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Back From The DEAD!

They died.
One was dead for a week and was buried.
But the grave opened up and he came alive!

We are living in the days of ‘Elijah’, as Malachi prophesied in the Bible long ago (Malachi 4:5-6). And, as Isaiah foretold of the return of the dead, it is happening:

Your dead shall live; together with [their dead bodies] they shall arise. Awake and sing, you who dwell in dust; for your dew is like the dew of herbs [i.e. vivifying], and the earth shall cast out the dead (Isaiah 26:19).

Here are the accounts of two men in Kenya who died, and what they experienced.

Kennedy Sent Back

Here is what happened to Kennedy Ochieng Opith, who lives in Suna, Migori, Kenya.

Kennedy died on 4th November 2010 and was sent back in the early hours of the 5th November. He was dead for several hours.

He had been involved in a car crash. The car had been travelling at an inordinate speed, and the driver lost control of the car when he tried to avoid a pedestrian. The vehicle flew up into the air, over some shrubs near the road, and rolled over several times. Kennedy was killed and another passenger, Edward, was seriously injured.

Here is what he experienced after death, in his own words:

...Today I will tell you what I was told at the moment that I was on the other side of the world. Due to how much I had erred and never cared about your teachings and somehow regarded you as a false prophet, what I was told there was not pleasant to my natural body. I had wanted all along that you be proved wrong, to be a false prophet. So it took me time to absorb it and face the reality.

Immediately I died, it took some moments in which I knew nothing at all. Then after some time I gained consciousness but not in this flesh. Behind me was my body drenched in blood and relatives and friends were wailing sore. But I was not remorseful and cared less about it.

I saw myself passing through a very large desert in which only grass grew, then through some valley [Ps 23:4] and again back to a plain ground. As I went on I reached a place that was like a vacuum and you saw nothing all sides and below. Other spirits were also coming and I was not alone. They were from over all places. Ahead of me I saw some three beings [I believe these were Jesus, flanked on each side by the archangels Michael and Gabriel – editor] dressed in white robes come to meet me and my fellows. As we continued the long journey, we were met again by other beings that I recognized as angels. They were now many.

We went on. Then we came to a very beautiful place where everything was perfectly made. As we passed through, another being (who seemed to be their leader) stopped us why we were here. I never had an answer. The three beings intercepted and said two of us are not supposed to be there. He however seemed to know everything about us – records.  Immediately we were separated into two groups. The other group was taken to a different place while the two of us were addressed by the leader.

He asked: “Do you know prophet Malcolm?”

The other person said he knew him not while myself I kept my silence. (I was intimidated when he called Malcolm a prophet...).

The other person who never knew Malcolm was taken by another being to a different place for instruction before being ordered to go back.

He again asked if I knew Malcolm. I wanted to say NO but it couldn’t come out. There you only say truth or keep silent. I answered that “I know Malcolm of England.”

I was scared to mention that you were a prophet lest I be asked “why then did you not believe him?” 

Then I was ordered to go back with the following words: “He is My prophet and the restorer to the old paths [Is 58:12]. Many are brainwashed now. Resist him not. Go back and join hands with him. You too I will make my mouthpiece.”

I asked then why Malcolm opposes the Holy Scriptures, to which he responded with a LOUDER voice (He was getting impatient):

“Your ways are not Our ways [Is 55:8-9]. We will make you understand one by one, and for this reason go back.”

Later I found myself back in this body resting on that thing with which they carry dead bodies to mortuary. I waved my hand and they dropped me down, scared. I heard my mother say, “He is alive!” 

Later I was told that I died at about 3 a.m. in the night but was left till morning when the mortuary attendant would be back to duty.

That is the story as I can recollect it. But I saw and learnt so many things during that time.

When I told my story to my [church] leaders, I was told to keep it [quiet] and never tell it out to anyone. One even said to me: “This was just a very bad dream and we are happy it was not true.” But to me it was beyond that and I knew assuredly what it was.  Kennedy.

Dead For A Week and Buried For 1½ Hours!

This is an e-mail letter I received about Isaya Ouma Owak of Suna, Migori, Kenya, who died on Saturday 12th November 2011. He was buried on the 18th November.

18th November 2011

Hello Malcolm,

There is a sense of awe here right now and people are dumbfounded...

Isaya was buried today at about 5.30 pm and we left for home. Then at about 7 pm news started going round that he's come back to life. In fact, during his burial Kennedy told people that he will come back at God's appointed time...

Indeed it's hard to believe. You may think you are in a trance or seeing a vision! I rushed there and found it to be true. He's back to life!! I found him sitting on a chair and many people coming to see him. Now people are being controlled, not to throng him. He is sitting motionless and does not talk either. He seems tired and sleepy. Some say he is about to die again. Some say he is just a ghost...

Many are afraid to come near him saying they are seeing a ghost. Even his very father refused to come near him for fear. It's when Kennedy arrived that the scene changed. Those who were away and talking in low tones started coming near. Superstition is very rife...

...I must rush back there. I was just eager to pass on the information... David Nyawire.


Kennedy wrote a few days later:

22nd November 2011

Hello Malcolm,

I’m happy that David gave you the candid report of what happened here on Friday after the burial of Isaya...

Isaya came back but unlike me he was frail and not talking. He started talking a day later and in low tone, with many pauses in between. When you look at him it is a complete contrast of the Isaya I knew...


Isaya Relates What Happened After He Died

27th November 2011. Sent at 5.55 a.m.

... my experiences during the period I was not in this body. First I fell sick of Malaria and was admitted to a local hospital. Despite the treatment that they gave me, my condition worsened and I died...

...Saturday 12th Nov I passed on into another world.

There was some moment when I was completely unconscious when I died. I do not know how long it was because I was unconscious. Then later I gained my consciousness. I saw myself swimming [floating] in air, seeing my body lying on a hospital bed. People cried bitterly but I was not disturbed, neither did I care for my wife’s feelings. Not even what my other people were saying when wailing for my departure.

I headed out, not minding to trace [find] the door. I simply saw the wall giving way [he passed through the wall]. I left and continued my swimming. I could see other souls [spirits of people] like me coming from some [other] directions heading to where I was going. We flew high, passing over a very dry land with some nice looking grass. Some Angels came to meet us on the way. Their number was equal to the total of us all.

We moved on together and one was in charge of a song that we sang as we went. I simply found myself singing the language well...

Then we came through some beautiful valley [Ps 23:4] and again we went through a plain ground. Later after some moment, we came through a place that looked like a vacuum and I saw nothing all sides round.

I finally came to a very beautiful place where everything was overlaid with gold. At this place, I was taken to a different place and the other souls [spirits of people] proceeded [carried on further]. Then my questioning began:

He asked me: “Do you know prophet Malcolm?”

I answered him: “... Why do you call him prophet?”

I told Him: "I could not allow him to cheat me with those fake teachings! I remained faithful in the CoG till to date. Why do you call him prophet?"

He answered me: "CoG [the Church of God] was My Church but not that, only in name. My CoG is not [just a] name but a congregation of believers. You were therefore not in My CoG."

"My Church is not [just a] name but a congregation of believers. You were therefore not in My Church."

He continued: “I have sent Malcolm in this age to restore the truth. I mean the meaningful truth that brings obedience in the life of a believer.”

As he was proceeding to talk with me an evil spirit appeared (Satan) and he had a whole review of my life in a summary and said to the angel: “Why have you separated Isaya from the rest to remain here? See his life how I was using him. He is my servant and if you are truthful as ever, hand him over to me. He belongs to hell and I should join him together with the others who have just come. You know your people are always few but we have many followers.”

Other angels arrived and took the life review from Satan and went through it from beginning to end.  They then showed the Satan that although I had some errors due to the CoG influence, I was kindhearted and helped many people who were in problems either with food or money. This was pleasing to them since I served fellow man.

Satan protested that one wrong is enough to cancel all the good things I had done, but the angels argued my case that I should not go to hell. All along I was sitting patiently praying that I should not go to hell but get a chance to get into life eternal. Satan left in a hurry and went to attend to his group.

The angels then consulted their leader and he decided that I should go see Jesus. I was taken to another place and here I was carried by two angels, not allowed to walk on that floor because I was not very pure.

When Jesus saw me He was very much happy and said: “You ought to go to hell but I have forgiven you because you had a very sincere heart though you were in [the false church]. You believed it was the true Church and while you were there you assisted My children so much. You were doing it for Me. When you did it to them when they were destitute of the earthly needs, you did it to Me.”

“Do you know prophet Malcolm? He is doing a good work too and I have appointed him to be a restorer of the true path. Believe he speaks for Me. As a human being he has [some] little failings but don’t let that disturb you. He is sincere, dedicated and well-meaning. He is my prophet!! Be humble and down to earth like him. You will go back to earth and be a testimony to people.”

He also asked if I knew Kennedy. My mind came to Kennedy Opith and I said “yes.”

“I forgave him like you. He came back too soon and many did not believe it, even yourself. I allowed you to be buried before you came back to life so there can be no doubt in the minds of people. You will join hands together with Kennedy. I’m happy with him now. I will bring you before all people and kings of the world to witness to them about Me! I will raise up people who will support your outreaches for Me. Be of good cheer and only believe.”

Then He told the angel to read for Me the book of Ecclesiastes 12:13. He read it aloud seven times.

I was ordered to go back now.

Then immediately I was back in the physical body. I did not even travel back. I simply found myself lying in a wood coffin. I was perplexed what I was doing there. I pushed it open with my hands and came out. The coffin had come out of the grave by itself. When I opened it, I saw my father, mother and everybody running towards the gate.

I shouted: “It’s me! I’m back. Don’t run.”

I was stranded [astounded] how my coming back was just causing panic. I headed to my house and sat there alone. I later realized that they had run to Kennedy’s home and he came together with them.

Immediately I lost the power to talk. My tongue was heavy for about 24 hours.

I thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to be alive again. I will remain faithful to Him and do His service... Isaya.

Account compiled by Malcolm B Heap

Angel Came To Deliver From Demons Kenya

16th August 2011

I am a 33-year old widow having two sons and a daughter all schooling. My daughter who is now 13 began to be sick at the age of 5. She would laugh and behave unreasonably with unseen people [demons] to whom she talked loudly. Every time that happened she would fall badly, eyes looked big, wide open, and teeth tightly put together. She would stay like that for an hour. Lastly she would vomit a full dish of foams and was then relieved. She was declared mad because she called teachers bad names sometimes.

I tried every kind of treatment and hospitals but nil. The last episode was on 12/8/2011.

I was away at a funeral and a man who was passing riding a bicycle heard loud wailing at my home. The daughter had completely died two hours earlier. I was 9½ miles away. This time schools were closed for a terminal leave, so that the teacher residing near me was present in my home. I was told [by the teacher who was at Margret's home at the time] that when the man on the bicycle heard that the child had died, he rushed to the home; he prayed to the God of Elisha, Elijah and many prophets and spoke in a strange language.

[Her daughter was brought back from death and completely delivered of demons.] They rose up and praised God with him. My daughter is totally in her senses and I have no word to add! The teacher ('Ben') asked to know the name of the man and his contact but he fully declined. He said all Glory is Jehovah's [Yahweh's] and the address is ... [he gave Malcolm Heap's e-mail address at Midnight Ministries].

Margret Akinyi

The girl's name is Salin.

Some months later, the teacher who was in Margret's home, looking after Salin at the time, wrote to me about this incident:

17th April 2012

I appreciate your contacts and Margret's which God made in His marvellous way. I am heading the school where Salin, the daughter of Margret, is learning, and the miracle as was related to you occurred while I was taking the girl to the hospital.

It was a pitiful day for me and the whole school when we carried a dead body home while the mother was away.

As the miracle was performed by a man, Phillip, of the Midnight Ministries, we were to give credit and due respect to God and the ministry for helping that brave preacher to reach that standard of faith. [Faith is a gift from God to accomplish God's purposes, so all glory is His, not any man's. We receive more faith to do God's will as we are willing to lay down our lives in His service.]

...we have been close to that family. The astonishing thing is that, as the books began to arrive [MM publications] after your connection, strange [miraculous] matters started to happen very quickly. [God does such things to draw attention to His truths and the power of His Spirit.] Margret and her brother-in-law, who were bitter enemies, reconciled and it is a miracle which God did... Charles Okeyo

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