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CfaN is NOT In God’s Will

Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry, Christ for all Nations, is missing the mark of God’s holiness, ignoring God’s agenda, and spurning the messages of the prophets God has sent. Jesus is not pleased!

Signs From God That Reinhard
Bonnke’s Work Is Nearing Its End

In Christ For All Nations’ Impact magazine for June 2007, Rob Birkbeck reported on the “tropical storm of ‘supercell’ proportions” which brought an abrupt and premature end to the final meeting of Reinhard’s crusade in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

“Lightning had struck four times within close proximity, striking the sound towers three times.” Three depicts finality; four, the world.

Birkbeck also reported that many thousands of people came “hungry for the Word of God. Before a full Gospel message could be preached,  however, a huge ‘supercell’ unleashed its full fury directly over- head in a powerful electrical storm that shook the city.”

Satan is the prince of the power of the air (Eph 2:2), but Jesus demonstrated – by stilling the storm (Mk 4:37-39) – His complete control over the forces of nature and Satan’s fury.

Why did Jesus not demonstrate His power in that way over Aba? – even though He healed and delivered many people. He was making an unspoken statement which the perceptive will understand. He withheld His hand of blessing from Reinhard and his CfaN crew, even though He showed grace to the people.

The fact that “a full Gospel message” was not preached is another sign of God’s displeasure with what is being preached. It is not a full message!

What God allows to occur in the physical can be a direct parallel of what is taking place in the spiritual which you would otherwise not perceive.

No one in Christ For All Nations perceived that the untimely termination of the final meeting was a sign from God, albeit negative. It is a portent of the untimely end of Reinhard’s ministry, approaching.

Driving, horizontal, torrential rain drenched the attendees and created a serious electrical risk, so Reinhard had to close the meeting. This presages the closure of Reinhard’s Gospel outreach because of the serious spiritual risk to those coming to Christ through his auspices.

This is in striking contrast to the miracle we reported of how God prevented heavy rain falling on Alex’s Sabbath fellowship meeting in Kenya (see p 16 of Don’t ABUSE It, USE It!), and of a similar miracle cited on page 32 of Who Is The End-Time Elijah? enabling the Gospel to be preached.

Reinhard’s ministry is no longer in God’s will, as explained with dreams from God in MM’s publication Some Pitfalls of Reinhard Bonnke’s Ministry.

The fact that large numbers gather, or that God still performs miracles of healing for the needy, are not proof that God is pleased with what is taking place. God is merciful to people, even though ministers He uses can be out of His will. In His grace, He heals, delivers and saves, despite human failings. Popularity, large numbers and responses are not divine signs. Don’t misinterpret the signs of the times.

Begging For Money

Reinhard recently sent out a letter, asking for money from supporters. One sentence was: “Would you please stand in support with your best possible gift at this time?”

It is not ethical to ask for money from people if God is the One in whom you place your complete trust. To look to people is to deny faith in God. Psalm 118:8-9 is a pivotal principle in this regard.

In fact, Reinhard has consistently compromised his outreach for many years by forming an unspoken ‘political alliance’ with church leaders in the areas where he preaches. He relies upon church support, which is relying upon man, not upon God alone. It’s no wonder Reinhard was not healed.

I have written to Reinhard on a number of occasions, and have never had any adequate reply. This was my most recent letter:

5th August 2007

Dear Reinhard,

Your recent plea for money

Although I have written to you before on several occasions, I have not received a reply from you, so I don’t expect to receive a reply from this letter either. But I write it just the same as a witness against you, for you have not only rejected me, you have rejected what God has given me for you, so you are shutting the door on Jesus.

That’s why you are not receiving what you would like to have to finance your outreach. Is the Lord’s Arm too short to save (Is 59:1) that you now have to resort to asking for money from people?

Why is God not helping you any longer? I enclose an article on that, Is The Lord’s Arm Too Short?

If Morris Cerullo or Benny Hinn wrote to you, you would reply. If they called you, you would give them all the attention they ask for. I write to you, and you ignore me, as does your unbelieving office manager Bernard Jones, who doesn’t think the dead are going to be raised through our ministry. You won’t be ignoring me for much longer, for I do not come in my own name, but in the name of the One whom you have represented all these years, but Who is now turning His back on you.

I wrote to you on 13th February 2007:

I read with interest your recent ministry letter Multiplication Made Easy! Very good article.

At the end you write: “...the Cross meets every need known to man. By faith in Jesus Christ, we inherit all that His mighty act encompassed, every blessing and benefit for this life and the next, transferred to us by the Holy Spirit.”

By the cross, we can be healed. Why then were you not healed of prostate cancer? Why did you have to resort to the doctor’s human alternative, something which Smith Wigglesworth vowed that he would never do? And, although he suffered acute pain from kidney stones for 6 years, he trusted in God’s promise of healing, and finally God healed him.

Would you like to know the reason?

A prophet in a foreign land was given a dream by God last year about you. It revealed that the power was departing from your ministry. There is a reason. Would you like to know?

No reply! So, clearly you don’t want to know. You think you know, and your recent article Healing and the Word of God attempts to address this unanswered question in your mind. But it doesn’t, because you are floundering around now without the full enlightenment of the Spirit. If you reject a prophet He sends, you reject Him who sends him (Luke 10:16).

Your article Healing and the Word of God is in error

You rightly write that Jesus healed people seemingly without conditions, but fail to understand that for us who are His chosen, there ARE conditions. When He reached out to the unsaved to grant healing, He did so because He was fulfilling God’s Word that He would be a sign that would be spoken against (Luke 2:34). The demonstration of God’s power was a testimony of God’s grace, as you say, yes. It created a platform for the listener to begin to hear, just as Jesus has done for you in your Gospel campaigns.

You then get into the realm of half-truths and doubt, creating confusion and questions in people’s minds by saying that: “To know and love God is more important than healing...” We know that. Most people should know that – if they have been fed properly on God’s Word for some time. But the inference in what you write is negative. You are suggesting by inference – just as Satan did to Eve – that God is capricious and His Word cannot be trusted. God says He heals ALL your diseases, just as He forgives all your sins (Ps 103:3), but you are contradicting His Word, insinuating that God does NOT heal all our diseases. You are basing your assumption on your experience, rather than on the pure Word of God.

You wrote: “Many go unhealed despite prayer and faith...” Come now! Do you not believe James 5:15? [The prayer of faith WILL save the sick.] Your assumption about their faith is wrong. They don’t have faith, because they are in sin.

You have left one thing out of the healing equation: SIN. If you sin wilfully (or sometimes even in ignorance or partial ignorance), there remains no more sacrifice for sins (Heb 10:26). Thus, Jesus’ sacrifice is ineffective to the one who draws back from repenting of wrongdoing (Heb 10:38).

I came to you with ‘new’ truth that God wants you to accept and incorporate into your teaching and practice. But you shut the door and rejected me and what God has revealed as part of the Final Restoration in this age. So, you shut the door on Him. Your response was rooted in self-will and pride. You weren’t going to let me correct you! You aren’t willing to accept that you have anything wrong in your theology or spiritual practice.

God spoke to me about you in dreams, revealing various aspects to do with your theology, and life. Some were positive, some were negative. He showed me your hostility towards the truth we promote on Church Government (in God’s Church – Whose Authority?). You take exception to what God has revealed and which I have recorded on that topic. Perhaps you hold resentment towards me because of my previous challenges to you. You will have to examine yourself on that score. I do not condemn you. I am merely pointing out areas that you may need to look at.

I also wrote to you in the past concerning ‘new’ truth (to you) revealed in:

The Controversy Concerning Law and Grace
Our Sabbath Rest
Sunday Versus Sabbath: The Final World Crisis.

You rejected all that, and with it, Jesus.

That’s why the power is departing from you and your ministry. Here is what God said to Kassahun Ayele, a prophet in Ethiopia:

July 26/05. K. Reinhard Bonnke
I was listening to Reinhard Bonnke preaching in a large auditorium. He seemed very old and weak. The audience wasn’t impressed by his preaching. The miracle-working power was also gone from him.
Meaning: Reinhard’s ministry is on the wane. God is removing much of the anointing that accompanied his ministry, because it is time for God’s ‘new thing’ on earth. What this ministry (Midnight Ministries) brings is part of that ‘new thing’, restoring truth which has been neglected, ignored or rejected.

The enclosed leaflet about the Pitfalls of your ministry provide some of the other revelations which God has given about you. I hope you can accept them and change. I do not come with malicious or vindictive criticism. My only desire is to help, so that we can be in unity. At the moment you don’t want that, and God is not pleased.

Sincerely, in His love,
Malcolm B Heap

Reinhard needs to come to realise that God does not want mass evangelism of this sort more than He wants purity of truth restoring. Evangelism is fine so long as people are properly taught afterwards. But they are NOT! There’s no point in bringing people into churches that trap them in another kind of bondage – subservience to men.

Truth is being restored. These are the days of ‘Elijah’ and the Final Restoration is top of God’s list of priorities. Tragically, at the moment, Reinhard rejects this Restoration.

Malcolm B Heap, August 2007

Cfan Christ for all Nations
Looking to man, instead of God

Reinhard Bonnke's ministry, Christ for all Nations, is seriously out of the will of God. Dreams which God has given to His prophets reveal the demise of CfaN. (See also the booklet, Some Pitfalls of Reinhard Bonnke's Ministry.)

My letters to Reinhard do not receive any reply. Silence can speak volumes. His office manager probably never even passes them on to him, such is CfaN's somnolence!

Here is a recent letter from Reinhard to his supporters, asking for money, and using a gimmick to try and rally support for his outreach. If you can't see what is wrong with it, he is appealing to people, rather than to God.

What you are witnessing is the demise of a formerly Spirit-led ministry, degenerating into one of human reliance, human effort, human programmes, human tricks and human deceit.

Relying Upon People Instead Of Upon God

Reinhard writes to his mailing list:

“...right now, dear friend, I need to ask you to prayerfully consider sending a [financial, monetary] gift of soul-winning support.”

If you rely upon the Spirit, you don’t ask people for money. If you are led by the Spirit, you look to the Spirit for help, not the flesh.

It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes (Ps 118:8,9).

Someone did a complete survey of the Bible to find that verse 8 of that psalm was the central verse of the Bible. Whether or not that is accurate it is certainly accurate that the central issue in our lives is whether we will put our trust in God or in some substitute.

When we should rely upon God, reliance upon anything else or anyone else is an idol.

I wrote in The Bible Speaks Vol 2 (page 41), why substitution is Antichrist. Anti does not just mean ‘against’. The most subtle deception is not one that directly opposes or contradicts the truth, but one which substitutes or supplants it. It is very subtle.

By appealing to human beings for support is to court disaster. Reinhard is under a curse for so doing:

Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart departs from the Lord (Jer 17:5).

You might think it outrageous for me to make the assertion that Reinhard’s heart has departed from God, but it has according to Scripture, and the Word of God cannot be broken (Jn 10:35). Whoever puts their trust in the arm of flesh has departed from trusting in God. It grieves Him.

More Of What Is Wrong

Here are other biblical criticisms of Reinhard’s letter above:

1) It is deceitful
He employs the slogan “one soul at a time”, yet displays a picture of tens of thousands at a ‘crusade’. The inference is that your money, donated to him, will bring souls to Christ. But that overlooks the most fundamental reason why people are converted. It is God who gives the increase (1 Cor 3:6), because no man can come unless God calls them (Jn 6:44).

Thus, God is being replaced by money. It is a subtle transfer of loyalties. Reinhard is deceived.

2) It is meant to impress, humanly
His claim that 43 million have been converted through Reinhard’s efforts is one that cannot be sub- stantiated. Certainly Reinhard has reached millions, but we should not be impressed by numbers.

However, numbers are stated because people are impressed by the sound of large figures and the men who run his marketing machine know it. So, they appeal to human impressionability. It helps you to undo your wallet.

3) Milking human weaknesses
The marketing strategists who wrote that letter (I doubt very much that Reinhard wrote it himself, which is another deceit!) impress you with the claim that if only he had the money, tens of thousands could be saved. The reader is softened up ready for the appeal: “WE NEED YOUR HELP”. “We need you to open your heart.” It works every time. Money pours in. The suggestion “listen to the leading of the Lord” tells the gullible and trusting (in Reinhard – in man!) that it would be wrong not to cough up! It plays on your guilt feelings. Readers assume that Reinhard IS listening to the leading of the Lord. Sadly, no longer!

He’s out of the will of God, but doesn’t know it.

CfaN Christ for all Nations
Keeping Christmas instead of...

I reported in Newsletters 41 and 42 (2007), that Reinhard Bonnke's ministry, Christ for all Nations, is seriously out of the will of God. In this instalment, we would being to Reinhard's attention where he is missing the mark in matters of bibilcal purity, and why these are important to God. This is not human opinion! Its divine precept!

Christmas is a lovely time of year. So say those who observe it. But what does God say?

Would you be surprised if I told you that God HATES it?! He has said just that to others who have been on His prophetic ‘wavelength’. For example:

November 23, 1998: I speak to you today to maintain a pure conscience before Me. Walk in truth and light. Refuse to fall into the fantasy of the days ahead.
Some would call these days "holidays" or holy days, but do not be deceived into thinking there is anything holy about the world's traditions and materialism. I say it is idolatry in its grandest form.
Loose yourselves from this bondage and idolatry, and seek Me with a whole heart. Have nothing to do with self interest and greed; rather rise up in spiritual purity before My face, and refuse to be distracted by what is unholy.
Marsha Burns, Kremmling, CO, USA.

If you dismiss that with the retort that Reinhard is not governed by self-interest and greed, I would agree with you that he is not governed by greed, but he IS governed by self-interest in relation to his work. That is why he goes along with a custom which God does not sanction, and shuts his ears to the arguments of objectors. (More of that in a moment.)

Why Keep Christmas?

If Christmas is such a delicious time of year for the unconverted, shouldn’t that start bells ringing in the minds of the converted?!

The majority in Christendom go along with this custom of celebration and revelry. Even Reinhard promotes it for Jesus’ sake (see later). I don’t question his commitment to God, but I do question the means.

I’ll explain why God says it’s not right. Either you care about what He says, or you don’t. You won’t have to answer to me for your decisions, but to Him.

We publish comprehensively in a booklet the reasons why keeping Christmas on December 25 is wrong and a sin. It’s entitled Why Keep Christmas?

Quite simply, here is God’s reason – not mine – the Almighty’s:

You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take away from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you (Deut 4:2, NKJV).

Be careful not to be ensnared by inquiring after their gods, saying, "How do these nations serve their gods? We will do the same." YOU MUST NOT WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD IN THEIR WAY! (Deut 12:30,31, NIV.)

See that you do ALL I command you; DO NOT ADD TO IT, or take away from it (12:32).

You won’t find one word in the Bible exhorting us to keep Christmas – a pagan festival which was (before it was renamed by Constantine in AD 325) the date celebrating the rebirth of the sun god at the time of the winter solstice.

An Associated Press release of 23rd December 2007, from Rome, reported:

The church where the tradition of celebrating Christmas on Dec. 25 may have begun was built near a pagan shrine as part of an effort to spread Christianity, a leading Italian scholar says.

Italian archaeologists last month unveiled an underground grotto that they believe ancient Romans revered as the place where a wolf nursed Rome's legendary founder Romulus and his twin brother Remus.

A few feet from the grotto, or "Lupercale," the Emperor Constantine built the Basilica of St. Anastasia, where some believe Christmas was first celebrated on Dec. 25.

Constantine ended the frequent waves of anti-Christian persecutions in the Roman empire by making Christianity a lawful religion in 313. He played a key role in unifying the beliefs and practices of the early followers of Jesus.

In 325, he convened the Council of Nicaea, which fixed the dates of important Christian festivals. It opted to mark Christmas, then celebrated at varying dates, on Dec. 25 to coincide with the Roman festival celebrating the birth of the sun god, Andrea Carandini, a professor of archaeology at Rome's La Sapienza University, told reporters Friday.

The Basilica of St. Anastasia was built as soon as a year after the Nicaean Council. It probably was where Christmas was first marked on Dec. 25, part of broader efforts to link pagan practices to Christian celebrations in the early days of the new religion, Carandini said.

"The church was built to Christianize these pagan places of worship," he said. "It was normal to put a church near these places to try to 'save' them.”

The trouble is, it didn’t convert the masses. It perverted them. Can you make divine or holy something pagan or human? Of course not. It’s either divine or it isn’t.

You can take a command of God and alter it. But it’s no longer God’s command. It’s Satan’s.

You can’t make ‘Christian’ something that Satan designed in his deception to take people away from God, from true worship, and into idolatry. Syncretism has no place in God’s order of things for mankind!

Constantine did more than any other emperor to pervert Christian truth and bring confusion. It may have had the temporary effect of standardising belief, but it was a false move, not a move of God. It was one main cunning way Satan infiltrated the Church.

And it has effectively deceived the majority ever since. Today multiple millions are deluded, thinking they are honouring God by keeping Christmas while they are honouring Satan, the mastermind behind it!

Reinhard Is Obstructing God’s Truth

God says categorically in the Bible that we should not take something pagan and try to use it to worship Him (Deut 12:31). However, Reinhard is encouraging people to do just that, against Scripture! In Son of God, Son of Man by Reinhard Bonnke of 1st and 15th Dec 2007, on CfaN’s web page (at http: //uk.cfan.org/bible-study.aspx?id=10314), Reinhard makes these statements about the Christmas fallacy:

1.         In Bethlehem, in Judea, on that very first Christmas Day, the Lord arrived from Heaven...

No, He didn’t. He was born in the autumn, at the time of God’s autumn festivals which God gave Israel. Those included the Feast of Trumpets which depicts Jesus’ coming, and the Feast of Tabernacles portraying His 1,000 year rule on earth (Lev 23).

2.         The  least we can do is to keep one day to remember His coming, and if it changes a pagan festival into a Christian one even better! Christmas Day is the radiant jewel in the crown of the year.

If you take something designed by Satan and call it holy, it doesn’t make it holy. Only God makes something holy or Christian, by His command or Spirit. So, Reinhard is promoting a lie, opposing pure truth of God, and committing an abomination in God’s sight.

The only days you can keep in obedience to God, in honour of Him, are those He commands in His Word. They are the festivals He gave Israel.

3.         We do not indulge in heated debates about doctrine or the right road to heaven. We talk about Jesus; just Him...

That’s the problem. What good is it talking about Jesus when you don’t fully obey Him?!

To say you don’t indulge in heated debates is a cop out. The point doesn’t need debating. God tells us plainly in His Word what to do. Ours is just to obey.

4.         Christmas is a time to revel, if ever we do revel.

5.         At Christmas we indulge in all sorts of good things...

Oh yeah? Are fleshly indulgences good?!

6.         Whatever the heathens have made of 25 December, the noise and tinsel has been swept aside by the birth in Bethlehem. The Redeemer has claimed back and redeemed this mid-winter day, bringing the glow and warmth of eternal love to our winter skies.

No, He hasn’t! Another lie! He doesn’t redeem heathen observances. He redeems people.

7.         That is the One He sent on Christmas Day...

8.         Christmas is not just a time for children. It is a million times more than carols, sparkling lights, and colourful decorations. It is the day when Heaven came down to adopt earth as a suburb of the Kingdom of God.

What codswallop! It is human justification for not giving up pagan customs that a carnal emperor and Catholic Church have foisted upon gullible people in the name of Christ. Christmas is not Christ’s birthday but Nimrod’s, from Babel. See what God says about the vile Babylonian customs of Catholicism in Rev 17. God calls that system some very explicit epithets!

Reinhard also says in his essay:

9.         The Bible is a manual on faith and how to believe.

Yes, so why disobey it by keeping Christmas?

10.        Our Gospel Campaigns free multitudes.

They free them from some deceptions and then bring them into bondage into others. Christmas is one.

11.        We are Christ’s messengers proclaiming deliverance...

No, that’s a half truth, a misconception. God has revealed in a dream that Reinhard is leading many people to spiritual death because he won’t give them the whole truth of the Bible. (See Some Pitfalls Of Reinhard Bonnke’s Ministry.) God is not pleased!

12.        not religionists making proselytes.

That’s not true. Although Reinhard doesn’t make proselytes for CfaN or for himself, he makes them for churches, so that people are brought into bondage in all the churches with whom he cooperates.

13.        what the world does not know cannot bless it.

Yes. And what Reinhard doesn’t know – or refuses to acknowledge – cannot bless the millions whom he reaches. So they are missing out.

What God Wants

This short piece will tread on toes, but I make no apologies for a true prophet’s commission (Is 58:1).

God doesn’t want His people keeping Xmas. He wants them to accept HIS holy days. Reasons why are given in the booklet The Festivals of God.

More truth is revealed in The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints and other MM publications.

We are commanded to CONTEND earnestly for the faith which Jesus entrusted to the saints. However Reinhard isn’t contending for it. He’s compromising it!

At the beginning of Reinhard’s ministry, God gave a vision of a blood-washed Africa. But that has a dual meaning. Not all who profess Christ after CfaN’s gospel crusades will be saved. The parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25 reveals that only half will make it.

Prophets have been shown that the Church is being prepared for slaughter! Reinhard is leading many the wrong way by watering down the sanctity of the truth of God. Read Ezekiel 22:26 and 22:31. That’s what’s coming!

Malcolm B Heap, January 2008

Further Reading: Preparing A Flock For Slaughter (50p).

CfaN Christ for all Nations
Is Lacking God's Guidance

Reinhard Bonnke's ministry, Christ for all Nations, is seriously out of the will of God. There are severe spiritual drawbacks in what has been established. Cult mentality, close-mindedness, and other spiritual weaknesses are evident.

Over the years, I have written to Reinhard, his wife, and his office managers, only to be completely ignored. I don’t have space to reproduce all those letters here, except the most recent.

When Reinhard stands on stage and preaches to you, if you were to shut your ears, to whom do you answer for ignoring him? If he is guided by the Spirit of God, you are ignoring God, aren’t you? You will have to give an account for your failure on the day of judgement.

When someone without prominent standing ‘in the Church’ is likewise guided by the Spirit of God to tell Reinhard something of critical spiritual importance and he ignores it, he will also have to answer to God for his failure to listen. Mind you, before that event arrives, spiritual penalties are incurred in this life.

Where a man of God fails to listen to God, and then veers away from the direction God wants him to go, he is not only walking away from God, he is taking others with him. Hence this dream God gave me:

19th Jan 2002. M. The Funeral Procession
Reinhard Bonnke leads a funeral procession
There were a number of people going to a funeral. All the bodies – and there were many of them, probably 20 or 30 – were loaded onto a flat-bed cart which people were pulling. The corpses were covered with reddish-brown sheets, like the colour of burnt soil.

On other smaller trailers, small people were sitting (in sixes), totally covered (over their heads as well, so they couldn't see anything) with charcoal coloured blankets. Also, they were facing the other direction to the way the procession was going. Reinhard Bonnke was at the front, leading them.

I couldn't help but think, "Why doesn't he show them what is wrong with their customs? Why does he just go along with them without correcting the error in their tribal traditions?!"

Comment: Here God is revealing that there is a need to forcefully address the matter of wrong traditions in the Church, such as Sunday worship, Easter, Christmas, hierarchic church authority, etc., which are as pagan in their origins as tribal (demonic) traditions.

It is now time to move on. The old church structures and teachings are inadequate to prepare the Bride of Christ to accept the full purity of God's teachings in His Word.

'Elijah' must do his work. He must challenge all the false prophets of ‘Asherah’ and ‘Baal’ and their compromised teachings promoted by Jezebel in the Church.

Meaning: What the imagery of this dream portrays:

Funeral. The Church with its present teachings is heading towards death, as in Sardis. It needs new revelation of truth to revive it.

Many dead bodies. There are many dead Christians, who are not alive by the Holy Spirit.

People sitting in sixes. Six in biblical numerics denotes the evil which men subscribe to. From God's perspective, these small groups of people (churches) need to come to terms with the evil in their Christian practice.

Totally covered... they couldn't see anything. The Church’s blindness. They can't see where they are headed. They are blindly following customs that have no biblical basis.

Facing the other direction to which the procession was going. Reinhard is pointing people towards God's Kingdom of righteousness which Jesus introduced. Despite the fact that he has got some things wrong in his theology, the overall thrust of all his work is towards God. But many believers are facing the other way. They don't share his aspirations. They are selfish and self-orientated, which is backward-looking.

Reinhard was at the front, leading them. God holds him responsible as their spiritual leader for not showing them the folly and unbiblical nature of their religious practices.

Reinhard, my dear friend:

There needs to be a radical re-emphasis in your teaching to these people. You need to upgrade the content and spiritual depth of your preaching. After all, you are not preaching to the unconverted. Most of those gathered at your meetings are church folks (with a minority who are not), and they need to be fed and challenged not merely entertained.

Your evangelistic meetings are opportunities for all these people to come together for a big celebration, which is wonderful. But there needs to be more. As long as spiritual instruction stays in the shallows, how can they be made ready for the final thrust of preaching that is needed to prepare the Bride?

Will they be ready when Jesus comes? Or from now on will they just continue to remain in the dark, heads covered, going backwards towards their own funerals, after they have attended those of others?

That is what I wrote in 2002 about that dream. God has also given several other dreams highlighting issues Reinhard should address. God is not pleased with his ministry now. It is taking most people in the wrong direction.

Of course, God in His grace and mercy will still use Reinhard to reach people with the gospel, and will still heal some and deliver the seriously oppressed because of His love. But don’t let that fool you into believing that there is nothing wrong with Reinhard’s practice or teaching. God is calling him to greater purity, and to major reform. Whether he listens is up to him. God never violates a person’s free choice.

CfaN Is Becoming A CULT!

On 5th Nov 2007, I wrote this to CfaN:

Mr Mark Oakes
UK Director
Christ For All Nations
250 Coombs Road
W Midlands
B62 8AA

5th November 2007

Dear Mark,

1. Would you kindly put me on your mailing list to receive regular letters about the progress of CfaN’s work. Thank you.
2. May I ask also what revelations from God – i.e. dreams, visions and other prophetic input –  CfaN or Reinhard has received to give God’s guidance for the progress of the work in Africa and elsewhere.
3. Also, which prophets do you, Reinhard, and CfaN accept for the purpose of receiving God’s guidance upon your ministry outreach?

I enclose a complimentary copy of a recent MM Newsletter for you, and also to pass on to Reinhard.

Thank you.

God bless,
Malcolm B Heap

          THERE WAS NO REPLY! Not even a simple, polite acknowledgement. Why not?

I was not added to CfaN’s mailing list. This is not the only letter they have ignored from me. It is the ‘umpteenth’! I have written to CfaN about important spiritual issues, but all those have been ignored! It seems serious spiritual matters are shelved, just as Jesus warned of Laodicea (Rev 3:15-20).

If you approach a CULT, you get the same response. Where men follow men instead of God, that’s when the door shuts in a prophet’s face. And that’s what’s happened to CfaN. It is now a humanly run organisation, not led by the Spirit!

That’s why CfaN’s supporters are plied with requests for money, are subjected to devious worldly marketing methods, and are not fed spiritually with more than shallow spiritual teaching, just to keep them ‘ticking over’. CfaN is now degenerating into a CULT, and OBSTRUCTS GOD’S ‘ELIJAH’ WORK!


Look at the full colour glossy Impact magazine which CfaN uses to promote its evangelistic work. Does that impress you? Are you impressed when you read of the many hundreds of thousands to whom Reinhard preaches in gospel campaigns? Are you impressed by the fact that he has preached Christ to multiple millions, and of his claim that more than 40 million people have filled in CfaN’s decision cards for salvation?

If so, you are not being impressed by the Spirit, but being impressed by something less spiritual.

Sure, it’s nice to have success physically. It’s what every evangelist wants – to reach the largest number of people. But it’s not God’s prime objective in this age – which may surprise you. He is not trying to save ALL the world now. His agenda is explained in MM’s article series The Church Is Missing The Mark.

No Major Guidance From Above

Since I couldn’t reach Reinhard himself, I asked CfaN’s UK office manager what revelations God has given to them for the direction of their work. No reply!

There are none! This is the problem.

What is the means which God has established in the Church for its guidance? Ephesians 4:11 says.

Does Reinhard fulfil all those functions? No.

So what function or office is being ignored? PROPHETS! God speaks to prophets to redirect the Church. Reinhard isn’t listening, nor are the others in his now culticly-operated organisation hearing them either. So they are not hearing from God for proper overall direction.

God will speak minimally to Reinhard on stage FOR THE SAKE OF THE PEOPLE whom God is calling or healing, and delivering from some demons.

Ephesians 3:5 reminds us that two offices are the principal ones God uses for major spiritual direction: apostles and prophets.

Reinhard is neither of those; he is an evangelist.

These offices in the Church should listen and learn from one another, as they receive from God. I have listened and learned from Reinhard in the past, but he has never listened or learned from me. It’s time for change.

If he won’t change, God will take away his candlestick or lampstand from its place (Rev 2:5).

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent (Rev 3:19).

Abomination In Churches

In a dream on 26th Dec 2002, God showed me that Reinhard does not realise that church hierarchy is an abomination to God. The dream is recounted in Some Pitfalls of Reinhard Bonnke’s Ministry.

Church folks also have no idea how wrong it is. Nor do they see how wrong Reinhard is; and that he is not open to receiving certain truths from God.

Church hierarchy is Satan’s entry point to limit the minds of millions of believers!

CfaN – WAKE UP!  

Malcolm B Heap, January 2008




CfaN Is Defying God!

Reinhard Bonnke's ministry, Christ for all Nations, does not accept, acknowledge, or listen to God's prophets. If anyone defies a message from a prophet of God, he defies God Himself! It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!

Reinhard prides himself that he is preaching the Gospel to the world and reaping a massive harvest.

In Impact of December 2007, he says: “The Word of God is our authority for action. I call the Great Commission, the ‘Supreme’ Commission.”

Yes. But there is a part of the Great Commission that he is omitting. I’ll explain in a moment. And there is another Commission from on high that is GREATER than that of evangelism at this time!

It’s the Work of ‘Elijah’. I will explain that also in a moment.

The Great Commission

Jesus commanded:

1) Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them... (Matt 28:19).

That part of the Commission Reinhard fulfils.

2) ...teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you... (Matt 28:20).

That part he doesn’t fulfil!

Jesus bequeathed a faith to His Church that was a body of beliefs which have since been corrupted and need to be restored. The faith once delivered to the saints is mentioned in Jude 3, a letter written very late in the first century, when apostasy was taking hold in the Church. Since then, it has progressed, and now it is deeply rooted throughout Christendom! This body of beliefs is explained in our booklet by that title: The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints.

Reinhard has some of that faith, but not all. He needs the remainder.

I sent it to him by post in MM literature, but it was rejected. God portrayed this in symbolism in this dream, cut and pasted from my Dream Diary:

Reinhard Bonnke And Our Van

29th April 2000. M. Yesterday, 28th April, I was moved by the Spirit to send God’s Church – Whose Authority? to Reinhard Bonnke. Then, God gave me a dream to indicate the response, and the immediate future of our ministry.

In this dream, Reinhard was temporarily occupying a Council house. It was a very ordinary place. Our ministry was represented as a small white van which was parked in the front garden. It was squarish, small, and white, but nothing much to look at. It was not an impressive vehicle.

There were meetings being held in Reinhard’s Council house. They were very ordinary, and the material was so familiar to us that they held little interest. I wasn’t sure whether to stay or leave, but I showed respect by sitting down and staying. I sat at the back. The meeting was soon over.

I got up and, on leaving, I passed Reinhard, who was sitting in an empty room with only his chair and a telephone. He was making a call to book his airline flight. I wanted to stop and talk with him but he was busy, so I just walked by him and left. Even if I had used sign language to him to acknowledge him and smile, that would have distracted him from his call, because he didn’t know me, so I said and did nothing as I went out.

I got in my small white van and drove off. Before doing so, there was a pile of paving slabs outside which I moved (supernaturally) from the place where they had been left to the middle of the lawn in front of Reinhard’s Council house. They must have weighed a ton or two, but they had been moved (not by human might, but by God’s). Yet, they complained that I shouldn’t leave them there, the grass would die underneath. I said “That’s not my problem; it’s yours”, and walked off.

[Dream truncated here.]


Reinhard’s Council house, and the meetings: The more permanent physical nature or structure of his ministry compared with ours, and the very ordinary teaching in his ministry.

The plane booking: Symbolises the large finance Reinhard has compared with ours and what that makes possible in his ministry. He can go places fast, unlike us.

My small white van: Our ministry is nothing much to look at on the outside, but our teaching is practical. It is not a ministry backed by large resources, so it epitomises that lack of support, but it is going places by our efforts and with God’s guidance.

The flat tyre: The obstacles we have to contend with in doing this work. We face many difficulties and lack of funds.

The stack of paving slabs which I moved and left on their front lawn: Part of the work of ‘Elijah’ is restoring the way, showing the path to walk. But it is others’ responsibility to lay the pavers out and walk that route. We can’t do it for them. The symbolism shows the unwillingness of personnel at CfaN to incorporate the truth about Sabbaths and holy days into their Christian walk.

Their being supernaturally moved: What is to come in our ministry [raising the dead] will make the truths about the Sabbaths so plain to CfaN that they then have the responsibility to lay those aspects of truth out, and put them into practice.

God Opposes Those Who Ignore Him

Reinhard Bonnke, his office managers and staff have rejected the input from God which we sent them.

God holds people accountable. That is why CfaN faces difficulties and some adversities. They will get worse the more they reject God’s input. If you reject what a prophet of God brings at God’s direction, you reject the One who sent him. So said Jesus in Luke 10:16. You can read it for yourself.

“Who Do You Think You Are!?”

People who get upset at any criticism of CfaN – who think that it is above criticism because of the size of its operations – fire that volley at me. Let them. God judges them for it. They question contemptuously: “Who do you think you are?!”

It’s not who I am that matters. It’s the wrong question. It’s “what am I saying?” that is vital. And, “is God behind my words?” I’ll answer that for any who might be more open-minded. (See following pages.)

“It’s The Same Old Thing”

I was first made aware of Reinhard’s ministry in 1988, 20 years ago. But I made no criticism for many years. That aspect was depicted in the aforementioned dream (4th paragraph of the dream). Others did query Reinhard. It irked him that someone would comment negatively about his messages – that he was preaching “the same old thing.” The critic had a point.

Yes, as wonderful as the basic message of the Gospel is, it’s not enough to prepare the Church for what is to come. Does Reinhard ever preach about the coming Great Tribulation? I have never heard it from his lips. I doubt if he is even aware of how close we are to the end of the age, and of what Jesus means us to know about what is coming. Reinhard is so busy with HIS agenda of trying to reach 100 million people this decade, and raising funds for that massive outreach, that he’s asleep to what is coming.


Some years ago Reinhard wrote a letter to his supporters in which he mentioned that half the Church is asleep. That was his ‘take’ on the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25. I wrote to him and pointed out that Jesus didn’t say what he claimed. Jesus said that THE WHOLE CHURCH (represented by ten virgins) IS ASLEEP! All ten! They only wake up when it’s very late, after the Midnight Cry goes out.

Jesus’ amazing parable is expounded in MM’s booklet The Ten Virgins.

Sleep represents being unaware of spiritual realities. It can include deception. But who would dare accuse Reinhard of being deceived by the devil?! That is not just unpopular, it sounds really implausible!

However, Reinhard is not aware of God’s Work of ‘Elijah’ taking place, restoring lost truth for the Church – which half, or most, don’t want to accept!  And, being unaware, he opposes it, along with his associates at CfaN who are apparently totally ignorant of what God’s agenda is for the next few years!

But that’s what happens when you ignore the prophetic message God sends. Prophets have been thrown out of CfaN’s door, if they ever got through it! They have been replaced with the pathetic excuse that people can hear for themselves by the Holy Spirit with their own prophetic giftings (which is untrue).

And, anyway, “what does that matter? All that matters is that CfaN reaches more and more souls!”

However, I trounce that fallacy and expose the misconception in Souls, Souls, Souls, an article in the compilation The Church Is Missing The Mark.

Laodicea Is Here

Laodicea shuts the door on further Truth. She doesn’t want it. She’s got all she wants. She’s completely content – and even proud – with what she’s got.

But the trouble is, to be content with watered-down truth, with syncretism such as Christmas, Easter and other pagan derivatives, is to compromise. So, the Church today faces double censure from God:

I know your works, love, service [Reinhard is high on God’s list in that regard], faith, and your patience; and as for your works, the last are more than the first. Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual immorality and to eat things sacrificed to idols (Rev 2:19-20).

The metaphors are about false concepts being tolerated and promoted as if they don’t matter. They are more fully explained in the book Understanding The Book of Revelation. Jesus continues His warning:

Indeed, I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent... (Rev 2:22). I will kill her children with death, and all the churches shall know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts. And I will give to each one of you according to your works (Rev 2:23).

God punishes. He rewards disobedience! That’s why He first sends prophets to warn. If people do not repent, He fights them with the sword of His mouth! (Rev 2:16.)

But they rebelled and grieved His holy Spirit; so He turned Himself against them as an enemy, and He fought against them (Is 63:10).

Remember therefore how you have received and heard; hold fast and repent. Therefore if you will not watch [if you fall asleep spiritually, and don’t care about receiving more truth from God], I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you (Rev 3:3).

So, then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. Because you say ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’ – and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked – I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eyesalve, that you may see (Rev 3:16-18).   

Malcolm B Heap, January 2008

Cfan Versus Midnight

Because Reinhard Bonnke's ministry, Christ for all Nations, is seriously out of the will of God, God is fighting against it now (Is 63:10; Rev 2:16). God raises up a prophetic voice to declare His will. Elijah championed for restoration of Truth in his day. 'Elijah' does the same today.

God Confirms His Word With Signs

I don’t  have to tell you that God confirms His Word with signs following. All who work with Reinhard know that well.

But where are the REVELATORY SIGNS of God’s guidance on Reinhard’s ministry as on Midnight Ministries? Here is some of the prophetic proof that MM speaks for God.

On 1st July 2004, God spoke to a prophet in Ethiopia. Kassahun wrote to me about what God said.

The 7th Angel’s Message

July 1/04. An Angel Declares: The End Of The World Has Come! [See Rev 16:17-21.]

Last night God gave me this dream. A mighty angel appeared on the roof of my home. The house shook (see also Heb 12:26). I went to see what was happening and saw the angel hovering above the house. In his hands the angel held a scroll on which some warnings were written in red letters.

I couldn't see what was written on the scroll, so I called to the angel to come closer. The angel responded by coming swiftly. I could now see that some of what was written there were quotations from the book of Ezekiel. [A book about the judgement of God against sin and wickedness. It contains end-time warnings about punishment as a result of sin – war, famine, and other calamities and suffering that come about because people refuse to repent of sinful lifestyles.]

I saw Ezekiel chapter 5 [which will be fulfilled shortly in many nations including Ethiopia, and also America and Britain]. I also saw Ezekiel 21:8-32. [You can read it for yourself and see what God is saying now – that terrible warfare is about to engulf the region where he lives, and spread to many other lands.]

The angel said twice: "The end of the world has come. THE END OF THE WORLD HAS COME!" [The end of man's age of misrule.] "Go out and tell the warnings written on this scroll."

I began to cry. I couldn't control my tears, because of the presence of God. I said to the angel, "This is a huge responsibility. I can't take it. Please tell Malcolm what you have said to me."

The angel responded, "I will visit Malcolm soon." Then he left. When I awoke I prayed to God to lead me in this work. The solemnity of the dreams still grips my mind.

Bless you.  Kassahun

Signs Of MM’s Authenticity

Two main categories of signs or wonders which validate the work of Midnight Ministries are:

1) People raised from the dead who have been dead for years: See the article WAKING The Dead!
2) The copious dreams and visions from God.

In many dreams, God spoke to Kassahun Ayele in Ethiopia about MM, confirming this Work. Here is some of that divine commendation (see 2 Cor 10:18).

MM Has The Torch Of God’s Truth

June 2/03. K. MM holds the torch of God’s truth!
Malcolm was holding a huge torch. From that torch there came meteorites like fireworks (it seemed like that in the dream) which spread to various places.

When the scene changed, I saw a multitude of people coming to Malcolm with their torches. The torch they hold doesn’t have light and they kindle their torch from the burning torch of Malcolm. The more they kindle their torch; the more the huge torch on Malcolm’s hand was brightening also. The light was very beautiful.

Jan. 13/04. K. MM Publications Contain the Truth
I saw the Bible surrounded by the publications of MM. Several bright rays were coming from the Bible and were reflected by the publications.

July 8/03. K. A very beautiful sword emitted light. The light coming from it had many different colours. On the sword’s handle I saw five brilliant gems. Blue, green, yellow, red and amber. I knew that even the gems were there for a functional purpose, though I was not yet sure what that was.
Comment: The sword depicts the Truth of God which you now have in your hand in MM publications. There are many beautiful aspects to God’s truth, which is precious and which is preparing (5) God’s people for service and holiness.

MM Is Preparing The Temple

6 Feb 04. MM is helping to build the Living Temple
Many people were working on a huge building on level ground. I went to find out who the man was who owned this building. Suddenly Malcolm appears out of the blue, with a smile on his face. There was a hard hat on his head like builders wear on building sites. He said to me that the building is ‘The Living Temple’. 

Truth Will Revolutionise The World

5th June 2001. K. I saw Malcolm in the house. He was clothed with gabbi (traditional garment of Ethiopia. It is very white. People wear it in winter to keep warm.) He was writing something very powerful which revolutionised the whole world. (I sensed it in my spirit.) I was glad by his commitment.

Comment: White is a symbol of purity / righteousness.

Power To Witness Coming Soon!

28th February 2002
In a dream (of last night) I found myself in a church on the Sabbath. At first it seemed to me that the church was a big house, but afterwards I saw that it is a wide hall!

I entered and sat down on a pew. I saw you and your family, including Richard with others, sit down on the pews here and there. There were only a few of us [few are chosen, Matt 22:14]. There was no one on the platform.

Then I saw a tall man wearing a cloth suit [this is either Jesus or an angel representing Him]. He approached the pulpit but didn’t go up to it. I was astonished. He began to speak and said, “I notice that the pews are empty.” His gaze focused on those of us who were present. He said to us, “You are faithful witnesses. I congratulate you on your courage, faith and steadfastness. Stay faithful to God.”

Light was radiating from our faces.

The man added, “Be of good courage, soon you will receive a power which will give you strength and vigour. You will be sustained with a holy zeal as never before. Be faithful. The night is approaching quickly. Your task and mission in the world are still not completed. Soon you will receive the power that God promises to His children and very soon the work will be finished."

This is the dream, my brother. It is for our comfort. He is with us. God bless!  Kassahun

MM Literature Preparing The Bride

Aug 22/03. It seemed as though I was looking at a wedding. There in the street to left and right best men were standing clothed with beautiful suits. Grey limousines were in the centre of the street and moving slowly. Behind them there was a choir singing loud a beautiful song. I thought in the dream that this is the next move of MM.

Comment: MM is preparing the Bride for Jesus' Coming, through all the literature God has given us to promote His wonderful truths.

Jesus Comes To Aylesbury

June 10/02  Jesus Comes To Aylesbury
In a dream a tall man met with me and with a good smile asked me to show Him your home. I told Him that the home is located near Aylesbury somewhere in Gibraltar. He looked at me for a minute and told me that He has begun His journey to your home and said to me, "Goodbye I will meet you soon in My servant's home."

The above are just some of the many hundreds of dreams which God has given to Kassahun Ayele. They confirm God’s approval of Midnight Ministries’ work. Kassahun is a prophet living in Ethiopia.

Others have received similarly about this work of God, Midnight Ministries. Here’s one example:

Restoring All Things To The Church

I received this letter from Nicholas Ochieng Odero in Kenya:

11th October 2004

Dear Malcolm, [M's comments in square brackets.]

God gave me this dream on the 2nd of this month:

I was in Nigeria with David Isaac Ohuoba. [David has raised people from the dead through God's power. He uses MM literature to teach people and build up their faith in God.] Many people were coming to us for literature. I saw that I spent one week there preaching the gospel.

On the 6th I dreamed that I was somewhere like a supermarket. [Represents how preachers are merchandising God's gospel truth – people shop around to get what they want – corrupt!] It seems like I was working there.

Suddenly I saw you with Helena. [We will be revealed to the world suddenly, through publicity as God raises 50 people from the dead.] Then I heard a voice telling me, "This is the man I have chosen to restore all things to the Church." [These are the days of Elijah – the prophesied restoration at the End!]

Then I heard another voice telling somebody to give you two cups of honey [2 years revival]. After that I did not see you again. [I will go when my task is done, like Elijah did, although not in the same way as Elijah, of course.]

May God bless you... Nicholas

God says that every matter is established by two or three witnesses (Deut 17:6; 2 Cor 13:1).

Several others who have never met me have testified of what God revealed to them in dreams that MM is God’s vessel for the End-Time Restoration of truth for the Church. Their revelations are reproduced in the booklets MORE THAN A PROPHET, and Revelations From God About Midnight Ministries.

For those who would criticise falsely that I am commending myself, I would remind them of how Paul had to reassert his authority to the Corinthian church. The dreams are GOD’S COMMENDATION OF MM.

Below are further dreams given to Kassahun:

God Validates MM’s Work Again

Mar 24/04. Dream given to Kassahun.
God reveals that MM's Work is very important.
Malcolm was doing something very important. It was a good thing!

MM Publications Contain The Fire Of God

Oct 7, 2004. K. MM Lit. Contains The Fire Of God
We were studying the truths in our fellowship. When I opened one of the publications to share the truths, a flame of fire appeared inside the page.
Amazed, I turned to the next page. There again appeared that flame of fire. The fire did not burn the pages.
With much excitement, I showed this miracle to those who were in the fellowship. All were amazed.
Meaning: When the truth is shared with new people, God performs miracles to demonstrate His love and presence. MM publications, although written by man, were guided in their compilation by God. They contain the Fire of God! And those who are true, recognise it! They are excited by the truths.

True Prophets Not Accepted

Nov. 17/04. K. Prophets Rejected

I was in the midst of several men and women. I heard one of them quoting from the book of Jeremiah and they said that Jeremiah was a false prophet. [What they say about true prophets today.] I told him that he is not right about Jeremiah and began to explain the book. Those who were convinced by my explanation began to oppose the others.

The atmosphere was becoming tense. I sensed that soon there will be conflict among themselves. I told those who were convinced to come with me. We left the place at once. [Like Jesus created division, so do true prophets.]

Comment: Some Christians are so deluded by modern teachings that overemphasise grace, that they think stern prophetic messages of judgement from God are false. True prophets are rejected, except by the few.

Those who refuse to change and accept the full truth will cause splits when others accept a greater fulness of truth.

Spiritual Treasures!

Dec 9/05. K. MM publications: spiritual treasures!
I was with Malcolm. He had many keys in his hand. I asked him what all those keys were for. He then took me to a cosy room with several silver boxes fixed to the walls of the room. He opened one of the boxes and showed me a new publication. The title of it was Spiritual Treasures. I wanted one and he gave it to me. He told me that all the boxes are packed with new publications which God has revealed to MM. I was amazed.

“Well Done, Good Faithful Servant”

Nov. 25/06. K. In a dream, I was standing in a bright and ornate palace. Words cannot describe the beauty of the building’s interior [a heavenly mansion, Jn 14:2]. A wonderful atmosphere of peace and holiness pervaded the court. Before me stood a beautiful woman with a shining angelic glow on her face. In her hand she held a golden neck-chain from which hung a small brown wooden cross. She placed the chain around my neck. She smiled and said “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” At this I awoke.

Churches Are Like Prostitutes

July 19/03. K. The seductive approach of churches
I saw a woman [symbol also used in 2 Cor 11:2]. She was using different makeup to change her appearance to get acceptance. But she didn’t appeal to men and began to strip off and expose herself. The sight was disgusting.
Meaning: Churches behave like prostitutes, spiritually, to gain and hold members. They have a wrong agenda.

Angels Protect The Work Of MM

8th January 2004. K. 3) Angels protect MM from opposition that could destroy
In the third dream I saw archers surrounding Malcolm’s home. They were many. I asked one of them where they came from and he pointed to the north. They came to protect the camp of God’s servant.
Meaning: The north is where God's throne is (Ps 48:2). Angels are guiding and protecting this work of MM because it is a work of God with the End-Time Message.

Angels Bless MM Meeting Hall

July 27/03. Angels in cellar
I was in the cellar with the family of MM. A few men came in clothed in white linen. They looked like monks. Their faces were the same so you couldn’t distinguish one from another. They were walking here and there blessing the cellar and all those who were there. When they had finished their work, they went out slowly.

Persecution Against MM

15th October 2003

Yesterday (on the 3rd day of the Feast of Tabernacles) God gave me the following dream: Prophecy of persecution against Midnight Ministries!

I was shown a vine. It was beautiful and great. Soon I saw the vine swaying to and fro as though moved by a powerful wind. One branch after another of the vine was shaken and lay prostrate upon the earth.

Many passed and looked pityingly upon it, and I waited anxiously for a friendly hand to raise it but no help was offered. Presently, I saw an angel come to the apparently deserted vine. He spread out his arms and placed them beneath the vine and raised it so that it stood upright, saying:

“Stand toward heaven, and let your tendrils entwine about God. You are shaken from human support. You can stand in the strength of God, and flourish without it [without human support]. Lean upon God alone, and you shall never lean in vain or be shaken therefrom.”

As I saw the neglected vine cared for I felt relief, amounting to joy. I turned to the Angel and inquired what these things meant. He said: “This vine is MM. It will experience all this. When these things occur you will fully understand the figure of the vine. God will be a present help in time of trouble.” Kassahun.

Angel Comes To Help MM

Oct 18/03. K. Angel comes to aid MM
A great eagle, which has several wings arrived at the home of Malcolm. I sensed that the eagle is the messenger of God sent to encourage and assist Malcolm and his family.

The Golden Sceptre In The Cellar

Aug 12/03. K. It seemed that we were worshiping on the Sabbath day in a cellar at Malcolm’s place. The cellar was overcrowded and all were praising God gladly. I saw an arm reach down from heaven, holding a golden sceptre.

On the top of the sceptre was a crown studded with diamonds. Every diamond emitted light, bright, clear and beautiful. Inscribed upon the crown were these words, “All who win me are happy, and shall have everlasting life.” [The sceptre is God's truth with which He will rule the world.]

Spirit of God Shakes The Room

July 14/03. K. Malcolm came to my home. It was full of people who wanted to hear from Malcolm. He began to teach and prophesy. The people were expressing their gladness with tongues. The Spirit of God shook the little room.
[I don't need to come in person. Accepting the Truth of God in MM literature will open the way for God to shake the earth and fill people with God’s Spirit.]

MM In China

June 16/04. K. MM To Reach Into China
Zenya wrote to me to say that Malcolm and Helena have made a trip to China to evangelize and stay there for 7 days. She asked me to help them in my prayer. I was amazed.
Meaning: We probably will not go there personally, but the witness which God will perform through raising the dead will reach into China through the media and internet.

Most Sneer At MM’s Work

March 2/07. K. Preparing The Way
Malcolm and I were digging on the roadside to make a pavement for the pedestrians. We laboured hard and made a beautiful and smooth pavement. People who saw our work gave us their appreciation. But they were few in number. The majority sneered at us.
Meaning: This dream adopts some of the imagery of Isaiah 40:3-4 to describe what MM and Kassahun are engaged in, but most Christians are too carnal to accept it.


Aug. 16/06. K.
A new Newsletter arrived from Malcolm. There were large bold letters on the front page which said, “URGENT!” It made me curious to know what was written inside.
Meaning: We are trying to wake people up to the very late hour it is, and prepare people for what is coming.

Flashing Sword Of Judgement

July 29/06. K. Many little booklets arrived in my box. Their covers were green. They came from Malcolm. The front cover has a picture of a flashing sword.
Meaning: A flashing sword is a symbol of God’s judgement. It slaughters people (Ezek 21:28). MM booklets which bring God’s truth that can provide rest (Matt 11:28.29), symbolised by the restful green colour, also bring down God’s judgement when the truth they contain is rejected.

MM Will Reach Millions

May 11/06. K. When I turned on my TV I heard a voice saying, "This is the new MM program. It will be aired in a few seconds." [Soon.] I was eagerly waiting, watching the screen.
Then Malcolm and Helena showed up. I saw a trumpet in Malcolm's hand. [A trumpet symbolises warning. Hand is symbolic of the writings. So it depicts ‘our’ written warning.]
Helena began to introduce the new station of MM and gave a testimony of how God has done a miracle in providing a way to air the messages of MM to millions of people in the world. I was excited by the publicity.

“Well Done, Good Faithful Servant”

Nov. 25/06. K. In a dream, I was standing in a bright and ornate palace. Words cannot describe the beauty of the building’s interior [a heavenly mansion, Jn 14:2]. A wonderful atmosphere of peace and holiness pervaded the court. Before me stood a beautiful woman with a shining angelic glow on her face. In her hand she held a golden neck-chain from which hung a small brown wooden cross. She placed the chain around my neck. She smiled and said “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” At this I awoke.

Preachers' Poison

April 25/02. K. Preachers’ Poison
I was in a church. The pastor opens his mouth. I saw poison on his tongue. Immediately I went out of the church.
Meaning: Most pastors have appointed themselves. They don't give the truths of God to the flock. They have poisoned teachings that kill the flock.
[“Deception is the poison of the Church.” (Testing The Spirits, p 118.)]

April 29/02. K. Deception Has Polluted God’s Clear Water of Truth
I saw pure and clear water. Dogs were drinking from it and snakes were playing in it. I saw a large number of people come from the valley to the water. They were very thirsty but couldn't drink from the water because of the snakes.
Suddenly the sky opened and Angels came down and began to drive the snakes and dogs away and make the water very clear and heal it.
Meaning: The water represent the truths of God's Word prepared by the Almighty. The dogs are the opposers of the truths of God (Phil. 3:2). The snakes are demons. The people who were in the valley represent those who thirst for the truths of the hour but who are unable to get to it.
Comment: God holds preachers responsible. Many will wish they had never been born! (See Matt 18:6.)

The Three Angels Of Revelation 14

August 30/05. K. The Three Angels
I saw in the sky pictures of three angels holding trumpets to their mouths. I stared at them. Then those angels became living beings and began blowing their trumpets. The sound of the trumpets was like thundering and the earth was shaking.

People were running with fear to save themselves but most of them couldn’t make it. I became numb and my heart failed in me. I knew God’s Judgment has begun.

Meaning: People read Revelation’s prophecies and they are like a picture to them, that’s all. The reality of these things being fulfilled NOW is lost on most of them. But, just as the angels came to life, so will Revelation’s prophecies NOW! Over the next few years, all that is in Revelation will be fulfilled with earth-shaking accuracy and horror!

No wonder people run in terror, but there is no place of escape for those who don’t serve God wholeheartedly NOW.

The three angels in your dream could be the first three angels mentioned in Revelation 14. They proclaim:

1. The gospel of Jesus to the whole world. Rev 14:6. [Reinhard will NOT be doing that. MM and others will.]
2. Judgment upon spiritual Babylon, for denying the truths of God and holding earth’s population in spiritual captivity. Rev 14:8.
3. Judgment upon the Beast, those who worship the Beast, his image (the Catholic monolith) and who accept the mark. Rev 14:9.

Kassahun, others, and MM will play a part in fulfilling Revelation 14.


These are just a few of the revelations God has given – not just to MM – but to a third party abroad. The question to you now is: Do you believe the signs God has given, and will you obey?

M B Heap, Jan 2008

CfaN and The Midnight Hour

Reinhard Bonnke and CfaN, Christ for all Nations, are not preparing the Church for what is shortly ahead. We are at the Midnight Hour. Great Tribulation (Matt 24:21) looms on the horizon. Here are some dreams from God to a prophet. May you heed and WAKE UP!

THE TIME IS LATE! As a man of God, Reinhard should know, and so should his crew, but they don’t.

THE CHURCH IS NOT READY! As a man of God, Reinhard should know what it needs to get ready, and so should his crew, but they don’t.

THEY ARE ASLEEP! It is high time to AWAKE!

Jesus said He would send a Midnight Cry (Matt 25:6) to awaken His chosen ones. How will He do that? He will resurrect people who have been dead for years (see MM’s article WAKING The Dead!) to create a platform for publicity to take the Gospel to the world via the media, along with this Restoration of Truth.

Below are just a few dreams given to Kassahun  Ayele, a ‘lone’ prophet in Ethiopia, to help prepare you.

The Coming Terrible Times

6th April 2001. K. The earth was covered by gross darkness. [The time to which Jesus referred as the Great Tribulation – Matt 24:21.]

I saw people very confused, running to and fro like madmen. [Terror, spiritual blindness and lack of true spiritual direction, because they have rejected the Holy Spirit.]

I thought that it was the second coming of Christ. [It’s the time immediately leading up to it. The birth pangs of the new age. Isaiah 13:8; Joel 2:6.]

Soon I saw an Angel coming from the east, holding in His hand a red paper. [Red symbolises war and bloodshed.] I was gazing upon Him as if I was expecting something. But He didn’t tell me anything. He threw the red paper to the earth.

After that I saw fire in several places. [War is going to break out.] Buildings, great and small, were falling to the ground. Many lives were blotted out of existence, and the air was filled with the shrieks of the injured and the terrified.

I said in my terror, “It is the judgement of God!”

[Remember that God judges sin and rebellion, but grants grace and mercy to those who give Him their lives completely. Psalm 91:7-8 contains a promise of God’s care, even in the most desperate and terrible of circumstances. Remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego (Dan 3). How God delivered them is how He will deliver those who truly love Him today.]


April 22/02.  ‘Hide’ In The Almighty!
I heard a voice from afar. It says, ''The end has come! The end has come! Hide in the Almighty! Hide in the Almighty." [When God repeats things it's for EMPHASIS. It emphasises the importance of heeding, and the certainty of what is coming, that humans cannot see!]
Meaning: The Church needs to make intensive preparations for what is shortly ahead!! We are entering the Great Tribulation very soon, the worst time in earth’s terrible history. The only safe passage through this time of horrors is to be close to God, completely reliant upon Him.

Sept 30, 2004. K. Prepare! Prepare!
I heard a voice saying, "Prepare, and prepare, for what is coming upon the earth. Let your faith correspond to the truths I have given you." The voice was like an echo reaching far and near.
Meaning: Now is the time to walk by faith. It prepares us for difficult times ahead. When God repeats things, they are important. He repeats for emphasis.

Tribulation Is Coming

20 Feb 04. K. Tribulation is coming. Are you ready?
A new booklet arrived in the post written by Malcolm. On the cover there was a title written in bold: 60 Ways To Escape From The Coming Tribulation. Immediately I began to read eagerly while I returned home.
Meaning: 60 is 6 x 10. To survive the coming Tribulation, spiritually, (don't worry about the physical part; God can take care of you however He sees fit), people (10) must deal with the evil (6) in their hearts, and start living fully for Jesus.

Articles of Faith, Vol 3 contains articles to help you prepare to Endure to the End and How to Survive God's Judgement.

May 4/02. The Great Tribulation Coming Soon
I was going to our meeting. People in the street were looking into the sky. I raised my eyes to the sky and saw a frightening scene. Demons came out of the clouds. They were covered in black from head to foot. For a certain period of time they controlled the air. I was afraid and began to cry.
Suddenly, I saw Angels covered with red. They began to fight the demons and the demons all fled with great speed and the Angels controlled the air.
Meaning: The Tribulation is not far away. It will test everyone on earth (lasting 3½ years). But soon after, God will rescue people from all this horror. The angels covered in blood depict them defeating and killing the evil people used by demons, before they turn their attention to the demons.

It’s 20 Minutes To Midnight!

The world scene is now at 20 minutes to Midnight!
Nov. 25/03. K. Malcolm had sent me a NL. The cover of the NL was not as usual (light green). It was red, and written in black and bold letters, “THE ANGEL SAID THE WORLD CLOCK IS AT 20 MINUTES BEFORE MIDNIGHT.”
[Editor: The dream depicts Newsletter 25 in which this dream was first published. When God prompted me to start it, He gave me the title "It's Later Than You Think!"]

People In Agony

The terrible suffering of the Great Tribulation
Nov. 26/03. K. In my dream I saw myself in the town. Everything was at a standstill. No more singing, no more laughter, no more rejoicing. Men and women were suffering in an agony of atrocious pain and grief. The trees were dead, dry, no more fruits, and the animals also were dying.

The Moon Catches Fire

May 27/02. K. The Moon Catches Fire! (Tribulation!)
The moon coming out while the sun was still shining. I saw the colour of the moon. It was like a fire. Suddenly the moon changed into a cloud of fire. At this time Angels began to descend to the earth at the speed of light. I was terrified.
Meaning: The moon can be a figure for the Church. She reflects the light of God. You don’t expect the moon to come out while the sun is still shining: this could represent the unexpectedness of what is to come. Intense trials! The Church is going to be engulfed in intense fiery trials!

Time Of God’s Judgement

July 1/05. K. This is the time of  God’s judgement
I saw the sky opened and there came out of it 12 strong and bright angels clothed in white. They held in their hands books. I heard one of them saying, “The time is coming for the books of Judgment to be opened.” I waited eagerly to see the books opened but they went in a group of 4 to the four corners of the earth with lightning speed. After they left I became afraid and my whole body was shaking.
Meaning: It is time for God to judge the world. 12 depicts God’s government, hence the 12 angels. And 4 depicts the entire earth. This time of judgement is worldwide.

More Hurricanes And Floods

July 2/05. K. More hurricanes and floods coming
People were running from a strong wind which blew from behind them. Most couldn’t escape. The wind took them and they disappeared. When the scene changed, heavy rain poured from the sky and I saw floods everywhere. I thought about Noah’s flood and became afraid.

Huge Fireball!

June 2/02. K. Great Ball of Fire!
From the sky I saw a great ball of fire fall on the earth at a staggering speed. In its path it annihilated everything, devastating all before it. I was in mortal terror, and I saw myself as if also wiped out by this fire. [There would be no hope without Jesus.] However, fortunately it fell some distance away from me. I sought to protect the people who were with me. My heart was beating like a hammer. We were spared.

Earth On Verge Of Destruction

Aug 14/03. K. The sky seemed to be on fire. Meteorites were falling to the ground and the world seems on the verge of destruction.

Churches Will Be Closed

March 31/03. K. The coming closure of churches
I had forgotten something important in a house. When I returned to pick it up, the house was closed. I was discouraged. Someone came and told me that I can’t get the object because a large snake was sleeping on it.
Meaning: The coming closure of churches and control of Satan to prevent God’s truth going out in the Tribulation.

12 Bright Stars In The Sky

Dec 23/03. K. End of the world coming SOON!
I saw 12 white and bright stars in the sky. I heard a voice saying, "The end of the world has come." It seems to me that the voices were coming from those stars.

Meaning: Compare with Rev 12:1 – The woman, which partly symbolised Israel, was the first recipient of God's truth, and meant to preserve it. She had a garland of 12 stars on her head. Victors of races, sporting events, or conquests, were presented with a garland to wear on their heads.

The symbolism infers that those who overcome will inherit the honour of ruling earth with Christ. 12 is the number denoting God's government or rule. And the stars are symbols of angelic beings who will decorate such a government.

Notice also in Rev 12:10 the loud voice, as Kassahun heard in his dream, and the time which is the end of the age. This is confirmation to a modern prophet of what John saw in his vision in Revelation. The end of the age is very close!

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