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'GOD Digital' and the False Revival

Some time ago a friend passed on to us a promotional video from ‘God Channel’, a Christian TV network operating in the UK. I had not watched any programs they air, so we viewed this video of their activities.

As we watched it, I became more and more uneasy in my spirit. Thoughts began to form in my mind that what I was seeing was a lot of hype and human effort.

In various quarters of the Church there is a lot of talk about revival. Evangelicals want to see the nation brought to Christ. And some are trying to engender it. But all too often, this amounts to a human desire focused into a pseudo-spiritual effort.

Any spiritual revival is not engineered by man, but by the Spirit of God. And where the former is elevated, the latter is downgraded. This is what is happening with the so-called ‘God’ Channel, now also called ‘God’ Digital.

The Sick Woman

At the end of September I saw a brochure advertising a conference in Edinburgh which was due to take place in early October, organised by ‘God Digital’. After taking a cursory look at this glossy advert, I left it on the side for some days. But the next time I glanced at it, God prompted my spirit. Suddenly I felt that we should attend this event which they had named ‘Braveheart Conference’, after the recent Scottish film by that name. So, I asked Tonya to book us several seats (at a cost of £25 each).

Later, God spoke to me again, to make our literature available there. So, the day before we left I packed about 200 envelopes with a selection of our literature and took along a folding table with tablecloth.

On Friday, 5th October, we drove the 400 miles to Edinburgh, arriving during one of the afternoon meetings. But the night before, God gave me a dream about ‘God Digital’.

Here is the account from our dream diary:

5th October. M. Dream of sick woman.
I was travelling really fast down a well-worn path in a valley. This path had been worn by horses previously. It was a narrow way, merely the width of one horse. I was not riding on a horse, and I was travelling without human means, somehow supernaturally. A little way along there was a fox on the left up the hillside, scavenging among some rubbish. I moved past really fast, leaving it behind. Then a little while further on there was another fox on the left, away from the path up the hillside. But I didn’t stop; I just kept moving on towards the destination of this mission. There, lying on the floor of a small room, was a youngish woman. She looked dead. She was not moving. I was concerned for her, and I put my hand on her shoulder, wanting to revive her. She lifted her head and shoulders to take note of me, but it was only brief. She did not revive. Then I saw another woman in an adjacent room. I asked her about the woman lying on the ground and she acknowledged: "Oh yes, she’s sick."
Meaning: Travelling represents our spiritual journey. Without human means = God is guiding and helping us. Foxes represent false ministers. On ‘the left’ signifies liberalism. Scavenging among some rubbish depicts their lack of proper spiritual food. The rest of the dream is made clear in what follows. The dream was given prior to our visit to Edinburgh. God Digital, founded by Rory and Wendy Alec, is the name of a TV channel which exclusively promotes Christian programming and evangelism. There are many failings in its modus operandi. These, along with what happened when we visited their ‘conference’, are explained in a letter of 9/10/01 to Johnnie Woodrow, personal assistant to Rory Alec.

That letter follows below. First, however, I should explain what occurred.

Prophetic Witness Rejected

God had put various thoughts in my mind about presenting our literature to them. Each of the sample packs of our publications contained a few booklets such as A Message To The Charismatic Church, Who Is The End-Time Elijah?, Prophets and Prophesying, Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy Revealed and some other articles on subjects about which Charismatics are generally ignorant.

We asked the Lord when we should put the publications on display, suspecting that we would be met with hostility and resistance. We were not to do it right away, but should wait a while.

I was led to see that we should put the table up just before the Friday evening meeting in the foyer outside the mail hall, where many people would come into and out of the meetings.

After spreading out a number of different booklets on the table for people to peruse, and leaving a box full of packets of sample literature with a notice saying, "FREE, Please Take One", I moved away to see what would happen. Some people took a look at the booklets and a number helped themselves to the sample packets. One man, however, picked up The Imminent Fall of America, thumbed through it as he walked 20 feet away, and then went all the way back to return it to the table. He obviously didn’t like what he had read, which was symptomatic of what was to come.

After the meeting was over, we came out to find that the table and all the publications had gone. I asked an ‘official’ at one of the God Digital desks what had become of it. His manner was hostile and belligerent, indicating that he must have been informed about its disappearance, but he claimed he didn’t know where it was. Later I saw him talking to an usher and I asked the usher if he knew where our table was. Straightaway he told me.

The difference in reaction between the two individuals is as contrasting as that of the biblical allegory of the sheep and goats.

I was asked if I had permission to do what I had done. I said "Yes." When asked who had given me permission, I replied, "The Boss." But that didn’t satisfy him. He wanted to know whether I had God Digital’s permission – which of course I didn’t, but which I don’t need anyway because God had given me an instruction to carry out.

The next day we came again to the hall before the morning meeting. After putting our table in place and arranging the literature on it, an official marched up to it and began to remove all the booklets. I interrupted, "Excuse me, what do you think you are doing?" Rudely, he ignored me and continued removing the materials.

Physically, I tried to stop him doing so, and he started shoving and barging. But I resisted. I was not going to pushed out by a thug! At that, he walked off to get the little chief, Johnnie Woodrow.

When he arrived on the scene, he grilled me as to what right I had to bring our literature to their meetings. I told him that God had told me to. But he didn’t care about that. He said I would have to get their permission at least four weeks before the ‘conference’.

"But God only told me a week ago." What could I do about that? (And anyway, they wouldn’t grant permission, because their approach is cultic.)

They told me to go away and shoved us to the doors. When I still persisted in staying, they threatened to get the police.

I told them, "Go ahead." That would be nothing new.

All through this altercation they asserted that I was defying God’s authority by defying theirs. And when God put the words in my mouth that the authority Johnnie Woodrow was wielding over me was "pipsqueak authority!" suddenly all hell broke loose! The man flew into a violent rage. He overturned our table, scattering literature all over the floor. Then he grabbed a box of literature and threw it down a flight of stairs, claiming he was doing as Jesus had done when He threw out the moneychangers from the Temple.

The only problem, however, is that we were not profiteering. They were! (They blatantly took up offerings in their proceedings, and made no ‘bones’ about money raising!) We had come at our expense. We even had to pay an entry charge (which they later refunded), pay for overnight lodgings at a ‘bed-and-breakfast’, and be willing to give away literature at our expense. We were offering £1,000-worth of literature for nothing in order to do what God had bidden us.

What God had offered them in our publications was despised, and we were thrown out! It’s nothing new, of course. It’s the regular treatment for prophets.

We didn’t know what was coming when we left our home that Friday morning, but God did. That’s why He sent us there. He sees what is in the heart of man. And He offends the mind to reveal the heart.

If people do not repent after the first and second witness, He exacts judgement. Judgement falls first on the Church (1 Pet 4:17). Those entrusted with His truth are to love it, protect it, and further it. When they despise it, reject it and deny it, He denies them.

Wanting to spare these people this fate, I wrote to them:

A Warning in Love

Mr. Johnnie Woodrow
c/o ‘God’ Digital
Crown House, Borough Road
Sunderland, SR1 1HW

9th October 2001

Dear Johnnie,

From a prophet of God for the leadership of ‘God’ Digital

God sent us to the ‘God’ Digital ‘conference’ in Edinburgh and you threw us out. You rejected His input through us, and called for the consequential judgement of God to fall on you. I want to spare you that fate, which is why I write you this letter. Its contents are relevant to the whole of the movement or organisation which you represent, so what I write here is also for Rory and Wendy Alec and anyone else who carries pivotal responsibility in the organisation.

Friday morning, 5th October 2001, we left our home to travel to Edinburgh. The last thing I received from God before we left was a dream about what God was about to achieve through Him sending us to you. Here is that dream:

Dream of sick woman.

[Dream deleted. Please refer to above.]

I will explain the meaning of the dream in a moment.

Dream of wild horse.

That same night before your conference, my wife Helena had a dream of a white horse. It was really wild, running around out of control. She tried to catch it but she couldn’t. What these two dreams depict is your movement, ‘God’ Digital. As the latter dream conveys, it is unruly, wild, worldly and out of control. More specifics about that later.

It is conveyed as a white horse, like the description in Revelation 6:2 which symbolises the spread of false religion. Jesus is not trying to conquer the world now, but many evangelists misguidedly think He is. (See enclosed article Taking Cities For Christ, in Witnessing For Christ.)

Meaning of the dream of the sick woman.

‘My’ dream of the sick woman represents our visit to your ‘conference’. (By ‘your’ I mean throughout that of ‘God’ Digital). It was not really a conference because in true conferences people confer. They exchange views. You wanted no exchange of views. Your agenda was the only one addressed. It was a means of self-promotion – promotion of views of the human leadership of ‘God’ Digital and those who agree with such a human agenda. As such it was nothing more than propaganda, designed to manipulate minds to supporting your agenda, regardless of how correct it is in God’s sight. Such manipulation is from a spirit of witchcraft.

You didn’t meet together to seek His will, but to promote your own. And where there were prophecies such as Jean Darnell’s, you interpreted them to fit your agenda, placing yourselves centre-stage. That is nothing more than presumption and arrogance.

That is why God sent us to you, to point out some of these things, and to bring the truths of God in writing, which He has had us publish over the past nine years. He showed us to bring these things and how to present them, knowing full well that you would reject them and us.

It doesn’t surprise us. We’ve been rejected many times before. But those who shut the door, shut it, not merely on us, but on the One who sent us. As Rick Joyner said in one of his messages on Friday, Laodicea wants nothing further. She thinks she has all truth and shuts the door on Jesus when He uses others to bring more. She doesn’t realise that she is poor and blind and naked. She doesn’t care that she is spiritually impoverished, because she’s got all she wants. God said one thing more about you. You are sick and near to spiritual death.

The two foxes on the left represent the two bouts of opposition we experienced from you over the placement of ‘our’ literature for others to take. The two individuals who opposed us are false ‘ministers’. It’s the little foxes who destroy the vines, on which there are tender grapes (Song 2:15). Left represents theology and church practice that is too liberal. I enclose a booklet about the Faith Once Delivered To The Saints which explains where you need to observe aspects of the law of God as a part of disciplined Christian living.

God wants you to readdress and revise your theology, which is why we brought the publications that He has had us write over the past nine years to provide a true doctrinal foundation for the Church in its entirety. However, that doesn’t fit in with your agenda of self- promotion. You are sick. We have touched your shoulder now and you have raised your head and shoulders, but only so far to take cursory notice. As the other woman testified, you are irretrievably sick. There is a large part of the Church which will perceive your problem.

Your presumption and pride have let the devil inside.

God is not pleased with your agenda. As I said, you put ‘God’ Digital centre-stage and you consider that Jesus is here to promote your agenda. You think that you are going to be the nucleus of the revival to come to Scotland and the rest of Britain. But unless you repent, you will be cast outside. Your presumption and pride have let the devil inside. You started out to do God’s will, but now you are being compromised by the evil influences you have allowed within.

Because you have become lifted up, God cannot use you. You have shut Him out by refusing to accept further truth. Unless you repent, from this day on He will take away your strength and give it to another. You will not be the centre of revival with such an arrogant heart.

Jean Darnell’s prophecy about the media being the vehicle for spreading God’s Truth does not refer to you. It refers to the secular media who will get hold of the accounts of people being raised from the dead. Jean Darnell’s prophecy stated that there will be a sovereign visitation of God’s power to touch the nation which will only later impact the churches. It will begin OUTSIDE the churches. You are no longer part of God’s sovereign work because you are now shutting the door on Him as He continues to move sovereignly, and you are eager to get churches to support you and your agenda so you are very much associated with the churches. But Jean Darnell was told that God’s move will come from outside this arena in which you are involved.

Your meetings are merely a propaganda promotion exercise, designed to elevate you, to whip up support for your organisation, to fleece the sheep by your blatant fund-raising efforts and twisted theology aimed at bolstering that agenda.

By misappropriating the name ‘GOD’ in your title, you blaspheme His holiness. To use ‘GOD’ in such a way takes His name in vain, violating the third commandment, and has two other profane connotations:

1) that you are His sole media representatives, which is a cultic approach, and,

2) that only God-approved material, teaching or ministers are featured on your media network. Oh that it was so! There are many ministers who are teaching compromised truth, promoting much heresy as well as half truth. A lot of ministers want to elevate themselves, and use your media platform to gain a bigger audience for them.

Moreover you draw attention to yourselves in all you do. Braveheart ‘conference’ was not much more than hype and hysteria. If Rory and Wendy Alec think that they can reach this land with show-business techniques, they will be sorely disillusioned. GOD will reach this land by the means He uses – through those who are humble, who truly seek to obey Him, who love His truth. Not by those who flaunt themselves as if they were paragons of God’s virtue, while they despise God’s truth brought by others to set the captives free.

When we appeared on your doorstep, following God’s explicit instructions on what to do, you reacted with hostility and fear. The working of prophetic ministry, as the ‘Kansas City prophets’ have admirably explained, offends the mind to reveal the heart. I am sorry that I had to offend your mind by labelling your antics as the outflow of ‘pipsqueak authority’, but that is what it is. The authority of God which true prophets bring is backed up by His divine authenticity in some way. His divine authority is declared in our writings, through ‘our’ many dreams and visions and the inspired compilations in print. The only valid authority in the Church comes through the lead of the Holy Spirit. Most church organisations fail to understand this, and create various troubles as a result, when they substitute human hierarchic authority for God’s authority.

Will you take part in the revival?

May I draw your attention to Dreams and Visions From God (enclosed) which contains a mere segment of those that we have received. Chapter 10 points out when movements like yours go astray. It happened at Toronto. It’s occurring at Pensacola now. And you are continuing to repeat the mistakes of ‘revival history’ by trying to contrive revival by human effort, disregarding the need for reformation through repentance and acceptance of more truth first. Restoration of God’s truth is the

basis of true revival, not clever human marketing techniques. God measures revival in spiritual terms, not physical. It is identified by spiritual quality, not physical quantity.

Hence His emphasis on holiness. But holiness has been misrepresented by you, Rick Joyner, and many other Church leaders with a high profile. I witnessed many believers at your conference manifesting what they think is the expression of God’s holiness. It was not seeking to do the will of God, but sensual indulgence in musical worship – seeking a pleasant feeling, an emotional high, projecting themselves into a trance-like emotional state or allowing themselves to be projected into it by spiritual forces which they assume are from God. They are unaware that they have been sold a sensual delusion from the devil. Their first love for God’s Truth has been supplanted by a counterfeit which is essentially self-seeking and fleshly.

God sends such people strong delusion (2 Thes 2:11) because their motives are not right. And the charismatic church is full of such self-seeking, self-indulgent, party-going ‘animals’, eager for the latest ‘fix’ from the spirit world. They get a ‘fix’ alright, but it’s not from God. Nor is it part of His holiness.

These ... speak evil of the things they do not understand, and will utterly perish in their own corruption, and will receive the wages of unrighteousness, as those who count it pleasure to carouse [margin, revel] in the daytime. They are spots and blemishes, carousing [margin, revelling] in their own deceptions while they feast with you (2 Peter 2:12-13, NKJV).

This idolatrous revelry was amply demonstrated at Braveheart meetings. It was the antithesis of ‘the beauty of holiness’ which was prophesied to Rick Joyner by Leonard Ravenhill, which he said he would see in Scotland. So, this beauty of holiness is not going to be evident in your set-up without a radical transformation first.

God is giving you an opportunity now – your last one – to show your willingness to change so that you can be part of the coming revival. However, since you rejected the basis of that revival – which is the acceptance of more spiritual truth – first you must reverse that error. I would like to know how you are going to do this.

God had us bring more truth to you in written form, but you dashed it to the ground and cast us out. That was meant to go to all the pastors who were attending Braveheart conference meetings, so that they could examine where their teaching and practice might be in error and in need of reform so that the Spirit of God may come with revival power. Since you sent that truth away and blocked it reaching them, how are you going to offer those publications to them now? Please let me know. We have been willing to provide them at our expense, despite the fact that we have no church backing. We are a family-run ministry, with a home fellowship. God provides for us miraculously, like He did for Elijah.

Some other things you should consider to be in the will of God.

God has shown us many things which you need to address. Here are some of the problems you have to deal with:

Your movement is centred around personalities, not the Person of Jesus. Advertising and brochures promote this. You are creating a personality cult, not a vehicle for true revival.

The authority you wield – which you wielded against us on Saturday when you threw us out – is human authority (Jer 5:31). It is not divine. I came with divine authority, and you resisted me and opposed me. I enclose a book on this subject for you, God’s Church – Whose Authority?

Praise has been reduced to human performance. Principles of True Worship, enclosed, briefly addresses that subject.

Worship has been tarnished by the secular model, until it is now a form of witchcraft. Many worship the music, not Jesus. They give themselves over to the music, as demonic beats and trance inducing mantras are chanted over and over. Many end up in a frenzy, dancing with demons, as they lose control and give themselves over to wild excesses of sensuality and stupidity. Some strut and flap like chickens, others jerk uncontrollably and demonstrate various other demonic manifestations. Who is teaching these people to resist the demons of dance? You are encouraging them to accept a false, sensual, devilish worship that is bringing people back into captivity again. (Jeff Godwin’s book Dancing With Demons is recommended.)

Reverence for God has been turned into rock revelry. Many children of God are being perverted through the promotion of worldly styles which cheapen true quality and beauty.

You proclaim loudly ‘freedom’ in your ‘praise’ songs, but there is no true freedom within your walls because you cast out those who bring it. Spiritual freedom only comes through the acceptance of Jesus’ truth centred on the law of freedom (James 1:25), which you have yet to fully recognise.

The girl who was the main worship leader was too spiritually immature to be in such a position. She was not discerning between God’s Spirit and the spirits of demons. She was giving herself over to demonic spirits in the ‘worship’, sometimes writhing like a snake and hissing. There were few restraints on the fleshly impulses in the music. She became taken over at times by demons. Possessed! Moreover, she became the centre of attention for the camera’s focus much of the time, which was wrong. If she is attention-seeking (I don’t know, I am merely suggesting it in case it is a possibility) she should not be on stage.

Furthermore, camera-work should not focus on the individuals on stage, or people end up looking to other individuals (who are invariably good musicians, but spiritually immature) instead of to Jesus, who should be the Invisible One worshipped. It was noticeable that when the girl singer went into a trance (unrecognised as a demonic trance!) the camera would zoom in on her. Thus, the video work is emphasising wrong images which people then look up to. By this, you are creating a monster. It is not much different from the world’s idolatrous pop culture where the camera has elevated singers (often of low moral standard) and made them idols, promoting the spread of degenerate moral and social behaviour. The Church is allowing itself to be subtly corrupted by the same satanic influences.

Worship has degenerated to become party-time. Many people attend such ‘conferences’ because that’s what they want. They are physical, sensual, devoid of God’s Spirit. True worship is of the heart, not so much in the physical – although at times it can be very outwardly demonstrative, but it is not that way as a rule. The highest form of worship is the sacrifice of the human spirit to God in a lifestyle of total obedience. But the charismatic church has rejected aspects of this obedience, so it has yet to discover the fullness of true worship and revival. Our book Testing The Spirits (enclosed) elucidates this tricky subject.

Worship should never be reduced to merely times of self-indulgence, seeking an emotional experience, fun and frolicking. As Peter warned of: those who count it pleasure to carouse [margin, revel] in the daytime. They are spots and blemishes, carousing [margin, revelling] in their own deceptions while they feast with you (2 Peter 2:13, NKJV). Your teaching and practice is encouraging and even enticing unstable souls (2 Pet 2:14). ...they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through [spiritual] lewdness, the ones who are barely escaping [young immature believers] from those who live in error [worldly pop stars] (2 Pet 2:18). While they [you] promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of depravity; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage (2 Pet 2:19).

You are bringing people into bondage again to demonic spirits!

The widespread incorporation and reliance upon slogans is a substitute for real depth of spiritual teaching. Such use of slogans gives a false sense of security.

The leaders of this movement are subtly taking the glory for themselves. They are not even aware of it. They cannot see that they are causing themselves to be elevated and stealing the limelight from Jesus.

Many of the men featured on the ‘God’ Channel love human approbation. They are good preachers but they are lacking several vital elements of true doctrine. These men do not accept the whole teaching or counsel of God, and so they are drawing away disciples of Christ after themselves, not after Christ. Few under- stand how spiritually crippling this is, and how subtly it transpires in the body of Christ. Paul warned of it:

For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God. Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers [not overlords!], to shepherd [not rule!] the church of God which He purchased with His own blood. For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves (Acts 20:27-30, NKJV).

More about this travesty is explained in Apostasy in God’s Church! (enclosed.)

There are evangelists clamouring to get on ‘God’ Channel to further their own agenda and to promote themselves. Some think they are the centre of revival, and like you, their pride and self-elevation will exclude them from much of the real action when it arrives. They will play a small part, because God allows them to in His grace – not for their sakes, but for His sake and for the sake of those whom He is calling whom they will reach with the gospel.

Propaganda that venerates man, or movements of men, or the achievements of men, is despicable to God. There is enough to view in and on the ‘God’ Channel.

Where the House of God is built on human foundations – on the personalities and achievements of men – it is built on shifting sands. When the storm comes, what was built will fall.

The men of God whom you lift up through your medium of TV, how much are they men of God? 80%? 60%? 50%? or 20%? How much is the Spirit of God living in them? And how much are their actions, behaviour and teachings influenced by demon spirits?

God tells the rebellious that they will not prosper.

On the Saturday morning, before we arrived to put up our small table offering some items of literature FREE for anyone who wanted them, God gave my wife Psalm 66. By opposing what God had us do, you made yourselves enemies of Him. He says in Psalm 66:3 that He will make His enemies submit to Him through the greatness of His power. That power will be seen when He resurrects the dead, as we have prophesied for eight years (first addressed in publications we wrote in 1993).

Come and see the works of God; He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men (Ps 66:5). Do not let the rebellious exalt themselves (66:7, NKJV).

Your exaltation and rebellion is known to God and to the prophets He has sent to you.

For You, O God, have tested us... You have caused men to ride over our heads (66:12).

You fulfilled that well. But You brought us out to rich fulfilment (66:12).

You should consider: If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear (66:18).

God wants you to turn, so that He can bless you.

After you refused to listen to us, and we left, God spoke to us again. He gave Ezekiel 13 to my wife and Psalm 9 to me. Ezek 13 is an indictment to the ‘prophets’ who prophesy out of their own minds (13:2). They are foolish prophets, who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing! (13:3.) God identifies who you represent. It is not Him. You represent yourselves (and by virtue of your own rebellious self-will, Satan). You have seen a futile vision and claim to prophesy for God, but you don’t (13:7). God’s hand is against you (13:8), because you ‘divine’ lies (13:9). You whitewash the wall to paint a good impression in the sight of others, seducing them (13:10).

If you do not turn around, God says to you:

Therefore thus says the Lord God: ‘I will cause a stormy wind to break forth in My fury; and there shall be a flooding rain in My anger, and great hailstones in fury to consume it. So I will break down the wall you have plastered [whitewashed] and bring it down to the ground, so that its foundation will be uncovered; it will fall and you shall be consumed in the midst of it. Then you shall know that I am the Lord.’ (Ezek 13:13-14.)

You are lying to God’s people, and you force God’s people to listen to lies (13:19). God will deliver His people out of your hand (13:21) through the events that are coming. But He gives you this chance to turn and not be destroyed utterly.

Psalm 9 predicts the fall of all the wicked who stand in the way of what God is doing by His Spirit. In the net which you spread for others, you shall be caught (9:15).

Rick Joyner prophesies.

Rick Joyner did not realise that he was addressing from the platform some of the issues which God was presenting to you at Edinburgh, behind the scenes.

He mentioned Laodicea, who is lukewarm because she thinks she has all she needs and doesn’t want input from others outside her door. But those others represent Jesus; He is knocking and wants to come in more fully. He sends His prophets.

Rick said that he recognises that his ministry is only one of many prophetic streams; that the body must accept and learn from the others also. But you don’t open your doors to the others because you don’t recognise them.

He mentioned the beauty of God’s holiness. But that beauty is (at a very basic level) summarised in His written commandments. Most evangelists’ teachings, including yours, do not sufficiently emphasise the basic essentials of obedience to God’s commandments.

Rick Joyner alluded to the goodness and severity of God (Rom 11:22). Goodness to those who continue in His will, but severity to those who reject it. You are dull of hearing, not considering that such a negative message could apply to you. You are unaware that God’s severity is about to be shown to you. It is no coincidence that the reference is 11, 22. Eleven depicts God’s inspired writings, as well as a negative symbolism – that of disorder, imperfection and disintegration (see Bullinger quoted on page 4 of AA 7-5 enclosed).

I passed on to Rick Joyner a copy of our publication The Imminent Fall of America which contains copious prophecies about America’s soon collapse within two years, at the hands of aggressor nations such as Red China. Rick was not aware of this. His teaching and prophetic input is inadequate and incomplete.

God gives dreams about Rick Joyner and his worship leader.

My wife was given a dream of Rick Joyner’s mentality and theological appreciation on the night of 6th October, while we attended your conference. God portrayed him with a mechanism in his head which was twisted up and which needed straightening out. His focus was misdirected and had to be adjusted or redirected into another position. God is portraying the need for him and you, and others of the same ilk, to have their theological concepts radically revised, because at the moment they are twisted and unbalanced. They need correction and further understanding on prophecies and matters to do with properly understanding God’s Word. God gave it to us because He has given us the teaching that could straighten out such wrong theology.

In another dream on 6th October, my wife Helena was shown the female lead singer in his band. She was bound up by demonic influences. The singer behaved like a witch, leading people into worship of demons. This confirmed our own firsthand observations on 5th October.

God reveals in a dream what will happen to your ministry and ours.

On 5th October, after the dream about the large wild white horse running rampant, Helena was also given this dream: "I was next to a woman who was asleep. The handbag with money it was next to the sleeping woman (the Church). I realised I had to secure the money and took the handbag to keep it safe." Meaning: God is releasing money to get the job done. The church which is asleep will lose it.

Vision of your set-up.

In this vision, given on 6th October 2001, my wife saw a woman’s face who had demonic bondages and a beam was in her mouth.

God is depicting your movement, ‘God’ Digital. It is full of hype and hypocrisy, human performance and presentation. It is seriously hampered from preaching the truth of God, as severely as a person trying to speak with a huge lump of wood stuck in their mouth!

When Jesus condemned religious people in His day, He warned them that they were like a person trying to find a minor fault with another – which was likened to a small speck – while they had a huge beam in their own eye (Matt 7:3).

Likewise, God is showing in this vision that your fault- finding and criticism of us is useless while you have a lump of wood stuck in your mouth.

God called Rory and Wendy Alec to...

God called Rory and Wendy Alec to begin this movement and opened the door. But what God opens, He also shuts when it fails to serve its correct purpose (Rev 3:7). I am come to you to tell you that it will not be long before God will close down ‘God’ Digital.... unless, of course, you do the unimaginable and incorporate the things which He has had me bring to you in our publications and here in this letter.

God is giving you a chance to be part of the nation-reaching spiritual revival just around the corner. It’s up to you whether you accept the way to be a part of it, or whether you will continue to block it.

I wish you well.

Sincerely, in His love,


That letter was ignored. The issues were not addressed. Men want to retain control of the ‘movement’. But by so doing, they shut Jesus outside their doors while they continue blithely on, thinking they are bringing Him glory!

When God gives me a letter of this nature to write, invariably I find that the number of words in the final draft are significant. This letter contained 4836 words, and 27,261 characters.

4836 = 22 x 3 x 13 x 31.

2 depicts certainty; 3, finality, 13, the working of Satan or against Satan, and 31 is the value of El, Hebrew for ‘God’.

27,261 = 9 x 13 x [(10 x 10) + 133].

9 depicts judgement; 13, Satan; 10, mankind (as opposed to God), and 133 is the Psalm about how wonderful when brethren dwell together in unity.

We certainly didn’t find much unity with God Channel!

Another Dream Confirms Their Fate

God gave another dream to me on 13th October about the ‘God Digital’ set-up and what will happen to them because of their failure to repent. This is what God gave me:

In one corner of our large shed, there was a shallow pool of muddy water. There were some fish thrashing around in this. There was a large goldfish and several smaller more ordinary-looking brown fish. I scooped up the large goldfish out of the pool and left it to die on the ground. The thought occurred to me that we could eat it; it was big enough.

The large goldfish represents the ‘God’ Channel whom we have just witnessed to. Aptly, Jesus portrays them thrashing around in a shallow pool of muddy water which depicts the unclean- ness from which they should come out. But they don’t want to. They want to stay where they are, continuing on in their blindness.

They are not alone in their wilful myopia. It is common in institutions or evangelical organisations which begin to enjoy some physical ‘success’ for their efforts. However, if it is not built upon the Rock, it will all be thrown down one day.

Malcolm B Heap 

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