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CfaN Christ for all Nations

Reinhard Bonnke
& The Numeric Signs

The apostle Peter understood – undoubtedly, firsthand – how God moves people by His Spirit to speak or write under inspiration. He referred to this amazing phenomenon in his second letter:

...holy [separated, set apart] men of God spoke [or wrote] as they were moved by the Holy Spirit (2 Pet 1:21).

The remarkable inspiration upon the writers of holy writ can be seen in the perfect numeric sequences which underlie it. You cannot find such obviously deliberate numeric planning in other works written by man. But you can in the Bible. Its numeric design is truly breathtaking.

If you have not read some of the work of Ivan Panin or any others who researched these patterns, you will not know what I mean. I provide a few samples in our booklet God’s Great Genius.

For example, the words of the first five verses of the Bible, Genesis 1:1-5, contain an intricate numeric design, firstly in sevens, ‘beneath’ the text. I wrote about that in God’s Great Genius:

Genesis 1:1-5 — Design In Sevens

This is the account of the first day of the preparation of the earth ready for man's habitation. The vocabulary used here is composed of 33 words (3 x 11), the numeric value of which is 6,188 or 884 sevens (Feature 1).

The initial letters of the 33 words have a numeric value of 2,401, which is seven x seven x seven x seven (Feature 2). The remaining letters have a numeric value of 3,787, or 541 sevens (Feature 3).

Sixteen (4 x 4) Hebrew letters are used to begin these 33 words, some letters consequently being used more than once. These 16 letters have a numeric value of 1,281 or 183 sevens; those used more than once have a total numeric value of 1120, or 160 sevens (Feature 4).

The first and last words of the vocabulary employed have a numeric value of 911 and 13, or 924 combined, which is 132 sevens (Feature 5). The first and last words of the vocabulary alphabetically have a numeric value of 207 and 451, or 658 combined, which is 94 sevens (Feature 6).

Every seventh word in the vocabulary has for its value 2, 20, 75, 911, or 1,008 combined, which is not only a multiple of seven, but it has seven factors (7 x 3 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2). Their sum is 21, 3 sevens (Features 7-8). Of these four numbers 2, 20, 75, 911 the first and third total 77, or 11 sevens; the second and fourth total 931, or 133 sevens (Feature 9).

Seven words of the vocabulary occur in more than one form, and the numeric value of the vocabulary, 6,188 or 884 sevens, is further subdivided by sevens thus: the seven words which occur in more than one form have 1,610, or 230 sevens, whilst the words which occur in only one form have 4,578, or 654 sevens (Features 10 & 11).

Fourteen words begin with the Hebrew letter which is translated "and", which is combined twice with other prefixes. The numeric value of the prefixes in these 14 words is 119, or 17 sevens. "And" accounts for 84, which is 12 sevens, and the other prefixes are 35, or 5 sevens (Features 12-14).

If the presence of these fourteen features of sevens is to be explained purely on the basis of chance, then that chance was a 'lucky' one in 678,223,072,849 against it occurring! Some chance!! (God’s Great Genius, pp 13-14.)

How ingenious God is in what He had recorded for us in the Bible! As well as that sequence of sevens in those opening verses, there is also an equally deliberate pattern of thirteens.

The significance should be obvious, if you know that seven depicts God and His perfection, and thirteen is Satan’s number. The Bible is a book about God’s perfect plan for man, which Satan is continually trying to thwart.

When Writing Is Inspired By God

In writing this series of articles about CfaN, Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry, all the articles displayed a significant number of words used (see below).

This is not chance. God gives miraculous signs to accompany His Word. You know the text:

And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs (Mk 16:20).

But it is not generally appreciated that God still guides and inspires some documents to be written to complement the Bible writings.

When He does this, there are numeric signs, because He is The Wonderful Numberer, a title that is uniquely found in Daniel’s book (Dan 8:13) as the word Palmoni. Most English translations fail to appreciate what this Hebrew word means.

When you grasp the wonder of numeric design ‘under’ the text of the Bible, you see why God employs that title for Himself. It is significant that Daniel 8:13 is the only verse in the Bible where the word Palmoni occurs. (It is translated in the NKJV as “that certain one”.)

Then I heard a holy one speaking; and another holy one [angel] said to that certain one [Palmoni] who was speaking, “How long will the vision be, concerning the daily sacrifices and the transgression of desolation, the giving of both the sanctuary and the host to be trampled underfoot?” And he said to me, “For 2300 days [literally, evening-mornings; i.e. 1150 days]; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” (Dan 8:13,14.)

The biblical warnings about the abomination of desolation are so little understood, yet it is the one subject which Matthew was adamant that believers SHOULD understand! (Matt 24:15.) It is explained in full in Understanding The Book of Revelation.

The abomination of desolation involves the complete subjugation of the Church (other than the great false church of Rome) during the Tribulation. It is horrendous what is going to happen! (Some of the revelations from God about this are in CfaN Is NOT In God’s Will.)

Most believers are COMPLETELY UNAWARE AND UNPREPARED for this total wipe-out! The subjugation of the Church by civil powers will last 1150 days according to Daniel’s prophecy above.

To return to the matter of the numeric design in these articles. Whenever God assigns me something to write, I notice that the finished product contains a definite number of words used that is significant. This is the Holy Spirit’s signature on what I have written.

That’s why several men in Africa wrote and told me of what God said to them in visions or dreams:

1. At that time I heard a voice telling me: "Nicholas, tell Malcolm that God has chosen him to teach people and feed them with the truth." (Revelations From God About Midnight Ministries, p 8.)

2. I saw Somebody in a white garment (robe) holding Malcolm's hand. He took Malcolm into a High Mountain. When Malcolm returned from the mountain his face was shining like a star. Helena and Zenya welcomed him with joy and we got together and praised God for what happened.

I replied to him about his dream:

Your dream shows Jesus holding my hand, taking me into a high mountain, which symbolises the Throne Room of God, from where I have received inspiration to write all MM's publications. You saw me shining like a star. Moses' face shone after he came down the mountain after being with God (Ex 34:29-35).

The dream is to confirm to you that anointing upon me, not for my sake, but for the sake of the truth that God is conveying through us, most especially in the writings. Righteousness is being restored! (Revelations From God About Midnight Ministries, p 11.)

3. In this dream an angel appeared on the roof of my home. The house was shaken. I went to see what was happening and there was an angel hovering over the top of my home, not far away. He was holding in his hand a large scroll. I couldn't see what was written on the scroll because it was a little bit too far away. I called out to the Angel that I couldn't see what was written on the scroll, so he came swiftly to where I stood and gave me the scroll.

There were written there some warnings in red letters [red symbolises warnings, especially to do with war]. There were quotations from the book of Ezekiel 5 and Ezekiel 21:8-32, Rev 9 and 13. THE ANGEL SAID TO ME TWICE: "The end of the world has come; THE END OF THE WORLD HAS COME! Go out and tell the warnings written in this scroll."

I began to cry. I couldn't control my tears. [The overwhelming presence of the Spirit of God.] I said to him: "This is a huge responsibility. I can't take it. Please tell Malcolm what you have said to me."

But he said: "Tell Malcolm what I've said to you and together with others warn My people. I will visit Malcolm soon." And the Angel left. [When angels visit they impart revelation, or deliver from trouble, or in some other important way, work out the plan of God.] (Revelations From God About Midnight Ministries, p 12.)

4. I saw Malcolm in the house. He was clothed with gabbi. (Traditional garment of Ethiopia. It is very white. People dress in it in winter to be warm.)

He was writing something very powerful which revolutionised the whole world. I was very encouraged by his commitment. (What God Said About MM, pp 2-3.)

5. Suddenly I saw you with Helena. [We will be revealed to the world suddenly, through publicity as God raises 50 people from the dead.] Then I heard a voice telling me, "This is the man I have chosen to restore all things to the Church." (More Than A Prophet, p 6.)

6. I saw the Bible surrounded by the publications of MM. Several bright rays were coming from the Bible and were reflected by the publications. (More Than A Prophet, p 23.)

7. Isaya Owak in Kenya was told: “Tell Malcolm that the books he is writing are not his, they are Mine.”

The Numeric Indicators

These are the various articles and the number of words they contain, with numeric interpretation:

1. Reinhard Bonnke, Evangelism, & God’s Will.

11990 = 10 x 11 x 109.

10 = number of man (the level which Reinhard’s work has descended to).

11 = inspired writings (these), with a secondary meaning of disintegration (what will come to CfaN).

109. Psalm 109 is a monologue and prayer to God of one who is unjustly treated and falsely accused (v 2). It represents the position of God’s people in this evil world, traduced by the wicked. It also applies to situations such as this, which these articles address. There are wicked people in ministries, planted there by the devil, to prevent God’s ideals being worked out. The numerics ‘tell me’ that I will get flak from these articles.

Help me, O Lord my God! Oh, save me according to Your mercy, that they may know that this is Your hand — That You, Lord, have done it!

Let them curse, but You bless; when they arise [in the resurrection; in the afterlife?], let them be ashamed, but let Your servant rejoice.

Let my accusers be clothed with shame, and let them cover themselves with their own disgrace as with a mantle.

I will greatly praise the Lord with my mouth; Yes, I will praise Him among the multitude. For He shall stand at the right hand of the poor, to save him from those who condemn him. (Ps 109:26-31.)

2. CfaN Is NOT In God’s Will.

14013 = 9 x 9 x 173.

9 = judgement.

It occurs twice, emphasising certainty.

Judgement is beginning to fall on Reinhard’s ministry, and it will increase, unless he heeds the information we bring and changes accordingly.

173. The digits total 11 (inspired writings).

3. Reinhard’s Millions.

3626 = 2 x 7 x 7 x 37.

2 = certainty.

7 = God’s perfection.

37 = The Word of God.

4. Reinhard Bonnke For $450 A Day.

3927 = 3 x 11 x 119, or

3927 = 3 x 11 x 7 x 17.

3 = finality.

11 = inspired writings.

7 = God’s perfection.

17 = healing, deliverance, salvation.

119. Psalm 119 is the most intricate and long of all the Psalms, extolling the purity of the law of God, something that desperately needs restoring to the Church today!

5. Reinhard Bonnke And... Antichrist.

3519 = 9 x 17 x 23.

9 = judgement.

17 = healing, deliverance, salvation.

23 = hypocrisy.

There is much hypocrisy in ministries where they claim to uphold truth, but deny new aspects if you ‘knock on their door’.

After God’s judgement, deliverance can come.

6. Reinhard’s New Booklet.

3608 = 8 x 11 x 41.

8 = faith, love, godly characteristics.

11 = inspired writings.

41 = prime number, denoting starting afresh.

7. Reinhard’s Impartation Meetings.

3916 = 4 x 11 x 89.

4 = the world.

11 = inspired writings.

89. Psalm 89 contains God’s promise to David, whom He called “a man after My own heart” (Acts 13:22). Those with the same pure motivation – who want God in His purity and His holy truth without defilement – He will establish forever (Ps 89:4).

(More about the significance of this passage of Scripture in a moment.)

What the above facts demonstrate is the hand of God in what is written – just as God said to Isaya in Kenya; these writings are not mine, they are His. I couldn’t write all these things by myself. I am not a ‘big brain’. I am just an ordinary person.

The deliberate nature of the number of words used in each article tells its own story. If there was no divine significance, the number of words would be inconsequential, indivisible and with no distinct pattern. But, not only is there a pattern, there are meaningful numeric allusions to what God is conveying.

Paul wrote to the Corinthians:

There are... so many kinds of languages in the world, and none of them is without significance [sound or sense] (1 Cor 14:10).

There is language in numbers, too – a meaning in the way God employs numbers.

God Speaks Through Psalm 89

Why did God choose to highlight Psalm 89 in the numerics of the article on Reinhard’s Impartation Meetings? There are several reasons. Take a look.

1. The Psalm reminds us of God’s sovereignty and supremacy (89:8-13).

2. Righteousness, justice, mercy and truth are emphasised. They are foundational qualities (89:14).

3. With that right foundation, those who fear God (89:7) rejoice in Him, and God enlightens them (89:15-16).

4. But if His people break God’s statutes and commandments, He punishes them (89:31-32). That’s something you don’t hear much from most pulpits!

5. You read of the covenant God made with David, who was once an insignificant shepherd boy. But God chose him and used him to fight Goliath. God anointed David (89:20) to establish God’s scheme of righteousness through the line of that one man (89:21), because of his heart’s purity. Whenever he sinned, he bitterly repented and changed. He was a man of zeal for what was right.

Today, however, we find a Church lacking zeal for what is right; people who are laid back, complacent or self-satisfied; and ministers who see nothing wrong with toning down their preaching so they don’t offend too many supporters. God’s hand will not be established with them, and His arm will not strengthen them (89:21) because they don’t have His heart for righteousness (Matt 5:6).

Like David, God anointed Reinhard for service. Reinhard was appointed to preach Jesus and His truth. That commission is an ascending one of ever-learning and ever-increasing in truth and holiness. If ever the point comes of not wanting to accept and obey further truth, that’s the point when God turns His face away from the man, and problems start to develop, which escalate, and lead to rejection, exile and captivity. Israel is our mentor in that regard:

But you have cast off and abhorred, You have been furious with Your anointed (Ps 89:38).

You have made his glory cease, and cast his throne down to the ground (Ps 89:44).

That is what will happen to Reinhard’s ministry because of rejection of God’s truths which I have tried to present to him.

Why did God choose David?

...David, whom I chose because he kept My commandments and My statutes (1 Kings 11:34).

David obeyed God implicitly. Today we have a commandment-denying mentality in churches!

They preach a wishy-washy gospel, forgetting Jesus’ strident message that unless your righteousness exceeds that of wishy-washy religionists, you won’t enter the Kingdom of God (Matt 5:20). And that if you deny any of the commandments, God will deny you in various ways (Matt 5:19).

...If you want to enter into Life, keep the commandments (Matt 19:17).

Most preachers don’t preach that any more. They preach a substitutionary gospel – that Jesus came to do away with the OT law of commandments. So, “you can break the Sabbath command; that doesn’t matter” — they lie because they are deceived! “All that matters is faith in Jesus,” they say. They’re wrong. You can’t have the true faith of Jesus without a willingness to be obedient to His every word.

Are you OK to commit adultery so long as you “have faith in Jesus”? Are you OK to cheat, steal and bear false witness against your neighbour, so long as you “have faith in Jesus”? Are you OK to worship idols and take God’s name in vain, so long as you “have faith in Jesus”? Are you OK to insult your parents, hate and kill, so long as you “have faith in Jesus”?

Of course not! Nor are you OK to break God’s Sabbaths and ignore the OT statutes to observe His festivals (Lev 23) in a NT context (1 Cor 5:7-8; Col 2:16), so long as you “have faith in Jesus”.

Those who spout antinomian trash are biblical nitwits or completely dishonest with God’s Word!

God raised up David, an insignificant shepherd boy, to restore Israel’s fortunes for the sake of God’s Truth.

I have exalted one chosen from the people (Ps 89:19b).

God does the same, in kind, today. He doesn’t take the established preacher or scholar and reveal new truth to him. He takes a nobody and starts afresh.

Then You spoke in a vision to Your holy one [separated one, or prophet]... (Ps 89:19a).

Nathan was the prophet whom God spoke to at that time (2 Sam 7:4). God revealed to him in visions what was on His heart. That was His way of conveying His will (Num 12:6), and it still is today (Heb 13:8).

We have published the many dreams and visions God has given to us in conjunction with this Last Restoration before the Tribulation and Millennium.

The prophet has ‘gone’ to CfaN and Reinhard, to convey this Last Restoration of God’s Truth. It’s up to the recipients to humble themselves and accept God’s further revelation... or be rejected by Him!

I wrote to someone in CfaN:

29th February 2008

I wrote to you some years ago, sending you some MM publications. You didn’t reply, nor even acknowledge my communication to you.

One of the publications I sent you was Sunday Versus Sabbath: The Final World Crisis. You have had time to read that, but have you done so? From the lack of response, I doubt if. Your failure, and that of xxxxxxx, to research that issue is because of the widespread dogma of Sunday- keeping which is not adequately challenged.

Since there was an unwillingness to go further with God’s truths, after those prompts of the Spirit, the Spirit urged me to write the enclosed. [Articles in this series on CfaN.]

If there is no adequate response to these prophetic messages enclosed, God will exact judgement upon CfaN, as He has done already, albeit in a lesser way than will soon happen.

I don’t wish to call down the fire of judgement upon you or Reinhard, or CfaN, but if the issues God is presenting now are ignored, that will happen. It is not merely of ‘my’ doing. It is His. He is in control, and is trying to reach you all...

I wish you well, and God’s blessings. But these only come to the obedient and God-fearing, not to the self-willed.

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of God’s throne (Ps 89:14), but they are not the foundation of CfaN. The foundation of CfaN is humanism now. When Reinhard started out, his foundation was God, but he has switched allegiance to trusting in man and asking for human support.

Doesn’t he know that our shield belongs to the Lord? (Ps 89:18.) Why make liaisons with human churches, then, in which are false ministers? Why compromise with God’s truth?

I know that writing such unpopular things will make me unpopular. So be it. John had his head cut off for speaking the truth (Matt 14:3-10).

The tragic fact remains that even the people of God, who are meant to love and uphold the truth, are the ones who shut the door on the prophets, and refuse to move on when God says “go”.

At vintage-time, he sent a servant to the vine-dressers, that they might give him some of the fruit of the vineyard. But the vinedressers beat him and sent him away empty-handed. Again he sent another servant; and they beat him also, treated him shamefully, and sent him away empty-handed (Lk 20:10-11).

[So] He will come and destroy those vine- dressers and give the vineyard to others (20:16).

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, but you were not willing! See! Your house is left to you desolate; and assuredly I say to you, you shall not see Me until you say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!’ (Lk 13:34-35.)

...If you had known, even you, especially in this your day, the things that make for your peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes (Lk 19:42.)

What I have written here and in the previous articles has been written with the help and inspiration of God. As I said, I could not do such things alone. These things are not of me. So my trust is in Him.

Help me, O Lord my God! Oh, save me according to Your mercy, that they may know that this is Your hand — that You, Lord, have done it! (Ps 109:26.)

Malcolm B Heap, Mar 2008

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