

Morris Cerullo

MCWE, PO Box 277, Hemel Hempstead, Herts., HP2 7DH.

Exposing Deceit

There are several problems with the content of his letter and with his approach.

1. Firstly, it is a mixture of truth and error, like the potent concoction which led Eve astray, and in turn, Adam also. Remember, Eve was the first ‘type’ or allegoric ‘prototype’ of the Church.

Half truths are more damaging than blatant falsity, because they are not perceived. Truth is cleverly neutralised, by incorporation with heresy, or deliberate exaggeration, or lies.

The main purpose of these misleading statements is to draw attention to, or elevate, Morris Cerullo. It is to impress others, with the hope that he will attract them to come and hear him, when he can pass around the offering plate and bolster his status as a world-renowned evangelist.

Exaggeration is Dishonest

2. Secondly, for any evangelist to drum up interest or support by exaggeration is dishonest.

Many of Morris’s comments are deliberately designed to create heightened expectation. There’s nothing wrong with encouraging others to anticipate positively, and to raise their level of faith or expectation, but unrealistic hype should be out! Yet, Morris consistently hypes up audience expectations unreasonably, with extravagant claims about his work for God.

Presumption & Pride

3. Many of his claims are the outgrowth of presumption and arrogance. For example, he claims he is “God’s Prophet”, meaning either the Prophet of prophets, or God’s supreme Prophet, a title which is reserved for Jesus.

1I dispute that he is even a prophet. God appointed him as an evangelist, and as he has reached out into virgin areas, naturally he performs the function of an apostle, also. But, prophet, no!

If Morris were a prophet, he would have dreams or visions galore to testify to his prophetic status (Num 12:6), but he does not. As it is, he claims to be hearing from God, but God does not speak the way he claims. I question whether he is hearing from anything other than his own imagination, fuelled by wishful thinking.

However, if he is hearing from a super- natural source, then that source is tainted by devilish influences because of the over-riding presence of pride and presumption.

In his newspaper advertising the June 2002 London ‘Conference’ he claims God spoke this to him: “I want you to take this mature ministry that I have given to you, that has been used in the nations of the world and I want you to go to the unreached and the untargeted nations.” (Pg 4.)

Now, I don’t dispute that God might well be prompting him through the Spirit to do various things, but I strongly object to the claim that God spoke to him in such terms, as if He literally said those words either audibly or semi-audibly to him.

The motive behind his claim is to impress others. When gullible church members read such claims, they naturally think he is hearing clearly from God – when actually the truth is not flattering!

If he were a prophet and were ‘hearing’ clearly from God, he would recount the dreams which God gives to him for guidance. But God’s supernatural guidance is sadly lacking now in his ministry. He has been used mightily by God, but those ‘glory days’ are now past. (See Dreams, below.)

Self-Elevation is Wrong

4. Morris is using Jesus’ name and power to elevate himself, and misusing the platform which Jesus originally gave him. He is now drawing more attention to himself than to Jesus, and is drugged on the power of God. (I do not say these things of my own accord. They have been revealed over the years in dreams to my wife and me; see later.)

Morris Cerullo has miraculous giftings – gifts of faith and the power to work miracles, wherever he preaches the name of Jesus. But that supernatural gifting can be abused, and it is being abused for personal advantage!

If God had spoken to him clearly, in the way he claims, he would not later be saying: “I wanted to find out if there is a secret to receiving such a breakthrough. Normally there is a secret to being used by God....” (page 4.)

Yes, there is a key to being used by God, but it’s not a secret. It’s simply being in His will. OBEDIENCE. But he is out of the will of God, because he is busy bolstering up his self-image in the eyes or estimation of the people. The motive is to gain influence, finance and / or control.

These are deceitful and devious motives, entirely unfitting for a man of God.

As I said, if God had definitely spoken to Morris as clearly as he makes out, Morris would already have the authority of God and would not be seeking a ‘secret’.

Why make the truths of God sound so mysterious or esoteric? Why, so that the gullible readers have to look to Morris to find out the ‘secret’ instead of to the lead of the Holy Spirit which can come in their own yielded study of the Bible and prayer.

To claim, as Morris does, that he has to lay hands on you to receive this special end-time anointing of God is another deceitful ploy. All he has to do is convey whatever truth God has given him (God hasn’t given him anything substantially more than he had years ago!), and the anointing will automatically transfer, so that members benefit from it.

How do I know? Because it happens in our ministry, where there is a prophetic ‘mantle’. As we pass on what God has given us in dreams, etc., and readers fully accept that truth from God, they receive the blessing and anointing of God. They don’t have to meet me in the flesh, or even hear me speak, or have me lay hands on them. They just have to believe and obey.

It’s about time Morris got back to the ‘good old gospel’ which is founded upon those precepts: BELIEVE AND OBEY! It’s simple and it doesn’t draw attention to me unnecessarily. It draws attention to Jesus who gives the dreams which we receive, and who backs us up by helping us write the publications which expound those revelations.

It’s the truth which sets free, not Morris C!

False Ministers With MCWE

5. Morris Cerullo is associating with false ministers. He mentions eight names, at least four of whom are false. By that I mean that they are not converted, but are impostors in the Church.

One of the gifts given to prophets is discerning of spirits. God reveals to prophets some (not all) of those who are false Christians, who do not have the Spirit of God but who are motivated by demonic spirits. Where it is essential to know – and this is vital in ministries – God reveals some of these things to prophets. Otherwise, the enemy can make inroads within and destroy the value of the work God wants to do.

If Morris were a prophet, as he claims, he would have the gift of discerning of spirits in operation. He would have the perception to see some in his organisation who are not of God. He would not give them a platform, but would warn his sheep of the danger of their teachings.

Instead, he gives them a leg up!

To cite just one, John Avanzini, the High Priest of Wealth, cleverly preaches an appealing ‘prosperity gospel’. He promises those who give (to him and other rich associates!) that they will get. Financially, I mean – like for like.

His teaching is subtle heresy, and he is a charlatan, who should never be given a voice in the Church. But he is in great demand by those without spiritual discernment! And he has grown rich by despoiling God’s people.

The half truths and compromised teachings promoted by false ministers spiritually corrupt and spoil the Bride of Christ. They damage ministries who let them through their doors.  And in the worst scenarios, they can cause the physical collapse of what God has begun. I don’t know if that will be the outcome in Morris Cerullo’s ministry (I doubt it), but even if MCWE survives physically, its spiritual value has been seriously undermined.

Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes (Song 2:15).

Does Morris ‘catch’ these false ministers (foxes) and have them exposed before the people, so the sheep are protected from them? No. He supports them and gives them honour. It’s a travesty of great proportions!

Morris Lacks Prophetic Input

6. Morris lacks true prophetic input. Because he does not recognise or accept the prophets God has raised up at this time to ignite the end-time revival he refers to, he doesn’t know where the epicentre of God’s working is going to be. (See page 14.)

For God to bring revival, there must of necessity be a turning back to God. For that to occur, first ‘new’ truth to the Church must be presented, the Church challenged, and faced with a choice. As Morris has said, which side of the fence will they choose to stand, which side of the line will they step? They cannot straddle the line. They cannot have one foot here and the other there. They must make a radical choice.

He does not know what that radical choice is. It is the matter of whether these believers, who have been reared on compromised teachings – a mixture of part truth, part heresy – will accept the ‘new’ truth to be presented that God’s Sabbaths and holy days are as applicable today in the modern Church as they were when Jesus walked the earth.

To publicise this radical presentation, God has chosen an equally radical attention-grabber. He doesn’t have to resort to hype and false window-dressing. He will just raise the dead – people who have been dead for some years. He will bring them back to life, to testify about their experiences and to the fact that Jesus is alive and in charge. Their ‘arrival’ will validate the teachings of this work, and just as the woman said of Elijah, so the Church should declare:

Now by this I know that you are a man of God, and that the word of the Lord in your mouth is the truth (1 Kings 17:24).

As for contemporary prophecies, which Morris lacks, God is saying that America will be taken over by China in two years’ time. He did not say when the two years is to be reckoned from but I believe we are at the beginning of that time or very close. (The Imminent Fall of America [£5.00].)

By contrast, Morris Cerullo is saying that “We are working intensely to bring down the Bamboo Curtain. Because God told me the Chinese Bamboo Curtain is coming down.” (Page 5 of MCWE’s Conference newspaper of 2002.)

No, it’s not! The Bamboo Curtain is not coming down like the falling of the Iron Curtain. China will conquer America!

Like his slick, colourful visual marketing (worldly), Morris is saying things to impress others. He may be sincere, but he is sincerely deluded! His hype is intended to paint illusions of grandeur and self-importance. Likewise, he asserts: “God is going to raise up a new breed of people...”

Is God going to bypass Morris, then?

“...whose prayers will ascend into the heavens...”

Weren’t our prayers going there before?

“...to be mixed with the incense in the golden bowls of the 24 elders that will release the angels. And to release the end-time manifestation of God upon the earth and bring Jesus back.” (Page 5 of MCWE’s newspaper.)

Did you catch that?!

He’s saying that what he is engineering among the saints – and he wants you to join with him as part of ‘God’s Victorious Army’ to bring this about – is something that will bring Jesus down from the heavens! That is contrary to scripture!

Do not say... ‘Who will ascend into heaven?’ (that is, to bring Christ down from above) (Rom 10:6).

That text is from Deuteronomy 31:12. No, you are NOT to approach God in such an arrogant manner – which has been wrongly dubbed spiritual warfare! You are to humbly obey Him:

I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commandments (Deut 30:16).

For this is the love of God that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome (1 Jn 5:3).

Morris Cerullo and most other popular evangelists teach that there is no need to keep the seventh day Sabbath today as God originally commanded it in Exodus 20:8-11. They are wrong! The Word of God is quite clear on that. They have accepted a massive heresy.5

‘We’ (with the power and backing of God) will raise the dead to prove that we speak for God and not for ourselves on this issue.6

When you hear of the dead raised – and you certainly will – then you will know that a prophet has been amongst you (Ezek 33:33). Then you will know that what I write here is the truth (1 Ki 17:24) and that the Sabbaths of God are to be observed today, just as God originally intended at Creation (Gen 2:3).

The Sabbath was not just made for Jews or Israelites. It was made for all mankind (Mark 2:27).

Most Church leaders have taught wrongly that the spiritual rest in Christ now replaces our need to keep the Sabbath day holy, so you can do what you want on God’s holy day so long as you sanctify Jesus in your heart. If that were true then it would be equally OK for you to commit adultery or steal, and break any of the commandments, so long as you justify your law-breaking with some spiritual substitute of equal sanctimony.

When Church leaders use devious half truths to deceive God’s people, implying that nine of the commandments are to be kept, but the fourth one is no longer valid as God fingered it in Sinai stone, they are doing the devil’s work.

Of course, you can follow them to perdition if you want to. It’s your choice. But God wants to accept a pure Bride, without spots and wrinkles.

Morris Cerullo is right, the shaking is here! And the epicentre of God’s earthquake is not far away. He is dead right when he says:

“We must pierce the darkness. To do this, I am persuaded we must go beyond the crusades and big meetings and demolish strongholds...” (Page 5 of MCWE’s newspaper advertising the MCWE European Conference of 2002.)

You bet! And you know what is the hardest stronghold to break? That concerning the Sabbath.

“As the people of God with God’s hand upon us in a special way, we have to go beyond the conventional, the normal way we’ve done it in the past.”

Amen! That’s right. God is going to raise the dead to put an end to argument. (People who will still argue are rebellious.)

The Final Outpouring

For those who want the truth, and who have the humility to accept it, God is providing it. The seventh day Sabbath is true and to be kept holy. The seven annual Sabbaths or Festivals of God are equally sacred and are to be revered and observed.

When the Church embraces these aspects of God’s Truth, and wraps herself in them, a new anointing will have come. “God’s final anointing, shaking, outpouring” will have arrived, just as Morris predicts.

But it will not have been what he expected. It will not elevate him or place him centre stage. None of the established evangelists and apostles are going to be elevated or promoted through this.

They use scripture to elevate themselves, to boost their standing, and only point people to themselves or to those who scratch their backs. God does not give scripture for that purpose. He gives it to set people free. But these men of God have used it for selfish ends, and have brought converts into bondage again – a bondage to them or to well-established, time-honoured heresies!

They are hogging the ‘show’, and it’s time for God to remove their crowns and to humble them. It’s time for God’s immaculate truth to be elevated in its purity, as they should have been doing.

A Final Reminder

The caption under the picture of Morris Cerullo on the cover of his Europe 2002 news- paper includes this nauseous servile flattery:

“Commenting on the London Conference, Dr Cerullo said, ‘Coming with me are some of the deepest spiritual men and women to grace the shores of Europe.’


Some of these people are impostors, fakes, charlatans!

There were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them... (2 Pet 2:1).

If you want to be misled, read Grant Jeffrey’s books on misunderstanding Bible prophecy. If you want to join a church where you can learn the heresies of the prosperity gospel, then give your allegiance to Matthew Ashimolowo or John Avanzini. Or if you want to support God Digital and their false revival, pay your tithe to Rory Alec.

But if you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, stay tuned.

It’s now time for you to put on all the robes of righteousness which Jesus offers you as part of His Bride.

Dreams about Morris Cerullo & MCWE

Over the years, God has given my wife and me various dreams, revealing spiritual conditions of which the Church should be aware.

Dreams are God’s gift to His prophets.

We have tried to pass on to MCWE (and various other high profile evangelists) what God is saying through the dreams, but we have found them unreceptive and ‘our’ message unwelcome.

Ironically, God allows everyone, even those He has called into His service, to continue down the path they choose, even with devastating consequences!

But you don’t have to turn away from God’s Word through His prophets. You don’t have to forfeit the prophet’s reward (Matt 10:41).

If you are truly humble, you can have it!

Morris Cerullo Drunk!

Dream given to Helena Heap, 25 Feb 1994.

Morris was drunk! His face was all red from the intoxication. He was sitting on a chariot, driving two powerful horses. He was really driving them hard!

What this dream portrays is the spiritual deception which affects Morris’s mind. Wine in the book of Revelation depicts:

1) false teaching, and 2) power.

Look at these examples:

1) False teaching / heresy.

...the great harlot who sits on many waters [the Roman Catholic Church], with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication (Rev 17:1,2).

This wine is false teaching, by which she has influenced many people and held them in bondage to deception. She is used by the devil, who has deceived the majority in the world (Rev 12:9; 14:8).

False teachings in the Church are many. Morris is not exempt. Like most popular evangelists, he continues to go along with the heresies which the Catholic prostitute has popularised such as Sunday worship to replace God’s Sabbath; Christmas and Easter substituting God’s festivals.

2) Power.

For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her... (Rev 18:3).

This false Church is rife with blasphemies (Rev 17 & 18). She supplants Jesus. She replaces His authority with her own. She exerts power over people, even over nations. For a Church, which is supposed to represent Christ (which she claims, but doesn’t do!), that is illicit and blasphemous!

Likewise, Morris Cerullo exerts influence over people, even over many. He has become so famous that he can court the favours of some statesmen. And he exploits his elevated position.

He puts himself in place of Jesus, not intentionally, but it happens nonetheless. He takes Jesus’ place in the eyes of his followers. He receives their adulation and praise by elevating himself as the Chief Prophet, even the only Prophet! This is the height of arrogance. It is blasphemous.

Through the miraculous gifting God has given him, which is intended to bring glory only to Christ, Morris receives acclaim from many people. This is an abuse of power.

Signs, wonders and miracles are part of Jesus’ testimony. They are meant to point to Jesus and to elevate Him. Unfortunately, people are only human, so they often make the mistake of looking to the human ‘vehicle’ and idolising the man.

But when an evangelist makes mileage out of the miracles of God, and exploits them to impress others for his own advantage (he thinks he is justified in doing so, because he serves Christ), it is wrong! When a man gets lifted up in Jesus’ place, a blasphemous shift has occurred.

In reading whatever Morris writes, you can’t help but notice the emphasis on power, power, POWER! It’s incessant. You can read it for yourself in his letter reproduced on page 9.

He is metaphorically drunk on this power. God has let him have it, but it’s gone to his head like too much liquor.

The emphasis is wrong. When super- natural power is stressed more than proper spiritual teaching, gullible young sheep can become disillusioned when they don’t see the manifestation of power they are misled to expect.

Also, like abuses that occurred at Toronto Airport Vineyard Church, power can be exploited and hyped up so much that a door is surreptitiously opened for the devil to do his work. He doesn’t mind performing miracles to deceive.

And the Church does end up deceived – through a wrong or misplaced emphasis!

Where is the emphasis on holiness? Where is the challenge or call to repentance, not just to sinners coming in from the street, but to the Church, bound by its dogmas, self- righteousness and pride? It’s not there. It has been replaced by human appeal, just like Saul. Saul impressed the people by his achievements but his popularity bred pride that led to his downfall! (1 Sam 11.)

Morris Cerullo Asleep

Dream given to Richard Heap, 19 Oct 1994.

Morris Cerullo was in a room asleep. We woke him up. If we hadn’t awoken him, he would not have eaten anything and would have died. He was asleep and he didn’t know it.

There were lots of beds stacked up outside the room where he was, so he wouldn’t have been able to get out if we hadn’t helped.

When he came out he was really shocked and said, “I could have died in there!”

This dream is a pictorial representation of how shut in, spiritually, Morris Cerullo is. He’s boxed in, inside a little room, symbolic of the lack of spiritual scope in his theology.

Being asleep is a metaphor for being deceived. When you understand these symbols, the dream takes on its intended meaning to you.

The beds stacked up outside are to do with resurrecting the dead. God has told us that at least 50 people (50 is the numeric symbol for freedom, as in the Jubilee year, the 50th year) will be raised from the dead to proclaim the name of Jesus to the world. (More about this is given in our book Dreams and Visions From God.) This is part of the final outpouring of which Morris wants to be a part.

The Epicentre

The epicentre of the ‘earthquake’, which Morris anticipates will shake Europe and bring the final outpouring, is not where he expects (see page 14).

In our Newsletter 17, (page 27), we published a short summary about this prophesied raising of dead people, giving two names. There are others, some of whom we could name, but for discretionary reasons I won’t.

We have predicted (as God has given us dreams and prophetic words about it), what we know about these resurrections, long in advance. The first occasions were in 1994, in our journal Awake! Awake! which we published at that time.

Where the restoration of truth for this hour is taking place is where the epicentre of God’s shaking will be. Those who recognise truth will recognise the epicentre; those who dismiss it, will not.

Prophecy Given in 1906 Which Is Fulfilled by Morris Cerullo and MCWE

“In the last days, three things will happen in the great Pentecostal movement:

1. There will be an overemphasis on power rather than on righteousness. [The practical righteousness inherent in obeying the fourth commandment as it stands, and in keeping the biblical Festivals God designed for the Church and for Israel, these are neglected.]

2. There will be an overemphasis on praise to a God they no longer pray to. [Praise music is fast degenerating into a self-indulgent rock orgy.]

3. There will be an overemphasis on the gifts of the Spirit rather than on the Lordship of Christ.” [Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath, but that is dismissed.]

That prophecy was received in 1906, in Azusa Street, Los Angeles, where the last days Pentecostal movement was birthed.

It is now being fulfilled.

Of course, it’s not only Morris Cerullo and his organisation which is at fault. Many Pentecostal and charismatic preachers fulfil it continually. They preach a message which appeals to their hearers. These ‘word-faith’ exponents teach that you can have supernatural power in signs and wonders almost at will, if you just exercise faith. It sounds good, but it isn’t. It’s a delusion.

It’s an imbalance – a wrong emphasis – an overemphasis of one thing at the expense of another which God considers more important. Teachings that are so unbalanced are idolatrous!

Adversaries will criticise me for saying these things about such an elevated man of God as Morris Cerullo. But that is its very justification.

They will also claim that we do not have signs and wonders of our own to ‘boast’ of (we do – see opposite), or that we are jealous or that we find fault out of wrong motive. No, no, no.

I would have preferred to have reached Morris directly. I have tried. But it is not possible for an ‘outsider’ to penetrate the armour plating of his ministry. God knows the best way to perform His work, His strange work (Is 28:21). The ways of God are often unusual, and they are humbling!

God will raise the dead and the media publicity machine will spread the news.

From God For Midnight Ministries and Those Who Keep His Sabbaths

Healed of Brain Tumour

A letter came in recently from one of the evangelists we sponsor in Nigeria. Reuben wrote:

“Help us to thank God Almighty for the new revival that is going on presently with us. We are experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit in every Sabbath gathering. A young boy was wonderfully healed...

“Just to cut the story short, the boy was referred to London for brain surgery. The parents were confused, knowing not what to do, but after praying with them the prayer of faith, the boy was healed.

“Whether we are poor or few in number, help us to thank God for the unity in our midst.”

Believers who accept the true Sabbaths are invariably poor and few in number, but that does not prevent God bringing revival in our midst!

Raised From The Dead

Another of ‘our’ evangelists in Nigeria, David, wrote to tell me of a baby boy who had died and whom ‘he’ raised from the dead.

He prayed for the restoration of the life of the child and the dead boy was raised. His account follows (with slight alterations to wording to make it more readily understandable).

I am very happy to report about a wonderful miracle that has taken place here at Ahiaba. On 15th June 2002, the Sabbath day, during our Sabbath school lesson our topic that day was the Blessing of God. Our verse to remember was taken from Psalm 127:1, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain who build it. Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchmen stays awake in vain.”

Objectives: to note in Psalm 127 the emphasis on the Lord as the motivator and essential factor for our conduct.

Psalm 127 is a fitting psalm for our age: an apt summary is the statement that everything depends on God’s blessing. This short but magnificent psalm, in fact, prescribes the formula for happy homes and restful nights.

Psalm 127 is ascribed to Solomon. Note His beloved in verse 2. The Hebrew is the root word from which the name Jeddah – God’s name for Solomon – is formed. The psalm stands in contrast to that great man’s life. Its lessons, as so much of Solomon’s recorded wisdom, were relevant to his life, but were mostly lost on him. Solomon’s building programme became extravagant. His marriages to pagan women, and worship of their heathen gods, brought rebuff and rejection from God.

Consequently, God told Solomon, because he had failed to serve Him as David had, that most of his kingdom would be taken from his descendants (1 Ki 9 & 11:1-13).

After our exploring the subject and responding, then came our conclusion: the wellbeing of an individual, a family, a community, a nation, depends on God’s blessing. Only God can bring fulfilment and prosperity; mere religion cannot, nor can we secure genuine fulfilment on our own. The Lord does it for us.

As we wanted to pray, we saw four women with a two-year-old boy, almost dead. He had been rubbed with native medicine. He was laid at my feet. As God planned it, two of my prayer ministry visited me that day from Lagos Adventist church Maryland and the people that brought the dead boy all were from the SDA church Umuette. The whole church started to pray.

After the prayers of the congregation, the prayer group sent him to wash off the native medicine.

We asked the mother what happened. She revealed to us that two weeks earlier they were in the house of the native doctor [I presume he means the witch doctor, but he may mean the recognised practitioner], then at 6 am of 15th June 2002, the man told her to carry the boy out because he is dead. As they arrived home, her sister Ijeoma was there waiting for the sad news. Then she carried the boy to the Midnight Supernatural Prayer Ministry (David Isaac’s ministry).

We handed the case over to God, because it is a very big challenge. Many people were looking. “What will be the outcome of the boy?”

I started telling them about one of Midnight Ministries’ powerful booklets entitled Testing The Spirits and that the devil tries to counterfeit healing. He is an astute counterfeiter, but he cannot heal in the true sense of the word. The Bible says dogmatically that God is the Healer (Ex 15:26; Ps 103:3). There is no instance in the Bible where Satan healed anyone. Miracles of healing at Christian meetings and evangelistic campaigns where they occur in the name of Jesus, are bona fide miracles of God, done to glorify Jesus. He died to pay the price for our deliverance (Is 53:45).

Restoring pure biblical truth is much less exciting than seeing miracles occur in front of your eyes. It’s no wonder that signs and wonders can relegate the restoration of biblical truth to the back row of the church. [David’s love for the purity of God’s truth is second to none. The restoration of God’s truth in the Church is top on his priority list!]

So, at sundown we prayed. Everybody went home. I was there with them for four days. At midnight, as I was praying, challenging God on “what people will say over this dead boy that was brought to You”, then I referred to what He did to Elisha in the book of 2nd Kings 4:18-32. Then verse 33 said that he went in therefore, and shut the door upon them twain, and prayed unto the Lord. And he went up, and lay upon the child, and put his mouth upon his mouth, and his eyes upon his eyes, and his hands upon his hands and he stretched himself upon the child, and the child’s flesh waxed warm [old KJV wording].

As I was praying, challenging God that He is still God, the same today, God restored the life of this boy. Immediately he started crying, and calling for his mother, but he could not walk or stand. We started praying day and night with your wonder booklets Faith and Healing, Listening To God, and Witnessing For Christ. We did 3 nights and 3 days. Then this boy started to walk on his own. Praise God! Normal blood pressure was restored and we discovered that the boy was not seeing with his eyes. Then I read Luke 18:35-41. Verse 42 said, “And Jesus said unto him, ‘Receive thy sight: thy faith hath saved thee.’ And immediately he received his sight.”

People, when they saw it happen here, gave praise to God. This miracle was covered with a photograph as I was giving back the boy to his mother. Praise to God. Amen.

David then reports about the success of his evangelism in the area, but about the shortage of funds and materials. We endeavour to send him what we can, but things have been difficult here for the same reason. The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few. Few will support this work of God!

I thank God for all He does. Reading the account of this miracle brought tears to my eyes. If only people would fully commit to Him, there would be no shortage of God’s provision – in every way. But people restrain Him by their unbelief, by their pride, by self-will and every conceivable aspect of human nature. It takes a man of God like David to bring out the best and counter the worst in human behaviour.

The Stage is Set for the Final Outpouring

A Dream from God, given to Malcolm Heap, 7th September 1998.
(Reprinted from Newsletter 7, November 1998.)

In this dream we went to see what was going on elsewhere. There was a ‘show’ being staged nearby so we went there for some entertainment. Many people were gathered waiting for the show to begin. They were engrossed in conversation with each other. A man in the row in front of us said this was the best show on earth. We wouldn't be disappointed!

What was strange was that all the seats in the audience were not facing the stage. The stage was on the right hand side, and all the seats were looking forward. They were facing the wrong direction. I was curious to see what was going on behind stage. I could see that a good-looking middle-aged woman with black hair was in charge. There were a number of pretty girls behind stage, waiting for the start of the performance, practising their dance movements.

We waited and waited. Some two hours passed and nothing happened, but the audience didn't sense that something was wrong. They simply carried on talking, fellowshipping amongst themselves.


Waiting for the show.

The Church is waiting for revival, but most people are looking in the wrong direction. Centre stage is not going to be where they think!

People are engrossed in conversation.

They are preoccupied with interaction amongst themselves. Most Christians – even Spirit-led folks – are oblivious to what is taking place outside the immediate sphere of their own denomination, church, or fellowship.

The stage is to the right.

The fact that revival is going to appear to your right means that it is coming from the more ‘conservative’ wing of the Church. The Pentecostals and Charismatics (excuse the pigeon-holing), who have been used so powerfully up till now, will find it hard to believe, but their ‘show’ is nearly over. As was prophesied in 1906 in the Azusa Street revival – ‘in the last days of the Pentecostal movement there will be an overemphasis on power and praise’ – those words are being fulfilled before our eyes now. This heralds a new emphasis on God’s agenda. To redress the balance in worship and Spirit-led tradition, God is going to bring back some needed ‘conservatism’ to the Church, which has gone off too much on a tangent to the left, overemphasising the power and praise aspects of the faith.

What do I mean by ‘conservatism’? In one word OBEDIENCE. Obedience to what God lays down in His Word. Obedience to His commandments in a fundamental, inflexible, but highly practical way. Obedience to all the precepts, commands and statutes as God gave them to Israel (excepting, of course, the sacrificial rites and washings which, as we know from Hebrews, have been superseded by Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice). Obedience to fundamental biblical law – for this is the basis of Christian discipline and discipleship. I am not talking about a return to legalism, or a reversion to ritualism. I am talking about an unwavering adherence to the law of God which was David’s (Ps 119:40,97) and Paul’s delight (Rom 7:12). Realism has been disappearing from many segments of the Church because of a lack of biblical discipline in Christian living. God is saying there is a need to look to the right for a return to the fundamentalism of the early Church when it possessed the faith once delivered. [The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints (£1.00) from Midnight Ministries.] But most of the Church has lost this direction. It is looking in the wrong direction. It needs to look more to the ‘right’.

The coming revival will cause people to look to the right once again, because it is from that ‘side’ of the Church that the greatest miracles will appear in the days ahead. Raising of the dead is on God's agenda, now, for this end time. I do not mean those who have just passed away and are resuscitated minutes later. I am talking about resurrecting the dead who have been gone for days, weeks, months, and even years!

And these miracles will first be seen in parts of the Church which are presently unacknowledged, or regarded as fanatical or even ‘legalistic’, because of their biblical (doctrinal) persuasion (see previous page).

The majority of true believers are ‘missing it’ in their discipleship. They are looking too much to the ‘left’. Their emphasis on grace has caused their sight to be taken away from the ‘conservatism’ of obedience in practical Christian living. God will re-focus their attention. The stage is being set right now for the coming revival, and the action will be to their ‘right’!

Elijah raised the dead (1 Kings 17). He challenged the whole nation of Israel to reject the religious status quo. His stand was ‘conservative’. It emphasised obedience to God’s law. There is no other basis for true discipleship in Christ. Grace nowhere negates responsibility in disciplined Christian observance of God’s revealed precepts. God requires an uncompromising obedience from us in the spirit. But He also requires that same commitment to the letter of His commands, for there can be no substitute to any of His commands. The letter of His commands is often neglected or denied by scurrilously deceptive ‘doctrine’ which undermines this basic level of obedience.

While Spirit-led Christians understand and accept the imputed righteousness of Christ, they neglect the practical righteousness which is an equally essential commodity. That aspect of obedience provides a practical discipline which is essentially lacking in most of the current charismatic sector of the church. This imbalance will be re-dressed in the coming revival.

Behind the curtain there is a black-haired woman, preparing young girls for the show.

The coming revival will be a ‘show’ – a spectacle to behold – the greatest show on earth! While its participants will be ‘charismatic’ [the black-haired woman was given me in a previous dream, and may well also here depict the ‘charismatic’ church, as God showed me previously], but new ‘players’ will be on stage, younger in many respects than the one who has gone before them. The dark hair may also depict the Gentile part of the church, which God is reviving in various parts of the world at the moment.

We Are Rejected!

I told this dream to some leaders and believers in the charismatic sector of the Church. I also wrote them:

The next move of the Spirit will come from where you do not expect.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, God has shown me from where it will come and who some of the central characters may well be. He has given us several dreams about this, but as the above dream conveys, I suspect you will not believe me or take much notice, because you are looking in the wrong direction, too. You only listen to revelations received by the prophets who have your approval or recognition. Such is the manner of most at this time.

I do not come with the endorsement or commendation of men, but with that of God alone. Is it for this reason that you reject me and my words?

Malcolm B Heap

Sure enough, they did not believe me, but rejected our witness without considering that they could be failing to see what God was saying.

Jesus prophesied this of the Church at the end in the parable of the 10 virgins. Five are wise and five are foolish. The foolish don’t take oil along with their lamps. The wise do.

The foolish are doing things in their own strength, devoid of the Spirit. the wise are taking the Spirit with them. But ALL fall asleep (Matt 25:5). ALL fail to see what is coming, and when the prophetic cry finally goes out for all the Church to hear, there is panic! But it is too late for the foolish to learn to accept and use the oil of the Spirit.

  • Now is that time.

  • Now is the time to believe.

  • Now is the time to accept more truth and practice.

  • Now is the time to accept the fullness of the Spirit.

  • Now is the time to change.

Only a small minority are doing so. The majority have fallen asleep as Jesus predicted. They are spiritually dull. Most are failing to believe the words of the prophets, and move forward spiritually. They have shut their eyes and closed their ears.

Morris Cerullo


A miracle working ministry easily becomes a spectacle, attracting people for the wrong reasons. It can develop serious flaws, especially if it panders to that weakness. Showmanship and popular appeal are fleshly substitutes for a call to holiness and truth. Such marketing (that’s what it is, when you distil it down) is not godly.

When people look to the man, he has taken Jesus’ place centre-stage. He has supplanted Christ, without intending to do so. This is what has happened in Morris Cerullo’s ministry. It may be unintentional, but it’s blasphemy or idolatry nonetheless. It’s highly damaging and is also widespread throughout the Church.

What could be worse than a man of God puffed up by the power, and abusing his position? That is what God is saying about Morris Cerullo. Notice this dream from God given to our younger daughter:

22nd May 2002. Dream given to Zenya.

Morris Cerullo stopped to help a woman whose car had broken down. She was in the front seat of his car when he put his hands round her neck tightly and threatened her with violence and even death if she would step out of line with what he said. She was very frightened, and obeyed out of fear. He was arrogant and dominant and didn’t care what means he used in order to assert his authority over others.

In accordance with Paul’s instruction in 1 Tim 5:20, Morris’s flaws are here exposed to protect the Church, and bring spiritual unity.


1 Benny Hinn also had a dream about this. It is expounded under the title Benny Hinn’s Dream of Jezebel and the Last Outpouring (£1.00) from Midnight Ministries, PO Box 29, Aylesbury, HP17 8TL, UK.

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