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Versus Darkness

It is highly significant that, when John wrote of Jesus' coming into this (physical) world, he lamented that Jesus was not well received (Jn 1:11). Notice that it was not merely the world which did not receive Him.

He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him (Jn 1:11).

Think about those words. They are sobering! Prophecy repeats itself.

'His own' at that time were the ones who had been entrusted with the oracles (divine precepts) of God, the Jews (Rom 3:1,2). Today, 'His own' are those called to receive His Spirit:

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God (Rom 8:14). If anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His (8:9).

Jesus is now coming to His own in a new way, a way that was prophesied long ago (Mal 3:1; 4:4-6). Scripture invariably has a dual significance.

Do you think that those to whom He is now coming again in our time are going to be any less culpable than those who should have received Him formerly? If you do, you are naive or ill-informed.[1]

The 'Crunch' Test

Many people have been called, but few will be saved (Matt 22:14).

Oh, certainly millions will be saved, but that is few compared with the total number who could be if they only responded correctly. The problem or hindrance is one that resides in the heart of man.

The reason the elevated and 'important' religious leaders did not accept Jesus was pride. Their prestige, their cleverness or 'superior' know- ledge, or their self-righteous assertions that they knew they were right and that Jesus was just a jumped-up impostor seeking a name for Himself, caused them to reject Him.

Today, there are equally religious 'zealots' – zealous for what they know or understand of God's truth, who have accepted Christ, who preach Him, who expound His Word – but whose hearts will deprive them of an inheritance in the Kingdom. Their pride and unwillingness to receive correction or further truth is part of their 'shield of faith'. Humility is not top of their personal agenda as it was for John the Baptist, whom God used as the prophet to prepare the way back then.

And, you know, there is nothing God can do to enable these people to receive it. Humility is not something you can 'buy' like you can the truth in intellectual form.

'Great' minds and clever intellectuals are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to the things of God. Babes in Christ can understand with humility, but the rich and capable cannot without that child-like humility and meekness. Meekness, by the way, is not sanctimoniousness or being 'religious'. It is simply the willingness to be corrected and to learn from another person.

And that's the problem. These folks who are heading for perdition are too high and mighty, too 'knowledgeable', too 'wise', or too accomplished, to be willing to learn from others whom God sends.

Isn't God ingenious? He cannot force truth on people. He has to work within the bounds He has set of giving people free moral agency – choice. So, He tests them. He gives them that choice.

If they are to receive eternal life with God, all must willingly accept Him and His truths, and His way of life based on love and equal recognition of other brothers and sisters in the faith.

But the proud and self-important, like Satan (formerly Lucifer), cannot do that. They and their views (part truth, part error) are more important to them than the one whom God uses to show them further truth.

These people are proud and arrogant. Mostly they are church or ministry leaders. They have got elevated by their position. They think too much of themselves, against scripture:

I say, through the grace given to me [none of us is worthy of God's grace; it is given] to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think... (Rom 12:3).

But the problem with many leaders is just that. They DO think more highly of themselves or their work than they ought to. So, when Jesus comes to them again, through another He has appointed, they do not receive him.

This is why true prophets are not received by church and ministry leaders. These lofty men are just not willing to humble themselves. Their obstinacy is only exceeded by their desire for pre-eminence.

A Dream From God Portrays The Problem

I started writing this yesterday, but had to break off to attend to other things. During the night, God gave Helena this very relevant dream:

19th May 2004. Prophetic warnings are squelched by leaders.

I was looking at a town below [she was given God's vantage point]. I saw a factory complex on fire. Dark clouds of smoke billowed into the sky. Next to the factory there was a dormitory where people were asleep. I ran through the building shouting, "FIRE! FIRE!" Some people woke up and I urged them to get out of the building to save their lives. "Leave everything behind, and run!"

Then some men turned up at the door with fire extinguishers and put the fire out. They calmed everyone down and told them that everything was under control. But it wasn't really. The fire was still in danger of breaking out again. The factory fire would engulf the dormitory soon, but people didn't care to know and didn't see the danger. They trusted other men who deceived them through their actions.

Meaning: Prophetic voices, whom Jesus sends, give a warning about spiritual dangers which will lead to destruction. Yet people reject those warnings. They listen to and trust their leaders, whose pride prevents them accepting that anything is wrong. They reject the truth and won't humble themselves to heed a warning through another servant sent by the Lord!

That is what Helena was given. It portrays how people reject us, spurn our witness, and choose to believe other ministry leaders instead. God gave her the dream as a second witness, confirming what I have written above. As John said:

He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him (Jn 1:11). [Except a few!]

I had a letter from a humble man in Oklahoma recently. What he said also illustrates the problem:

10th May 2004

Malcolm, your books have been a blessing to some people. I know people mock and scorn you, but please know I'm not one of them. It is true that people mock and scorn the God- given messages God has given you, but me and a few others are listening and doing something about it.

The lay people, the average Joe's do not laugh and scoff at God. It is the church and Jewish temple leaders who do this. [He attends a Messianic Assembly.]

Last Saturday, I gave 15 books to the Jewish 'Rabbi' and my temple members. [He has been distributing at his own cost The Imminent Fall of America.] The Jewish Rabbi got so ill [mad] at me. He don't believe in the prophetic gifts and He don't believe that God speaks to people today. He didn't like the book at all and told me not to bring more to the temple...

Two men who are believers got touched from the book.... I will give more of your books out to the pastors and members at Victory Church here... I will let you know what their reactions are in my next letter... [You know what the outcome will be, from Helena's dream last night!]

...I am not perfect, and no, I ain't no angel. I love God and Jesus with all my heart, and I believe in all the spiritual gifts, and I believe in the five-fold ministry. [He accepts prophets, unlike most.] I am a giving person like you are, and I believe you are a true prophet of God, and I believe that your wife is a prophetess of God... I'm very hungry for the deeper things of God. I would love to read everything you have written...

Malcolm, I have no words to express my love and thanks to you. You have shaken me up to where I want to do more for God and for Jesus. God has used you to shake up some believers. And, Malcolm, you do have a few believers in America who do admire you. Thank you for ministering to me and to others through your books.

Yours in Christ,

People Dump Us!

Kassahun Ayele, our dear prophet friend in Ethiopia, was recently given this dream about the way many have treated us:

10th May 2004.  Dumped!

It was Friday at 4 pm. I was with Malcolm and Helena in their home. Malcolm was sharing from the Word of God, which prepares us for the Sabbath. There were two others with us. He went on to say that we have to be humble to receive the Word of God.

Then Helena told us that someone named John, whom they had contacted, DUMPED (that was the exact word she used in the dream) them because he doesn't want to humble himself.

At this point a strange surge of power flows inside me and I prophesy:

"Thus saith the Lord, I will roll down the burdens from your shoulders, My servant; you will never again carry them. I will turn your sorrow into joy. You will tread on the high places. Trust Me, says the Lord. When all these things come to pass, remember this day. Remember this hour. Remember Me."

When I had finished prophesying, Malcolm shouted "Amen!" Helena was crying with joy. At this point I awoke.

Named and Shamed

John Trescott

The man named in the dream is John Trescott, an independent 'Church of God' minister whom I first met in 1993. From Anadarko, Oklahoma, USA, he fellowshipped with us when he visited England back then, and learned of our prophetic office – which he spurned.

God spoke to him and his wife, through us, in a prophetic word when they were in our meeting, and later in letters I wrote. He thought much of himself. He was proud of his 'ministerial position'. He aspired to move in the power of God. Why? To elevate himself and bring him acclaim! Motive is critical!

Off and on, over the years, he had sporadic contact with us but it was eminently clear that he thought us just spiritually trifling compared with his 'elevated status'.

Over about a decade, he received several letters from me, but he refused to humble himself. More about his approach was detailed in the paper Judgement To Fall On All Falsity and False Ministers under the title The Insidious Effects of Pride and The Elevation of Church Leaders (p 24).

You will notice there that what I said was because of revelation from Above. We try to avoid making hasty judgements. Input must come from the Spirit. And where God wants to expose the duplicity or sins of others, He ALWAYS gives us dreams to show what is in their heart – what motivates them.

Paul also named some similarly in his time:

Alexander the coppersmith did me much harm... You also must beware of him, for he has greatly resisted our words (2 Tim 4:14,15).

...Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world (2 Tim 4:9).

The people of God (whom we can reach) must be protected from the evil rhetoric of spiritually suspect individuals who hold positions of power. 'Sheep' are easily disaffected by manipulative, deceitful ministers with wrong motives. The gullible are unable to discern without plain talk and revelation. It is scriptural to expose evil-doers:

Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them. For those who are such do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by smooth words and flattering speech deceive the hearts of the simple (Rom 16:17,18).

Paul is talking about ministers – men with 'clout' and influence over others, who could, and did, destabilise unsuspecting souls.

Remember Diotrephes? (3 Jn 9,10.) He held onto power in the Church for his own self-glorifying ambitions. He exercised control over the brethren to achieve his ends. His motives were evil.

Likewise, are the motives of those who have been singled out here by God for exposure. You are to beware of these men (and others like them), and have no fellowship with them. Bad company corrupts good character (1 Cor 15:33, NIV).

You will see a similar enjoinder by Paul to the Corinthians in dealing with someone caught in serious sin. They were to put such a one out of the congregation. Notice that it was only at the prompting of the Spirit (1 Cor 5:4). Human excommunication or dismissal is outlawed in scripture.[2]

John Trescott, of course, is not the only one who has dumped us. God uses him as an example. MANY others – MOST ministers – act like this! 

Because they do not want to do as John the Baptist did – lay themselves down for a higher cause, one that will erode their own influence and prestige, they oppose and attack us. (May I encourage you to read the leaflet He Must Increase But I Must Decrease.)

Ed Spurlin
, Voice In The Wilderness

Another man who has done equal damage is Ed Spurlin, who writes the above journal. After I was sent his address by another independent minister in the USA, I sent him some of our publications. I was hoping for a cordial meeting of minds. But that was not to be. Proud minds don't like input.

A short while later, he sent me his journal Voice In The Wilderness. I was impressed with the way he wrote. But it's easy to be impressed by others who have a bigger brain than you, who have a higher IQ, and a greater vocabulary and ability to express things in writing. That is a human appraisal. The spiritual appraisal comes later, when God reveals.

The absence of any letter of acknowledgement at the same time, was, with hindsight, significant.

I wrote to him a short while later:

Mr Ed Spurlin
Voice In The Wilderness
35 Summer St
NH 03055

5th January 2004

Dear Ed,

I read with interest the journals you have sent me, a Voice In The Wilderness. You have a very good way with words; very lucid.

I heartily agree with your article Look What I Did! in Vol 10 Issue 12. However, there is one danger that can follow on from such an observation – the disrepute which false prophets bring on the true prophetic office causes it to be rejected also. From the way you write, it would seem that your personal involvement with things prophetic from God is not firsthand, but based upon what you have read of the biblical prophets, their accounts, and other secondary aspects. [This statement offended his pride.]

You will be aware of Paul’s commendation of the prophetic in 1 Cor 14, and of the other related spiritual gifts listed in 1 Cor 12. May I ask how far you have been able to venture into this field firsthand?

More by way of an aid in the assessment of your position, I enclose some publications which broach some of these issues and hope you find them useful to you. God wants you to move on and embrace more of the things of His Spirit, for it is this union with His Spirit evidenced by manifestations of spiritual gifts which will enable the people of God to have the guidance they need in the turbulent times just ahead.

Malcolm B Heap

Shortly before his reply arrived, God gave me this dream, which exposed his attitude:

18th January 2004. A dream for those who take exception to what we teach and who think they have a right to teach us.

There were some boxes on a counter. (We send a lot of our literature out, in bulk, in boxes.) Someone pushed an equally big white box towards me and expected me to receive it when I had enough of my own to give and was fully engaged in giving them to others. I got annoyed, because this man's actions revealed his ignorance about me and my Commission from God. I knew that the box contained videos, tapes and books which he hoped would re-educate me.

I argued with him. I told him that "I have listened to hundreds of hours of Bible teaching and exposition on audio tape and video footage and don't need any more. God has given me what is needed." His approach was arrogant and insulting. It was really annoying! He didn't want a box from us.

Then in the Spirit I was given this to say to anyone like that man, who thinks that I am lacking something vital which they need to teach me:

"Elijah and John the Baptist had a divine Commission. They didn't know everything there was to be known, but what God gave them was a complete package of basic truth to deliver to the people, so they could be prepared for what was to come. Elijah and John the Baptist didn't need to listen to and learn from others. It was the duty of others to listen to and learn from them! Those who arrogantly thought they had 'one up' on these prophets of God had not learned the most basic of basic lessons in life! Likewise it is today that those who come against us with criticism, thinking that we have a thing or two wrong in our basic teachings, are the ones who are deceived. I am a prophet ordained by God to promote the end-time message to the Church. My Commission is world- wide, not merely localised. And God has given us a complete package in basic Bible exposition, covering all the major necessary doctrines from His Word, with no need to add thereto. I am not saying that I know everything. I don't. Nor am I perfected yet. I'm not. But their duty is to learn from us, not for them to arrogantly think we should be learning from them."

The man to whom the dream principally refers, whom God singled out in this instance, is arrogant and unteachable. Hence God's response in the dream and what He gave me by the Spirit after the dream.

That dream was given in the early hours of 18th January. A short while later, his reply arrived, full of pride and presumption [my comments in brackets]:

14th January 2004

Dear Malcolm,

Thank you for your letter and the assortment of booklets you sent. [He was trying to appear polite. He was not really grateful, as you will see.] Thank you also for your concern with helping me to determine God's calling on my life, and in wanting to help me to understand spiritual things. [This is a sarcastic put-down. He doesn't think he needs anyone else's help in this.]

Then he went on to criticise the article God Digital and the False Revival, in which I recount how God had us go to an Edinburgh 'conference' staged by that TV channel, hosted by Rory and Wendy Alec, and featuring the prophet Rick Joyner. While we were there, God had us do certain things to upset them, and gave us dreams illustrating some spiritual pitfalls and problems with those people.

But most of this, Ed Spurlin took exception to. He found fault with me, especially over the dreams from God and how they were interpreted. He insisted that he knew best, and that his interpretation – which was a massive arrogant put-down – was without fault.

I won't bore you with all that, since God has already cut through 'the flack' by the dream He gave me, which highlighted that this man wants to be considered pre-eminent. He thinks himself superior.

He went on to berate me:

God has not called you to kill fishes – or to judge them for that matter – but to save them. [Oh, hasn't He continually judged the errant among His people through the prophets since time began?! Look how the snake cleverly accuses.] God doesn't need any help in knowing that they're not headed in the right direction. [While he is accusing me of arrogantly asserting that I am trying to inform God, in his arrogance he misses the point that God was informing us about what was happening spiritually.] Rather, He is looking for someone who will take the responsibility of interceding for, and patiently ministering to and warning, those who are suffocating from the lack of spiritual depth in their lives [our publications are all about helping release people from such an environment, and Helena intercedes constantly in this task], and those who are being poisoned by the worldly wickedness that they've assumed was evidence of God's 'anointing for revival'. [Spurlin poisons his own readership with venom against me and others to whom he takes exception.] But you never bothered to wait upon Him for the full meaning of the dream. [We jolly well did! And we didn't have to wait for long. God gave the meaning pretty well instantly. But Spurlin didn't like to think that we were correctly hearing from God, because he wants that 'acclaim' for himself. He doesn't want to give us any credit.]

Then he went on to accuse me of being the subject of one of the dreams – which God gave about the set-up He had taken us to witness to, God Digital. He brazenly said that my motives were pride and ambition. No, they are his motives, which is why he accuses me of them. They underlie his behaviour, so he assumes that others are similarly motivated. 

He flagrantly asserted:

[Pride and ambition] dominate your public expression of God's purpose in your life. You want, more than anything, to be 'recognized' as the great prophet you perceive yourself to be. But people keep confounding that desire, failing to show you proper homage and reverence.

I do NOT seek homage or reverence! I want to see others benefit from what God has given us, and it irks me when all we get is rejection instead of being listened to. Sure there is hurt in the emotional sphere – and Spurlin does nothing to help that. Instead, he adds to it. But, my over-riding desire is not for myself, but for the truths which God has given.

If I wanted to be noticed, I would not have spent the last 12 years of my life confined to a rabbit hutch of an office, working away at a keyboard to get on paper the precious truths of God, at huge cost to our family, and considerable cost to my health.

I wouldn't be so 'stupid' as to do that. I would be 'out there', like the big evangelists (if that were my gifting, which it is not), making waves, being noticed, making a big noise to draw attention to myself.

He gave no second witness (he has none) for his insulting false assertions. Yet accusations against elders should be not entertained unless there is corroborating evidence from others (1 Tim 5:19). I will present corroboration about his wrong approach, because Helena received from God also, as I will explain shortly.

After he had finished falsely castigating me, he wound up with this arrogant bit of come-uppance:

I must warn you that whatever curses you pronounce upon others, in your zeal to make God justify your ministry [I don't need to do that like he does; God justifies it all the time with dreams and the testimony of others] will be visited back upon you 10-fold, if you try to lash out against His truth, while presumptuously wielding His mantle of office. [He has pronounced his own doom as you will see.]

May God bring you to a place of meekness and humility, wherein your ears and eyes might be opened to the truth, before it's too late.

In Christ's service [he deludes himself about that],
Ed Spurlin.

When a person is wicked, they don't see what is wrong with themselves. They think they are so right, especially about themselves. The prism through which they look distorts their view of others, too.

But the light from God is pure when it comes straight from His throne. Men distort it. That's why we need continual revelation from Above.

And God never fails to give it to us in this ministry. It's what the wicked resent!

With the dream of 18th January behind me, God had me reply to Ed Spurlin:

20th January 2004

Dear Ed,

I have received your letter of January 14, with enclosures, in response to my letter of 5th of Jan. You accuse me of presumption, pride and ambition, of which, if there is any taint, God will surely show me and I will be humbled more if there is that need.

However, it would be more appropriate for you, would it not, to examine yourself first in this regard, before you so glibly cast aspersions on my ministry? Or perhaps that was the Lord’s purpose for our paths to cross, so that you might see that the very things of which you accuse me are themselves part of the backbone of your approach?

Instead of finding a warm response from you, my letter trod on your toes, in suggesting (wrongly) that you had not experienced the prophetic from God in a firsthand manner. So, your pride or pre-eminent position ‘threatened’, it was needful for you to bring me down to size.

I’m sorry, but I don’t seek recognition, except for the truths God has given us to promote. You are wrong that I am ambitious, presumptuous or full of pride. If I were, God would not use me.

Perhaps you did get puffed up by the regular dreams God gave you, and other prophetic input. Perhaps God gave them to you for that very reason, knowing you would fall as a result. That would explain why they have ceased, would it not?

As for your assertion that I did not take any notice of or reach out to the lesser fish in the pond in that dream, how could I when they were not reachable because they were under the thumb of the main player in that episode, God Digital? Since you think I didn’t receive enough from God on that one, then perhaps you in your vaunted wisdom can enlighten me as to who those others are? In that particular dream, God was just conveying in allegory the circumstances of that encounter, and what would happen. He didn’t castigate me afterwards for the way we handled the situation, nor inform me that I had ‘missed it’ like you are only too eager to surmise. He gave me further dreams about other situations, and He has done so since, regularly, which we have acted upon as we are able.

I do not compile all these revelations in a book to draw attention to myself, nor to elevate myself. Elijah didn’t stand on Mount Carmel to draw attention to himself, nor to elevate himself, but to make the truth known in Israel. You completely misjudge my motives, which, I suggest to you is because those motives are in your own heart, still.

He hasn’t departed from me and withdrawn His presence, or anointing and revelations like He did from you. So, perhaps the shoe is on your foot, not mine. I hope you can take this correction and not be offended, but examine yourself as you suggested and which I have done as you said.

This reply infuriated him, as God showed to Helena on 21st January in a dream:

21st January 2004. H.

1) There were many people on the road. They were dressed differently and travelling different directions, ignoring each other and refusing to learn from one another.

Meaning: God is not happy with the present situation. His people are divided and don’t love the truth which would unite them. God wants His Church to be united in Truth and Spirit and to become His Bride. Those who refuse to learn new truth from others God uses will fall by the wayside.

This applies to John Trescott and Ed Spurlin, as well as many others like them.

2) I saw a man's face and his eyes covered in bright red.

Meaning: A prophetic dream about Ed Spurlin. God is showing that he will be full of anger and hostility against us.

And that's precisely what happened! God is never wrong!

Instead of contesting with me by letter, Spurlin hit his keys to vent his anger in front of his audience. He wrote a vituperative attack against me in his Voice In The Wilderness. It was replete with errors, half-truths and distortions, to paint me in a bad light and to misrepresent my office and what I said. It was an insult to the Spirit of God.

If you want a copy of it, write to him for one. It's dated February 2004 (Vol 11, Issue 2).

He didn't dare give his readers my address, for them to hear the other side of the story. But I don't mind you having his. I welcome others writing to him about his mistreatment. That is scriptural (Matt 18:15-17; Gal 6:1,2; Jas 5:19,20). You never know, maybe he could be brought to repentance?

My reply to his trash follows:

13th February 2004

Dear Ed,

Your Voice In The Wilderness arrived today, appropriately [on the 13th], and I notice your disparaging, misleading, and un- informed comments on page 2 under "When Others Don't Like Us."

Actually, I wanted to hold out a hand of friendship to you, thinking that you would want co-operation instead of confrontation. For example, in my letter to you of 5th January 2004, I made several complimentary remarks about you, but I would suggest that my unwillingness to elevate you onto the pedestal which you seem to want for yourself, and to 'dare' to correct you, has caused you to take such a hostile stand against me and my office.

Pooh-pooh it as you want, but you are spurning the office of prophet, one whom Jesus stands behind in order to help bring His saints to perfection. And, as I'm sure you well know, Jesus says in Matthew 10:41, that those who accept His prophets accept Him and receive a wonderful reward, but by inference, those who reject Him do and receive the converse.

You call me a "supposed prophet". Good. You have confirmed which side you represent. Now I know why you don't like me. YOU want to be a prophet, or even better, the prophet! God offered you the office early on, by the sounds of what you have told me. However, because you did not handle the revelations properly that He gave you, He withdrew the offer. He doesn't want His own getting puffed up by pride.

Amongst the dreams which God gave my wife was this one about you:

"I saw a man's face. His eyes were covered in bright red."

You can attach what interpretation to it that you like, but I suggest to you that the red symbolises your anger against me for having dared to correct you. Perhaps it also represents what lies behind your critical and fault-finding outlook towards me. Perhaps it predicts your response now – full of anger and hostility towards us. You can judge best for yourself, if you want to.

To return to your paper, you misrepresented me entirely. Here are the errors in what you proposed:

  • "One supposed prophet..." If you care to read our dream diaries, and let the Holy Spirit enlighten you, you would see our prophetic credentials well supported (Num 12:6). But you don't care to acknowledge another, because you want pre-eminence for yourself.

  • "...even spoke the following interpretation over someone..." No. It was a prophecy. It was not an interpretation. Even the prophet did not know what he was prophesying. (It was recorded and later transcribed.) Nor did he interpret 'his' words on that occasion.

  • "Unfortunately, because the receiver of this word embraced it without testing its contents against Scripture..." Sorry, chum, you are totally out of order. It's a pity you don't know Scripture that well, or perhaps you prefer to be ignorant on this point. It suits your purposes not to tell the people the whole truth, doesn't it? What the prophet spoke WAS a portion of Scripture! It is at the end of Isaiah 54.

  • "...(because, after all, it's a word from God)"... Deliberately sarcastic and disparaging, when it was not appropriate to be so negative about what God delivered in that word.

  • "...he has devoted the past 10 years to a continual verbal battle with everyone who questions or disagrees with anything he says..." Completely untrue! There are many whom I don't confront. I only take to task those whom God selects and shows me. I follow, as well as I can, His prompts. And I certainly have NOT spent the greater part of the last 10 years doing what you claim! Most of that time has been spent building others up, primarily through the Spirit-inspired literature which is written for people's spiritual edification. Things like:

      1. The Missing Dimension in Christian Living. A treatise on humility.
      2. God's Great Genius. Proof of the divine inspiration of the Bible.
      3. Listening To God. Teaching others how to listen to God.
      4. An Introduction To The Spiritual Gifts. Ditto about spiritual gifts.
      5. Prophets and Prophesying. Ditto about these prophetic gifts to the body.
      6. Understanding The Book of Revelation. Ditto about Revelation.
      7. Testing The Spirits. Ditto about what you claim, but don't do.

And there are many, many more titles, which I have written in the past ten years, which were not as you falsely claim – part of a negative "verbal battle with everyone..." – but are for the edification of the saints.

It's a pity that you didn't first familiarise yourself with what God has done through us, before you jumped in at the deep end to drown in the negativism of the devil's accusations and lies.

  • "...or who fails to accept him as Elijah in the flesh..." Once again, you should have read Who Is The End-Time Elijah? before jumping to the wrong conclusion and falsely accusing me!

  • "He has come to believe that his prophetic calling is meant to 'tear down' and 'condemn' all who fail to recognize and support his prophethood." Well, now, that is interesting. You claim to understand the prophetic office. You claim you did once receive many revelations from God as prophets do, yet you reject the purpose of the prophets' work. Amazing!

If correction was not on the prophet's divine agenda, his main purpose would be denied.

And you claim that you are a teacher?! Like Jesus said to Nicodemus, "I'm amazed at you!"

I don't condemn people. The words God gives me condemn them for failing to accept what God conveys through an otherwise worthless human instrument. And they will judge them at the last day, just as 'my' words here will judge you if you retain an obdurate position against God's correction.

You have certainly fulfilled the dream God gave us of you. And you have admirably fulfilled your own words by not liking us. Thanks for throwing out the welcome mat! I wouldn't waste my time to wipe the dust off my feet on it!

Nor would I waste my breath in asking you to retract the false statements you have written about me in your journal. If I did, it would only be suitably edited to bolster your prejudicial and arrogant position. I doubt if you would publish our address for your readers. And frankly, they are probably so blinkered and undiscerning, because of your clever rhetoric, that such victims of cultic conditioning would not take the trouble to ever write to us to find out the truth. So, let wickedness prevail! After all, it's time for it to come to a head, before God's time comes to judge. Judge He will.

Malcolm B Heap

cc  John and Retta Trescott

I sent a copy of that letter to the Trescotts, because one of their letters appeared in Ed Spurlin's paper.

Following this, Spurlin attacked me even more ferociously. My letter of 13th February must have really got up his nose, because the day it arrived, he wrote a vitriolic diatribe against me, filling eight pages of his March journal. His writing was dated 18th February 2004, so he didn't leave any time for contemplation and waiting on God first before he set to to defame me.

Well, he certainly got his just dessert. I replied:

13th April 2004

Dear Ed,

Your crummy [it only gives crumbs of spiritual nutrition] journal of April 2004 has arrived, and my wife tells me that you have had another bash against me for correcting and challenging you previously. Presumably it helps to satisfy your need for vengeance. It's a pity YOU can't take correction and must resort to recrimination to justify your arrogant contempt.

I won't waste my time reading your trash, because I've seen enough now to know that all you want to do is get your own back by tearing me down for claiming I'm a prophet. It's pointless answering your vomit. You are not objective, and you only seek to decry true prophets to salvage your superior position.

Since you love mocking and ridiculing those who are below your elevated standards, here's something else that you can publish in your journal. Perhaps it will give equal glee to all your supine readers – not forgetting John and Retta Trescott, of course, your faithful 'lackeys'.

Nothing like a good session of scoffing, is there, to generate some controversy on which you seem to thrive? So, here are some juicy 'tid-bits' that you can publish, since you hark about fruits to validate prophetic ministry backed up by the Almighty. Pity you can't publish any fruits of your own!

1. 'We' will raise the dead in the near future, and what is to occur will be covered by the secular media and press.

2. Some names to make it more authentic:

Marc McKenzie, who was a small boy who died in the 1980's of cystic fibrosis. His grave is in a cemetery in N London. According to God's authority in our ministry – which you have repudiated – 'we' will raise him from the dead.

Barbara Jackson, a spinster who was 85 years old, when she died in 1999, will also come back from the dead to testify to the validity of my words as a prophet of the Almighty God, whom you falsely claim to represent.

There will be others also whom God will bring back from the dead, as we have prophesied, but you probably don't care and think this is just a 'con'.

Oh and by the way, the references to you dying or going deaf refer to spiritual deafness and death.

You totally misunderstand prophetic correction, and misinterpret and misrepresent my motives. At the moment, through your clever subtle criticism and malicious fault-finding, you are giving glory to the demons in your psyche.

Malcolm B Heap

Demonic Mist Comes Down

After Jesus comes to bring further enlightenment, if people reject it, judgement falls. God never fails. It's an unavoidable fact of spiritual development.

That's what has now happened to Ed Spurlin.

I don't know why he continues to send me his paper. I can only assume that he still thinks I have something to learn from his vaunted intellect. But he's certainly now more of a voice in the wilderness than before! It's a wilderness of his own making.

After he rejected what I had to offer him, and following my last letter, God gave him a dream. He related it in his May 2004 Voice In The Wilderness (Vol 11, Issue 5). It came 5 or 6 times over three successive nights.

Here is a man who was called to be a prophet, to whom God gave revelations early on in his ministry, but from whom God increasingly withdrew Himself, like He did from King Saul. The reason is the same.

When you were little in your own eyes... did not the Lord anoint you...? (1 Sam 15:17).

Saul's increasing presumptuousness, pride and temerity pushed God to one side. False prophets also can start out true, but turn false because of the way they choose to elevate themselves rather than God.

When Ed Spurlin learned of the plethora of dreams which God gives my wife and me constantly, jealousy and resentment got the better of him. His desire for personal recognition and elevation opened the door of his life to demonic oppression. It will only get worse, until he repents and humbles himself.

I hope he will.

God loves everyone and wants them to come to true repentance in humility. So, He gave Ed one last chance to learn, as a final warning. It was embossed in this dream which he received over three nights. Three depicts finality. He described the experience [again my comments follow in square brackets]:

Each of the dreams was essentially the same, except for certain details that became more severe and frantic with each successive dream, I was on what could best be described as a 'helicopter'... with an indeterminate number of other believers. We were attempting to take off and fly to some undefined place. Although I don't remember the details, I believe we were distinctly flying AWAY from something that was in the process of happening. [This something is actually the final move of the Spirit.] However, I don't believe it would be accurate to say we were 'fleeing' physically from some danger.

However, in each attempt, the helicopter was unable to gain enough altitude to make it over a nondescript, single-story factory or warehouse building. (The deficiency seemed to be a 'lack of power', rather than the overloading of the plane.) After about the third attempt, I realized that, in addition to our not being able to make it past the building, that there was also a high-voltage electrical line passing over the building, which I hadn't noticed before. [This is the outpouring of power coming, of which we have prophesied, and its consequences. But he and others like him will be excluded from sharing this power. They are spiritually blind and so can't partake of God's outpouring.] Even if we could make it over the building, we would become entangled in these wires that stretched above it.

We tried several low altitude manoeuvers – (i.e. 2-3 feet above the ground) – but whichever way we turned, new obstructions appeared that soon criss-crossed the entire area, like a deadly net. [Demonic entrapments to those with wrong motives.] Some were utility wires, such as telephone, cable TV, Internet, and electrical cables. There were also several forms of antennas that also began to appear in the most unfortunate places.

Not only was the sky effectively blocked in every direction [symbol of God being occluded from his life], but a heavy mist [symbol of demonic entrapment] began to settle, beginning as light wisps that quickly grew denser. Not only was the sky criss-crossed with a deadly entanglement, but it was becoming ever more difficult to distinguish where they were.

Each succeeding dream – some after some intense times of prayer – yielded the same sense of urgent hopelessness in our collective inability to ascend beyond this barrier. In addition, the mist or fog became denser in each succeeding dream, until it was completely impossible to see what lay beyond it, or to perhaps find a safe passageway through the maze of obstructions.

There was also a great sense of impending danger to all of us, from whatever it was that we were fleeing from [the outpouring of power from God to accompany this last move of the Spirit in this age requires an acceptance of the truths we bring with it; failure to accept them brings only foreboding of doom and judgement], if we were unable to ascend beyond these earthly barriers and assume our place of liberty. We were escaping from an unrevealed danger; but we no longer possessed the ability to ascend above our circumstances, nor was there an open avenue of escape any longer.

Notice those last words. They depict in imagery what Hebrews describes thus:

For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted the heavenly gift, and have become partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, if they fall away, to renew them again to repentance... (Heb 6:4-6).

For if we sin wilfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful expectation of judgment, and fiery indignation which will devour the adversaries (10:27,28).

Ed Spurlin does not see the spiritual meaning. He thinks that the dreams merely depict the worldly obstructions we face in our spiritual lives:

In whatever situation in which we find ourselves in this world, we need to be able to look past that physical [my emphasis] obstruction which opposes us, and to be able to spiritually ascend beyond whatever restrains or challenges us [these are spiritual foes, Eph 6:12 threatening him ], until we can find that place of abiding rest in Him. This was the essential meaning behind the dreams.

No, that is only part of it. I underlined the word physical, because that is a problem with his emphasis. No, the dreams' major meaning is a spiritual warning to him! The obstacles are spiritual – demonic powers which he has welcomed by his stubborn refusal to humble himself and acknowledge our input from God.

He and his cohort John Trescott – like so many others – have not just rejected me, they are rejecting God who has commissioned me (1 Sam 8:7).

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