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Reinhard Bonnke, Evangelism, & God’s Will

Reinhard Bonnke’s Ministry, Christ for all Nations, has evangelised  much of black Africa. ‘Souls, souls, souls’ is his slogan, but it is not accurate. God has a more important agenda. It is ‘truth, truth, truth.’

or those who misunderstand me, may I say that I have respect and admiration for Reinhard. He has worked tirelessly in the harvest fields for decades, and done much to spread the Gospel of Christ, especially in Africa.

What I say here, and in other articles about his work is not from personal motive. It is my commission according to Scripture, to:

Cry aloud, spare not [do not hold back]; lift up your voice like a trumpet; tell My people their transgression, and... their sins (Is 58:1, NKJV).

We serve a holy God, don’t we? He wants holiness in His people, and a Bride prepared for His Son at this late hour. He will not accept a compromising Church. He will purify her in the ‘fires’ (trials) of the Great Tribulation. If you don’t believe me, read Revelation 2:18-23.

There are severe drawbacks in mass evangel- ism. I will come to those in a moment. And if I tell you that it is not God’s ideal, and that it is preparing the way for a mass falling away, I doubt if you will believe me. But that must not deter me from telling the truth.

Not In God’s Will

Reinhard’s evangelistic exploits have accumul- ated massive results over the last four decades. Many people look at those physical fruits and think they demonstrate that he is in God’s will, doing God’s ideal. Would you say the same of other large enterprises or organisations with a big following? What about the Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Mormons? They have large followings and claim to be in God’s will. Or what if we go further afield and look at the Hindu faith? That has a massive following in India. Does ‘might make right’?

Didn’t Zechariah write that it’s:

‘Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts (Zech 4:6)...?

So what are we to go by?

This is a complex issue. It’s not all cut-and-dried as if plainly black or white.

Jesus inferred that we are to look at the SPIRITUAL fruits (Matt 7:15-20). Although He said those words in the context of assessing whether those who come in Jesus’ name are false – and Reinhard is not false, He is a true man of God – the principle covers all human endeavour.

The spiritual fruits of Reinhard’s life are good. They include virtues listed in Galatians 5:22-24. I am not ‘knocking’ Reinhard as a man of God. Please don’t get me wrong.

What is not ideal, and which needs correction, are some of the aspects of approach in his ministry that need to be brought into line with God’s will. Currently, they represent a human approach – NOT “by My Spirit” says the Lord.

These are addressed in the article CfaN Is NOT In God’s Will, so I will not cover them in detail here. I will merely touch on them as is necessary.

The proof that Reinhard is not in the will of God was evidenced by the fact that God did not heal him of prostate cancer about three years ago. He resorted to human medical help at that time. (More on that later.)

Evangelism Is Out Of Step

He is not alone in this. All the major evangelistic ministries do the same thing. They are intent on fund- raising, reaching massive audiences by their own plans, and using human schemes to achieve their objective. It’s not “by My Spirit”. It’s a compromise.

“Hang on a minute,” you may say. “Reinhard has signs and wonders – healings and deliverances from demons – in his meetings.” Yes. So do we. So do many others who represent Jesus. But that doesn’t mean Reinhard is in God’s ideal will. God blesses faith, hears the cry of the needy, and honours the name of Jesus where people sincerely go in His name. But it doesn’t mean that all they do is what God wants, or the way He wants it done.

I have explained in the article compilation The Church Is Missing The Mark, where such evangelism is out of step with God’s ideals. The article in that, entitled Souls, Souls, Souls, explains that such an approach is based on a misunderstanding of God’s plan, and a false premise.

There are also subtle allurements based on pride and self-seeking that are unseen in the Church. These are addressed in The Charismatic Deception. And, also in the same publication, the article Simple Evangelism gives more appropriate guidance and the proper benchmark for evangelism to be based upon. What Impresses God and Some Revelations From God are also included. So, before you criticise me for what I must write here, please read that paper to have a proper perspective of what now follows that, here.

Thank you.

Further clarification on correct evangelism is given in the booklet Witnessing For Christ. That also adds details about how to evangelise, based upon the outline Jesus gave us all in Matthew 10 and Luke 10.

In Witnessing For Christ, I wrote this:

Compare the two examples I have described already with that of Reinhard Bonnke, international evangelist, heading the CfaN team (Christ for all Nations). The results speak for themselves. The fruits of his ministry testify to the anointing God has upon him, as His emissary to the African nations.

A little over a month ago, God spoke through a prophetic 'word' to us in a fellowship meeting:

I will be with you and will go before you. I will open the gates and you will walk right through. You will go where it is impossible to go without Me; you will do things that are impossible to do without Me. For I will go before you. I will make the rough way smooth before you. You will go forward and do all that is in My plan for you to do.

Those words are fulfilled each week in the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke... Millions have been brought into the Kingdom of God through his efforts.

Did he plan to do this? Did he plan to evangelise Africa? No. He was called to it. If he did not have such a calling upon his life, he would probably still be struggling today to reach a tenth of the numbers he has reached. Hundreds of thousands at each open air crusade is the usual sight – an endless sea of black faces! It's an awesome sight, one which only the Spirit of God has brought to pass.

How does he do it? Here's his 'secret': (Witnessing For Christ, pp 33-34).

You can read the rest of the explanation there in that publication and why it has occurred. Reinhard, himself, said that it was based on the power that God made available at Pentecost. Pentecost was God’s appointed time in His plan, and He pours out His power according to HIS plans, not ours. I will explain more in a moment.

God put an anointing upon Reinhard and called him to evangelise in Africa. I am not contradicting what I wrote on the previous page. God has used Reinhard to achieve what he has done, but the massive results do not verify that he is still in God’s will.

God doesn’t want evangelism to continue the same way. God has achieved His initial purpose. Now it’s time for change. He is taking us all higher with Him. He is purifying the Church, and challenging people further on matters of obedience and personal holiness. There is a massive Restoration underfoot.

A New Emphasis

What is ahead of the Church is something that Jesus predicted in Matthew 24:

And you will hear of wars and rumours of wars... And there will be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. And many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another (Matt 24:6-10).

God wants a new emphasis at this time, to help prepare His people for this worst time of trouble in all human experience. He alerts His people through true prophets as He has done throughout history. Prophets are His mouthpiece to the Church. It’s no wonder that false prophets, who are stirred up by the enemy, rise up and deceive many (Matt 24:11). But you must not let that fact detract from your willingness to heed the unwelcome message of true prophets. Do not follow the crowd. Listen to the isolated voice of the Spirit.

What God has to say is rarely appealing, but it IS in our best interests.

If I were to tell you that mass evangelism is now not God’s ideal, would I sound believable? If I tell you that it is violating scriptural principle, I’m sure I would sound even less credible. But true prophets bring messages that have the effect of isolating them.

Jesus promised:

This Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come (Matt 24:14).

We are so close now to the end, and the world has not heard the Gospel yet as Jesus promised. So how will God achieve His objective? Well, our article WAKING The Dead explains. He does it by His Spirit, not by human effort and money. They are secondary.

“Jesus said: Go not from house to house (Lk 10:7). Yet, people do! They disobey Jesus because they don’t understand God’s plan – that He is NOT trying to save all at this time – nor how to evangelise.
“You must ‘listen’ to the Spirit, otherwise your effort may be merely a human effort, not of God, and will fail. You must be led by the Spirit, not just by your own whim, desire, or rational mind.

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God (Romans 8:14).

“Sons of God have God’s blessing, and God’s Spirit goes with them. So they take Him to others.
“More is explained in three publications: Guidelines For Evangelists, Listening To God, and Witnessing For Christ.”

(Tract, Evangelism: Going From Door To Door.)

When Reinhard holds a mass rally, where loud speakers blast out the Gospel message to everyone within earshot, is that not like going from door to door? It is not selective. God is selective in the way He calls people, and in what He reveals to them. He doesn’t indiscriminately give people all His truth all at once. Nor does He indiscriminately call people.

If you disagree, I would ask you to consider Paul’s words in Romans 11 about election (v 5) which involves selection, and how He lets some be blinded in life (v 8), to believe false teachings (v 9) and to be led astray into spiritual bondage (v 10). He will call them in another life (Rev 20:5) after they are humbled by their experiences (Rom 11:32). Israel as a nation will be converted after many of the Gentiles (v 25). 

Paul’s words still ring true today! Notice this:

For who has known the mind of the Lord? (Rom 11:34a).

Even many mega-evangelists still don’t under- stand God’s plan! God has a purpose in that, too.

God’s Appointed Times

“You are suggesting that mass evangelism is now not God’s ideal and that it is violating scriptural principle. But what about Pentecost? When Peter preached to the whole crowd which gathered, 3,000 were converted in that one meeting (Acts 2:41) and that number swelled to about 5,000 a short while later (Acts 4:4).”

Yes, but that was by divine appointment. God set up the venue. God called, and He rewarded.

It wasn’t a case of man deciding to try and evangelise the area. It was the opposite. Peter and the apostles were trying to keep their heads down!

Moreover, that Pentecost appointment was unique. It was an “appointed time”. You read about those in Leviticus 23. I explain their significance:

The moon marks off the seasons (Ps 104:19).

The word seasons is from the Hebrew word moedim, which means appointed times or appointments. These are the times God has set aside for us to make our appointments to collectively worship Him. This includes weekly sabbaths, annual sabbaths and the new moon festivals.

Just as Israel observed the appearance of the new moon, so we too should "watch" (Luke 21:36). This, for us, has a greater spiritual meaning than merely the observation of physical indicators of the times of our communal appointments with God. Doing the latter, however, is a type of our greater obligation to "watch" spiritually. (The Festivals of God, p 31.)

...the Church Jesus founded was established upon the traditions which God gave Israel, and these observances are part of the sure foundation God has given to His people. They are the “appointed times” which God has decreed for all His people to come before Him in worship. (Ibid. p 48.)

Pentecost was given to Israel as a prophetic sign of the firstfruits harvest (Lev 23:15-21). How fitting that the first outpouring of the Spirit should occur then, because of what that appointment with God depicted.

No wonder God told them to wait in Jerusalem for that prestigious time! It was to be God’s appointed time in more ways than one. God visits His people on these auspicious occasions! They are His holy days!

Man does not have authority to establish such appointed times. God has decided upon the Sabbaths given for His visitations, when we are to meet before Him. (Pentecost was an annual Sabbath, a day of rest and holy convocation.) With the other festivals of Leviticus 23, Pentecost was a divine appointment and part of the faith once delivered to the saints.

This truth needs restoring to the practice of the Church! Instead, it has been blasphemously supplanted by humanly decided times of meeting before God!

Likewise, man doesn’t have authority to decide when to call a mass rally for God’s purposes. Doesn’t God call? Yes. Then why are men usurping that prerogative of His? Could that be blasphemy, too?

When Elijah called down fire from heaven upon Mount Carmel, was that his idea and his decision, or was it God’s? I’m sure you know it was God’s doing. So it must be with all of us engaged in His Work today.

When Reinhard first evangelised in Africa, God set up the appointments. ‘Fortuitously’, as you read in Ron Steele’s biographical account of Reinhard’s early ministry in Africa, God arranged for Reinhard to take over from an evangelist who was pulling out.

Reinhard trusted in God for the finance to do His Work. (For one example, read Plundering Hell, by Ron Steele, pp 25-29.)

How things have changed! Reinhard and his CfaN team now decide:

1) where to evangelise, based upon human decisions, not divine appointment, and,

2) on schemes to raise the necessary money.

So, what were once divine prerogatives have now been commandeered by men. It’s not surprising that God is distancing Himself from what is going on.

Revelation Is Needed

Reinhard needs revelation from God on which regions or towns to evangelise and how to do it – words of knowledge, words of wisdom, and dreams or visions. Where are they? Human planning is not good enough. It’s not by human decision-making, or might or power that God’s Work is led; it’s by His Spirit.

God in His grace still calls, still heals and still delivers, according to His purpose, even though the vessels are not sharing in His ideals. But soon, God will take away even these opportunities, because there is Tribulation coming. It is coming to destroy a rebellious Church who refuses to accept God’s holy gifts, His holy Sabbaths and festivals, or acknowledge His appointed times.

Reinhard was not healed of cancer because he is out of God’s will. Did he receive revelation to go to a surgeon? No. He might claim he was in God’s will, but he wasn’t. Couldn’t God heal him? God was healing people in Reinhard’s meetings! Of course He could, but He didn’t, because He wants to make a point.

God had caused me to write to Reinhard about things that he needs to change in his teaching, but there was no proper response.

If you ignore a prophet, you ignore God. So, God’s response is to ignore you (Prov 1:23-33).

In my own case, I have bad teeth that need healing – cavities as big as Cheddar Gorge, and some teeth broken off. I have suffered pain with them in the past, but God is faithful to His promises if we are faithful to Him. When I had endured two or three days of pain with them a few years ago, God gave me a dream in which He healed me and gave me a completely new set of perfect teeth. In the dream I wept with the joy of His presence.

That was His assurance to me that the healing awaits His appointed time. He will use it for His glory, not just for my benefit. Who am I? Nothing of worth if it was not for Him. All He does with us is for His greater spiritual reasons.

Meanwhile, as I wait for Him to fulfil His promise, He has been good to me, helping me to persevere. He is good to all who trust in Him.

Obedience Required

God could have healed Reinhard, so that he didn’t have to resort to the surgeon’s knife – which is not a healing, but a postponement or deferment. God’s promise is sure – to those who trust Him and who are in His will:

God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble (1 Pet 5:5b). ...cast[ing] all your care upon Him for He cares for you (5:7). ...the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, will perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you (5:10).

And the prayer of faith WILL save the sick, and the Lord WILL raise him up! And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven (Jas 5:15).

Notice the word WILL. God means what He says. Don’t disbelieve Him! It’s up to us to be doing what He wants, so that He can fulfil His promises.

In Reinhard’s January 2008 partner letter – which is effectively a reminder that he needs money – he claims he is “under God’s direction” (2nd para.). He talks about “the power and authority of God being manifest...” (3rd para.), and about Christ’s authority.

I came to him in Christ’s authority and he dismissed me without response. Well, God doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. God has an appointed time for everything, including judgement:

I will come near you for judgement; I will be a swift witness against sorcerers, adulterers, perjurers... because they do not fear Me... (Mal 3:5).

Jesus came to His own, and His own did not receive Him (Jn 1:11). History repeats itself.

Jesus came to His own, but He was a sign to be spoken against (Lk 2:34), that the thoughts of many hearts would be revealed (Lk 2:35).

Jesus came to His own – “who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her!” (Matt 23:37.) The end result will be this:

See! Your house is left to you desolate (Matt 22:38). ...they will not leave in you one stone upon another, because you did not know the time of your visitation (Lk 19:44).

Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect (Matt 24:44).

That particular coming is for judgement. It is explained in our unique booklet The Coming Of Christ. Few understand the severity of the judgement of God.

Therefore consider the goodness and severity of God: on those who fell, severity; but toward you, goodness, IF you continue in His goodness. Otherwise you also will be cut off (Rom 11:22).

Perversion of Prayer

I have in front of me a leaflet with Reinhard’s signature on it, although I wonder if he wrote it!? In it, he encourages people to send in prayer requests, so that others can pray over it, “release their faith” (a bit of jargon that basically sounds good but means little), and expect miracles from God because two more ‘believers’ are petitioning God for the same thing.

This is deceitful and corrupt!

Reinhard wasn’t healed, although many more than two people “stood in agreement” with him for healing. So, the practice is misleading or dishonest.

Obedience is more important than supplication. God is looking for an obedient heart.

Reinhard said in that leaflet:

“If you have a pressing need in your life – for example a loved one who needs that special touch from Almighty God, a personal situation that can only be resolved through prayer – then I urge you to read the remainder of this letter, and return the two enclosed prayer cards as quickly as possible.”

Why do you need prayer cards? Jesus and the apostles didn’t use them. Why do you need Reinhard or CfaN people to pray for you? What’s happened to Jesus that He can’t help people directly any more?

The problem is not Jesus; it’s the people who are going in His name. They are exploiting others, manipulating them, standing in Jesus’ place as their mediators, blocking out His light and just giving them some of their own! The purity of Jesus’ light is being ‘filtered’ through the prisms of human error and substitution.

This practice causes a transfer of loyalties. Gullible sheep are being fleeced by voracious wolves, with ever-increasing appetites. Their loyalty to Christ and their focus on Him are being subtly replaced with a substitute which looks to men in ministry, instead. The manipulation behind this practice goes unseen. But the real motive is fund-raising, not healing, or deliverance, or salvation. However, God, in His mercy, does reward the needy faithful little one who responds even though the means is far from ideal. God always looks on the heart. So the faithful and humble receive.

But God is not pleased with the manipulative methods of these shysters masquerading as men of God, who have influenced Reinhard, nor with their compromised agenda that perverts God’s Word.

Reinhard wrote (or his ghost-writer wrote):

“The Bible is also very clear on the power of the prayer of agreement. Jesus tells us in Matthew 18:19: Again, I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.”

In that case, according to this faulty emphasis, you can get two people together to ask God for a new Rolls Royce or some other expensive car to travel in His name. So long as you ‘work up the faith’ and convince yourselves that He will do it, it will occur.

No it won’t! It’s misrepresenting Scripture! It’s not rightly dividing the Word of God (2 Tim 2:15).

Reinhard says the Bible is very clear on it. It isn’t clear any more, because men with faulty reasoning have muddied it and distorted the meaning. I explained in The Bible Speaks Vol 1, about it:

The Prayer Of Agreement

One of Jesus' most commonly misused promises is this:

If two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven (Matt 18:19).

Charismatic ministries customarily send out letters encouraging their supporters to donate finance, and at the same time, to send in written prayer requests on reply coupons. The evangelist later prays over them (often in a public ceremony on TV), ostensibly 'agreeing' with every request. The outcome is, supposedly, that God answers the requests.

This is all a farce! How can the evangelist possibly agree with thousands of prayer requests he has not had time to read? And, if he hasn't read them – and therefore can't know whether he agrees with them – his 'prayer' is merely for show, a vain performance! What if some requests are blatantly unbiblical? Should he be saying 'Amen' to what he should never sanction or agree with? Would he be held accountable in the Day of Judgement for these words if they are not righteous?

To anyone with any sense, this practice of praying over a mountain of thousands of written prayer requests is dishonest as well as farcical.

More seriously, what if the prayer request offer is a clever ruse to persuade the respondent to part with money? Like the Catholic Church did regarding 'indulgences'? (Popes would claim that they could rescind penalties for sin upon payment. They had a 'price list' for various sins. The worse the sin was considered to be, the greater the price of the indulgence. The practice was outrageously blasphemous.)

Even if the TV evangelist has no deliberate ploy to extract money from people, is there still a hidden agenda, subtly implied? One which links the giving of money to the promise of answering people's prayers?

I would suggest to any TV evangelist who follows this tradition to cease this practice immediately. Apart from the above considerations, Jesus never meant His words to be abused so.

Jesus was talking, in context, about internal disciplinary matters in the congregation, to restore harmony in order to be sanctified. Where two had previously fallen out after one had sinned against another, unity could be restored by following the procedure Jesus advised, and if necessary by presenting the facts before the whole church (Matt 18:15-17). In such a situation, where people can be reconciled and forgiveness shared, the prayer of agreement in the church finalises the reconciliation, which Jesus assures He will honour in heaven, even if only two people pray. Thus, the whole assembly is protected from satanic attack that can enter through disharmony.

Remember Jesus' words:

If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained (Jn 20:23).

The prayer of agreement concerns spiritual discipline, not getting what you want from God. (End of excerpt from The Bible Speaks Vol 1, pp 19-20.)

Please remember that deception is just a very slight deviation from truth! Satan is subtle!

God Is Demeaned!

This egregious practice – which practically all the large ministries engage in – demeans God. It implies that He doesn’t act sovereignly to help you; that He requires more people to pray for your needs before He will act. Perhaps He’s reluctant? Perhaps He’s capricious? Perhaps He doesn’t really care? Those thoughts will be planted by Satan in some uncertain minds, leading to harmful doubts.

It also implies that we have to resort to such a ritual to get what is needed. Yet from the Reformation onwards, the Church has been extricating itself from the dreadful ritualism of the Catholic harlot who murdered truth and those who held to it. Which way is the Church going now? Backwards!

This reversion to ritualism replaces Jesus with men who now stand in His place as your mediators. It suggests in unspoken language that godliness is a means to gain, something that Paul decried strongly (1 Tim 6:5). In Reinhard’s postscript to that letter he gets this in:

Please believe me when I tell you that we depend upon your prayer support ... and we also rely upon your willingness to send financial gifts of support! You never have to give a gift or send an offering to have us pray for you...

I’m glad he added that last sentence, but let’s face it, the reminder of money makes the sensitive reach for their wallet, so the letter has achieved it’s aim, which reveals the motive behind this prayer.

Why Is Finance Not Enough?

In a CFAN Extra Impact e-mail: Nostalgia, Part 1, Reinhard states:

“...unless we receive some quick (immediate) financial support, we run the risk of not having enough resources ready for the upcoming crusades.”

Well, what’s wrong with God? Is His arm too short to save? Isaiah posed that question to errant Israel many centuries ago. It’s still poignant today. Isaiah answered it:

Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; nor His ear heavy, that it cannot hear. BUT YOUR INIQUITIES HAVE SEPARATED YOU FROM YOUR GOD; and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear (Is 59:1,2).

The suggestion that Reinhard is the victim of sin or iniquity is so obnoxious to most ears that it is thrown into the rubbish bin without due consideration. We get this response all the time from people. They are self-willed, close-minded, prejudiced and stubborn.

God just can’t get through to them. But Isaiah’s words were recorded for posterity, and we are all part of that posterity of the nation of God, through Jesus.

Reinhard hasn’t got enough to do what he wants, because his agenda is not correct. God gives enough for the task, and he should cut his coat according to his cloth, not beg for more cloth!

Through the lack of funds, God is saying that it is time for redirection; that it is time to contract, not expand. Please consider Ecclesiastes 3:

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted (Eccl 3:1,2). ...A time to break down and a time to build up (3:3b). A time to gain, and a time to lose (3:6a). A time to tear, and a time to sew (3:7a).

Since God is not found in the institutions of men (prophetic word); and because size tends to diminish God’s influence as human activity grows, God does not want CfaN expanding, but contracting. I quote:

“There is a mortal danger in any organisational structure of looking to men rather than to God, no matter how well-intentioned one may be...

“Frequently, as church movements grow, so too do the satanic influences that infiltrate them. The vanity, pride and prestige of those in control can also grow...

“Human considerations often pressure out God’s influence within churches. It is a rare church which withstands the pressures of organisation!

“Human organisation tends towards apostasy. The Holy Spirit is pushed out. The usefulness to God of such human instruments is then sadly limited.” (God’s Church – Whose Authority? Pp 11-12.)

Satanic elements have infiltrated your ministry, Reinhard. Some of them are men who use marketing techniques to fleece the sheep. People are being milked by clever rhetoric that amounts to manipulation and even intimidation. Derek Prince explained very lucidly the three main manifestations of the spirit of witchcraft:

Intimidation, and
Domination (spiritual control).

You should know that, Reinhard. I’m sorry, it’s not good enough to let men run your ministry, and to allow them to use such cunning methods to extract funds from gullible sheep. If you can’t manage your ministry, and have a rein on such evil practices, then it has got too big. You need to contract. If you won’t, God will cause it to contract, or shut it down.

Just because all the major charismatic ministries engage in this sort of fund-raising gimmickry doesn’t justify it or mean it is right. When you started out, you looked to God. Now you are looking to men.

Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place, unless you repent (Rev 2:5).

If this practice were to continue ad infinitum, the funding of ministry outreach would all go to the large ministries, preaching a watered-down gospel which lacks all the elements of reclaimed truth which ‘Elijah’ has come to restore. Small ministries are already starved of funds, and the Restoration Work of God is seriously hindered!

Reinhard Is Blocking God’s Truth

By adhering to a wrong emphasis, Reinhard’s ministry is misdirected. It’s not intentional, but it IS damaging! It is blocking the spread of God’s Truth.

I will explain in a moment about the aspects of truth that God is restoring in this end-time. It is the most important work on earth today. There is nothing more important to Him than restoring His truth to His Church. He doesn’t want a compromised gospel. He wants it kept pure, and all believers to accept again the faith once delivered to the saints.

‘Sheep’ are gullible. They follow with little thought. It’s not surprising that they follow the large, imposing ministries, that have massive outreach, and take little notice of the small ministries. But God tells us not to despise the day of small things (Zech 4:10). That is how God works most powerfully by His Spirit (Zech 4:6).

Instead of blocking God’s agenda, Reinhard should be promoting it! 

Because so many are supporting the large, compromised ministries (compromised with regard to the level of purity of truth that they are able to teach), these large ministries like CfaN are STEALING from the ones God has ordained but which are small.

It is not intentional, but it is the effect of ignoring or downgrading the restoration of God’s truth.

Wolves Are Tolerated!

The censure against the church of Ephesus was that, despite all their good works, they had left their first love (Rev 2:1-4). This demise is explained in Understanding The Book of Revelation. It involved acceptance of falsity in place of truth.

Reinhard is doing the same thing, and worse. To Ephesus, Jesus acknowledged that they had:

...tested those who say they are apostles and are not, and have found them liars (Rev 2:2).

But Reinhard is not even ‘testing’ the men he associates with! He is sidling up to false ministers for the sake of reaching the large audiences he is intent on preaching to.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but TEST THE SPIRITS, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world (1 Jn 4:1).

There are many false ministers in the Church!

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves (Matt 7:15).

This is elementary. I shouldn’t have to remind an accomplished man of God to check spiritual credentials. Every Christian should know how to test the spirits. But very few do – even very few pastors, evangelists, and church leaders!

Why is that duty left to the maligned prophets? True prophets are rejected, so demonic influences prevail in churches. If you don’t believe me, just peruse the revelations God gave in dreams, below.

Whenever Reinhard conducts a ‘crusade’, also standing on the large platform are church ‘big wigs’. At least half of them are false and will not be in God’s kingdom! They are posers. They like the elevation. They love the attention, the long robes, the best seats and princely positions. That’s why you see them lining the platform. They’re there to serve – not others – primarily they’re there to serve themselves. It pays them to support Reinhard. He increases their church size and improves their financial coffers!

All this is despicable to God! He HATES it!

God Speaks About The Perversity Of Most African Churches

The Church in Africa is in a dreadful state! It’s bad enough in the West, but in Africa there are many perversities blatantly tolerated! God revealed in these dreams to Kassahun Ayele some of what is wrong:

February 7/05. Black African Churches Demonised
I met with a black African couple. They invited me to their congregation. I accepted their invitation and went to their church. When we arrived there I saw many dogs in front of the church and we couldn't get inside. All the dogs [demons] began barking at us. I told the people to run for their lives but they didn't take my advice. I ran to save my life.
Comment: The dream is a warning to black African churches that demons are very much present. We have to come out of compromised worship, and flee to spiritual safety! Pure truth sets people free from sin and demons.

February 10/05. K. Tossed To And Fro By Demons
I was trying to help a woman who was in a river. While we were in the river an unseen force threw her on top of the water. I sensed that the force was a demon and began to rebuke it. At this moment the unseen force threw her onto the shore.
Comment: This imagery depicts the river of the water of Life and its effect upon the majority of Christians. Because they accept demons in their lives, they do not benefit from the living waters of God, but are thrown out of them onto dry land. Demons do not want you to benefit from God’s cleansing river!

July 3/03. K. Woman (the Church) is demonised
I met with a woman. While we were studying God’s word, her tongue came out of her mouth. It looked like a snake. Frightened, I began to rebuke it because I sensed she was possessed by an evil spirit. After many rebukes, a huge snake came out of her mouth and tried to bite me. It missed me and sank in hot water and disappeared.

June 18/03. K. Not all accept the Truth that cleans
I saw a woman rolling in the mud. Her body was dirty. I wanted to help her to get her up from the mud but she didn’t want to rise from the mud.
Meaning: This depicts the condition of the Church. She is full of spiritual dirt. We want to help her, but she won’t accept the help. The only sure way to be clean is to be washed by the Word of Truth.

Corrupt & Vile Church Leaders!

I received this letter from Nigeria in 2003:

14th May 2003

Thank you for the newsletter that arrived yesterday and the dream diary. I was shocked about the dream that was revealed to you. What was revealed was 100% correct! [This dream was given to me, MBH, on 6th April 2003, and is on page 9 of the Dream Diary Supplement to Newsletter 21. Also included below.]

I'm young by age without financial or material support from any source here in Nigeria. Yet, God has called me to proclaim the truth to over 250 different denominations that have helped Satan to cage millions of souls into the Babylonian system of worship (Rev 8:1-4).

Prostitution is no longer regarded as sin in the church. There was something that happened recently in one of the most notable and recognised churches. A pastor and elder of the same church gave their wives in exchange for sex. It was made known to every member, but they still officiate. No member can question or challenge their authority in the church.

It's common here that some folks who claim to be prophets or pastors have been caught red-handed with other people's wives, not to mention the unmarried ones! I've stood up in opposition to this act. I think this is the reason why God gave you the dream.

I was in a revelation and I was taken to the UK and I saw Helena praying fervently for God to strengthen me more.

Reuben I Oviomor, Nigeria.

6th April 2003. Malcolm. Perverse Domination of Church Leadership

The scene was a public area. A woman and a man were standing in the open, and what they were about to do was pre-announced. It was about to be televised. The man brazenly announced that he was going to fornicate in public with this woman!

The woman just stood there passively. We were horrified! It was outrageous! We wanted to turn off our TVs so we didn't have to see this awful thing take place, but we were transfixed by the revulsion of it. The man put his hand on his flies, waited a short while as he looked around (for drama's sake), and then unzipped his flies and exposed his phallus.

Meaning: Are you shocked? I bet you are. The dream was meant to shock. It was a representation of the brazen- ness with which church leaders impose their dominance over members. Their approach is as perverse in the spiritual as the physical analogy in the dream. Church authority is vile to God!

This is a horrific allegoric representation of how despicable the false teaching on church authority is, especially in Africa, where it is taken to a new low!

Such church leaders who exert their power over the church – symbolised by the woman – think there’s nothing wrong with it. They love their power, and think they have a biblical right to rule over members, but IT IS NOT BIBLICAL; IT IS SATANIC!!

Reinhard does nothing to oppose this vile perversion that masquerades as God’s authority!

God gave a similar dream to Helena as this article was being written:

26th January 2008. H. Perverse church leadership. I saw a young woman standing on the side of the road. A man came up to her and, while standing, engaged in sexual union with her. It was disgusting. She was manipulated to submit to this act and expected to enjoy it. She accepted his lordship over her by letting him do to her what he wanted. She thought she was being loyal.

Meaning: The dream uses sexual imagery, just as in Revelation 2:14 and 2:20, to illustrate what is so very wrong by way of allegory. Hierarchic church authority is perverse! It is a worldly form of government adopted by the Church.

The woman – representing true believers – is meant to be Jesus’ wife, not that of ecclesiastical overlords. These men have usurped His position, authority and prerogatives, and misused their position in order to dominate and control.

They claim to be upstanding, but their true motives are revealed by the dream!

The Church Authority Abomination

The abuse by ministers in positions of power is legendary! In Africa, the Nimrod spirit has ousted God’s Spirit of humility and replaced it with a perverse power mania. It is as bad as the paedophile perversions practised by countless Catholic priests.

The false teaching that a minister automatically has the authority of God in his position leads to all sorts of abuses. Members do not oppose it because they are conditioned to accept that it is their spiritual duty to submit regardless of what is expected of them. They are taught NOT to contest a minister.

No one sees how right it is to stand up against this vile false teaching and practice! Nor how wrong it is to submit to it! It is of Satan! Testing the spirits is forbidden. You are not to question or judge, just do as the minister says! When he does evil, it is condoned.

Repression and spiritual poverty are the result!

Pride Is Rife In African Ministry

It’s generally wrong to seek ministry. Usually, what underlies that desire is a wrong motive – a self motive! Yet in black Africa, we have seen men race off to do it because they expect elevation through it, a secure income, a convenient  lifestyle, and power.

When they look to us, hoping to GET from us, they are disappointed, as the following dream from God illustrated. They shouldn’t look to men but to God!

19th Nov 2002. M. A seducer and Africans
A dream of a young woman who wanted me to make love to her (symbolic of a wrong spiritual approach, not literal physically). When I declined, she went after someone else and sought his favours.

Before this, in the dream, I saw a building where a number of young men came out all dressed in a typical African colourful robe, rejoicing and showing off their robes, as they paraded out in single file [depicts uniformity, mental conditioning and mind control]. Then, a column of young women did likewise. They were very proud of their robes in which they were dressed.

The presence of pride in the psyche leads to sin and spiritual downfall. Many are falling! This dream was given to David Isaac Ohuoba in Nigeria, who has raised people from the dead in his small ministry:

20th May 2003. David Isaac. Pastors become mad as a judgement from God!

I saw many pastors that went on preaching. On the way they went mad. People from the streets came out looking at the men of God, they were mocking them. As I came and asked why the men of God had become mad I saw a hand writing on the wall. It wrote: "The insidious effects of pride and the elevation of church leaders made them go mad."

You don’t have to hear many sermons from highly elevated, pompous, arrogant, African pastors or evangelists before you sense their state of mind from their tone of voice! Why do they need to shout? Why do they need to get all hyped up, pace up and down, put on a flamboyant display of pomp and posturing for subjects that could be covered with a next-to-normal voice pattern?

Why? Because they want to impress you with how ‘spiritual’ they are. They are asserting their great ‘insight’, ‘zeal’, or their ‘superiority’. The louder they shout, or the more vigorous their posturing, the more ‘spiritual’ and ‘inspired’ they think they are.

It would be a joke if it wasn’t so exasperating and annoying! Church members are easily beguiled.

These shallow charlatans denounce keeping the Sabbath as the fourth commandment states, thus threatening the growth of God’s newest Reformation:

Small Churches In Africa, Vulnerable

21st Dec. 2004. H. Small girls vulnerable
I saw small girls living in boxes which were exposed to the elements without any roof. These girls were vulnerable. There were men [church leaders] nearby who were threatening, aggressive and abusive. They were hostile towards the girls.
Meaning: A situation in Africa where leaders are harming those who want to keep the Sabbath and obey God more fully. The secure shelter provides spiritual teaching which will shelter them from those who are evil and used by the devil.

The Antiquated Church (In Africa)

13th May 2004. M. The antiquated woman
In this dream there was a fat, overweight woman, living in an old house. There seemed to be a man living there as well, although he was not focused on in the dream. The house needed work doing to it.

I was trying to replace some roofing tiles which covered a ledge on the outside wall. I had to really stretch to try to do this. As I did so, the length of tiles, cemented together, broke. I told the woman that there was little point in putting them back anyway, since they were not functional really, they were more for appearance. We could waterproof the ledge with bitumen.

The woman rambled on a bit. She was totally out of touch with reality, because she was referring to Winston Churchill as if he were still around.

Meaning: The antiquated Church. So behind the times. Ministering to these people is like in the dream – you really have to stretch to reach out to them, yet there's not much you can do with them. [Refers to many in African countries.]

The obesity of the woman represents laziness and / or poor understanding or knowledge. (People can be fat because they are lazy, but equally there are other reasons, such as hormonal imbalances, often caused by poor quality food, bad diet, or even other factors outside their own control.)

This dream above reveals a major difficulty in trying to bring further truth from God to these people. Yet Reinhard is in an unparalleled position to be able to reach so many! It’s curious how those with the opportunity don’t have the truth in their possession. But if they did, would they have the inclination to present it and lose their following and platform?!

It’s the same with missionaries:

Blind Missionaries

2nd September 2005. M. £5,000 and the white man
I sent £5,000 to a white man in Africa to distribute MM literature. When I went to see him, he just looked at me and wondered why I wanted to distribute it. Although he said nothing, you could see by his expression he was thinking: “What on earth for?”
Meaning: The white man represents missionaries and ministry leaders of western outreaches in Africa. God is pointing out their spiritual blindness. They can’t see what God is doing through MM literature.

Most Africans Need A Big Wash!

God holds leaders very accountable. African churches have been led astray largely because of poor leadership, much of it immoral and self-serving. The results of this are seen in brethren. God revealed the spiritual state of most African believers like this:

24th Feb 2006. H. I saw a woman emerge from the African continent. She was half-formed and half naked like a prostitute.
This is the church in Africa, with much confusion and division. There is spiritual poverty mixed with pagan teaching.

17th December 2005. M. Fixing the bath in
This bath had a really big waste pipe. I was making sure it was working properly.
To do with sorting out problems in Africa. There is so much deceit and corruption in Africa, even among Christians!

Reinhard should be addressing this dreadful spiritual state of affairs, rather than just trying to bring more and more new believers into churches that are far from ideal! Compromised churches produce compromised Christians. And compromisers don’t inherit the Kingdom of God. Only overcomers will be there! (Rev 2:17.) 

The antiquated woman represents the church that is still living on outmoded doctrines and with old religious practice. I don’t mean that she lacks up-to-date music or facilities. God isn’t concerned so much about those aspects as He is about His Truth. She represents the ‘old church’ that still keeps Sunday and is not in tune with the Spirit in that regard. God is individually waking people up in various isolated places to the essential nature of the Sabbath truth, that it is a lost truth to most of the Church and that it is a major means for communion with God in the Spirit.

He is doing similarly with His truths about His festivals – that are biblical – not the unbiblical trash of Christmas and Easter that are derived from paganism!

 Reinhard “tolerates that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols” (Rev 2:20). To understand the full meaning of this severe indictment, please refer to Understanding The Book Of Revelation. God says He will punish her children with death! (Rev 2:23.)

God is restoring the faith which the saints had at the outset in AD 33! You are commanded to STRIVE to retain that set of beliefs, not syncretised replacements which God never sanctioned! (Jude 3, 4.)

There are other serious flaws in the mentality and approach of African Christians. Why isn’t Reinhard addressing these? He should be, because ‘Elijah’ is here, and calling for reform!

African Christians’ Wrong Focus

11th May 2006. M. The Secretary
I was in a room with two other people. A secretary came in. She was dressed for the job. She was smart and 'looked the part' (clearly she was worldly in that respect). Some things were said about the work of God and money in relation to that work.

The secretary commented that the wealth was with the western churches (this secretary was in an African country – Kenya). She said that all these other churches which didn't preach the fulness of God's truth had plenty of money, but that God doesn't give money to 'us'. By 'us' she meant those who subscribe to keeping the Sabbaths and holy days, etc.

I immediately started to correct her. She was not right. God DOES provide for those who are in His will! I was vehement in my response, because she was speaking doubt and unbelief. She didn't have true faith in God. Her trust was in the physical, in the flesh, in money. She was merely looking at things from a human perspective, and didn't know God. That was because her reliance was upon the things of the flesh; she sought to BE someone, hence the way she dressed to look good in the eyes of others. She wanted to APPEAR 'with it' to them. That is seeking the approbation of others. It's not seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matt 6:33) upon which God's promise of provision is predicated. But she couldn't see what was wrong with her approach, and that evil still in her heart.

I started to tell her about Elijah, how God separated him. God told him to take his servant and dog (I'm not sure that Elijah had a servant or a dog, but they were in the dream, so it can apply to others today whose situations are different from Elijah's) and go to the place He told him. There God provided for him, because Elijah just listened to and obeyed God implicitly. He didn't listen to others. He did the will of God. He was not out to gain the approbation of others.

I had barely started this discourse, when the woman tidied up her things to go home. It was the end of her shift, and so she was off home. She didn't stay to listen to what I had to say, so clearly she didn't care. Her comment about not having money (that SHE thought 'we' needed to do God's work in that part of the world) was obviously not one that came from a heart genuinely seeking the mind of God. It was more a gripe. It was from unbelief. Her deeply rooted belief was that God DOESN'T provide, and that the churches who preach falsity have money. So, from her limited viewpoint, she drew the conclusion that God's promise of provision in the Bible is false, and that money comes to those who preach 'smooth things, who prophesy deceits' (Is 30:10).

So, many such people reject God's message of pure truth; they rely upon oppression and depend on deceit (see Is 30:12, NIV).

Prophesying: After she had gone out, I carried on speaking. The words were pouring out of my mouth. They were from God and were a blistering attack on the churches who pander to people, so that they can get money from them, which gives them power and influence.

There was so much vehemence in the words that came from the Spirit! They were a blistering attack on people who compromise, who accept worldly (physical) standards and norms, but whose heart is not on the purity of God and His truth.

As I woke up, I wanted to retain all that there was in the Spirit to be received, but there was so much, I couldn't. In the state of semi-sleep, coming out of the Spirit realm and back into the physical realm, it was not a welcome transition! In the spirit realm, it was so easy to comprehend and to express all that is truth, all that is right and good. But, as soon as you come into the physical realm again, you just cannot take all that with you. After this dream I was longing to be in the Spirit realm again. [The last part is a longing that is partly because of all the aggravation that physically minded people in Kenya have given me!]

Meaning: The dream highlights the wrong approach in most people in Kenya and other similar African countries, including most Christians, who have come to rely upon money instead of God, and who look to western churches or ministries to provide for them instead of God. The transition is subtle and largely unseen.

God hates this wrong approach which looks to the physical instead of to Him! Any such substitution is unfaithfulness to God and part of the Antichrist!

Preparing For A Mass Falling Away!

Reinhard, instead of trying to instigate mass conversion – which is not God’s agenda for this age – would do better to be lifting the faith of believers so they are able to trust in God during the hard times coming shortly. THAT’S God’s main agenda now: to prepare the Church for the Tribulation.

However, he has no idea how close this time is – if he even believes it is coming?! And nor does the Church. Consequently, a mass falling away is around the corner, just as the Bible predicted long ago for the end time:

Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day [Jesus’ return] will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition (2 Thes 2:3).

The falling away from truth has already claimed many adherents. God is restoring truth to the Church, but all the major evangelists are blithely unaware of what ‘Elijah’ is doing in that respect. Millions are being brought into a shallow conversion, without sufficient truth to test them at the outset, so half or more will fall away in the next few years as conditions worsen.

Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another... And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. But he who endures to the end shall be saved (Matt 24:9-10, 12-13).

But many of those whom Reinhard is evangelising in Africa will not be in that latter group. They will be part of the massive falling away, because they will refuse to accept the further truth God is presenting.

Here are a selection of other dreams which God has given us, relevant to Africa and believers there:

African Believers Find It Hard To Pray

23rd July 2006. M. 2) Africa: No place to pray
I saw people poorly dressed in clothes with holes. They were trying to find a quiet, private place where each could pray alone. It was hard for them. Some hid themselves in sleeping bags, or curled up in a corner, to try and get somewhere alone where they could pray on their knees.
Comment: This reflects a big difficulty for Christians in the poor areas of black Africa. Certainly there is nothing more important for a Christian’s spiritual survival than prayer, and prayer is sorely needed in those countries. I don’t mean public prayer; I mean what the dream portrayed – soul- searching, humble, honest, private prayer of the individual before God.

The Dangers

Besides the dangers of shallow conversion, lack of prayer, and many difficulties associated with daily living in poor countries, African believers have to contend with church leadership that has not prepared them, because churches care more about themselves than the people who comprise them. Church leaders care more about their church, and their this or that, than about God’s people!

Church leaders block the Move of the Spirit. This last Restoration in this age is NOT accepted by all the established churches and ministries. Just as Elijah was not accepted by all the well-established religious leaders in his day, so it is today throughout Christendom.

The dangers are not seen and are shocking! This situation is leading into the worst time of trouble in all history, not just for the world, but for the people of God also! The result is an inevitable falling away!

As was portrayed in a stark dream,  it is leading to a massive spiritual slaughter! This is explained in Preparing A Flock For Slaughter. God says:

Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds ... Woe to the shepherds of Israel who feed only themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks? You eat the fat and clothe yourselves with the wool; you slaughter the fatlings, but you do not feed the flock (Ezekiel 34:2,3).

The weak you have not strengthened, nor have you healed those who were sick, nor bound up the broken, nor brought back what was driven away, nor sought what was lost; but with force and cruelty you have ruled them. So they were scattered because there was no [true] shepherd; and they became food for all the [evil] beasts of the field... (Ezekiel 34:4,5).

...nor did My shepherds search for My flock, but the shepherds fed themselves and did not feed My flock. Therefore, O shepherds, hear the word of the Lord! 'Behold I am against the shepherds, and I will require My flock at their hand; I will cause them to cease feeding the sheep, and the shepherds shall feed themselves no more...'  (Ezekiel 34:8-10).

God holds the 'shepherds' or leaders of His flock accountable. But, because of self-will, pride, convenience and expediency, 'shepherds' are actually preparing the flock for SLAUGHTER!

Misplaced Priorities In Africa

1st August 2006. M. 1) Africa
In this dream I had sent ten postal orders for £30 each to Africa [this doesn’t depict giving people money literally; it symbolises giving people valuable MM literature].  A girl in Kenya collected the counterfoils. She said they were worth 30p each. I was amazed that she said they had any value.

Meaning: 30 contains the meaning of a final (3) witness for mankind (10), contained in MM writings. This is the spiritual value we offer others. But they don’t see its value. The girl depicts some believers with whom we are in touch in Africa. They are greatly impoverished physically. (But never forget what Jesus said in Rev 2:9!)

The imagery suggests that they focus on things of no value, which they place value on.

What Believers Need

What believers need are the full truths of this last Restoration, to build them up spiritually, and help them to mature and trust in God, instead of looking so much to the physical. The following dream, given to Kassahun, confirms this fact:

December 28/03. K. Kassahun's work and MM's work to mature the Church
I dreamed that I saw a partially completed building [the Church]. The workmen were gathering up their tools preparing to leave it unfinished but I entreated them to consider the Master. "The building is not finished," I said. "Come back and keep working until it is roofed." Then they came back and continued the work.

Comment: Most pastors and evangelists have no idea how unfinished the Church is. She is not ready to be the Bride of Christ. She is missing a lot of correct doctrine, which we can provide, to fill in the gaps.

The Final Restoration Of Truth

Wielding the Divine Axe summarises 11 areas of truth that are being restored in this ‘Elijah’ time:

1) God’s Sabbath, the 7th day of the week, was unlawfully replaced by Sunday, the 1st day of the week, by human decree from the third century.

Likewise, God’s festivals, listed in the Bible, are His true festivals that have never been rescinded. It’s time for the Church to return to its true roots!

2) Church authority has been, and is, the most insidious hindrance to spiritual growth for believers. It is the biggest single abuse in the Church! Hierarchic domination by church leaders always prevents the full latitude of the Spirit!

3) The prosperity gospel is a deceitful pack of lies mixed with some truth. It is preparing many people for disillusionment and spiritual disaster!

4) Antinomianism is a big word and a big problem! The majority of Christians believe this lie in one shade of grey or another.

5) Spiritual manifestations have caused huge problems in auspicious places like Toronto. Purely because church leaders and believers have not tested the spirits.

6) Women in the Church have been denied their rightful place of equality with men.

7) The Trinity is a digression from pure biblical truth about the true nature of God. I know that sounds shocking to most ears, but it doesn’t stand up to full biblical scrutiny. The majority have been fed part-truth part-lies.

8) The Rapture and the coming of Christ are sorely misunderstood. The Church is not going to be whisked away in a secret rapture, to escape the horror of the Great Tribulation. She must face it and prove her allegiance to Christ.

9) Judgement is likewise very misunderstood. The Church will face its time of severe judgement from God for rejecting this Last Restoration.

10) Witnessing for Christ. Many are misguided in their approach. There needs to be a proper grasp of God’s plan to follow the lead of His Spirit in this area.

11) The elevation and exaltation of church leaders is blasphemous, idolatrous and a great distraction to believers. It undermines loyalty to Christ.

In all the above areas, prevalent belief and practice is out of line with pure biblical truth. The publications overpage restore correctness and biblical accuracy, preparing the Bride for Jesus’ return.

Revelations From God About Some Of What Is Ahead

The Church needs a full Restoration of Truth for her to be ready for Jesus’ coming and the next Age, His Millennial Age. Then it will spread to the rest of the world, but first those who are to rule with Christ must accept all He offers her now. If you refuse, God will judge you as it says in Proverbs 1:23-33.

He will perform a fast work and cut it short in righteousness (Rom 9:28).

25 Jan 04. Kassahun. A fast work
I saw a great light moving with incredible speed. Nothing could stop it. Wherever it went, little shiny arrows flew out from it. People who received these little shiny arrows were themselves shiny and healthy.
Meaning: There is very little time left before Jesus comes. Just a matter of a few years. Much work needs to be done in that time, reaching and teaching people God's truths, symbolised by the shiny arrows. God will cut short His work in righteousness (Rom 9:28). But before that time comes, He will move with lightning speed.

The End Of The Age Is Close!

June 21/03. Kassahun. 'Stars' falling from the sky
I saw meteorites falling to the earth. There were many. When they touched the ground, whatever they touched was burned. Buildings collapsed. Trees were scorched. All things were out of control. Terror seized me and I thought that I would be hit next. The air was filled with much weeping and crying.
Meaning: As in Revelation, this depicts one heavenly sign which presages the end of this Age, and the terror that will grip earth’s population because of widespread havoc.

Malcolm’s White Paper

July 27/03. K. Malcolm was giving a white paper to all of us who were gathered in a large hall. Those who were there took that white paper. But my paper was red and there was a number written on it. The number was 10 29 39.

Meaning: The white paper symbolises righteousness being restored through MM publications. Red depicts trial and warfare that will first come to Ethiopia where Kassahun lives.

10 = the number of humanity;
29 = expectation of judgement;
39 = 3 (finality) x 13 (Satan).

Humanity and Satan will be judged by all that must shortly take place. MM reveals that in the literature.

Angels At Malcolm’s Place

July 27/03. K. Angels in our cellar
I was in the cellar with the family of MM. A few men came in clothed in white linen. They looked like monks. Their faces were the same, so one couldn’t distinguish one from another. They were walking here and there, blessing the cellar and all those who were there. When they finished their work, they went out slowly.
Meaning: This depicts an unseen aspect of the MM Revival which is shortly to begin when God raises people from the dead who have been dead for years. Angels are God’s messengers, performing duties for God to His people.

The Dead Will Be Raised In Africa

16th Dec. 2004. Helena. 3) Skull comes alive
I saw a skull being made alive. As a result of this I saw someone preach the gospel in Africa with great zeal.
Meaning: God is the only One who can raise people from the dead. But such feats are coming – soon! These will not be simply people who have just died. They will be those we have named in Waking The Dead – people who died years ago, and who will come back to testify for Jesus.

THAT’S how the whole world will be reached with the Gospel! Then, soon after, the end will come (Matt 24:14). 

Malcolm B Heap, January 2008

‘Elijah’ is at work right now. So, be aware:

The axe is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire (Luke 3:9, NIV).

Bible quotations are mostly from the NKJV, New King James Version

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