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Meet Me At Midnight

At midnight the Lord struck... (Exodus 12:29).27:52).


Midnight is a symbol of judgement – God’s judgement! It was at midnight that God killed the Egyptians’ firstborn as punishment for refusing to submit to God’s will (Exodus 12:29). The Egyptian ruler was drunk on his power. He thought he was a god. His arrogance was abruptly crushed!

When Lukas Ogada in Kenya boasted that he could do any amount of evil against us because of the wealth and power he holds, I told him to meet me at midnight on Mount Carmel. The gangs of thugs he sent on his murderous missions created mayhem for faithful believers in Kenya, but God took those thugs’ lives.

When Ogada again threatened to attack God’s faithful ones in June 2014, I had to remind Ogada:

“1. You ought to remember what happened to Adrian Jaoko and the Arab Abdul Kaliff Omar. Bolted by lightning and burned to death, when they tried attacking Fatimah's place.

“2. And Opiyo's family – son burned to death; wife struck dead; and Opiyo pleading for mercy from me when God burned him with hot coal supernaturally till he was dead. A horrible way to go.

“3. And there was Paul Orongo, who died when his eyes were burned with hot coals supernaturally.

“4. Then there was Bita Anjialo who was swallowed up alive by the earth.

“5. And the other four – Omundu Mlala, Paul Otuoma, Azibe Okebe and Rama Salim – who were smothered by mud, buried alive!

“6. Then there was the army of 50 who came against Elijah, and he dismissed them with a fireball from God in one sentence! (2 Kings 1.) You've got a bit of a short memory, haven't you?!

“7. Send them again, and I look forward to hearing the report of their demise, too. For when the holy books are opened against them, they will receive no mercy because they show no mercy. MBH”

Proud Pharaoh didn’t heed what Moses said. Proud queen Jezebel didn’t heed what Elijah said. I didn’t expect proud Ogada to heed what we said, either. Wicked people never change.

When an angel appeared to Richard Opiyo in a dream and told him to lay on MM literature and trust God to heal him, he was willing to do that, because he was so desperate to be healed of his paralysis. After three days God healed him. He was overjoyed! He had been paralysed from the waist down for 3 years!

That was in 2008. But the miracle didn’t change him as a person. He soon drifted away from us when he didn’t get what he wanted. He wanted money more than God in his life. It claims many victims (1 Tim 6:10).

Six years later he was part of Ogada’s network, organising hit squads to target other recipients of MM literature. He burned down John Ongoro’s home and terrorised other believers. Some gratitude to God!

I warned him of his behaviour, but because the wicked serve themselves, their moral conscience is deficient. They end up committing the unpardonable sin. He met me at midnight. God wiped out his family.

Then there was Charles Osutwa. When he first received MM literature several years ago, he saw the value in the booklet God Speaks To The WCG. It really reached him. God was speaking to him through that. Then God gave him a dream and told him to translate that booklet.

Why did God ask him to do that? For the benefit of others and to test his obedience. But he was self-centred. He only thought of himself. He wanted money for his services. When he didn’t get it from me, he gave up. The booklet was not finished. If God’s truth had been more valuable to him than money, he would have stuck to the task and done what God asked of him. Instead he fell away. Several years later he had no conscience about attacking MM readers and pillaging their homes! It cost us dearly!

He went to steal a solar panel from Fatimah’s roof. She related:

...the angels at midnight alerted us to keep us awake till the gang arrived. [They were also briefed on how to hold up like a shield and a sword MM’s booklet on Faith. The result was that...] The first to cross into our compound was electrocuted and died. The remaining took the dead body into their car and fled...

I warned Charles Osutwa that God would take his life if he didn't make amends for his evildoing. He mocked for a few days... until his wife died and his family all started suffering a mystery disease. Then he came pleading with me to spare his life and forgive him for the ruin he had caused. I told him that he could have my forgiveness IF he did the following:

1. Returned the solar panel.

2. Gave £1000 compensation for all the damage and loss that he and the gang caused us.

3. And desisted from any further attacks against people who associate with MM in Kenya.

He only returned the panel, but it was damaged and useless. He didn’t try to repair it and get it working again. He was only out to save his own neck. There was no true repentance; no genuine attempt to make restitution. God took his life in a road crash.

Ogada threatened me when God struck his wife with a mystery illness:

15th June 2014. 7:45.

If my wife die Malcolm, i will also burn the entire home of fatmah, my wife has been found without any infection at the hospital so i conclude it is you who is planning to kill her. You sent Osutwa and stoll the solar and in the proccess you organized an accident and killed him. That is his pannishment for stealing from me. To me you cant succed in killing me how you killed my son Sila. 

His mind is totally deranged, possessed by Satan and full of bitterness and revenge. He falsely accuses, blaming me for all his curses.

Next on the list was Vincent Awidhi. I told him:

15th June 2014. 11:27. I warned Charles Osutwa ...he didn't fulfil all that God asked of him, so he is now dead. Awidhi, you are now next. (Take note, Ogada!) God gives you now the chance to put right the wrongs you have committed. God will take your life if you don't restore and compensate us for the damage you and your gang of thugs have caused MM in Kenya.

Osutwa was asked for £1,000. The price you must find is £6,000, and that's cheap for what you have done! The damage you have caused to us has been far more than that. It has cost us much, much more than that, but you wouldn't be able to find the entire cost, so I am being merciful with you, though you deserve no mercy. You have shown no mercy. But here is your chance to start learning about mercy. It begins here... if you are willing to learn. You can borrow that money from Lukas. He's got plenty of dosh. When you have got it ready, let me know.

Also, if you want us to spare your life, get on your knees before the Almighty God and confess your sins to Him, and determine to turn your life around and commit no evil from now on. If you mean it, ask for His forgiveness, and then compensate your victims for the harm you have inflicted upon them. Otherwise you are a dead man.

By His authority. MBH

PS. And by the way, Ogada, you have gloated in seeing MM faithfuls in Kenya harmed or eliminated (where God allowed it), now you will pay the price of what you have done by seeing your gang harmed or eliminated one by one, till you are left alone and powerless. It is not me doing it. It is Almighty God – who is not mocked, "for what a man sows he will reap" (Galatians 6:7).

Meet me at Midnight on Mount Carmel.  MBH

To cut a long story short I had told Vincent Awidhi earlier:

If you don't expect your evildoings to return to you in an equal measure, you are out of touch with reality. Like I said, your time of doom is approaching, because you refuse to give up your wickedness.

Return Mark’s jacket, his phone, his shoes, and all the other belongings you have stolen from him, and compensate him for the attacks you mounted on his life, instead of breathing out further threats of violent retaliation, or I will call down fire from heaven upon you. Meet me at midnight, thug! MBH

God dealt with Awidhi. His children died at midnight on 26th July. His wife left him, and Awidhi died shortly afterwards, because on 27th July Mark prophesied that Awidhi would soon die and we got no more threatening e-mails from Awidhi.

In June 2014, Lukas Ogada went to Uganda to meet Joseph Kony, the rebel leader of the so-called “Lord’s Resistance Army” in Uganda who commands hundreds of gunmen, terrorising and slaughtering. Ogada engaged the services of Kony to capture Paul and Christine in Uganda.

On the 18th June, Ogada wrote an e-mail to me demanding £12,000 or he would kill Christine and Paul. I told him: “...Our God is able to release anyone from your clutches, you evil Mafia boss...” And God did. The six gunmen holding them hostage were struck dead at midnight on 20th June, and an angel took Christine and Paul home to safety that night. (Full account on pp 73-79.) I heard later that more of Kony’s gunmen were killed by God, as many as 20. But more of God’s judgement was still to fall.

Ogada wouldn’t give up trying to destroy MM.

Then in a dream on 23rd June, John saw: Heap it double – double! He said: These are the words I saw written clearly in the sky above. I saw you and your family lifted heavenwards, towards the writings. (See p 77.)

I wrote to Ogada on 24th June:

...I told you that you need better weapons. Even tanks and artillery aren't enough to defeat us, because it's not us you are fighting. It's GOD ALMIGHTY!!

Are you ready to declare that OUR GOD IS GREAT!!?? Yeah? No, not you, because you're a liar, a deceiver and a fraud, and you don't believe...

Come on then, next round! Who are you going to try and attack next? We're waiting for you.

...From the information we have received, the number of your evil gang whom God has now killed is 26... [Plus Kony’s men, which may have been 29.]

But Ogada mounted further attacks! God told Mark in a dream that He would perform a miracle against Lukas. He also gave Paul this dream:

31st July 2014. Lukas was lamenting and cursing MM for his loss. I saw him crying in the street, and a huge sum of money was flying high above carried away by the wind [of the Spirit!]. Lukas was trying to hold it but he could not; he was crying in great pain as he said that all he has has gone.

Later on that same day, 31st July, Lukas suddenly wrote to me:

“My money! You have succeded in destroying my life. All my money 6,000,000kshs have been frauded and i know you have a hand because you fought to see me bankrupt. My money Malcolm, you have destroyed my life, all i have worked for all these years. My money you and your people have stollen, i cry for my money not yours that you people have taken, refund my money, i have accept that you have won but return my money. That is all i have worked for all my life. Please return my money... My doughter has turned mad, what do you want in my life to do all this to me. Return my money.”

Of course, I had nothing to do with his money disappearing. Ogada received as he gave! It is a biblical principle (Ps 7:15; 57:6; Lk 6:38).

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