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David Hathaway
Man of God? Or Tearaway?

Many men have gone out into the harvestfields, but with wrong motivation and a compromised agenda. Not until their work begins to mature, can you see what drives them. Often it's ambition, not altruism.

What would you expect to find in a magazine with the title Prophetic Vision; would you expect it to contain prophetic dreams and visions from God?

I would.

God is explicit in His Word that He speaks to His prophets through dreams and visions (Num 12:6). He provides the prophetic vision to take the Church forward. And, I know Numbers 12:6 is by no means an empty statement, because we have a dream diary containing hundreds of dreams, as does Kassahun Ayele in Ethiopia, who is also a prophet. Almost every day God speaks in this way.

If David Hathaway is a prophet, as he claims by strong inference from the title of his magazine, where are his dreams from God, giving guidance for the Church? Where is the ‘cry’ for reform? – which is a call to the Church to reform, not to the unconverted!

As we have explained in our publications, Listening To God, Prophets and Prophesying, and Dreams and Visions From God, God has certainly not ceased to provide such prophetic guidance. But when you read David Hathaway’s Prophetic Vision, you are hard-pressed to find any prophetic guidance. You see a lot of self-promotion. You see a lot of testimony of God’s miracles of healing as he reaches out to Russia and other parts of the former Soviet ‘empire’ taking some of the Word of God and knowledge of Jesus.

Notice I said “some of...”, because it is by no means as much as he could take to them. I wrote to him several letters – my correspondence to him began over ten years ago, in 1995 – and I challenged him with further truth, but he arrogantly dismissed all of it! He received no correction or redirection whatsoever!

If you care to read Apostasy In God’s Church! you will see that such a trait is satanic; it is evidence of a false minister. Those who lack humility refuse to be corrected, nor can God redirect them!

David Hathaway is not the only one who has got lifted up by what God has done through him. Many ‘great’ preachers have done much, reached many thousands or even millions with the gospel of Jesus (their imperfect rendition of it), seen the power of God back them up (for the sake of the people and God’s name), only to later fail and be thrown aside.

You MUST Test The Spirits!

Most Christians would think that the miracles which God performs at David Hathaway’s meetings authenticate him as a man of God. “He couldn’t be a false minister,” people say, “look at all the miracles and healings! Look at the numbers who attend!”

If that is your view, please consider deeper:

1) Miracles, healings, deliverances, etc.

You have to understand that, while God does many miracles of healing, deliverance and restoration in people’s lives, such by itself is not divine affirmation of the vehicle God is using to preach. God uses many men in the harvest field who will not be saved.

David Hathaway has been used by Jesus, yes. But Jesus warned:

Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognise them... (Matt 7:15,16, NIV).

The problem is, people don’t watch out! Most Christians are not taught HOW to watch out; how to discern. You are commanded:

Test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world (1 Jn 4:1, NIV).

But you are simply not taught HOW to test the spirits, are you? Do you know how to discern the fruit of a man’s life or work, to see whether he is a false minister or not? Most aren’t!

Why not? Because most men in positions of leadership hold such positions in power OVER the people, and do not want those people questioning them or challenging their position.

In fact, it is unbiblical for a minister to exert a hierarchic position OVER others in the flock, but this is not taught either! Why not? Because Satan is very much in control in most churches, even the Spirit-led ones! All the big name evangelists have no idea how unbiblical the present system of authority is in the Church, and how it protects false ministers and lets Satan do his dastardly work! This truth is expounded in MM’s book God’s Church – Whose Authority? It is shocking to most Christians to find out the real truth!

Jesus revealed the shocking reality that a lot of men (and some women) who have gone preaching in His name (see Matt 24:4,5 – He foretold it) have done so with ulterior motives and so were not saved:

Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, lord,’ will enter the Kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven. MANY will say to Me on that Day, ‘Lord, lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from Me, you evildoers!’ (Matt 7:21-23 NIV.)

Thus, by their fruit you will recognise them (Matt 7:20, NIV).


Fruit is not gifting – what Jesus does through His Spirit for others, for the sake of His name. Jesus will heal many people at evangelistic meetings, where people exercise the smallest of seeds of faith, because of their need. Where there is desperation and some faith, Jesus heals.

These works of God’s Spirit are not because of the righteousness or spiritual stature of the man ‘officiating’. They are because of the GRACE of God and the love of Jesus! Who should get the credit? Who should get elevated? Who should get the glory?

Jesus, of course. God, not man!

But, in his magazine, David Hathaway prints pages of photos of people who have been healed by God at his meetings. You may think it’s to give God the glory, but actually a very subtle transfer is taking place, which has caused David Hathaway to get lifted up. He’s the ‘big evangelist’ now... “Because, well, just look at all the power he can obtain from God!” Is that what you think? It’s what many unwittingly come to accept... mostly without thinking!

Jesus said, “watch out...” and most people are not watching out. John said, “Beware; test the spirits!” And most people don’t beware, nor test the spirits.

I’m not saying the miracles are not of God. They most definitely are performed by God, in the name of Jesus! But what is the result? That’s part of what Jesus meant by ‘fruit’. Who is getting lifted up?

To whom are people looking? That is another ‘fruit’. Are they taught to look to Jesus as their mentor or to David Hathaway? This is subtle.

Another fruit: whom is their trust being placed in? Is it in Jesus? Or is in David Hathaway?

When Smith Wigglesworth was ready to depart at a ripe old age, he lamented bitterly the fact that so many people still didn’t look to Jesus after all that he had preached to them. Instead they were looking to him – to Smith Wigglesworth. He nearly felt a failure because of their transference of loyalties!

Why were they looking in the wrong place? It wasn’t because Wigglesworth had taught them wrongly. It was an automatic response in the people, who, without thinking, were being drawn away by the sheep instinct that the devil can so easily manipulate to his advantage.

People like to be impressed by other people whom they look up to. They want to follow people. And, if they are not taught to beware this failing, God’s Work is compromised. Such transference of loyalties is so subtle, and most preachers are so shallow, that this is overlooked and ignored. But it will fell many Christians. Their faith will be undermined in days to come.

Also, the fruit to which Jesus referred is the spiritual fruit of the person’s life.

Now, you may look at David Hathaway and think that he’s a good man of God. He doesn’t swear, take God’s name in vain (at least, he doesn’t seem to do that...), commit adultery (not in the flesh, but what about in the spirit?) or live a hedonistic lifestyle. No.

But look deeper. The problem with this is, most of those who highly respect him can’t see deeper, unless and until they can challenge him according to the lead of the Spirit, and most of them are not far enough ahead spiritually to be able to do that. And also, Satan has deceived most of the Church with the false notion that it is wrong to ‘judge’ or criticise such men. They don’t understand that we ARE to judge in the Church (1 Cor 5:12). That is what it means by testing the spirits (1 Jn 4:1). You are weighing up people’s inner motives. You have to perceive motives. (Explained more in MM publications on these issues.)

From your vantage point, you are not able to do that because only God can look into the heart. So He must give you spiritual discernment. I have had contact with him and his secretary, and his response was very revealing – which I will come to shortly. First, though, let’s consider one other point.

2) Numbers.

People think numbers are fruit. They are not in the important spiritual sense – merely physical fruit.

If an evangelist reaches thousands of people, does that make him more a man of God than some- one who only reaches 10 in his life? No. Zechariah the prophet wrote:

Who despises the day of small things? (Zech 4:10, NIV).

This was in the context of the pivotal principle about how God works:

Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord Almighty (Zech 4:6, NIV).

You have probably heard about the massive outreach of Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry, which has laboured in the harvest fields of Africa for decades, well, God spoke to me about the numbers whom Reinhard has reached – multiple millions! – and what God thinks about that. Humanly, we tend to be impressed. But God is not! He said:

A preacher's success is not rated by the number of people he reaches, but by the depth of repentance he teaches.

Remember that Jesus warned about being widely accepted, about getting acclaim:

Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets (Luke 6:26).

True prophets simply don’t get much acclaim from men. Their reward is in heaven. Their message is unpopular, unwanted, spurned and rejected. They are opposed, vilified, falsely accused... and you could add many more negative descriptions to the list!

Correspondence With David Hathaway

I will share with you here some of the letters which I wrote to David Hathaway from my first contact with him in 1995.

Letter 1. 22nd December 1995

Dear David,

I was given a copy of your journal Prophetic Vision Vol 1, No 1, and was most interested to read its contents.

On page 13 you briefly refer to the parable of the ten virgins of Matthew 25 and ask the question, “Does this mean that half the Church is asleep, powerless and unprepared for the return of Christ?”

You didn’t answer your rhetorical question there. May I shed more light on the matter for you? In answer to the question “Is half the Church asleep?” The answer is NO. The whole Church is asleep! That may be shocking but verse 5 shows it to be true.

The foolishness of 5 of the virgins – half the Church, as you rightly say – is in their failure to accept the oil of the Spirit. Too many Christians shut out the guidance of the Spirit and revert to convenient ritualism. It is painful to follow the Spirit’s lead. Many things in our lives must be changed. Half the Church will not accept what it must accept for it to be part of the revival now underway and about to come to a climax. More is explained in The Ten Virgins in the enclosed journal. I hope you find it enlightening. I have also enclosed some other more recent copies of our journal for you. In the cover article I explain a vision we have been given about people being raised from the dead which we feel God will use to project the gospel into national prominence in this country as part of the end-time witness just ahead.

You are right that time is short for Russia. How long is left to reach it with the gospel, we don’t know. But we must all work while it is daylight. The night comes when no man can work.

May God continue to bless your efforts.

I did not receive any response to my letter. Why? There could be any number of reasons.

However, if you consider yourself something; if you think you are more important than the person writing; if you regard yourself as a high and mighty evangelist who has all the truth you need, you don’t take serious notice of the ‘unaccomplished’, unrecognised ‘new boy’ on the scene. So it is not difficult to ignore him, especially if he shows up your ignorance. Arrogant people resent being corrected more than anything. They want pre-eminence for themselves.

At that time, I didn’t know why David Hathaway failed to reply. I drew no conclusions and put it down to a busy schedule. But, with hindsight, he could have acknowledged what I sent. That was the least he could have done if he didn’t have time to reply in more detail.

God revealed later that he IS arrogant. The arrogant will not be saved. Only the humble will make it into the Kingdom of God (Matt 18:3).

In March 1996, we were moved to go to one of his publicising and fund-raising meetings. Afterwards I was moved by the Spirit to write to him again:

Letter 2. 23rd March 1996

Dear David,

We attended your 3pm meeting in Birmingham today, and I praise God for the work He has done through you in Russia and Siberia. [It’s a pity he can’t reciprocate.]

We pray that God continues to mightily bless your efforts.

May I raise with you a couple of issues concerning your prophetic interpretation from your message this afternoon? There was not time to do so after your sermon...

In your message you said that you felt the tribulation is past and that it was basically fulfilled in the Jewish tragedies [of the holocaust in the Second World War]. You used Daniel 12 and Matthew 24 for your explanation. But Revelation 6 would have helped put everything into better perspective.

There, it is plain that the persecution is against true Christians (Rev 6:9-11). It is not primarily against the Jews. The events in symbolism in Revelation 6 closely parallel those Jesus describes in Matthew 24. Jesus was talking to the disciples, not to the unbelieving Jews (Matt 24:4). By extension, He is talking to us, His disciples today.

...Jesus said the suffering and horror [of the tribulation] will be unequalled in the history of the world (Matt 24:21). The crisis will be universal, not just involving the Jews, because He predicted that unless those days are shortened no-one would survive (Matt 24:22).

We have not yet seen that time. It is still ahead of us.

Then, we are told that IMMEDIATELY AFTER the distress which is ahead of the Church, the heavenly signs will occur (Matt 24:29). I believe it is possible to derive from Bible prophecy a time span of 3½ years for the tribulation, but that is a larger study. Immediately after that period of time ends, the sun and moon will be darkened (probably because of the dust that will fill the atmosphere from nuclear and conventional weapons of destruction). Joel mentions that the moon will become like blood (Joel 2:31).

We have not seen these signs yet. When they occur they will be a universal witness. All nations will see them. The sighting of UFOs or other localised events, or the observation of man-made objects like satellites, rockets, etc. are not the heavenly signs. [Such comments from him show his ignorance of this part of the Bible, and his unwillingness to accept the real truth of what it means. So he tries with human reason to find a human explanation. His lack of understanding is rooted in a fundamental failure which Psalm 111:10 reveals.] The Bible tells us what those signs are, and they have not happened yet.

I hope you find this input helpful...

Obviously, he didn’t find my comments helpful, but irksome, and his response showed it. His reply was disparaging and contemptuous. He arrogantly dismissed all I wrote, claiming spiritual seniority and superior understanding because of his longstanding as a Pentecostal minister (I think he said, for 30 years) and because of his father’s before him.

He simply wasn’t open to any correction. He merely used his elevated position as justification for rejecting what I wrote. Anyone with the Spirit can see that what I wrote was sound and biblical – unlike his highly speculative and misguided remarks.

He wasn’t feeding the Church. He was misleading it. Those who mislead should be exposed (2 Pet 2:1-3; Eph 5:13; 1 Tim 5:20; Rom 16:17).

David Hathaway Did Not Want Further Truth

When someone resists and rejects new truth presented to them, they push Jesus out of their lives and allow other spirits to take over. The transition does not happen all at once. To the extent you let Jesus live in you by His Spirit, is the extent to which He can influence you. You must always be humble and pliable in His hands, open to correction and change. It is always dangerous to oppose a bringer of truth, because you oppose the One who sends him.

See that you do not refuse Him who speaks. For if they did not escape who refused Him who spoke on earth, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven (Heb 12:25).

Jesus still speaks through His prophets today just as in the past (Eph 4:11; Heb 13:8).

Whenever God sends a prophet to another believer with a message for them from Him, if the recipient rejects or refuses that message he rejects and refuses God. He will be held accountable. That is why on the Last Day, MANY preachers will protest to Jesus, “Lord! Lord! Have we not prophesied in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?” (Matt 7:22), as He rejects and refuses them.

In David Hathaway’s case, he has shut Jesus inside a box in his head. This is what God revealed to Helena in a dream (see later). David has limited Jesus. He doesn’t want more of Him or more of His truth. He’s got all he wants. He resents others like me, who come to bring him further truth and show up his lacks and errors in spiritual understanding.

Such a one is in the process of turning away from Jesus, denying Him (2 Pet 2:1-3), and doing what Laodicea was condemned for (Rev 3:17-20).

Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away (Heb 2:1).

Either we are with Jesus 100%, willing to be corrected and change in any area, or we are using Him for our own selfish ends, and are in fact against Him (Matt 12:30). I wrote to David Hathaway again:

Letter 3. 7th April 1996

Dear David,

Thank you for your letter of 1st April. You are right that little time is left to evangelise in this age before Christ’s return. But... I firmly believe Jesus’ warning in Matthew 24 about the tribulation is future. There is no way it can be past when you consider all that Jesus told us:

1. He said it would be a time UNPRECEDENTED in the world’s history (Matt 24:21).

2. It would be IMMEDIATELY followed by unique astronomical signs (Matt 24:29).

3. It will be accompanied by many being martyred for upholding their faith in Christ (Matt 24:9;  Rev 6:9-11; 12:11).

4. At that time many will fall away from the faith (Matt 24:10).

5. A desolating power will occupy Jerusalem (Matt 24:15; Rev 11:2), from which people will flee (Matt 24:16-20).

6. If those days are not cut short, NO FLESH would be saved alive – NOT JUST JEWS. NO-ONE!! (Matt 24:22.)

7. This time of terrible calamity will last 3½ years (Dan 12:7), during which time there will be a famine of hearing the Word (see Amos 8:11). There will be no freedom to embrace the truth of Christianity (Rev 12:14). The world will, however, hear the message of two witnesses during those 3½ years (Rev 11:3).

Forgive me if you think I am belabouring this point, but it is very important. [He didn’t think so.] If we give people an impression that the troubles are basically over, we will be responsible for having encouraged complacency, which is the antithesis of your [apparent] motivation. We will have failed to prepare people for the physical traumas ahead which will make the holocaust look tame by comparison! When the really great disasters hit in the next few years, and the people of this nation go into captivity and Christian churches are closed unless they accept papal [or state] authority, many will fall away and deny their God.

That is the spectre of the Great Tribulation which looms on the horizon because the majority of people have rejected God and chosen the devil.

Don’t forget you are preaching the gospel for a witness. Jesus preached for a witness to those who rejected His message. That was the majority. So it will be in these end times. Although we will see revival in this country (we have been given prophecies that we – and presumably others also – will raise the dead), the majority will reject our witness and reject their Saviour. It was no different for Jesus or the early disciples. It will be no different this side of the second advent.

One false concept which has led many into error and misunderstanding concerns the identity of the modern descendants of Israel. Most assume the Jews to be Israel. They are not. They represent only a fragment of the descendants of those peoples. Israel was composed of 12 tribes which became 12 more or less distinct national groups. The Jews are descended from basically one tribe (Judah), with others from Levi and part of Benjamin who then comprised the southern kingdom of Judah in the 8th century BC.

The major part of Israel ‘disappeared’ from view in 721 BC. What happened to them? The nation God was dealing with under the Old Covenant! The ten northern tribes were taken captive by Assyria and later migrated into north- west Europe [some had already migrated earlier]. They were prophesied to retain the Word of God, even though they didn’t live up to it (Is 59:21).

After the prophesied punishment of “seven” (Lev 26:18 – see literal translation of the Hebrew) which passed over them for their rebellion, the physical promises of wealth and international greatness given to them as a result of the covenant God made with Abraham were fulfilled (Gen 12:2-3; 17:5-7; 22:15-18). They were to become a great nation and a company of nations (Gen 35:11; 48:19).

Who has become a great nation and a company of nations with the same language, retaining the God of the Bible as their God (Gen 17:7) and the words of God in their mouths (is 59:21), possessing the greatest proportion of the wealth of the earth? (Gen 27:28,29.) The English-speaking peoples, as well as other sister nations of France, the Benelux countries, and Scandinavia, etc. The USA has to be the “great nation” spoken of. The “company of nations” is fulfilled in the British Empire or Commonwealth, comprising mainly Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

To return to the matter of the “seven” – some say “seven times” – punishment to pass over them for breaking the Covenant, this has been suggested to represent a time span of 7 ‘prophetic’ years. If each day represents a year, an approximate length of time elapses of 2520 years (7 x 360) (see Num 14:34; Ezek 4:4-6). 2520 years from 721 BC brings us to  AD 1800. After that time, the British peoples suddenly emerged as the dominant power and opened the way for missionaries to take God’s Word into places that had never seen or heard it before.

Judah, likewise, disobeyed the Covenant. Old Testament prophets predicted their captivity too (e.g. Jer 25). They were invaded 604 BC and began to serve their “seven times” punishment. 2520 years later, in 1917, they were finally granted a territory of their own again. As you have so well described, the modern nation of Israel emerged “in a day” (a very short space of time).

There is a lot of evidence to support the thesis that Israel encompasses North America and most of the northwest democracies of Europe. Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright by Rev J H Allen (Destiny Publishers, 1917) is perhaps the definitive work. There are many other more modern works such as The Tribes and Ephraim both by Yair Davidy (from Brit-Am, PO Box 37161, Jerusalem 9137). Knowing the identity of Israel today is fundamental to understanding [Bible] prophecy.

I enclose some items that should add a little more than I am able to do here. I hope it is helpful.

Sincerely, in His love,
Malcolm B Heap

PS Matthew 25:5 says ALL the virgins fall asleep! This is only one aspect of this slumber.

David Hathaway ignored all this input and did not positively acknowledge a thing! His lack of response is an indication of how little he wanted it.

Humility Must Come First

Do you know what separates those who will be in the Kingdom of God from those who won’t? It is a meek willingness to learn. Truth is more important than your ego. God is more important than you. For the wicked, however, ego comes first, God and His truth second – despite what such people might claim.

Moses was very meek (Num 12:3). He would accept correction (if ever he needed it) from anyone (provided it was right, of course). There was a man, appointed by God as the leader of Israel, a human deliverer and lawgiver, who was a type of Christ! He didn’t need to listen to anyone! But he did. Because that’s the way he was. He didn’t think much of himself. In fact he had such low self-esteem that Aaron had to speak on his behalf at various times.

Jesus, too. He was meek (Matt 11:29; 21:5).

Only the meek will inherit the earth (Matt 5:5) when the Kingdom of God descends here. The David Hathaways, the elevated evangelists or self-important preachers and pontiffs will not be reserved a place!

Pride was the root and core of Satan’s rotten attitude and approach. And all who glory in themselves – even if they have used the name of Jesus as a cover, or who have sincerely thought they were preaching with His approval – will be rejected.

What matters to God is not numbers, not human acclaim, not how many people you have reached with ‘the gospel’, not how many you have seen healed in your meetings, not how much God seems to work on your behalf. All those things count for little in God’s eyes if you are not meek and teachable.

You see the glossy colour magazines that prosperous or large ministries produce. Invariably the human founder has his picture strategically placed in various places so you notice him (or her), painting him in a good light, bolstering his image. The more arrogant the preacher, the more he tends to splash himself in technicolour on the front page or at regular intervals throughout the publication!

David Hathaway’s arrogantly named magazine Prophetic Vision is no exception.

What do we want to see his face for? Aren’t we supposed to be looking to see Jesus’ face? (I’m not suggesting that a likeness of Jesus is put there. That is wrong, too, particularly because we don’t know what Jesus looked like.) But to induce people to elevate you more than Christ is blasphemous.

Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after themselves (Acts 20:30).

The word ‘perverse’ has an alternative meaning: misleading.

David Hathaway preaches misleading things, some of which have been mentioned already, with more to follow. He doesn’t do as Paul did:

For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27).

David Hathaway draws back from giving you the whole truth of God. Nor does he want it. I sent him further truth and he rejected it because he is not humble enough to receive it. (More on that later.)

I was willing to share with him, but he was not willing to run with me. Darkness does not want light!

Didn’t Like Being Challenged

Although David Hathaway was not willing to enter into dialogue with me – other than briefly at first, before he realised that I was coming to give him further truth and to challenge his present position – I continued to treat him like a brother, and to offer helpful input from time to time.

Letter 4. 23rd February 1998

Dear David,

Thank you for your latest Prophetic Vision and for all your diligent effort in evangelism.

In Prophetic Vision you state that there is no Bible prophecy relating to the United States of America. Actually, there is. It is in Isaiah 18, in cryptic symbolism. I learned this from the late Bertrand L Comparet, and in the enclosed Awake! Awake! journal I have reproduced his short article on page 16. [Currently in Articles of Faith, Vol 3 (£5.00).]

There are also other references to America in Bible prophecy, not by name of course, and not specifically, but inclusively with other descendants of Israelite peoples. It is demonstrable that the English-speaking peoples (and certain NW European ethnic groups) have descended from Israelite tribes. I have quite a bit of information on this (and it can be obtained from the Covenant Publishing Co...[1]). It is these [Anglo-Saxon or Israelite] people who have been responsible for 95% of evangelism in the world. They are the ones whom God has used for centuries to promote the gospel, send out missionaries, etc. – part of God’s original ‘nation of priests’ (Israel), unknown to them, but nonetheless descendants of the original “twelve tribes”. A few snippets of this information are in the enclosed journal.

Such reality does not detract from the Jews’ place in history and prophecy, but the Jews became separated from the other tribes after the Northern Kingdom of Israel was taken captive by Assyria in c. 720 BC, hence the separation in identity.

I hope you find something of interest here. You may like to include some of it in your next PV [Prophetic Vision]. There’s no copyright on any of my stuff, so if you want to reproduce it, go ahead. The only proviso is that it is not changed and that credit is given.

May God continue to bless your good efforts!

Sincerely in Jesus’ service,

There was no acknowledgement from him, nor did he include in his magazine any of what I brought to his attention. People who don’t want to modify their views – because they are either arrogant, self-willed, self-satisfied, complacent, and don’t love truth above all else – ignore such issues that are ‘uncomfortable’.

The fact that he consistently ignored my input and didn’t reply tells a massive story in itself. I didn’t draw conclusions, however, until later, when God gave dreams exposing his spiritual condition and what is in his heart. He doesn’t want to be challenged.

God Gives A Dream

Letter 5. 17th December 1999

Dear David,

I write to you because of a dream God gave me recently. Here is the dream (cut and pasted from our dream diary):

27th Nov. M. Dream of David Hathaway’s ministry.
I didn’t immediately know this dream portrayed David Hathaway’s work, but that was revealed a few hours later. The dream was about a man who had been running a coach or travel company. He had arrived. He had a great sense of achievement. He had gone through hard times. The dream depicted that as a recession. During this recession, because funds were so minimal, he had to drive his coach one mile at a time and refuel it every mile. Thus, with the least resources, he had taken this coach to its destination.

The end of the dream depicted him in his present situation. I knew it to be NOW. God conveyed David’s great feeling of having achieved something quite stupendous. He was elated, and rejoiced in having got to where he is now. But he felt the recession was over. He seemed totally unaware of even harder times ahead.

The dream conveyed a commendable aspect of David’s ministry, as well as blind spots or dangers.

The commendable aspect: Going one mile at a time developed reliance upon God.

The danger of the present situation is complacency in the spiritual, and even pride. Once a person has been used by God and achieved what he thinks is much for Jesus, he is only one step away from the pride that can lead to a fall. While the dream conveyed his feeling that the recession was past, in this dream I couldn’t help feeling that he was blind to the fact that there is a depression ahead, far worse than the recession which he felt he had weathered. There is a darkness coming on the earth that few evangelists realise. How he could not see this, I just couldn’t understand. I was incredulous.

Meaning: Whilst the dream is a pictorial representation of David Hathaway’s ministry outreach to Russia, the dream also conveys the blindness of, not just David Hathaway’s teaching, but that of many similar evangelicals and pentecostals. They have a big blind spot when it comes to end-time events, although they think they are very informed.

They misunderstand one basic foundational element of Bible prophecy: the true identity of Israel today. Because they don’t see Israel in its proper scope, and think that the present country of Israel (which is only a segment of Judah) is the restoration prophesied by the OT prophets, they fail to see where the greater part of Israel is (America, Britain, Canada, and other English-speaking peoples, along with some of the democracies of NW Europe). With this wrong basis, they misinterpret some fundamental prophecies and thereby deceive, not just themselves, but the people who listen to them.

That is what God gave me, in the dream and subsequently. It’s not pleasant to be told that we’re missing something, especially when it can have such far reaching ramifications, but I hope you have a willingness to investigate this matter. I have therefore enclosed some back issues of Awake! Awake! containing articles explaining about the identity of Israel today. [Now in Articles of Faith, Vol 3 (£5.00) and The Identity of Britain and America (£1.00).]

Also enclosed are some issues which give information about God’s warnings to do with the coming Tribulation which will impact the church greatly. There are a number of articles on this since it is a vitally important and urgent subject for the Church to be aware of. I trust that you will pass this information on to those who depend upon you for spiritual guidance.

Thanks, and God bless you.

Sincerely, in His love,
Malcolm B Heap

Input Is Again Dismissed

This time I received a reply from Katie Morris, Hathaway’s secretary. Her tone was dismissive, and one of muted contempt. Clearly she had Hathaway’s instructions to just get rid of me as best she could. All my input had been rejected. I replied:

Letter 6. 17th January 2000

Dear Katie,

Thank you for your letter of 11th January in response to mine concerning the dream about David’s ministry. Please could you pass on this reply to him also. Thanks.

I would like to clarify something that may be misleading. I do not believe in British Israelism. That is not my position. I understand that British Israelism proposes that God is working to make the ‘seed’ of Israel great through racial lines. It is amiss in its racial and exclusivist emphasis, which has the effect of elevating the ethnic lineage up on a pedestal. That is not what I believe, nor do I approve of that emphasis. It is arrogant.

All I was saying is that the prophecies which the Old Testament says are to be fulfilled in Israel, are going to find their primary fulfillment in the English speaking peoples, not the nation state of Israel alone. I do not dismiss the fact that there are secondary fulfilments of SOME of these prophecies in Israel, but in no way can these be construed to constitute the totality of their meaning.

To take just one example, Isaiah 14:1 predicts of a time when Israel will be resettled in their own land. Some apply this to the nation state of Israel, and I would agree it finds a partial fulfillment there. But it is not a complete fulfillment, because the prophecy goes on to state: “Aliens will join them and unite with the house of Jacob... and the house of Israel will possess the nations... in the Lord’s land” (Is 14:1,2).

This aspect does not find its fulfillment in Palestine at the moment. It is hardly God’s land! The nation Israel is secular and, as you know, very antiChrist in its emphasis. The prophecy goes on to state when this restoration will fully occur: “On the day the Lord gives you relief from suffering and turmoil and cruel bondage...” (v 3) “All the lands are at rest and at peace...” (v 7). I’m sure you know Bible prophecy well enough to know that such an event will only happen when Jesus comes to rule the whole world and establish the Kingdom of God on earth, as Daniel 2:44 explains, as well as Isaiah 2 and 11, Zechariah 14, and many other scriptures.

I would respectfully ask David to reconsider this matter. It may seem a small one, but it is pivotal to understanding the timing and context of the major Messianic prophecies of the OT. Hopeful that he will (he is a good man with a zeal for doing God’s will, as far as he is able to understand it) [that’s what I sincerely believed at the time, but I have since modified my opinion of him because of his arrogant behaviour and other dreams which God later gave], I enclose two AAs with relevant articles (AA 4-5 on page 15, AA 5-4 on pages 11-19).

Also enclosed are J H Allen’s Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright and The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Found! by Steven Collins. I would be grateful if I could have these back in due course. But there is no urgency. Thanks. [They were later returned with no comment. All input was rejected.]

I am aware that George Jeffreys [a Pentecostal pastor, who I believe founded the Elim Pentecostal Church in the UK] came to understand this truth that Israel’s identity encompassed English-speaking nations. But whether “the anointing on his ministry departed”, I have only your word to go on, so I do not know for definite about that.

If it did, to imply that it departed because he adopted this viewpoint is specious at least because God rejects no one on the grounds of misunderstanding. He looks on the heart, not the head, and anointing will lift for more serious spiritual reasons, such as:

1. Deliberate rejection of truth.
2. Stubbornness.
3. Self-will.
4. Rebellion.
5. Pride.

I spurn the notion that belief in the fact that there are numerous descendants of Israel in western nations who are not Jews, would cause God to depart from someone’s ministry. He has not departed from ours, and I have believed this historical fact for over 30 years! It is, as I say, a historical fact easily verified by objective study of ethnic history.

You are right that there is no higher calling than to believe in Jesus Christ. Of course. That is elementary and is in no way undermined by the facts of Israelite history.

One question I would like to ask David is: Bible prophecy foretells the fact that Jesus is to return to take a throne that is extant at the time of His return, as the scriptures below indicate. Where is that throne if the nation state of Israel is the biblical nation? It has no throne.

At that time I will bring to the throne of David a righteous descendant, and he will do what is just and right throughout the land. (Jeremiah 33:15, New Living Translation)

Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end, Upon the throne of David and over His kingdom, To order it and establish it with judgment and justice from that time forward, even forever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this. (Isaiah 9:7, NKJV)

That the scripture means a literal throne, and [is] not figurative of the reign of Jesus, is evident from Jeremiah 33:17 –

For thus says the Lord: ‘David shall never lack a man to sit on the throne of the house of Israel (Jeremiah 33:17, NKJV).

Lastly, you mentioned that “the Bible contains a strong warning to those who claim to be Jews and are not”. That is in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 with reference to the synagogue of Satan. The context indicates that it means those who claim to be God’s people (i.e. Christians) but who are false believers, tools of Satan. If, as David seems to have been inferring, it was meant to be taken in the physical (i.e. people claiming to be Jews physically, rather than spiritually) he would be subscribing to the exclusivist, arrogant racial view of Jews being a master race, which I strongly reject.

Trusting all is going well with your work. I appreciate your response. I hope you welcome mine. God bless you.

Sincerely, in His love,

Malcolm B Heap

PS God is giving David a chance to re-examine his position on this issue and to modify his teaching to fit in with what He (God) wants him to accept. The Lord has good reasons for this.

Again, there was no response to my letter and the issues raised were shelved or dumped! You could expect that sort of response from an unconverted person, but it’s not what should come from someone who claims to be in Jesus Christ’s service.

False ‘Apostles’

You will most probably have read Paul’s letters to the Corinthians and his comments about teachers who are false in the Church:

Such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform them- selves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works (2 Cor 11:13,14).

What many will find hard to accept is that such words could apply to a man who has had a driving zeal to reach out and evangelise Russia. But telling a false minister from one who is true is often difficult – as Paul said. You can’t tell the difference – humanly! It takes divine revelation – spiritual discernment – to perceive.

The difference is down to motive. A charlatan is not interested in truth as much as he is interested in promoting himself. Pride lies behind the false one. Humility is the fabric of one who is true.

All good spiritual works – notice the underlined words above – radiate from the central trait. You cannot have the love of God in you without humility. They go together.

Yet David Hathaway is proud, as the revelation from God disclosed (the dream of 27th Nov 1999).  That pride has ramifications in arrogant dismissal of valid input, an unwillingness to receive correction, or to accept constructive criticism from one whom he does not recognise as part of HIS enterprise.

He may accept input from someone closer to him, if it pays him to do so, because his pre-eminence is not threatened. But what a false minister reveres is his position and influence – power! This is based on “the self motive”. It’s the opposite of “the God motive”.

Jude addressed some characteristics of false ministers:

§                Jude 16. Walk according to their own lusts.

Such lusts in ministers are seldom blatant sins that all can see. The power motive – a lust for power – is discreetly hidden. But it is what lures many into ministry. And Jesus will use such people – insofar as He can. But whether they will be saved depends upon whether they will humble themselves as a little child (Matt 18). Many will not!

§                Jude 16. Prideful words.

“They mouth great swelling words, flattering... to gain advantage...”

You can see this in David Hathaway’s output. His magazines are liberally dosed with flattering comments and pictures – indirectly elevating himself.

He was interviewed on Revelation Channel, a Christian TV station in the UK, and his response was arrogant. You could plainly see that he thought much of himself and his ministry. He spoke as though he was God’s storehouse of spiritual treasure, and gave the impression that his word was the final word!

It was nauseating. But, those without spiritual discernment would not see it. They would actually be impressed by him!

And that’s why so many false ministers have such a following. Many support them, because they know how to convince people. They are persuasive.

§                Jude 12. Without fear.

The fear of God is based on humility. False ‘apostles’ lift themselves up by ‘boasting’ (discreetly) about all the miracles God is doing through them.

Again this is down to motive. False ministers like David Hathaway will draw attention to the miracles for their own selfish advantage. He gets lifted up as much as, if not more than Jesus. Subtly it points to him. It gains him a following. He gets elevated. He gains acclaim. People are impressed. And he likes it. This is all based on the power motive, not fear of God and selfless humility.

A man who truly fears God will receive valid input from others outside his ministry. He will be willing to be corrected by revelations from God, or according to further biblical truth presented to him.

David Hathaway won’t. I have given him both, to no avail.

§                Jude 8. Reject authority.

The authority being rejected here is not human authority, but divine.

You might think that David Hathaway does not resist divine authority. He has preached on it many times, and is only too proud to mention when he has taken authority over the weather, or disease, or other situation. But Hathaway only accepts aspects of God’s authority when it suits him. I have mentioned already how I have taken God’s authority to him in other ways, only to have it thrown back in my face!

§                Jude 8. Speak evil of glories.

“Speak evil of dignitaries” in Jude 8 is a poor translation. A better alternative in the margin is “speak evil of glories” which is what it means literally.

What is more glorious than God’s pure truth?! Yet Hathaway doesn’t want it. If you don’t believe me, you approach him with the truths we present in:

Wielding The Divine Axe
Our Sabbath Rest
The Controversy Concerning Law and Grace
The Timing of Jesus Death and Resurrection
God’s Church – Whose Authority?
The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints
The Truth About Easter
Why Keep Christmas?
The Ten Virgins
Testing The Spirits
Understanding The Book of Revelation
The Law of Moses
The Festivals of God
The Identity of Britain and America

And see what response you get! Then perhaps you’ll believe me.

§                Jude 4. Turn grace into lewdness.

False ministers are subtly lawless. Hathaway is no exception. His teaching dismisses the relevance of keeping God’s Sabbaths, God’s festivals, and of various other biblical truths we present in MM publications that don’t sit well with traditional Sunday-keeping theology.

This is how such people turn God’s grace into lewdness. They effectively teach that you don’t have to obey God’s commands because Jesus cleanses us from all sin by faith through grace. While I do not deny the latter, that does not excuse neglect of the former, as Paul warned in Romans 6:1-4 and 3:31.

There is much to be said about falsity and false ministers, and I have written on it at length in several publications: Apostasy In God’s Church!, Testing The Spirits, The Subtlety Of Pride, Judgment To Fall On All Falsity and False Ministers, and in many more. For that reason, my comments here in relation to David Hathaway are relatively brief. My duty and purpose here is to warn of an impostor, according to scripture (Is 58:1; Rom 16:17-18, 1 Tim 5:20) and to outline the reasons why.

Remember, a prophet is not ‘sent’ where people can already see the dangers. He speaks out where God assigns him the task – and that is where people FAIL to perceive and are being deceived and trapped by falsity and false ministers.

For those who are such do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly [self interests], and by smooth words and flattering speech deceive the hearts of the simple (Rom 16:18).

Elders who sin, or who are in serious error, are to be rebuked “in the presence of all, that the rest also may fear.” (1 Tim 5:20.)

Challenging The Syncretism of Christmas

Since I received no adequate response from David, I wrote to his wife:

Letter 7. 15th December 2002

Dear Zena,

I write to you because David has a busy schedule and if I write to him, he probably won’t have the quality time to devote to this matter, which I hope you will have.

The matter in question concerns Christmas.

The Lord spoke to me the day after your Christmas greetings ‘card’ arrived. He is annoyed that the false syncretistic practice of Christmas is being widely observed by many who profess His name, and that [church] leaders who should know better do not speak out against this corrupt and worldly practice, and re-educate the minds of believers about this perversion.

Discerning between what is holy and what is unholy [cf Ezek 22:26] has not been given the attention which Jesus wants it to be given. This is a dreadful failing throughout the Church as a whole, and while evangelism moves forward, it moves on without the purity Jesus wants it to have.

I trust you will bring this to David’s attention, so that he can make the necessary changes. I enclose two copies of a booklet and a tract about Christmas for that purpose.

Also enclosed are some other items that I hope will be useful to you.

Three years ago God spoke to me in a dream about your husband’s ministry. It was this:

DREAM of 27th Nov 1999 [deleted; see page 6].

The ‘depression’ coming which the dream conveyed, is that of the Great Tribulation which David does not accept in the way Jesus is warning His people.

I trust you are edified and helped by what I have enclosed for you. My wife and I wish you well. God bless.

Once again there was no reply – not even a civil acknowledgement of my letter. What does that tell you? It tells me that, despite the fact that they outwardly profess to serve Christ, they don’t want to hear from Him any more on heretical matters they are quite happy to tolerate. It does not bother them that Jesus is not pleased with such customs. They prefer to perpetuate error rather than change further.

The list of truth they have resisted and rejected gets ever longer! I sent her in that packet:

Why Keep Christmas? x 2
Did You Know This About Christmas?
x 2
The Rapture Theory – Is It True?
Newsletter 19
(Raised from the Dead)
Apostasy In God’s Church!
The Ten Virgins
Awake! Awake!
Vol 8, No 3
Why Britain Will Fall Soon!
Raising The Dead: Testimonies In Our Time
How Soon Will Jesus Come?
The Identity of Britain and America
Resisting A Prophet
Who Is The End-Time Elijah?

216 Raised From The Dead
But Not In Hathaway’s Ministry

How can you get through to a man who is full of himself? You can’t.

It’s like ancient Israel. They were set in their ways and would not turn. God called them stiffnecked! They wouldn’t listen, but God still sent prophets to warn them where they would end up.

Helena wrote the next letter:

Letter 8. 9th June 2004

Dear David,

Re Prophetic Vision, No 32

I am amazed at the arrogance of your statements which are designed to draw attention to yourself and elevate YOU:

“I have not found any other man who could make a statement as strong as this.” (Prophetic Vision, p 2.)

If you think that, it shows how blinkered you are!

For years, David Hogan has been saying more ‘outrageous’ things than you claim for yourself. He has been raising the dead. More than 216 of them! (When the enclosed booklet [Raising The Dead: Testimonies In Our Time] was compiled. It’s probably 250 by now!)

See page 45 of Raising The Dead about this.

Also the enclosed tract contains two accounts from Nigeria of an evangelist there who has raised the dead.

How many have you raised from the dead?

How valid is your boasting? Anyone can receive miracles when evangelising, because Jesus backs them up for HIS name’s sake. But what about taking people further?

Please note the highlighted section in the article about Reinhard Bonnke enclosed.

Thank you and God bless.

Helena Heap (Mrs)

Encl: Some Pitfalls of Reinhard Bonnke’s Ministry

I suppose that letter was also unceremoniously dumped in the circular file along with all the others! We received no reply or acknowledgement.

You know Paul’s words to the Thessalonians:

Do not quench the Spirit (1 Thes 5:19).

But you may not have considered those words in the light of dumping unwelcome letters in the waste bin! In response to our ministry, that is the most frequent way others quench the Spirit of God! 

How can you “test all things” as Paul exhorted (1 Thes 5:21) if you don’t even objectively consider what you don’t like to hear? There’s no chance of “holding fast what is good”, then, is there?

Little by little, David Hathaway was shutting the door on Jesus, and consigning himself to a terrible fate that I don’t wish on anyone.

Judgment To Fall On Hathaway

Nine is the number of Judgment. Conversely it is also the number that depicts spiritual gifts and blessings bestowed by the Spirit. To benefit from the latter, you must accept ALL that the Spirit offers. If you don’t, you reap God’s judgment.

You can’t reject portions of Scripture or parts of God’s revelation AND have His blessing. He will reject you if you reject Him. That rejection may not occur overnight – depending upon the purpose God is working out with you – but it will happen.

Firstly your understanding will diminish. What you previously had will gradually go. Jesus warned about it in various places (recorded in the gospels).

Letter 9. 4th September 2005

Dear David,

You will doubtless recall the letters I have written to you in the past. In one of them I recounted for you a dream which God gave me about you and your ministry, in which He likened your efforts to taking a coach a mile at a time. You were pleased about how far you had come and proud about your achievement.

Well, you haven’t taken much notice of what God was saying to you therein. So I don’t suppose you’ll take much notice of this, but I’ll say it just the same because it’s for your own good!

You have taken centre stage in your activities, and while you give glory to Jesus in word, in deed you are in the limelight more than He.

Jesus wants to prepare the Bride for His return, but you have shut out the teaching that He wants to introduce, to restore the faith once delivered to the saints. Evangelism is all very well and good, and Jesus backs up with signs and wonders all those who go in His name with faith in His power. But, as former men of God have testified, that is easy compared with preparing the Bride. Overpage I include a section from an article about Reinhard Bonnke that also applies in this context.

You are riding along on a wave of euphoria at the moment. You are proud to display pages of photos in your magazine Prophetic Vision (which is not aptly named; it should be Evangelistic Exploits), but those don’t feed the sheep; they merely draw attention to you, and build up your standing in the eyes of others.

You also include misleading and heretical statements like “...where God first changes the individual, He can then change the whole nation” (p 10, Issue 37). Such a statement is false, and shows your misunderstanding about the plan of God in this age. Nations are very rarely changed for the better, because this is not God’s time to oust Satan, except from controlling the lives of true believers. Jesus’ thrust overall is that of calling individuals, not changing nations.

The elevation you give yourself is not good. It’s one thing to lift Jesus up through the miracles, but entirely another to seek acclaim for yourself at His expense. You will doubtless take vehement exception to that statement, but it’s true, because I have presented biblical truth to you that Jesus wants restored, but you don’t care about that. You rejected it and you rejected His coming to you. If you don’t turn around, you will find He will pull the rug out from under your feet and your ministry will find its lampstand removed from its place.

The overall result of all this ‘success’ you are basking in is pride in what you have done in Jesus’ name. That fuels the complacency which shuts the door on further truth, and so you leave Jesus outside that particular door where He still stands knocking. You don’t accept me as a prophet, so you reject ‘my’ message. The only door to Jesus that you open is the Pentecostal one that you are familiar with. But that’s not the door that is going to open into Europe, like you think, and bring the Great Revival into Europe from Russia.

All true revivals (not the compromised ones of Brownsville, Toronto, etc.) are based on restoration of truth, and that truth you reject. So, unless you accept my words and heed what I bring, you will see others bring the revival from Russia into Europe and your work come to an end.

There is a Great Tribulation looming on the horizon, but you don’t warn the people about it, nor prepare the churches for the horrendous trials it will bring. In fact, you dismiss Jesus’ words about the Tribulation as having been fulfilled by the holocaust. No, sorry, you’ve got that dead wrong. You are not seeing why there will be a great harvest as prophesied in Revelation 7:14. Those were not Jews. They are Christians, millions of them!

Your emphasis in your magazine is wrong. “Only a spiritual revival can save Britain today” (p 3). God isn’t interested in saving a physical nation and its humanistic system or monetary economy. He’s concerned about preparing His Bride. But you are not.

You are interested in quantity, not quality, but He is interested in the reverse. You want to see millions reached. And who doesn’t? But what’s the good if the message is so low-level that there’s not enough meat to sustain the people through the lean times? And if you merely bring them into the existing church structures where hierarchic dominance of men allows false ministers to rule?

You say, “Pray that God will raise up strong and fear- less leaders who will call for a return to the authority of God’s Word...” (p 3). I came to you with a call for you to return to the authority of God’s Word and you shut the door and told me to clear off. There are other areas of authority to exercise besides that of healing the sick, casting out a few demons (not too many), and preaching a bit of biblical truth mixed with a bit of error.

“...and put a stop to the cult of putting man’s tradition before God’s authority!” (ibid.)

You are creating a cult and perpetuating the old traditions of the cult from which you came. I urged you to jettison some false concepts previously, but you weren’t interested, and I don’t suppose you’re interested now either.

You are rich and increased with spiritual goods and have need of nothing further.

Amen.  MBH

Evangelism Is Easy, Compared With Restoring Complete Truth

“Remember”, Booth-Tucker had written to CT Studd when he was still in China, “that mere soul-saving is comparatively easy work, and is not nearly so important as that of manufacturing the saved ones into saints, soldiers and saviours.” So related Helen Roseveare in Living Stones (p 42.)

Indeed, CT Studd, one of Reinhard’s forebears who evangelised in the Belgian Congo and other African countries in the early 20th century, “had never been satisfied with a shallow work. His heart yearned to see a holy Church made up of Christians who knew, not only that their past sins were forgiven, but also that their present lives were empowered by the Spirit, so that they might be pleasing to God.

“ ‘It is all very well,’ he wrote, ‘to sing hymns and go to worship, but what we must see are the fruits of the Spirit and a really changed life and heart, a hatred of sin and a passion for righteousness. God can do it, and we must be content with nothing less’.” (Helen Roseveare, Living Stones, p 43.)

Today, the incentive for a holy Church should be even greater! We are so close to the time of Jesus’ return. There are still errors that need eradicating. The Holy Spirit is pointing out new truth. It is time again for reform. The old must be cast aside, and the new embraced.

Elijah’s call to restore continues.

Numbers of people are nowhere near so important as the quality of fruit. What good is a large church with compromised Christians?

Are you “going to be content with half-hearted shoddy Christianity” (ibid.), or are you willing to struggle, “travailing again in birth”?

“If there was to be a Church after the New Testament pattern, pleasing to God, ‘without spot or blemish’, sanctification had to be added to justification” (ibid.). It is no different today, except in the details of what the Church needs to accept.

Jesus is moving ahead. Are you keeping up with Him? Or will you step back?

As the earlier dream from God conveyed [another dream related in the leaflet Some Pitfalls of Reinhard Bonnke’s Ministry], the Church in all its sectors needs to embrace the truths contained in these three publications:

Our Sabbath Rest
The Controversy Concerning Law and Grace
Sunday Versus Sabbath – The Final World Crisis.

How about it? Do you welcome this?

Will you fulfil Jesus’ wish to aim for perfection (Matt 5:48), or be content to stick with mediocrity? He’s never pleased with half measures. He wants a people sold out to Him in every way!

These are the days of ‘Elijah’. The fire of God is falling. But will you receive? [End of letter of 4 Sept 2005.]

God Says Hathaway Is Evil!

For those who take umbrage at me saying that David Hathaway is arrogant, please understand that I have no more desire to say such things about him than about you. God confirmed the fact in a dream to my wife 15 days after the above letter was sent:

20th September 2005.  Helena.  David Hathaway.
I saw a face with Jesus' head squeezed inside the man’s head. Jesus was restricted to a compartment in the man’s mind. The rest of the face had rigid features with zigzag and odd markings. There was also an evil influence painting the side of the face.

Meaning: This UK evangelist is well known especially in Russia and Ukraine. He is proud and unyielding to God.

He resisted our input on several occasions. The imagery portrays his wrong mentality, and that he is now very much influenced by demons. In his mind, Jesus is not as important as his own notion of self-importance, hence the imagery of Jesus being compartmentalised.

The rigid features depict his unwillngness to change and move on in the Spirit. He won’t be corrected!

That was what Helena wrote about the dream and the meaning she received at the time.

The zig-zag and odd markings are symbols of demonic influence, which is why he restricts Jesus to a compartment of his mind, instead of allowing Jesus to rule in every aspect of his thinking and theology.

Pride and arrogance are the devil’s trademarks. If you think they are not evil, you lack God’s mind. And if you think the previous heading – that David Hathaway is evil – is presumptuous or false, does your own pride prevent you receiving the truth?

His Technique To Fleece Sheep

Someone said aptly that either Jesus is Lord of all in your life, or He’s not Lord at all! That, tragically, is the situation. David Hathaway gives the impression that he is very much for Jesus, but he is very much deceived about his own spiritual state.

Let me quote from a presumptuous letter he wrote in January 2006 to his supporters:

...it is important to remember that I edit Prophetic Vision, a magazine which shows the relevance of both the Bible and Prophecy to your life and mine today. [Someone sent him our book Daniel’s Prophecies For Our Time! which contains much more information about the relevance of the Bible’s prophecies for today – with many dreams from God given to Kassahun Ayele in Ethiopia – but would he share that with his readers, or even tell them about it?! NO WAY!!] This magazine [PV] reaches approximately 500,000 people in 6 languages, and is mailed to 132 different countries! What an international evangelist this magazine is! [He loves to promote himself!] But my own magazine actually challenges me not to be content... [oh yeah?]

...Remember that this is the year (I speak both by faith and in prophecy), when God is going to pour out His Spirit on Russia and the Power will flow into Europe! Why? Because I have heard from the Lord that it will be? NO! But because I know that I have power with God (that is why I see miracles happen in my ministry), and I have power to call down Fire from Heaven – I am praying for the spirit of Elijah to be upon me – and by faith [no, it’s not by faith, it’s by vain hope!] I claim it – so by faith I go knowing that the power will come down!

[Look how arrogant and presumptuous he is! He has had neither dream nor other definite revelation from God, yet he dares to say that just because HE calls for it, God will do it! I know what Jesus said in John 14:13, but that does not extend to an agenda which is designed to glorify the man! God is not Hathaway’s ‘lackey’! His assertion is tantamount to blasphemy! We are to follow God, not God follow us!]

If I have faith to call miracles down in Russia – that same faith will call down miracles of Fire, Power, Salvation, Revival! No demons in hell or earth can stop me. My Bible says ‘My God shall supply all my need’ – all, all, I need – money, fire, power. I can feel the anointing even as I write, as if even the computer is on fire! [Oh yeah? Most probably his hot head has ignited it!]

...I am just getting closer to heaven – and that means that while I wait for Him, I’m getting more Power, more Fire – why? Because I’m that much nearer Him...

It can be very deceptive being under the anointing! The presumption and pride that oozes from his words is galling! He’s not closer to heaven just because God is performing miracles. God’s miracles are not because of Hathaway’s supposed closeness to God – actually, he’s drifting further away – being carried away by the power. The miracles are God’s doing, because of Jesus’ grace and favour to the needy ones who come to hear Hathaway.

The miracles are because of God, not because of Hathaway! Do you see the very, very subtle insinuation in his claim? Its effect is to elevate him more in your eyes, so that he can fleece you of funds. This type of self-promotion has milked a lot of Christians. It works very well. Hence he also says:

Come on in – partner with me – God has called you into the supply business – you are the back-up team. Just as I know that God is calling me to get up and go, I know He is calling you to pray for me, support me, finance me... [That’s presumption.]

Hathaway’s Contempt For Truth

A friend of ours, Donal, wrote to David Hathaway and sent him a copy of our book Daniel’s Prophecies For Our Time! Donal also asked him whether he accepted or recognised any prophets.

The reply from Angela Townsend, Administrative Secretary, ignored his question. She simply said:

14th September 2005

Dear Donal,

David Hathaway would like to thank you for sending him Midnight Ministries’ publication Daniel’s Prophecies For Our Time! [The reply to Donal was brief, but when I wrote, I got no reply at all! They stonewall true prophets!]

We have had a lot of correspondence direct with Malcolm Heap and Midnight Ministries [oh no they haven’t! – I have written them a lot, but they have not had much correspondence with me] and are aware of his interpretation of prophecy.

With kind regards...

Is not such a response patronising? Does it not cleverly conceal contempt? My ‘interpretation’ of prophecy is obviously nowhere near as good as his! ‘Mine’ doesn’t even warrant mentioning except in dismissive tones! Yet it’s ‘funny’ how someone in Kenya heard Jesus say to him:

Tell Malcolm that the books he is writing are not his. They are Mine.” If Jesus claims them, then they contain His ‘interpretation’ of prophecy. David Hathaway rejects that! (Request Revelations From God About MM, and What God Said About MM.)

But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you... denying the Lord who bought them... Many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth is blasphemed (2 Pet 2:1-2).

Donal replied to the above letter:

19th September 2005

Dear Angela,

Thank you for your letter of 14th September in which you say that you are familiar with “Malcolm Heap’s interpretation of prophecy”. What do you mean by that precisely?

And how can you be familiar with it, and how can David Hathaway be familiar with it (whatever that “it” is supposed to mean) when David Hathaway had not seen a copy of that publication earlier?

I have checked with Malcolm, and he says that he has not sent you a copy of the booklet. He is unaware of anyone else sending you a copy.

Furthermore, you say “we have had a lot of correspondence direct with Malcolm Heap and Midnight Ministries.” I have checked that with them, too, and I am informed that there have only been a couple of letters from David Hathaway or Katie Morris in reply to Malcolm’s letters. Several of his letters to Eurovision [David Hathaway’s ministry name] went unanswered.

I get the impression that David Hathaway’s dismissiveness is due to a perceived spiritual or intellectual superiority that David assumes he possesses, and that such MM publications are not worth reading, let alone promoting to your readership. And as for the issue of prophets in the contemporary context, that question that I asked has been entirely ignored, so am I to assume that David nor you consider Malcolm a prophet of God?

You are entitled to your views and so is David, but since I asked David that specific question I would appreciate a specific answer. Thank you.

There was no reply. Why not? Jesus answers:

Light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed (Jn 3:19-20).

Scripture repeats itself with stark regularity:

He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him (Jn 1:11).

Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it (Jn 1:5).

I hope that you want truth and light, so that you can comprehend it.

Malcolm B Heap   June 2006

Most Bible references are from the New King James Version (NKJV)

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