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Warnings About Specific Church Groups / Leaders



Opposition and Objections to the Work of Midnight Ministries

Everyone's Busy With Their Own Agenda

Wade Cox and his so-called Christian Churches of God

Selwyn Hughes 1928-2006

Some Pitfalls of Reinhard Bonnke's Ministry
Reinhard Bonnke has done a sterling job of evangelising in Africa. But it is time for reform. God is raising up others to take restoration further. And He is confirming this 1) through dreams, and 2) by raising the dead.

Is Benny Hinn a 'False Apostle'?
Many people find fault with Benny Hinn — with his teachings, his practices and his performance. But they fail to see him as God does. They need spiritual discernment. Here is more of God's mind on this subject.

Benny Hinn's Ministry Receives Input

Benny Hinn's Ministry Out Of Step

Benny Hinn's Dream of Jezebel & The Last Outpouring

The Deadness of The Churches of God

Churches of God – You Have A Name That You Live, But You Are Dead

The CoG Spirit of Witchcraft

The Charismatic Church Shrine

The Alpha Course
The Alpha Course is an introductory course in Christian belief and teaching, conducted by the Church of England’s Nicky Gumbel at Holy Trinity Brompton in London. It is a series of meetings and discussions for new people who want to know more about the relevance of the Christian faith in our times. It has proved very popular. A dream reveals what God thinks of it.

Dreams From God About the Charismatic Church

The Salvation Army
In 1865, William Booth was moved by the Spirit to take God’s saving grace to the slums and help down-and-outs. Out of his Spirit-led work a movement was born. But that movement has now lost its way, as dreams from God illustrate.

Colin Urquhart
When God sends a prophet to another man of God,  He expects him to listen, not ‘throw’ him out and slam the door! Here are some of the dreams God has given us which ought to help, rather than humiliate, Colin Urquhart.

The Berean Call
The Berean Call, a journal produced by Dave Hunt, performs a useful service to enlighten Catholics, Lutherans and some others about false church dogma. But it stops short of allowing the fulness of the Spirit to come in. Here’s a sample.

Revelations From God for Seventh Day Adventists

God is NOT pleased with Tele-Evangelism!
In various dreams, the Spirit of God has conveyed sore displeasure at the way tele-evangelists are milking God's people, and NOT preparing them as the Bride.


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