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Publications of Midnight Ministries


Publications of Midnight Ministries

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A4 Books

Articles of Faith, 1 (F1)


Articles of Faith is a compilation of articles to prepare the Bride of Christ.
Articles included  in Volume 1 are: Rider on a White Horse; Are You Ready?; A Vision of the Future; Miracles and Martyrdom; Where Are We Now In Prophecy?; A Prophecy Concerning Revival; Will You Step Back?; How Our Thoughts Register Our Lives In Heaven; Are You Living In Him?; The Least Desired Fruit of the Spirit; Why Most People Fail To Discover God; The Answer To Defeat; Weapons of the Devil's Deception; Jesus Speaks to 24 Mullahs; A Warning About False Teachers; God Gives and God Takes Away; A Fresh Anointing; Preparing For Revival; How Long?; A Prophecy Fulfilled; Building A Relationship 'In Him'; What Is True Conversion?; Jesus Raises The Dead!; Law and Grace; The Midnight Cry; Prophets In The Church!; Leaving The Bubble; Should a Christian Drink Alcohol?

Articles of Faith, 2 (F2) £5.00

Articles included in Volume 2 are: Are You Resistant to Change?; Should You Judge In The Church?; God Warns the Church in Britain; In What Way Are You A Ritualist?; Principles of True Worship; What the Bible Doesn't Say 1: Leadership in the Church; What the Bible Doesn't Say 2: Did Jesus Fulfil the Law for Us?; Sin: A little word, but such a big problem!; What the Bible Doesn't Say 3: Hierarchic Church Government; What the Bible Doesn't Say 4: Leadership Titles in the Church; What the Bible Doesn't Say 5: About Easter; Plunging Toward Destruction!; Raising The Dead: Miracles for Tomorrow?; Correction: The Medicine Nobody Wants; Where Is Your Heart?; What Does It Take To Humble You?; Self-Condemnation; 7 Lessons Today from the Miracle of Manna in the Desert; Are You Holding Back?; True Revival; What Has Been Going On In The 'Revival' At Toronto; Scoffers In The Last Days; Dreams And Visions In The Middle East; The Prophet's Role in Countering Deception; God's Covenant With Us Of Life And Peace; I Will Speak Of Justice And Judgement; End-Time Holiness; WAKE UP! O Sleeper; Hypocrisy In High Places!; Protecting the Strongholds of Satan; Signs Of God's Chosen; What About The Tithe?; What Are You Waiting For?

Articles of Faith, 3 (F3) £5.00

Articles included in Volume 3 are: The Challenge At This Midnight Hour; Pull Down Your High Places; Traditions Which The Church Should Jettison, 1; Foods To Avoid; Self-Righteousness; The Pride of Life;  Do You Recognise Your Sins?; Traditions Which The Church Should Jettison, 2; A Brief Look At The 'Secret' Books (The Apocrypha); Ezra's Visions and Prophecies, 1; Ezra's Visions and Prophecies, 2; A Few Words About The Perfect Prayer; 666: What Is It?; Do You Want A Greater Understanding?; Fasting That God Honours; When The Walls Collapse!; Prepare For A Great Shaking!; Countdown To Collapse; Iraq, Babylon and Saddam Hussein; Two Years To The Chinese Invasion Of USA; Earthquake To Hit London; Britain's Moral Decline: Recent 'Unrighteous Laws'; The Third Time; When The Glory Cloud Descends; Will Everyone Be Saved?; Contempt!; Story of Jeremiah's Migration to Ireland; America: Israel's Heritage; America In Bible Prophecy; Building A Relationship 'In Him'; Anger! Is it ever a godly virtue?; Enduring To The End; Preparing For The Underground Church; How To Survive God's Judgement; What Doctrine?

Articles of Faith, 4 (F4) £5.00

Articles included in Volume 4 are: An Angel Visits South Shields; A Prophecy About The Coming Tribulation; Zechariah's Amazing Prophecy; Education For The Nation; Are You Among The Wise, or the Foolish Virgins?; Are You Riding Your Pet Hobbyhorse?; Tohu and Bohu; Is It Wrong To Take Oaths?; Was Jesus YHWH?; Genealogies of Christ; My People Do Not Know The Judgement of the Lord;  Watching; Prophecies Concerning The Shaking; Will You Be Ready?; Wandering From The Way; What Are You DOING?; Jesus' Unrecognised Return; "Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock"; A Solemn Prophetic Warning; Righteousness: Do You Understand It?; Vision of the Destruction of America; Being Subject To Authority; Mother Theresa, A True Christian!; Preparing For Visitation; When Prophecies FAIL!; Should We Pray For The World?; A Prophecy of Persecution; A Time Foretold By Amos; Will A Temple Be Built?; High Places To Moloch and Ashtoreth; Do You Keep Your Word?; Confrontation: Cause and Cure; Taking The Easy Way Out; Paedophiles in the Church!; Should You Respect The Views of Others?; Baptism For The Dead?; Are You Thirsty?; I Almost Slipped!; Should We Observe The Bible's Dietary Laws?

Articles of Faith, 5 (F5) £5.00

Articles included in Volume 5 are: WAIT FOR IT!; Midnight Caller!; North Korea: Execution Of The 'Heaven People'; Live In Heavenly Places; Ezekiel's Prophecy For Our Time; The Only Hope In The Coming Storm; Take It To God In Prayer!; Another Look At Being Under Law; That's Just Your Interpretation; The Christian Life; Staring Defeat In The Face; Facing The Future; Do Not Fear Nor Be Dismayed; The Day Of Salvation For All Who Never Heard Of Christ; Pentecost In Church History; Casting Out Demons; Can God Heal A Barren Land?; Resurrecting The Dead; Is It Right To Always Expect Healing?; Warfare In The Heavenlies; Back To The Future; The Nearness Of God; The Handwriting On The Wall!; Two Year To The Chinese Invasion; Three Years For Europe!; Accountability: It's No Light Matter!; You Are Accountable!; Many Are Called, But...; The Visions of Dumitru Duduman; A Vision of Europe; Come Out From The Religion Of The Unrighteous Priests!; The Most Subtle Doctrine Of Demons; The Revival On The Hebrides Islands; Awake! To The Danger Of The Hour; Symbolism Of The Eclipse; Was Hale-Bopp Comet A Heavenly Sign?; Picture Of A Prophet; Acts 29 Coming Up!; Christ Or Antichrist?; 666 And The Dreaded Mark; Antichrist And 666; The Stone Which The Builders Rejected!; When The Mark Is Enforced; Time Is Short!

Sunday Versus Sabbath: The Final World Crisis (SS)


This publication is a compilation of many articles challenging the theology of Sunday observance, Easter, etc. The true Sabbath has been a test command for many throughout the ages. It will be a fundamental issue in the end time crisis when the mark of the Beast is finally instituted. Also contains a number of relevant contemporary prophecies about what is to come.

* * *

A5 Size Books & Booklets

God's Great Genius (GGG)


The Bible's divine inspiration can be demonstrated! This booklet gives the amazing numeric evidence for God’s inspiration of the Bible.

Listening To God (Lis)


Have you ever heard the audible voice of God? Probably not. But that doesn't mean that He has never spoken to you. Hearing from God is not as esoteric as most people think. This booklet explains the ways God speaks and how you can learn to hear from Him.

Apostasy in God's Church! (Apo)


Apostasy engulfs the Church! In this booklet we outline major areas of deception, the antidote, and how you can identify false ministers. You need to know!

Testing The Spirits (TTS)


We are commanded to test the spirits (1 Jn. 4:1), but do you know how? This book explains. It goes into areas of miraculous activity experienced in the charismatic church to give guidelines about what is of God and what is from deceiving spirits.

Who Is The End-Time Elijah? (E)


God promised to send us Elijah, before the "Day of the Lord". Who is he? Is he a man or more than a man? This booklet gives an overview of what God is doing today through ‘Elijah’. An eye-opening publication for many!

God’s Church – Whose Authority? (GC)


This book explains the spiritual nature of God's Church. It also contains a comprehensive survey of the crucial matter of church government and about the abuse of true authority by some church leaders. Did you know that hierarchic rule in the Church is illicit? Read of what God really says on this subject!

The Missing Dimension In Christian Living (Mis)


One characteristic – or rather its lack – prevents most Christians from a close walk with God. This trait often proves to be the most elusive Christian attribute. We reveal what it is. The booklet also contains an insight into Spirit-directed living. 

The Controversy Concerning Law & Grace (LG)


This publication contains a complete biblical exegesis on the important matter of law and grace. Read what Paul meant about law in his various letters. This booklet contains truth which very few understand!

Our Sabbath Rest (S)


This subject is perhaps the most emotive in the Christian Church. When I wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury about it, he responded "Letís pray about it." You donít need to pray about it; just obey it! This pivotal book contains the truth about the 4th commandment, its history, and its application today.

God's Calendar Revealed To Man (Cal)


The solar calendar most of us use and are familiar with did not come to us from God. He has another calendar which is more meaningful to Christians. Read about it in this publication.
An Introduction to the Spiritual Gifts (ISG)


God’s supernatural power is available to you. This booklet explains about the Holy Spirit’s supernatural gifts, how you can receive and utilise them.

Prophets and Prophesying (PP)


It’s what the title says! Prophets are around today. They receive relevant messages from God. You need to know about them!

Dreams and Visions From God (DV)


God speaks today to prophets, just as He has done in the past. But how many really care to hear what they have to say? This publication contains some of the hundreds of dreams and visions God has given to us and why God gave them.

Witnessing For Christ (Wit)


You need to know how to follow Godís lead in this. Many fail to appreciate God's plan on earth, and so take a wrong approach in witnessing for Him. This publication also explains how to trust Him to provide finance for your ministry outreach.

God Speaks to the WCG (GSW)


God spoke on several occasions to the WCG (Worldwide Church of God), warning of impending apostasy. Here is the story of what occurred. It’s a warning to every other church organisation to heed the input of prophets!

Understanding the Book of Revelation (Rev)


Revelation means unveiling, yet to most people this book's message is still hidden! This 196 page work explains its mysterious prophetic symbolism.

Spirit, Soul? and Body (SSB)


Many Christians believe man is composed of spirit, soul and body. But just what is the 'soul'? Understanding this matter correctly will help you to grasp other important biblical truths, such as life after death, immortality, and hell.

Faith – Raising our Level of Expectation (F)


Without faith it is impossible to please God or appreciate His miracles. This booklet explains how your level of expectation can be raised so you see the impossible become possible!

Faith and Healing (FH)


This book outlines the biblical basis for you to receive God’s healing. Healing is a promise of God, as is salvation. I know many who have received. If you need healing, you can too, if you are willing to accept God’s terms.

Lessons In Faith (Les)


A compilation of excerpts from the experiences of those who have walked by faith, and the miracles and intervention of God which came. 22 steps to developing faith and spiritual maturity.

The Mystery of the Invisible (Inv)


A new look at the supernatural dimension from more of a scientific viewpoint, and how we interact with it as humans. Some of the subjects addressed: the energy body of man; the spirit which fills the universe; ESP (extrasensory perception); healing; Bach flower remedies; dreams and visions; dowsing; ley lines; UFOs; ghosts; fairies; telluric (geopathic) radiation; near death experiences, necromancy etc.

The Story of the Ark of the Covenant (ArkS)


An account of how Ron Wyatt was led by God to unearth this major archaeological find. It also relates a personal visitation of Jesus at this Ďdigí. Spellbinding reading! (See also the companion booklet, The Ark of the Covenant Discovered! (£1.00).)

The Imminent Fall of America (USA)


Contemporary prophets have received much about America’s imminent collapse. This book contains a number of these prophetic pronouncements and explains why the USA faces destruction.

Giving and Receiving (GR)


What does the Bible REALLY say about wealth? This booklet explains.
Chapters include: The right approach to wealth; Principles of receiving; Why some go without; What is true prosperity? Putting God first; Principles of stewardship; The grace of giving; The importance of relationship; Surrendering self.

The Woman Question (W)


The place of women in the Church has never been clear. Is a woman permitted to preach or teach? Read what the apostle Paul really meant when he advised that women should be silent in the Church! Itís not what the majority think!

The Plain Truth About The Worldwide Church of God (PTW)


This book exposes the hypocrisy and deceit of official representatives of the WCG through a series of personally written letters. Although the WCG claims to be open and honest, in practice it is far from that! While the leadership proclaims that is seeks truth, the plain truth is far from flattering! This publication exposes utter hypocrisy!

Raising the Dead: Testimonies in Our Time (Rai)


Testimonies of some who have been brought back to life in recent years. Also contains an article about how to raise the dead! (God will use those who make themselves available through faith and commitment to Him.)

Dreams From God About the WCG and Its Offshoots (DrW)


Dreams which God has given us, and their meanings, for the WCG.

Understanding The Mind of God: A Message To 'Worldwiders' & Churches of God (MG1)


Members of the Worldwide Church of God accepted exclusivist philosophy which limited their spiritual vision. This pride let the devil inside, where he still is, causing mayhem. Blurred spiritual vision prevents believers seeing how Christ has worked in many other Christian groups. WCG members are not alone in their plight. Similar restrictive psychology grips the minds of adherents in other cults too. "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches" (Rev 2:29).

Understanding The Mind of God: A Message To 'Law-Keepers' (MG2)


Building upon the foundation laid in A Message To Worldwiders, this publication explores the miraculous power available to us. Incomplete truth in the minds of many legalistic Christians has caused them to ignore or reject miracle-working believers. This booklet outlines several miraculous phenomena of the Holy Spirit about which Sabbatarian groups have been mostly unaware.

Understanding The Mind of God: A Message To 'Philadelphians' (MG3)


Offshoot of the Worldwide Church of God, the Philadelphia Church of God arrogantly claims to be the sole true body of 'the Elect'. In what other ways has it been grossly deceived and deluded? This booklet details comprehensively the wrong governmental philosophy upon which the organisation is founded and because of which it will ultimately fall.

Understanding The Mind of God: A Message To 'Sabbatarians' (MG4)


Are you a bigot? Or do you respect other devout Christians whose beliefs differ from yours? This publication contains stirring accounts of the lives of some contemporary Christian martyrs in China.

Understanding The Mind of God: A Message To 'Sacred Names' Proponents (MG5)


A subtle but crippling philosophy grips the minds of those who feel they must use Hebrew names for God or Christ. The Almighty God of the universe revealed in a dream that such a philosophy constrains Him within humanly devised parameters. Why is the 'names' movement such a trap? This booklet explains.

Understanding The Mind of God: A Message To The 'Charismatic Church' (MG6)


The 'Charismatic Church' has got much wrong in its theology, despite the moving of the power of God. This 80 page publication exposes 17 major areas of wrong doctrine, explaining what the Bible really says on important matters as the Holy Spirit, Holy Days, the Faith Once Delivered To The Saints, Church Authority, Witnessing For Christ, etc. It also addresses widespread fallacies which most 'Charismatics' believe.
I am 'charismatic'. This is not a 'bash' against such believers of against charismata. Far from it! It is a compilation of what God has revealed over recent years, and contains pertinent dreams and visions straight from God's Throne to help the 'Charismatic Church' prepare for the hard times just ahead.

* * *

A6 Booklets

Is God Relevant Today? (God)


The theory of evolution has deceived many into thinking that God is not relevant. However, evolution is not proven and CANNOT be. But the existence of God CAN be proved to anyone who is willing to examine the evidence and believe.

The Answer To All Your Problems (Ans)


An astonishing appearance of Jesus to a sceptic proved to her His existence. Read about it in this booklet and how He solved all her problems. He can solve yours too!

The Secrets Underlying Happiness (Hap)


Everyone wants to be happy, but very few people are. There are underlying reasons why. Here are some principles which can help shape this elusive attribute in your life. (Includes the article entitled The Work Ethic.)

Miraculous Manifestations (Mir)


This booklet contains an account of some of the most remarkable happenings in our ministry. Angelic visitations; Jesus appearing in two meetings; other miraculous things. Entertaining and humorous in places.

The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints (FOD)


This publication explains succinctly what the faith was which the first believers inherited from Jesus. The Church needs to return to its roots to retrieve it!

The Sabbath: Answers to Some Questions (SA)


This booklet answers some basic questions about how to honour God by keeping His Sabbath holy.

The Festivals of God (& New Moon Celebrations) (FOG)


God wants His people to observe His festivals. But relatively few know what they are! This booklet explains about this little known truth of God’s Word, and why the woman in Revelation 12:1 is described as having the moon under her feet.

Passover & Pentecost: Answers To Basic Questions (Pas)


Tricky questions about computing the right dates for Passover and Pentecost answered.

Why Keep Christmas? (X)


Christmas is NOT a Christian festival and God does not want it observed! Read all about it in this booklet.

The Truth About Easter (Eas)


Nowhere in the New Testament does God indicate that He wants the Church to keep Easter. In fact, there are definite commands which indicate it should NOT be observed. Read the truth about this idolatrous pagan festival.

The Rapture Theory: Is It True? (Rap)


This booklet contains more about the erroneous theory that the Church will be whisked away and protected from the great tribulation to come.

The Coming of Christ (Com)


The second coming of Christ is a focal point of the New Testament. It is what the Church awaits. However, besides this crucial event, there is another coming, less evident, but equally significant. You need to know about His coming!

How Soon Will Jesus Come? (How)


Events transpiring recently indicate how close Jesus’ return actually is!

The Mark of a True Christian (Mrk)


There are millions of Christians in the world, but not all of those who profess Christ are true Christians. What is it that separates the true from the false?

The Ark of the Covenant – Discovered! (Ark)


This sacred object was central to Israelite worship in the temple. But what happened to it after Jerusalem was conquered by the Babylonians has remained a secret for nearly 2600 years. Ron Wyatt, a God-fearing archaeologist was shown by God where to dig to find this treasure. This booklet explains about the ark and why its discovery is so important.

The Tithe of God (T)


Tithing was not abolished when Jesus came, despite the claims of some false teachers. This booklet outlines the truth on this subject from the Bible.

The Timing of Jesus' Death & Resurrection (Tim)


Tradition claims that Jesus died on a Friday and rose on a Sunday, about 39 hours later. However, this does not square with scripture. Jesus Himself said that He would be dead for 3 days and 3 nights (Matt 12:40), 72 hours! Read the little known truth in this publication about when He died and when He arose.

Life After Death (LAD)


What the Bible says on this important subject.

The Ten Virgins (10V)


An explanation of what this mysterious parable means. It portrays the Church right at this very late hour, drowsing before Jesus’ return for His Bride. But do you know what ‘drowsing’ represents? And will you be among the wise or the foolish virgins?

The Kingdom of God (KG)


This booklet explains what the Kingdom of God is, and how you can prepare to enter this unique Kingdom.

The Identity of Britain and America (Id)


Few realise that Britain and America contain the major portion of Israelite descendants. No wonder God has worked so much with, and through, the English speaking peoples. This booklet gives an overview, identifying the ethnic origin of these peoples.

Why Britain Will Fall Soon! (B)


This booklet explains why this country has so little time left before European take-over.

What Every Christian Should Consider (Chr)


The Christian life is one of self-denial, but many believers come to Christ with wrong motives and priorities. If you want to find eternal life, you should seriously consider what this booklet explains.

What The Bible Says About The Holy Spirit (HS)


The majority of Christians hold a misconception about the nature of the Godhead. This booklet explains what God reveals about His Spirit.

What Should We Eat? (Eat)


God tells us in His word what is fit for human consumption. Do you know?

* * *

The Why? Series of Booklets on Basic Bible Teaching
These booklets are available for a donation (to cover our costs) of 75p each, 5 for £3.00, or all 22 for £10.

Why Be Baptised? (WBB)
Baptism is a physical ritual depicting your spiritual rebirth.
Why Did Jesus Die? (WJD)
He died to pay for your sins & mine. Realise the huge price!
Why Believe in God? (WBG)
The power of God is released when you truly believe in Him.
Why is Jesus Lord? (WJL)
Because no-one else, only Jesus, qualified to rule the world.

Why Church Divisions? (WCD)
The devil causes division in the Church, but few consider it.

Why Love? (WL)
Love is God’s nature and the path to joyful living.
Why do Christians Suffer? (WCS)
Sin is a direct or indirect root, but God has His purposes.
Why Marriage? (WMa)
It is sacrosanct. Divorce, adultery, and fornication are not.

Why the Devil & Demons? (WDD)
You need to know about the devil and demons!

Why Miracles? (WMi)
Miracles witness for God, and bring Him to the hurting.
Why Forgive? (WF)
Forgiveness releases you from Satan’s cruel grip.
Why Pray? (WP)
Prayer is the gateway to heaven. Keys to successful prayer.
Why Hell? (WH)
Hell does not burn forever, but it is a fearful end!
Why Repent? (WR)
You will never know God until you repent of wrong ways.
Why Have Faith? (WHF)
Because faith is the only avenue of receipt from God.
Why Suffering? (WS)
Go back to the beginning. Suffering’s chief cause was sin.
Why Human Life? (WHL)
You are made to take on the spiritual image of God.
Why Trials? (WT)
There are several purposes of trials; ultimately for good.

Why the Holy Spirit? (WHS)
The Spirit is God’s supernatural agency to work in people.

Why the Judgement? (WTJ)
The day comes when everyone will be judged.

Why Jesus? (WJ)
Jesus’ life was unique because He was the ‘Lamb’ of God.
Why the Resurrection? (WTR)
The righteous will be made immortal and given a spirit body.

* * *

A4 Size Articles and Publications

Contemporary Revelations

These contain various prophetic revelations and visions a number of individuals have received about end time events and life after death. They exhort the Church to prepare for what is to come Ė by living holy and upright lives now.

Contemporary Revelations, Part 1 (Con1) £1.00
Contemporary Revelations, Part 2 (Con2) £1.00
Contemporary Revelations, Part 3 (Con3) £1.00
The Near Death Experience (NDE)


Experiences of many who have died and come back to relate what they went through. These NDEs reveal some of what lies beyond death for the spirit of man.

Should a Christian Drink Alcohol? (Alc)

Did you know that the Bible sanctions the drinking of alcohol? God actually approves of it... in measure. He is not a kill-joy. In fact, the first recorded miracle of Jesus was turning water into wine at a party!

How Long Revival? (HLR)

Revival has long been anticipated by the Church in this land. When is it coming and how? Will it fulfil expectations? You may be shocked by what God is going to do! He will raise up people from the grave to verify His witness through this prophetic ministry. Includes the article Diana, Flowers In Every City.

God Gives and God Takes Away (GGi)

Why does disaster sometimes strike, not only those in the world, but also Godís people? Is it correction? What is its purpose?

The Work Ethic (Wrk)

Work is essential in disciplined Christian living. Have you considered what your approach should be to work? (This article is also included in The Secrets Underlying Happiness.)

The Devil's Role (Dev)

This article explains the part the devil plays in the world, in the Church and in your life. (This article is also included in Why Church Divisions?)

Where Are We Now In Prophecy? (Whe)

Prophecy 'buffs' assiduously try to correlate Bible prophecy with world events, but they need the more important revelation from God Himself... right now! Read and learn where you should be in Godís prophetic plan for you.

The Midnight Cry (MC)

This article explains the symbolism of Midnight in the scriptures.

Beware of False Prophets (Bew)

This article explains the tell-tale signs of false prophets (and of false ministers in general) and their psychology. A very useful addition to what has been presented on the same subject in Apostasy in Godís Church!

Necromancy: A Demonic Deception! (Nec)

Necromancy is the prediction of the future by the supposed communication with the dead. It is witchcraft. Did you know that those who contact ‘the spirits of the dead’ are actually contacting evil, deceiving spirits?

Divination and Dowsing: What the Bible Really Says (DD)
Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy Revealed! (70W)
Homosexuality: Is it a Sin? (Hom)
Benny Hinn's dream of Jezebel & the last outpouring (Jez)


Dreams from God About Morris Cerullo (Mor)


'God Digital' and the False Revival (Dig)


Some Pitfalls of the Mass Evangelism of Reinhard Bonnke (Pit)
Muslim Fundamentalism and the New York WTC Disaster (Mus)
Israel and Jerusalem: The seriousness of these times (Isr)
Midnight Ministries Price Tag (Tag)


An explanation of the cost of doing this ministry and how we survive.

* * *

Selected Back Issues of the Journal Awake! Awake!

Holy Fire! comprising the following two publications:


AA 3-7 Holy Fire!


Containing articles on: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Manifest the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Why Speak in Tongues?

AA 8-2 The Fire of God


Are You Thirsty? by the late John R Rice. Do You Welcome the Holy Spirit? Being Baptised by the Holy Spirit. My Experience of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Other Experiences of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Stanley Frodshamís 1965 Vision of Coming Deception. Some Dreams and Visions From God.

AA 8-1 Christ or Antichrist?


Containing articles on: 666 and the Dreaded Mark. Antichrist and 666. The Stone Which the Builders Rejected. When the Mark is Enforced. The Mark of a Real Christian. The Abomination of Desolation. Those Who Withstood The Abomination. The Coming Economic Crash! Time Is Short! A Dying General In The Lord's Army Tells of a Visitation From Jesus.

AA 8-3 Europe 2000 (Includes The Last Outpouring of The Spirit)


A Prophecy from Smith Wigglesworth being fulfilled. The Last Outpouring of the Spirit. Getting to Know God. "God, I Want to See Your Face." (God appears to a pastor!) Warnings for the Church (dreams and visions). The Acid Test. The Forever Thorny Problem of Suffering. Enduring Through Pain and Suffering. Healing: Some Points to Consider. Keep Yourself in the Love of God.

* * *

A5 Size Leaflets

The Early Church Kept Israel's Commanded Assemblies (Ass)
Why Keep Sunday? (Sun)
The Festivals of God (Fes)
The Last Outpouring of The Spirit (Las)
Are You Resistant To Change? (Cha)
Zechariah's Amazing Prophecy (Zec)
Resisting a Prophet (Pro)
Principles of True Worship (Wor)

For the Holy Spirit to have complete latitude in meetings, the format must allow for every person to hear from God and express what they receive. Here are some tips.

* * *


Did You Know This About Christmas? (Xma) Useful for evangelism
Young Boy RESURRECTED At Midnight (DBR) Useful for evangelism
Death Is Not The End! Useful to help those who have lost loved ones in suicide
Why Most People Fail to Discover God (Fail) Useful for evangelism

* * *

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