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A Warning To All Opponents Of MM

The Purpose Of MM

Midnight Ministries is a prophetic ministry, established by God to restore a proper understanding of the truth of His Word. This Restored Truth of God is contained in the raft of publications MM has produced.


There is widespread opposition against God. There is equally widespread opposition to His Truth of how people should live and behave. In this evil world, false gods have more acclaim and following than the true God who reveals Himself only to those who are willing to believe Him and obey Him. Far more people believe the lies of the devil than the truth of God. Why? Because people have been given freedom of choice. God lets people go their own way if they want. He doesn’t force His way on anyone. God’s way is based on genuine love.

So we have a very misguided world!

In this tragic world, false religion can be a powerful force for evil. When it is coercive and intolerant it wreaks destruction and havoc on poor defenceless people. The results of its evil ideology identify its evil source. It is NOT from God, who is good and who is love. Most people do not know God and His love. False religions have obscured him from view through deception and false ideology.

What is good is often regarded as evil; and what is evil is often regarded as good.

So, it is inevitable that MM (Midnight Ministries), which represents God, comes under fierce attack from these evil sources.

MM Is Continually Attacked

We have been attacked by gunmen as well as church leaders. MM has been opposed by staunch supporters of misguided churches and Muslim leaders. Where the opposition has been so great that it has threatened our existence, God has struck opponents dead by lightning and thunder or other supernatural means.

The Warning


I do not wish to see opponents dead, but if they do not heed this warning and continue trying to oppose MM, they will reap that fate. I get accused of killing people, but it is not me. I am merely a man, a pacifist in the physical. It is GOD who kills these people, because, by fighting us they are fighting God who is behind us.

No one can fight against God and win.

The Record

Here is what happened to some people who came against God by opposing MM. This is merely a summary of some of the incidents. More comprehensive accounts of what took place are contained in booklets by the title Mighty Miracles of God (MMG) Volumes 1 to 4.

In December 2013, twenty nine people (mostly pastors) in the SDA church in Kenya were struck down by God and died (MMG1, pp 74-76).

Two months earlier, a witchdoctor was attacked and killed by his hyena for trying to curse and kill MM workers in Kenya (MMG1, p 49). In November another powerful witchdoctor was wiped out (MMG1 pp 55-56).

At midnight, in January 2014, God killed another witchdoctor who tried to put a death curse on John Ongoro in Kenya (MMG1, pp 50-51).

Two opponents who slandered MM, spreading false information about us, lost their lives for their opposition. That was in December 2013 and January 2014 (MMG1, p 65).

God blitzed with lightning the SDA’s Kadongo church building in Kenya in December 2011 for attacking MM supporters. After that church was rebuilt, it was again burnt down, because those people still did not cease from attacking or opposing MM. That was in September 2014 (MMG3, p 55). God also killed several of those evil opponents (same ref).

In April 2014, God wiped out two evil judges in Kenya for injustice against MM in court cases (MMG2, p 12 and p 21). A wicked landlord who oppressed faithful MM supporters also lost his life. Then his widow was warned in a dream that her husband’s evils earned him a place in hellish torment where he is now suffering very much (MMG3, p 17).

The area chief in Kenya who sided with that landlord was also struck dead by God as he sat in his armchair one evening (MMG3, p 49).

When some young ladies in Kenya were gassed almost to death by the evil Lukas Ogada gang, they were hospitalised. We would not have chosen hospital treatment had we been there, for God will heal the needy and desperate if we put our trust in Him. We had little money and could not afford the hospital bill anyway, so I tried to reason with the doctors to let us trust in God to heal them and asked the doctors to back off with their treatment. They were hostile to my request and wanted to play ‘God’.

There was a mighty rush of wind that swept through the hospital, smashing windows, bringing tree branches crashing down, rupturing water pipes and tanks, splashing water everywhere. And God struck those three doctors dead! (MMG2, pp 18-22.) Then God healed all the young women. They were suddenly made completely well.

When that murderous gang of Ogada’s tried to attack those girls again, a lightning bolt struck the girls’ wire fence as three attackers cut it and climbed through the hole they had cut. They were frazzled to death by the thousands of volts of electricity God released (MMG2, pp 35-36).

Ogada is possessed by the devil who rules this world, opposing God, and who sends his demonic hordes out on murderous missions.

He never learns his lesson. Wicked people never do. Ogada hired gunmen to try and kill our workers. He sent Paul Orongo to murder John Ongoro. God struck Orongo dead (MMG2, p 43). The same fate awaited Ogada’s hit-men Bita Anjialo, Omundu Mlala, Paul Otuoma, Azibe Okebe and Rama Salim who were killed by a mudslide (MMG2, pp 46-48).

Then Charles Osutwa, Vincent Awidhi and Richard Opiyo – who had all, at one time, been supportive of MM – were wiped out (MMG2, pp 60, 66-67). It’s horrendous to have your eyes burned by hot coals, but that is what some of them experienced in death!

Not to be outdone, Ogada then hired Muslim opponents to fight us. But they were all struck dead, in wave after wave. Some were obliterated by massive thunder claps and lightning bolts that burned them to ashes.

God’s 7 angels appeared to Rhoda to announce to her:


All that the mighty angels declared occurred (MMG4, pp 69-70).

MM workers in Uganda were abducted by Joseph Kony’s gunmen, so God struck the gunmen dead, releasing MM folks (MMG2, pp 73-76).

The Kenyan CID Chief, Thuol Rakido Muhoro, met his death when he tried to kill Mark and thwart MM’s outreach in Africa (MMG3 pp 13-23).

In July 2014, three gunmen mounted an attack on our workers.  Two of them were al-Shabaab terrorists from Somalia, wanted by Kenya police for attacks in Mombasa where they had gunned down more than 70 Christians. God gave those gunmen what they deserved (MMG3 p 35).

Post office workers who interfered with MM’s post were publicly ‘executed’ by God in front of a crowd of onlookers (MMG3, pp 38-39).

When people tried to poison MM workers, they met their end, too, in various tragic ways (MMG3, p 39).

In August 2014, Muslim youths, bent on murder, surrounded the room in Comoros Island where MM workers were staying. God must have commanded for more demons to be let loose on the boys, because the youths suddenly went mad and rushed into the sea and drowned (MMG3, pp 51-52).

In Uganda, in November 2014, seven Muslims were planning to murder faithful MM supporters. Their plan was foiled by God’s angels. They themselves were killed by God’s angels (MMG3, p 71). Only God has the right to take life, because He is its giver.

On 10th November 2014, the Muslim Masjid Musa threatened me:

I told you to warn your people to stop converting our people into Christianity but you seem not to understand. First I will finish Rhoda and destroy everything she has, followed by prophet Mark and set his home on fire then I will also set [alight] that van Vuga is using to distribute books and see where he will get the money to replace it. Idiot!!

I replied:

I don’t take my orders from you. I take them from God Almighty. And it is HIM you are fighting against! … You seem to have forgotten what happened to your nephew. God struck him dead. He was heard crying aloud: ‘please don’t burn me in hot coal.’ Then he died. Hand grenades were found in his pockets. You sent him to kill John, but God’s hand finished him… God will strike you dead, too, if you persist in coming against us. [That occurred (MMG4, p 18).] Because you are coming against God’s outreach. It is not merely ours; it is HIS.

You know, your religion is empty. Islam has no supernatural power, because it is the worship of a false god. Muslims don’t realise that it is a religion of deception. It has no true and good ethos to live by. It has no true moral standard from God. It is a counterfeit religion foisted onto humanity by the one who is presently the god of this world (Satan the devil). So it is not surprising that many people follow it or go along with it, not realising its source. But it’s not too difficult to see that its basis is evil, especially when thugs like you want to kill Christians who are living lives towards God, and who do not want do perpetrate evil against others, but only good. Why do you want to kill good people?

Because you don’t want to do good. You just want to do evil, like ISIS and the many militant Muslim organisations which espouse pure Islam from the Koran which tells you to kill ‘infidels’ who do not agree with you. If you think that approach is laudable, your mind is bent. But those who think like that are so deceived that they don’t care. Satan has them hooked. He is revealed in Revelation 12:9 as the one who has deceived the whole world. And the supreme God, who revealed that truth, also reveals to us what we need to know about those who mount vicious attacks against us to kill or harm God’s Work in Africa.

Seven angels oversee this Work in Africa… So your henchmen don’t stand a chance. When your evil hit men come against good people in this Work of God they will be struck dead, or blinded, or paralysed, or burned up, or struck by lightning and thunder, or swallowed up by the earth. There are all sorts of ways God’s angels can deal with your wicked murderers to thwart their attacks.

Like I said, true Christianity has POWER. It has the power of God behind it. You don’t. So back off, if you have any wisdom…

Masjid Musa didn’t back off, so God killed him.

God has performed thousands of miracles to defend His Truth held by MM workers. So I hope you get the point:


All who have tried to destroy the MM vans to stop the outreach have utterly failed. They lost their lives for trying. So, beware!

TAKE HEED, ALL YOU WHO SUPPORT OPPONENTS OF MM! Your days are numbered. I urge you to repent of your folly, and begin to love God, not hate. Read the Bible. Surrender to God. Accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Obey Him and LIVE! & 

To request Mighty Miracles of God booklets, please send a donation of about £2 per booklet, if possible.

Malcolm B Heap, May 2015

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