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Judgement To Fall On All Falsity And False Ministers!

For new Christians, one of the most amazing
discoveries is to come to learn that God uses and works through false ministers as well as those who are true. By false, I mean those who will not inherit eternal life in God’s Kingdom.

This poses huge problems, however, for naive and immature believers who either overlook this fact, or who are ignorant of it. New ‘sheep’ are most vulnerable to ‘wolves’ in sheep’s clothing (Matt 7:15).

O how many simple-minded people thus become victims of the devil’s subtlety and God’s wisdom!

You might not think it’s wise of God to allow false ministers to rule the ‘roost’, but everyone must be tested, just as Jesus was in the desert (Matt 4:1-11), except that your tests will be less severe than what Jesus had to go through.

Jesus won His spiritual battle against Satan because He refused to allow His obedience and loyalty to God to be compromised in any way. At the apex of the battle, He told Satan:

Away from me, Satan! For it is written “Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only” (Matt 4:10).

How many simplistic believers think they are serving and worshipping God but who are actually serving and worshipping Satan? Many! Because they are following false ministers, and want to do so.

There is something about their minister’s teaching which appeals to them, so they prefer to follow him and what he says, instead of God.

They overlook some very important principles which Paul highlighted in his letters.

1) Firstly in Romans:

Don’t you know that when you offer yourselves to someone to obey him as slaves, you are slaves to the one whom you obey? (Rom 6:16.)

The most vital part of worship is obedience and loyalty. Yet, multitudes are happy to be subservient to false ministers and loyal to them and to the doctrines they preach.

These believers are enmeshed in idolatry! How often it is that church members think that they are being loyal to God by being loyal to their church? Or to the ministry of their church? They haven’t got a clue that they are bowing down to Satan by so doing! (This truth is fully explained and expounded in the book God’s Church – Whose Authority?)

2) Secondly, Paul pinpointed to the church at Thessalonica what is at the heart of the matter of falsity in believers and ministers:

They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved (2 Thes 2:10).

Inside every person there is an unseen but very powerful tendency of self-will – to dismiss what God says, and stick with what a man says but which is not right. So, God allows false ministers to be a test of loyalty for many. Impostors have a lot of latitude in the Church! And God lets them have that – for a while.

But a time of reckoning comes to all. It came for Judas – the prime example of treachery in the New Testament. That spiritual traitor had been with Jesus and heard pure and perfect teaching from His lips for more than 3 years; he had been given spiritual authority to preach the same beautiful spiritual truth that Jesus taught, cast out demons and heal the sick (Luke 9:1,2; 10:17). But Judas did all that for his own vain glory. He would not relinquish his self-will, and there are many others like him today – Christians and ministers whose loyalty is to self more than towards God. Their fate will be similar to Judas’. Jesus said:

Not everyone who says to Me, “Lord, Lord,” will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven. Many will say to Me on that day, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name and in Your name drive out demons and perform miracles?” Then I will tell them plainly, “I never knew you. Away from Me, you evildoers!” (Matt 7:21-23.)

These ministers will have genuinely done all that they claim, because God gives power to ministers who go out in Jesus’ name and who exercise the faith He gives them. With God’s power, they can prophesy, heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead! God performs all these miraculous feats for HIS name, not for the name of the man who is His instrument on those occasions. But if a man does not surrender his self-will to obey God from the heart, he will be cast away on the final day, regardless of all the wonders he has seen in his ministry.

Self-glorification, self-seeking in ministry, or striving for pre-eminence is a huge problem in the ministry today. I relate later how one minister boasted to me about all the wonderful things he had seen in his ministry as if HE was more important than God who did the miracles! And he sought approbation for himself. He wanted elevation, and because he had such a vaunted opinion of himself, he expected me to bow down and worship him – not literally, but in the spirit.

While he has these satanic traits, he is a false minister. Satan wanted elevation and pre-eminence. He didn’t humble himself; he did the opposite. It was that which caused his downfall from the exalted position he held as Lucifer (“shining one”) (Is 14; Ezek 28), and those who are his spiritual offspring seek the same elevation for themselves (Jn 8:42-47).

Jesus didn’t have that motive:

I am not seeking glory for Myself (Jn 8:50).

3) Thirdly, pride leads to deception. Where people do not humble themselves, but instead seek elevation, that root of pride has opened up the door to the devil to deceive them.

Deception is the poison of the Church! There is plenty of deception around today. The Church (I use the term here in its broadest sense) is full of false teachings! These heresies sound good to people. Many like them! The majority fall for error masquerading as truth.

God explains why:

...every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie, and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness (2 Thes 2:10,11).

Notice the word refused. People are not entirely ignorant. What you believe, ultimately you choose to believe. And, whenever God presents truth to you and you deny it by rejecting it in favour of something more palatable or ‘easy’ you have shut the door in Jesus’ face (Rev 3:20).

That is the Laodicean trait which is so prevalent today! Many refuse pure truth!!

We have seen it so often in our ministry. I did not choose to be a prophet. God appointed me. In my duty to Him, I have had to ‘go’ to many ministers and give them more of God’s truth, or tell them something about themselves that God is pointing out which they need to change.

In 99 out of 100 cases, people reject this input. Judgement then falls.

That is one of our functions as a prophetic ministry. I don’t bring judgement upon them. God does.

I have seen men of God, who were really talented, struck down in one way or another because they were taking too much glory upon themselves. Some died; others fell in different ways – all as God determined.

None of them fell without warning. God didn’t say beforehand specifically what He would do. He merely had us challenge them. After sufficient notice, God either cut them down or removed them from their place in some way.

God will share His glory with no one. He will share His Word, His truth, His righteousness and His love, but not His exalted glory.

I have written in The Prophet’s Role in Countering Deception[1] about the unusual role we have had in our prophetic ministry. I don’t hesitate to compare it with Elijah’s, because this is the time for the work of the end-time Elijah which was prophesied millennia ago (Mal 4:4-6). Some may think I am elevating myself by saying that. I’m not. I’m merely stating one fact.

Elijah was used by God to restore truth at a time of gross deception and apostasy. So has God used us, but few people are spiritually perceptive enough to see that, or they don’t want to because it hurts their pride. There are others today who are used in this work of Elijah. So, I’m not saying that it’s just us who are used by God as part of His end-time work. But, God has given various indicators to show that what He has given us is a vital foundation for the whole Church in the matter of doctrine.

Our prophetic ministry has been divinely ordained to restore true biblical ideology for the Church in its entirety. Revelations which others (who are also involved in His service) have received from God confirm the correctness of my statement.[2] Our role has been to counter deception – which is possibly a unique prophetic calling. Other prophets have had other prophetic tasks to perform, but I know of no one else to whom God has said, “I will get you to lay out in writing a complete and accurate foundation for the Church, explaining My true doctrines from the Bible, to counter the many deceptions that hold My people in bondage!”

That has been my primary commission. I’m sorry if the claim offends anyone, but if it does, you need to take a look in the mirror at your pride or jealousy. I don’t seek glory for myself. I seek to do the will of God. In laying out this written foundation, which is from Above, I have done as best as I could and I hope the King is pleased with it. I know many people are not!

Judgement Time Is Here!

Since this is God’s time for restoration, the ‘new’ truths He now lays out before His people are causing a great shaking! Confrontation and consternation are the cause and effect we see.

Elijah’s Mount Carmel showdown was a mere sideshow to what God is doing now. Every false prophet at Carmel was judged that day when fire came from heaven (1 Kings 18:36-40).

Now it’s judgement time again for the false prophets and false apostles who think so much of themselves and their achievements for Christ!

When Jesus came the first time, God sent His messenger before Him (Matt 3:1-3; Mal 3:1). Then Jesus came, and He continued with the spiritual restoration. But, like every prophet before the Prophet of all prophets, Jesus tore down before God built up. That is the divine order of things – tearing down is first. Notice it:

This Child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be spoken against (Luke 2:34).

Jeremiah was told by God:

See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant (Jer 1:10).

Likewise, God has appointed this ministry over the spiritual jurisdiction of the Church to tear down and destroy false doctrine, and to plant the new. Why?

...so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed (Luke 2:35).

In revealing ‘new’ truth to many preachers, much resistance is revealed. The carnal areas of a person’s life – the areas which have not yet been surrendered to God – are exposed.

Many are offended. Their hearts are revealed. That is the prophet’s commission. That is his work from Above. Jesus made many enemies by telling the truth. Only His true friends were prepared to obey all He said (Jn 15:14). The others were impostors – false believers masquerading as true. In the course of time they were cut off from the vine (Jn 15:2).

The same divine pruning continues today (Heb 13:8; Matt 24:10). Just because a man is a minister does not mean that he is OK. Many are not (Matt 7:15; 24:4,5).

The revelation of ‘new’ truth now at this juncture will sift all, before the Tribulation comes upon us. The foolish virgins will not heed, but the wise will understand and accept what God now makes available.

I thank God for the impeccable nature of His truth. He requires you to accept it with an equally impeccable approach, uncompromisingly, and unwavering in obedient commitment to Him. He wants total obedience to all which He reveals.

But, the wicked refuse to accept it, and refuse the one whom He has sent to deliver it. In their pride, they choose a path of stubborn rebellion instead of submissive repentance. Like many in Jesus’ time, they step back (Jn 6:66).

Charlatans Exposed!

Ten years ago God brought a minister across our path whose agenda was elevation – not elevation of Jesus, but elevation of himself! He couldn’t see his innate desire for glory, because it was mixed with preaching the gospel, and that covered his real motives.

I didn’t realise at the time that God had sent him our direction to expose his hubris (pride) which would lead to his downfall. I thought that we were to learn from him, while he could learn from us, and we were only too willing to do so. It wasn’t long before it became clear that the interchange was very much one way!

(We have ‘unearthed’ a lot of arrogant people like that. I remember writing quite early on in our ministry about the need we each have to learn from one another. I had just written The Missing Dimension in Christian Living, and humility was constantly high on our agenda. We had seen so much arrogance and pride in our former church association! There, ministers were elevated and placed above the congregation, but that caused their stagnation spiritually, and led to members becoming bogged down in spiritual mediocrity. I longed to see that situation reversed, so I regularly referred to everyone’s need to be willing to learn from others. We were willing to learn from anyone who was obviously being used by God. However, I soon found that our willingness attracted false ministers and ‘glory-seekers’ who palmed their spiritually mediocre materials off on us, thinking that we had a need to learn from them. They clearly viewed themselves as paragons of virtue whom they thought we should learn from! And they tried to use our openness as a platform for their elevation.)

Of course, such self-elevation or seeking pre-eminence does not work in the long run. It may fool some of the people some of the time, but in the arena where God is in charge, the charlatans are exposed in the end.

Diotrephes (3 Jn 9) is a classic example of a controlling, manipulating, evil-minded deceiver, masquerading as a minister of God, jacking himself up against others for his own glory and self-elevation. He didn’t make it into God’s Kingdom. The door was shut on him!

And there are many others like him. The Church today is riddled with false ministers! How you can identify them is explained in two of our publications: Apostasy in God’s Church! and Testing The Spirits.

Regarding the man whom I mentioned at the top of this column, I have elaborated on that case in the article The Insidious Effects of Pride and the Elevation of Church Leaders (article ‘Elevation’ for short, on page 24.)

What follows is correspondence I had with another evangelist who has raised the dead and has done many wonderful things in his ministry. But the unseen pride in his life is leading to his downfall.


Contesting With, And Exposing Falsity In Ministers

God has an incredible way of doing things! His ways are perfect, as the Scriptures declare. He is so ingenious. He knows how to trap the wicked, and expose them for what they are – deceivers and conniving schemers! Hypocrites!

God utterly detests hypocrisy! That was the one sin which Jesus most reproved! And arrogance is its sister. So, God’s approach is this:

With the pure You will show Yourself pure; And with the devious You will show Yourself shrewd. You will save the humble [afflicted] people; But Your eyes are on the haughty, that You may bring them down (2 Samuel 22:26-28, NKJV.)

Uncovering An Evil Heart

A false minister doesn’t wear a label around his neck, identifying him. He appears altruistic and well-meaning, but what is in the heart is very different. When God sets up circum- stances to expose his heart, then you can see the real person and the spirit that motivates him.

On the surface, he can seem very nice, charming, and affable. He can be warm and friendly. He can have personality and ‘charisma’. Many people will behave in the way they know that brings them what they want from others. But, underneath that exterior is manipulative guile (cunning), motivated by self-interest.

Jesus extolled Nathanael as a rare man indeed. He had no guile! (John 1:47.) But false ministers have plenty! Deceit is the name of their game!

When ‘Bill’ (not his real name) wrote to me in February 2003, I thought I had ‘found’ a good man. He was zealous, made pleasant remarks, and sounded positive:

I’m the pastor of the above [ministry and church]. I’m writing to request a catalogue of your books. I’m especially interested in the book titled The Imminent Fall of America. I had one such copy, but I gave it to a minister in Africa.

But he was quick to blow his own trumpet:

I’ve raised up over 50 ministers in Africa out of the miry clay and they are preaching the gospel and healing the sick and casting out devils. They are not just preachers, but they are ministers of His power.

We also have raised up 30-40 crusades. We go there every year and also to other parts in Africa. Kenya is the mainline, but we have now started some churches in Uganda, and in Benin...

Preach the gospel until the door of grace is closed and then I’ll preach you’re doomed! Amen. Let’s shake the world for Jesus!

Well, I’d never received a letter quite like that before! Initially I was impressed. I thought, “Wow! It’s good to meet a guy like this! He’s on fire!”

And he certainly was! But why? Was he genuinely fired up with zeal by the Spirit of God or by another spirit, one that was self-serving? I was soon to find out.

After he received the literature which we sent, he responded by sending me some articles he had written. One was about himself. Others were thundering, bombastic messages of doom and destruction – calls to repentance – signed by himself as the Prophet with a capital ‘P’ – not merely ‘a prophet’, but ‘THE Prophet’! That signal was disconcerting.

Clearly he thought much of his ministry. And he had done much, too, which is why it was easy for him to be trapped by the devil’s pride.

I don’t doubt for a moment that what he narrated about his exploits in Africa were true. Many ministers have gone out into the harvest fields and seen the Spirit of God perform great feats. Signs and wonders are always on God’s agenda where there are hurting people who need Him, and where a man (or woman) can be harnessed up to the Spirit of God by faith.

Believers receive!

But some false believers can believe, too – up to a point. Faith is a gift from God, and if God wants a man to receive it so that he can be used miraculously in God’s service, who are we to argue? That is why so many ‘Pentecostal’ or ‘charismatic’ ministers see the works of God performed even though, with some, their hearts are not right with Him.

Pride: The Root Cause of Downfall

Bill’s first problem was pride. He was puffed up because of what God had already done with him or through him. And it was not just a bit of pride. He was now taking the credit for what Jesus had done. This was serious! It was deeply rooted, too.

Then there was jealousy. Because he had come to think of himself so highly, he thought HE should be getting the acclaim which others were receiving. Other evangelists who stole the limelight were soon attacked with vituperative recrimination.

Benny Hinn came in for a real knocking! Benny has made some erroneous remarks which fault-finding sceptics and detractors have gone to town with! They have made huge mileage out of them, ridiculing their falsity and thereby calling Benny a false minister. But they don’t apply the same rigorous standards to their own silly errors and verbal mishaps. They allow themselves a wide margin for error, while they give none whatsoever to the likes of Benny Hinn or other televangelists with a huge audience. More of that later, but first...

To begin with, it seemed like he was one with us in the spirit. On 17th February, he wrote:

I greet you in that most holy blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was a blessing to receive word from you and also the literature you sent....

Like you, we are in debt for the ministry of the gospel. Every time I go to Africa it takes about a year to get ready to go again. It seems as though the deceivers on TV and the denominations have it all. But I believe God is going to turn things around and that right soon.

I’ve read a large portion of your literature already. [Actually, he had only read a small fraction of it.] I say unto you, we do see eye to eye. It is a blessing to know that God in these last days is bringing together His truth messengers, getting His sanctified ones ready for the great finale, a fire of God revival like as has never been yet!

I know right well that we are going to see the dead raised and it will be some of a long time gone. Perhaps Paul saw this when he was caught up to the third heaven. He does hint about [some unusual things] here and there.

I’ve not seen the Princess Diana [prophecy] like you have quoted, but I do believe God and what you said. She was an example of a depressed world with a need for real love. She was a good-spirited person, but found no real peace. I see her as one that was wanting a life she couldn’t find, and as one who plunged on like the world until she came to that final end. They massaged her heart, trying to bring back life – a sign that God will do just that! Only He can do it!

God could massage the heart of this world with His Gospel... they have come to a dead end. The Church is cold and dead, because there is no fire in the pulpit....

Here, Bill seems to be genuine in what he writes. He appears to be alight for God. But only a short while later, by 14th April, after my letters to him, his manner entirely changed. He wrote:

Throw away your dream diary. It’s not the book that will be opened on Judgement Day. [I have never said it is!]

...Malcolm’s book, a book of dreams that could not have possibly come from the Holy Ghost....

He also wrote many other things of a hostile or belligerent nature against us. Why?

What happened? How did he ‘flip’?

At first, he requested several copies of The Imminent Fall of America to give to ‘his’ ministers. He wanted those to back up his claim to being a prophet. He sought self-importance.

He also asked for Benny Hinn’s Dream of Jezebel and the Last Outpouring and Is Benny Hinn A False Apostle? That’s what interested him most! He wasn’t interested in the truth contained in other publications. Secretly he hoped that I would find Benny Hinn to be a false apostle.

Bill aspired to be centre stage. He wanted to see Benny Hinn, and others like Benny, put down while he ascended higher.

When we came along, I received some dreams about Bill and relayed them to him (see later under Dreams From God). They were for him to learn from and make changes. That’s when our dream diary became another threat to his supremacy. (Dreams are God’s chief means of guidance to His prophets; see Numbers 12:6.) So, he attacked the dream diary, and us too.

 He didn’t like to be corrected. Adamantly, he refused any input that did not already agree with his own teaching. Besides pride, he exhibited stubbornness and rebellion. (What God revealed via dreams also verified this.)

When we sent him a box of literature so that he could make all our publications available to his congregation, he refused it at the post office. He would not accept it! Why? He feared losing control or influence over his congregation!  He insisted that HE be in charge, not the Spirit!

He just would not learn from us or anyone else. By God bringing us along, Bill’s pre- eminent position had now been challenged, and his pride didn’t like that one bit!

After he received our two articles Benny Hinn’s Dream of Jezebel and the Last Outpouring and Is Benny Hinn A False Apostle? he responded with this hostile outburst against Benny Hinn:

Benny Hinn shall die of worms eating him!

Then in the next breath he wrote:

I exalt all others above myself, and when a prophet’s a true prophet I honour him highly above self.

He could not see that he didn’t! He neither honoured other true men of God, nor the prophets whom God had brought across his path to correct him. Because he thought he was faultless, he never expected any correction. He rejected it all! Spiritually, he had become blind!

All his reasoning against Benny Hinn was based upon an intellectual appreciation only. He wasn’t properly testing the spirits. Because he heard (some) false doctrine, he assumed that the man preaching it was false. But that’s not accurate spiritual assessment or judging. Jesus told the religious bigots in His day:

Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgement (Jn 7:24).

True judgement comes from assessing the motive or spirit of the person – why he does what he does, or what spirit underlies his behaviour?[3]

Bill was only using his intellect or his own reasoning. The base line of reference was Bill’s own appreciation of what Scripture means. He couldn’t see what is in Benny Hinn’s heart. And he was incapable of admitting or seeing his own errors of understanding.

I gave him Why Hell? which explains that hell is not going to burn forever, like most think. Bill taught that error with adamance!

But would he examine his appraisal? No way! He wasn’t going to have anyone else suggest that he had got anything wrong!

Can You Make A Blind Man See?

It would have been easier convincing a cow in the field than Bill! He was too proud and stubborn. Soon he was to become even more rebellious and hostile!

After his nasty contemptuous statement against Benny Hinn, I wrote to him:

...one other thing... It concerns your approach to people like Benny Hinn. It’s imperative to make a distinction between the sin and the sinner. You know this already, but it’s easy to slip back into a trap when there is insufficient discernment from the Lord. That trap is to hold contempt for the person, not just contempt for their sins or mistakes.

You know what Jesus said to the contemptuous Pharisees in His time, who were so religious and thought they were so righteous! I don’t have to repeat His warnings in Matthew 5:22. Jesus paints the levels of dislike, expressed by certain words of His day, leading up to contempt for someone. Contempt against a person may well be final ground for the devil to hold his victim in his grip and sweep him into hell.

I know there are many false ‘apostles’ and evangelists out there, merchandising the gospel. They have evil hearts, selfish motives, and they are out to exploit others, using Jesus’ platform to gain a following for themselves, and earn themselves a living. Yes, quite a number have become famous, and have got stinking rich!

But, because of what God has revealed to us in dreams concerning Benny Hinn and Morris Cerullo, these men will come out right in the end, despite their misunderstandings and wrong practices, and the misuse of money and wrong fund-raising tactics, they will be in the Kingdom of God.

What we must remember is that God uses deception to humble people. That’s why He allows some of His servants to get trapped by misunderstandings, and to make some drastic mistakes.

Because only God knows our secret sins, the idols in our heart, only He can reveal them to us. And His ways of doing so seem strange to us.

Who can understand his errors? Cleanse me from secret faults (Ps 19:12).

When David prayed this, I wonder if it was before his terrible sin concerning Uriah and Bathsheba? If so, that was the answer. God let him be drawn into deception and sin, to humble him. Only then could he become a home for the Spirit of God.

Pride and stubbornness are very deeply rooted, and have many long-lasting threads.

God bless!

His response was not one of receiving the blessing of God – by humbling himself and being willing to change his sinful attitudes. Instead, his heart became hardened, like Exodus says of the arrogant Pharaoh, whom Moses challenged.

Other letters I wrote to him caused this hardening. The most significant parts of those letters follow. As progressively more was expected of him, so his attitude became progressively worse.

God Caused His Heart To Harden

3rd March 2003

Thank you for your [letter, etc.]. You asked us to pray. After doing so this evening, Helena and I were talking and this is what came out of it, regarding your next trip to Africa. Rather than go in person, I sense in the spirit a better alternative for you – send them a box of all ‘our’ literature. It might sound unusual, but I’ll explain.

The written word, when it is inspired by the Spirit, is powerful. Unlike a message from a preacher, the message can be referred to time and time again. We never get all the spiritual benefit from what we hear or read first time. We read again and again and again. Each time we learn a bit more than before. The more spiritually minded receive more than the less spiritual. And each person can accept what they are capable of accepting at their particular stage of development. So, in various respects, the written word has more potential than the preaching engagement. It can be copied relatively easily and passed on to others. It doesn’t need an organised distribution programme. Each individual can spread the word, as the Spirit leads him or her. It can obviate blockages created by unspiritual church leaders. (There is often a problem there. We have found they are the main hindrances to further spiritual advancement in the Church. And they invariably stand in the way of pioneering brothers.) [He was about to do just this! - Editor.]

If you want to do this, we can send the box of literature from here to your designated address by parcel post. It costs about £60 (approx US $96). I will donate the literature, if you cannot afford to contribute towards it, but whatever you can will be greatly appreciated as none of us here get paid, and our debts are substantial. Because of the lack of support (because most in the Church are so unspiritual they cannot see what God is doing, etc.), our elder daughter Tonya gives most of her wages from her secretarial job to ‘bale us out’ each month until God provides support from other channels.

We already send quite a lot of our materials to Africa. We have outreaches in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana. And because we can’t afford to give publications to each individual, they set up libraries where people can come and borrow the books and return them later. That way a lot of people get to read them. It’s quite cost effective.

You mentioned Benny Hinn’s ‘tutorial’ under Kathryn Kuhlman. [His was not a positive comment. He was trying to find fault with Benny Hinn. - Editor.] I did know that already, but thanks for mentioning what you think I might be interested to know. There is a biblical precedent for that. Elisha went in the spirit and power of Elijah, after his death. Likewise, Benny Hinn mimics that God-fearing lady, and God backs him up with miraculous power, to fulfil His commitment. I’m sure you know that the gifts of God are irrevocable, so when God gives a spiritual gift, He does not withdraw it. Miraculous power, for a public witness to the gospel of Christ, is what God bestowed on Benny Hinn, as part of his ministry calling. So, God makes good His part of that charge. If Benny Hinn fails to fulfil part of his obligations, or operates under any misunderstanding, or makes mistakes, that does not negate the gift. It is still operative, for Jesus’ sake. The principle is bound up in the precept: “Let God be true, even though every man may be a liar.” I’m sure you know.

All these comments trod on his pride. He didn’t really want to share our literature with his congregations, or accept that he might have appraised Benny Hinn wrongly. And he was not about to make any sacrifice on ‘our behalf’!

A Dream From God

In my next letter on 7th March, I told him about this dream from God:

Of B, and $1150 which he was to donate to us, and our $500 which I wanted to give to him from the bottom of my heart.

He didn’t like me telling him this dream. This is what God was saying by the dream:

1. The value of what we were sending him in the literature was more than what he was giving to us – in spiritual terms. In other words, he should be learning from us, but he didn’t want to.

2. My motive was portrayed as genuinely wanting to give, whereas his was implied as being mechanical or obligatory.

3. The $500 which I wanted to give him depicts man’s spiritual release:

50 (Jubilee, or release) x 10 (man).

But the $1150 from him depicts:

23 (hypocrisy) x 50 (release).

If he were to accept all the truth in our literature and pass it on to others, he would find spiritual release from the demons still dominating his life.

My missive crossed in the post with one from him (9th March). But he was already getting more self assertive. The following is his reply [my comments in square brackets - Editor]:

9th March 2003

I think I should tell you more about my ministry, although I’m not one to say much in exalting myself in any way, shape or form. [What a bold-faced lie!]

Right now in Africa, there are three areas that are praying for me to come there as soon as possible. Literature and tapes are sent to those that I have brought into the Kingdom by signs, miracles and wonders. [So, he is adamant that he doesn’t want nor need ‘our’ literature.]

Since 1991 I have gone to Africa every year. The first time, I raised the dead and many who were sick were healed of all manner of sickness and disease. On one occasion there were approximately 2,000 people gathered to hear the Word. I said to the Lord, “How can I pray for so many sick folk?”

He said, “Put a handkerchief on each side of your body, form two lines and let the people come and touch them, and as they pass through they will be healed.”

The blind were led by others. All went seeing. Cancers were healed, demons of drunkenness were cast out. Lame with walking sticks were healed. People with Aids were healed. People with fevers were healed. Many came back the next day with more people giving testimonies of how they were healed of so many afflictions.

There was a man who had been insane with demons who ran the streets of Nakuru, Kenya, for 12 years. He had not bathed; his hair was almost to his waist. He had fingernails like claws and he was barefoot and partially naked! He fell down at the feet of one of the preachers that God had shown me had a call of God on his life.... He had a vision of this man in a dream a few days before. He cast out the demons and the man who was wild, and whom everyone feared, was now like a lamb. That preacher had gone to meet him with a pair of scissors and a sheet and some clothes. He also took a razor, towel and soap. He cut his hair, gave him the razor, took him to the river where he bathed and was baptized. He repented of his sins and was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Another preacher was awakened at 2 o’clock by a friend who said, ‘Please come, my wife is dead! She died in bed. He went to the man’s house, the body was cold and lifeless. He took one of the mantles I gave him (a large bandana) and he struck the ground by the bed with it and said, ‘Where is the Lord God of B? I command this woman to live! Nothing happened. He was on his way home when a man who was running caught him up. The preacher told him what he had just done but said, ‘She did not rise up.’ The runner said, ‘Oh, she is now in the yard with a basin washing her face.’ The preacher ran back and jumped over the fence and hugged her. She had died of a disease but now she was alive and healed.

I was preaching near a town called Kericho on a tea plantation. A man sent a friend of his to the service with a name written on paper. He said, “The name on this paper is the name of my brother who is possessed with many demons, running in the hills among the wild animals, bitten by snakes even, so demon-possessed that even venomous snakes didn’t kill him.”

He told his friend, “You don’t need to say anything to anyone, not even the prophet of God. Just hold up the paper while he is preaching. The friend did so. I was unaware of what was being done. This demon-possessed man lived miles away from where his brother lived, and even further away from where I was preaching. The following day, the man went to the village where the family of that demoniac lived. He found his brother sitting there clothed and in his right mind with his family and wife. He asked what time this took place. He was told it was the hour that the man’s name was held up in front of the voice of the preacher.

...if I were to tell you all that the Lord has done there, it would be a book. Approximately 5,000 people were gathered on a hillside way up in the bush country. I preached about the Holy Spirit and fire, about the miracles and healing that are here today because of ministers chosen and sent to heal the sick and cast out demons, cleanse lepers and make the blind to see, etc. All 5,000 were moved to repentance. They cried tears of repentance so heavily that you could literally hear the tears, at times, falling to the ground. Even the preachers that were with me and the one who was interpreting were crying out to God in repentance. All 5,000 (no one excluded) repented. I had them line up in several lines and preachers were put in charge of keeping order so that they would not rush at me like a herd of cattle.

As they came one by one and I laid hands on them, they received the Holy Spirit. There was the joy of laughter... they were speaking in other tongues. Broken legs were healed, cancers were healed, epileptics were delivered. Over 200 babies were healed of asthma, fevers, and some crippled people carried there by others who had walked for miles through the night hours, carried these so weak and sick that they were dying. Many were AIDS victims. All were healed. Not one person in the 5,000 was left sick or unsaved. Many preachers took them to the rivers throughout the next few days and they were baptized in water. This was the beginning of many churches in Eastern Kenya...

We travelled to many other villages repeating those signs, miracles and wonders. A girl 12 years of age, birthed as a vegetable, had to be fed with a straw. For twelve years she had never moved a limb, but the parents heard of one of the ministers who was raised up by this ministry, and they borrowed money to travel over 100 miles to bring this child to this man of God. They were waiting for him when he arrived home from a meeting. He said to them, “Abide here in my home, while I pray in my room. Do not leave, no matter how long you have to wait.” He went to his room and began to pray. On the third morning, he heard children outside his window. He went out and the little girl was running and playing with the others. Her mother and dad and family were repenting of their religion and came into the truth that day.

From the beginning, when I first went to Africa, I preached the right Sabbath[4] and made many enemies. Preachers tried to kill me. Some of them were in terrible accidents on their way to do me in. I’ve had weapons pointed at me! But in ten years these have all fallen by the way. Many who were enemies at the first have now become stronger to believe.

On our last trip to Uganda, Africa, a place where I had not been before (a preacher heard about the ministry, so he invited me to come there to Kampala, the capital city), he took us to the bush country for our first meeting.

I was preaching about the power of God to heal the sick, etc., and a woman 83 years old who was brought to the service, cried out, “I can see!” A man was held on a bicycle and pushed there for miles. He was paralyzed from electrical shock. He could not even talk. He was healed instantly...

For two weeks I preached twice daily from one place to another. Great miracles took place, people were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. People in the hotel where we stayed were saved and healed. They are now keeping the right Sabbath.

A minister came 150 miles to these services... he went back a different man. [I don’t doubt this one bit! But it is Jesus who is to be glorified and credited, not you!] ...it’s a war torn, poverty stricken people. Children are homeless, diseased and many have died as the result of war. Another large city approximately 100 miles south of there is also awaiting the Healer, as they call me. [This is the problem! They’re looking to YOU, and you like that. They’re not looking to Jesus, so you are actually now blocking the move of God.]

None of these great works of God can be done by literature. [THAT IS ENTIRELY UNTRUE! More about that in a moment.] Besides that, I have taught all, that the Bible and prayer exceeds all literature [of course] and that all of it must be confirmed with signs, miracles and wonders....

Literature has its place [which he rejects!] but it will never take the place of God’s anointed garments, handkerchiefs and the hands that work miracles. [It’s not meant to. You’re missing the point.]

While literature – to explain the Bible, so that people can find God and receive from Him – is not meant to take the place of evangelists, it is entirely untrue to say that miracles don’t take place through that means. They do!

The Power Of Inspired Literature

We have received letters from people who have received healing as they read our book Faith and Healing, and believers who have been delivered in other ways when reading other publications we have produced. I don’t say that for my credit. I say it because that’s the evidence that God has put His anointing upon our publications which Bill now rejects. Bill demands signs and wonders to authenticate everything, and they are here, but he doesn’t care to know about them. His mind is closed.

It is misleading to say that literature cannot take the place of evangelists with ‘anointed garments’ or hands that work miracles. It would be just as ludicrous to say “evangelists cannot take the place of the Bible.” They’re not meant to. They are mutually beneficial.

What is the primary purpose of evangelists – to perform wonders? No. To preach the truth of God’s Word and expound it. Then miracles back it up.

It’s the same with ‘our’ literature. It explains the truth of God’s Word and expounds it. As it finds receptive hearts, miracles occur! Bill wanted signs. They’re there to be seen, if he was not so wilfully blind!

But when I wrote to him on 17th March: “So, when Helena (my wife) was shown in a dream that God wants you to supply a box of our literature to every church in New York, for their spiritual revival, I believe that the literature is central to what He is about to do now, just as your evangelism has been central to what He was using you to do in Africa and elsewhere up to now...” it’s no wonder he blew a fuse!

He responded with utterly disparaging comments about women, as if they had no right to be heard, and could give no valuable spiritual input!

I was incredulous at his outburst! It was more appropriate of a male chauvinist ‘pig’ than a minister of Jesus Christ! (He’s obviously of the ‘old school’ who have not come out of the stone age of misunderstanding about what Paul said on women.[5])

God knows how to touch raw nerves!

Dreams From God

God very deliberately gave Helena several dreams about him, his attitude and his situation. Of the eleven dreams (one is on p 17) which God gave us about this individual, six were to Helena.

I have alluded to the first already. It was:

§                8th March 2003 H. Literature to New York.

Dream of a huge box being sent to each of the churches in New York. The boxes contained literature and were full of heat!

Meaning: The literature was producing the heat – the fire of a spiritual outpouring. The size reflects the scope of the spiritual impact that the literature will have on believers.

God gave Bill an opportunity to do this, but he declined. If he doesn’t repent and do it, then God will give the privilege to someone else, and Bill will find himself under God’s judgement!

Then, God depicted Bill’s church like so:

§                17th March 2003 H. Church entertainment.

I was passing by a big church, in a big city like New York. I saw a preacher showing off how he could eat a tool made of metal. Next to him was a huge alarm clock. He was going to swallow it.

Meaning: God is showing how this man has lost his way. MM literature is the big alarm clock, which he rejects. Swallowing it may represent how he doesn’t want others to have it, but he has taken what he wants from it for himself.

Worse still, God then revealed how this man has rejected the input which Jesus had us bring to him:

§                18th March 2003 H. Superficial socialising.

I saw people mingling together. I heard two people speaking Polish. I recognised the language. There was a casual, superficial atmosphere and everyone was doing their own thing. I saw a tall lady [depicts Bill] with a cream coloured garment. It looked like a bridal gown with a long train. The design of it was quite ordinary, but the dress was untidy and creased. I got hold of the end of the train and the creases began to unravel. The dress got straightened out. But as I held onto the dress the lady carried on walking and left the dress behind!

Meaning: That’s just what Bill did! He is meant to be part of the Bride of Christ, but is rejecting that chance. The dream was prophetic and given before he rejected ‘our’ input. But God knows everything beforehand. Gentile (pagan, unclean, demonic) influence of Jezebel, was depicted by the two Polish speaking people (no disrespect to Poles, Helena is Polish). The help we offered to Bill, which could have ironed out the creases in his teaching was not appreciated. He is set in his ways and moves forward only in his old traditions. He is not willing to take on board a new thing that the Lord is instigating through us.

After this revelation, God showed Helena in the next dream that Bill’s proud attitude is the root of his rebellion:

§                26th March 2003 H. Boastful woman.

A woman was boasting continually about how happy she was and how pleased she was with herself. She was proud of herself and everything was going well for her. I said to her, “All this happiness means nothing if we won’t allow the Holy Spirit to work with us. When the Holy Spirit works with us we have to be sensitive and obedient. We have to make changes to be in the will of God. We should accept those that God is using to bring fresh revelation for the Church.”

I went into a big building to take something in. The ground floor hall was cold and icy.

Meaning: This represents the man ‘Bill’, and can also include the part of the Church which is cold towards us.

Besides the above dream, God gave me this one, corroborating his pride, and predicting the lengthy correspondence that would result (if I were to include all of that here it would double the length of this document) :

§                20th March. M. Pride. In this dream, I was writing a long letter to various ministers – mostly evangelists. It contained much information, and clearly there was a lot that they needed to consider, and make changes. At the end, one thing stood out – there was a need to deal with pride. It was hindering what God can do through people on earth.

Meaning: God is warning about the damage of pride in hindering evangelism. Pride is so insidious, and so dangerous. Because of its subtlety it ‘creeps up’ on people without them noticing. It is the cause of the downfall of so many evangelists, and ruins God’s work through them.

Bill has done much in God’s service, which has caused him to become elevated. But he will come down to earth with a ‘bang’:

§                3rd April 2003 H. Man walking amongst clouds.

   I saw a man walking among the clouds in the sky. When I looked around I saw him on the ground, and this surprised me. I asked, “What brought you down to earth?!”

Meaning: This was about Bill, yet again! It depicts the way he has walked ‘in the clouds’ with the miraculous power of God, but God will humble him.

God showed that he needed to learn from us, because God has inspired the contents of our various publications to bring balanced teaching to the whole Church. As I said earlier:

§                7th March 2003. M. Of Bill, and $1150 which he was to donate to us, and our $500 which I wanted to give to him from the bottom of my heart. [God is saying that the value of what we took him was far greater than what he gave us, so he should have been willing to learn from us.]

But would Bill learn? No! His spiritual state, the confusion in his teachings, and his reaction were all depicted in this dream:

§                1st April 2003 H. Mess and hostility.

Dream of a house in a messy state. There were ants in the bed which I tried to vacuum, mess on the floor which I tried to clean up. I could see there was old and fresh food mixed together. [Old food is old wrong doctrine, and new is that which incorporates spiritual gifts with the true Sabbath.] A man was being hostile and violent to another, trying to beat him up. I shouted at him, and told him it was not acceptable in my house.

Meaning: God was warning us of Bill’s attack. He attacked us and was full of hostility as he was used by the devil. This occurred when Bill responded with hostility to Malcolm for suggesting to him that he should clean up the mess in his doctrines. The food on the floor shows how he disparaged the spiritual food we brought to him.

God still had more to say about this man:

§                26th March. M. The deformed tree. (This was again about Bill.) There was a big evergreen tree at the end of our garden. It was next to a deciduous tree that was ours and was dominating over it. Moreover, the evergreen was not a nice shape. It was misshapen and had a bough broken off. Where the bough was broken off, it had been chafing against another branch, and the stub of what was left was still rubbing against it as the tree swayed in the wind. This rather unsightly evergreen tree was high. It was higher than ours and was intent on reaching for the sky. I thought it should have its top lopped down, because it was too high and such a bad shape that it wasn’t visually appealing, but I decided that was not my duty to do that.

In the next scene, we were in our garden. Some people who knew us (I think it was two men) brought in another man who was interested to know more about us, especially what we had been doing in Africa. [This is also about Bill, conveyed in a different scene.] Some of our publications were laid out on a table, and he could see them. Perhaps he was having a cursory look at them, although they were not opened, and may not have been at that point. He seemed more interested in other things. [That was the problem. God wanted him to learn from them, but he refused to.] At that moment, he was more intent on finding out straight from me what we were doing in Africa. (But all this explaining is so time consuming, unnecessary and tiring. It is all written up already in our newsletters.) But, to be polite, I had to respond to him. As I began to explain, he took out a £20 note. It looked like he was about to make a donation. (But it didn’t show him doing that. He held back because he refused to be corrected.) Then, suddenly a tiredness came over me and I had to stop talking and put my face in my hands. I said, “Excuse me, I’m sorry, I’m so tired!” I couldn’t go on. The dream ended there.

Meaning: The struggles to reach evangelists like Bill via correspondence are so tiring! What tires you out is their intransigence and unwillingness to change. He has wasted a lot of my time because he just wouldn’t receive correction.

For all the good that he has done in the past, God’s estimation of his ministry was not very high. Much needs changing:

§                9th April. M. The cowboy builder. (About Bill again.)

Scene 1: I was in a building in which I felt a sense of possession, as if it were mine. I felt a great sense of responsibility towards it. [Afterwards I realised that the building represents part of the Church, the people of God, whom God is ‘building’ as a home for Himself. My personal identification with the building and sense of ‘ownership’ shows how we each have a responsibility towards others in this House for God, of which we are all a part. And the responsibility I felt is a reflection of my calling as a prophet, to give input where God shows me to do so, for the benefit of that part of God’s House.]

In this room, there were some heating pipes laid in the floor. Instead of being below the surface, they were proud of the top of the floor. It was really annoying that someone had laid them like that. It meant that a door would not be able to close properly, and they could not be covered adequately to make a proper floor for people to walk upon. I suggested several ideas of how the pipes could be properly covered, but there was no quick solution. The only real way to deal with this very unsatisfactory situation was for the person who laid them to take them up and re-lay them as they should have been in the first place – below floor level.

Meaning: The pipes, down which heated water flows, but which have been raised up to a position they should not occupy, symbolise the power aspect of the gospel in this ‘cowboy’s’ ministry – miracles, healings, etc. The floor depicts the living area, i.e. Christian living. It was a lounge or living room, where people could come and go, and sit and rest, etc. What God is saying is that things are out of balance in this man’s ministry. Power has been elevated to an improper place, and this has seriously affected the ability of the people to whom he ministers to ‘walk’ properly.

Scene 2: Then I saw more of this man’s workmanship. I saw some small steps, leading down to a lower level, beside which there were two low-slung ‘gates’, a bit like saloon bar doors, but much more open and flimsy, made out of what could have been bamboo, they were so flimsy and useless. I looked more closely at one, and the post on which it was hung wasn’t fixed into the floor properly. You could push it around. It wasn’t firm at all. It was dreadful workmanship! There were other aspects of building construction that were equally poor quality and needed radical repair and upgrading.

Meaning: An allegory of the teaching in this man’s ministry which is well below the standard which God now requires. He needs to get busy and revise it according to what God is now revealing. God has sent someone along with more truth, that shows up the shoddiness of his former workmanship. He needs to make improvements.

Scene 3: I was talking with the builder. I pointed out the way his gatepost was wobbling around. I told him he needed to get it fixed, along with some other details that needed equal attention. But he was nonchalant and uninterested. He said he didn’t care to make the changes. He said he would rather be outside doing landscaping work. (The trouble is, he had a responsibility to put right his shoddy workmanship inside the building, instead of pleasing himself by seeking the more enjoyable landscaping work outside.)

Meaning: He prefers to go evangelising [‘landscaping’] ‘outside’ (in Africa). That’s far more fun than the painstaking work of repairing the inside of the Church by giving it the proper teaching.

Scene 4: Outside I saw a patch of tarmac which had been done. There was a large original area in black tarmac, then a small patch at one end, also in black, which had been added to the main area. Beside it was another small patch, this time in red tarmac. It was totally out of place; it didn’t match.

A planning official [who represents God] was saying that it was totally unacceptable, and that it needed to be redone.

But the response from the man who had done the job, was defensive. He was mindlessly defending himself, [this is how he foolishly responded in his letters] saying that red tarmac is really expensive and the only place you can get it is somewhere a long way away, and that it had cost him a fortune to do this patchwork (which looked awful!). His response was silly. It was totally irrational, without any common sense or wisdom. It was a purely natural human reaction. Red tarmac is very expensive, yes. Then why didn’t he do it in black, to match? Why did he go the more costly route and use red? The reason wasn’t shown, but it was clear that this man was not listening to sense. He didn’t want to be told what to do or how to do it. He was very self-willed, stubborn and rebellious.

God waits for people to repent, but if they don’t, His judgement will fall!

Prepare For Tribulation!

I have reproduced most of Bill’s letter to me of 9th March (pp 7-8). In my reply of 17th March, I outlined why God had put in our minds that he should send a box of all our literature to his churches, and why God also confirmed that via the dream which He gave Helena on 8th March (see p 9). Here is that reply to Bill:

17th March 2003

Thank you for your long letter of 9th March. It was really good reading about all the wonderful things that you have experienced and that Jesus has done. He has certainly used you as an apostle in Kenya and elsewhere. And you have a great zeal in your soul to preach and evangelise. So, it is understandable why you would want to go again. It’s where your heart is and what the Spirit has fired you up to do.

I hear all you say. I have read every word, carefully. And, yes, I agree that it would seem right to go physically to Africa again. But, there are some other factors which I believe the Lord is bringing out, which is why He may be wanting you to consider a different emphasis. I will do my best to explain and elaborate on these points.

1. In about two years’ time (we think that’s the right timing, but we’re not absolutely certain), America will go down and be taken over by foreign powers.

The Great Tribulation will engulf the formerly ‘Christian’ nations, and impact also the rest of the world. It will be a time of universal crisis (Rev 3:10), unprecedented in history (Matt 24:21), and the worst time in the national history of the descendants of Jacob (Jer 30:7), which I presume you know comprises America, Britain and other English-speaking peoples, as well as the Jews.

2. When America collapses, Africa will not be the same either. Aid and financial assistance from individuals in America (and Britain and other wealthier nations) will no longer help the brethren in African countries. There will be a knock-on effect, and other powers will move into Africa, such as Oriental powers (I had a dream that the Japanese will move in, and be very dictatorial and ruthless).

3. Consequently, the believers in Africa must prepare for this time now, and be ready to endure it spiritually. This is where the literature comes in. I will explain in a moment.

4. The book of Revelation shows that organised religion will be shut down in the West during this time, other than that which the Great Prostitute in Rome will permit.

So, evangelism as we know it now, and the freedom of religion with open worship services, will be severely curtailed. When the 2 Witnesses prophesy, I believe they will be the only two servants of God openly ‘evangelising’, although it won’t be evangelism as we know it now. It will be prophesying judgement and woe, etc.

5. The Church has to prepare now to go ‘underground’ to survive. Many people will die as martyrs. Most of these may well be pastors, prophets, evangelists, and church leaders, etc. But God will protect some physically. The archangel Michael appeared to a lady and told her and her husband to prepare a place of safety in the Middle East to house 50 million Christians and Jews. We know the location, but are not at liberty to say more. This project is not yet underway, because other things have to happen first. God is purifying us all. But God has already shown them how He’s prepared much of the logistics of it already. She has also been shown to observe the true Sabbath, as well as the Festivals, which are equally holy.

Besides this ‘group’ of people, there will be others whom Jesus will individually protect in their own homes. As you know, He has a very individual way of helping us and dealing with us. [But those who seek to save their lives will not be protected. They will have to lay down their lives to show their loyalty to Christ!]

6. For an ‘underground’ Church, not openly evangelising because of the restrictions of the time, and with no regular large meetings, physical and spiritual survival will depend on new fellowship ‘strategy’. By this I mean that people are going to have to learn how to fellowship and meet with God in small groups, mostly in their own homes for the 3 and a half years of the Tribulation. They will not be able to rely upon a pastor to feed them. Reading spiritual literature is an ideal way to feed the spirit, encouraging spiritual growth.

7. It is also true that the majority of Christians still have much doctrinal error to sort out. And this is a major part of God’s agenda at this time in preparing the Bride for His Son. He’s going to marry a Church without spot or wrinkle. But, as you know, there are many doctrinal wrinkles that still need smoothing out on her brow.

God told us via a dream in the early 90’s that He was using me to lay a foundation for the Church. (Mentioned in Dreams and Visions From God, 1.) At first, we couldn’t see how that would be fulfilled, but as time went on, it unfolded and we can now see it has happened as He said it would.

I have been writing for the past 11 years, and these publications now form a complete doctrinal foundation for believers to understand all major aspects of Bible truth, and many lesser aspects, too.

I personally believe that this literature will be used and read by the millions in their place of refuge in the Rock of Christ during this time of trouble (although I will have been killed before then). It will help them to prepare to be part of the Bride, as they await His triumphant return. The same with many believers in Africa. After all, many can read English, and it is being translated into Swahili and Luo at the moment, and has already been translated into the Ethiopian language (Amharic).

8. So, when Helena (my wife) was shown in a dream that God wants you to supply a box of our literature to every church in New York, for their spiritual revival, I believe that the literature is central to what He is about to do now, just as your evangelism has been central to what He was using you to do in Africa and elsewhere up to now. (And He may well continue to use you in that way for quite a while yet. I don’t have any more details on that.)

That dream was in my letter of 10th March, which has crossed in the post with your letter of 9th March.

9. Then, there was the dream which God gave me about you, concerning the $1150, related in my letter of 7th March, which has also crossed with yours.

These two dreams are an indication from God that He has a plan and purpose for ‘our’ publications in the revival that you are anticipating. I believe that the revival cannot happen without the booklets, (in New York, that is), because people need teaching truth. In any revival, the restoration of truth comes first, followed by repentance to get in line with the ‘new’ revelation, and then revival follows on. I know your efforts backed by Jesus have brought revival to Third World countries. But He has not got me to sit for 11 years, painstakingly labouring to follow His lead in putting these publications together, if He did not intend for them to be used much. Although I was the human hand, I did not write them. I could not put them together now all over again if I was asked to.

It has been a prophetic exercise. You know how it goes: God gives you a word or phrase or sentence, and you speak that out. No sooner have you completed that first thought than He plants another in your mind and you speak that out. And on it goes until His prophetic task is accomplished. That’s the way these publications were put together.

I don’t claim to have followed His lead perfectly. Being human, I’m sure there are parts that need a bit of improving. But He is quite capable of causing a dumb ass to project His Word, so I’m sure what He set out to accomplish through me has been achieved pretty much on target.

So, I hope this explains sufficiently why both Helena and I felt that your next ‘trip’ to Africa may well revolve around boxes of ‘our’ literature going. Perhaps you will go as well, but I think He is definitely working out another aspect of His agenda with you and one that links us together in some way. After all, He could have given you the money to go, but He hasn’t. So, He must have some other scheme up His sleeve and reason for withholding the money.

The Media And Publicity

A few other things...

About Benny Hinn ...What God has shown us is that he will come round to agreeing with us. Helena had a dream that he met her...

When the dead are raised (very soon now – we have waited many years until the literature was all written and ready for distribution), there will be mass publicity, media attention, and all that goes with it. In one sense I’m not looking forward to it because I’m shy by nature and don’t like the limelight. (I think I’ll hide in the garden shed while Helena does the talking!) But God has forewarned us through MANY dreams that this is coming and He has tried to prepare us for it. Only last night Helena had another dream about it, and the night before, also, showing that it’s nearly at the door.

It was so encouraging to read in your letter of how God has used you to raise the dead. The people coming back now will include many who have been dead and ‘gone’ for years. [More on this is in Dreams and Visions From God, Part 1.]

One thing I forgot to mention earlier about ‘our’ lit is that people get healed as they read it. We have had several reports of this from people who were sick and God moved them to read Faith and Healing, and God healed them instantly at some point while they were reading that book. This is another confirmation of the anointing that He has put on the writings. (See enclosed tract, What God Said About Midnight Ministries.)

Challenging Him To Move On

Also, can I encourage you to read God’s Church – Whose Authority? which explains the little realised truth that hierarchy in the Church is unbiblical and God does not want it. Hence, you need to teach the pastors you have trained so that they can teach others. (Forgive me if you already do, and I’m telling you how to ‘suck eggs’.) You have discipled them. They need to disciple others. And those disciples need to disciple others, etc., etc. That way, they are not looking to you in a wrong way or continually relying upon you.

Elijah had a school of prophets. And we know from Scripture that there were others contemporaneous with Elijah whom God used as prophets. So, they weren’t all looking to him and relying upon him to do God’s bidding.

We know, however, that Elijah and Elisha were notable; perhaps more so than other prophets. This may have been because of their function, or because of their commitment. Your commitment is very high, and because of that God has used you powerfully where you have ministered. If others have equally pure motivation, [I wrote this before God revealed to us his less honourable motives] God can work through them the same way, so Africa may not need you to the same extent. Once those men are trained sufficiently, they can do the same works, just as Jesus showed. I believe this is another important aspect of His agenda now, which may be why He has withheld money for your trip, to help redirect your attentions.

You mentioned Dumitru Duduman’s nephew. Who is that? It’s not Mike Boldea is it? No, he’s Dumitru’s grandson, isn’t he? Well, in the enclosed tome Sunday Versus Sabbath: The Final World Crisis, there’s an article Christendom’s Corrupt Sunday Society on pages 8-12 which features aspects of what Mike Boldea wrote. You might be interested to read that, and pass it on to him.

God has pointed out to us that He doesn’t want division in the Church over this issue. He wants all to consider the Sabbath truth, research it properly, ascertain the truth for themselves, and then get into line with His Word on the subject. But He has also shown us that half the Church will not change, despite all the miracles He will perform to back it up and confirm His Word. That number will have to be refined in the fires of the Tribulation.

Sunday Versus Sabbath: The Final World Crisis came about as a result of what I think was God’s prompting one day. I was sitting in my office, considering all the articles we had on this aspect of God’s truth and I began to get quite agitated. Angry might be a better word. And then the thought ‘occurred’ to me to put all the articles refuting errors about Sunday and ancillary matters, and publish them in one volume so that it can be ‘thrown at’ those who refuse to keep the Sabbath, giving them no excuse, as a final witness against them for their rebellion. I don’t suppose it will happen like that, but it’s there now for anyone who wants to take up the challenge.

Are you also aware of the applicability of the other festivals of Leviticus 23, which God lists after the Sabbath in verse 3?... I enclosed some other booklets in a previous package, which explain these things, such as:

The Festivals of God
God’s Calendar Revealed To Man
The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints

Are you also aware that the widely-held concept of an ever-burning hell is derived from paganism (Greek mythology and perhaps earlier), and that it is unbiblical? Why Hell? explains that one.

The Lord wants all these errors eradicating, so that His loving nature is properly represented and His truth is triumphant.

That’s about it for now. Thank you so much for your very interesting letter. I’d like to include most of that in our next Newsletter, because it’s always nice to be able to give credit where credit is due [It’s a pity he doesn’t!], and to challenge others and ‘stretch’ their faith.

God bless!

Well, I thought that was about it, but God knew differently! The next day, He spoke to me and I had to write to Bill again. Here’s that letter:

God Speaks Again

18th March 2003

Further to my reply yesterday, there is more I should add to explain what is on the Lord’s agenda now and about our position relative to that. Helena had another dream last night which is for you, and which I will relate in a moment.

Your calling in evangelism is not to the Church, naturally, but rather to new people, to bring them to Christ. Our calling is not the same. I am not an evangelist. I’m a prophet with a calling on my life to reach the whole Church with the prophetic cry to awake at this late hour, just as Matthew 25:6 relates. The full meaning of that verse is contained in our booklet The Ten Virgins.

I can understand your reluctance to promote the ministry of another, when you require support and promotion yourself to further your own calling. I realise why your letter of 9th March was dismissive. It’s not easy recognising where God is doing something new, and raising up another work that needs to be given more latitude or credibility. As Fuchsia Pickett says in her book about end-time revival, the ones whom God has used up to now fail to recognise the ‘new boy’ whom God sends along. ALL church leaders and independent evangelists, apostles and prophets to whom I have gone have failed to recognise the call of God upon my life. I suppose it’s not surprising. It’s difficult to see without blatantly dramatic miracles (which is why God will do these). But, also, these men are so locked in to what they are doing, that they don’t have time to consider what God is doing elsewhere.

If you don’t have time for what we have written under the anointing, then all I can do is give you a sign from God that you should. This is the sign: the raising of the dead – not just someone who has died recently, but someone who has been dead for YEARS!

If you think that your ministry is OK and has no room for improvement – and my motive is not to belittle your ministry, because from what you have shared, you have done much and I admire what you have done – then I challenge you to show me equal revelation and equal ‘anointing’ in what you have written. And, further, equal miracles as what God is about to do here.  In other words, raise someone from the dead who has been dead for years.

All that you have mentioned in your letter we can match. Even people who have come against us, and rejected the printed word which we brought them, lost their lives, just as you related happened to those who didn’t listen to you. Those who block a move of God will be taken out of the way, in whatever way God sees appropriate.

God Will Remove People

For example, we sent our literature to Bob Gordon, a man of high standing and repute in the Pentecostal sector of the Church over here. You may have heard of him. Proclaimers International was his ministry. He was a leader who trained church leaders and evangelists; a very capable and eloquent man. Month after month we plied him with our journals. He must have read enough to know what we were saying. One day my wife took an irate phone call from his right hand man asking to be taken off the mailing list, and insulting her that our literature was cluttering up his desk (and presumably his mind). Helena contested with him over the phone about why we were willing to listen to what he had to say to the Church, but that he was not willing to listen to what we had to say. But stubborn people don’t listen or change. Not long afterwards he died of a heart attack. Doubtless he will have seen things differently on ‘the other side’.

The Anointing Is On Our Literature (So Says God!)

You said in your letter of 9th March, “none of these great works of God can be done by literature.” Well, I take strong exception to that. Maybe they can’t be achieved by what you have written, but we have seen it here. I mentioned previously how we have had people write to us after reading our book Faith and Healing and tell of the wonder they have experienced of God’s supernatural intervention.

The most recent case was from Ethiopia of an evangelist who was seriously ill with haemorrhoids. He wrote to me a few days ago, telling me that he was suddenly and completely healed of this serious ailment that the doctor could do nothing to alleviate [after God spoke to him to read our book Faith and Healing again.]

An earlier incident concerned a young woman with appendicitis. She was due to have an appendectomy, but God told her to read Faith and Healing and while she was reading it, she was instantly healed.

Like you, we have sent much of our material into Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria, etc. We have received reports of people’s lives being dramatically changed, like you have received in your work for the Lord.

One man in Kenya was walking down the road when an angel spoke to him audibly. He said, “Tell Mr Heap to stand firm and open the eyes of the Kenyans. I have appointed him and chosen him to be a light to the Kenyans.” You can read about that incident on page 38 of Miraculous Manifestations enclosed, along with several other miraculous happenings like you related.

I have never been to Kenya. Nor have I been to any other African country, in person, that is. Yet, God has appointed me to release these people and has not told me to go there. Why not? Because their release does not come through a white man appearing before them [that can be a spiritual distraction – believers  need to look to Jesus, not to any man He appoints]. Their release can only come in the best way God knows how to achieve it: by reaching them through the printed word. He has inspired the things I have put on paper, and consequently those publications carry His anointing. When people read them they are set free.

Do you remember the last thing Jesus told Peter? “FEED MY SHEEP! If you love Me, feed My sheep!” Jesus chided Peter three times. He didn’t say, “Go into all the world, and ignore My sheep.”

Going into the world with evangelism is one thing, not to be ignored. But, it is all too easy to neglect feeding those who are called. Reinhard Bonnke has reached millions in Africa, but are all those sheep being fed? NO! Many of them are being devoured by false ministers in churches with watered down teachings, and an elevated hierarchic leadership, which is anathema to Christ.

Benny Hinn has reached millions with his display of wonders, but are those people being fed properly? NO!

You have reached many thousands with the gospel, and I would say with a more worthwhile quota of teaching, [I’m not so sure about that now!] because you have given them an unadulterated version of the 10 commandments as a reminder of one of their obligations. But what about their other obligations? Are you giving them ALL they need? You might think so, but I ask you to think again. Please read what I have sent you, and see.

What if there are aspects of truth that we have contained in our literature that would benefit believers, and you decide to ignore them and refuse to implement them in your outreach? [That’s just what he did!] Would Jesus hold you accountable for that oversight? [He does!]

I don’t want to be hard on you, but I have had to be very hard on some evangelists for their failure to implement Jesus’ will, due to the inertia of their own agendas.

May I draw your attention to the section under “We Can Reject New Truth” on page 21 of The Ten Virgins? It’s about listening to prophets. You are a prophet [that’s what he liked to think], but do you listen to other prophets? Obadiah was a contemporary of Elijah. But Elijah was called upon to do the most public work, not Obadiah. Not all prophets are equal. Some have seniority due to their calling or function. [He wanted that!]

The Media Again

Fuchsia Pickett relates her vision: “I also saw the printed page rolling, producing Christian literature. I watched the Church march into the heavenlies in the Spirit and invade the evil powers of the media...” (p 14, The Next Move Of God.)

If you care to read them, our Newsletters contain most of the dreams God has given us. Several of those are about publicity coming; about media coverage; about the intrusion that the media will bring to our lives; about people long dead being raised to life as a feature of our work to highlight the truths contained in our literature.

1. How are people set free? 2. How is the Church awoken from its slumber? 3. How are existing structures shaken?

Answers: 1. By knowing the truth, and abiding by the truth (Jn 8:32). Does the Church know all truth? No! Hence it is not yet completely free from the bondage of false teachings.

2. Sleep is a metaphor depicting deception, amongst other things. People don’t want to be awoken, nor do they like being shown they have believed lies. But when deception is deeply rooted, the most effective method of reaching people and showing them that what they have believed is a lie, is through written exegesis. When you explain the Bible accurately, in detail, the most effective means is through exegetical literature. People can then study it, go over it at their own pace, go back over bits they misunderstood and read them again, until they prove to themselves the truth which it expounds.

The Shaking

3. Existing churches are shaken when a prophet from God gives a message that is needed, but not welcome. It divides the Church, separating sheep from goats. Those who don’t accept the new truths being presented resist. Those who accept them go on further with Jesus. Generally, the pastors and established leaders fail to move on. People must leave their set-ups to follow Jesus individually.

This is the ultimate wish of Jesus. In disciplining people, He wants them to be able to follow Him, to hear directly from Him, not to be reliant upon any pastor, evangelist, prophet or church leader. That was the thrust of Jesus’ words in John 10. His sheep are called to hear His voice, to listen to Him and follow Him individually. They are to come in, AND go out. They come into churches, but also go out when those churches fail to provide the ideal growing environment, spiritually.

From what you tell me of the churches you have raised up in Kenya, they need to move on until each person is able to survive spiritually outside the church environment, as I have explained previously, in home fellowship situations, so that they can weather the violent storms that are coming of religious persecution and isolation. That requires a lot of teaching, much more than the shallow diet being dished out at the moment. And the means which God has chosen to dispense that diet is via literature. And I will be so bold as to say whose literature it is which will shake the Church, at the risk of being labelled “presumptuous” for doing so!

I know whereof I speak, because I have Authority to say this. I didn’t sit in a rabbit-hutch of an office for 11 years, twiddling my fingers for fun! I did it because God laid it upon me, and He never fails in what He does, so I am glad that I was able to be used in such a way.

A man whom I have never met wrote to me recently with this prophetic word:

A Word Of Encouragement From God

“Malcolm. Fear not about your life [I don’t fear, but I know that I have to endure some hardship at the hands of the police here, shortly] and what you are going through, or what you will go through in the coming months ahead. I have been hard at work in the heavens opening and shutting doors, and I have already determined your steps and have opened doors for you that only you can walk through. They are inaccessible to any others except your household. The hunger and thirst that is growing in your heart is of divine origin, and it has been born out of much suffering and trial, but I am the Master of all destinies, and have arranged everything just as it ought to be for you and your household.... The work that you have ahead will always bring glory to Me, even though it will seem that you are not making any headway at all. But this, My son, is how it is with Me, as My ways are so different, and they are beyond searching out... Even as I speak to you now, in your dreams and your troubles, there is a certainty that I will place into your spirit... and that which I have given to you will come to pass.

“.... Be assured that what you have gone through for Me has not been to no avail. No! It has accomplished much and many doors have been opened because of the dedication of your works and the spirit by which you did them. There has been much damage to the kingdom of darkness, and one day, you will have the joy of seeing some of this work that I have accomplished through you. Nothing that you do or say in My name will ever be put to waste as it is a fragrance to My heart and I love you so passionately and will always honour your labour of love.”

Now, I realise that he could just as accurately have spoken those words to you, for I am sure that Jesus has been equally pleased with all your sincere efforts for Him. [Not so, now that he has rejected what God said to him via us!] But, when those words are coupled with the realisation that our work has been EXCLUSIVELY centred around the writing, production and distribution of literature – without me going there in person – it puts God’s stamp of approval on that which He has done through us. And it contradicts your assumption that “none of these great works of God can be done by literature.” [His words were actually a satanic attack against what God is doing here.]

The Power Of Literature

When you analyse what IS important, it actually strongly contradicts your premise. Inspired literature – and it must be inspired by God, to fit the bill – has a unique place that personal evangelism cannot replace.

The Bible is written. It is the greatest work of God in one sense, because countless millions have been reached and spiritually changed by reading it.

Paul did not just preach; he wrote. And what has survived the longest is what he wrote. Those words are still around, long after what he said has been forgotten. Even the memory of the miracles he experienced would have died out a generation or so later, unless written accounts had been recorded.

Literature can go places where preachers can’t. Literature can be smuggled behind iron and bamboo curtains, and give people hope where men of God can’t survive the pogroms. Literature can make an impact at any time that God chooses, without anyone having to be a go-between. When the dead are raised, there is an immediate impact, but the event soon loses its impact or is forgotten. When it is written up, and the account circulated, God can touch minds and cause them to believe, even when they have not witnessed the miracle. Many more can be reached that way than by witnessing the actual happening. So, literature is powerful. It carries more potential than any man of God without it.

If Jesus could have had us evangelise effectively without His written Word, He wouldn’t have bothered having it preserved – at the cost of many lives and much suffering!

Jesus’ words still echo: “FEED MY SHEEP!” And how has He fed them for hundreds of years? Through the Bible and those who expound the Bible. Since the printing press, there has been a most effective and low-cost means of duplicating and multiplying that outreach that the printed page can have. Besides the Bible are the written theses expounding its meaning, much of which has been lost through deception! God promised He would restore all things at the very end, that knowledge would be increased, and that He would send an Elijah. What if this prophetic work is His greatest means of restoration of written truth? And what if it has been delivered to your door? Would you disdain it if Jesus stood there handing it to you? Of course not, but we know that He tests us. He doesn’t make it so obvious, because He requires us to make our own decisions, and to prove ourselves, not just to Him, but to ourselves also.

You wrote: “Literature has its place, but it will never take the place of God’s anointed garments, handkerchiefs and the hands that work miracles.”

I agree with you. It won’t, because it’s not meant to. What you should consider is whether hands that work miracles should take the place of God’s literature? God forbid! He has purposes for both.

But there will come a day soon when God’s anointed garments, handkerchiefs and hands that work miracles will be over. That is only two or three years away. Other than the Two Witnesses, there will be no more of the open evangelism we have been able to enjoy up to now. Repression is coming! And literature will be a spiritual mainstay for the Church during this time of darkness.

God has shown us that He will make a way for us to duplicate our material by the hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, so that it can do much good in the times ahead. There is a need to plan ahead. Where there is no vision the people perish.

Truth brings release. Truth brings restoration. Truth brings revival. Working miracles doesn’t bring release. Working miracles doesn’t bring restoration. Working miracles doesn’t bring revival. Not on its own, that is. Testimony to that are the miracle working ministries of Benny Hinn and Morris Cerullo. Miracles without truth are like water without bread, satisfying for a short time only. They don’t sustain.

And the most permanent means of presenting God’s truth, preserving God’s truth, and passing on God’s truth, is on the printed page.

No, I don’t accept your premise that literature is weak and powerless. It is enduring and powerful.

Resurrection Power!

In Nigeria recently, David Isaac Ohuoba proved the point. A couple brought him a dead boy, and asked him to pray to God for the child’s restoration. David prayed, but nothing happened. He knew more was necessary. He took out some of our literature and read it to the parents. He taught them. That’s what Jesus did – taught people.

The amount that he taught them was so great that it was only possible to do so from printed pages. It’s difficult keeping all the information you need in your head. (At least, that’s what I find.) As he read to them, faith arose in their hearts. Their minds were enlightened, and their hearts were uplifted. There’s power, power, wonder-working power in the Word, in the Word!

After more than three days of teaching and waiting on God, the boy’s life was restored. The entire account is in the tract, Dead Boy Raised At Midnight.

Why did God raise him from the dead at midnight? Why didn’t He choose another more sensible time of day? He wanted to prove a point or two.

1) We are in the Midnight Hour now.

2) We were not given the name Midnight Ministries for no good reason! Nor the number 29 (expectation of judgement) for our PO Box without equally good reason. It is God’s time to restore truth to His Church. If the Church doesn’t like it, it can expect judgement! That’s His message. He’s not messing, and nor am I.

R O from Kenya e-mailed me recently: “I am very pleased to write this short message thanking you very much for what you did for me. The few booklets you sent to me blessed me greatly. I read one of the booklets teaching about faith and applied the principles taught in the book and I received a wonderful breakthrough.

“Last November 25th, through December 30th 2002, I visited the USA through your teachings. One pastor insisted that I give him the book that enabled me by faith to travel to America. The story is long, but I can tell you that I had only 18,000 Kenyan shillings (only about 18% of the cost of the air flight). I went to the travel agent and asked him to give me a ticket on credit, of which I was going to pay when I return from my trip. He refused in the first place, but he asked me for the invitation letter. When he read it, the Lord touched his heart to give me the ticket. I travelled to the States and on my return paid the balance of 82,000 Ksh.”

There is wonder working power in the literature! God knows how to use what is written to teach people the lessons He is getting across. If it wasn’t anointed by God, then I would say with any rational person, that it can’t be so good as an evangelist in person, performing miracles. But God is able to take His Word and perform miracles with it in a whole host of circumstances!

The Drawback In Ministering Personally

There is a great danger and drawback from miracle-working evangelism. The one doing it can get elevated.

This has happened to Morris Cerullo. Helena was given a dream of him red-faced and drunk on the power.

But, even if the evangelist doesn’t allow the power to go to his head, or get drunk on it, there can be a problem with the audience’s perception or focus. They all too easily look to the man and elevate him, especially in Africa, where, as you know, the white evangelist is given precedence – sometimes because of the money he brings with him. So, a man and money get elevated instead of Jesus. This is idolatry and Jesus hates it.

He is going to change things, because most evangelists are not about to. They like the attention, they like the acclaim, they like being centre-stage. And if God backs them up with miracles – which He often does in faithfulness to His own word – they like that even more! It gives them credence [and sometimes adulation].

But a subtle transition has taken place, and people’s attention and worship has been taken off Jesus and placed on the visiting evangelist. He’s the big man coming to town, in Jesus’ name. And the more miracles that support his preaching the better. The greater they are the better. Why? Because they give him more power, more credibility, more publicity, more response.

Do you know, when Jesus faced this situation, He didn’t milk it like many of these guys are doing. He told various ones NOT to tell others what He had done for them. He cast out demons quickly before too much of a crowd had gathered to witness the spectacle. And He often tried to play down the miraculous aspect of His work. When he raised Lazarus, He didn’t get the whole town to watch. He did it quietly, with just His own there whom He wanted to believe and teach.

That last word was His main emphasis: teaching. And the best vehicle of that today is via the printed page, for those who can read. It’s the most lasting, effective and permanent means.

Jesus spent most of His time teaching the people. Teaching is spiritual healing. What is more important, if we had to make a choice? Physical healing or spiritual?

Miracles brought too much attention to Jesus, so that eventually He had to hide because people were looking to the man and the spectacle of His wonders than to the depth of His message. It’s the same today. People tend to look to the miracles more than to the message. They like power rather than piety. This is where the charismatic move lost its way; and remains a point of condemnation against the Pentecostal sector of the Church.

The wrong emphasis has allowed Jezebel free rein in the Church, to dominate, to repress it and prevent the full flow of the Spirit which could come if the fulness of truth was permitted. But it’s not, because people want fun and frolicking more than they want righteousness and truth.

Jezebel In The Church Must Be Challenged

Jezebel in the Church must be challenged. Pure truth must be restored. That’s the challenge at this Midnight Hour. The true teaching has to be released to the whole Church, preparing the Bride for Jesus. And the means God will use is the written word. It is too vast an area to do it by preaching alone. Preaching has its place in evangelism, but teaching through proper biblical exegesis is most effective on paper, where each person must study and prove truth to themselves, in their own time, according to their own ability and pace.

Jesus is the Head of His Church, not men. People need Jesus in their lives. He wants to teach them personally and lead them individually. He can do that from publications which contain pure truth. He can’t do it when men with preconceptions and half truths get in the way of what He now wants to accomplish.

God is calling His people out of churches to bring them closer to Himself spiritually. This is the Last Move of God. It is here. We are entering it now! We are about our Father’s business, as you have been. I recognise your place in the Body. Do you recognise mine? [He didn’t.]

This last move is based on the restoration of pure biblical truth, to rid the Church of former error. Its objective is holiness, the further sanctification of the Bride in readiness for Jesus’ return.

The literature foundation is laid for this move of God to take greater effect. It will do its job through the Holy Spirit as Jesus directs what is being done. Miracles of raising the long dead will point people in the right direction – to God, to His Word, and to give a witness to the world.

The teaching has to be the bedrock of any church from now on, or by default, it is undermining the purity of God’s Word and tolerating satanic compromise. As God’s Word is expounded – and the Church is fed – she is kept alive, and readied.

When Jesus commanded us to go into all the world, He was insistent that new disciples be told to obey all things Jesus had passed on to His disciples. But aspects of that truth have been lost, so most evangelists today are not able to fulfil that part of Jesus’ command. Moreover it takes a lot of time.  Teaching programmes have dealt with some of that remit, but no one has yet fulfilled it as Jesus wants. [‘Our’] literature can fill the gap, because it seems most evangelists don’t have the time or the ability to do the entire job.

Now to the dream which Helena had last night, in her own words: “I was passing by a big church. A preacher was showing off by eating a metal tool. Next he was going to eat a huge alarm clock made out of metal. The preacher was only entertaining the audience.” One other important point which God gave her in the spirit: she felt that the location was somewhere in New York.

Is the preacher meant to depict you? [Yes, it does.] Or does it represent someone you may know of in New York?

God’s Condemnation

This is what the symbols could well represent:

The metal tool.

A tool is given to do a job with. But if it is eaten and kept inside the person, it can’t help anyone else. If an evangelist eats the tool (the Word of God) which God has given him to help others to learn to be led directly by God (let’s face it, that’s why Jesus recorded much of the NT, especially John’s gospel), he’s not helping others really. He’s doing himself more favours than he’s doing them. [This is what Bill did. He used our materials selfishly, not sharing them with others.]

Eating the huge alarm clock.

This stunt could represent a gimmick. Preachers are often clever at devising some gimmick to get people’s attention, and entertaining them for a while, but failing to properly feed them, and certainly not teaching them in order to wake them up!

The size of the clock could also depict the intensity with which God wants to wake people up in the Church, and the extent of slumber. But when a man eats an alarm clock, he is devouring and hiding the very means God has arranged to use to wake up the Church.

When preachers devour the prophets God sends to awaken them and the people they minister to, they do this. They prevent God waking up the people.

I believe we have such a huge ‘alarm clock’ contained in our literature. It’s up to individuals how they use it, and even whether they will do so. God will judge them for it, one way or the other.

Some years ago, God spoke to my son and told him to go and buy a huge alarm clock. When he had done this, He told him to wrap it up and leave it on the doorstep of a minister we knew with a short message to wake up. Ephesians 5:14 was salient.

The response was not what we expected, but we are wiser now. The man had evil in his heart towards us and responded by calling the police, thinking that it was a bomb ticking away. He was greatly offended by the message, which was what was God’s purpose for him because he was so arrogant. It humiliated him. God can do nothing with someone when they are not humble...

So, I hope you are not offended by anything I have written here. But there is a great place for inspired literature to find its way into the hands of every believer who can read it. And, from the dreams which God has given us, it is clear that He intends you to do much with what we can supply to you. I hope you will take up the challenge.

Well, I was more hopeful than realistic, as I found out later! But firstly, God had even more to say and wanted me to write again...

Tuesday, 18th March 2003

The foregoing was written yesterday evening, intending to post it today [hence the date of 18th March]. Last night, God gave my wife and me dreams. Since they concern you, I relate them here with the necessary interpretations. I hope you can accept them in the frame of mind in which they are given.

May God be able to bless you.

Here is Helena’s dream (in her own words):

§                “I saw people mingling. I heard two people speaking Polish” [she is Polish]. “I recognised their language. There was a casual, superficial atmosphere, with everyone doing their own thing. This represents American society.” [Liberal, etc.]

“I saw a tall lady [represents you] with a cream coloured garment. It looked like a bride’s gown with a long trail. The design was quite ordinary.

“The dress was untidy and creased.

“I got hold of the end of the train of this garment, and the creases began to unravel. The dress got straightened out. But as I held onto the dress, the lady carried on walking and left the dress behind.

“The help we gave to have the wrinkles in this lady’s dress ironed out was not appreciated. This may be because the person is set in their ways, or resists due to pride. They prefer to move on in their old traditions, and are not willing to take on board the new things that the Lord is presenting to them through another prophet.”

I would also add: God showed that your dress is cream. It needs to be pure white. There are aspects of His truth that He still wishes you to recognise and incorporate into your teaching and practice. The way you left the whole garment behind, rather than accept the ‘straightening out’ from us, indicates your frame of mind – unwilling to accept what we bring. That is God’s present evaluation of you. Hopefully, you will change your mind and approach in time. I hope so, because I want to be in unity with you and to enjoy mutual co-operation.

Selfish Ambition

Now to come to my dream. (This is cut and pasted from my dream diary.)

§           18th March. M. This dream concerns an evangelist whom we have been corresponding with. It follows a letter I wrote to him last night. In this dream I walked out to our back lawn. A man was riding his moped over our lawn! But I didn’t respond with hostility, although that would have been the natural reaction. I waved to him, even though I was annoyed at the way he was treating our lawn (that we had tended carefully) with disregard.

As if his freewheeling behaviour was not arrogant enough, I then heard another noise – of a machine starting up on our lawn! I looked again and saw him with a lawnmower, about to cut our grass. What cheek!! He hadn’t asked permission of me, so I went up to him to ask if he was trying out a ‘new’ machine he had bought – although the machine was obviously old and had rusty patches on it. It was not very up to date. He claimed he had asked permission and had approval to crop our grass.

He was portrayed as our neighbour, who is a farmer and who regularly takes crops of grass off his land for animal forage. So, the dream depicts the wrong attitude and approach of the person who was pictured in the way he would think of using our literature. Arrogance and presumption have entered through self-seeking and pride.

Meaning: When evangelists go out into the harvest fields and start preaching and reaping, being prepared to heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead, God performs those signs and wonders. He does it out of faithfulness to His Word, and to promote His truth. But the men (and women) He uses often sadly get puffed up, thinking they are the centre of His activities, instead of the Truth of God which sets people free. Some of them think they are indispensable, and that God needs them, in order to perform His miracles. There is a misplacement of priorities, and pride has entered subtly, to undo some of the good that God has achieved.


In another scene in the same dream, I went to open our gate. Very close to the gate, there was a compound with some dogs in it. When the gate was open, the dogs could jump over the wall of their compound and land on the ground, to bother us. But when the gate was closed, the dogs couldn’t do this, as they would crash into the gate.

Meaning: We ‘go out’ in the course of our ministry through our ‘gate’. As we minister to others with the prophetic input God gives us (the prophet is the one who opens the gate for the sheep – see Jn 10:3; in the NIV he is called the ‘watchman’) dogs come against us. Dogs can represent various things. They can be both useful guard dogs, but also troublesome opponents. In this instance they represent a nuisance, giving us opposition. In this mode, they are motivated by demons, resisting us and making our ministry difficult, every time we ‘go out’ to others.

[Bill was the one featured in this dream from God, but he accepted nothing of the correction that God was giving him via these letters. The remainder of that letter follows:]

Restoration In Righteousness

Further to the above, here are some notes which can help you if you want to accept the truth they contain.

God is using inspired literature to flood all nations. Miracles will follow up and the publicity will give a witness for the gospel to the rest of the world. Revival was prophesied to come to the British Isles, starting in Scotland, then England, then spreading to Europe and the rest of the world.

God will do a quick work! (Rom 9:28, NKJV.) Jesus has to be in the centre. He decides how it’s done!

His Bride has to come out of the old traditions, and follow Him in purity and truth. Evangelists who have been used to doing things one way – ‘their’ way – will have to make adjustments, and change. The garments have to be without spot or wrinkle. But God is showing that you still have a number of them to iron out.

In fact, your ministry, or the way you do things, has become an idol, and you can’t see it.

The reason God has given us this input for you, and has not given it to you directly, is because He needs to use another who has got things straight(er), in order to bring you the necessary correction. You wouldn’t be able to see it yourself, if He tried to show you. Or, if He used the necessary means to convey it to you, it would be so blatant that it would destroy you and totally discourage you.

What this ministry is all about is the spiritual raising up of the Church. The raising of the dead is merely a physical type of what is going on in the spiritual, which is much more important to God.

I hope that what I have written here is helpful to you. God loves you, and if you will accept His correction in the vein in which it is given, He has more work for you to do in His service.

Unfortunately, Bill accepted nothing! God was about to bring him into judgement. But first, He had to warn him. Before I received any reply from Bill, God gave Helena and me two more dreams about Bill’s arrogant assertive attitude. I had to write to him again:

26th March 2003

Input For You From Above

I wrote to you on 18th March, which letter was sent by post. You have not acknowledged that yet, but I trust that it has reached you safely. It was necessarily lengthy, not because I wanted it to be, but because of what the Lord wanted conveyed to you.

If it had escaped your attention, I’m a prophet, too. And when God gives us dreams and other instructions, we have to act upon them. That is why I had to write to Benny Hinn, and quite a number of other evangelists, and to the Prime Minister here on several occasions. It’s not ‘glory seeking’; it’s performing our function in the body. I was praying in our bathroom some years ago, and suddenly without warning the Holy Spirit descended on me and I started to weep. (Most unusual for me.) Then He spoke in my spirit and told me that He was appointing me as a prophet to the nation. At that, I wept more. I felt so unworthy. I trust you know what I mean. I think you do. But I knew that it was a commission He was laying upon our shoulders. (Helena’s as well, because we are together in everything, and she receives much from the Lord, and is good at conveying things verbally, whereas God has given me the job of putting things on paper, much less conveying things verbally.)

My reason for sending you copies of recent letters to Benny Hinn and Tony Blair was to inform you. You had faxed me an article prior to that, which was really irrelevant to the matters being addressed in this correspondence, and from your communications it seems all you are interested in doing is lifting up yourself or asserting ‘your position’, expecting others to defer to you or to recognise your office. I would gladly defer if that is what God wants me to do, but it’s not.

That’s why He gave us the various dreams about you which I described in the two previous letters of 18th March. I can only ask you to consider carefully the imagery which God gave about you. No one can make another person see what is wrong with them which God sees from His holy perspective. All I can do is convey these things to you in the hope that you will meditate on them and finally come to realisation as the Holy Spirit enlightens you.

For the past few days I have been finishing a booklet on casting out demons, which is one that we lacked in our ‘repertoire’. So, God has been holding off recently with night revelations until that was done. I finished the first rough draft late last night before going to bed. Then, last night, both Helena and I had dreams. We didn’t ask for them. What we receive in corrective, depictive dreams for others is NEVER solicited. It comes, because of God’s purposes which He is working out.

As you should know, the chief function of the prophetic office is not prediction, but a ‘cry’ or call to repentance. It begins at God’s House, and starts with the ‘priesthood’ or those called to ministerial office, because they tend to perform leading, influential roles. Their attitudes and what they teach affect many others. So God’s primary concern is to redirect them when they veer off course. This is what you are doing and is explained in the various dreams by symbols and imagery. I’ll do my best to explain for you. We care for you, so in anything corrective which I write, please don’t take such admonition as hostile or deliberately hurtful. It’s not meant in that vein. It’s a product of God’s love for you, and I hope I can convey it to you adequately. God bless!

Boasting And Self-Seeking!

Helena’s dream last night was this [interpretations in square brackets]:

A woman was boasting continually [your approach] about how happy she was, how pleased she was with herself [your pride in what God has done through you; your self-satisfaction]. She was proud of herself that everything was going well for herself. I said to her, “All this happiness means nothing if we won’t let the Holy Spirit work with us.” When the Holy Spirit works with us we have to be sensitive and obedient. We have to make changes to be in the will of God. We should accept those that God is using to bring fresh revelation for the Church.

What this above dream is conveying – apart from the obvious references to pride and self-satisfaction – is that you are not listening carefully to the Spirit. We have come to you, at God’s prompting (and this meeting began when you first requested books from us, at God’s prompting). But you have not recognised the Hand of God in this meeting, other than for potential gains which you could make to advance your own agenda. This is nothing less than self- seeking and ambition. There are allusions to these character flaws in you, in these dreams, which is why I have taken the time to write at length, without any benefit to myself other than a reward from Above.

We have brought you literature inspired by the Spirit, for the edification of the Church, and you have pushed it to one side. In effect, you have disdained what is there, preferring to promote what YOU have written. But what I have written I have not written for MY glorification. Nor do I promote it for MY glorification, but for God’s glory, which is all that matters. And since that is my motive, which you are failing to recognise, God has given these dreams to point out your error.

This failure to recognise the Finger of God in what we have written is another thing God wants you to heed. This was a feature of my dream last night.

The Misshapen Tree

The dream I had last night was this (‘cut and pasted’ from my dream diary):

26th March. M. There was a big evergreen tree [depicts you] at the end of our garden. It was next to a deciduous tree that was ours. The evergreen was high and lofty and dominating over our tree. Moreover, the evergreen was not a nice shape. It was misshapen and had a bough broken off. Where the bough was broken off, it had been chafing against another branch, and the stub of what was left was still rubbing against it as the tree swayed in the wind. This rather unsightly evergreen tree was high. It was higher than ours and was intent on reaching for the sky. I thought it should have its top lopped down, because it was too high and such a bad shape that it wasn’t visually appealing, but I decided that was not for me to do that.

In the next scene, we were in our garden. Some people who knew us (I think it was two men) brought in another man who was interested to know more about us, especially what we had been doing in Africa. He had a special interest in Africa. Some of our publications were laid out on a table, and he could see them. I wondered whether he would look at them, but they were not opened, and he didn’t seem interested in those. He was more interested in other things. At that moment, he was intent on finding out straight from me what we were doing in Africa. (But all this explaining is so time consuming, unnecessary and tiring. It is all written up already in our newsletters.) But, to be polite, I had to respond to him. As I began to explain, he took out a £20 note. It looked like he was about to make a donation. (Thanks. We sure need it!) Then, suddenly a tiredness came over me and I had to stop talking and put my face in my hands. I said, “Excuse me, I’m sorry, I’m so tired!” I couldn’t go on. The dream ended there.

Meaning: To do with a person in the USA, who has a ministry. Personal meaning for him, so that he can make spiritual changes.

I think you will be able to work out what the imagery in the first scene means.

The second scene adds further details about you. You are the man who has the special interest in Africa, and that interest is taking precedence, as the dream portrayed. Why would God show you ignoring our literature on the table, if not for the reason that He wants you to take more notice of it?

But, because you are not reading what we have sent – which you have not yet seen is pivotal to this last move of the Spirit now before the Great Tribulation – I am having to write you long letters to exhort you to wake up. All this is very time-consuming and exhausting. And, unless you take note of what is being written herein, it’s all a waste of time. There is nothing more exasperating than to have carefully explained input, that has taken hours to put on paper, dismissed with alacrity in minutes or even seconds! It is soul destroying. And we find it wherever God sends us! Laodicea is here alright! She doesn’t want to be told. She doesn’t want anything more. She thinks she’s got all she needs.

But do you have the truth about the Festivals? Are you keeping those holy days in God’s calendar? Do you observe the new moons, upon which His calendar is based? No. You have a human substitute replacing those assignments of God. You have many meetings each week, based around human planning, other than the Sabbath, which is a divine ordinance.

When people replace God’s assignments or “appointed times” (Heb moedim) with their own substitutes, they are playing God in one sense. They are making their tradition higher in their estimation than God’s tradition which He has given us.

Have you considered this? He wants you to. It’s part of the meaning of the lofty evergreen, and why it was evergreen as opposed to deciduous. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the autumn, a time when four pivotal festivals of God occur, depicting important aspects of God’s plan for man. He doesn’t intend us to celebrate at regular times (other than the weekly Sabbath and new moons). His festivals occur at irregular times. Besides the divine reasons, there is another important human consideration. People can get tired through meeting together habitually, too often, or find meetings losing some of their intended impact. They can lose out spiritually because their focus is taken away from their own personal times of devotion and meeting with God, and replaced by the preacher who has upstaged Jesus by his own agenda or schedule. Subtly, the people’s attention is taken away from Jesus. In His place, they see a man. By his continual ‘coming’ he has monopolised their free time, taken away some of their freedom, limited their choice and spiritual individuality, and begun to oppress them by his imposed agenda.

That’s a danger which you may need to consider, that would escape your notice.

The ‘Celebrity Status’

In that context, I ask you, “Have you read God’s Church – Whose Authority?, which I sent to you? That book explains the subtle blasphemous transition that so easily occurs in today’s churches. Your ‘church’ is not exempt, as we can see from your video you kindly sent. Thanks for that. I do appreciate what you have sent us (as the former dream about the $500 depicts).

I received an e-mail today from someone who read some of our articles on the web who said: “Enjoying the articles and such. I read about Joyce Meyer and Morris Cerullo, and can say that the main problem is today’s flawed structure of the Church. God intended for each congregation to have His power, not just for the Anointing to abide in a handful of evangelists who go around the world. What tends to happen to these big-name evangelists is that though they start off with mighty salvations with signs and wonders following, instead of Christ being lifted up, THEY begin to be lifted up and eventually lose God’s anointing, so (supposing themselves to be “God’s man of the hour”) become a money-making institution, substituting their big organizational stance for the power of God! Morris Cerullo is a true man of God, but sadly has been gradually becoming too important in his own mind.”

Richard, who wrote that, was spot on!

And that’s the danger that you face. You see some of the flaws in some others (although you are not discerning correctly in people like Benny Hinn, because you don’t have the gift of discernment which every prophet needs, to make proper evaluations), but you can’t see the weaknesses or flaws which are engulfing you. It would seem that the resentment or bitterness (if those are the right words to express what is in your spirit) which you hold towards Benny Hinn and others who have ‘stolen the show’, have blinded you to any good which God can still accomplish through them for the sake of His Kingdom and glory.

Jack Deere writes this: “one of the clues that some present-day healing ministries are in significant trouble is the celebrity status given to and accepted by those who have been used in significant healings. Frequently, naive and misguided Christians show great deference to those who have been used in a healing ministry – or those who have a reputation for having a healing ministry. Sometimes ministers and evangelists encourage this practice by telling great stories in which they themselves are the centre of attention rather than the Lord Jesus. This giving and receiving of glory among themselves can bring harm or even destruction to those involved in this process (see the Lord’s rebuke to the Pharisees in John 5:44).” (Surprised by the Power of the Spirit, p 124.)

God is giving you warning in His love, so that you can turn around and avoid that destruction.

As I write, you have faxed another copy of your article “Where Is There A Man?”... [That article, which Bill wrote, suggests, without saying so specifically, that Bill is the man – THE Prophet – whom God will use. He puts himself centre stage.]

But what if God has the man in mind, and he’s not you? What if He’s going to do it through us? [And I do not think we will be alone in what is coming, either. Others will be involved, too!] What if ‘our’ literature, which you are disdaining, is pivotal to the revival coming up? You might be surprised. God has shown us in dreams how this revival will come about and why, and it’s in our book Dreams and Visions From God, Pt 1. But I don’t suppose you’ve read it.

You’re so busy doing your ‘thing’, that you are not hearing sufficiently from the Lord about what else He’s doing. You surely don’t think that you are the end-time Elijah, do you? The work of the Elijah involves so many people, that it’s globe-girdling. God is doing so much, and you are missing a lot of it, because you reject some of the people whom He has been using. You can’t see beyond their flaws or their false teachings or misunderstandings and erroneous practice, to perceive how God has come into many lives, despite the mistakes they are making.

Because you are so intent on promoting yourself, you are in danger of losing the very assignments God has in mind for you. He has spoken to you about doing various things and you have ignored Him because He spoke through another person whom you thought should be subservient to you. With that arrogance, He can’t use you, He has to use another.

Jack Deere capped off his comment in his book: “Eventually those who promote themselves will lose their ministries and their intimacy with the Lord....  Wanting only the Son’s glory is the most effective way I know to keep ourselves from being deceived and led into error.” (Pp 124-5.)

Can You Prove The Truth?

Talking about error, you understand the error in the Church’s Sunday philosophy, and that the Sabbath is the correct time. But could you prove it to someone exegetically? Can those whom you have trained for ministry also prove it to someone who genuinely asks for scriptural proof?

From what I have seen of your articles so far, they are ‘upward and onward’, ‘pep talks’, good as little prods to the converted, or cheer-leading to those already on your wavelength. But they don’t PROVE from the Bible foundational scriptural truths. If you are to convince the majority of preachers who are well versed in the Bible, you will need full documentation with accurate biblical exegesis. This is what I have written by the guidance of the Spirit for the last 11 years. Without it you won’t convince the likes of Jack Deere and others like him, who have very detailed written material covering every angle of subjects like (to take one example) the gifts of the Spirit, to prove the error of dispensationalists. How are you going to prove the error of all the Sunday keepers without similar thorough literary evidence? God can’t use you for that. And since that is so fundamental to this next move of the Spirit, of which we are now on the doorstep, He has made preparations, and I make no apologies for saying that He had us do it. Now we are nearly ready for the miraculous outpouring that will accompany what He must do to get people’s attention, and create the public platform on which His restored truth can be presented to the world and the Church.

But again, you have not acknowledged nor accepted the value of this meat God has given you through us. Other dreams given to Helena on 19th March illustrated this, and why:

19th March. H. I was given a trolley full of thinly sliced steaks! These needed to be used up quickly before they spoiled.

Meaning: About our publications. MM literature needs to be distributed and ‘eaten’ quickly because the time is short. The job is URGENT! The Church needs to be revived and fed. The Tribulation is just around the corner.

Jesus said to Peter “Feed My sheep” three times! In the dream above, God is confirming to you that we DO have the meat, all neatly sliced, ready to feed people. But your pride and arrogance are getting in the way of your giving it to those who need it.

More Proof That God Is Behind Us

Here are other dreams, which although not directly for you or about you, will help you to understand how God is behind this ministry and backing us:

§                20th March. H. There was a small group of people. Richard (our son) was there waiting. We brought some logs [MM publications] for someone. A lady offered to invest in the ministry. I gave her the details, told her of our great financial need, and that she would be blessed for helping us. Meaning: God will use someone to help us get the job done. God will provide in a miraculous way.

This dream was given on the morning of the day the Spirit had me write to Benny Hinn. [I sent him a copy of that letter, but he didn’t change his attitude to Benny. He became more resentful of him!] Only after the letter had been written did we understand that the woman in the dream represents Benny. He will one day give some support to our ministry. (I look forward to that. At the moment, we subsist on credit. We have about £40,000 on credit cards and £26,000 owing to printers.)

§               20th March. H. I was carrying a child in my arms and walked into a beautiful mountainous area. The beauty was breathtaking. I said to the child, “We are going into the area where your grandmother was born.”

   Meaning: The child is the Church. God is taking the Church back to her roots. He is restoring the faith once delivered to the saints. Purity and truth, beauty and holiness will be the whole purpose of the journey, preparing the Church for Jesus’ return and reward in the Kingdom of God.

§                22nd March. H. A lady was telling us something exciting was going to happen. I told her to wait till I get Zenya. She had gone out for the day. (There will be a reason for her to be away for a little while.)

Meaning: The ‘exciting thing’ is an allusion to the long-awaited raising from the dead of various people who have been dead for years. The Lord first told us about this back in 1993 or 1994 and we have been anticipating it ever since. He gave us some names, but not all. There will be 50 people brought back, possibly more. I’ll explain the rest of the dream another time. Zenya figures prominently in this.

§                24th March. H. A policeman came for Malcolm. He had a long coat. His mouth had a mark on it. (The mark of the Beast.) He was cold and unfriendly.

   Meaning: The police are out to get Malcolm. God is going to protect us and they will get a witness about God’s reality and the power of His truth.

There are scores of dreams which God has given us about what He is going to do through Midnight Ministries and the effect the miracles and our literature will have, both in this country and Europe and throughout the world. It is going to be a quick, short, sharp work. And, as He says in Romans 9:28, He will cut it short in righteousness (because many will reject the truths of God which we bring).

God has used you powerfully to take the gospel to many. I don’t want to downplay what God has used you to do. It is heartwarming to see such zeal and desire for evangelism. But the work of Elijah centres around restoration of truth and it is impossible for this job to be done without the distribution of literature which comprehensively lays out a foundation for all basic true doctrine. It HAS to be documented, and studied carefully by each person, because of its complexity. It can’t be done with a dozen sermons. God is restoring the Law of Moses and complete truth to the Church. If you had it, He could use you as well, but you don’t have it. You have some of it, but I have noticed some holes in your teaching which do not stand up to close scrutiny. I have mentioned some of those points in previous letters.

God has inspired the literature to benefit the entire Church and the world (those whom God calls out of the world). The Church needs cleaning up and the world needs the true gospel. Because the booklets are inspired, when each child of God reads, the Holy Spirit works with that person. Through the Spirit, God touches and teaches each one individually, as they are encouraged to study the Bible and prove all things for themselves. This is the most effective way to feed the mind without any man blocking their view of Jesus.

Heaping It Up

At the beginning of our ministry, God took us to Isaiah 57:14-15 and Malachi 4:4-6 and pointed out that that was what He was going to achieve through the work of Midnight Ministries.

Isaiah 57:14 prophesies of “heaping it up” (NKJV), a play on my surname and also an allusion to the mountain of literature that God was about to establish through this work He had assigned me. Looking at it humanly, the task was logistically impossible.

We also had to take the stumbling block out of the way of God’s people. That was another aspect to our assignment to do with exposing cult mentality and controls. And through all this, God achieved His intent of preparing the way for Jesus, which is explained more fully in the booklet Who Is The End-Time Elijah?

God prepared us through study of His Word for more than 25 years, then He moved us into position and had us begin compiling the written material. It has taken over 11 years to do. So, like you, we are not novices. He trains people adequately for the task assigned to them. A prophet prophesied to me in 1992 that our task would be successful. (That prophet had not met me before and didn’t know me from Adam, similar to your experience.)

Sending literature, containing the restored truth of God, to people around the world is the most cost effective way of getting the job done. It is “preparing the way.” The booklets are passed around as God directs, and create ideal means for personal evangelism in individual situations, in many different circumstances.

Over the years, we have had many invitations to come and preach. Through the guidance of the Spirit, we were shown to turn all but one down. God didn’t let me go. I had to ‘stay at home’ and get the written foundation laid. THAT was the work He made sure I did, and He has accomplished it through me. It is nearly done. We can see the finishing line.

Some of these invitations were to go to Africa. But God had better things in mind. He didn’t call me to be an evangelist. He gave me a gifting that incorporates prophetic aspects, and He guides me step by step while writing. The evidence that He inspires and guides is there in the numerics of what is written. If you read the newsletters, you will see as an example, on page 30 of N16, the number of words in The Ten Virgins and their significance.

Ezekiel 33:33

Many years ago, God spoke to me and said “Take 2, multiply by 3, multiply by 7, multiply by 13, multiply by 37, multiply by 37 again.” That's all He said at that time. And, to my astonishment I saw our phone number.

I already recognised that all those digits added up to 33. Some while later, we had to obtain a second phone, which we now use as a fax number. It was surprising, too, when I saw that all those digits also added up to 33!

Then God spoke again and pointed me to Ezekiel 33:33, and indicated that I should use that as a ‘signature’ on every occasion when I would have to write a strong corrective letter to various people. Just as He backed you up by striking various people dead, when they opposed your work for Him, so He has backed me up similarly.

Correcting Many Ministers

Over the years, He has taken us to scores of ministers or ministries, and leaders of a number of churches and cults, and has had me write letters of correction to them. Many false ministers have had to be exposed. This took time and hundreds of letters. It was not something I ever decided to do, nor chose. It’s what God has moved us to do.

When I get up in the morning, often I don’t know what I will have to do that day, unless there is a dream the night before. Invariably there is. And God directs us each day, showing me what I must do. For years, He has done this with us, using us to write to many many people. It has been a unique work, done on a very individual basis. It is clear that He has used us rather like He used Elijah, reaching individuals with God’s prophetic message for them. Only later was he used to reach the nation. That is what is coming shortly. I don’t look forward to it, but it must be done.

Reaching Millions Is Next

The miracles that are around the corner will wake up the Church spiritually, as Matthew 25 portrays, and give a witness to the world of the whole gospel. It will be a combination of unprecedented power, with the truth. God promised me via a dream, that wherever I go, He will perform an exceptional and unusual miracle. The name of Jesus will be made famous to bring millions into salvation, especially those who worship idols and follow pagan ways. (He indicated that in dreams, of us reaching Hindus etc, by challenges through indisputable miracles.)

God brought a man to our door one day, via Richard’s work as a mechanic. (The man was getting Richard to fix his car.) He told us of a vision God had given him standing before two angels with the book of life open before him, and of 55 million people who would come into the Kingdom of God shortly, in the final harvest. These people would mainly come from the UK, but also from Europe.

Why did God bring him to our door? Why didn’t He take him somewhere else? God is very deliberate in what He does. The reason is that we are instrumental (not because of us, but because of the anointed literature He’s given us) in what lies ahead in that harvest, along with other people.

Helena had a dream some time back of a new translation of the Bible being made available. She was so excited she couldn’t wait to read it! The dream was an allegory of Midnight Ministries’ literature which makes the meaning of the Bible plain, causes it to come alive and become relevant. Again, why did God give her the dream? If ‘our’ literature was not the key, God would have given it to others to whom it IS relevant!

God’s truth is being revealed from the Throne of God! Those who despise it, despise God. Those who downgrade it, treat God lightly. Those who reject it, reject God.

Making God’s truth available to millions is truly the work of Elijah! Through it the Holy Spirit can do the work of healing and restoration at this end time!

I think that’s about it for now. Thanks for the videos you sent recently. They’re much appreciated.

Character Flaws In Many

In Summary:

The character flaws which you are displaying are: pride, self-elevation, stubbornness, self-will, and ambition. I hope you don’t find my bluntness too offensive.

This is not meant to be disparaging, but I know it is plain speaking. I hope it’s not too blunt. God has used you considerably up to now, probably because of your zeal and willingness to put out great effort, and an ability to preach. In some ways you are very much like David Wilkerson at Times Square Church.

God gave Helena a dream about him, because we had been in touch with his ministry to convey to him some of his doctrinal errors, principally on the Sabbath. We sent him Our Sabbath Rest and The Controversy Concerning Law and Grace, but I don’t think the publications were considered realistically. They probably didn’t get past his right hand man. Anyway, in the dream God conveyed him like a monument, tall and upright, but rigid and immovable.

I think he will finally accept the truth of God we bring because of another dream which was given to a believer from Texas who was in touch with us. But it will take some earth-shaking things before he will take note. I hope it won’t take too much earth-shaking to move you.

Please also remember that God wants you to give ‘our’ literature to every church in New York [but if he doesn’t, somebody else will!] and to ‘your’ people in Africa. The anointing is upon the literature. Those are not my words, nor is it self-promotion. They are what God has said, and I am merely trying to wake people up. ‘Our’ literature is that means. (Remember the dream of the alarm clock which you devoured, in my letter of 18th March?) Unfortunately, most just want to continue to slumber. And as long as you deprive them of the means for their being awoken, you block the move of God.   [End of letter of 26-3-03.]

After that long letter, which took me hours to write, Bill responded with hostility. To put it in the vernacular, “he flipped his lid!” He became mentally deranged. Because he would not accept correction, demons took control of his mind. He is now vexed and troubled by demons.

If only he had humbled himself! If only he had been willing.... things could have been very different, and so much more wonderful.

But then, that’s how people learn. They only learn after they are humbled.

I faxed that letter to him, and his faxed reply was returned equally quickly! In it, more than before, he was asserting himself, and his supremacy or pre-eminence. He was so proud and stubborn that he would receive nothing of what I had said!

Because of his vitriolic stand against Benny Hinn, I wrote to him on 27th March also, outlining what was wrong with his contemptuous approach there. (That letter is on page 6.)

The following night, God spoke to me again in a dream. This time, God was warning that His judgement would fall upon him for his unrepentant stance.

There are many ministers like him – harsh, unyielding, stubborn, rebellious, unrepentant.

As Proverbs states, they will all be brought down in the way God sees fit to humble them (the true ministers who have lost their way), or destroy them (the false ones who will not repent).

Because I have called and you refused, I have stretched out My hand and no one regarded; because you disdained all My counsel, and would have none of My rebuke, I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your terror comes, when your terror comes like a storm, and your destruction comes like a whirlwind, when distress and anguish come upon you.

Then they will call on Me, but I will not answer; they will seek Me diligently, but they will not find Me. Because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the Lord, they would have none of My counsel and despised My every rebuke. Therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way... For the turning away of the simple will slay them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them (Prov 1:24-32, NKJV).

Warning Of Judgement!

After that dream, God had me write to Bill:

28th March 2003

Revelation Last Night

Yesterday, after your faxed replies to me following my letters of 26th and 27th March, I said to God that I would not contact you further unless He would show me in a dream that I should. It was clear that you were accepting little if anything from what I have written – just as I said in a letter to you.

But, last night God spoke yet again about you. He pointed out in a dream that His judgement will certainly befall you now (unless you heed what I have written, which seems highly unlikely).

You claimed in your first handwritten reply yesterday: “I exalt all others above myself, and when a prophet is a true prophet I honour him... above self.” No you don’t.

I have come to you in just such a capacity, and you have not honoured me, nor Him who sent me to you. You have disparaged my words, written for your good; you have dismissed the correction which God had me convey to you; and you have continued to elevate yourself. Moreover, you have responded to me with hostility, pride, arrogance, resentment, and now self-justification.

There is no humility in your response; certainly none that comes across! And Jesus is adamant that no one will enter His Kingdom without the attitude and approach of a little child. Yet, your attitude and approach are the opposite. You may mouth words that reflect His teachings, but your fruits are betraying you.

As for the office of a prophet, you do not hold that, for if you did, you would receive dreams like we do, in which God speaks explicitly about various people and situations with which the prophet is involved. You are an evangelist, who has had some prophetic giftings, which God gave by His grace so that you could accomplish His tasks.

I was willing to accept you as another prophet of God. But, it is clear now that you do not hold that office. You seem to understand little about a true prophet’s function. One of his main duties is correction. It is an essential part of his call to repentance, to those to whom God sends him. For doing his divinely appointed duty, he is strongly disliked and rejected by most. Yet, your concept of a prophet is someone exalted and highly acclaimed, holding an office that is to be greatly desired. Your aspirations for such ‘glory’ are evident, and you claim that you “cry out against all falsehood of iniquity.” (Your first handwritten reply yesterday.)

But you don’t “cry out against all falsehood of iniquity.”

By God’s guidance, I have pointed out to you several areas of falsehood and iniquity in your life and you have disdained my input, which was written in love and care for your spiritual welfare. Yet, you misconstrued it as an attack upon you. It was not. God disciplines and corrects every son He loves. But when correction cannot be accepted, that inability reflects an uplifted heart. As I have said, there are several demonic strongholds in your life, which the Lord wants you to deal with: arrogance, pride, resentment, bitterness, contempt for Benny Hinn, and now hostility towards me for ‘daring’ to correct you. You compare yourself with David T, and assert you are ‘just as good’ as him. That is unwise (2 Cor 10:12), because it gives you a false sense of security. By it you claim a share of the ‘glory’ for his labours (2 Cor 10:15). You should not “boast in another man’s sphere of accomplishment” (2 Cor 10:16, NKJV).

If you would judge yourself, you would not come under God’s judgement (1 Cor 11:31). But now, God says His judgement will come upon you, unless you humble yourself and make changes.

“Benny Hinn shall die of worms”, you wrote. No, he won’t. Because he will repent and make changes. He has been very misguided. And so are you (in different ways). But God has mercy on whom He will have mercy. He sees the heart. At the moment you are resisting His mercy.

B, I care for you. I want to help you, if I can. So, please listen before it is too late. I sense that there may be deep hurts inside you. Have you suffered some wounds in the past, which have led you to respond in the way you have? I don’t know what they are. It’s not my business to pry. You know and God knows. Perhaps they were to do with relationships, or a failed marriage, or you were ‘jilted’ in some way. Perhaps, as a result, you resent women, have an unbalanced approach, or regard women as inferior to men, which they are not. Does some hurt which you have suffered in the past still have a negative effect on you? I am only asking as a brother, hoping that you can get to the root of your response. These are my words in this paragraph. I do not say it is from the Lord. But if that is what caused you to seek acceptance and a sense of worth, or success to compensate for previous failure, via ministry, then you must change that motivation now.

The Lord would say to you, that He cannot have any ministering to others with wrong motives. If they continue on this path, they pursue a road to perdition (Matt 7:15-23).

You sent me David T’s article Why Halt Ye Between Two Opinions? On page 2 of that, centre column he writes: “He took all of that old spirit out of me. I had been so hurt by the preachers and I had gotten bitter. God can’t use people if they have bitterness in their hearts...”

Could that be why God has not provided for your hoped trip to Africa?

At the moment you are not open to admonition, let alone correction. You do not accept me as a prophet whom the Lord has sent. I have given you my sign that I am who I say I am – the raising of those who have been long dead, and Ezekiel 33:33, as I have previously explained.

But if you are adamant that I am wrong in any of what I have written, then I encourage you to follow the biblical instruction which Jesus laid down to involve the services of other adjudicators (Matt 18:16). I am not able to do this from my end, because I don’t know any people who know you well. But you mentioned Xxxxx Xxxxx. If he is a close friend, show him all my letters to you, and your replies, and ask him to adjudicate, so that we can come to agreement and harmony can prevail.

...Show them all the correspondence and our literature, and ask them to appraise the situation. If they think that I am wrong, ask them to write to me and tell me why in specific detail.

May I remind you why I came to you from the outset. You first approached me, and in turn you asked me to pray for your situation particularly regarding the trip you wanted to make to Africa. When I did, I received that those people did not need you at this point in time; they need ‘our’ literature, which is not to glorify a man, but to expound the Word of God and lift up Jesus. That’s what God showed. And He also showed that He wants you to deliver a box of our literature to every church in New York State. That would suggest that He has more work for you to do at home than abroad. The people in NY need spiritual help more than in Kenya, at the moment.

After all, you acknowledged the value of the book The Imminent Fall of America, but that is not for Africa, it’s for America.

Jesus has knocked on your door, to bring more Truth to His sheep. But you are denying the sheep this spiritual food, and denying Jesus. You are standing in the way of revival. You would rather have power over the sheep than let Jesus feed them through the written materials He has brought. This is a spirit of control, an evil spirit. Are you afraid of losing control? Or afraid of the Truth?

I leave these things with you. Unless the Lord tells me to write to you again, this will be MY LAST LETTER to you. It is clear from what He has shown us that you are not receptive. God conveyed that to Helena in dreams. Besides the dream she was given on 18th March, of you, represented as a bride with a badly creased bridal gown, and with a train which you left behind when you continued on the same direction, she was also given this dream on 26th March:

I went into a big building to take something in. The ground floor hall was cold and icy. While the dream represents the greater part of ‘the Church’, it would seem to include you as well.

Malcolm B Heap, May 2003


The Insidious Effects of Pride And The Elevation Of Church Leaders

(This article first appeared in Newsletter 21 of May 2003.)

The greatest pitfall with ministry is elevation – being lifted up – pride. It’s what caused Lucifer to fall from his wonderful position as one of the mightiest angelic beings, closest to God, and become the most despicable monster, in spiritual terms! The account of that huge fall of ‘Humpty Dumpty’ is narrated in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28, where he is likened to the king of Babylon (Is 14:9-23) and to the king of Tyre (Ezek 28:12-19).

The trouble is, many church leaders and independent ministers get elevated through the nature of their work. Some like it, and those are the ones who are in great danger, because pride has entered.

Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall (Prov 16:18).

A man’s pride will bring him low, but the humble in spirit will retain honour (Prov 29:23).

This problem is so widespread, that it’s a rare minister we meet who is not proud! Pride can be so subtle, which is why so many fall prey to it.

God Emphasises The Problem

In a dream, God highlighted the issue:

20th March 2003. M. Pride. In this dream, I was writing a long letter to various ministers – mostly evangelists. It contained much information, and clearly there was a lot that they needed to consider, and make changes. At the end, one thing stood out – there was a need to deal with pride. It was hindering what God can do through people on earth.

Meaning: God is warning about the damage of pride in hindering evangelism. Pride is so insidious, and so dangerous. Because of its subtlety it ‘creeps up’ on people without them noticing. It is the cause of the downfall of so many evangelists, and ruins God’s work through them.

What follows is correspondence with another independent minister from a Church of God (7th day) background. This individual came to these shores from America in 1993, hoping to extend his influence and gain a ‘following’ for himself. He didn’t call it a ‘following’ of course. He couldn’t see his own motives. He maintained that what he was doing was merely feeding the sheep, spiritually. But his teaching was laced with prejudice against those who were not ‘Sabbatarian’, and this was rooted in unseen pride.

Prior to his trip, I had had some contact with him by letter, and when he said he was visiting here, he already had our address as a starting point for his enterprise. Through contact with us, he also gained two other friends whom we had helped spiritually. He soon exploited the situation and used them as his first ‘converts’ – exponents of his ministry. He was quick to win them over and ‘groom’ them to assist him in his work. The more people he could win over, the greater his influence became, and consequently his elevation. This was the underlying philosophy behind why he ministered – although he couldn’t see it, and if you had challenged him about it, he would naturally have denied it.

He thought he was coming here to expand his outreach. But God had a very different perspective on his visit. Little did the man know that he was walking into a ‘trap’ of the Almighty’s making!

One thing troubled this man and his wife. It really bothered them. That in itself revealed the pride which drove his ministry. He was troubled why there was so little supernatural power evident in his ministry compared with the Sunday-keeping sector of the Church. He had seen various high profile ‘charismatic’ ministries like that of Kenneth Copeland in the USA, and from his reaction it soon became clear that he was jealous and resentful.

During one of our meetings, when I said what God was achieving through other ministries such as the Copelands’, our friend (I will call him ‘Jim’) burst out in a fit of rage, running those ministers down. He was scathing and contemptuous of them!

After our fellowship meeting, since there were about a dozen people present, Helena served some food on the table, smorgasbord fashion, and people went up to help themselves. As I was putting some food on my plate (which contains an important element by way of allegory), God spoke ‘loud and clear’! It was a very definite word of knowledge! There was no mistaking it! He said:

“The answer is in Luke 18.”

Although I couldn’t remember what was in that chapter I knew it was about their query, and I told them immediately what God had said.

Jim’s wife was quick to turn to Luke 18. She put her meal down, and read the whole chapter out loud. We all listened intently. When she got to verse 9, suddenly I knew what God was pointing out to them. It must have been so embarrassing to have their hidden sins exposed so publicly! Perhaps that’s why she did not stop and admit it, or comment in any way. She just carried on reading, right to the end of the chapter and then closed the book. There seemed no further need to comment, so they didn’t, and the tone of the evening changed rather dramatically after that. They felt they needed to leave rather sharpish! And that was the last we saw of them.

Over the intervening years, there were brief exchanges of correspondence, but nothing as dramatic as what erupted recently nine days after that dream of March 20th. On the 29th I wrote them a long letter. It’s not the sort of letter you would relish coming through your letterbox, but it had to be written. It was an assignment from Above.

Jim’s wife had written to us a couple of weeks before this, asking if we were still in ministry and how we were doing. It was a ‘chummy’ letter. They were curious to know what we might be up to.

I felt no need to reply then, but Helena did. God was moving her then, not me. She sent them a number of our publications, so that they had a ‘flavour’ of what God has been doing with us over the past decade, and also wrote them a brief letter explaining how short time is, and the need to prepare spiritually to be ready as part of the Bride.

Then, on March 29th, before we heard back from overseas, I ‘felt’ a prompt in my spirit from the Lord to write to them. That letter follows (with personal identities obscured). Although it is lengthy, I hope its contents can help many, spiritually.

29th March 2003

A Recap

A few weeks ago, Helena sent you some of our publications in reply to your letter, to answer your query about what we are doing these days. I’m surprised that you would wonder whether we had fallen away! It reveals your lack of discernment and your failure to see the Hand of God upon us for His purposes. Perhaps I can remind you of some things.

When J and L were outside of the WCG, I was in contact with her, writing time-consuming letters – often way past midnight – that helped to release her from some of the dogmas of our past, and which set her free from an even worse cult, the PCG. She was grateful for the help we were able to give, and moved on spiritually. The correspondence enabled her to walk through new doors that were now opening up to her. With the cultic mindset being dispelled, she could read without prejudice books by some [other] evangelists, that gave her new insights into God’s grace, love and truth.

Her husband had, understandably, grown disillusioned with the WCG, and resentful of its influence and had consequently drifted away from God entirely. But, because L was now being revived by the Spirit, J was affected too. He was beginning to come back to God. We paid them one visit while they lived in London. I think that was at her request. It was a friendly social visit and we were all glad to meet. J’s renewed interest in spiritual matters increased, as he now began to seek God himself.

That was all prior to your visit here (which I think was in 1993). At that time you came with J and L to visit us on a couple of Sabbaths. In one of those meetings in our lounge, the Holy Spirit came upon J S and he was brought to tears. Richard received a word of knowledge at that time to do with his past. He was being set free from a demon of death that had been with him ever since his traumatic war experiences.

On the interim Sabbath, we visited City Temple in London where there was a training day prior to Mission To London, Morris Cerullo’s evangelistic annual outreach there. On that occasion God did some other amazing things to demonstrate to you His presence with those people. J S was slain in the Spirit, and I think you were R, if I remember correctly. I also wanted to receive from God demonstrably, if He wanted to touch me in that way.

While in that meeting you, J, sent a note down the row, saying something about praying for you when back in L’s home, which we did. God touched you at that time, and you received a healing. It was a sign or wonder. Signs or wonders are done for reasons. There was a definite reason in that instance, for which the healing was a sign. God did that to point out that He was working with the people to whom we had taken you, as well as with us.

God’s gifts are charis gifts – gifts of grace. They are not earned. They are unmerited. They are given according to God’s purposes, as HE decides (1 Cor 12:13). His purposes are for the spiritual upbuilding of the body, not for the individual glorification of any person. But you, J, seemed to want power and ministry for self-exaltation. Underneath, that was your motive ...you know what you need to do about that.

I believe it was J S who was given a dream some years later about a man (a ‘shepherd’, was it not?) caught in the brambles. He had to lay down his shepherd’s crook if he wanted to get out of the brambles. I think those are the correct details. It was many years ago now, but the dream depicted the fact that if you are to enter God’s Kingdom you must lay down ministry – give it up – because your motive behind it is wrong. You have been seeking your own glory through it, not Jesus’ glory.

When you came here those ten years ago, you sought to take the truth of God which you knew to others. You were also seeking God’s power. You were wanting influence. You had a zeal, but it was misguided. The motive behind it all was the errant root, which then led to other errors in belief, comprehension (there was a distinct lack of that), and practice. The Spirit was only working with you on a lower level – primarily through you for the benefit of others whom God allowed to come your direction. But you were not baptised in the Spirit, because of this root of pride.

When God touched you after the Morris Cerullo prep meeting, it was to show you that He would heal you if you would accept what we were saying about these folks. God was using them, and that was His pleasure to do so. But it displeased you. So, you lost the healing.

The healing did not last long. You allowed the devil back in through prejudice and resentment. You did not want to accept that these ‘other Christians’, who did not keep the Sabbath like us, could be used by God and have authentic miracle-working power from God. It hurt your pride to think that God would do such a thing.

The previous week you were admitting that you had never felt the love of God from a person quite like you did when you talked to the minister who was officiating at that venue. After you sat on that chair and we prayed for you, you were healed and you ran up and down the stairs to prove it, and you were not out of breath! God had intervened and shown His mercy to you. But you did not show equal mercy to those people through whom God demonstrated His love. You temporarily accepted them, but a week later, you had reverted right back to your resentment and prejudice against them. You were filled once again with a spirit of self- righteous condemnation. It was totally unacceptable to you that they were not keeping the Sabbath, so you didn’t see why they should have God’s power! And that was openly stated as we were together in our lounge on that Sabbath.

I remember the occasion vividly. It was one of the few times back then that God spoke to me through a word of knowledge. As I was standing at the big table, which Helena had laid out with food, I was putting some food on my plate, when God simply spoke: “The answer is in Luke 18.”

Very simply, as you tend to do when you get a ‘word’, I spoke out this word as casually as it came. Then I felt a bit stupid because I couldn’t remember what was in Luke 18. R, I remember you turning there urgently and reading the whole chapter out loud to see what it contained. Half way through there was the answer. It was about the self-righteous Pharisee who thought that he was righteous because of what he did. His ‘righteousness’ had caused him to become intolerably proud. He really thought he deserved God’s approbation. In contrast, the wretched sinner was so broken that he could not even look upwards when he prayed. He was accepted by God, but the Pharisee was not because of what God saw in his heart.

That was God’s answer as to why He was not giving you His power. It would have done you no good, because He loves you and wants to save you, and no one seeking glory for themselves – which is based on pride – will receive through Christ. No one is going to enter His Kingdom unless they become self-effacing and humble as little children.

There are many men of God who have ‘blown out’ on the power. It has got them ‘drunk’ with pride. Morris Cerullo is one of them at the moment. But back then, he was not. His apostasy only occurred a couple of years later. (God will save him at the end.) First, God took us right into his ministry to give him what God told us. You are not aware of what God had us do. No one else knew – only God and us, at that time.

God had us confront the man whom Morris Cerullo had put in charge behind stage at Mission To London. I will call that man JS. JS turned out to be a false minister. Helena and I were back stage at MTL, when a demonised man started to turn ‘funny’. Helena wanted to help the demoniac. (She can cast out demons with her mind and the Holy Spirit, without even having to be physically present.) She asked if she could help, but JS reared up at her and violently objected. Helena had no option but to walk away. I was standing a few paces away from all this, and when JS moved away from the demoniac, JS looked at me and blurted out, “I don’t know who that woman is, but get her out of here! Get her right away from me!” I was shocked, and in my naivety I objected, “She’s my wife.” I then explained to JS that she was only wanting to help. But he came back more adamant and vituperative then ever. He demanded to know whether I was subservient to [his] “authority in the church”. I asked him to explain what he meant. He didn’t care to, except to say that he was the pastor in charge, and clearly thought that authority was a hierarchic thing. So I responded, “What if I’m a prophet?”

That did it! He lurched at me and grabbed the MTL Counsellor’s badge on my lapel. The next day, an announcement was made to all the ushers and counsellors at MTL that two people had been removed from ministering for “heavy counselling”! We had now seen a bit more about false ministers and their fruits. God was educating us.

Following that farce, I made contact with Greg Mauro, Morris Cerullo’s right hand man in England at that time. He got a packet from us, and some letters. Although he did nothing of consequence, it was a warning. Morris Cerullo had heard.

Several months passed and we had further dealings with their set-up. By that time, their office manager had changed and a new man took over from Greg. Helena, Richard and I had a personal meeting with him. I told him (and his deputy) of some of the abuses going on in their organisation and other matters to do with their wrong system of government. They refused to change. That man was exposed also as a false minister. And Morris had another warning.

I also reached Theresa Cerullo, Morris’ wife, and she was told about false ministers in their set up whom God had shown us. We named them. But nothing was done; the false ministers weren’t sacked, and a year or two later Morris’ organisation fell foul of a legal body over here and was completely humiliated. He was banned from Mission To London, and thrown out of the Evangelical Alliance. Things were going badly wrong for him. God was allowing judgement to fall. But He never lets it fall before He warns through a prophet, or prophets.

Anyway, to go back to when you were here, Morris Cerullo was not then in God’s bad books. He was being used by God, and God’s blessing was on MTL for that time. But that’s what you resented and rejected, even after God proved it to you with miraculous power that touched your own lives, and which touched J and L.

After you regressed back into resentment against Morris Cerullo and those with him, you infected J with that hostility and prejudice. Although he had received a prophetic gift as a result of being under ‘our’ anointing (the ‘school of the prophets’, etc., like with Elijah and Elisha), your acceptance of demonic attitudes again, and Js’ acquiescence to that, now laid him open to receiving error from the devil, too. And he did. He told us in that meeting of a dream he had received that week about all the results of Morris Cerullo’s efforts going down the drain. It was not true. The dream was given by a demon. Many people will be in the Kingdom of God as a result of Morris’ evangelism, despite his errors, misunderstandings, and misuse of funds.

After God spoke to me, for you, with Luke 18, and you found out what was there, that about killed what was left of our relationship. You left not long afterwards. And we have only had sporadic contact since. Your unwillingness to change spoke volumes to us about your ministry, which is why I called you a false minister. If there had been a child-like acceptance of what God was saying to you, and a realisation of how wrong you had been to bad-mouth the other Christians we took you to meet, things could have been very much different.

But you also had other hang-ups. One of them was with Richard’s prophetic anointing at that time. You could not accept that either. God knows how to test people, and many trip up because of various wrong character traits, such as pride, resentment, jealousy, etc. You know them.

When Miss Jackson faced the same issue, she took it to God. “Why should I listen to this boy? He’s only 17, a mere child!” God simply replied to her: “Remember Samuel.” That’s all He said. It was enough. She accepted it like a child and moved on spiritually as a result. She stayed (in fellowship) with us until her death, and loyally supported us. Most of those whom God called across our path stepped back and no longer walked with us. They had too much pride. Many others could not accept what Richard said from the Lord, because they were too unspiritual. Pride keeps people spiritually ignorant and blind.

That’s not to say that everything Richard said in later years was from the Lord. We had to learn to test everything. At the beginning we did not know how to test everything. In fact, there was no need at the beginning. God made sure it was all correct at that time, the time when you were here, because He was teaching us about the prophetic, much of it through Richard, by firsthand experience. And, we had more reason than you or anyone else to reject it, because we were his parents. But even though he was our son, we didn’t reject what God said through him. God gave us an assurance inside – an inner witness of the Spirit – that what was coming through was from the Almighty.

God gives His prophets a gift of the Spirit that is the most important gift of all. It’s discernment. Discerning of spirits is the most needed gift in the Body. Without it, people are confused, mixed up, and led astray. And because many don’t listen to the true prophets, the value of that gift is lost to them.

Pride is at the root. It was at the root of why you rejected us, and why J and L rejected us too.

God has had to take them through other tests and trials first, until they are ready to accept that He called us to a prophetic office, like He did Samuel, Elijah, Isaiah or Agabus. That doesn’t make us anything special. We are not. We simply do what God says, and get on with the task He’s given us not for our own ‘glory’. We don’t seek glory for ourselves – there has been none anyway! We just want to do what God says.

God had a purpose in bringing us all together. We were willing to learn from you, when God allowed us to get one point of teaching wrong. He allowed us to go into error and believe one of Dankenbring’s lies about the Passover being on the 15th. We had come out of WCG examining everything. God taught us again about faith and healing, about the gifts of the Spirit, about prophets and prophesying, dreams and visions, the miraculous, and about many other things. We were hungry for truth, and we were naturally suspicious of our former beliefs if we could not see them line up with the Word any longer. So, when WFD came along with his persuasive stuff about Passover not being on the 14th, we fell for it. God knew we would. He allowed it.

Previously, God had warned me in a dream about another man’s persuasive rubbish about the law being done away. And we were able to reject his deceptions. But this time, God didn’t warn us. He let us fall for it temporarily. He had good reasons. One was to pick up a man who had been thrown out of WCG on that very issue and then witness to him. The other was for you. God brought you across our path so that we could learn from you on that one. And I thank you for what you did in providing us with all the detailed information so that we could reappraise that issue. I didn’t want to. We had changed once. It was one of the hardest things to have to change all over again. I nearly rejected it, but after asking God, and receiving revelation from Him via Helena and Richard, I was willing to turn back yet again.

But when you were presented with the same challenge from materials God had us write and give to you, you didn’t change. You wouldn’t receive correction properly. I know it’s harder for bigger ships to turn around. And your ‘seniority’ would make it more difficult, but there’s only one way forward, and that’s to go back first. There’s only one way up, and it’s down. Then, God picks you up.

Yes, God has brought many people across our path over the years whom He has tested similarly. But where they had too much pride to change, they rejected us and went off down their own route, which didn’t get them anywhere really, except back to where they started.

One reason He brought them here was to test them. If they passed the test, they could have moved on with us. Another reason was to help support us. We have had little support all these years. I won’t go into details about how God has helped us. It is too long a story. There have been miracles, and He has led us every step of the way, because it would not have been possible otherwise.

After L began to move ahead spiritually, she learned how to listen to God. One day she knew God was telling her to send us some money. She did. It wasn’t much, because she didn’t have much. But the amount didn’t matter at that time. The heart response was acceptable, and God was pleased with her for her responsiveness. Later, He spoke again in a dream and the dream seemed so unreal it was laughable. I believe the dream was to one of her ‘children’. About the same time I had a dream, too, that she gave us £1,000 and my mother gave us £1,000 to keep the ministry going. That was given on 16th January 1993.

L figured as clear as daylight in the dream, but my mother was less clear. That was deliberate on God’s part. L was a child of God. My mother was not and doesn’t want to be. However, interestingly, my mother (even though she was unconverted) later gave us more than £10,000 to help keep the ministry afloat when all the others who were meant to help us had left us to sink.

The £1,000 was symbolic. It was not a literal amount, but it showed what God intended these people to do. We had large debts. They are even larger now. We walk by faith and don’t let the physical difficulties prevent the task being done. We go ahead with printing the publications which God has inspired us to write. We do that first, before we have the money, and find whatever way we can by credit. (God makes a way where there seems to be no way!) We EXPECT God’s financial deliverance. It’s the only way forward. But, because people have let us down, we now have debts of about £70,000. God has not let us down; but people have.

It doesn’t stop us, although it’s been hard at times. God has shown us that He’s going to release £100,000 to pay those debts. Tonya has helped us by sacrificing nearly all her wages for the past 8 or 9 years. That was the way God made finance available... True work of God is always done by sacrifice. It’s never easy.

God showed L that she should support us. But what happened? You came along, and because you were used by the devil, you sowed seeds of doubt and distrust against us. He was able to use you to undermine what God wanted L to do, and rob us of that support we desperately needed. The devil’s a thief and destroyer.

He destroys relationships and friends also. When S R received tapes and books from us in 1995 that helped her and F to be liberated from WCG and CoG dogmas and bigotry, they invited me to speak to their small Feast site. We went and did as God showed us. But when J and L heard from S that we were going, they deliberately went elsewhere. Thanks for your part in that division. You ought to be able to understand now why you suffered that horrific car crash where one of your dear grand-daughters died. If you had judged yourselves, you would not have come under judgement (1 Cor 11:31).

I don’t say these things vindictively. I know they will hurt, but there’s no other way.

The devil wanted to destroy us and our credibility in any way he could, and he attacked our small sources of finance all over the place. It left us in great difficulties. And it showed the glory and foreknowledge of God. But, the saddest thing of all is that those people all lost out on the spiritual benefits they should have been enjoying by being in unity with us. Even if they had only given us a cup of cold water, they would have received their reward for doing so, which Jesus explains in Matthew 10:41 is the reward which comes through a prophet – one of further understanding and being taken onto a higher spiritual level. It’s not every day you get opportunities like that! No wonder the devil targets people who come into contact with true prophets!

You knew that the office of prophet is a high one, in spiritual terms. You aspired to it yourself. But it’s not an office for the choosing from below. It’s an appointment from Above, without our choice, only by acceptance and humble acquiescence.

So, that’s what we’ve been trying to do in the interim since you saw us last. Yes, we’re still alive, and very much more so for Jesus than we were in 1993. And the evidence of His working with us is now in print. That has been His com- mission through us for the past 11 years. It didn’t look much to begin with. I wasn’t versed in this sort of thing. I had been a builder, not a minister, so it was a whole new ball game for me. It was not something I chose. God had to lead us step by step, little by little. And He has done that. What has been achieved is a testimony to His power and ability, for it was impossible humanly. And what lies ahead is even more impossible.

He is going to raise people from the dead who have been dead for days, weeks, months and years. Miss Barbara Jackson will be one to come back. And there will be others who have been gone for even longer. This is the end time. The work of Elijah is going forth. God will accomplish what He set out to do, regardless of human failings along the way. To Him be the glory! To Him alone!

I hope you can begin to accept what God has been doing through us. When you can, and when you are willing to give up your ministry for the sake of what God has established, He will bless you. The final test is whether you are willing to run with the vision and message (Hab 2:2) which God has had us bring in our publications, or whether you will still opt for the first stance in verse 4.

I forgive you for all that you did, because you didn’t realise the damage you were doing. However, it really hindered us! My mentioning these things is not out of recrimination, but so that you can turn away from your pride and seeking pre-eminence, and get behind us in what God has commissioned us to do. The anointing is on the writings. They must go out and prepare the Bride! Time is short!

Pride Is Stubborn, Too!

After I wrote that letter, their reply to Helena’s came in the post. It was trumpeting themselves and their ministry – subtly, mind you, not overtly. And it was evident they were still comparing themselves with us, justifying and elevating themselves. But:

...For some reason we do not understand, J’s healing disappeared a few weeks after we returned home.

It’s a long haul trying to convince someone of a fault that is as deep-seated as pride. That very pride will resist all attempts to admit its presence! And that’s just what happened. I later wrote:

Jesus wants such a personal relationship with us, but the WCG taught self-reliance and pride in human works (keeping the Sabbaths was an extension of that), which undermined the relationship God wanted us to share with Him. Men in exalted positions got in the way of that, which is why, for God to reach out to these people now and give them the benefit of that personal relationship which Jesus has made possible, He has had to avoid using people who were formerly ‘ordained’ by the system, or elevated by the system, or ‘recognised’ by the system.

Ordination is from God, not via man. True ministry flows from the throne of God and is not dependent upon others laying their hands on people. When that happens, the one laying on hands often gets elevated. Again, it can be subtle, but nonetheless damaging. God doesn’t want that.

There’s been too much looking to men, rather than to God. That focus upon men completely undermines the work of God at this time. So, He has determined that people are going to find a new meaning to their relationship with God OUTSIDE OF THE INFLUENCE OF MEN. CoG ministers and others of like ilk are going to find themselves outside this last move of God, unless they are able to be humbled first. God will blow the doors open through His power, and back it up with literature where no one gets the glory. The fact that it has my name on it is for pure formality. I have to state it, otherwise people would get suspicious... but they’re not going to see that person, except as it is unavoidable or absolutely necessary. Because the more they see any man, the less they see the Son of Man. And I don’t want to be held guilty of blaspheming Him by allowing people to look up to me.

So I hope you will be able to help others with what God has given us in written material to help them. We are all labourers together in His vineyard. Helena had a dream about you last night, which was brief. It was merely that a long sword with teeth on it had reached out from here...

This is that written sword! They don’t want to assist this work of God. It hurts their pride!

Malcolm B Heap


Joel prophesied of an outpouring of the Spirit at the end (2:28),

“Your Old Men Will Dream Dreams”

Here are some more dreams which God has given us.

I’m sure you know that God gives many dreams to prophets (Num 12:6). We record ours in a diary – because they are so many – lest we forget.

Unfortunately, too many people want to forget or not to know. It’s understandable, because what God says through a prophet is invariably corrective. To the rebellious, who are not in submission to the Spirit, some dreams may even seem harsh. But they are all an outflow of God’s love (Heb 12:5-11).

If you are a rebel, how can He guide you back into His arms, and set you on the right path again, if He does not correct you? Admittedly, it’s harder to receive correction when it comes through another person, and not direct. But, the very reason He has to resort to this, is because you are NOT listening to Him direct.

And, the greater part of the Church (I use this term to refer to all those whom God has called and in whom He has placed His Spirit) is NOT in line with His perfect will at this time. Besides the direct revelations He has given us about this, this assessment is also borne out in prophecy. Jesus predicted it in symbol in the parable of the ten virgins:

The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they ALL became drowsy and fell asleep (Matt 25:5).

Sleep is a metaphor for being unable to see spiritually – being unaware of spiritual realities. It is also a reflection of a lack of desire to be aware! When you are asleep, you don’t want to be woken up. It’s a voluntary unconsciousness.

So, it’s hardly surprising that most believers – especially leaders in churches – don’t care to hear what we have to say to the body of Christ. They really don’t want to hear what God is saying to His prophets. Yet it is a perpetual command to the Church to do so:

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches (Rev 3:22).

You’ve got ears. Jesus expects you to use them! If you will heed the following dreams from God, you can receive the prophet’s reward (Matt 10:41).

The Pyramid

On 4th January 1996, God gave me a most significant dream! It was of a pyramid, which symbolised the Church leadership structure. The dream is covered in Dreams and Visions From God 1, and God’s Church – Whose Authority? So I won’t repeat it here in detail. Suffice it to say that God was pointing out the problem of hierarchic leadership, which is restrictive, overshadowing, and dominating – thereby preventing proper spiritual growth among believers.

What Is Your Garden Like?

Five years later, on 4th January 2001, this dream described more of the problem:

I saw the gardens of believers. These gardens were small, very small. They weren’t what I would like at all, but they were what most people had to put up with. They were so restrictive, just little boxes! By contrast, God had given us a lovely garden with so much scope and with more to explore and develop. It was large and long but it was not all in one whole. There were different areas, fenced off into little compartments. [Depicts our outreach in Africa.] At the end there were overgrown areas, rough areas, where the grass had grown up through the wire fences. It looked a bit untidy, but there was freedom with it, which was wonderful. Helena had grown her runner beans in one fenced off area, but a strong wind had blown them over. [Trials do come.] Although they were lying on the ground, they were OK. She was still able to gather the crop and benefit from her labours.

Meaning: The gardens represent people’s spiritual freedoms as a result of what God has offered them through His truth. Deception is restrictive; it keeps you bound in mediocrity and in limited experience and knowledge. By contrast, the revelation of God provides much more scope and freedom to experience the good things of God.

This is what our ministry is here to promote – and we do so through our publications. There, people can learn about how to hear from God, how to accept His spiritual gifts, how to serve and obey Him more fully, and how to let Him guide you in life. Such knowledge, when practised, opens up a vista of spiritual experience that is truly invigorating and very desirable.

Regimentation And Control

In contrast with the dream above, God then gave me this dream three weeks later:

25th Jan. 2001. Regimentation and Control in the Church. I was shown many people all standing in tightly regimented rows and blocks. They were so regimented that not one was out of line. There was a woman over them who controlled them. This woman was a lady we knew in our former church association. She was a ‘good’ woman (or so people thought!). She was always ‘serving’. She made the tea after services. She was a Martha in that church. She was kind and friendly. She was a nice person to know. She was submissive to her husband, to the church, to the church’s ministry, etc. She really seemed to be a paragon of virtue in the church. But God’s appraisal was very different! What we could not see at that time was her heart. All her behaviour stemmed from a desire to look good in the eyes of others. She operated from the basis of fear of man, not fear of God.

When we were cast out of that church and falsely accused, she knew it was unjust treatment. She went to the pastor who did the dirty deed, and asked him why he had done it. He said little to really enlighten her. But he encouraged her to fall in line with his wishes. She did. She obeyed ‘church authority’! She did nothing effectively to follow her conscience which was bothering her about our mistreatment.

Some years later, we tried to contact her. We went to her home, and we got a hostile reception. She had allowed the devil to push the door of her mind open through the false minister who disfellowshipped us, and she had accepted obeisance to him instead of obeisance to God. She lost truth. She lost the Holy Spirit. She lost her salvation. God showed me in a dream that she was not saved and cannot be rescued because she chose to deny God by exalting the church and its human leadership.

Why did God show me her in this dream last night? [Written 25th January 2001.] Because she represents the religious spirit in people who 'play church'. She was religious. She was 'good'. She did 'good' things. She acted out the part. She was the 'God-fearing' lady. (Appearances can be very deceptive!) But she was subservient to satanic control in the church, and she furthered Satan's aims through hierarchic dominance, and through control. There is a parallel in many churches today.

Where there is hierarchic dominance over others, where there is a situation of "we are the ministry; you are the members", or the "us-and-them" mentality, of ecclesiastics and laity, you have the devil's system masquerading as God's.

In this dream, this lady was shown as taking my keys; my house key and the key to my car. Thus, she was effectively taking away my freedom to go where God wanted me to go, and to live how He had decreed. By doing this, she took God's place in my life (this was in the dream, not in actuality). Every minister must be careful he is not doing that inadvertently with those to whom he ministers. Church leaders who do this, end up being their 'pope'. Through money and power, church leaders can easily get elevated. Money and power can puff up. They give influence to the one who has them. It is not always easy to prevent those wrong impulses damaging God's work.

And when they find themselves in this position of power, they can easily abuse it through regimentation or control. Spiritual control in the Church is satanic. The spirit behind it is the spirit of witchcraft!

There is simply insufficient space to include here all that needs to be said about what is currently wrong in the Church, particularly about its authority structure.

Newsletter 20 contains much more about this abuse in an article entitled You Should DEFY Not DEIFY ‘Church Authority’! It also contains an article explaining about true fellowship, meeting with God in home fellowship meetings, learning to follow Jesus directly, and other valuable tips to help you come out from under this biggest abuse in the Church.

After that dream on 25th January 2001, I continued:

A word about countering control in worship meetings. [After you have contested with men who are not godly.] Three things will encourage the Spirit of God to guide and prevent human control dominating:


Sincerity is essential as Jesus said in John 4:23 – “...worship in [spirit and in] truth [sincerity]...”

Simplicity can go out the window when meetings become either too long, too organised, too erudite, or religious. Simplicity can also mean being plain, without affectation (not false), without put-on airs and graces, without sanctimoniousness, without arrogance or pride.

Spontaneity is most important. The larger the meetings, the greater the problem. Meetings can end up so pre-programmed, so organised, that everyone is doing their bit and the Holy Spirit agenda is overlooked. Most churches are guilty of denying the moving of the Spirit because of this.

It is the spontaneous prophetic word, the spontaneous tongues interpretation, the spontaneous praise and worship song, or the spontaneous message that carries the anointing of God. But it is often too difficult for church leaders to allow this spontaneity, because it disrupts their plans.

Church customs and church traditions are chief culprits in denying the working of the Spirit in meetings. Church organisation and regimentation can often work against what God wants to do. So, God is saying, “Beware human control by church leadership.” Beware having exactly the same format or service as previously. Try to vary things as much as possible. And let the congregation take part as much as anyone who is moved to preach. Avoid always having an assigned preacher, or an assigned topic to preach on. Allow the Spirit to show what to preach about (this can occur during the meeting, or a few days before the meeting if God knows the person must do some research before presenting his sermon). Always expect (as much as possible) the unexpected. God loves to work unexpectedly. It gives Him the greater glory.

The night before this dream, Helena had a dream about a lot of people having their picnics. God was showing that people are all engrossed in what THEY are doing, concerned about their little area of activity. It is the product of a selfish spirit. It is idolatry. It blinds people to the bigger picture.

They don't see what God means to do through us via ‘our’ literature. They may see the publications, but what is inside is lost on them. God wants to give this truth to the Church, to reform the entire Church around the world. This selfishness causes blindness, which keeps them out of the revival which God means for many many more to share in.

Knocking Down The Walls

Divisions in the entire Church – the body of Christ – are caused by the failure of various people to move forward and accept the full light of God’s truth.

Somewhere along the line, they have either failed to see the truth, or have rejected it when they saw it. It’s not easy coming out of darkness and into light, so I am not condemning people for believing error when they are misguided through no fault of their own.

The chief culprits and purveyors of error are church leaders. Many will deliberately deny further truth in order to maintain their established stability. Thus, ecclesiastical tradition takes precedence over theological doctrine or truth. It was so in Jesus’ time:

You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions! (Mark 7:9.)

So, for you to be led further by the Spirit, you must be prepared to come out of humanly built (yes, churches are humanly built, not built by God) and humanly dominated structures, or openly contest the heresies within, primarily confronting the abuse of hierarchy!

When this occurs by sufficient numbers of people standing up for truth and what is right, the shaking can cause walls of division to fall, as the following dream highlighted:

23rd February 2001. M. It was as if we were in a new home. I looked at the rooms. One had dark oak wall panelling. Another was decorated in a 1930s style. The rooms were all different and reflected different eras and personal tastes. I wondered what to do about this, when I hit upon the right idea. We wanted to use the place for meetings, so that everyone could get into the same room and share fellowship. So, I considered knocking down all the internal walls and supporting what was above with steel beams. Then, we could turn four rooms into one big room, where everyone could meet. That would be ideal.

Meaning: A figure of the Church with all its different denominations. Unity will only come when the walls that separate each group are demolished and people willingly come together to fellowship with brothers and sisters from other groups and denominations.

The dream depicts the worldwide scope of this by the numeric symbol of 4.

The problem with this occurring, however, is due to human stubbornness. People are very slow to change and resistant to truth, as God showed in the second dream of this trilogy:

21st March. M. The Judgement on This Land and the Church. There were three categories in this dream. They each contained a relevant message concerning God’s dealings with Britain, revolving around His righteousness and judgement.

1) Environmental Upset. We felt that we were being affected by radioactive fallout from a nearby nuclear power station. Radioactivity was escaping from the nuclear power plant near Oxford and it was adversely affecting our health because we live about 20 miles downwind. (We were put in the position of being the ones directly involved, but the dream is meant to convey how others will be affected by similar environmental disasters.)

Meaning: There is a judgement upon this land because of sins that it tolerates. Part of this judgement is increased environmental catastrophes, bad weather, floods, disease outbreaks (currently, the serious foot and mouth epidemic) and the failure of society’s agricultural and industrial support system.

2) Obstinacy in the Church.

A woman went to a large church building to preach a message which God had given her. To begin with there were songs and praise, which everyone participated in and enjoyed. Then a man stood up to introduce this lady and to pray for God’s blessing on her message. Even if he hadn’t prayed, it would have been good anyway. (Prayer for her wasn’t necessary, but it’s a custom in most churches to pray for God’s inspiration on the message.) I knew that it was going to be really anointed. God had sent her there, so that was a foregone conclusion! The church was half full (or half empty might be a better way of stating it), but before she started to speak, half the people got up and left. They didn’t even care to hear what she had to say! There were many empty seats after this exodus.

Meaning: Many people have lost interest in what God has to say to them about righteousness. And of those who seem to care and who take some part in Christian worship, half of them aren’t open to what God must say to the Church at this time about His judgement that is befalling this land, and which will intensify.

3) The Writing Written in Bold Lettering. Like the bold type on this page, I saw a prophetic message written in bold. However, I wasn’t shown anything specific. I wasn’t allowed to see or know what was written there. But I knew that it contained judgements upon the people of this land. They were much more intense and severe than in category 1, which were merely forerunners of the destruction and disasters to come.

People who resist God’s prophetic witness will find themselves coming more and more under the severity of God’s judgement. Those who know better (church leaders are frequently in this category) will be thrust down to earth to humble them. If they refuse to be humbled God will not be able to save them. But if they repent and change, Jesus can save them. He portrayed such judgement like this (the dream was specific but applies equally to all who are lifted up by pride):

5th March 2001. M. There were two people in harnesses. The harnesses were attached to a long bungee cord or rope, hanging from a tall crane. The focus of the dream was on one of these individuals. The other person just stayed in the background. The crane hoisted this young woman up very high, and then.... I couldn’t believe such an awful thing would happen.... then dashed her to the ground. I was horrified. I thought: her bones are bound to be broken. She was not just dropped, she was forcefully thrust to the ground. The impact was so fierce that I was sure she would be seriously hurt!

Meaning: Two individuals we know. One of them is going to be lifted very high, and the pride that is engendered will allow Satan in to throw him to the ground in an attempt to destroy him. The fact that the person was represented as a woman does not mean it is a woman. It is actually a man, but he was depicted as a woman, because he is meant to be part of the Bride of Christ.

Tribulation Is On Its Way

Complacency in the Western Church is such a great problem that God must allow trials and suffering to bring people to heel. He wants a holy and pure Bride for His Son, not someone self-willed, arrogant and unruly. But there is so much spiritual sloppiness in Christian teaching and practice that most believers have lost their bearings. God wants a holy Church.

Make every effort to live... and to be holy; without holiness no-one will see the Lord (Heb 12:14).

However, most believers simply don’t have that on their heart like God does. To the majority to whom we present new truth from the Throne Room of Grace, their reaction is rebellion. But...

If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, but only a fearful expectation of judgement (Heb 10:26,27).

The Great Tribulation is God’s time of final purification of His people, prophesied about 3,500 years ago:

If you walk contrary to Me, and are not willing to obey Me, I will bring on you seven times more plagues, according to your sins (Lev 26:21, NKJV).

If those whom God has called to live holy lives refuse His standards of holiness, and then resist His correction, He declares:

And if by these things you are not reformed by Me, but walk contrary to Me, then I also will walk contrary to you, and I will punish you yet seven times for your sins (Lev 26:23,24, NKJV).

That punishment includes war, devastation, disease, natural disasters and famine (vs 25,26). Deuteronomy 30 (do read the entire chapter) depicts today’s situation exactly.

And evil will befall you in the latter days [today] because you will do evil in the sight of the Lord (Deut 31:29, NKJV).

God spoke to me of the coming ‘night’:

26th March 2001. M. Watchman, what of the night? There were many features to this dream, but it ended up focusing on one aspect in particular. We were on a journey in a white vehicle which seated many people, something like a VW camper van. As we went along, it grew very dark, so dark that we couldn’t see where we were going. It was virtually pitch black! There was a lot of traffic on this road. We weren’t the only ones by any means, so I was very conscious that I had to avoid a collision. For some reason,  none of the vehicles had lights, either, so the speed we were going was a snail’s pace. We came upon a timber lorry parked in the road. I could only just see it, so I started to pull out to go around it, and looked in my mirrors to check that I would not be colliding with another vehicle behind me or alongside. That was where the dream ended. Then, as I awoke, some words I had read yesterday came to my mind: Watchman, what of the night? These are from Isaiah 21:11. Meaning: The watchman is the prophet, called to warn the people about the terrible time of darkness coming upon the earth.

Hosea 9:8 – The watchman of Ephraim [Britain] is with my God; but the prophet is a fowler’s snare in all his ways – enmity in the house of his God.

People do not like us, and they hate our message from God! I do not just mean those in the world, I mean, church folks hate it!! Not all people, but very many!

“Why?” you may ask.

Other dreams reveal the reasons:

25th May. M. People assume that the law of God is done away. The council had put on some sort of function. I think it was a concert, and in the review of this function in the newspaper the writer had made some comment about the law of God. She said something that was totally illogical, but which revealed the prevalent view that the biblical law of God is done away. I don’t recall the specific reason that was given, but the fact which was presented in support of the claim was totally irrelevant to the conclusion drawn. And that conclusion was merely a rehash of what most people think the Christian Church believes on this subject – that the law of God has been abandoned.

This dream came in the middle of my revision (this was in May 2001) of the booklet Apostasy in God’s Church! which I have been getting ready for republishing. In there, I explain that apostasy is a departure from, and abandonment of the truth and the Truth. The Christian Church, for the most part, has abandoned the faith once delivered, abandoned the law of God, and abandoned God who is our ultimate Lawgiver! And the layperson has accepted the prevalent view that the law of God has been abandoned, even though the reasoning behind this conclusion is totally inept and illogical. Its basis is really self-will. Most people don’t want to obey God, and that’s that. [This subject is covered in The Controversy Concerning Law and Grace (£2.00).]

And the results of this rebellious attitude?

1st April 2001. M. A woman was talking with some other people (depicting her mingling with society). She had a gown half covering her body, but it was quite clear that she was lewd. She was exposing herself carelessly. Then something happened and her gown came right off and she was totally naked. But, the astonishing thing was that she didn’t care! God also conveyed that she was quite skinny.

Meaning: A pictorial representation of the Church at this time. It is spiritually careless, morally lewd, and under- nourished.

31st July 2001. Christianity’s Woeful Application.

In this dream I saw three pictures, representing three different things. These were the three stages of Christians’ progress – 1) knowing, 2) believing, and 3) living the truth. The first one (knowing truth) was the largest or most prominent, the next (believing it) was almost as large and prominent, but the third (living God’s Word) was much smaller.

Meaning: Those whom God has called can accept knowledge of God from His Word fairly readily. Many of them also grow in their depth of belief. But when it comes to putting the Christian life into action, there is great lack. Also, comparatively few are truly living out the faith once delivered to the saints. [Explained in The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints (£1.00).]

Malcolm B Heap

[1]   Contained in Prophets and Prophesying (£2.00) and Articles of Faith, Vol 2 (£5.00) available from Midnight Ministries. Also recommended: God’s Church – Whose Authority? (£3.00) and Apostasy in God’s Church! (£2.00).

[2]   Described in the pamphlet What God Said About Midnight Ministries available from PO Box 29, Aylesbury HP17 8TL, UK.

[3]   This is explained in the book Testing The Spirits available for a suggested donation of £6.00 from Midnight Ministries.

[4]   The commonly accepted church tradition of Sunday worship has no scriptural basis (other than for the observance of the Feast of Pentecost). The correct day of weekly rest and worship is the Sabbath, which is the 7th day of the week, commonly known as Saturday and begins on Friday evening until Saturday evening. The complete truth is expounded in Our Sabbath Rest (£3.00).

[5]   This subject is fully covered and explained in The Woman Question (£2.00) from Midnight Ministries, PO Box 29, Aylesbury, HP17 8TL, UK.

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