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Evil Motives in GOD TV

(25th Sept 2011)

Miracles were happening in conjunction with MMís work of God. Money was coming in. But we had a major problem with GOD TV. We were trying to figure out how to stop them getting money that was meant to come to us because of the miraculous signs that God is working with us. They were taking money that was meant for us.

There wasnít much that we seemed able to do stop GOD TV running off with donations that were sent in from people who had been moved by the Spirit as a result of what they had heard God was doing through MM. GOD TV was using their influence to CONTROL the money supply.

They were advertising to get people to send money to them when MM miracles were occurring. They were EXPLOITING people for money. (You can read of what Peter said about this in 2 Peter 2:3.)

Comment: This dream was given at 5.20 am. 520 is 10 (the number of man) x 13 (Satan and demons) x 4 (the world).

God is revealing the subtle, evil, satanic motives behind Rory and Wendy Alec who run GOD TV. People will do many things to LOOK right, to APPEAR good to others. But while they promote what they understand of the Gospel of Jesus, they can have underlying false motives. In this case two wrong motives are seeking money and power. They are GET motives attached to pride.

Malcolm B Heap

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