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Dreams given to Kassahun, a prophet in Ethiopia,
with suggested meanings where known.

Where Kassahun was not sure of the meaning, these were supplied by Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries.

When a prophet of the LORD is among you, I reveal Myself to him in visions, I speak to him in dreams (Numbers 12:6, NIV).


Background of the Prophet

Kassahun is a prophet – one of several.

No one on earth today is the Prophet. That title belongs to Jesus alone.

So, in identifying someone as a prophet, I do not mean to draw undue attention to them or elevate them. That is entirely wrong. But I do mean to cut the ground from underneath the rebels and sceptics (in the Church!) who want to deny the existence of contemporary prophets and deny or downplay their revelations from God.

There has been a satanic trend in the contemporary Church to ignore prophets, downgrade them, and claim that the prophetic gifts given ‘across the board’ (to all who can receive them) replace the ‘old’ office of prophet.

The trouble with that empty theory is that it contradicts what Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:

And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ (Eph 4:11-13, NKJV).

Have you reached that stature yet? Has the entire Church attained to that height of perfection yet? No. So, it goes without saying (it ought to) that prophets are still here!

What is their function?

To help perfect the body, as Paul stated above.

What is one of their targets? Let Paul answer again:

That we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting... (Eph 4:14, NKJV).

Heretical teachings have engulfed the churches. Church leaders have led their subjects – whom they have invariably also subjugated under their autocratic authority – with cunning craftiness and deceit. Throughout the various sectors of Christendom where you find children of God, it is not difficult to see the results of these invisible motives. Instead of feeding believers in Jesus with the pure teachings and truths of God’s Word, they have fed them a compromised mixture of truth and error – traditional teachings that enable the church hierarchy to maintain ‘stability’, and, they hope, a steady income for themselves!

Out of this Babylon of deceit and cunning God calls those who are true to Him. Not all come out. Few heed His call. But He calls those who will, to come out (Rev 18:4).

God called Kassahun out of the church he was formerly a part of, in which he grew up (his parents were members). Kassahun responded to His call, and because his commitment to Jesus and love for God’s truth were uncompromising, Jesus then appointed him a prophet, to declare to those who will listen, the further truths of God.

“I was very sick at birth and they didn’t think that I would live. On Friday night a doctor came to the hospital where I was and took me and returned me Sunday morning. The doctor was a foreigner. This puzzled my parents and one day they had an outburst of anger against him, asking him why he took their child. He politely answered them that he and some others were praying for their child so that he can be healed. After that, they didn't ask him any more about me.

“Some 20 years ago my mother received a dream about someone preaching in a little chapel. The preaching touched her. It was about the Sabbath. She didn't know what the Sabbath was and she was confused.

“The next day it was Saturday and she went to visit her brother. While she was walking to her brother’s home, she heard preaching on the other side of the street in a very small chapel. She went in to listen. To her surprise what she saw and heard was what she had seen and heard in her dream.

“After the programme she went to the preacher and told him what she got in the dream. He was surprised and gave her some brochures to read. The brochures were about the Sabbath day.

“She came home very delighted and shared with me what she had got. The next Sabbath we went to that local church. To our surprise we saw my nurses. They had served me many years earlier when I was in the hospital. They were amazed to see me alive, and told us that they were certain that I would not live!

“God is so good. He has led me until now. He kept me alive to tell of His great things which He has done for me.

“Even though my mother is not alive, I believe that she did what God told her. Now she is at rest in the Lord.

“About my father. He accepted the truth about the Sabbath by direct intervention of God. He was a very staunch opponent.

“One day my mother became sick. He took her to hospital but doctors couldn't ascertain the real cause of her sickness. Even though he didn't believe in prayer, I suggested that we pray for her, so we began praying.

“As we were praying, suddenly the devil revealed himself through her and I became frightened because I didn't expect such a thing in her. She was a strong Adventist believer.

“The demon inside her told us that he was sent from God to test her. For us at the time, it was hard to believe this.

“To cut a long story short, my father became confused but started attending the local church with me and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. Day by day he became stronger in the Lord.

“After two months of strong prayer and fasting my mother was released from the demon. That was God’s direct intervention. It led to my father being saved. Praise God!

“This is my story in brief. May God take all the glory to Himself.”  Kassahun

More about Kassahun’s background is given in the separate article Revelations From God For Seventh Day Adventists (£1.00). The article also explains some of the very serious apostasy of the SDA church.

Kassahun was thrown out of the SDA church because they refused to accept the truth about the Spirit and spiritual gifts. Those of darkness do not want fellowship with light.

God Enlightens Through Dreams

He wrote on 21st May 2001:

Recently God has given me a dream about the SDA church. In the dream I was walking to the church. When I arrived, I opened the church door and went in. I was shocked by what I saw. The two church choirs were on the platform seated in their chairs. Under the platform there were two lions, one on the left and one on the right, staring at both choirs.

I was surprised by what I saw and went directly to the choirs, warning them to escape for their lives immediately [the prophet’s function]. When I did this, the lion on the left began to roar and run at me. When I saw it, I began to run. The lion was following me. Quickly, I opened wide the door of the church and went out. At this time I awoke.

The next day I went to pray for a sister who had a demon. While I prayed the evil spirit began to terrify me, threatening to kill me. Finally, with much prayer he came out of her and she praised the Almighty God.

Two days later I was returning home from a Bible study program with a friend when we shared the truths of God together. It was night. I didn't expect any bad thing and I didn't see what happened. The next thing I knew was that I was in a large dirty pit 3 metres down. When I came to I felt a little pain in my chest and a large bump on my forehead. People began to shout because they thought that I was dead in the pit. But thank Jesus I was not dead. When they heard my voice they got me out of the pit. All were surprised when they saw me standing in front of them. This was a miracle of God. While I am writing this letter I am in a good condition. The chest pain is now almost gone and I am breathing and teaching without any pain. The lump on my forehead has also begun to decrease.

God has told me that this attack was aimed at my life but He overturned the plan of the devil by intervening on behalf of me. Much glory to Him.  Kassahun.

God began to reveal what He would do through Kassahun in another dream. Kassahun wrote about it on 29th May 2001:

Recently God has given me a dream. In that dream I was in my home. I was in my bed reading from the book Dreams and Visions From God. I was very inspired by what I was reading to the point of forgetting myself. When I had finished I felt really uplifted and decided to tell these wonderful messages to the little ones of our fellowship. But I saw on the floor of my home several kinds of snakes creeping all over the place. The only free place to stand was on the bed where I was lying.

Immediately I began to rebuke them with a lot of shouting. When I did this they retreated back to the door. At that point I got down from my bed and stood on my floor on the left. Soon I saw a large sword on my bed. I lifted it up and began to kill the snakes.

They all died and the place was running with blood. It was a great massacre. I woke up and began to praise God.

I don't know the exact meaning of the dream but I felt it is connected with the work you, I, and several others are working in now. [The strongholds of Satan against the pure truth and spiritual manifestations of God are very strong.]

The devil has sent all his armies to surround 'our place' but at the end they all will be defeated and destroyed by the sword of God. I want you to be sure that the sword of the Lord is in our hand to destroy all the devil surrounds us with.  K

Meaning Of The Dreams

In the dreams above, God is portraying demonic spirits as lions and snakes. He is revealing that the denomination out of which He drew Kassahun (and this holds true for all denominations and most other churches) is controlled by demons.

Demons exert a strong hold over many Christians. These strongholds are held in place through false concepts (2 Cor 10:4,5). But God is giving Kassahun the truth – depicted by the sword – which will destroy these false concepts. God has placed this sword is in MM’s sheath, which is why Satan comes against us in this work of God, to try and thwart what God is doing.

The Work Of God Is A Miracle

Kassahun mentioned on 30th March 2001 that, while he was writing to me, the Spirit kept putting in his mind the word "MIRACLE" and it was ringing like a bell wherever he went.

The miracle is this very work. It is not a work of man. God raises up prophets to do what they could not do of and by themselves. As you ‘sell out’ to God, He upholds you. Kassahun wrote: “I believe wholeheartedly that God will come to all of us and bless us with the blessing of heaven. Our experiences will be changed for the better. He will also give us the strength to do His work! Praise God.

“I am busy teaching and translating the wonderful truths of God! People are coming to my office and I teach them and give them literature so that they can have contact with God's truths. Sometimes I am working until 2 o'clock in the night. How I love it to work for God! It is really a wonderful blessing.

“Thank you for Midnight Ministries. Be of good courage. I am always praying for you! Soon we will meet in the Kingdom of God. Give my love to your family. God bless!  Kassahun.”

13th August 2001 The Devil Tries To Kill Kassahun
Recently God has given me a dream. In that dream I saw both little and large packets written over them with green ink. It says, “To Midnight Ministries.” I didn’t open them to see what the packets hold, but I sensed in my spirit that they are God’s blessings coming to Midnight Ministries. God is with you. He is with all of us! Expect a miracle, Malcolm. [Thank you. Yes. Some miracles are occurring! The work of MM is a large miracle. Humanly, it is impossible.]
Praise God!  Kassahun

Jesus Is The Centre
22nd May 2001 Dream of Preaching.
I don’t know the place exactly. But I was preaching to many peoples saying that “Our substitute is Jesus.”
Meaning: The dream is an assurance from God that He is with this work and guiding Kassahun. Many will be reached, even though there is much opposition. The dream reminds us of the centrality of Jesus in God’s plan for man. Jesus paid the price of our sins. He was our willing substitute sacrifice!

Many Will Respond
23rd May 2001 Dream of Many People Responding to the Literature.
It seems that I was praying in my office. It was Sabbath. It was also night.
Suddenly someone knocked on my door. After I had finished my prayer I went to open the door. I couldn’t see anyone outside. I went to search but I couldn’t see anything.
With suspicion I went again to my office. To my surprise the office was filled with people. I saw all the truth-loaded sample copies hanging on the wall where they were displayed.
Most of the people were elderly. I began to tell them about our publications and urged them to share with others whatever they want from all our publications. They agreed with joy.
Comment: It was the Sabbath. [This is an emphasis in the teaching / evangelistic commission which God has given you.] It was also night [we live in spiritually dark times].
Suddenly there was a knock at the door, but you couldn’t see anyone outside. [Jesus causes people to respond to the message you are preaching.] When you went back into your office, it was full of people, [perhaps this signifies that the people will be reached through sending mail] and all the literature was displayed on the walls of the office [the publications reach many people and have a ‘high profile’ because they can be passed around in personal evangelism].
Most of these people were elderly [perhaps depicts the fact that mature believers will appreciate what we have written, more than the newly converted]. Joy came into their lives as a result of the truth we could pass on to them.

25th May 2001 The Faith Movement Resists The Sabbath
An elderly man wanted to talk with me about the matter of faith. Immediately I went to meet him. We sat together in his home. Others also were with him. The man began to accuse me that I don’t believe in conversion (being changed inwardly by receiving the Spirit). In return I asked him how he can be sure about it (his own conversion). Without hesitation, I told him that I believe all the words of the Bible. I asked him why he doesn’t believe that the 7th day, Saturday, is God’s Sabbath. He couldn’t answer my question. The discussion wrapped up there.
Comment: This dream depicts the Faith Movement (some call it the ‘Name it and Claim it Movement’), founded by Kenneth Hagin in America. It has spawned many churches, ministries and fellowships in America and throughout the world.
But, when you discuss the Sabbath with these people, they don’t care to know. They think you are not converted if you keep the Sabbath, because they have been deceived into thinking that only legalists keep the Sabbath as we do on the 7th day. They are wrong, of course, because we can demonstrate by clear biblical exegesis that the Sabbath is still binding upon Christians today (Matt 5:17-20; 24:20; Rev 12:17; Matt
19:17; Col 2:16-19; Mk 2:27,28.). They can’t refute our proof, but it doesn’t change their approach. They still refuse to obey God in that respect.
There are many Christians who will not accept the truth of the Sabbath. They deny the Spirit in that respect, and just follow the crowd and accept prevalent wrong concepts.

30th May 2001 The Two Main Moves of The Spirit
I saw different writings in the sky. I tried to read them but I couldn’t. While I was engrossed by the scene, two birds began to descend from the sky. I wished that they would come and rest on my shoulder because I sensed that they were a symbol of the Holy Spirit. I saw a child trampled one of the birds after they descended to the earth. I was sad.
Then the scene changed. I found myself in the SDA church. I was in the church’s compound. I went to enter the sanctuary but was prevented by an armed man.
Comment: The meaning of this dream is as we explained in the leaflet Zechariah’s Amazing Prophecy.
You saw two messages written in the sky but you were unable to read them. [We can’t understand all that God does and all that He is saying.] Then two birds began to descend from the sky. You are right that they depict the Holy Spirit. They represent two movements of the work of God’s Spirit:
1) the leading of the Spirit which has brought spiritual gifts to believers, and
2) the enlightenment of the Spirit which has revealed the truths about Sabbaths and holy days
You wanted them both to rest on your shoulder. [Like we do, you accept both of these aspects of God’s work.] A child trampled one of the birds after they came down to earth. [The charismatic church, although it accepts the gifts of the Spirit, does not keep the Sabbath and does not want to know that truth. It tramples it to the ground. They think they are mature because they have prophetic giftings, but they are childish and immature in many ways.] You were sad. [Yes, so are we when we see people reject God’s truths. Every truth is for our benefit, but self-will, stubbornness and rebellion cause many to reject what God wants to give.]
[On the other side of the fence, those who keep the Sabbaths reject the spiritual gifts (on the whole). In that way, they trample one of the birds, too. I think the dream more represents this than the charismatics’ rejection of the Sabbaths, because some of your outreach is to the Seventh Day Adventists.]
You found yourself in an
SDA church. You were in the church’s compound [your outreach to these believers], but you couldn’t enter their sanctuary [the leadership reject you and don’t listen to what you have to say]; an armed man barred your entry. [Shows the degree of hostility they have against you because of the truth from God which you bring. They are really in the grip of demons.]

3rd June 2001 Yasser Arafat Killed and War Erupts
It seemed to be at night. I saw in a room the leader of Palestinian people Yasser Arafat with some of his officials talking about a secret mission. I couldn’t hear what he said to his officials. Suddenly he was shot and killed while he was in the room.
After the killing of him a great war began between the Palestinians and Israel.
Comment: Some think that Arafat died naturally, but the real circumstances surrounding his death were hushed up. The Palestinians didn’t want the world knowing what really took place. He was ‘bumped off’. He wasn’t shot – shot is a symbol to show that his death would not be natural – he was either poisoned or killed by some other less noticeable means.
The dream didn’t say that war would break out immediately after Arafat’s death. No time lag was specified. But, as of writing this comment, it won’t be much longer now!

5th June 2001 Truth Will Revolutionise The World
I saw Malcolm in the house. He was clothed with gabbi (traditional garment of Ethiopia. It is very white. People wear it in winter to keep warm.) He was writing something very powerful which revolutionised the whole world. (I sensed it in my spirit.) I was glad by his commitment.

Satan’s Onslaught Against Morality
6th June 2001 Satan’s onslaught against morality.
I can’t remember the place. But I was sleeping in a house. In my dream I realised that what I was about to see was an attack of the devil.
The house, which I was in, has a veranda. The veranda was higher up. I went to the veranda and saw under it a body naked up to his waist. I sensed in my spirit that this was Satan and began to rebuke him again and again but he was a spirit being and he hid himself. Finally he came to the veranda and stood in front of me. I rebuked him with all my strength and he fell down to the ground.
Comment: I believe this depicts the promotion of nakedness and sexual promiscuity by Satan in the media; on TV and in the Press. You rebuked this influence (by your teaching), but it takes several rebukes before the problem is countered (it may portray some of your teaching to help people guard themselves against the immoral trends in society).

16 Jan. 2001
Terrible Dream of Tribulation!
I dreamt a dream! It was terrible.

It was evening and I went out of my home. It was very dark. I raised my eyes to the dark heaven and I saw a meteor shower filled all heaven. I was surprised to see such a vast meteor shower in one night because it was unusual.

When I looked to the east of where I was standing, I saw fire coming down from heaven like rain. When the fire touched the earth it exploded like dynamite and spread all over the place. I was terrified. My body shook. I was the only one who saw this terrible scene.

While I was standing there, the fire began to move to the place where I was standing, destroying houses and buildings. The coming of the fire looked like a flood rolling and riding with great speed to destroy all things. I began to run to escape from the fire. I ran and ran preaching that the fire of God is coming and people must repent and turn to God in order to escape this consuming fire. But the fire was coming behind me while I was running to escape the fire.

Suddenly I saw a great deep [chasm] coming between me and the fire. I jumped the deep and rested on a green and beautiful pasture. But the fire moved with much speed destroying and burning all the houses and buildings, all the electric poles and other things. But I am saved  from the fire.

Immediately the night passed and light came. People gathered to see all the ruins, the burning ground and the dark soil. I began to preach to them about the cause of the destruction and I awoke.

What is it? What do you think? I eagerly await your reply. Give my warmest regards to all your physical and spiritual families. God bless you. Kassahun

: About your dream. I believe it depicts in symbol the coming time of tribulation to engulf the region where you live. It is probably part of the Great Tribulation that Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24, and which I have explained in Understanding the Book of Revelation.

The meteor shower from heaven reminds me of the description in Revelation 6:13 about the stars falling from the sky in John's vision. God has given you a similar vision, showing how it is relevant to your own region, and how it will affect you.

This meteor shower in your vision may be a symbol of the demonic hordes that God is allowing to be released for this last time, to cause an upsurge in violence, war and unrest. John saw something similar when God showed him Satan being cast out of heaven to the earth (Rev 12:9,12).

In Revelation 12:16, John also describes the earth opening up to help the woman (the true believers who preserve God's truths), just as you saw the earth opening up to help you, by forming a buffer between you and the coming onslaught.

The imagery of fire, which burns and destroys buildings and land, almost certainly depicts war and violent conflict. It is to come from the east. Immediately to your east is Somalia, and Eritrea to the north-east... or over the Red Sea, Arabia (but I don't think it means Arabia). Perhaps the cause of the conflict will be something that erupts in either (or both) of those two neighbouring countries, and causing terrible destruction in Ethiopia. We cannot be sure of the details until after the event, but God is forewarning you, so that it doesn't take you too much by surprise.

I think God has given you this dream at this time, because you are teaching about similar revelations which God gave to the apostle John in about AD 96. It is very timely, and He is showing that He is the same today as He was in AD 96. He reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).

The dream conveyed that only you saw all this, which probably means that God has given this vision about coming destruction in Ethiopia to you, but not to anyone else. He has shown you what is to come in your region, just like He only revealed the Apocalypse to John, which was a visionary sequence for the whole (particularly the Christian) western world, leading up to Jesus' coming.

We are now so close to His return, a mere handful of years away! Time is short. Prophecy is marching on!

Only those who are totally dedicated to God will be shown the way out through this time of trouble, as He has promised to you.

All others, half-hearted believers, compromisers and rebellious ones will find themselves caught up in the fires of trouble "which come upon the whole world to try them that dwell on the earth." (Rev 3:10.)

You wrote: "Immediately the night passed and light came. Peoples gathered to see all the ruins, the burning ground and the dark soil. I began to preach to them about the cause of the destruction and I awoke."

The night is this time of spiritual darkness we are now living in, when war and horrible events take place in the world. The light is the coming of Jesus (both physical and spiritual). Physical coming = when the whole world will learn His truth and obey it. Spiritual coming now = those whom He has called now are seeing the light and learning to live by it.

The people gathering to look at the ruins depicts how they will learn from the mistakes. God uses these experiences of horror to teach people that it's all the result of disregarding what He says in His Word. It's the consequence of sin. And your preaching to them the cause of this destruction shows that God is using you to teach them (both now and in the future), explaining to them about God's truth and why it is important for everyone to live by it.

You also wrote: “I run and run preaching that the fire of God is coming and people must repent and turn to God in order to escape this consuming fire.”

This depicts the calling upon your life. God has called to you ‘run’ (see Habakkuk 2:2) with the prophecies and teaching God has given you. The major function of the prophet in warning others is to exhort them to repent and turn away from their own ways and to live by God’s ways.

9th June 2001 Conflict In Ethiopia Looming
I saw people shot by gunfire. Blood covered the street. The dead bodies were surrounded by cruel soldiers. I was very afraid.
People started to flow to the place, looking for their relatives, sons or friends. Most of them were women. I couldn’t bear the sight and went away from the place broken in spirit.
Comment: Perhaps this is in a war. I believe this depicts a literal situation that will develop in your country.
You had a previous dream (below) about an attack and where the attack would come from. It may be to do with the same situation.
In Matthew 24:6 Jesus exhorts us not to be overly troubled by these horrors. They are terribly saddening and discouraging, but we must never forget the joy of what lies beyond death. Jesus sets our priorities in Matthew 10:28.

06-04-2001 The Coming Terrible Times
The earth was covered by gross darkness. [The time to which Jesus referred as the Great Tribulation – Matt 24:21.]
I saw people very confused, running to and fro like madmen. [Terror, spiritual blindness and lack of true spiritual direction, because they have rejected the Holy Spirit.]
I thought that it was the second coming of Christ. [It’s the time immediately leading up to it. The birth pangs of the new age. Isaiah 13:8; Joel 2:6.]
Soon I saw an angel coming from the east, holding in His hand a red paper. [Red symbolises war and bloodshed.] I was gazing upon Him as if I was expecting something. But He didn’t tell me anything except throwing down the red paper to the earth.
After that I saw fire in several places. [War is going to break out in Ethiopia.] Buildings, great and small, were falling to the ground. Many lives were blotted out of existence, and the air was filled with the shrieks of the injured and the terrified.
I said in my terror, “It is the judgement of God!”
[Remember that God judges sin and rebellion, but grants grace and mercy to those who give Him their lives completely. Psalm 91:7-8 contains a promise of God’s care, even in the most desperate and terrible of circumstances. Remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego (Dan 3). How God delivered them is how He will deliver those who truly love Him today.]

02-04-2001 Demonic Controls In SDA Church
I was in the SDA Church, sitting at the back. The church seemed very big to me. [The SDA church is a large church. It comprises several million members worldwide.]
It was full of people. I saw choirs on the pulpit [platform]. They didn’t wear their blue gowns which I knew they used to wear. Instead they wore a head covering, like that of the Muslims. [God is illustrating their ritualism which has replaced the work of God’s Spirit.]
The pulpit [platform] was full of gibberish talking. [What the SDA church now teaches contains error. It does not make proper spiritual sense.]
Under the pulpit I saw a horse pulling a chariot. [Illustrates the demonic influences that underlie the church’s operations. Church members don’t realise how much the devil is in control behind the scenes.]
I saw a woman on the top of the chariot. [This is reminiscent of the woman in Revelation 17 who rides the beast. All churches with hierarchic rule are guilty of the same fornication as the Mother Harlot of Rome. If you are not familiar with this truth, read MM’s God’s Church – Whose Authority?]
That strong horse was riding round about the pillar standing in the centre of the church. I felt that the woman [the church leaders] on the top of the chariot is demon possessed [or so strongly influenced by demons that their behaviour is akin to possession if they are not actually demon-possessed].
Immediately I ran to the pulpit. [Kassahun has been actively and vigorously countering this demonic influence among these people, but they don’t want to hear what he has to say.] The people, instead of rebuking the demon, ran with the horse as if they were attracted by the horse. [Church members blindly follow the demonic direction of their
SDA mentors.]
I got a beautiful handkerchief, having different colours. [Depicts God’s truths, which have miraculous powers of deliverance as did Paul’s handkerchiefs which he anointed. See Acts 19:12.]
I threw it on the horse. Immediately the horse changed into a dog. There was a knife in my hand and I stabbed the dog. [The Word of God is like a sword or dagger or knife. It stabs demons in the heart and immobilises them, as believers put it into action. Kassahun is teaching the Word of God, using ‘our’ publications as a guide for more understanding of the Word, and this effort is destroying the power of the enemy.]

Further Reading:
DEMONS (£1.00). Casting Out Demons (£2.00)
Understanding The Book of Revelation (£7.00)
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11-04-2001 Water Pouring Slowly
Many were gathered somewhere and I was preaching the word of God to them.
They all accepted the messages with tears and I couldn’t control my tears also. [Depicts the wonderful anointing of God falling on the people who welcome what Kassahun is preaching from God’s Word. It brings refreshing and release. God often drenches those who are open to Him, with His Spirit. At such times there can be an emotional response. Some analysts call these things “revival phenomena”.]
I was in my office and I was taking a shower. The water was pouring slowly. [The outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The slow but steady progress being made in Ethiopia. While the water may be pouring slowly, it is pouring steadily, unlike in the SDA church, where it is not pouring at all!]

12-04-2001 Occultic Influences In The SDAs
I was in the SDA Church and it seemed to me that the day was Sunday. [While the SDAs ‘keep’ the seventh day Sabbath, they are no better spiritually than most who keep Sunday, because it’s not keeping the Sabbath that makes you holy. It’s what’s in your heart..]
[Moreover, some might say that it would not be hard for the SDA church as a whole to throw that truth out and keep Sunday instead, if they felt their physical lives depended on it. Dale Razlaff, a former
SDA, has written a book rejecting Sabbath observance in favour of Sunday. His book has received plaudits from many evangelicals. If SDA leadership made such a radical switch (as could also easily occur now in the Worldwide Church of God, because they have now thrown out the basis for Sabbath observance in their church in order to follow human leaders), most SDA members would go along with their leaders, and be absorbed by the Sunday keeping sector. There is coming a time when the lives of those who keep God’s Sabbaths may well be threatened. It is not far away now. The next pope, along with the civil authorities, may well be the man to make bold moves in this regard, and outlaw Sabbath observance in favour of the Sunday alternative. When that happens, don’t be surprised if the Spirit-dead SDAs switch to Sunday observance!]
In they went to the church. I went inside. The church was full of people but the platform was covered by a long black curtain from one end to the other.
Immediately I went out of the church and ran to the back to see what was happening. When I reached the pulpit I saw in the back of the pulpit a number of Adventist ministers exercising magic arts. They all wore black suits [symbol of witchcraft or the occult].
What I saw made me cry, and I went out of the place crying. [This depicts in symbol, the extremely strong influences of Satan in the SDA church. No wonder Kassahun cried! These people are not sons of God, but sons of the devil, like the religious people whom Jesus sternly addressed in John 8:44.]
May God be our shield in the coming terrible times, is my prayer. [Amen!]

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Revelations From God For Seventh Day Adventists (£1.00)

09-04-2001 Kassahun Sees MM Revival
It seemed to me that I was in your meeting hall on the Sabbath day. What I saw was very beautiful. I saw you preaching and prophesying with power.
When you did this I saw the roof of the hall open and there came a rain that washed all of us. I saw on the ground all the filth washed away from our bodies. After that we all began to praise our God with one voice.
Comment: The reason God conveys things like this is for His glory. I am nothing. No man is anything compared with God. He is the One who causes people to prophesy and preach with power (this is not physical power, or loud preaching, necessarily, but spiritual power which can seem ‘quiet’ and unassuming in its expression).
When we meet in our small home fellowship each Sabbath, God gives tongues messages with some interpretations, and prophecy. I speak out the words I receive, and we may record them. If so, these prophetic words or prophetic prayers can then be written up, and included in newsletters. Then, God can speak again to the reader, and he can be edified by what God has said.
Hence the symbolism in this dream of the roof being open (to heaven) and rain washing everyone. As God comes into our lives, our human sinfulness is washed away.
The dream is more fully fulfilled through the literature MM has published. As people read, they can receive deliverance, healing and salvation. It’s all a matter of repentance – as they surrender their lives to God, He comes in and cleanses them.

Dream of Troublous Times Ahead
I want to relate a dream which I have seen recently. Before I slept, I was reading the little booklet which you wrote about The Ark of the Covenant. I was impressed and struck with awe. While meditating about the matter, I slept. Suddenly I dreamt a dream.
In my dream it seems to me that I was sitting on the top of a huge rock. I see people rush here and there, who are very confused, at the bottom of the rock. I realise that they are without Christ and without hope in this world.
In my dream the day was sunny and bright. I began to think about the judgement of God. While I am sitting there and meditating about the judgement, suddenly the sky became dark. A terrifying storm followed and I was afraid. When I looked at the sky I saw elephant-like sharp teeth hung over all the sky.
Those people at the bottom of the rock began to shout, and run to and fro, saying, "The judgement of God! The judgement of God!"
Suddenly tongues of fire began to rain from the sky. Most of the people at the bottom of the rock burned.
As the intensity of the pouring fire increased, a voice inside me told me that I must run to save my life and go to the nearest home of Christians. As soon as I heard the voice I jumped from the rock and ran to the nearest Christian home.
The fire was falling to my right and to my left. When I arrived there I was surprised that the home was one of my teaching places. I was safe there. My brothers and sisters in Christ were also there. Then the fire ceased to be poured.
I can't express the damage! Everywhere was full of dead people. I was terrified and began to cry.
I thought that there would also be a second round of fire pouring. The sky was dark, and the teeth were still hanging there. I began to shake and I couldn't stand up very well. I shouted, and woke up promptly from my sleep.
After I woke I was worried. I don't understand what God is saying to me. So I write to you. As a prophet of God, He can reveal the mystery to you. Pray to God and tell me what the Lord has told you. Bless you! May God speak to you! Amen.
Yours to know the mystery, Kassahun.

Reply: About your dream: this is what I think it means. It is about the coming tribulation upon earth.
It will last for 3½ years and lead up to Jesus’ coming. (This is explained in various of our publications, especially the one on Revelation.) It is a time of great spiritual darkness upon earth, and severe physical conditions, with much suffering and anguish. God will allow it as part of His judgement upon people who refuse to obey Him and also upon the Church. Many believers refuse to accept the truth, and need purging with ‘fire’. God has to allow that to happen.
There will be great persecution against true believers, and many will die. There will be great confusion upon earth, with people not knowing which way to turn. But some who are actively involved in His service will be protected to enable them to fulfil whatever God has in His will for them. I believe that this is the meaning of the part of the dream where you went to the home of other Christians. In the dream God spoke to you to flee there. I believe He is telling you in advance that He will speak to you when the time comes, to flee to the place of protection that He has arranged for you in advance. It may be because people will seek your life because of the gospel.
God will reveal other things to you in symbol in dreams as you need them. As you seek Him and meditate on the symbolism and what it could mean, He will reveal to you the meaning as He has done to us with the dreams He has given us.
God bless your continued efforts!  Malcolm

MM Literature Not Appreciated
Kassahun has received threats as well as physical and spiritual opposition. But persecution never deters the faithful and zealous. It merely triggers further exploits!
Some of the dreams Kassahun has received reflect this opposition, as well as the wonderful spiritual rewards which come from being faithful to the call of God.
More of his dreams follow.

Oct 30/01 Publications not properly appreciated
I got a packet from MM. Inside were publications. But one was torn because it was not properly handled. I was sorry and began to stick it properly. [Reflects K’s love for truth.]

Warfare and Persecution
Nov. 4/01 Terrifying warfare
The scene terrified me. I saw houses destroyed by tanks and machine guns. This action was taken by some women [religious followers] who covered their faces with tassels [symbol of ritualism]; they were Arabs. [Depicts false religion espoused by Arabs being the motive for war. Islam.]

God’s Truth Is Greater Than Bullets
Nov. 7/01 Attacked by gunman
We gathered in a house to study God's truths. A gun- man threatened us and wanted to kill us. But I said with boldness of the Spirit that God's truth is greater than any bullet.
When I lifted up the Bible, he aimed at my head and pulled the trigger. But the bullet hit the Bible. I was not harmed. He began to shake and repent in front of us.

Demons Manifest As People
Nov. 11/01 Demons manifesting
I saw many people gathered together in a big place. They had come to see photographic slides.
When I got there they were already beginning to scatter. The people I saw disappeared in a moment. I was confused. I went to one and began to talk with him. While I was doing that, he also disappeared from my sight.
The Spirit of God tells me to pray in Jesus' name. When I pray, those people began to appear again. At this point the Spirit of God said to me that they are demons in the form of humans. I began to rebuke them. We continue to rebuke them and they are driven away.

Jesus Is Our Mighty Fortress!
Nov. 12/01 Preaching
I was preaching the Word of God in one place. I was declaring the Word with zeal and I said again and again that Jesus is "our mighty fortress".

Jesus Returns With The Saints
Nov. 14/01 Sky Opening
I saw the sky open up. A bright light came out of it and engulfed the whole world. I saw people come down from the sky after the light. I was shocked. They were many. They are not angels but men. Their faces were bright. I couldn't know more.
Comment, Editor: When Jesus returns in the sky, He will bring the immortalised saints with Him (1 Thes 3:13; 2 Thes 2:1). These are the ones you saw in your dream.

Adventists Close-Minded
Nov. 15/01 Preaching
I was preaching in the street to Adventists that were standing on the left and right side of the street. I told them about the truths with tears, but I didn't see any change in them. Their pastor makes them stubborn.
Comment: SDAs (Seventh Day Adventists) are a cult, because they follow their human church leadership rather than Christ. Controlled by Satan, they are hard to reach.

The Humbling Of America
Nov. 16/01 America Humbled
It seems that I was in a great war. Bombs were dropping from the planes. Suddenly I was in America and all over the place was much destruction. Buildings were destroyed. A man came to me and said “Read Is. 26:5.” It says, "He humbles those who dwell on high. He lays the lofty city low; He levels it to the ground and casts it down to the dust."
[Prophesied also in The Imminent Fall Of America.]

Nov. 18/01 Miracles
I was with Richard. We were having a wonderful chat. He seemed to speak to me about the miracles God will do in Midnight Ministries in the very near future. We both praise God and pray together. It was a wonderful experience.

Many Killed By Islamic Extremists
Nov. 20/01 War
I  saw peaceful people shot and killed. The killing was vast. I didn’t know them, but the reason for the killing was money. The killers were religious people.
Comment: editor: This may depict an invasion of Ethiopia by foreigners, or terrorism. The religious motive probably refers to Islamic extremism.

Warfare and Hostilities
Nov. 21/01 Attacked
I was attending a meeting. The meeting was contentious. Before it began I asked the attendants to surrender their weapons. Most of them gave me their weapons but one of the attendants shot me in my thigh. I was shocked and went to the hospital by ambulance.
Comment: This is probably allegoric and depicts the strife that can come from ‘Christians’ who refuse to accept the truth. 

Nov. 23/01 Others are attacked
I was pouring a bucket of water on their house which had been set on fire. The fire was ignited by a man. He was laughing a lot about what he had done. Some were helping me to extinguish the fire. Foreigners were living in that house. I managed to save them with their two children.  

Nov. 24/01 A helicopter crashes
I saw a helicopter fall to the ground. Immediately it burst into flames, but I poured a bucket of water over it and extinguished the fire. In that helicopter there was a woman with her little child. They were foreigners. Their backs were burnt. The mother was crying and I was trying to comfort her. I gave them my bed to lie down on.

Nov. 26/01 Scorpions
My house was surrounded by scorpions and I began to destroy them. Comment: Scorpions are a symbol of demons.

God Rewards The Faithful
Nov. 27/01 Rewards from God
I got a little packet from someone. When I opened it, it contained sugar and honey. [God provides for the faithful.]

Dec 2/01 Trying To Save People
We have made a huge ship [metaphor for deliverance, as Noah's ark]. The ship was made from wood and concrete. It was standing on a street. We began to plead with the people to enter the ship and some entered but the majority scorned at our pleading. At that point we began to move the ship.
Comment, editor: The ship represents the salvation and deliverance which God is making available through Kassahun's preaching to others. When God's time for His gospel witness to that region is up, conflict, war and trouble will engulf the region [as he has been forewarned in many dreams]. The time for people to repent is now. "Seek the Lord while He may be found!" (Is 55:6), before the 'ship' moves on.

24th December 2001 MM’s Spiritual Beauty From God
I want to share with you what God has given me. [Kassahun writing to Malcolm.]
In my dream I was with you. You call me, to give me the book A Woman Rides the Beast (by Dave Hunt). There were many people with me. You were guiding us to a very beautiful room. When we entered the room, Helena, Tonya and Zenya welcomed all of us with a smile and invited us to sit on beautiful chairs.
Then they served us with a very beautiful meal. We all were very glad and ate with thankfulness.
You took a very close look at our meal and encouraged us to eat more. Your face was shining when you did this. I was surprised to know that you have served a meal for a lot of people and I thanked God.
Meaning: When I meditated about the dream, the Spirit of God implanted in my mind the meaning of the dream. The meal that you served us is the truth God has given you so that you can share it with people.
The room we entered refers to MM. It is a family based ministry [hence the reference to Helena, Tonya and Zenya who have been helping]. Besides, we know that God is also a family.
You were the guide to the room. Only the prophet of God can guide the people of God safely. The shining of your face may refer to the wisdom of God (Eccl. 8:1) [which is contained in the truth of God that He has given us].
Praise God!
[Taking a close look at the meal symbolises the precision in the doctrinal dissertation we have presented in MM books and articles. It is accurate, and I am very concerned that such accuracy about the truth in God's Word is perpetuated.]

28th February 2002 Power To Witness Coming Soon!
In a dream (of last night) I found myself in a church on the Sabbath. At first it seemed to me that the church was a big house, but afterwards I saw that it is a wide hall!
I entered and sat down on a pew. I saw you and your family, including Richard with others, sit down on the pews here and there. There were only a few of us [few are chosen, Matt 22:14]. There was no one on the platform.
Then I saw a tall man wearing a cloth suit [this is either Jesus or an angel representing Him]. He approached the pulpit but didn’t go up to it. I was astonished. He began to speak and said, “I notice that the pews are empty.” His gaze focused on those of us who were present. He said to us, “You are faithful witnesses. I congratulate you on your courage, faith and steadfastness. Stay faithful to God.”
Light was radiating from our faces.
The man added, “Be of good courage, soon you will receive a power which will give you strength and vigour. You will be sustained with a holy zeal as never before. Be faithful. The night is approaching quickly. Your task and mission in the world are still not completed. Soon you will receive the power that God promises to His children and very soon the work will be finished."
This is the dream, my brother. It is for our comfort. He is with us. God bless!

Dec. 4/01 SDA Immaturity
I was in the SDA Church. There was a baptizing pool behind the pulpit. It was full of little children all crying noisily. I went straight to them and began to drive them from the pool.
Meaning: Depicts the spiritual immaturity of the SDAs.

Dec. 6/01 Angelic Song
While I was standing somewhere I saw a very bright light in the sky. The scene was wonderful. While I gazed into the sky, I saw Angels coming out of it. I couldn't express my joy. Then I saw them make a perfect circle, and move to and fro, singing. Oh! How lovely was the song!
Meaning: A reminder of the wonderful things in heaven.

Dec. 9/01 MM Revival
It seems that I was with you in your meeting. The room was filled with many people. We were all singing with praise. Helena was leading us in the song. You were also praising our Lord standing there beside Helena.
The room was filled with the Holy Spirit and everyone was bathed in a powerful light. Our clothes became white. At this point there was much prophesying, revelation and tongues. Some praised God with loud voices. Some were praying with tears. The scene was unforgettable. I heard a voice saying that this is the coming revival through MM. After this I awoke.
Comment: When the Spirit comes with power, there are unusual manifestations and effects upon people that are wonderful and unforgettable!

Dec. 10/01 Truth About Sabbath Rejected
I went to a publishing house to publish the translation of Our Sabbath Rest. But the publisher didn't want to publish the translation. I asked him the reason but he wouldn't give me one. So I left him.
Meaning: People don't want the truth in Our Sabbath Rest. Most Christians won't accept it, but they won't admit it.

Dec. 12/01 War
I saw war. The war was between two opponents. I saw convoys full of vehicles carrying bombs coming to the war zone. I was frightened but could do nothing about it.

Dec. 14/01 Churches Engulfed By Worldliness
I was in a house with 'religious' people.
While we were worshipping God, mobs surrounded the house. Immediately I ran out of the house. At that point I began to hear worldly music and cursing. The Spirit of God said to me, "Don't return to that place."
Meaning: There are many false Christians in organised churches. People must leave those churches or be swamped by the demonic influences that come against them.
Like mobs in the physical, so are demons in the spiritual.
Where Christians compromise, accommodate worldliness through appeasement or fear, they are the devil's agents. It's time to leave those people (1 Cor 15:33; Eph 4:27-30; 5:11).

Dec. 17/01 Disasters: Jumbo Jet Hit & Destructive Lightning!
I saw a jumbo jet coming from the clouds. Some kind of black smoke filled the sky. It seemed that the plane was hit by some kind of weapon. The plane came down straight to where my friends and I were standing, but it missed us.
After this I saw lightning strike electric poles and cause them to fall to the ground. The ground was covered by electric cables. When the lightning continued to burn the houses I ran from that place.
Meaning: There will be natural disasters, and man-made disasters as troubles intensify on earth.

Dec. 20/01 About The MM Revival Coming
I was in a large hall. The hall was full of people. All were singing and dancing [rejoicing in God]. I was seated at the back [Kassahun doesn't seek prominence; just to do God's will quietly]. After the singing someone began to call several people to come forward to the pulpit. I was one of them. [Through what God does – raising the dead – He will cause some individuals to become prominent and to be heard. They will be able to make God's proclamations.]
Booklets began to be distributed. When I saw the booklets, I was surprised. They were published by MM. I also saw in someone's hand the little card that explains the feast days published by the MM. [These are going to be promoted through the revival and publicity coming. That's the purpose of what is coming.]

26th March 2002 Ministers Hostile To God's Truths
I have received the wonderful newsletter. I always eagerly look forward to it. I am blessed very much by the messages in it. [Letter from Kassahun to Malcolm.]
The Spirit of God has revealed the hidden secrets of the professing churches and ministries by using you. What surprises me a lot is that the characteristics of most churches and ministries are the same all over the world. Those who put on the garments of ministers are themselves arrogant, selfish and difficult to approach.
I have seen many things in the past two years. 95% of those who calls themselves ministers of God are hostile to the truths of God. They are not humble and teachable.

Healed by God's grace!
I was suffering with pain in my waist last week. I could get no rest because of the pain. I turned from side to side, trying to find ease from the suffering. I prayed to God earnestly for His hand of healing. At last I fell asleep. The next day when I awoke, I was entirely free of pain. As I turned from side to side I experienced an extraordinary freedom and lightness that I can't describe. Oh, what inexpressible peace fills my soul! God is near to us when we want Him earnestly. Praise Him for His mercy!

Progress despite the relentless opposition!
The work of God is progressing here. Even if Satan tries to block the way to reach people with the truths of the hour, the Spirit of God is doing miracles by opening the doors. The publications are spreading to many churches and ministries [even though most reject the truths they contain]. With much prayer we have been doing this work. Our tears water the seeds of truth planted everywhere. We know very well that you are praying for us. We also are praying day and night.
Be hopeful in God my brother. Face the light. Jesus has light and comfort and hope and joy for all of us. Rest in God. He is able to keep that which you have committed to Him. If you will leave yourself in His hands, He will bring you out as more than a conqueror through Him who loves you...

8th April 2002 Told To Reach SDA Pastors
I am really thankful for the booklets you have sent. The truths contained in those booklets are priceless. Those who received the booklets are blessed by the truths.
As the Spirit of God leads us, we have begun to send the booklets Prophecy and Prophesying and Apostasy in God’s Church mainly to Adventist Pastors and Evangelists.
God has given me one dream again and again, about the work we have to do for these leaders of
SDA churches. As you have said in the last page of the December Newsletter indeed the publications are anointed with the oil of God, to shine the light of God’s truth into the lives of all those who open their eyes to see.  Kassahun

16th April 2002
Let me express my warm greetings in Jesus name. I hope you are fine and the work of God is moving ahead out there. I want to thank you very much for the booklets you sent.
We are continuing to send those booklets to SDA Church Pastors and Evangelists. In the past we have done the same thing to some Pentecostal Church Pastors and Evangelists and we have got some positive responses from a few of them. The "XXX" Pastor received our booklet Why Keep Christmas? and automatically accepted the truths and stopped celebrating this pagan festival in his church. God always works mysteriously. It is an honour to deliver one soul from the prison of error being an instrument of the Holy Spirit.
The following dream was given me last week:

God's Presence Felt As We Pray
We were gathered together in Malcolm's house. We were listening to a song from a tape-recorder. We were completely 'possessed' by the song. After the song, Malcolm told us that the time has come to pray. We all knelt down and prayed fervently.
The house then filled with great light and the power of God began to rest on us. I sensed the presence of God in our midst. I praised Him again and again. That was the dream.

Feb 2/02 Relentless Opposition
I was running from gunmen. They fired at me again and again but they couldn't hit me.
While it may include a literal fulfilment at some time, it also depicts the spiritual onslaught that is constantly against Kassahun's work.

God Rewards The Faithful
Feb 4/02 God will provide and reward
A man gave me a packet containing a written paper. A dollar was stuck inside the bag. A little notice says, "this is the reward of your service."
Meaning: Dual. God will provide the finance needed to do this work, where people are faithful to Him. And God is also assuring you of your final reward in the spiritual Kingdom of God for all your sacrifice and service. Nothing goes unrewarded, whether good or evil!

Feb 7/02 Reaching far away places
We were preparing to go to Papua New Guinea.
Meaning: Our ministry may reach out to new fields we never knew before.
Feb. 27/02
A great crowd was gathered to hear the word of God. It was Friday night and choirs coming from Argentina were singing a song. We were praising.

How To Conquer Demons
Feb 10/02 Casting out demons
I was praying for a woman possessed by demons. I was rebuking the demons. I saw her head was bleeding. At this time I called her neighbors and began to wash her. After that demons went out of her and she began to be well.
Meaning: Washing is symbolic of what must take place for people to be free of demons – become obedient to all that is in God's Word (Eph 5:26). The Holy Spirit cleanses those who turn to God from the heart (Acts 5:32).

[Explained more fully in Casting Out Demons.]

Feb 14/02 Computer Temporarily Down
Our computer was out of use and we began to repair it. The room was full of people. To teach the people we stopped the work of repairing for the time being.
Meaning: Fulfilled a week after the dream. Our computer was out of use a few days after the dream and we didn't have time to repair it while serving the newcomers to the truth.

God's Gifts Freely Given
Feb 16/02 Picking up coins
I picked up from the ground 50c, 10c and 5 cents. There were many coins and I continued to pick them up. A person came and claimed that the cents were his own. I didn't want to argue with him, so I gave him four 50 cents.
Meaning: The cents are God's gifts. Picking them up means that I am claiming God's gifts. The person may be a jealous one who wants to get God's gifts but with a selfish, wrong approach, perhaps demanding.
You can't receive gifts from God that way. They are freely GIVEN, not demanded or selfishly acquired.

Feb 18/02 Demons Being Cast Down
I threw down a huge snake from the top of the house. Another scorpion came and I threw it down.
Meaning: Kassahun's work is coming against the enemies of God's truth. Demons are being thrown down. See Luke 10:18-20.

Feb 22/02 Persecution
We were running from something. A huge bus came and we entered it.
Meaning: There will come a persecution in our midst, but we will escape from it.

Feb 20/02 MM Delivered Financially
I saw a packet to you (Malcolm) and I could read the sender’s name. It says "Mike Paut." His photo was on the packet.
Meaning: Someone will come to your financial aid in the near future.
[Comment 2006: This occurred as the dream predicted. When we had debts of £40,000 that we could do nothing about humanly, God caused someone to see that he could and should clear them for us. God showed him how to do it. He used up most of his life's savings (pension) and sacrificed like the widow who cast all she had to life on into the temple treasury, because God meant more to her than her own life.]

Mar. 02/02 Muslims Will Be Helped
I was praying for a woman, she was also a Moslem.
Meaning: It symbolises reaching a number of Muslims.

Mar. 10/02 Angels Come To Fight Demons
Demon-possessed people confronted me. Their leader began to ridicule me. I began to rebuke the demons by the Spirit of God. At this time I looked up and saw angels in the sky descending to help me. The demons came out of one of the people.

Mar. 12/02 Put Your Shoes On
I got a large packet from my PO Box. When I opened it there were shoes.
Meaning: We need to get moving and tell people more about the Gospel as never before (Eph 6:15).

Mar. 15/02 Sweet Revelations From God
I was in your cellar. Malcolm was serving us with a bowl of honey. We were eating with gladness from the honey.
Meaning: Sweet revelations will come in the future and we will be glad. The honey may also represent other physical blessings at MM in the future.

Mar. 17/02 Mob Behaviour
I was running from some mobs. They were following me. A giant man aims at me to hit me with an arrow. Someone [an angel] protects me from that arrow. Then his boss begins to threaten and aim his arrow to hit me but he couldn’t.
Comment: The majority don't accept the truth, and many who reject it, turn and attack the ones who possess it.
God gives dreams like this, to reassure us that He is completely in charge, even though things can seem bad.

The next week, Kassahun wrote this:

20th May 2002
I think of you all and pray for you all. Satan has continued his attacks to destroy our influence in telling the truths of God. I wasn't surprised because God has told me again and again in dreams that there will come fierce opposition from the enemy. The work of God will run despite the inconvenience. Praise God we are still in His vineyard and working as never before. Let me continue with the dreams God has given me. It is for edification.

Church Leaders' Evil Control
Mar. 17/02  Evil Control of Church Leaders
I saw a woman was forced to marry a man. The man was powerful. He has gunmen around him.
Meaning: The woman represents God's Church. The Church is dominated by false leaders who coerce, intimidate and dominate members. This is nothing short of witchcraft!

Constant Battle Against Demons!
Mar 19/02  Constant Battle Against Demonic Forces
I was fighting with demon-possessed people. I rebuked them in Jesus' name. When I did this, their form changed into dust. When I stopped rebuking they began to come alive. I continued to rebuke them until I was exhausted.

Time To Flee Is Coming
Mar. 22/02  Persecution
I was unexpectedly obliged to stay at the home of brothers and sisters. I could no longer return home.

Centralised Control of The Beast
Mar. 24/02  Centralised Control of the Beast
I was frightened on seeing a gigantic computer which had been got running, but the angel assured me of his protection. I was very upset and afraid because that huge computer knew everything concerning me, and wanted to kill me.
Meaning: Power and control of the Beast (Rev 13) is coming to monitor and control everyone. Ostensibly it will be for peaceful purposes, but it will limit spiritual freedoms.

Bin Laden
Mar. 28/02  Bin Laden and Islamic Hatred
I saw Bin Laden coming with his men. They were heavily armed.
Meaning: Bin Laden’s terror will continue to spread and will eventually affect Ethiopia and engulf the region in war.

It's The Time of God's Judgement!
April 2/02  God’s Judgement On Earth Increasing
I saw writing in the sky. It says "The judgement has come and the wrath of God will be poured out soon on this planet.'' After that, dark clouds covered the sky and people began running from this scene.

Seeking The Holy Spirit
April 5/02  Revival!
I found myself in church singing and worshipping with the faithful. Among the attendants there were some that had come together to fast and ask God for the Holy Spirit. I saw some kneeling in prayer and some that were standing. All were persistent in their supplications.
Meaning: This explains the coming revival. Revival comes only when we all humbly seek for God and His Spirit.

Cleaning Out False Christians
April 8/02  False Christians
I was sweeping dirt from my house.
Meaning: Some that attend in our fellowship are not converted by the truths of the hour, they are likened to dirt.

All Must Choose
April 10/02  God Offers Truth: People Must Choose
I was inviting people to drink milk [truth] in my home. The guests came and some began to drink while others refused to drink it.
Meaning: The milk is the truth of God. It is good to some and bitter for those who are fleshly.

Resurrecting The Dead!
April 13/02  Resurrecting The Dead!
I saw a head cut off in the street. The head was smiling. The body began moving on the ground and joined with the head. Then it stood as a man. A Christian began to rebuke the form because he thought that this is the work of demons.
Meaning: When the dead are raised, some 'Christians' will be so deceived that they will accuse us of being of Satan!

April 15/02  Grandmother Comes
I met my grandmother, who died 14 years ago. She comes to my home and tells me that she is in good health.
Meaning: This probably means that Kassahun’s grandmother is in Paradise, and, aware of some of what is taking place on earth, and is in agreement with him.

USA Facing Severe Judgement
April 20/02  Judgement On USA Intensifying.
In my dream I was in the USA. I saw a flood, an earthquake and a ball of fire coming from the sky. Buildings were destroyed. People were confused and crying.

Prepare! Prepare!
April 22/02  ‘Hide’ In The Almighty!
I heard a voice from afar. It says, ''The end has come! The end has come! Hide in the Almighty! Hide in the Almighty." [When God repeats things it's for EMPHASIS. It emphasises the importance of heeding, and the certainty of what is coming, that humans cannot see!]
Meaning: The Church needs to make intensive preparations for what is shortly ahead!! We are entering the Great Tribulation very soon, the worst time in earth’s terrible history. The only safe passage through this time of horrors is to be close to God, completely reliant upon Him.

Preachers' Poison
April 25/02  Preachers’ Poison
I was in a church. The pastor opens his mouth. I saw poison on his tongue. Immediately I went out of the church.
Meaning: Most pastors have appointed themselves. They don't give the truths of God to the flock. They have poisoned teachings that kill the flock.

[“Deception is the poision of the Church.” (Testing The Spirits, p 118.)]

April 29/02
Deception Has Polluted God’s Clear Water of Truth
I saw pure and clear water. Dogs were drinking from it and snakes were playing in it. I saw a large number of people come from the valley to the water. They were very thirsty but couldn't drink from the water because of the snakes.
Suddenly the sky opened and Angels came down and began to drive the snakes and dogs away and make the water very clear and heal it.
Meaning: The water represent the truths of God's word prepared by the Almighty. The dogs are the opposers of the truths of God. (Phil. 3:2) The snakes are demons. The people who were in the valley represent those who thirst for the truths of the hour but who couldn't find it.

A Glimpse Of Heavenly Paradise
April 27/02 A Glimpse of Heaven / Paradise
I was in a beautiful place. Various flowers surrounded the place. I saw tall and yellow sunflowers and a lot of rose flowers. The place has a healing power.
Meaning: This is to encourage Kassahun, and all of us. To remind us that if we stay faithful and true to our calling, a wonderful reward awaits us in heaven.

The Great Tribulation
May 2/02  Hands Cut Off!
I saw many hands cut off and thrown in the street.
Meaning: The horrors of Islamic punishment.

May 4/02 The Great Tribulation Coming Soon
I was going to our meeting. People in the street were looking into the sky. I raised my eyes to the sky and saw a frightening scene. Demons came out of the clouds. They were covered in black from head to foot. For a certain period of time they controlled the air. I was afraid and began to cry.
Suddenly, I saw Angels covered with red. They began to fight the demons and the demons all fled with great speed and the Angels controlled the air.
Meaning: The Tribulation is not far away. It will test everyone on earth (lasting 3½ years). But soon after, God will rescue people from all this horror. The angels covered in blood depict them defeating and killing the evil people used by demons, before they turn their attention to the demons.

Some Will Die Spiritually
May 7/02 Spiritual Death Follows Rejection of Truth
A Christian brother preached in our meeting. When the scene changed I saw him dead. Many wept for him. I put on a white suit and began to arrange his funeral.
Meaning: This represents one man in our fellowship who has thrown out the truths of God. Indeed we wept for him when we heard about his condition.

Flying Missile
May 9/02  Missile Of War
I saw a flying object. I followed its direction and it crashed into something. The crash was very destructive. Black smoke arose from it and filled the sky. I was afraid and fled.
Meaning: You were put in the position of those who will experience this catastrophe.

God Provides Help
May 12/02  Help From God
I met in the street with an old woman and she gave me 10 birr.
Meaning: The coming blessing of God in our ministry.

Jesus Comes With a Special Message
On June 10th God gave me an impressive dream. In that dream a tall man met with me and with a good smile asked me to show him your home. I told him that the home is located near Aylesbury somewhere in Gibraltar. He looked at me for a minute and told me that he has begun his journey to your home and said to me: "Goodbye. I will meet you soon in My servant's home".

Satan Tries To Discourage Us
May 20/02  Opposition
A man followed me into a room. He asked me the name of a place. I told him. I didn't know him but he tried to hit me with something.
Meaning: The present opposition which we have met. Satan tries to make me discouraged.

May 22/02  Isaiah Gives Understanding
I was confused in regard to something. A man came to me and said to me to read the book of Isaiah.
Comment: The prophecies of Isaiah contain much spiritual wisdom and understanding. They help us to understand why there is so much trouble in the world. Nations are judged (punished) for doing evil. See, for example, Isaiah 24:5-6:

The earth is defiled by its people; they have disobeyed the laws, violated the statutes and broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore a curse consumes the earth; its people must bear their guilt... (Is 24:5-6, NIV).

Prayer Takes You Into The Heavenlies
May 25/02  God Gives Supernatural Empowerment
I was in a hall with others. They were praying. I was also praying. Suddenly with revelation I began to rebuke a man possessed with demons. I was lifted up with my prayer.

The Moon Catches Fire
May 27/02  The Moon Catches Fire! (Tribulation!)
The moon coming out while the sun was still shining. I saw the colour of the moon. It was like a fire. Suddenly the moon changed into a cloud of fire. At this time Angels began to descend to the earth at the speed of light. I was terrified.
Meaning: The moon can be a figure for the Church. She reflects the light of God. You don’t expect the moon to come out while the sun is still shining: this could represent the unexpectedness of what is to come. Intense trials! The Church is going to be engulfed in intense fiery trials!

Jesus Leads To A Place Of Safety
May 30/02  Jesus Leads The Faithful To Safety!
I was leading many people to escape from some danger. We are running to a place of safety. On our way a very tall man met us. He began to lead us and we followed him.
Meaning: We will confront danger because of our commitment to the truths. But Jesus will lead us to safety.

Huge Fireball!
June 2/02  Great Ball of Fire!
From the sky I saw a great ball of fire fall on the earth at a staggering speed. In its path it annihilated everything, devastating all before it. I was in mortal terror, and I saw myself as if also wiped out by this fire. [There would be no hope without Jesus.] However, fortunately it fell some distance away from me. I sought to protect the people who were with me. My heart was beating like a hammer. We were spared.
Meaning: This shows how close these horrendous troubles will get to the faithful: right on the very doorstep!

Judgement Of All The Living
June 5/02  Time Of God’s Judgement
I was in the dream and I saw in the sky these letters written in big characters, "JUDGEMENT OF THE LIVING!"

Nuclear Explosion!
June 7/02  Nuclear Explosion!
I saw that nuclear power would claim many victims. A nuclear explosion took place causing large quantities of radioactivity to escape. Men were powerless to stop this dangerous pollution.
Many Christians have been lulled to sleep by false teachings (and false teachers), saying that the Church will be raptured away from the troubles that are soon to engulf the earth. They give believers a false sense of security, one that is enmeshed with complacency. Believers need to be aware of the imminence and intensity of the troubles that are coming, as the above dreams from God show.

Jesus Comes To Aylesbury
June 10/02  Jesus Comes To Aylesbury
In a dream a tall man met with me and with a good smile asked me to show him your home. I told him that the home is located near Aylesbury somewhere in Gibraltar. He looked at me for a minute and told me that he has began his journey to your home and said to me, "Goodbye I will meet you soon in my servant's home." 

"God can testify how I long for all of you with the affection of Christ Jesus" (Phil. 1:8).

Let my warmest greetings reach you in Jesus Christ.

Huge Hailstones In USA
June 23/02  Huge hailstones in America
It seems to me that I was in America. I saw a heavy storm of hailstones fall on that country. I saw large numbers of victims. This plague was terrible. No building could withstand the shock of these lashing stones. From everywhere cries of terror and dread from the violence of the onslaught.

Great Persecution
June 25/02  Persecution Mounting
I fled from my home because of the great persecution. I found myself in an old house worn with time, where children of God were reunited. I saw myself seated on the hard earth with God's saints.
Meaning: Great persecution will come in our midst. We have already begun to see this kind of persecution in some places here in Ethiopia.

Angel Tells Him To Escape
June 27/02  Angel tells him to escape!
I was living in the countryside awaiting the time when I would have to leave my home, when a man dressed as a soldier arrived at my door. He entered the house and said to me "leave your house at once because evil armed men will come looking for you. Leave your home and head for the forests. Be assured that you will not be alone. I'm watching over you," and he left me.
Meaning: An angel will help K to flee when he needs to.

July 1/02  Warfare! I saw the sky filled with fireworks from one end to the other end.

Truth Will Go To Many
July 4/02  Hunger for truth
A large crowd queued to receive our booklets. And we were giving them out.
Meaning: This represents the much greater outreach that will come to MM in the near future.

Hierarchic Oppression In Churches
July 6/02  Church oppression under hierarchy
A man was beating a little child very hard. When I saw this I was very upset and grabbed the kid and took it to a safe place.
Meaning: The kid may represent immature Christians living under the government of church hierarchy control. We have to help them to come out from under human spiritual control.

Churches Boasting In Human Glory
July 14/02 Worshipping church leaders
I found myself in a church. The members were speaking with themselves about their church's greatness. When they finished, they began to kneel and bow before their pastor.
Meaning: This is the tradition of most church members. They are bowing before their hierarchy. They know not that it is an abomination in God's sight.

Protection In Righteous Living
July 9/02 There’s protection in righteous living
Someone had given me a white blanket. I covered myself with it.
Meaning: The covering of righteousness which Jesus gives to the humble and penitent. It protects us from spiritual harm, and, according to His plan, from physical harm, too.

Planting People In God’s Truth
July 11/02  Work of Midnight Ministries
Malcolm was planting willow trees here and there in a beautiful garden.
Meaning: The work of MM is compared with planting beautiful willow trees. Our work is to plant people in the truths of the hour.

Opposition & Persecution
July 12/02  Opposition and Persecution
A giant man came out of the water. He held an iron instrument in his hand. He was trying to hit me with the iron. He tried again and again but failed.
Meaning: Someone may try to attack us continually. Part of the dream has begun to be fulfilled. We met opposition from a pastor of the SDA church. Much more like that is to come.

Flaming Sword In The Sky
Dec.18/02  I saw a flaming sword in the sky fly like a jet from west to east. [This could depict modern warfare, which is triggered from the west. American invasion of Iraq? Or it could depict the invasion from Sudan – see Dec 21.]

People Come Back From The Dead
Dec. 20/02 I was in a large graveyard in my country. I began to see my old friends who died many years ago.
Meaning: God will raise the dead as He has promised to us and you have prophesied in MM publications.

Dec. 21/02 It was night; I saw the stars moving like clouds. There were meteors here and there. Suddenly, I saw a great Light in the sky from the east and I saw a Person with a white garment. I saw His back, not His face.
Another person with a white garment was also standing on His right. [An archangel who protects God’s people.] I saw his back. Over them was white marble with writing on it: It said “END! END! WELL, WHAT END? THE END OF MAARAB!’’ I sensed that the word maarab is Hebrew.
Meaning: Maarab means ambushment and also west or west side. I believe that God is indicating that an ambush or invasion on Ethiopia will come from the west. Sudan is to the west and the Islamic forces in that country want to completely obliterate Christianity and Christians. God will protect His faithful ones. Finally, Jesus will put an end to all these evils on earth and usher in His Millennial rule.

Dec.23/02 I saw my home was destroyed.
The cause was a great whirlwind. My father began to build it again. I was helping him.

Evil Men Falsely Accuse MM
On Dec. 28 I was in a large house where there was a pulpit [the work of MM]. On it stood many lamps which were burning. These lamps needed a constant supply of oil, and quite a number of us were engaged in carrying oil and filling them. Malcolm and his companion were busily engaged. And I noticed that Helena poured in more oil. [Helena is an intercessor.]
Then Malcolm went to a door which opened on to a warehouse, where there were many barrels of oil. [This depicts the publications and means to distribute them which God will provide, so that His truths go out in bulk and make it possible for many people to receive God’s Spirit.]
Just then a company of men came along [police] with a great quantity of black stuff that looked like soot [false accusations], and heaped it all upon Malcolm and Helena, completely covering them with it. I was very grieved, and watched anxiously to see the end of these things. I could see Malcolm and Helena both working hard to get out from under the soot, and after a long struggle they came out as bright as ever, and the evil men and the soot disappeared.
Then Malcolm set to work, more heartily than ever, in supplying the lamps with oil.

Kassahun finished:
This dream has strengthened my confidence that the Lord will lead you out and finish the work of restoration that is begun. May the Lord bless you and your companion and children and grant us to meet in his kingdom.

We must go through many hardships to enter the Kingdom of God (Acts 14:22, NIV).

7th March 2003 Held Hostage
Many of us were held as hostages in a room. I knew all three men who held us hostage. One of them was a Christian. We were praying to God. Suddenly the room shook, the floor opened up, and the three men went downward. We escaped and thanked God for His deliverance.

9th March 2003 Immature Christians Fight God
A little child, aged 7 or 8, was cursing me while I was going on my way peacefully. I wanted to talk to him but he refused again and again. Finally I told him that I know him.
Meaning: This little child depicts immature Christians. They don’t want to know God’s truths. The only thing they learn is cursing those who want to help them.

12th March 2003 Huge Explosion!
I heard a huge explosion that shook the whole earth. The sky was darkened by the smoke of the explosion and the earth is in total darkness.

20th March 2003 Jesus Goes Ahead Of Us
An old man wanted to speak to me. I went to him. He told me to follow him and he went ahead of me and I followed him.
Meaning: The old man is probably a messenger (angel) sent from God to lead you to safety in coming tribulation.

21st March 2003 Great Whirlwind From The East
A great whirlwind [warfare] was coming from the east, destroying buildings, bridges and huge towers. The scene was terrifying. It seems that the end of the world has come.

24th March 2003 World Rulers Don’t Want The Truth
A dictator head of state asked me to prepare a discourse. After I had finished, I asked him humbly what he thought of it. He gave me half an apple. One of his children told me that it is a sign of his anger and that he does not care for the truth, and advised me to run away to save my life. I do so without delay!

Rise Of Anti-Semitism
March 25/03 Anti-Semitic persecution coming
My family and I were being sought to be killed because we were Jews. Armed men surrounded our home. I began to think how we could escape from these brutal people.

Stars Fall From The Sky
March 26/03 Stars seem to fall from the sky
The sky was full of stars, but those stars were moving rapidly from north to south. They seem to fall on the ground.
Comment: Similar to what is in Rev 6:13.

God’s Sweet Truths Like Honey
arch 27/03. Sharing God’s sweet truth with others
Malcolm was gathering much honey from a different bee house. He was putting it in different pots to share it.
Comment: This was fulfilled two years later when The Bible Speaks and some other MM publications were written.

Triangle In The Sky
March 30/03 Triangle in the sky
I saw a triangle in the sky. It was surrounded with bright stars. The light of the stars was very bright. The triangle was moving here and there.

Churches Will Be Closed
March 31/03 The coming closure of churches
I had forgotten something important in a house. When I returned to pick it up, the house was closed. I was discouraged. Someone came and told me that I can’t get the object because a large snake was sleeping on it.
Meaning: The coming closure of churches, and control of Satan to prevent God’s truth going out in the Tribulation.

Corpses Everywhere!
April 2/03 Death and destruction coming to Ethiopia
It seems that I was in a desert place. While I was moving here and there, I saw many human corpses. I couldn’t stand the bad smell. The place looked like the valley of the dead. Scavengers were all over the place, eating those corpses.

Meeting Dead Friends Again
April 3/03 Dead friends and family raised up!
I was invited to preach somewhere. When I arrived I saw many of my dead friends and family members. They were eagerly waiting for me. When I saw them, tears began to flow from my eyes. I was very glad that we were all united again.
Meaning: God will soon raise the dead.

April 10/03  God will raise the dead for a witness!
I met my best Christian friend who died four years ago. He was a good singer. I was surprised because I thought that we would never meet again (on earth). We hugged each other. I was overjoyed!
Meaning: The time is here when we will meet dead friends as God has promised.

Further Reading: Waking The Dead (£1.00).

Monstrous Destruction Coming!
April 4/03 A dream about a hydra-headed monster
It was coming out of the ground with a heavy swirling. I can’t describe it. It was giant and I was beginning to shake at the sight. When that monster stood on its feet, it began to spit fire to the four corners of the earth and the whole world seemed to be burnt up.
Warfare and destruction coming. The monster represents what Satan will do to the earth.

Lazy People Must Work Harder!
April 6/03 You must struggle to overcome
Policemen wanted to kill one of my Christian friends. I delivered him from the killing two times. Finally those killers began exercising witchcraft to kill him again.
I intervened to overthrow their plot with much intercession and God delivered him from his enemies the third time.
Meaning: This dream is a warning to a Christian brother. God has told him through this dream that trouble is ahead of him and he must strive with much prayer.) [Some Christians are lazy, and don’t put out the effort they should to overcome evil in their lives.]

April 7/03 Children Bleeding Profusely
There was a commotion in the street. I went to see what was going on. The scene was terrible. Children were all over the place, bleeding from the belly. They were foreigners. Their parents were crying with unspeakable anguish. They picked them up and held them to their bosom. When they (the parents) saw that their children were unconscious but not dead they rejoiced and tried to wake them. When the children came round the first thing they wanted was to go to a toilet room. They used the toilet again and again.
Meaning: The effects of chemical or biological warfare?

April 8/03 Kassahun’s Life Threatened
A giant man [a powerful or influential person in society] wants to attack me again and again. He threatened to kill me. I went to the police to stop him.

Someone Hungry For Truth
April 11/03 An SDA man is hungry for truth
An Adventist guy wants to meet. He came to me secretly to learn about the truths of the hour. [A rare individual!]

Glimpse Of Heaven
April 12/03 God gives Kassahun a glimpse of heaven
An Aged Man [the ‘Ancient of Days’] held my hand and took me to his home. When we arrived there, he gave an order and the great golden door opened widely and we entered there.
I was full of wonder at the spectacular scene! It was very beautiful! When we came out of the house, I saw a very beautiful garden with various kinds of fragrant flowers.
I was refreshed by the beautiful sight and longed to live there.

God’s View Of People’s Worth
April 14/03  People’s varying responses
I was in Malcolm’s house. Outside the house were various kinds of fruit plants in the field. Some of them were very beautiful and ripe, ready to be harvested. Some still needed to grow. A few were beginning to be ruined and become completely useless.
Meaning: This depicts people’s various responses to the truths of God we promote.

Being Watched
April 15/03  Being watched
Someone was spying while I was jumping from one house to another to teach the truths. He was doing this again and again following my progress.
Meaning: The spy is Satan. God is telling me that I have to be careful in my work.

Fiercely Hostile Opposition
April 17/03 Gunmen
While I was hurrying to our meeting place, furiously hostile gunmen surrounded me and took me hostage. They didn’t want to hear what I tried to tell them.
Meaning: Coming opposition, which we will experience. Satan’s stooges don’t listen to reason and don’t want the truth – certainly not what God says!

The Wedding Of The Lamb & Bride
April 18/03 Jesus, on His Throne
I went to an important place with other Christians. There were best men with light green suits. The Bridegroom was with them but I couldn’t see Him. Virgins were walking before the Bridegroom with singing. Their song was very beautiful.
Finally, we reached the beautiful big cathedral. We went in. The cathedral was supported by 7 big pillars. There was a high stage with a big throne-like chair.
There the Bridegroom sat. He was Jesus.

Buried Alive!
April 20/03 Christians Buried Alive! Brought back from death!
I heard a report about 2 Christian brothers who were buried alive in the ground. I went to the place with others to save them, but we couldn’t. We began to pray kneeling at the burial place. We prayed almost for 3 hours and we saw a miracle. Those brothers came out of the ground! They told us that they were held by an evil spirit underground.
Comment: This is probably a figurative meaning, and depicts the very sorry state of most Christians in churches. Spiritually, they are buried alive and are by no means free!
However, I am not dismissing that it could be fulfilled literally also.

State Persecution Of Christians
April 21/03  Persecution from the State
Someone tried to demolish my home. He told me that he is executing the orders of the government.
Meaning: My home depicts the gathering place of truth seekers. Satan tries to scatter the flocks by using the people who are hostile to the truths of the hour. That is what he is doing in our area.

Awful Plague Of Bats
April 23/03 Black bats covered the sky – too many to count. The terrifying thing was that they bite and the one bitten dies immediately. People were trying to escape from this horror.
Comment: Probably this depicts symbolically some kind of outbreak of disease or plague associated with war.

Unscrupulous Pastors
April 25/03 SDA (7th Day Adventist) pastors deceitful
Someone was stealing our booklets from my shelf. When I caught him and asked him why he did this, he answered me that an SDA pastor (which I knew) sent him to my home to do so. I gave him the booklet A Message to Sabbatarians to give to his pastor. [They would reject what is in there.]
Meaning: This depicts that some SDA pastors are still trying to steal the truths which God has revealed to us and present them to their people, telling them that they have got new truths. Their motives are self-elevation and control – purely selfish motives!
They don’t give credit where credit is due. They won’t tell their ‘followers’ where they obtained these truths. They are dishonest and unscrupulous. [Not only SDA pastors, but WCG pastors and others have done this with MM materials.]

Helped & Healed By MM Literature
April 27/03 Helped and healed!
Many people were queuing in front of Bro. Malcolm’s home. They wanted some counsel. Malcolm was calling them one by one to a cosy room and gave them counsel. Some rejoiced and some were healed from their sickness.
Meaning: This depicts in the spiritual how people who can accept it are helped by the literature of MM, which contains the healing love of God.

Giving Jackets
April 28/03 A charity organisation gave good jackets to all of us while we were studying God’s Word in my home.
Comment: Perhaps this portrays the appreciation of some for what they have received from MM materials, and being helped to understand the Word of God.

Place Full Of Truth-Seekers
April 30/03 Many will learn of God’s truths
Malcolm and I were presiding in a religious meeting. The meeting began with a beautiful song about the Sabbath. People were flowing to the meeting with great eagerness to see and learn from us. Our hearts were filled with gladness when we saw the place full of truth-seekers. 

May 1/03 “Three identical prophetic figures,” 666
I was in a large office. I discovered that this office belonged to very important men who were in collaboration with the government to decide the decrees to be passed.
I turned around and saw three fingers on the wall of the office. The Spirit of God tells me, “This code is of three identical prophetic figures. This code is of three identical prophetic figures.” [666 and the Mark of the Beast.]

Furious Storms Coming
May 2/03 Spiritual storms coming
I was standing in front of a window when, all of a sudden, a tempest sprang up. Furious winds were howling and heavy waters were streaming around the house. In spite of  the tempest raging outside, I felt confident and serene.
Comment: Matthew 7:24-27 refers to these storms.

God Heals Multitudes
May 4/03 Many healings coming!
I got an electrical machine, which can spread powerful rays. The rays can heal diseases. When I press the key on the machine, the rays spread to the sick man and he is immediately healed. People were gathered in multitudes to be healed from their sickness.
Meaning: The rays depict the working of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is the power and light of God to heal all diseases.

White Baby Coat
May 5/03 Someone gave me a white baby coat [new beginning / birth expected]. Inside it was a tiny camera [depicts publicity].

The Power of God Descends
May 8/03 The power of God descends.
I was praying somewhere. The power of God descended upon me mightily and I was shaking a lot. When I lifted my eyes, the sky opened and shut several times.
Meaning: The coming flood of the Holy Spirit will be mighty. When the anointing comes we won’t stand before the power. Our eyes will open and see the glory of the next world and receive new revelations.

Christian Places of Worship Attacked
May 10/03 Protected from bombs
I was among brothers and sisters. We were all united praising God on a Sabbath day when our prayers and sermon were interrupted by bombs, which I saw had been thrown at our meeting place, but we didn’t get hurt.

Persecution And Protection
May 12/03 Enduring persecution and bombs
Delayed-action bombs had been placed in the brothers’ and sisters’ gardens as a threat to the lives of those who meet on the Sabbaths.
Meaning: The coming threat of terrorists. Wickedness will be great, but we will protected by God.

May 13/03 God will protect from gunmen
Unknown men tried to attack and gun me down, but I escaped from their attacks.
Meaning: This is a warning to me to take care.
REMEMBER: Nothing shall separate us from the love of God! If God is for us, who can be against us? (Rom 8:31.) Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble, or hardship, or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? (Rom 8:35, NIV.)

Collision of Jets In The Sky
May 14/03 Jets collide
Several war jets collided in the blue sky. Great fire broke out of the collision and it was terrifying. We all fled from the conflagration for fear of burning.

The Struggle Against Demons
May 16/03 Struggling to deliver people from demons
I was struggling with a demon-possessed man. I prayed much to God that the man be delivered from the demon. I rebuked it again and again in Jesus’ name until I was exhausted. Finally it came out of the man. He got relief.

Revival Coming To MM
May 18/03 Vision of revival coming to MM
I was in the cellar with Malcolm, his family and some saints. We are all glad and share what God has done for us. While we were doing this, people began to rush to the cellar as if they were interested in our conversation. They were holding all kinds of beautiful flowers in their hands and put them under our feet. When our conversation ended they came out with much joy.

Walking On Water
May 19/03 Going by the power of God
I walked on the sea as if it were a paved road. There was a fire on the sea and it was hot, but it didn’t burn me. Instead it seemed to be transferring energy to me.
Comment: Fire is a symbol for the Holy Spirit of God, particularly with regard to miraculous activity.

Evil Army Attacks MM
May 21/03 Attack against MM imminent
All the family of MM fled to the top of a mountain. A large division of an evil army down in the valley started up the mountain rapidly to where we were. We watched transfixed as it advanced almost a third of the way up the mountain.
Then it was attacked from the rear by another division. It seemed to me that the attackers were spirit beings in the form of men. [Demons use people to mount their assault against true believers.] The advance was stopped at that point. However a large part of the evil group remained and started building a fortress.
Meaning: This is to do with a police attack against MM in the UK. The attackers are represented as an army because they are organised, paid and professional, and like an army.

May 22/03 Facing fierce opposition
Gunmen tried to kill me and another woman who was with me. They fired heavily at us and the woman was wounded in her leg. I had to carry her and flee from them and hide in some place. We survived in this way.
Meaning: Our work is to save the Church, symbolized by the woman in this dream, even by sacrificing ourselves. In the troubles that are coming some Christians will be wounded and we will have to help them as we are able.

Resurrecting The Dead
May 24/03 People to be raised from the dead soon!
I met with a friend who was a spiritual singer but who died some years ago. I told him that I thought he was dead. He smiled to me and began to sing with his guitar.
Meaning: We shall meet with our (formerly) dead friends in the near future.

Vile Stinking Churches
May 25/03 Dead churches stink to God!
I was in a church. There was a fresh corpse laid naked in that church. The corpse was really stinking! but those who were there didn’t care about it. I told them to leave the church or get rid of the corpse. They didn’t want to listen to me so I left the place, but I was very disturbed in my spirit.
Comment: The analogy highlights how vile spiritual corruption is to God. Humans can overlook or ignore it, but God can’t. It is to Him like the stinking corpse is to us!!

Delivered From Armed Men
May 26/03 Armed men surrounded us
We couldn’t escape from them. While we were discouraged and concerned about our fate, someone we didn’t know came and gave an order and we were released immediately.

Fear not little flock... (Lk 12:32). Do not worry about your life... (Lk 12:22).

Anarchy & Riots
May 28/03 Anarchy and riots
I saw a global riots. Every country was disturbed by these riots. Great buildings and thousands of cars were burned. The whole world seemed to be on the verge of destruction. Many heads of states were fleeing from the angry rioters. I saw Bush, Chirac and Schroeder in complete panic.

The Sky Seems To Roll Up
May 30/03 Sky rolls up
I saw the sky roll up like a scroll from the north to the south. I thought that the end has come. [See Rev 6:14. These events are VERY CLOSE! Only a few years away!]

Helpers Arrive, At Last!
June 1/03 Helpers come
Two black men (it seems to me that they are a Kenyan and South African) want to help me. They were working with me in distributing literature which contains the truths of God.
Meaning: This may depict the unexpected help we will get in the near future from unknown people.

MM’s Torch Of Truth
June 2/03 MM holds the torch of God’s truth!
Malcolm was holding a huge torch. From that torch there came meteorites like fireworks (it seemed like that in the dream) which spread to various places.
When the scene changed, I saw a multitude of people coming to Malcolm with their torches. The torch they hold doesn’t have light and they kindle their torch from the burning torch of Malcolm. The more they kindle their torch; the more the huge torch on Malcolm’s hand was brightening also. The light was very beautiful.
Meaning: As we give the truths of God to others, we are blessed and God blesses us more. They can then take the torch of truth to others also. Thus the fire of God spreads.
...God has a great purpose for us as shown in the above dream. The torch you hold is the truth of God. It seems to me that your work is not finished and God has a special work for you, which will reach to the whole world. Prepare for the next move of God in your life. Be glad my brother!  Kassahun

Woman Tries To Stab Malcolm
June 4/03 Malcolm was trying to save a white woman. She was holding a dagger and tried to stab Malcolm but instead she hurt herself. Malcolm saved her before she died.
Meaning: Depicts the opposition from the Church against us for promoting the unadulterated truths of God. When people oppose us and resist the truth of God, they are the ones who get hurt most.

Bin Laden Escapes
June 5/03 Bin Laden was onboard a bus with his henchmen. The American secret agents were in that bus.
Suddenly they began shooting to kill him but he escaped through the window with his henchmen.
Comment: Fulfilled by events that have transpired since Sept 11, 2001, and in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In A Hurry Through Storms
June 7/03 I was walking through heavy storms to reach some place. I was hurrying to get there because I thought people were waiting.
Meaning: A pictorial analogy of what Kassahun is going through in reaching out to others with the Gospel. Also conveys the sense of urgency we need to do God’s will.

Rag Tag Army Of ‘Christians’
June 8/03 Many people of God failing spiritually
I saw scattered across the nations, numbering in the tens of thousands, an army of soldiers, wounded and out of the fight. Some are unable to walk. Some have lost their sight and many are confused. A voice said to me, "These are the rag tag army of Christians who couldn’t use their weapons properly."
Comment: Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to (Luke 13:24, NIV).

Stones Of Criticism
June 10/03 Many children were throwing stones at me while I was walking in the street. I tried to protect myself from hurt but was wounded in several places on my body.
Meaning: This depicts the ridicule, criticism and so on coming from immature Christians (children) to wound us. This is our condition now.

MM, The Silent Messenger
23rd June 2003 MM – The Silent Messenger
...Some Christians who have profited from the literature have begun to call it, “The Silent Messenger.” Indeed it is. Last week I was invited to teach a little congregation and I shared with them the wonderful truths of God. Satan tried to hinder it by spreading false accusations about us but God has won and that little congregation accepted us gladly. I will continue the same this week also. Praise God.
Now to the dreams God has given me.  Kassahun

Financial Support Is Promised
June 11/03 A woman gave me a letter coming from Malcolm by e-mail. The letter said that a bank adviser has promised them huge financial support. [We sure need it!]
Comment: Our Financial Adviser is God. He will provide.

Making Little Progress
June 12/03 Turning the train (Church) around!
I, with a number of others, was on a train of carriages. The carriages were low, I could hardly stand upright in them. They were ill-ventilated, having a smell as though they had had not been ventilated for months. [The state of the Church, which needs fresh air – God’s Spirit.] The roads (tracks) over which they were passing were very rough and the carriages shook violently, sometimes causing our baggage to fall off and sometimes throwing off some of the passengers.
We had to keep stopping to get our passengers and baggage, or repair the track. We seemed to work sometime and to make little or no headway. We were indeed a sorry- looking set of travellers. [Portrays our difficult task.]

June 14/03 The Train Is Turned Around
(This is the continuation of the dream of June 12.)
All at once we came to a turntable large enough to take on the whole train. Malcolm and Helena were standing there, and as I stepped off the train, they said, “This train is going all wrong. It must be turned square about.”
They both held cranks that moved the machinery turning the table and tugged with their might. I stood and watched till I saw the train beginning to turn, when I spoke out and said, “It’s moving!” and grabbed hold to help them. I paid little attention to the train, we were so intent upon performing our labour of turning the table.
When we had accomplished the task we looked up and the whole train was transformed. Instead of the low, ill-ventilated carriages on which we had been riding, there were broad, high, well designed carriages, with large, clear windows, the whole trimmed and golden in a most splendid manner, more elegant than any palace or hotel carriage ever seen. The train was filling up with passengers whose faces were cheerful and happy, yet wore an expression of assurance and solemnity. Brother Malcolm and sister Helena were on board this time. Their faces lit up with holy joy.
As the train was starting I was so overjoyed that I awoke. I’m so glad now that I have been here to see the blessing of the Lord accompanying the arduous labours of Malcolm and Helena in setting things in order.
Meaning: The train represents the Church. The carriages are the various parts of it across the world.
MM has written a foundation of biblical truth to restore what has been lost, and which loss has caused the Church to be going in the opposite direction to the way God intended. Eventually this truth will be completely accepted (in the Millennium) and the people of God will be going the right way.

June 15/03  Fault-finders condemn us
Someone (unknown to me) came to me and told me that I have a debt and insisted that I pay immediately. I told him to bring the debt list but my name was not on there. The real debtor was another man.
Meaning: Others find fault with us, but they are really the culpable ones in God's sight. There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ, who do not walk according to the flesh, but by the Spirit – Rom 8:1.

June 17/03  Many Indians will receive the Truth
I was leading a worship service. The place was full of Indians. They were worshipping with tears. The atmosphere was filled with the Spirit of God.

Woman Wants The Muck!
June 18/03  Not all accept the Truth that cleans
I saw a woman rolling in the mud. Her body was filthy dirty. I wanted to help her out of the mud but she didn’t want to get out of it.
Meaning: This may depict the present condition of the church. She is full of spiritual dirt. We want to help her, but she won’t accept the help. The only sure way to be clean is to be washed by the Word of Truth. Too many want to stay where they are – in the muck of compromised teachings.

Delivered From Death
June 19/03  Opposition and persecution
I was arrested by unknown men. I sensed that they were secret agents.
One of them came to me with a rope to strangle me. I was helpless and expected to die. I closed my eyes, accepting that fate but nothing happened. When I opened my eyes there was no one in the room beside me.
I praised God for His wonderful deliverance.

Terror From The Sky
June 21/03  'Stars' falling from the sky
I saw meteorites falling to the earth. They were many. When they touched the ground, whatever they touched was burned. Buildings collapsed. Trees were scorched.
Everything was out of control. Terror seized me and I thought that I would be hit next.
The air was filled with much weeping.

Reaching The Lovely Place – Heaven
June 23/03  Our spiritual journey
We were journeying by boat to reach the beautiful green place before us. The boat was full.
Malcolm and his family and some Kenyans were there with us. The storm tried to overturn our boat but we did reach the beautiful place.

Kassahun’s ‘Bus’
June 24/03  Kassahun's 'bus'
I was driving a city bus. Many people were on board that bus. The road was full of traffic! I feared that I might lose control of the bus and collide with other cars. Finally, I reached my destination without any accident.
Meaning: The bus depicts our [Kassahun’s] ministry. The people in the bus represent those who believe the truths of the hour. It is our responsibility to maintain the ministry and to spiritually help the people.

Looking To God For Deliverance
June 26/03  God's deliverance from persecution
Two men (I don’t know them) tried to attack me by surrounding my home. I shut all the doors to keep them out and cried out to God for help. They left my home.

More Al Qaeda Attacks
June 27/03 More Bin Laden attacks coming
I saw Bin Laden in a little cottage used as a café. He was with two other men. They were conversing with each other. It seemed that they were preparing another attack.

Delivering The Demon-Possessed
June 29/03  Demon-possessed delivered
I was struggling with two people possessed by demons. I was rebuking in the name of Jesus. My voice appeared like a blue ray in the dream. The ray was penetrating through the demon possessed people and they were healed.
Comment: Demons can cause physical ailments, hence the people were healed when the demons were cast out.

A Hit Squad
June 30/03 Opposition
A high-speed tractor-like car tried to hit me while I was crossing the street. The color of the car was red. Two white people – a man and a woman – were on board on the car. They were laughing at me.

God’s Fruit From MM’s Work
July 2/03 Helena was gathering pomegranates from a vast garden [the work of MM in the world] and put them in a large basket. I saw 12 baskets full of pomegranates.
Meaning: God is preparing to harvest fruit – people who love Him – who will be part of Christ's ruling family upon earth during the Millennium. 12 is a numeric symbol of God's government or rule.

Demonised Christians
July 3/03. Woman (the Church) is demonised
I met with a woman. While we were studying God’s word, her tongue came out of her mouth. It looked like a snake. Frightened, I began to rebuke it because I sensed she was possessed by an evil spirit. After many rebukes, a huge snake came out of her mouth and tried to bite me. It missed me and sank in hot water and disappeared.
Meaning: It illustrates how deeply in the grip of Satan many Christians are!

Saddam Hussein Sought
July 5/03  Saddam Hussein
Someone was asking about Saddam. The place where I stood was full of people who wanted to know the where- abouts of Saddam. Suddenly a flash of light [revelation from God] passed through my mind. I told them that he is still alive and preparing for an attack. [At the time, it was not known whether he was alive. God revealed he was.]

Much Persecution & Restrictions
July 6/03 The Work of God severely opposed. Persecution ahead. Need to stand firm and trust in God
I was surrounded by spies following me everywhere. I couldn’t work or teach. They threatened those who came to me to learn God’s truths. Anger filled my heart but the Spirit of God comforted me.
Meaning: It depicts what will shortly come in many countries – restrictions on teaching God’s truths.

July 7/03 Predicting Further MM Booklets
I got a packet of printed materials from Malcolm. When I opened it, I saw different kinds of new literature. With them there were many white chalks.
A little note from Malcolm says: “We have got 25,000 Pounds.” [Depicts how much we need large finance, and is a figure of the fact that God will provide for the printing we must do, even though we do not have human back-up to this degree. We trust in God, not in the arm of man.]
Comment: White symbolises righteousness. Chalks are for writing with. 25 is 5 x 5 – depicting God’s certain preparation of His Bride through what is written in MM lit – preparing the Bride in the righteousness of God’s pure truths.

July 8/03 MM’s Very Beautiful Sword
I saw a very beautiful sword. It emitted light. The light coming from it contained many different colors. At the sword’s handle I noticed five brilliant gems. Blue, green, yellow, red and amber. I knew that even the gems were there for a functional purpose, though I was not yet sure what that was.
Comment: The sword depicts the Word and Truth of God which you now have in your hand. There are many beautiful aspects to God’s truth, which is precious and which is preparing (5) God’s people for service and holiness.

July 10/03 “Holiness To The Lord”
I was in a desert in Saudi Arabia. There was a huge wire fence less than a mile from where I stood. Inside the fence, I saw many torches. At first I thought that the torches were planted firmly in the ground, but when I approached the fence, I could see clearly that people held the torches. Their heads were covered by a white scarf. “Holiness to the Lord” was written on the scarf. I sensed that these were the next army of God.
Comment: This is a combination of many aspects, to draw attention to various revelations from God.
1) Saudi Arabia is where the true Mount Sinai is, where God gave Moses the foundational code for holiness. It is not the Mt Sinai written on most maps. This truth was revealed to the late American archaeologist Ron Wyatt, as well as the actual place where Israel crossed the Red Sea (he found the remains of a gold chariot wheel still at the bottom of the sea – Pharaoh’s chariot!).
2) Where Ron discovered Jebel El Lawz – the blackened peak that was Mount Sinai – Saudi authorities have now erected a high wire fence to keep people out of the area.
3) The desert is an allegory of the spiritual state of this world in which God’s people are being prepared spiritually.
4) True Christians hold the torch – His truth – firmly in their grasp.
5) They have white headscarves, symbolic of the righteousness covering them. Their minds are cleansed, and they are dedicated “to the Lord” who has called us all to be holy.

July 11/03 Climbing The Mountain Of God
Multitudes were climbing a very large mountain. Most were falling off the mountain and all of these were being injured, and some killed.
At the bottom of the mountain there was a large group who still had all of their gear on for climbing, but they were either too wounded, or too fearful, to begin climbing again.
The ones who were making it to the top were those who took the time to drive each stake in as deep as it could go. [See also Fight The Good Fight! N 24, p 6.]

31st July 2003 MM’s Boat Won’t Sink!
[Kassahun’s comment; not dream].
The updates you have sent are very encouraging news and indeed I appreciate it. [God moved someone to bale us out of our debts, so that we could continue and not ‘sink’.] God bless all those who came to the help of MM. It’s interesting. God never fails his humble workers. Your boat never sinks and it will rise above the water as God has shown me in the dream He has given me on July 21 below...

State Opposition
July 12/03 Opposition from those in power
I was in what seemed to be a destroyed palace. I heard a lion roaring a short distance away. I didn’t see the roaring lion but then came dogs who had faces like lions. They ran towards me but I escaped from them.
A Man [Jesus or His angel] stopped me and said that the roaring lion must be killed.
Meaning: Satan is symbolised by the roaring lion. Dogs are the symbol of evil men (Phil 3:2) whom Satan uses. The dream depicts the coming opposition from evil men in power [hence the palace, depicting rulership].

Spirit of God Shakes The Room
July 14/03 Malcolm came to my home. It was full of people who wanted to hear from Malcolm. He began to teach and prophesy. The people were expressing their gladness with tongues. The Spirit of God shook the little room.
[I don't need to come in person. Accepting the Truth of God in our literature will open the way for God to shake the earth and fill people with God’s Spirit.]

July 15/03 Trying to cross the bridge to reach others is a long haul. It is exhausting!
I was walking on a bridge. The bridge was very long. I can’t see the end of it but continue to walk. Finally I was tired out and my strength failed.

Many Indian Christians Selfish
July 16/03 The mentality of many Indians
I was in the home of Indians. A fat woman met me [fat symbolises self-indulgent]. Her fatness was disgusting. She looked like an adulteress. She wanted to deceive me but I didn’t want her company and went out of the home.
Meaning: This depicts the nature of manmade churches. Their primary aim is to approach those who are unsuspect- ing and deceive them into their trap. We have to flee from their trap. [Many Indian Christians are manipulative scroungers, only selfishly seeking money not truth.]

July 17/03 Spiders Swept Away
Numerous spiders were running to my home. They were terrible. I locked all the doors and windows to prevent them from entering my home, but they came in through the door. Then the scene changed, my Christian friends came with their brooms and began to sweep away and kill the spiders.
Meaning: Spiders depict demonic things coming against us to try and trap us and cause us trouble.

July 18/03 Even Though Truth Is Thrown To The Ground
When I came to my home, I saw two men inside my home, throwing the booklets outside on the ground. I was angry and asked why they are doing this. They simply showed me a little note written and given to them from the Committee of Church Unity. [Some sort of political / religious alliance is coming to oppose Truth.] I was stricken with grief.

Churches Are Like Prostitutes
July 19/03 The seductive approach of churches
I saw a woman [symbol also used in 2 Cor 11:2]. She was using different makeup to change her appearance to get acceptance. But she didn’t appeal to men and began to strip off and expose herself. The sight was disgusting. [Churches behave like prostitutes, spiritually.]

July 20/03 Our Invisible Spirit Companions
A bull was following me walking in the street. When I stopped the bull also stopped. When I began to walk the bull walked. When I ran, it ran. Ants covered the bull's whole body. But when the bull walked, the ants fell from its body. I sensed that the bull is sent to protect me. [The bull may represent a powerful angel protecting you, and the ants could be demons who try to prevent him helping you.]

New MM Outreach Coming
July 21/03 I was in the home of Malcolm.
The home looks like a new office. The floor was covered with lovely shiny brown tiles. The office has two rooms. In the first room Helena was writing on a new computer with three other women. There were four new computers in that room – all of them are very busy. [Four is a symbol that this work will reach out into all the world – the 4 'corners' of the earth.] In the next room, there was one new computer and Tonya was writing on the computer. Her face was shining with Joy.
...when in faith we take hold of His strength, He will change – wonderfully change – the most hopeless and discouraging outlook. He will do this for the glory of His name.

July 27/03 Malcolm Gives White Paper To All, Kassahun Also Receives A Red One
Malcolm was giving a white paper to all of us who were gathered in a large hall. Those who were there take that white paper. But my paper was red and there was a number written on it. The number was 10 29 39.
Comment: White symbolises righteousness, a symbol of the pure truth and righteousness promoted in MM literature.
Red depicts bloodshed and war. War is coming to Ethiopia. God has warned Kassahun about that in many dreams. That is depicted by the numbers.
10 is the number that represents man. Mankind going his own way, without God, he can only expect (20) judgment (9). So, expectation of judgement (29) is the final (3) result of Satan’s (13) ways that man has accepted instead of God’s.

Muslims Tenaciously Stubborn
July 28/03 Muslim stubbornness and antagonism
A strange man was in my bedroom praying like a Muslim. I was angry and sent him away. But he continued the same thing in my living room [depicts Muslim stubbornness and unwillingness to be told and to learn the truth; they tenaciously cling to their false ideology]. Again I tried to get him to leave the room. This time he became angry and tried to stab me with a dagger. I tried hard to protect myself but he stabbed my left hand before I took the dagger from him.
Comment: Kassahun is put in the position of Christians.

Angels Bless MM Meeting Hall
July 27/03 Angels in cellar
I was in the cellar with the family of MM. A few men came in clothed in white linen. They looked like monks. Their faces were the same so you couldn’t distinguish one from another. They were walking here and there blessing the cellar and all those who were there. When they had finished their work, they went out slowly.

War Coming In Ethiopia
July 31/03  Warfare coming to Ethiopia
While I was walking in the street I saw black crocodiles. I saw corpses here and there. Terrified, I ran to escape from them. After a few miles, I again saw another terrible scene. I saw black (like soot) men who were very terrifying. There were corpses all around where they stood. I ran desperately to escape from them calling loudly on the name of Jesus. Thank God they didn’t follow me.
Comment: Black symbolises evil and death.

July 22/03 Struggling Against Demons
I was struggling in prayer with demon- possessed people. A woman [symbol of church] with a little crippled boy [church leader who is immature, stunted by demons] was there. There was a Muslim woman also. They were cursing me with a loud voice. I rebuked them in the name of Jesus, but they were changing their faces.
Comment: People try to hide what is really inside them. They change their appearance, and so do demons, to avoid detection.

July 23/03 Rejected By Church Leaders
I was invited to speak in a hall where many people were gathered together. All were old men [symbol of those in charge – leaders]. They didn’t want to hear from me because I was very young and inexperienced in their sight.

July 25/03 More Sinister Technology Coming
I was in a big hall. It looked like a laboratory. I saw five different microscopes. Five men were looking through those microscopes. They were studying something, which revolutionizes the world. [Could this be microchip technology?!]

July 26/03 The Road To Heaven
I dreamed of being with a large body of people. A portion of this assembly started a Journey [showing that some don’t!]. As we went, the road seemed to ascend.
On one side of this road was a deep precipice; on the other was a high, smooth, white wall like the hand finish in plastered rooms.
As we journeyed on, the road grew narrower and steeper. We were obliged to press close to the wall to keep ourselves from falling. At this point ropes were let down from the top of the wall. These were eagerly grasped to help us keep our balance upon the path.
As we travelled the rope moved along with us.
Comment: Jesus is our Lifeline to God on this narrow, often treacherous way.

Aug 1/03 Middle East Invasion Of Europe
I saw war jets coming from the Middle East bombarding the cities of Europe. The fire and smoke from the cities ascended to the sky and it was darkened.
Comment: Whether this is meant to be taken literally, only time will tell. Certainly what is occurring in the Middle East is going to impact Europe, as Islam becomes ever more aggressive and bombastic.

Aug 3/03 God Helps Those Who Are Faithful
While I was walking on the street a pig [symbol of selfish person – probably religious, false believer – used by Satan] confronted me but I passed it slowly. After I walked a little, a lion confronted me and wanted to attack me. Frightened, I couldn’t walk and stopped to see what it will do to me but a man came with a chain and bound it.
Meaning: The lion depicts Satan. He wants to attack me. The man is the Angel of God who protects me by limiting the work of the devil.

Aug 4/03 Two chariots arrived at Malcolm’s place full of different kinds of packages. I didn’t know what those packages contained.
Comment: Helena had a dream about a chariot arriving with a boy in it, whom we know will be resurrected. So, this dream probably depicts more resurrections.

Aug 6/03 Purse Stolen
Someone had stolen my purse from my pocket. I discovered that the thief was my friend. (This dream was fulfilled when a brother whom I really trusted stole property from my home.)

State Persecution
Aug 7/03 Persecution
A truck hit my home and half of it was destroyed. The truck was the federal police property and I sensed that the destruction was planned by the federal police to kill me. They thought that I would be in my home. But God protected me from their wicked plan.
Comment: Kassahun is a prophet to Ethiopia, and prophets always come under fiercest opposition, especially from State authorities who regard their words as a threat.

Aug 8/03 Arrested For Promoting Jesus
Armed men filled all the streets of Addis Ababa. I and two other brothers, to avoid arrest by them, were walking carefully to our meeting place, but didn’t escape. An armed man stopped us and said that I’m a Jew and arrested me. He released the two brothers.
Meaning: This depicts certain persecution. Maybe I will be arrested by government bodies.
Comment: Jesus said: They will lay their hands on you and persecute you. They will deliver you to synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors, and all on account of My name. This will result in your being witnesses to them. But make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourselves. For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict. You will be betrayed by parents, brothers, relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death. All men will hate you because of Me. But not a hair of your head will perish. By standing firm you will save yourselves (Luke 21:12-19, NIV).

Aug 9/03 Snakes Killed
I saw a large pit full of snakes. Four men surrounded the pit and beat those snakes with a spade until they were all killed. When all have been killed, those men took them out of the pit and cut off the snakes' heads.
Comment: Snakes depict Satan and his demons. They will all be rendered powerless in due course, when Jesus comes to rule the world for a Millennium.

Aug 10/03 Friend Turns Hostile
I was playing with a cat. Suddenly its head changed into the head of a snake and bit my hand.
Meaning: This dream has been fulfilled when a friend of mine turned hostile to me.

Aug 12/03 The Golden Sceptre
It seemed that we were worshiping on the Sabbath at Malcolm’s place. The place was overcrowded and all were praising God gladly. I saw an arm reach down from heaven, holding a golden sceptre.
On the top of the sceptre was a crown studded with diamonds. Every diamond emitted light, bright, clear and beautiful. Inscribed upon the crown were these words, “All who win me are happy, and shall have everlasting life.” [The sceptre is God's truth with which He will rule the world.]

MM To Be Persecuted
Aug 13/03 Persecution of Midnight Ministries
A large company of evil angels were very busy, throwing black balls at the families of MM. These did them no injury while their eyes were fixed upon Jesus, but those who turned their attention to the black balls were stained by them.
Meaning: The black balls are reproachful falsehoods put in circulation concerning MM, Malcolm and his family, by those who make a lie. It is our duty to move boldly forward, and pay no regard to lies of the wicked. Those who listen to falsehood, begin to question the truth, and they are then easily discouraged by Satan.

5th September 2003
I am concerned for you and your family. The past four days a heavy burden rested upon me. I was thinking again and again about you. I prayed much in the spirit and interceded for you. Then last night God gave me a strange dream about you. This was the dream:

Malcolm was fighting with two strong bulls; one was brown and the other grey. [These represent an upcoming assault by Scotland Yard, and one other government body, possibly the Council.] Their horns were very long and sharp. Malcolm was holding one of the horns of the brown bull with one hand and one of the horns of the grey bull with the other hand to protect him from their strike, but they were stronger than him and he couldn’t protect himself from their attack. They wounded both his hands and threw him onto the ground. Helena, Tonya and Zenya came to his rescue but the bulls threw them on the ground and wounded them also. Suddenly a Man came with a strong chain and bound the bulls by their necks and broke those long horns before they killed their victims.

This is what I’ve seen Wednesday night. That was the heavy burden upon me. [What the dream portrays is covered in Is Britain Now A Police State? and When Prosecution Is Persecution.]  

Aug 14/03 Earth On Verge Of Destruction
The sky seemed to be on fire. Meteorites were falling on the ground and the world seems on the verge of destruction.

Aug 15/03 Islamic Militants Invade Ethiopiac
A few others and I were going by the car to a place of worship. News came from the radio in the car that Ethiopia has fallen into the hands of Islamic militants.
We were all afraid but continue to go to our place of worship. After we drive a little, a militant armed man gives us a sign to stop the car, but I tell the driver to continue driving faster and we passed him.

Aug 17/03 Booklets Stolen
I was searching for some booklets which were missing from my shelf. I couldn’t get them because someone had stolen them from me.
Comment: Satan uses whoever he can to try and thwart our progress. While it may well depict literal interference in taking away the publications, either in print or on computer, it also portends the assault against pure Christian truth that is coming after raising the dead.

Aug 18/03 God Provides
An old man came to me and stretched his hand towards me. He was holding many coins in his hand and told me to take them. I take them. [God's provision to you.]

Aug 19/03 Islamic Atrocities
I saw wooden coffins and there were corpses in them. I went to look to see if there is someone whom I know in those coffins. When I opened the first coffin I saw a female corpse. Her hands were cut off. The sight was horrible. I opened the second one and there was also a female in that coffin. Both her legs were severed. I did not want to see the others. It was awful. [Coming Islamic horrors to the region.]

Aug 20/03 Adventists Not Interested In Truth
I went to the Adventist church with a bag full of books. I gave to a young man the bag and told him to return the bag after he has taken the books. But he didn't return the bag.
Meaning: The truths of the hour should be given to the church. We want them to come to us, but instead we have to go to them. [Adventists generally don't want more truth.]

Aug 22/03 MM Literature Preparing The Bride
It seemed as though I was looking at a wedding. There in the street to left and right best men were standing clothed with beautiful suits. Grey limousines were in the centre of the street and moving slowly. Behind them there was a choir singing loud a beautiful song. I thought in the dream that this is the next move of MM.
Comment: MM is preparing the Bride for Jesus' Coming, through all the literature God has given us to promote His wonderful truths.

Aug 23/03 UFOs
The world was surrounded and controlled by unidentified flying objects [UFOs depict demons]. People were guided by the powerful rays coming from those objects.

Aug 23/03 This Book Predicted
Someone gave me a book. The book contains dreams and their meanings.

Aug 27/03 Kassahun Arrested
I was suspected of treason with many others and arrested. They took me to a place like Guantanamo Bay. An unknown man came and released me.
Meaning: This depicts the corning trouble but God will control the entire situation.

Aug 28/03 Fighting Against Satan
I was struggling against a man who tried to attack me, changing himself. I rebuked him in the name of Jesus. He came with armies. I burnt him with fire but he escaped.
Meaning: The man depicts Satan. The armies are his demons. The fire is a symbol of Holy Spirit. True Christians are constantly under threat and attack from Satan. Our only defence is the fire of God – His Spirit.

Aug 30/03 Unexpected Invitation
I was invited to a very beautiful place. The place belongs to an Australian man. The place was guarded by an African man.  [A future contact reached with the Word.]

Aug 31/03 Dr Kelly ‘Suicide’ Was Murder
A high-ranking British official gave evidence that members of the IRA killed the late professor Kelly. A great debate was going in Parliament about the evidence.
Meaning: Not literal, but the evil spiritual powers that are behind the IRA are also behind Dr Kelly's ‘suicide’ – that is to say, demons. There has been considerable debate about whether Kelly committed suicide. There is some disturbing evidence to point to it NOT being suicide!

Sept 1/03 4 Elizabeth Street
I received a letter from Malcolm. It says that they care for me and that they have changed their address. The new written address was said to be 4 Elizabeth Street.  [Figurative meaning: 4 is a numeric symbol of the whole world – MM literature will reach into all the world. Raising the dead will create a worldwide witness. The new address represents coming new ministry premises. Elizabeth means that the Royal Family will know about us and get to hear the message we bring from God. In fact, the Queen has already received our literature.]

Sept 3/03 Huge Warehouse Door
Helena was struggling to open a huge warehouse door. She looks for an old treasure given to her long time ago.
Comment: The huge warehouse is symbolic of the massive quantity of literature that this ministry will send out in the near future, after the publicity episode erupts.

Sept 4/03 British Plane Hit By Russian Missile
I saw a British commercial aeroplane was shot by Russian missiles.

Mobs Destroy Kassahun’s Home
Sept 5/03 Armed mobs destroy my home and begin to fire on me. I was wounded in several places in my body but not dead. They took away all my possessions
Comment: Kassahun is put in the place of what will happen to many Ethiopians in the coming Islamic invasion.

Sept 7/03 False Christians Throw Soot
While we were gathered together for worship soot fell from the roof and began to spoil our clothes. The worst was that the soot can penetrate our bodies and poison all of us.
Meaning! The soot is falsehood and ridicule which comes from a false brother. It is like a poison and can immobilise us.

Sept 9/03 Soon It Will Be Harvest Time!
A stranger gave me a sickle and took me to a vast field of barley. He told me that harvest time has come. He took the sickle from my hand and began to gather the harvest.
Comment: Barley is the first grain to be harvested, so it depicts the harvest of the Firstfruits at Jesus’ coming.

Sept 11/03 Light Covers The Earth
I saw several rings of fire coming from the sky and disperse to the four corners of the earth. The world seems surrounded by white light. The scene was beautiful. [God's truth will cover the earth.]
Comment: Several rings symbolise the several waves in which God’s truth has come to earth. There have been a number of outpourings already, and another is to come as God raises the dead to publicise His truth via MM literature. Then there is the testimony of the 2 Witnesses, and finally Jesus’ coming when Light will completely cover the earth.

Encouragement In Trials
30th September 2003 [Kassahun’s comments]
Thank you very much for the letters and booklets you have sent. I'm really glad to hear from you...
We have to be humble when God adds revelation after revelation. My prayer is that we are humble like Moses of old. God cares for everything and sustains everything that He has created. No tears are shed that He does not notice. There is no smile that He does not mark. Our heavenly Father measures and weighs every trial before He permits it to come upon us. Christ never fails you in your hour of combat. Praise His name. Thanks also for the idea to compile the dreams in a publication. I appreciate it and will do as soon as possible.
You should not have to be worry about me. I’m ok. Sunday was Feast of Trumpets and I was fasting and praying for you. I felt the presence of God and the Spirit of God gave the following messages for you:
"I am merciful and kind, and full of tender pity and compassion. Rest in the promises I have given you in the past. In so doing, the enemy’s fetters will be broken; his suggestions will be powerless. Think not of those things which bring sadness and distress. Dwell upon My power to save. I love you. I am compassionate to you. Be cheerful, and bid adieu to gloom, My son. Rest in Me. You are My messenger of light to bear the truth to those in darkness. Don’t be discouraged. I’m still sustaining you. Don’t fear the coming storm. You and your family are covered by My blood."

Sept 12/03 Running From Enemies
I was running from my enemies carrying my mattress only. Meaning: The impending persecution, which I may experience.

Sept 13/03 Hypocrisy Rife In Churches
I saw a woman [the Church] who was changing herself again and again. She was doing this to escape from something dangerous.
Meaning: This depicts modern churches who make changes by themselves. They don’t want to be changed by the truths, which are the only safeguard from danger. [They use humanistic solutions, to try and appease, but it never works!]

Sept 15/03 MM Will Reach Into Spain
I got a letter from Malcolm, which mentioned that he and a few others are invited to teach the truths in Spain.

Sept 16/03 Black Horses
I saw several black horses. They have large horns [symbol of power and aggression, or influence over people] between their eyes [intent]. Behind them there was a giant holding several reins in one hand and a scourge in the other hand. He was awaiting an order to release the horses. They were preparing to attack. [Black horses depict famine to come to Ethiopia and other countries in Africa. See Rev 6.]

Sept 18/03 San Francisco Hit By Earthquake & New York Destroyed By Tidal Wave
I saw on TV that San Francisco was hit by an earthquake and New York was destroyed by a tidal wave. The pictures were terrifying.

Prophets Are Persecuted
In Newsletter 20 (p 28), we repeated some of the warnings which God had given Kassahun about what was soon approaching in his region. Since then, he has received many more dreams about this serious situation about to engulf his country. Words can't describe the horror, but you will see a number of dreams from God depicting it.
He has had to flee for his life already. Church leaders have maliciously reported him to the civil authorities. Twice he has been arrested, taken for questioning by police, held for several days, tortured, but finally released.
If you are unclear as to why such a harmless person, wanting only to promote the wonderful truths of God, should receive such vicious treatment, read what all the biblical prophets had to endure (Matt 23:34-37), and a sample of the invective we also receive from church leaders (see pp 20-22 of Newsletter 25).
Islam is destabilising the region, as it is trying to do elsewhere in the world where there is any western influence. Several of his dreams convey that.
Below is one of Kassahun’s missives of dedication, with what God has given him in dreams.

9th October 2003 God’s Truth Comes First
Thank God, I returned safely from my trip. The trip to Xxxxxxxx, 400 km south of Addis Ababa, was tedious. Friday before sunset we arrived (I and a brother) at the good home of a brother. They did all they could for our comfort and everything was arranged so that we could rest as much as possible. Sabbath morning we began our meeting and I spoke about the necessity of celebrating God’s festivals. In the afternoon we consecrated the hours for prayers and sharing the graces of God with each other.
The next morning we attended meetings again in the meeting house. We were trying to bring those who professed the truth to see their state of dreadful darkness and backsliding before God, and to make humble confessions. Again we held an evening meeting at one brother’s home. I spoke about the correct date of Christ’s death and resurrection. Many were amazed by the truth and praised God. We gave them our translated materials on the subject.
Meeting commenced Monday morning. I shared about God’s Church and told about the fallacy of the church hierarchy. With the most earnest entreaties we pleaded with them to cease believing the false teachings and face right about. Our morning meeting closed at three or four in the afternoon.
Tuesday evening, we engaged in earnest prayer about God’s work. We pray much for the MM families. We appointed a farewell meeting Wednesday and I spoke about an hour on prophets and prophesying. This was one of the very best of meetings. We parted from all with many tears, feeling the blessing of Heaven resting upon us, and returned to Addis in the evening. Praise God.

The Power Of The Devil To Destroy
Sept. 19/03 How the devil has liberty to harm at this time
Several green-coloured snakes and lions were leaping like calves in a large field. The snakes were giant and eating all the green things of the earth.
Comment: Satan destroys, not only literally, but also massively through deception, though the deceived don’t see it.

Sept. 20/03 Saddam Hussein Rabble-Rouser
I saw Saddam. He was guarded by armed mobs. They were many and looked like Arabs. Their heads were covered by green tassels [symbol of religious ritualism; misguidedness without the Spirit of God]. 

Lights Shining In The Darkness
God's truth spreading and enlightening and uplifting others:
Sept. 22/03. I saw little jets of light, like stars shining dimly through the darkness. Their light grew brighter, and the number of lights increased. These lights would sometimes come together as if for the encouragement of one another, and again they would scatter out each time going farther and lighting more lights.
Meaning: This depicts what Kassahun has done in spreading the truths of God to others. As people accept the light of God’s truth, they are enlightened and shine that light abroad.

Writings Portrayed As White Cloth
Spiritual purpose of Midnight Ministries' publications:
Sept. 23/03 Malcolm was cutting a web of white cloth into garments for persons of all sizes and all descriptions of character and circumstances in life. [White is the symbol of spiritual cleanness and purity.]

Demons Always Try To Attack Us
Demons coming against Kassahun through others:
Sept. 25/03 I was throwing down ants from my clothes. There were several and some were beginning to attack my head. [Demons trying to harm him and destroy truth.]

15th October 2003 Persecution Against MM
I am confident that things are well out there. I thank God that we are now on the 4th day of Feast of Tabernacles. We are reaping the blessings which God has promised to us on His appointed times. Yesterday (on the 3rd day of the feast) God has given me the following dream:

Prophecy of persecution against Midnight Ministries!
I was shown a vine. It was beautiful and great. Soon I saw the vine swaying to and fro as though moved by a powerful wind. One branch after another of the vine was shaken and lay prostrate upon the earth.
Many passed and looked pityingly upon it, and I waited anxiously for a friendly hand to raise it but no help was offered. Presently, I saw an angel come to the apparently deserted vine. He spread out his arms and placed them beneath the vine and raised it so that it stood upright, saying:
“Stand toward heaven, and let your tendrils entwine about God. You are shaken from human support. You can stand, in the strength of God, and flourish without it [without human support]. Lean upon God alone, and you shall never lean in vain or be shaken therefrom.”
As I saw the neglected vine cared for I felt relief, amounting to joy. I turned to the Angel and inquired what these things meant. He said: “This vine is MM. It will experience all this. When these things occur you will fully understand the figure of the vine. God will be a present help in time of trouble.”

Apostasy In The Church!
Corruption and darkness in the Church.
Sept. 26/03 I was in a church-like building where many people were gathered. There was no light inside and the people were sitting in total darkness. I was amazed and went to the podium. It was covered by a red curtain. I opened the curtain to see what was going on in there. Pastors were chewing ‘chat’ (a green leaf which is equal to a drug in Ethiopia). Frightened, I left the place with tears.

Evil Church Leadership
Falsity and spiritual brutality of church leaders.
Sept. 28/03 A young man was beaten by a professing pastor on his head and fell to the ground. I couldn’t control my temper and I held his hands tightly, but he pushed me violently to the ground.
Meaning: Depicts the brutal church leadership. Those who accept that leadership are under their tyrant control.

Nourishing Truths Of God
Sharing the good spiritual fruit-juice of God.
Sept. 29/03 I got five jars of orange, lemon, tomato, pineapple and avocado juice in a large packet. A little note says, “Share it.” [What Kassahun does with God's truths. He gives them to others to drink in and be refreshed.]

Getting Rid Of Spiritual Rubbish
Clearing out spiritual rubbish
Sept. 30/03 I dreamed that a secret closet filled with rubbish was opened to me and I was told that it was my job to clear it out. By the light of a lamp [God’s Word] I removed the rubbish [false teachings and wrong beliefs in the Church] and told those with me that the room could be filled with more valuable things. [God always has more for us to learn and benefit from.]

Meetings With Jesus
22nd October 2003
Thank you for the booklets you have sent and the e-mail. I am always glad when I hear from you... 
I loved the new booklet Meetings With Jesus. I am not just reading it, but studying it with much zeal. You challenge us with details on proving how we can come to Jesus to worship Him.
‘Your’ teachings are my inspiration and each and every study is received with gladness of heart.
The Spirit of God was burning inside me while I was studying the booklet and moved me to translate and spread the messages contained therein to man-made church organisations to teach and warn them.
God bless you my brother.

God Provides Finance
Finance will come to distribute the literature
Oct. 1/03 Malcolm shows me money given to MM heaped on a table it was £11,000. #
Meaning: It is figurative. Eleven is a numeric figure for writings inspired by God. That’s why God does provide and will continue to provide – for His truth’s sake.

Resist Demons, Accept Jesus
Oct. 2/03 I was in Israel in the home of someone I don’t know. A person [demon] came and told them something which I couldn’t hear and then he disappeared like a ghost.
I told them that they must keep themselves away from demons and accept Jesus as their Saviour. [Refers to someone K will have contact with who has been listening to demons. To be delivered they must reject and resist demons and let Jesus come into them by living God's way.]

Increase In Terrorism
Increase in terrorism: some captured
Oct. 4/03 I saw terrorists hunted down and arrested by special forces all over the world. Tens of thousands were captured within a few days. [Also has a spiritual meaning. Terrorism is an allegory of sin. Tens of thousands of people will be judged by God in a short time in these last days!]

Church Leaders Instigate Persecution
Warned of persecution (instigated by church leaders)
Oct. 5/03 Armed men came to my house and took me as a criminal. I asked them what my crime was but they didn’t tell me. Suddenly a strange man arrived and told me that he can obtain a witness who would testify of my innocence.
Meaning: This depicts the soon coming persecution amongst us. Last week, after I returned from my trip, I received a threatening letter from an Adventist evangelist. But God will protect me.
[Editor: Seventh-day Adventists are effectively spiritually dead. Like most well-established church denominations, their human leadership has taken the place of Christ, shutting the Spirit of God outside their doors. In His place, come evil spirits, which is why they persecute God's chosen. The dream that follows confirms this, too.]

Satan Welcomed In Churches
Satan in the Church
Oct. 6/03 I saw a black lion [Satan] lying at the door of a big church. It was friendly with the people who came in and went out of the church. They fed it and played with it. I told them that the lion is their enemy and that they shouldn’t feed it and play with it. But they didn’t want to listen to me. They thought me a lunatic!

Vision of Paradise
MM and vision of paradise
Oct. 7/03 All the families of MM were onboard in a huge balloon. The balloon was flying in the sky and entered into the clouds. There we rested in a beautiful place, on golden ground, surrounded by large golden pillars. I sensed that the place was heaven.

Flying High
Oct. 9/03 I and some others were flying in the sky like birds. We didn't have wings like them but we were moving up and down in the atmosphere. [Allegoric, spiritual meaning.]

Casting Out A Demon
Coming against demons
Oct. 10/03 I was praying for a woman possessed by a demon. I was rebuking it. I saw the demon coming out of her, holding a sword and running like lightning. I tried to follow him. He was killing whoever stood in his way.

Nimrods To Fall Soon
Those who reject the knowledge of God will fall soon
Oct. 11/03 I saw huge, large, beautiful trees cut and fallen to the ground. A voice was heard saying, “These are the great men of the earth, opposers of the Almighty. They will fall soon.”
Comment: The age of ‘Nimrods’ is almost over. Jesus will return soon to assume His rightful rulership of the earth.

Kassahun’s Home On Fire
Oct. 13/03 My home was on fire. The fire was kindled by someone I didn't know very well.

The Sick Church!
The sick condition of the Church
Oct 14/03 I was called to pray for a woman who was afflicted with painful sores from her head to her toes. When I saw her I felt terrible but she cursed me and she told me that she didn’t want my prayer.
Meaning: The woman is a symbol of the Church. The Church is afflicted by the devil through rebellion, self-will and pride and doesn’t want to be delivered.

Raising The Dead – Soon!
Resurrecting the dead
Oct 17/03 A man used a huge digger and dug deep. He drew out several large metal boxes. Many people were there to see the boxes opened. The man opened the boxes and the dead came out of the boxes alive and cheerful.
Meaning: Depicts the coming resurrection of dead people witnessing for Christ. You won’t have seen anything like it!!

Angel Comes To Help MM
Angel comes to aid MM
Oct 18/03 A great eagle, which has several wings arrived at the home of Malcolm. I sensed that the eagle is the messenger of God sent to encourage and assist Malcolm and his family.

Rule Of Islam
Ethiopia In Chaos!
Destructive and oppressive rule of Islam
Oct 20/03 Heavily armed Islamic radicals were all over the place, killing anyone who stood in their way. They pointed their guns twice at me but didn’t injure me. They had missiles. Federal police could not control the situation. Everyone was running for their lives and Ethiopia was in chaos.

Islamic punishment?
Oct 22/03 A man lay in the street. The corpse was naked and many people surrounded it. He was stoned until dead.

Demons Use False Ministers
Attacked by snakes
Oct 23/03 Two huge snakes surrounded me. I couldn't see any gap to escape from them. The only alternative was to fight them barehanded. While I was thinking what I do, one of the snakes threw itself at my throat to bite me. I defended myself with my hand. However, I couldn't resist its power and fell backwards and began to call on the name of Jesus. At that time the snakes began to burn until they were ashes.
Meaning: The snakes depict false religious ministers used by Satan, who are like the Pharisees of old. They attack us, but finally they will be destroyed by Jesus.
Comment: We must always remember that there is huge power in Jesus, if we call upon Him in times of trouble.

Swarm of bees
Oct 24/03 While we were meeting together for home fellowship, a swarm of bees' filled the home. We began to protect ourselves from their sting. One brother stood and rebuked them in Jesus name and they left the home.
Meaning: Bees symbolise demons. So, the dream may depict false ministers and their followers. They always want to destroy the faithful ones. We have to resist them in the name of Jesus.

"In This World, You Will have Trials"
[Shortly after the above dreams, Kassahun wrote:]
18th November 2003
...I thank God in a special way for the opportunity He has given me this day. I and a handful of present truth believers have been detained since Friday by police and accused of gathering secretly without legal permission from the government. But the chief reason was not that, and the ones who instigated this are the SDA ministers. They were threatening us for the past two weeks. I don't want to explain the brutality and torture we have passed through in those three days from Friday to Sunday. We were released on bail on Monday with a warning to stop any meeting until we get permission from the government.
Satan tried to discourage us but we are still strong in God. While I was in prison, I have been thinking about the dreams God has given me on Oct. 23 and 24. Do you remember them? The dreams were about huge snakes and a swarm of bees that filled my home. I now believe that those dreams have been fulfilled last week when we were detained. But God is good and we are now safe. Because of the warning, we are now to go underground. For all this, praise be to the name of Almighty God. Below are some of my dreams:

Discouraged Christians
Ladders to heaven
Oct 27/03 I saw many ladders reaching high to heaven. They were all blue. Many Christians were ascending to the top. Some began at a fast pace but when they got to the middle of the ladder they became faint and couldn't continue.
Others began their journey slowly, and when they saw the height of the ladder they became discouraged and came back down. Few of them continued all the way to the top.
Comment: Jesus’ warnings about how difficult the way is to the Kingdom of God are most salient! For example, see Luke 9:23-24; 9:57-62; 8:14-15; 13:24.

Satan Attacks Kassahun’s Work
Satan tries to destroy Amharic MM translations
Oct. 28/03 Someone whom I don't know was tearing up my translated materials. I couldn't control my anger and took away the little knife from his hand and gathered up the pieces.

Race Against Time
Need sense of urgency!
Oct. 30/03 Malcolm was racing in a horse race with others in the field. (I don't know that Malcolm is capable of riding a horse.) [Quite right! I don't race horses! The meaning is allegoric. We've got to get a move on. We're in a race against time!]

MM Reaches Royals
Nov. 1/03 I received a special letter, written in gold words, from Malcolm. The letter said that a Queen has arrived at their home and wants to visit the families of MM in the whole world. [Interestingly, on 17th December 2003, just before this was first published, I had a dream that we gathered two huge fish from a small pond, next to ours. The large valuable fish represent royals whom we are now reaching with our literature. Editor.]
Comment: Helena has sent a number of packets of MM literature to the Queen, and God showed in dreams afterward that she is learning some things from them.

Ethiopia: Destruction From North
Destruction in Ethiopia to come from the north
Nov. 2/03 I dreamt about a strong wind. It came from the north and destroyed whatever stood in its way. Buildings collapsed. Trees were uprooted and thrown far away. Destruction was all over the place.

Apostate 'Christians'
Nov. 4/03 A dream about naked women. They seem to sell their bodies like street girls. The sight was disgusting.

Escaped Like A Bird Out Of the Snare
27th November 2003
“We have escaped like a bird out of the fowler’s snare: the snare has been broken, and we have escaped. Our help is in the name of the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” (Psalm 124:7,8.)
The above scripture is being fulfilled day by day in my life. The enemy is still trying to finish us off, through false
SDA ministers. They are desperately doing evil works by bribing some police to interfere in our private lives and search our homes by force. Two days ago, I was called for further questioning but God has overthrown their plan and they couldn’t agree with each other and released me.
Your prayers and the prayers of others are doing great miracles on behalf of us. God has proved to me in the previous dreams that He will take care of us in our struggle with the powers of darkness. Praise be His name.  [Fulfilment of dream of Aug 27/03.]

Moon Turns To Blood
Moon turns blood red
Nov. 5/03 Thick clouds covered the sky. [Spiritual darkness and terror reign.] It seems that heavy rain [revival] will come soon. Instead I saw a red moon coming from the south. [Red moon represents bloodshed in the Church.]

Islamic Division And Violence
Islamic invasion and division amongst themselves
Nov. 7/03 I saw divisions in Islamic religion. Moslems were completely in disagreement with each other and killed each other. Some of them were burning the Koran. Others were burning mosques. The scene was terrible.
Comment: This scenario is what has occurred since in Iraq, and in some other places.

Hazardous Road To The Kingdom
Difficult road into the Kingdom of God
Nov. 8/03 I was travelling on a precarious bridge. Under the bridge there was a beautiful city. I had to keep my balance lest I fall from the bridge. I finally descended and went into the city.
Meaning: The bridge may depict the difficult journey we are now in. The city may represent God’s Kingdom. We have to continue our spiritual journey by faith (faith is our balance) until we reach to the Kingdom of God.

Satan Tries To Kill Kassahun
Satan tries to kill me again and again
Nov. 10/03 An old man tells me again and again that both of us will soon die. But I was confounding the idea of dying again and again. [We walk by faith in Jesus, not by our own human ability or strength.]
Meaning: The old man represents the old serpent that is Satan. He knows very well that the time of his destruction is very near. His death will be the second death or total destruction. We know that we have passed from eternal death to eternal life by Jesus’ death and resurrection. In the attack which came (see below), Satan wanted to kill Kassahun.

Helena Interceding
Helena intercedes against demonic powers
Nov. 11/03 Helena was piloting a plane. We were on board and comfortable, trusting that she can make us arrive at our destination. [God is showing that Helena's intercession, very much unseen, is achieving much in the spirit realm!]

God Tells Kassahun To Flee
9th December 2003
... I'm in a constant flight from the enemies of Truth. I'm now living in a place some 45 km away from my home. Satan has opened another round of attacks against us.
Before my escape on Nov. 28, God gave me the following dream:
Many dogs who had terrible faces were coming at me with fury. When I saw their fast pace I began to run faster. They followed me. I ran much faster, but my strength was failing. I was becoming weak. While I was discouraged, and thought that these dogs will keep pursuing me and devour me until I'm dead, I saw an open iron door and entered there. Immediately I locked the door from inside and the dogs were shut outside.
The dream was a warning to me that another attack was coming against me. This attack would threaten my life.
On the morning of Nov. 28, the Spirit of God spoke to my heart to leave my place. After a long prayer, I decided to go to another place. In the afternoon, one brother sent a message to me that my home had been surrounded by militia men.
Today I came here secretly to e-mail you. After I send this, I will return immediately. I'm glad that God has chosen me to partake in the suffering of Christ. Indeed it is a great privilege for me. We know that it is with much tribulation that we enter the Kingdom of God.
Your e-mail gave me much encouragement my brother! Thank you very much. Your love is my comfort.

Soldiers Come For Kassahun
Nov. 13/03 An army jet was moving around on the roof of my home. Suddenly soldiers came with a jeep and surrounded my home. They arrested and questioned me as to who had attacked the government palace with a missile. I told them that I didn't know. 
Meaning: Our present situation.
Comment: The dream is a symbolic representation of what happened to Kassahun, given about 2 weeks prior to the event. The imagery is not meant to be taken completely literally. Obviously the part about soldiers was literal, but the dream showed the aggressiveness of the attack, and the force with which evil men would come against him.

Evil People Persecute Kassahun
Satan uses traitors to the truth to attack us
Nov. 14/03 While I was outside, I saw a large snake coming out from my home. [Shows that the attack was instigated by those who should be part of God's Church but who have sold themselves to Satan.] I began to hit the snake with a large stick but I couldn't get his head. Countless other little snakes were all over the ground.
The large snake then penetrated the wall and hid there. A man whom I didn't recognise came to my help and entered the home. When he came out of the home he held two large snakes. He burnt the snakes. [God helps us in unexpected ways through unexpected people or angels.]
Comment: The man is an angel, whom God sent to help Kassahun escape from this attack.

Evil SDA church!
Nov. 16/03 A woman spread mud on my clothes while I was walking on the street.
Meaning: The woman is the SDA church. The mud is hatred and false accusations against us. The present persecution on us was instigated by them.

Destructive Volcano In USA
Volcano to destroy a whole state of America
Nov. 1703 It seemed that I was in America. I didn't know the state which I was in. A lot of fire, like a volcano, came out of the ground. Buildings were burnt. The state seems totally desolate and without inhabitant.
Comment: This may be Washington State.

More Attacks Against Christians
Churches under attack from the enemies of truth
Nov. 19/03 I was in the home of women (unknown to me). They were afraid that somebody may attack them. Indeed, there were men who wanted to attack these women. I helped them to escape.
Thank you for the prayers and intercession you are making for us. Don't worry about us. God is on our side. Keep up the good work. Give my best regards to all. Kassahun

Still In “Kerith”
16th December 2003
Thank you for the... encouragement... I am still in my “Kerith Ravine.” [1 Kings 17:3.] Nothing has changed yet and I'm still living away from my home. But God has been teaching me precious lessons of faith. Even if it is hard to live solitarily, I am adapting to the situation...
Two days ago Xxxxxx came to visit me and to my surprise he came with the booklets and translated materials. I couldn't control my joy when I saw those truth-loaded materials. Praise God. Here are my latest dreams:

The Infernal Machine In The USA
In America in the Spirit
Nov. 20/03 I was walking in a large, well-lit city. I did not know where. While walking, I discovered the Statue of Liberty and cried out, “I’m in America!” Then, pushed by some power, I arrived in front of a large building.
I climbed the stairs, and a door opened in front of me. I saw a large building site. Technicians climbed up and down the stairs quite indifferent to me. Then I saw a huge machine. I found myself on the first floor. I heard that it was called “the infernal machine.” It was very precise and powerful.
Meaning: An “infernal machine” is a time bomb. It has a detonating mechanism, set to go off at a particular time. God has a very precise time when New York will be destroyed!

Angelic Help When We Need It
God's prophets need help from others!
Nov. 21/03 I was walking with a companion. He started climbing a staircase in front of me and he arrived at the top of the stairs. I followed him, but when I arrived half way up the stairs I collapsed, exhausted. I could no longer walk.
So, I cried to my companion, “I’ve no more strength. I’ve no more strength.” Then he came back to help me, took me by the hand, and helped me to climb the other stairs.
Comment: We can’t achieve what we need to achieve on our own. We need God’s help, but He will give it. He loves us so much and sends His angels to do what we can’t do for ourselves.

Heavenly help
Nov. 23/03 I was holding a big white sheet and under my feet were great rocks. Another white sheet was open in front of me on the rock. Then the Spirit of God said to me, “Take the corner of this sheet and cling to it very tightly so as not to fall again into troubles and trials.”
So I held on strongly. The sheet rose up from the rock and carried me up with it, leaving everything behind under my feet.
Comment: As we cling to Him, He takes us up with Him.

It’s 20 Minutes To Midnight!
The world scene is now at 20 minutes to Midnight!
Nov. 25/03 Malcolm had sent me a NL. The cover of the NL was not as usual (light green). It was red, and written in black and bold letters, “THE ANGEL SAID THE WORLD CLOCK IS AT 20 MINUTES BEFORE MIDNIGHT.”
[Editor: The dream depicts the very Newsletter (No 25) in which this dream was first published. When God prompted me to start it, He gave me the title "It's Later Than You Think!"]

People In Agony
The terrible suffering of the Great Tribulation
Nov. 26/03 In my dream I saw myself in the town. Everything was at a standstill. No more singing, no more laughter, no more rejoicing. Men and women were suffering in an agony of atrocious pain and grief. The trees were dead, dry, no more fruits, and the animals also were dying.

SDA: Dead Church!
28 Nov 03  Seventh Day Adventists, a dead church!
I was in a SDA church. An evangelist came and asked me about the meaning of the beast of Rev. 13 and 42 months written on the blackboard before us. I told him that the interpretation written on the blackboard is very primitive and incorrect. There were many people in the room, but they didn’t want to listen.
Meaning: SDA members are not willing to learn new truths. They don’t want to hear God’s messages for today.

Ones Who Love God’s Truth
29 Nov 03  Other people accept and love God's truth
Many people were gathered in my home. I gave them our translated materials and they accepted them gladly.

Beware Of Men
1 Dec 03  Beware of men
I was in a house with the householders. There were three tigers in the house. They seemed very friendly but I didn't want to be near them. Suddenly, one of them got angry and so I ran for my life.
Meaning: This depicts the situation which I am in now. The tigers are those who want to kill me by making out that they are my friends. [See what Jesus said in John 16.]

MM’s Financial Deliverance
2 Dec 03  MM's financial deliverance coming
Malcolm was speaking with a microphone. He was speaking loud and clear that God has given them a financial deliverance.
Comment: As of writing, six months later, this is now beginning to be fulfilled. For those who are unaware of how MM operates, below is an excerpt to put you in the picture. It was written about the book The Imminent Fall of America.

"Actually, this prophet who wrote most of The Imminent Fall of America did not have funds to publish it. The prophecies sat on a shelf for some time, and he wondered what would become of them. He was concerned, because he knew they were for the benefit of citizens of this great country, yet he did not have the means to reach the country with them. It bothered him greatly. God spoke to him on that and said that He would 'send' someone to publish them in due course.

"Some while later, God spoke to me to publish them. I didn't have the money, but I did as He said. I got prices from various printers, and went ahead with a print run of 5,000 copies, despite the fact that I had no means to pay. To cut a long story short, God sent the money through from an unexpected source when the bill was 'ripe' to be paid. That is the way we have managed to print all the stuff we have produced. We are only a small family with one daughter in full time paid employment outside. She has given about 80% + of her wages to keep us afloat. Our other daughter works at home with us, unpaid, to mail out the publications. [This was in 2003 or 2004.] We have no church backing, just a small home fellowship with a mere handful of supporters. They are not rich, but they are willing, and with the moving of the Spirit at desperate times, God has delivered us from fiscal failure and enabled this work to go ahead despite huge debts to accomplish the task. We have had several miraculous financial deliverances! If God were not with us, we would have faded into oblivion long ago!"

Shot At!
3 Dec 03 Shot at!
We were being shot at while in the field. Miraculously the bullets didn't hit us, but were diverted and made to return in the direction they had come from.
Meaning: Whatever aggression evil people mount against God's servants, it will return to them.

Police Persecution Of MM
8th January 2004
Last night God has given me three dreams concerning you.

1) Police opposition will come against MM.
In the first dream I saw a stern-looking man clothed in a military uniform, like the old Nazis. He was spying through the door to see what was going on in Malcolm’s home. He was writing something down that I couldn’t see.
Meaning: This depicts the mentality and approach of the police in the malicious way they will want to prosecute us. [More about this is prophesied in Newsletter 20 under Police and Persecution or in Is Britain Now A Police State? And When Prosecution Is Persecution.]

Song Of Praise In God’s Deliverance
2) Financial Deliverance for MM
In the second dream I saw a light blue cheque. It was £2000 as a donation for MM. I also saw a cassette tape, written on it was “New Song” for MM.
Meaning: As in the dream of 12th December, heavenly (light blue) deliverance is on its way to pay off our debts. 2 is the number of certainty (biblical meanings of numbers are given in God's Great Genius). 2,000 = 2 x 10 x 10 x 10.
10 is the number of man, and because it occurs three times (cubed) it denotes God's plan for man being worked out. (Look at the dimensions of God's Temple in Revelation 21, esp v 16.)
Moses wrote a New Song as a song of praise for God's deliverance, after the Red Sea crossing (Ex 14 and 15).

Angels Protect The Work Of MM
3) Angels protect MM from opposition that could destroy
In the third dream I saw archers surrounding Malcolm’s home. They were many. I asked one of them where they came from and he pointed to the north. They came to protect the camp of God’s servant.
Meaning: The north is where God's throne is (Ps 48:2). Angels are guiding and protecting this work of MM because it is a work of God with the End-Time Message.

Betrayed By False ‘Pastors’
8 Dec 03  Betrayal by false ministers
I saw certain pastors in courts openly accusing our brothers and sisters of having broken the government’s laws.

Weeping And Sorrow
9 Dec 03 Tribulation and anguish coming to God's people
I saw a group of people whose faces were shining. As my gaze rested upon them, contemplating their joy and happiness, I saw a thick black cloud envelop them, and their faces changed to an expression of pain and suffering. I heard weeping and saw tears running down their cheeks. Their sadness was great.

Sabbath-Keepers To Be Persecuted
11 Dec 03  Kassahun's house seized
In a dream I saw the mayor of the community had given authorisation for people to take over my house. These people came to me and said, “You are no longer the proprietor of your house. It is ours. It is because of your rebellion to us and your fidelity to Jesus in observing the Sabbath.”
Meaning: Serious persecution is going to come against us as Sabbath-keepers, because of the mark of the Beast.

12 Dec 03 Revival coming
I was running through great rains until I was fully wet. Meaning: Rain depicts the outpouring of the Spirit from God. Before the great persecution there will be a revival.

False Brothers Will Perish
14 Dec 03  Deserters will wither and die
In a dream I saw certain brothers, who had left us, descend into a tomb.
Meaning: When someone, who knows the truth, rejects it in order to seek 'an easy way out', they wither and die spiritually. Satan traps them in a spiritual tomb.

Helena Drenched From Heaven
Jan 21/04 Outpouring of the Spirit Coming and Publicity
Last night God gave me a dream about Helena. She was standing alone on a very high hill. She was shocked by the rain coming from heaven. The rain was heavy [outpouring of the Spirit and its effects, bringing revival] and I was concerned about her lest she got a cold [exposure, stress, publicity, etc].
While I was thinking about her health I saw two huge stars coming down from heaven [powerful angels]. They began to swirl over her head and bathed her with their bright light. They were so bright that I couldn't see her through that light. Finally I realised that she was chosen to be in that bright light.
Comment: Helena will witness on TV, through the media, when the dead are raised. We have had other dreams which show this.

12 Bright Stars In The Sky
Dec 23/03  End of the world coming SOON!
I saw 12 white and bright stars in the sky. I heard a voice saying, "The end of the world has come." It seems to me that the voices were coming from those stars.
Meaning: Compare with Rev 12:1 – The woman, which partly symbolised Israel, who was the first recipient of God's truth, and meant to preserve it. She had a garland of 12 stars on her head. Victors of races, sporting events, or conquests, were presented with a garland to wear on their heads. The symbolism infers that those who overcome will inherit the honour of ruling with Christ on earth. 12 is the number denoting God's government or rule. And the stars are symbols of angelic beings who will decorate such a government.
Notice also in Rev 12:10 the loud voice, as Kassahun heard in his dream, and the same time which is the end of the age. This is confirmation to a modern prophet of what John saw in his vision in Revelation, and that the end of the age is very close!

Kassahun Is Pursued, But Delivered
Dec 24/03  Pursued by foes, but delivered
I was just coming out of a military camp. A trained dog [represents an evil influence, or people governed by demons – probably state police or army] was following me. On its back it had two wings like a bird. [Compare with Rev 12:14. God led Israel out of  Egypt on the wings of an eagle. It's a symbol for swiftness, power and protection.]
I sensed two things – that the dog was violent and that it can fly like a bird to attack its enemies. [It probably symbolises evil state machinery that can attack quickly, without warning, and has power on its side, and state protection to perform its evils.]

Dec 25/03  I escaped from a grenade attack.

Persecutors Brought To Repentance
Dec 27/03  Violent, fierce persecution coming
5 violent men came out of a pool. They were killing people relentlessly. [The coming Tribulation.] When they came close to me I rebuked them in Jesus' name.
One of them stretched his right arm towards me, and from it came many bright rays like fire shooting towards me like a bullet. I called on the name of Jesus and those rays vanished.
Finally those men became weak and I prayed for them. [God will bring good out of the evil. Even such murderers can be brought to repentance and God can come into their lives, when they come to hate the evil they have done and turn away from it.]

This Work Is To Prepare The Bride
Dec 28/03 Kassahun's work and MM's work to mature the Church
I dreamed that I saw a partially completed building [the Church]. The workmen were gathering up their tools preparing to leave it unfinished but I entreated them to consider the Master.
"The building is not finished," I said. "Come back and keep working until it is roofed."
Then they came back and continued the work. [Most pastors have no idea how unfinished the Church is. She is not ready to be the Bride of Christ. She is missing a lot of correct doctrine which we can provide, to fill in the gaps.]

Trust In Jesus To Help In Every Situation
Dec. 24/03 1) Stuck In A PitJesus Will Deliver You
In the first dream, I was in a pit. At the bottom of the pit there was thick mud and I gradually sank into it. I struggled to get out of the pit but I couldn't.
Suddenly a Man clothed in the suit of a General stood on the mouth of the pit and stretched His sceptre towards me and told me to hold it tightly. I did as He said. He pulled me out of the pit in the twinkling of an eye and I stood on the dry ground.
Then He said, "Go wherever you want. You are now free." After this He suddenly disappeared.
Meaning: Sticky, difficult, or impossible situations have no human solution. But Jesus has, and He will deliver you wherever you find yourself trapped or unable to move.

2) Released And Free
In the second dream someone who has authority gave me an official letter. The letter says, "We have released you forever."
Meaning: Arrest, imprisonment, or other restrictions may hold you for a while, but God will ensure that you are released to continue His Work.

3) God Sends A Human Deliverer
In the third dream I was clothed with sackcloth from head to foot, and chained to a large tree. The place was a desert [spiritual meaning]. I thought that my enemies were determined to kill me by starvation.
While I was discouraged and expecting to die soon, a peasant came with his camel to that place. When I saw him I called out to him to help me. He came and released me. He put me on the back of his camel and took me to his home.

Protect Spiritual Valuables
Dec. 17/03 God Warns To Protect Valuable Things
My shelf was broken and my valuable things were stolen while I was away from my home.
Meaning: This was a warning to me to protect my valuable things – booklets and translated materials which are very dear to me – from my enemies. God advised me through Malcolm to keep away my things from my home. I've done as advised.

Violent Men Can’t Defeat Us
Dec. 20/03  Opposition And Persecution
I and a few others were in a large fenced place, protecting ourselves from a bunch of bandits. They were trying to break the fences and kill us with their large swords. They tried hard to get us but they couldn't.

Light Of Jesus From The Cross
Dec. 21/03  The Light Of Jesus From The Cross
I saw Jesus hanging on the cross. His head wasn't seen. In the place of His head there was a bright circle emitting powerful light. That light was shining far and wide.
Meaning: Jesus died for the sins of the world and that good news (Gospel) has been shining out ever since. The dream symbolically portrays the global preaching of the gospel in the days just ahead. His headship isn’t seen yet. That comes later, when He takes over rulership of government on earth.

Ethiopian Military Preparations
Dec. 30/03  Soldiers Preparing For War In Ethiopia
I was recruited as a soldier and taken to Debre Zeit. I wasn't happy. The drinking water was salty and the training was tough.
Meaning: War is coming to Ethiopia, so military conscription will occur. I believe this is a prior warning to you of why you will need to leave your country when God shows you.

Healing Hurts
Dec. 31/03  God Can Heal Your Wounds
I was praying for a woman. Her back was covered in wounds. After praying, I poured a bucket of warm water on her back and to my surprise the wounds disappeared.
Meaning: Perhaps it depicts a church, or people from a church background, where the wounds would represent how much they have been hurt by wrong teachings and approach. The warm water represents the love of the Holy Spirit that can bring healing as people learn God's truths.

Beware Falling
Jan. 1/04  The Struggle To Reach The Kingdom of God
I and a few Christian brothers were ascending a pole. On the top of the pole there was a box hanging on a rope. We sensed in our spirit that there is something in that box. We need to keep our balance so we don’t fall to the ground. Even though we struggled to keep our balance, some of the brothers fell to the ground. Finally we got the box and opened it. It was full of golden papers. We couldn't understand what it means.
Meaning: Symbolic of our difficult spiritual journey to attain eternal life which is depicted by the treasure box. Tragically, some won't make it, even though they start out on the journey.

Reaching Many People In Public
Jan. 3/04  Preaching In The Streets
I was preaching in the streets. People gathered to hear what I had to say. I said: “Let's walk in the light of the Lord. He will teach us His ways." Meaning: At some time in the future, you will be reaching people in everyday situations (the streets).

Dreams From God To Kassahun
Jan. 4/04  “Answered Questions About Kassahun
I read an e-mail letter from Malcolm. The subject said "Answered Questions About Kassahun." On the letter box there was a statement saying; “The dreams given to Kassahun and the work he is doing in his country are all his responsibility."
Meaning: This is God's way of saying allegorically that He has ordained you a prophet to the nation. God is giving you things for your nation and your people, as can be seen in many of the dreams – in this very volume now!

The Devil Is Not Easily Perceived
Jan. 6/04  Beware 'Lions' Claiming They Are Harmless
I faced a lion in the street. Although it didn’t seem harmful I didn’t trust its outward appearance. As I passed it, I prayed in my heart.
Meaning: We have to beware the enemy lurking behind innocuous facades. Lions depict the devil and his accomplices.

Trying To Hide From Torturers
Jan. 7/04  In Prison
Two brothers and I were in prison. The prison was huge. We were trying to hide from the torturers but couldn't find a hiding place.
Meaning: Persecution, imprisonment, and torture of Christians is coming from civil authorities. But God will help His little ones who are fully committed to Him.

190 Circular Papers
Jan. 8/04 190 Circular Papers
I got a packet from Malcolm. When I opened it there were 190 little circular papers. On each of them were written prophetic messages.
Meaning: 190 is 19 (new phase in what God is doing) x 10 (man). So, these depict prophetic messages for mankind. They are for the whole world, symbolised by their shape, being round like the world. Perhaps there were many of them because God has given us a lot of information through dreams and through other ways as MM's written material has been compiled.

Opposition From Orthodox Church
Jan. 10/04  Orthodox Church Opposes Christ
I saw a large cross rooted in the ground. A man who was dressed like a soldier sat on top of it. I couldn't understand how he got there. As I was looking at him the local Orthodox Church patriarch came and began to curse the man. As he did this a huge rock came from the sky and knocked the patriarch to the ground.
Meaning: The large cross represents the message of the cross of Christ – the gospel. The 'soldier' sitting on the top represents someone (it probably depicts you) who is proclaiming it. But the Orthodox Church leader is not a true Christian, because he blasphemes and opposes the truth by opposing the one who brings it. He is one of those described in 2 Corinthians 11:13 – "Such people are sham apostles, confidence tricksters masquerading as apostles of Christ" (Revised English Bible). His fate will be to be destroyed by Jesus (the Rock, 1 Cor 10:4).

People Fleeing From Warfare!
Jan. 11/04  War And Conflict All Over Ethiopia
Ethnic clashes were seen all over my country. Violence and bloodshed were all over the place. I fled for my life.
Meaning: War and terrible suffering is coming to East Africa, and it will engulf Ethiopia.

MM Publications Reflect True Light
Jan. 13/04 MM Publications Reflect The Light Of The Bible
I saw the Bible surrounded by the publications of MM. Several bright rays were coming from the Bible and were reflected on the publications.
Meaning: God's wonderful light of spiritual truth shines forth from His Word in the Bible. In this dream, this light was reflected by MM's publications. This is another confirmation from God that He approves of MM's literature.

Massive Iceberg Ahead!
10th February 2004
Last night God gave me this dream:
Huge obstacle will get in MM's way
The family of MM was on a large ship. Malcolm and his family, with a number of other faithful ones, were sitting on one side and I and some other Africans were sitting on the other side parallel with each other. We all were praising God.
After the praise, Malcolm stood and told us that the ship was given to MM for the work of spreading the truths to other continents and we must all participate in doing the work as never before.
Suddenly, the lookout cried, “Iceberg just ahead!” We all went to see. There, towering high above the ship, was a gigantic iceberg. Malcolm cried out, “Meet it!”
There was not a moment’s hesitation. It was a time for instant action. The captain steered the ship straight into the iceberg [iceberg depicts cold authorities lacking God’s love].
With a massive crash she struck the ice. There was a tremendous shock and the iceberg broke into many pieces, falling with a noise like thunder to the deck.
We were violently shaken by the force of the collision but no lives were lost. The ship was damaged, but not beyond repair. She rebounded from the contact trembling like a living creature. Then she moved forward on her way.
Meaning: The dream depicts the massive confrontational attack against MM by British state police and legal machinery. God is going to allow this, to bring a witness against the forces of so-called law and order in Britain before He prophesies their doom for rejecting Him.
He is shaking all things!

God Measuring His People
14 Jan 04 God is measuring His Church
In my dream a sentinel stood at the door of an important building and asked everyone who came in, “Have you received the Holy Spirit?” A measuring line was in his hand and only very, very few were allowed into the building.
Meaning: As in Revelation 11, God is measuring His temple. Only those who fully accept His Spirit will enter His Kingdom. It’s not what you believe that counts with God, but what is in your heart. That allows His Spirit to live within you.

Fighting Three Alligators
15 Jan 04  Opposition from demonised people
I was struggling with three alligators. They were trying to bite me. I had to protect myself from them. I stabbed two of them with a knife and wounded them. The other escaped. [Depicts how vicious demonised people can be!]

Foreign Soldiers In Ethiopia
17 Jan 04  War coming to Ethiopia
I was with Christians who gathered in the street. They were praying. Some of them were praying in tongues. Suddenly, we began to hear an exchange of fire. At this point, we fled for our lives. I saw foreign soldiers all over the streets. They were friendly to us.
Meaning: Perhaps this is AFTER the initial Islamic invasion, because the troops are ‘friendly’ – a ‘peace-keeping’ force? The reference to prayer in tongues – intercession – is noteworthy, because intercession always precedes whatever God does.

So Many Questions About The Truth
18 Jan 04  Witnessing to many people
I was standing before an assembly of people bearing a testimony regarding the truths. After the discourse, many gathered about me asking questions. They desired so many explanations about this point and that point and another point that I said, “One at a time, if you please, lest you confuse me.
Meaning: When God raises the dead, there will be MANY people wanting to know and understand what He has given us. But, truth is so strange to many people – so different to what they have believed – that there will be many questions!

Beware Drug Pushers
20 Jan 04 Beware of those who want to cause us harm
A woman, who was a foreigner, was in my home. She was very friendly with me. She tells me that she wants to hide her bag somewhere in my home. I don’t like the idea because I don’t know what is in the bag.
Suddenly policemen surrounded my home. A sergeant came to my home (he was also a foreigner). He takes the bag from her, looks in it and takes out some cocaine. I was shocked. He takes her with him but leaves me.
Meaning: The 'plant' may be a woman literally, but it could also represent a church who wants to try and get Kassahun into trouble with the law, to have him locked up.
Drugs are also symbolic of deception. Jesus warned to beware deception in the last days (Matt 24:4, etc). The false church wants to foist her deception onto true Christians!

God Allows A Dreadful Carnage
21 Jan 04  Tragedy at orphanage
I was with a white man in a fenced camp [lacking spiritual freedom!]. The camp looks like an orphanage. Many children were playing. Suddenly, there comes fire like a whirlwind from behind the fence and burns all the children. We couldn’t save them. The fire came so fast.
Frightened, we fled for our lives. The white man was running, crying with many tears. I was following him.
Meaning: The 'orphanage' may be just that, or it may represent a Bible school like that which Michael Howard runs in South Sudan. War coming to the region soon is going to wipe out many young lives!

MM Meetings Drenched By Spirit
MM meetings to be drenched by the Holy Spirit
I was in a meeting with the family of MM. The place was full of people who came to worship Jesus. People were eagerly expecting something as if they had heard that something really good was going to happen to them.
A Man with a large bucket came in. I don’t know what was in the bucket. The Man said, “The Banner of Emmanuel,” and sprinkled something that was in the bucket on us.
First, it seemed to me that it was water but I discovered that what we received was oil. We were all baptised by oil.
Many miracles are to occur in MM’s meetings!

Arrived After Four Years
24 Jan 04  At last!
I had received a packet of literature from Malcolm. When I opened one of the booklets I found letters. The letters were written in the year 2000. I wondered how it took four years to arrive!
Meaning: We have waited four years for things to occur in this ministry. We thought that the 'big push', with the new premises, publicity, and outpouring of power, was going to come in 2000, but there has been a long delay (only from our perspective, not from God’s viewpoint).
God has His own timing, which is rarely ours!

A Fast And Sudden Work
25 Jan 04  A fast work
I saw a great light moving with incredible speed. Nothing could stop it. Wherever it went little shiny arrows flew out from it. People who received these little shiny arrows were themselves shiny and healthy.
Meaning: There is very little time left before Jesus comes. Just a matter of a few years. Much work needs to be done in that time, reaching and teaching people God's truths. God will cut short His work in righteousness (Rom 9:28). But before that time comes, He will move with lightning speed.

Apostasy Is Rooted In Self-Will
26 Jan 04 Apostasy
I was in a beautiful green garden. Two white men were with me. They want to visit all the places but are confused as to how they can visit the beautiful place. I understood their feeling and told them that I could guide them through the garden. They welcomed my help and began to come and see the place.
After we walked a little they changed direction and began to walk by themselves. I told them to return or else they will get lost in the garden, but they didn’t want to listen to me.
Comment: This reveals why people fall away.

Some Want To Destroy The Truth
28 Jan 04 Some try to destroy the truth
I was struggling with someone who wants to steal my spiritual books and booklets.
Meaning: Opposition to the truth is much. Some will try and destroy the writings which convey it.

Hitler Still Around
29 Jan 04 Hitler 'still around'
I saw Hitler. He was guarded by many and was on a chair. There was a table in front of him. On the table I saw two books. One was the Bible and the other was a book of divination.
There comes light from the Bible but he ignores that and turns to the book of occult divination. He seemed to get some help from that book.
Meaning: Hitler is no longer around physically, but the demons who motivated him are motivating others now, too. Just look at radical Muslims who practice the same vehement anti-Semitism that Hitler espoused! What’s the difference between their hatred and that of Hitler’s Nazis? Little!

Threats Against God’s Servants
30 Jan 04 Some people want to kill God's servants
In this dream someone tried to inject me with poison.

5 Feb 04 Masked gunman tries to shoot Kassahun
A man with a gun tries to shoot me. I couldn’t see his face because he was a masked gunman, but I suspect that he was one whom I helped at one time.
Meaning: It depicts the sad fact that those who once knew the truth and who fall away, can become our worst enemies.

Swedish People
1 Feb 04 Swedish outreach
I was with a number of Swedish people. We were attending a wedding ceremony. A little distance from where we were standing I saw two young women, clothed with white linen, standing between their parents. We rushed to them to say congratulations but they disappeared like some kind of ghost.
Meaning: This was fulfilled some months ago (Kassahun did not know about it). Some Swedish people requested some booklets about Christmas from us, which we sent. They said they would order many more, but they never did.
We didn't hear from them again. While they rejoiced to find out that Christmas is pagan, perhaps it led them to other aspects that they found they just couldn't handle, such as the true Sabbath. They were not mature Christians.

Total Darkness In SDA Church
2 Feb 04 SDA church in total darkness!
I was in an SDA church on the Sabbath. Pastors were standing to teach, but the place was totally dark and nothing could be seen. The darkness was moving gradually to the people sitting on the chairs. I told the people to move out of the church immediately, but they refused to listen. A few of us left.
Meaning: The SDA church is in total spiritual darkness now. That spiritual darkness has enveloped the members so they can’t see. But most refuse to listen to the truth or accept the light that would help them to come out of that body of darkness.

Revival: Many Requests
4 Feb 04 Great revival coming
I was distributing MM booklets in the streets. I didn’t have enough for the multitudes!

Building The Living Temple
6 Feb 04 MM is helping to build the Living Temple
Many people were working on a huge building on level ground. I went to find out who the man was who owned this building. Suddenly Malcolm appears out of the blue, with a smile on his face. There was a hard hat on his head like builders wear on building sites. He said to me that the building is ‘The Living Temple’. I didn’t understand what he meant. [You do, but that was how God conveyed it in the dream, because He put you in the place of new people coming to inquire.]
Meaning: The Living Temple is comprised of those in whom the Spirit of God lives and moves. The children of God are those who are led by His Spirit. Where God's Spirit dwells is His Temple. So, it is a living Temple.
MM publications are not written to try and gain a following for us. They are written to help people accept the Spirit of God and be led by Him.
God is no respecter of persons. He loves all who humble themselves to allow Him to live within them.

Escaping From War
8 Feb 04 Escaping from warfare
I was struggling to escape from a strong wind. It came from behind me.
Meaning: This depicts Kassahun  having to escape from warfare which will engulf his region. [See 21st Jan 04 also.] Arab militia, with Sudanese government airplanes are committing genocide in S Sudan. That warfare will spread south. There is also a threat of war from the east, as other dreams portray [16th Jan 01; 6th Apl 01; 21st Mar 03.].

15 Feb 04  Addis Ababa and Ethiopia taken over
Addis Ababa had fallen into the hands of foreign powers. People were completely confused and anarchy reigned in the city. I and my family decided to flee to Kenya.
Meaning: Terrible war will engulf Ethiopia soon. Other dreams indicate that Islamic insurgents will precipitate trouble.

Poorly Prepared Christians
10 Feb 04 Put on the garments of righteousness
I saw many young men clothed with blue shirts, standing in front of a large hall. They were all naked from their waist to their feet.
Meaning: It depicts how poorly clothed some Christians are. So much so, that if they stood before Jesus, they would be ashamed.

New Door
11 Feb 04  An unexpected door opens
I was in a town. I went there to visit some present truth believers. But I couldn’t find them. Tired, I sat on the ground. In front of the place where I sat, I saw an old house. The house seemed to be forgotten and I thought no-one was living there. To my surprise, the door opened and a young man came to me with a smile on his face. He invited me into his home.
Meaning: This depicts the new door God has opened in Xxxxxx, Ethiopia.

12 Feb 04  Gift of jacket
Someone gave me a beautiful jacket, but its sleeve was torn. [Some sort of help / gift from someone.]

14 Feb 04  Interested in prophecy
An old man came to my home and began to study prophecy. We begin to study the Bible. The man was very interested.
Meaning: Some(one) interested in prophecy whom Kassahun will reach.

Demons Cause Unnatural Fear
16 Feb 04  Demons cast out
I was in a brother’s home. I went there to teach the truths of God to him. When I arrived at his home he was in total fear. I asked him what the cause of his fear was and he pointed to a black cat which was in front of his bed. The cat was preparing to attack the brother. I rebuked it because I sensed that there was a demon behind the cat. Suddenly, the cat stretched its wings (I was surprised when I saw wings on the back of a cat because it was unnatural) and it flew out of the home.
Comment: A cat can represent someone close to the man.

This Much Opposed Truth
16th March 2004
The truth about the authority of the Spirit vehemently opposed! [Kassahun’s comments here illustrate what some of the foregoing dreams have portrayed in symbol.]
Thanks for the letters and booklets you have sent by post. They are timely and encouraging. It is sad to hear about Olivia Long's rejection of the truths of the hour. It is surprising to see people, especially those who profess to follow Jesus, choose to reject the instruments of deliverance, to their destruction. I saw the same rejection in DB in the past four days. I went to this town, honouring the invitation of a few brothers and sisters to share the truth. I arrived there Thursday afternoon. In the evening, I began to share with them about the importance of keeping God’s feast days. Some eight to ten young men were present to hear this new truth. I gave them our translated material on the subject.
Friday after our preparation, we meet again in the evening in the same brother’s home and I share with them the seven lessons we can learn from the manna in the wilderness. Some fifteen people were present and one of them was an evangelist. He invited me to teach in the church Saturday afternoon.
Saturday afternoon, I and the brother who invited me went to the church. The evangelist was expecting me and I began to teach God’s Church – Whose Authority?
In the middle of my message a man who sat far behind suddenly stood up and began to shout at me to stop my teaching and another one followed the same way and stood and poured out of his mouth “fire and brimstone”. I couldn’t continue my teaching. The first one walked straight towards me to hit me with his fist but the brothers snatched me away and protected me. We left the church.
If Satan sees that he is in danger of losing one soul he will exert himself to the utmost to keep that one. This is what he has done in that church. They choose darkness rather than light and reject Jesus. After exhorting the brother who received the truth of the hour I returned yesterday safely. Praise His blessed name.

Terrifying Warfare
17 Feb 04  War
I saw in the sky a huge beast that was spitting fire all over the ground. People were running in all directions trying to save themselves from the fire. Many were burnt and were killed. The scene was very terrifying.

Christians MUST Repudiate Evil
18/19 Feb 04  Christians must repudiate evil
I was in a wedding ceremony. Those who were present were given a little card with the number 6 written on it but when I saw my card the number 6 wasn’t there. Surprised, I asked the man who gave me the card. He won’t answer me.
Meaning: Biblically the number 6 can depict evil in people. Many have been invited to wed Jesus at His return, but there is still evil in them. Until they deal with that evil in their hearts and lives they aren't ready for His return.

Tribulation Is Coming
20 Feb 04  Tribulation is coming. Are you ready?
A new booklet arrived in the post written by Malcolm. On the cover there was a title written in bold “60 Ways To Escape From The Coming Tribulation.” Immediately I began to read eagerly while I returned home.
Meaning: 60 is 6 x 10. To survive the coming Tribulation, spiritually, (don't worry about the physical part; God can take care of you however He sees fit), people (10) must deal with the evil (6) in their hearts, and start living fully for Jesus.
Articles of Faith, Vol 3 (5.00) from MM contains articles to help you prepare to Endure to the End and How to Survive God's Judgement.

Martial Arts Mobs
21 Feb 04  Persecution coming
Our meeting place was surrounded by Martial Art mobs. They tried to get in to attack us but we escaped through the door behind the house.
Meaning: Martial Arts originated in the East. Actually they are systems of worship of demons, so if you practice martial arts like kung fu, t'ai chi, or similar disciplines, you are giving homage to the demons behind them.
Similar demons will stir up people to attack Christians, but if you are faithful to God He will help you.

Dead People Come Alive
22 Feb 04  Dead people coming to life
My mother, grandmother and some dead friends came to my home and I welcomed them with much joy. We chatted to each other and my mother said to me that the time of the rising from the dead has already begun. I was overjoyed!

Cult Mentality
24 Feb 04 Those with cult mentality refuse the truth
I was teaching in a congregation with a cult mentality. But they don’t want to accept what I was saying to them.
Comment: It's not realised by most Christians that most churches are actually cults. In a cult, worship and honour that belongs to Jesus is transferred to the people who lead the group. This loyalty is so strong that people just stay loyal to their leaders even when they are being led in error. They reject 'new' truth. The biggest cult is the Roman Catholic Church. But she has many daughter cults, too, where leaders usurp Christ's place.

God Will Create A Great Shaking
25 Feb 04 A great shaking!
Several iron chairs were descending from the sky with great speed. The places where they landed were shaken violently and buildings cracked and collapsed.
Meaning: Perhaps the chairs represent seats of judgement. God is moving on the earth to bring churches, human institutions, governments and people under His judgement.
It is prophesied in Haggai 2:7 and 2:21 that God will shake all things before Jesus comes.

MM’s Beautiful Place
27 Feb 04 God depicts MM as a beautiful place
It seemed to me that I was in a beautiful place with green grass and was surrounded by tall and beautiful trees.
While I was looking at the scene with much joy two young men came to me (they were foreigners). I asked them, “Whose property is this?” One of them told me that the place is the property of MM.
While we were discussing the place, a shower of rain came down on us. I said to them that I like this kind of shower. [God's refreshing outpouring.]
They pointed to a cosy home a little far from where we stood. They told me that this is their home and Malcolm is their father. All the place was wet by the showers of rain.
Comment: The only reason I was represented as their father in the dream is because they learned spiritual truth from the Heavenly Father through me.

The Final Judgement
28 Feb 04 The Final Judgement
It looked like I was in court. A person of majestic appearance was seated on a large chair. Several books were before Him and upon the covers of each was written in gold letters “Ledger of Heaven.” The words seemed like they were flames of fire! (Symbolic of the judgement of God?)
Meaning: Yes. For the righteous, the Final Judgement is the most wonderful time to look forward to, when God will reward us for all we have done.

Song Of Faith, Hope, And Love
1 Mar 04 A beautiful song
I was listening to a beautiful song. The song was about faith, hope and love (1 Cor 13). I couldn’t see the One who was singing but His voice had a power penetrating through the spirit.

US Foreign Secretary
March 2/04 Colin Powell
The American foreign secretary Colin Powell [he was in that office at the time the dream was given] visited us.
Meaning: Not sure. Perhaps it suggests that Ethiopia will be drawn into the global conflict very significantly. The coming Islamic invasion will be a huge worry for the USA's foreign policy. [This dream has now been fulfilled, as of early 2007. America has had negotiations with Ethiopia over trying to stem the Islamic influx from Somalia.]

Malcolm Wept
March 3/04  The wicked in the Church
I saw tears running down from the eyes of Malcolm. When I asked why he is crying, he told me that a woman who was close to him didn’t want to marry the Man he brings to her. I try to comfort him.
Meaning: When people reject us and 'our' message which we bring from God, they are actually rejecting Jesus!

Taiwan Seized By Chinese
March 5/04  Taiwan to be taken by Chinese
Major world medias were airing the news that Taiwan has been captured by the Chinese military and several Taiwanese officials have been killed.
Comment: This invasion has been planned by China for many years. Finally they will invade and subjugate Taiwan.
Japan is preparing to make war with China, and the Far East is now on the verge of a great crisis. When I heard the news, God gave me Rev. 11:18, "The nations were angry."
Comment: China will dominate much of the world during the Great Tribulation and threaten Europe (Rev 9:13-19; 16:12-16; Dan 11:44).

Preparing A Flock For Slaughter
March 6/04  People in bondage in churches
An old woman was chained by her neck like a bull. She was in tears, trying to break the chain, but was not able to do so. I went to help release her, but two huge strong men resisted me and prevented her being released. They told me that she is being prepared for slaughter.
I prayed to God for her deliverance.
Meaning of the dream: The old woman represents the old-fashioned Church – those in the antiquated Orthodox Church, and others in many other mainline denominations who hold to antiquated theology.
People in those denominations are spiritually bound. They are held captive by church leaders who don't really care for the people, so much as for themselves and their power or control.
The two huge men represent demonic strongholds. But it's well nigh impossible to set the people free. The church leaders are taking those people with them, straight into the Great Tribulation!
Helena had a similar dream some years ago entitled the Charity Shop, and there have been others about preparing the flock for slaughter.
Comment: Kassahun's true concern for those people is represented by his reaction which was to pray for their release. More on this subject is provided in the leaflet Preparing A Flock For Slaughter!
You would love to reach these people and deliver them, but we can only do what we can do. Most people, even when you get to them and teach them, just won't or can't accept what you say.
Deception is the poison of the Church. It makes people inert, spiritually, so they cannot be released.
In the final analysis, it will take Jesus' coming, and the total re-education of His reign in the Millennium ahead, to sort it all out!

Universal Gospel Witness Coming
March 7/04  Universal gospel witness coming
I saw a large white cross, stretched vertically from the north to south and horizontally from east to west in the night sky.
Brilliant and beautiful stars were circling it. It seems to me that I could hear a song coming from those stars. It was lovely.
Meaning: The dream may depict how the message of the cross of Christ (white, depicting redemption to bring righteousness) is going to cover the whole world.
Mel Gibson's Hollywood movie "The Passion of The Christ" which has been released not long ago, is creating part of this universal awareness of what Jesus did through His death.
We will have more to add to that, as will others, and finally the two witnesses (Rev 11), before the end finally comes a few years from now.
The stars in that dream represent angels praising God for what He is doing, redeeming His chosen ones. There is terrific joy in heaven when sinners repent!

Seeking Sanctuary Elsewhere
March 8/04  Seeking sanctuary in another country
I was leaving my home to go to a far country for an unknown period of time. I said farewell to my family and all the brothers and sisters. The scene was very emotionally moving for all.

People With AIDS
Mar 9/04  HIV people can receive God's healing
I was invited to a hall full of HIV infected people. There were many other invited guests. I didn't know them. We were expected to help those infected people.
Comment: There will be a huge number of people with AIDS (HIV). But God can heal them after they are taught and accept His forgiveness, deliverance and love.

Tribulation And Anguish
Mar 10/04  Tribulation and anguish coming
The sky turned red. Lightning was seen here and there. Everything seemed to come to a stand-still and people were crying in fear of the coming dangers. [See Matt 24; Rev 6.]

Man Commits Suicide
Mar 12/04  A man, rejected, commits suicide
I seemed to be in a beautiful place. The place was the property of a white couple but they went on vacation and another white couple were put in charge for the time being. I made friends with them. When the owners of the place returned, they called the man in charge of the place and told him that he is fired. Discouraged, the man committed suicide. They gave to his wife a little note saying, "Thanks for your service.” [Shows a complete lack of true love and care!]
Meaning: Don't know. Will become clear to Kassahun later. But the dream does show that true love was absent in the rich person who owned the house. So it reminds us that the rich in this world are lacking in spiritual riches, and that’s all that counts. Wealth and property doesn’t matter one whit!

Christians Will Be Arrested
Mar 13/04  Arrest of all Christians coming in Ethiopia
I got a letter from a reliable source. It says that I have to flee because there has been a conspiracy in our government to arrest all Christians throughout the country.

Mar 14/04  Richard turns back to God
Richard wrote a letter of apology to his dad.

Israeli PM Sharon Paralysed
Mar16/04  Israeli Prime Minister Paralysed
I saw other officials surrounding the Israeli Prime Minister who was paralyzed from his head to his toes. He was trying to get some words from his mouth, but he couldn't talk.
Comment: This occurred in early 2006.

Man Resurrected
Mar 17/04  Man raised from the dead near Kenya?
I and few others were on the border between Ethiopia and Kenya. There was a river at the border which had various colours. We were close to it and began to preach the gospel so that the people on the other side could hear. While we were preaching, the river carried a man's body. He lay at our feet. At first it seemed like he was dead. But we were very wrong. Suddenly the man stood up on his feet in front of us. We praised God for the miracle!

Time To Flee To Place Of Safety
Mar 19/04 The coming time to flee to safety
A huge shark-like monster came up out of the ground. It was powerful. I cried to those who were with me to flee immediately. We fled from the monster but it followed us.
To our surprise a powerful wind snatched us up to the sky and the monster couldn’t get us. I saw the ground it came up out of turn into a large river and the monster hid itself in it.
Meaning: The monster represents fierce opposition, possibly from the State, or sanctioned by the State. (It is a dangerous fish from the sea; and the sea represents masses of people which form nations.)
When God speaks to a prophet that people should flee, they should waste no time in escaping.
The powerful wind represents God's protection afforded by His Spirit. Only those who listen to the Spirit, therefore, can find this safety.

‘Our’ Message From God Rejected
Mar 20/04 God's End-Time Message Rejected!
We gave our most important document to a Christian Association but they returned it to us.
Meaning: This dream was fulfilled when we sent our literature to a Christian Ministry and they returned it to us with a little note attached in it, “Don’t send to us your garbage.”
Comment: We have had many like that, too!

Fear Of Al Qaeda Attack In Addis
Mar 21/04 Anarchy in Addis Ababa from Al Qaeda
The streets of Addis Ababa were in complete confusion. People were running for fear of some danger. I asked a man what is going on and he answered me that the government has announced that Al-Qaeda will attack the city in the next 4 hours.

The Dead Are Raised!
Mar 23/04 The dead are raised!
I was in the UK on a soccer pitch with my family and other foreigners. We were told to queue for some important visitation.
I queued with my grandmother and mother who have been dead for some years but who had been resurrected.
Others also queued. Most of them had been dead and were raised to life.
Malcolm and Helena were hugging and kissing those who had come to life. All were overjoyed.
We waited for the visitors patiently.
Meaning: This depicts the raising of the dead in the ministry of MM and the resultant publicity and revival.
Soccer matches get huge publicity at the moment, so the symbol of a soccer pitch was used in the dream to hint at the scale of interest that this will generate. The dead being raised will be a remarkable attention-grabber!
It will be a public spectacle which the Press will follow. We have had to wait quite a number of years for this to be fulfilled.

Told To Go To SDA Church
April 20/04
Dear Malcolm,
I am always glad when I hear from you. It gives me fresh strength to continue the race. This is the time for encouraging each other. We are now entering the battlefield. We have to unite in striking our enemy. We have to fast and pray as never before to accomplish the work God has given us.
I have begun translating those little leaflets now. The messages contained therein are very important and timely. I have distributed some of them after I copied them. I have sent some 20 copies of Church Leaders Shut The Door On Jesus and Dismantling Churches to
SDA ministers and members yesterday.
I did this after God gave me a dream Sunday night. In that dream I went to an SDA Church with some tapes and books to give to anyone whom I could contact. When I got there, I saw that they were studying their Sabbath School Lesson. (This is done every Sabbath before the main worship meeting begins.) I wait until they are finished. After they finish, I stand and beg them to give me one or two minutes because I have an important announcement to make. I told them that I have new spiritual booklets on my bag and anyone interested can take freely.
Two ministers whom I knew came and took some of the booklets. I was surprised by their boldness. After them some 6 or 7 members came and I gave them 2 booklets each. When I finished my work there I left.
The dream was very clear to me. God was telling me to contact them and I have done it
Now let me continue relating the dreams.

God Validates MM’s Work Again
Mar 24/04
God reveals that MM's Work is very important.
Malcolm was doing something very important. I couldn’t remember what that was, but it was a good thing!

In Hiding
Mar 25/04 The Ten Commandments and Enemies
I was hiding from my enemies in a narrow room.
There were rectangular marbles, 30cm by 20cm., hanging on the wall of the room. The first four commandments were written on the first and the last 6 commandments were written on the other marble.
Meaning: Perhaps meant as a composite picture of several aspects of our Christian walk:
1) persecution from enemies;
2) the 'narrow' place in which we are called to live, which depicts a life which is not easy; and
3) what we must always keep before the eyes of our minds, God's Ten Commandments.
The valuable marble on which they are written depicts their worth in spiritual terms. Yet true Christians are persecuted for keeping them!
It is also an allegory of Kassahun's life and situation, not merely at the moment, but as it will further develop in the future – in hiding.

Most Churches Reject Jesus!
Mar 27/04 Churches reject Jesus!
I saw Christ in the midst of a large company of people. He was seeking to convey to their minds His teachings. But He was despised and rejected by them. Men were heaping upon Him abuse and shame. My distress was very great as I looked upon the scene.
I pleaded with God: "What is to be done with this congregation? Will none give up their exalted opinion of self and seek the Lord as little children? Will none break their hearts before God in repentance and confession?"

Destruction And Death
Mar 28/04 Destruction and death from warfare coming
I saw human and animal corpses lying in the streets. The scene was sickening. I wanted to get out of the city and go to live in another place.

Most Churches Are Cults
Mar 29/04 Most churches are cults, worshipping their leaders
I went to a cult meeting. When I arrived, people were praying in the name of their leader.
Anger filled my spirit and I condemned their practice, telling them to return to Bible teaching.
But they wouldn’t listen to me. They slandered me and cast me out of their congregation.

Thank You For Interceding For Us
27 April 2004 Sick Healed and Demons Cast Out by God's Mighty Hand. [Kassahun informing about God’s wonders.]
I’m writing this letter after a short break I have had. We have begun a 5 day prayer meeting beginning from Saturday.
We have been blessed in the past 3 days. A person who came with various problems has been released from their bondages. The sick have been healed and we have seen the mighty hand of God working in our humble meeting.
Today we have begun a special intercession for you and the ministry God has given you. We will intercede in a special way for all the families of MM around the world. We will continue this tomorrow also.
That will be the last day of our prayer meeting.

Evil People Try To Harm Kassahun
Mar 30/04 Malicious people
Someone gave me a little bottle and disappeared suddenly. I opened it to see what is in it. It was a red liquid with a pungent smell. I threw it away because I sensed it was poison.
Meaning: Malicious people will try to harm Kassahun.

Mar 31/04 Prophetic warning
Many people were listening to something which slandered God. They were laughing loudly.
I couldn’t control my temper and with a loud voice I rebuked them all! I told them that they're in bondage to Satan, and that if they don’t repent, they will be lost forever.
When they heard this they became afraid.
Comment: People mock and scoff about the reality of God, especially in the ungodly materialistic West. But they don’t consider the seriousness of their folly until they hear someone who is prophetically moved by the Spirit to warn them. Then some of them will suddenly fear and repent.

Israeli / Palestinian Conflict
April 2/04 Escalating violence between Israelis and Palestinians
I saw and heard in the media that Israeli jets have bombarded Palestinians. Dead bodies were seen here and there. Some had been mutilated. [Symbolises Israeli army hatred for Palestinians.] Their homes were completely destroyed. Some media reports said that 5,000 Palestinians had been killed in the attack.

Two Streams In Life
April 3/04 Stream of the clean water of life
I saw two streams. These streams were flowing to my home. One was a muddy stream and the other clean.
I dammed the muddy stream and let the clean stream flow to my home. I used a large pipe to get the clean stream into my home and my family and others were able to drink from this fresh stream.
Meaning: The clean stream depicts the truths of the hour which we are drinking now. God has sent them to us through His servant. The muddy stream represents the half truths, deceptions and lies of the devil that contaminate biblical teaching in all denominations and churches. This is another dream confirming the cleanness of MM teachings.

Huge Air Disaster
April 4/04 Huge air disaster
Two passenger jets exploded in the sky. The explosion was so big that some nearby buildings collapsed. I was terrified.
Meaning: A coming disaster, perhaps terrorism.

Coming To The Birth
April 6/04 MM's concerns nearing an end
I saw Helena pregnant. She said to me that she will give birth soon and that her pain and the worries of her family will end forever. I smiled and assured her that God will fulfill His promises.
Meaning: What we in MM have had to go through has been like pregnancy. It can be a long and arduous time, waiting for a birth. There is relief and rejoicing when it is over.
It has been a real struggle doing this Work with so little finance; struggling to keep going; and coping with all that we have had to cope with. The dream encourages us that that is all coming to an end soon.

Enduring In Trial
May 4/04
I am confident that things are going smoothly with you and that God is still controlling every situation in connection with His work. We are close to the time when God will fulfil all the wonderful promises that has given us for this hour in history.
I’m writing this letter feeling an excruciating pain on my right jaw because of a bad tooth and it is really painful. I think I am now joining your club. I have read about the pain you have had because of your bad tooth. Now I understand how you felt. I'm praying for healing. I think God wants to teach me something through pain, so let it be for now. [God healed him after a while. God is always faithful to His promises when we trust in Him, despite the difficulties. We need to develop endurance, too.]

The Great Tribulation
April 7/04 The Great Tribulation coming
I was in a ship with some foreigners. There I saw a famous woman wounded in her leg. [Famous ministries will not be able to continue.] She was taken for medical treatment. Suddenly the ship was hit by a violent storm [great tribulation] and began to sink. The emergency exit was closed and we tried hard to break some of the windows. Finally we jumped into the sea through those broken windows. [Escape.]

The Heavenly Garden
April 8/04 The beautiful garden
I was in a very beautiful garden. The garden was full of fruit trees with berries and fruits on them. My mother was also there. I began to eat the fresh berries from the trees. The garden was the property of an old man [the Ancient of Days?].

New MM Publication
April 10/04 New booklet
I received a booklet from Malcolm. On the front page there was a topic in big bold letters, “The Two Crosses.” I was eager to read the booklet.
Meaning: This may represent a new booklet which God moved us to compile in May entitled The Bible Speaks.

The Huge Outpouring Coming
April 11/04 The coming outpouring
My home couldn’t withstand the heavy rain. The roof broke in three different places and my home filled up with rainwater.
Meaning: The deluge from Above coming soon.

Coming Changes In MM’s Work
April 12/04 Changes coming soon to MM's Work for God
I got an e-mail from Malcolm. It said that he has planned to change things in regard to the work God has given him and the Holy Spirit is behind this wonderful change.
There were other things which he wrote to me but this is what I was able to remember.

Prepare Now For Stormy Times
Prepare now for the stormy times ahead
These are some of the dreams for now. I will send the others in my next mail. I know that stormy times are before us, and we must know how to trust, how to hold onto the Source of our strength. The Lord is good to those who trust in Him, and they shall not be overcome. May the Lord be your staff, your support, your front-guard, your rear-guard. This is my prayer every day.  Kassahun

Malcolm Dumped By Others
May 10/04
Last night God has given me the following dream.

Dumped by others who are arrogant!
It was Friday at 4 pm. I was with Malcolm and Helena in their home. Malcolm was sharing from the Word of God, which prepares us for the Sabbath. There were two others with us. He went on to say that we have to be humble to receive the Word of God.
Then Helena told us that someone named John, whom they had contacted, DUMPED (that was the exact word she used in the dream) them because he doesn't want to humble himself. [This man was John Trescott in the USA. He was a proud man, who would not humble himself, hence the preamble in the dream about the need for humility.
At this point a strange surge of power flows inside me and I prophesy: "Thus saith the Lord, I will roll down the burdens from your shoulders, My servant; you will never again carry them. I will turn your sorrow into joy. You will tread on the high places. Trust Me, says the Lord. When all these things come to pass, remember this day. Remember this hour. Remember Me."
When I had finished prophesying, Malcolm shouted "Amen!" Helena was crying with joy. At this point I awoke. [The context in which this dream was given is explained on page 2 of Newsletter 26.]
There is a bright future for you my brother. I think the dream is very clear. God is still with us. We are in His hands. [Those who find fault with us say that God is not with us. The dream proves He is, and proves our detractors wrong.]
Now let me continue with other dreams.

Sharing The Truths Of God
April 13/04 Sharing 'our' precious truths from God
I was eating my lunch. A very hungry young man came and asked me to share my meal. With compassion I shared it with him.
Meaning: The meal depicts the truths of the hour, which can sustain us through the Spirit. Many are hungry for these End-time truths. We have to share them with compassion for people.

They Prepare People For Service
April 14/04 These truths prepare people to minister
I and a few other brothers were eating some meals together. A little far from us there was a man sitting, looking at us. I sensed that he wanted something and so I gave him something to eat. After he had finished eating he stood to preach.
Meaning: MM publications are not merely a collection of writings containing academic knowledge of a spiritual nature. They contain life-giving, energising truths that bring the Spirit of God into one's life when accepted and lived out. They prepare people to go out into the world and disciple others.

'Guidelines For Evangelists'
A recent small publication, Guidelines For Evangelists, gives some basic guidelines to help you reach out in your ministry – a ministry into which Jesus has called each of His active followers to disciple others (Matt 28:18-20).
This dream was given about a month before that leaflet was compiled. It obliquely predicts that, and shows the outcome and purpose of the leaflet – people will be equipping themselves by the Spirit to 'go' with the gospel.

Bullets Disintegrate In Mid-Air!
April 16/04 Soldiers' bullets disintegrate in mid air!
I was trying to escape from foreign soldiers who aimed their guns at me. They fired at me but the bullets became dust in the air before they hit me.
Meaning: Warfare is coming shortly to Ethiopia and many other countries. But you don't have to fear.
When you are in service for the Lord, He protects you according to His purposes. That is not to say there aren't martyrs for Him. There are. And there will be many in the days ahead! But, equally, God protects you so that you can complete the work He has for you.

Greater Spiritual Vision
April 17/04 Greater spiritual vision coming
Someone gave me a beautiful eyeglass. The glasses look like a crescent. I can see all things clearly with those glasses.
Meaning: Perhaps the crescent is an allusion to the new moon, likewise depicting the start of something new. God will give greater spiritual vision and awareness to those who are sold out to Him. These are the days of Elijah.

Miracles In Nigeria
April 18/04 David Isaac Ohuoba, man of God
I met with David Isaac Ohuoba (I didn’t meet him physically, I saw his pictures). He was telling me about all the miracles God was doing in their villages. As I was leaving, he gave me an envelope. When I opened it, I saw a personal invitation to visit his village. It was wonderful.
Meaning: David Isaac has been used by God with many miraculous signs accompanying his ministry. You may have read the stories about those who have been raised from the dead through his dedicated service for God in Nigeria. [In our leaflets Raised From The Dead At Midnight!]
It is a difficult country to minister in, because it has a high Christian population, so church controls are very dominant. Only miracles can break through the stony walls of people's hearts to consider 'new' truths which their churches don't teach (and which many actively preach against!). But miracles are coming! MANY of them! WAIT FOR IT!
Thank you for those new small booklets [leaflets] you have sent. We have profited much from the messages contained therein... I am still praying for you.

Healed Of Toothache
May 17/04 Healed of toothache
Thank you for the e-mail. I’m now well and the pain on my tooth has gone. God has healed me.
This past Sabbath I have begun sharing the messages contained in the book, Understanding the Book of Revelation with some believers living a little far from my home. We have studied the first three chapters with the aid of translated materials. God was with us and blessed us individually. We will continue our study until we finish the book.
In the Spirit I feel much for David Isaac. Satan is always trying to discourage those who live godly. He may disturb us for a while but God will intervene on our behalf and overthrow his evil works. I’m praying for him that God will see him through.
Now let me continue with the dreams God has given me.

SDA Church DEAD!
April 20/04 SDA church dead
I was in the compound of the SDA church. It was filled with people who were very sad. All were clothed in sackcloth. I asked myself ‘who has died?’ because it is custom in our culture to wear sackcloth when someone dies.
Meaning: In Revelation 3:1 you read of Jesus' lament for those who claim to be spiritually alive (because they have some knowledge of spiritual things in their heads) but who are not. Their hearts are no longer humble, so the Spirit cannot find a home there within. There is no active moving of the Spirit, and Jesus labels them 'Dead!'

PM Of Ethiopia Aware
April 21/04 With the Prime Minister
I met with our Prime Minister and gave him the book The Imminent Fall of America. He willingly accepted it.
Comment: Paul was a humble, zealous man of God. Because of those qualities, he could be used by God a great deal. Before his death, God used Paul to take the gospel into the highest echelons of power in the Roman Empire. Quite a number of high ranking officials' wives or relatives became Christians.
God uses prophets to reach the leaders of nations.

War From The East
April 22/04 Warfare coming from the East
A mighty wind in the form of an eagle was coming from the east and fell to the ground.
The ground split into two. When I went to see what had happened, black smoke was billowing up from the valley. The sky had been darkened. It was full of black smoke.

Demon Put Out From Boy
April 24/04 Demonised boy delivered
A 10-year-old boy was making / doing disgusting things. He was very rebellious. He was totally out of control. I sensed that he had a demon. I prayed for him and the demon left him.

Many Waste The Life-Giving Waters
April 25/04 Many waste the waters of life
In this dream I was sitting by a well in which there was water in abundance. People were coming to this well with their buckets to get water. I poured water into their buckets, but as they returned from the well they wasted it in the streets. They attached no importance to this water.
I was grieved.
Meaning: We are only too glad to be able to give the life giving waters of God's truth to others, but most don't appreciate them. They waste this precious water of life by not cherishing it.

April 26/04 Fanaticism
I saw that a group of people were holding hands, singing and celebrating in front of a temple. These people had a sort of idol made of feathers on their chest. The Spirit of God implanted in my mind the word ‘Fanaticism.’
Meaning: As in the idolatry of the North American Indians who worshipped all sorts of gods, primarily tied in with nature, many people today have reverted to equal idolatry, like New Age Pagans who dance around their stone circles to celebrate the coming of the seasons. Such worship is worship of the demons who have inspired it.
As the true God has been ignored or rejected in our physical, materialistic society, so has fanaticism increased against such empty, decadent materialism. You see it in radical Muslims who have declared jihad or 'holy war' on these excesses of Western decadence. Even if they can see some of what is so blatantly evil about the indulgences of the pornographic, liberal, irreligious, self-centred Western culture, they cannot offer a suitable alternative. Their fanaticism is one that kills, maims, or destroys. It is not based on the love of God.
One of Satan's most powerful lies – the promise of paradise in the afterlife to suicide bombers who physically obliterate such 'infidels' who indulge in this decadence – claims many adherents. And as long as the love of God is unknown to such people, fanaticism will claim its victims.
Fanaticism is on the increase!

Guidelines For Evangelists
24th May 2004
...The new booklet [leaflet, Guidelines For Evangelists] is an essential tool for us, evangelists, to do the work of God according to His will. If we put into practice the guidelines, there is no doubt that we will get fruits. Thank God for the revelations he has given you in this regard.
I’ve already finished [translating] the little booklets I’ve got from you recently. I’m still interceding for you and David Isaac. We are experiencing the wrath of the enemy, but our mighty God will overturn all the evil devices of our enemies.
These are times when our lives seem beset by dangers, and duty seems hard to perform. The imagination pictures impending ruin before, and bondage or death behind. Yet the voice of God speaks clearly above all discouragements: “GO FORWARD.” We should obey this command; let the result be what it may, even though our eyes cannot penetrate the darkness and though we feel the cold waves about our feet.
Now let me continue with the dreams God has given me.

Intercession Reaps Its Results
April 27/04 Intercession
I saw people bowed to the ground expecting some power from the sky. I joined them. Some of them were groaning in their spirit. Suddenly a shining light rests upon us which penetrates through our spirit. I feel some kind of wonderful joy which I can’t express with words. I realize that others were also experiencing the same feeling.
Meaning: A pictorial image of the intercession to which God has called some people, including Kassahun. His prayers and those of others have helped buoy us up in this work so we could continue when things were very difficult.

False Religion Soon To End
April 29/04 Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism finished!
I saw the skulls of Mohammed, Buddha and Confucius impaled on big iron stakes. The followers of these men were gathered at the stakes and were weeping bitterly, some of them were committing suicide. Others were trying to get the skulls. The scene was bizarre.
Meaning: It depicts prophetically the fact that all these false religions will soon be 'beheaded'. Jesus is coming soon to put an end to all deception!

Held Hostage To This World’s Ways
April 30/04 Held hostage in a glass cage
Hostages were in a room made from glass. I was there also. Many were weeping. The room lacked fresh air and we were suffocating. To get out of the room, you had to break the very tough glass. Some were trying to break it.
When we saw their courage we joined them and kept trying to break the glass. After many attempts the glass broke and the crowd of hostages rushed out. Most of them were wounded by the broken glass and bled. Thank God I wasn’t hurt.
Meaning: Escape from the prisons of our past – personal, cultural and religious – takes effort and some risk. It is an allegory of the effort it takes for people to break free from their religious or cultural past, where they were held hostage by Satan.

MM Exhibition
May 1/04 MM Exhibition
I don’t know the exact place where I was. People were queuing in front of a beautiful hall. On the front of the hall, there was written “MIDNIGHT MINISTRIES EXHIBITION” in bold blue letters. I also queued with the people.
Meaning: The publicity coming, when MM will be revealed to the world and the Church at large.
Blue is a 'heavenly' colour.

Fall Of Governments
May 2/04 Microwave mast falls
A big iron microwave mast had fallen to the east and the place where I was became completely dark.
Meaning: This may depict the fall of the Ethiopian government which seems big, and strong as iron. It also may depict the fall of strong world governments because of threats from the East.
War destroys communications and electricity supply. It creates great confusion.

The Bible Speaks
31st May 2004
Thank you for the encouraging e-mail you have sent. I have also received the new and wonderful book The Bible Speaks -1. The messages contained therein are powerful when studied with prayer. They are vital truths to prepare indeed the Bride of Christ. My next job will be translating this wonderful book...

George Bush Snr
May 3/04  George Bush Snr Dies
The whole world heard that George Bush Senior was on his deathbed and had only few days to live. I heard George Bush Junior discouragingly say, "The Gates Of Death have opened."

Church Folks Won’t Heed
May 4/04  Most Church People Won't Listen
People surrounded a sick woman. They looked at her but didn't do anything worthwhile to help her. When I reached the place, the woman was already passing out. Hurriedly, I began to pray for her. But it was too late. The woman was dead.
Meaning: This is an allegory of the Church. It is hard to reach church people. And even when you do, most don’t want to be helped. There is a spiritual malaise that will lead many into spiritual death.
[I (MBH) had a similar dream on 30th May (Dream Diary 27, page 1) and Helena's of 19th May 2004 (Dream Diary 27, page 13) depicts the same thing. Most people won't listen!]

SDA Church Totally Hostile!
May 6/04  SDA Church Totally Hostile And Evil!
God told me to go to the SDA Church. I went there as I was told. I sat on a seat at the back while the Pastor delivered his sermon. Suddenly, he began to pour out 'fire and brimstone' at me from his mouth and ordered the people to cast me out of the church. They all rushed at me in a frenzy. I couldn't escape because the door was shut. I prayed to God silently to protect me from these angry men. At this point some powerful blast tore the roof and a heavy cloud came down between them and me. The cloud stood as a wall and I was protected.

People Turned Into Pillars Of ‘Salt’
May 7/04  God Protects K From Demon-Crazed People
I confronted two demon-possessed men. They rushed to attack me. I rebuked them in the name of Jesus and they became pillars like Lot's wife.
Meaning: I believe the men could represent church leaders and be a symbol of all in human authority over others. Anyone who comes against a prophet of God, when they have heard and rejected his message, has had a witness from God. He (or she) will pay with his life for their rebellion. The same scenario accompanies the work of the 2 witnesses in Revelation 11.

Life-Threatening Situations
May 8/04  Attacked By A Fierce Dog
A dangerous dog attacked me from all directions. I was shocked and didn't know what to do. There was no place to hide. While I was expecting death, I heard a voice in my spirit saying, 'Don't move.' I stood where I was and the dogs began retreating backwards.
Meaning: As in the previous dream, prophets face much opposition from people who allow demons to use them wickedly.

God’s Spirit Leaving Churches
May 10/04 God's Spirit Is Departing From Churches Now
I went to a local prayer meeting. The house was full of people. We kneeled to pray but those people were not praying. Instead they were talking to each other.
I couldn’t gather my thoughts and asked a man why the people don’t pray. He answered me that this is the only prayer they knew. Frightened, I walked out of the place.
Meaning: Many churches have become social clubs instead of places for true spiritual fellowship and meeting with God. Because they have descended to a human level, the Holy Spirit has departed. There are very few churches now where God is really at work!

Darkness Covers The Earth In 2008
May 11/04  The Great Tribulation Is Coming Very Soon!
Someone gave me a written paper. On that paper this was written: “DARKNESS WILL COVER THIS EARTH IN 2008.”
I thought that we have only 4 years to prepare for that situation.
Meaning: At first I thought God was giving us a pointer that the horrors of the Great Tribulation will cover this earth by 2008. But He didn't quite say that. Darkness is a symbol of wickedness. The evils that will generate the Great Tribulation will cover the earth during 2008, and the Tribulation will follow on shortly afterwards. It corroborates the rough guidelines we have given in How Soon Will Jesus Come? that time is very short!!

Blind Man Healed
May 12/04  Blind Man Healed
I was praying for a young blind man. While I was praying my body began to shake, and the young man shouted a big “
AMEN!” He was healed.

May 14/04  Help Comes From A Few
A Jewish man named Ehud gave me a beautiful cross, a candlestick and an olive oil flask to keep them until the time of trouble. [These all symbolise the oracles of God.] He also gave me 5 Shekels (their monetary unit) and I sent it to Malcolm. [Depicts the provision to get the job done.]
Meaning: Ehud is a symbol of the few who support this Work of God.
Ehud means “strong”. He was the 2nd judge in Israel (see Judges 3:12-30). You will see from that account that he was daring and valiant. He slew Eglon, an evil insurgent pagan king, who had established himself in Jericho.
So Ehud is an allegoric reminder of what this work is about – slaying the pagan concepts that have become established in the Church – and of the few who support this enterprise.

“He Who Seeks To Save His Life...”
May 15/04  Troubles Coming
My neighbours were making some preparations to escape from some troubles. I asked them why they are doing this. They didn’t want to tell me.
Meaning: The latter part shows people's selfishness. Some Christians, who know about what is coming, are preparing to try and protect themselves out of selfish motives.
If they had been truly caring, they would have been willing to tell Kassahun. It's symptomatic of the world we live in where everyone is out for themselves.
However, those people who are trying to save themselves from what is coming, will find they can’t (Luke 9:23-24).

Repression Coming Very Soon
May 16/04 Fierce Persecution And Martyrdom Coming Soon!
I saw people who were hanged on trees. An imposing man was announcing that the hanged people were promoting religion and all who promote religions will be hanged very soon.
Meaning: Christians and some others will be persecuted and killed. The world will soon descend into its worst time in all history. Religion and most aspects of society are going to be very tightly controlled by the State.
Revelation 17:6 tells us who will promote repression against true Christians; and Rev 6:9 reminds us that what happened before will happen again, this time with different ‘excuses’.

What’s Wrong With Church Leaders
May 17/04  Church Leaders Want Adulation
I was in a large and beautiful hall. A few women and a man who seemed to be their master were sitting on chairs. The man was waiting for some very important guests but he seemed angry by the impoliteness of the women. I advised him to control his temper till he served his guests.
Meaning: The man represents church leaders who want adulation from the people. When they don’t get it, many get angry, but they should be serving others, not seeking elevation and worship for themselves.

The Fruit Of Midnight Ministries
May 19/04  Huge Fruit Coming From MM's Work
Malcolm wrote to me that they have been harvesting huge tomatoes from their new garden. He had sent me a picture showing him standing in front of the huge heap of tomatoes. I was surprised. 
Meaning: There will be much valuable fruit from what God is doing through MM’s work. It will have great impact.

Explosion In Malaysian Port
May 10/04  Explosion In Malaysian Port
It seemed to be at an international port somewhere in Malaysia. I saw several huge ships were on fire and the smoke was covering the port. People were fleeing to save their lives. The fires were started by some kind of explosion.
Meaning: Possibly what you saw were terrorist outrages in Malaysia; maybe the work of the radical Islamic group Al Qaeda.

The Temple Of God & The Lamb
May 21/04 The Temple Of God And The Lamb
I saw a vast temple supported by an immense pillar, and to this was tied a lamb all mangled and bleeding. I seemed to know that this lamb had been torn and bruised on our account. All who entered the temple must come before it and confess their sins.
Meaning: An allegory of the House of God (the people He is preparing to live with Him for eternity), and Jesus who died to make this possible. We must never forget the fantastic sacrifice of selflessness which He gave for our sakes! And the dream emphasises everyone's need to renounce and relinquish sin.

The Church Is Sick!
May 22/04  The Church Is A Sick Woman
A woman whom I knew was badly sick and I went to hospital to see her. But the nurse told me that it is impossible to see her because the disease is very contagious.
Meaning: The sick woman depicts the modern churches who are spiritually sick. The only way to be whole is by applying the healing truths God has given, but they don’t want them. New revelation is not accepted. It disturbs the equilibrium. Church leaders don’t want that. They want to be in charge!

SDA Leaders Are Wicked
May 23/04 SDA Leaders Are Wicked And Spiritually Abusive
When I went out of the compound of the SDA Church some children followed and begged me to save them from their church leaders who abused them.
Meaning: This dream was fulfilled when a few young men came to me to know the truths. I gave them our translated material – God’s Church –whose Authority?

Horrible Warfare & Its Aftermath
May 25/04  Warfare And Its Terrible Toll
I saw large companies in active battle. I heard the booming of the cannon, the clash of arms, the hand to hand fight, and the groans and prayers of the dying. The ground was covered with the wounded and the dead. I saw desolate, despairing families and desperate want in many dwellings. The faces of many looked haggard, pale and emaciated by hunger.
Meaning: War coming to Ethiopia and some surrounding countries will bring terrible famine and tribulation in its wake. May God's people look to Him for help!

Inspecting The Trees
May 26/04 Demons Infect People With Wrong Attitudes
Several people, including me, were labouring on a grove of evergreens. Malcolm told me to closely inspect the trees and see if they are in flourishing condition. I observed that some were bent and deformed by the wind [cf Eph 4:14] and needed to be supported by stakes.
I was carefully removing the dirt from the feeble and dying trees to ascertain the cause of their condition. I discovered worms at the roots of some. The roots of others had been crowded together to their injury. My work was to explain to Malcolm the different reasons why these trees didn’t prosper.
Meaning: People need freedom to grow properly spiritually. They don't get that in churches where they are spiritually hemmed in.
The worms that destroy the roots represent demons that infect people with wrong spiritual traits such as pride, jealousy, resentment, bitterness, hatred, lust and greed, etc.

Run To The Rock For Safety
May 27/04 Spiritual 'Lions' Continually Try To Devour God's People
I was running from angry lions and went up to a huge rock to save myself from being devoured by them. I thought that I was now safe.
Meaning: The huge rock depicts Jesus Christ our only safety. The lions are demons who are always trying to attack us. But we are safe in Jesus.
Dreams have various purposes, one of which is to show the absolutely perfect or complete foreknowledge of God! Explained in An Introduction To The Spiritual Gifts and Prophets and Prophesying from Midnight Ministries.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Warned
June 28/04
Dear Malcolm,
...Our God is a God who speaks if we give Him our ears. ...I've reproduced [50 dreams] in a 4 page brochure and sent it to those who are on our mailing list. People are warned of the coming trouble which will engulf our country...
[It has also gone to the Ethiopian Prime Minister. This fulfils Kassahun’s dream of  21st April 2004 – see page 47.]

Uncle To Return From The Grave
May 28/04  Uncle Coming Back From The Dead
My uncle who died several years ago invited me to his house and gave me a BERTH (traditional drink of honey mixed with water.) He was glad to meet together after several years.
Meaning: I'll meet my uncle when he is raised from the dead in the near future.

Islamic Radicals Kill Many
May 29/04  Islamic Slaughter Coming
I saw on TV a huge heap of corpses killed and burned by Islamic radicals. Their leader was holding a burnt skeleton in his hand. He also made a verbal outburst with disgusting words. I couldn't tolerate the sight so I turned my TV off.
Meaning: These evil people who perpetrate such atrocities are demonised. Uncontrolled foul language is a sign of demonic influence. Demons will whip up tremendous hatred, provoking terrible violence and horror. It always amazes me how stupid politicians are to believe the lie that Islam means “peace”!

Gospel Goes Into Israel
May 31/03  Israeli Receives The Gospel
I was invited to share God's word in the home of an Israeli leader. When I arrived there the leader met me with a dagger in his hand. I was shocked but he told me not to be afraid.
He told me that the dagger is for protection because in that same day 2 top officials had been kidnapped by Palestinians.
Meaning: Probably after the dead are raised, Kassahun will receive such an invitation, which is depictive of how many national leaders will listen to 'our' message from God.
The dagger kept for self defence depicts the constant dangers faced by Jews from unreasonable Palestinians whose hatred is out to kill Jews.

Large Request For Literature
June 1/04  God's Truth Is Spreading
I went to a particular spiritual meeting. When I arrived there a man came and told me to give him our translated materials in large quantities. I promised to him to do so.
Meaning: This dream has been already fulfilled when a young man who live 550 km from AA e-mailed me to request our publications and translated materials. I've sent to him a large packet of literature 2 weeks ago.

Why Some Can’t Be Delivered From Demons
June 2/04 Why Some Won't Receive Deliverance From Demons
I saw a woman. She was fearful, trembling, depressed and very nervous. I sensed that she was possessed by demons.
I came to her and prayed, rebuking the unclean spirits. But she was not willing to submit to the Spirit of God and so my efforts were all in vain.
Meaning: A number of people like this come into contact with us. We send them literature which could deliver them from demonic oppression if they were willing to live God's way. But they are lazy or rebellious, and refuse to do what God says, so they cannot be delivered.

The 7th Angel’s Message
July 1/04 An Angel Declares To Kassahun:
The End Of The World Has Come!
[See Rev 16:17-21.]
Last night God gave me a dream. In that dream a mighty angel appeared on the roof of my home. The house shook (see also Heb 12:26). I went to see what was happening and saw the angel hovering above the house. In his hands the angel held a scroll on which some warnings were written in red letters.
I couldn't see what was written on the scroll, so I called to the angel to come a little closer. The angel responded by coming swiftly. I could now see that some of what was written there were quotations from the book of Ezekiel. [A book about the judgement of God against sin and wickedness. It contains end-time warnings about punishment as a result of sin – war, famine, and other calamities and suffering that come about because people refuse to repent of sinful lifestyles.]
I saw Ezekiel chapter 5 [which will be fulfilled shortly in many nations including Ethiopia, and also America and Britain]. I also saw Ezekiel 21:8-32. [You can read it for yourself and see what God is saying now – that terrible warfare is about to engulf the region where he lives, and spread to many other lands.]
The angel said twice: "The end of the world has come. THE END OF THE WORLD HAS COME!" [The end of man's age of misrule.] "Go out and tell the warnings written on this scroll."
I began to cry. I couldn't control my tears, because of the presence of God. I said to the angel, "This is a huge responsibility. I can't take it. Please tell Malcolm what you have said to me."
The angel responded, "I will visit Malcolm soon." Then he left.
When I awoke I prayed to God to lead me in this work. The solemnity of the dreams still grips my mind. I am now going to...
Bless you.  Kassahun

Uplifting Time Of Real Fellowship
July 5 /04 I’ve returned safely from my trip yesterday. We had a wonderful time with the brothers and sisters in Xxxxxx. Since they are new to the truths which I have shared with them, most expressed their joy by saying “Amen” and “Hallelujah” when they were touched by the truths. From Thursday evening to Sabbath evening we studied the word of God with much prayer.
Songs were also presented which adore God. We also had a time of personal testimony and it was really refreshing to hear people who are touched by the truths of God.
The glory is all to God. Now to the dreams.

Con Artists
June 3 /04  Con Artists Deceiving People To Get Money
I was passing a street crowded with people. All came from different churches and were gathering together on the street.
Someone was preaching to them to give all their possessions for the coming kingdom of God. I suspected that he was trying to deceive them. I shouted to them not to listen to what the preacher was saying, but they didn’t pay attention.
Meaning: There are many preachers who are 'con artists' [meaning ‘confidence trickster’ – one who wins your confidence by trickery and deceit], conning people into parting with money. But these men do not serve God. They serve themselves. They are motivated by greed, and are deceivers.
[An exposure of one such person is in the article The Deceit and Cunning of Don Stewart in MM Newsletter 24.]

Darkness Inside SDA Church
June 4 /04  Disharmony And Evil In The SDA Church
I was in an SDA church compound. I saw that there was some kind of contention inside the hall. Some are coming out of the hall with anger and others were going into the hall. I couldn’t see what is going on in the hall because it was very dark inside.
Meaning: Darkness is a symbol of evil. There is no harmony where there is envy, pride, and self-seeking. The SDA church is full of such evils.

Nuclear Threats
June 5/04  Threat Of Nuclear Attacks
Very large crowds were leaving large cities because of fear of nuclear attacks. Confusion was everywhere. Frightened people were carrying their possessions on their backs. They filled the streets. Trucks were loaded with many people.
The scene was tragic.
Meaning: What is coming several countries.

People Covered In Blood
June 7/04  Tragic People Covered In Blood
Before me was a group of people who were a picture of despair and horror. As they came close to me I saw that their hair and clothes were covered in blood. The blood rubbed off onto me. I tried to clean the blood from my clothes.

June 8/04  People's Ingratitude For Our Help
I was trying to help a white woman [depicts the western Church]. She had lost her way and I was trying to help her reach her destination. We had to go through many villages to come to the right way where she should be. [It's a long 'journey' to reach these people; it takes a lot of work and effort to help redirect them.] When she finally got in the right way she told me to leave her alone. She didn’t even say “Thank you” for what I had done.
Meaning: I believe you were put in our place in this dream. This depicts the ingratitude of most white people whom we have tried to spiritually redirect. When you finally manage to help such people, most are not truly grateful; they don't reward you for your labours; they soon forget what they owe you.

Warning People Of What Is Coming
July 12/04
...Today I have sent the leaflet, which contained my 50 selected dreams to Mission Aviation Fellowship as you suggested. I hope they will understand it... [They didn’t reply.]
Now the AU meetings have ended, I have sent the above leaflet to our Prime Minister today. I pray that God will remove all the obstacles so the leaflet reaches him personally. [No. Prophets give their God-given warnings, but most people don’t heed.]

Demonic Counterfeit Of Resurrection – Necromancy
June 9/04  A Demonic Counterfeit Of Raising The Dead
Two of my relatives who died a few years ago came to my home. But I sensed in my spirit that something wasn't right. So I prayed silently. As I prayed those relatives changed back to demons. They tried to attack me, but I rebuked them in the name of Jesus and they disappeared at once.
Meaning: I believe this dream portrays one of the 'tricks' the devil will try to use to try to counterfeit the raising of the dead. Whatever God does, the devil tries to counterfeit. But this is a masquerade. He cannot raise up dead people. He can only perform some 'tricks' with animals, ‘bringing them back to life’, or appearing to do so.
When the devil causes apparitions of dead people, you have to remember that such things as this and necromancy have an evil source. Hence, 'testing' it involves having a witness in your spirit from the Spirit of God that it's not right. Only those attuned to the Spirit of God will be able to test such things and declare that they are not of God.
There is an example of this sort of demonic counterfeiting in the Bible when Saul asked a witch to bring Samuel up from the dead. But it was not Samuel, it was a demon who could create his form (1 Sam 28). More on discerning is explained in Testing The Spirits and The Mystery of the Invisible.

Much Healing To Take Place
June 10/04  God's Healing Power
A man took me to a field to show me a tree, which has power to heal. The tree was beautiful and has red leaves and yellow fruits. The man explains that the leaves and fruits have a power to heal any diseases.
Meaning: God will perform many more healings in the near future. Healing comes through acceptance of God's truths.

June 12/04  The Narrow Way
I was making a journey on a very narrow and difficult way. There was a deep pit on my right with muddy water. I had to watch my every step lest I fall into the pit. I had to keep my eyes focused on my steps.
Meaning: The Christian life is difficult and we have to be very careful how we tread. There are many pitfalls and dangers. But with God's help, if we are careful, we can avoid falling.

Many New Believers Abort
June 13/04  Many New Christians Fail To Mature
I was helping many pregnant women give birth to their babies. It was very difficult work for me. I was doing my best to help deliver their babies but most of the babies died after they were born. My grief was great for those dead babies.
Meaning: Tragically, many people start out on the road to eternal life, but don't finish the course.

The Beast Arises
June 14/04  The Beast Arising Soon
I saw people holding black flags, going along in a procession. On those black flags there was an ensign which looked like a beast explained in Rev 13:1,2. They were shouting and jumping, in obvious outbursts of delight. Because they were so many, I thought that the whole world had came under this flag. It seemed to me that I was alone.
Meaning: When the Beast takes over, it will seem like the whole world will follow him, as it says in Rev 13:8, 12-18. True Christians will be very isolated.

MM In China
June 16/04  MM To Reach Into China
Zenya wrote to me to say that Malcolm and Helena have made a trip to China to evangelize and stay there for 7 days. She asked me to help them in my prayer. I was amazed.
Meaning: We probably will not go there personally, but the witness which God will perform through raising the dead will reach into China through the media and internet.

The Glory Of The Saved Ones
June 17/04  Those Who Will Be Saved
I dreamed of seeing a temple to which many persons were flocking. I was one of them. Only those who took refuge in that temple would be saved when time ends.
Just in front of us were elevated seats upon which were seated many people who looked very happy [the spirits of just men made perfect? Heb 12:23.]. They praised God and sang songs of glad thanksgiving that seemed like the music of angels.
I was compelled to move forward and was slowly making my way towards them when a trumpet sounded [the 7th trump], the temple shook, shouts of triumph arose from the assembled saints, an awesome brightness illuminated the building, then all was intense darkness. The happy people had all disappeared with the brightness.
Comment: The joy of being in the splendour of God, of being saved from death to live in His presence is here contrasted with those who don’t make it. For them, nothing could be more terrifying than the prospect of oblivion, illustrated by the intense darkness. God will not tolerate any evil. The ones saved will all go with Him, and everything evil will be shut outside as it says in Rev 22:15 and 21:8,27.

Don’t Touch My Bride!
June 18/04  Don't Touch My Bride!
I saw writing in the dark sky which said, “Don’t touch my Bride!” Meaning: Jesus is very protective of His Bride! Fierce judgement will fall on all those who try to harm her.

Church Leaders Condemn The Things Of The Spirit
June 20/04  Three White Doves
I got three white doves. An elderly man [symbol of old church leadership] said to me that the doves are not a sign of good things. I said to him that they are a gift given from God.
Meaning: Three symbolises finality; a dove depicts the Holy Spirit. The dream indicates that the final outpouring of the Spirit in this age will be spoken against by church leaders. They want power for themselves, so they don't accept the 'new things' God does.

A Preacher In The Tribulation
June 21/04  The Great Tribulation
I saw buildings like cathedrals crumble and fall to the earth. It was as though all the walls of the buildings were demolished in a moment of time. It looked like everybody was dead. I could see no one.
But after a few minutes, a man quickly crawled out from the rubble and stood on top of a large boulder that had fallen. He began to preach. As he did so, he turned into a flame of fire. Nobody was in sight but as he preached people began to crawl out from the rubble and stand before that man. They came out from all directions and stood listening to his message of power.
Meaning: Symbolic of what is to come in the Great Tribulation. Physical hardships can produce spiritual receptiveness in people.

Room Painted Red
June 22/04  Red Paint
Someone was painting my room with red paint. I didn’t like it.
Meaning: Red symbolises a warning. It also depicts trouble and war. There are many things which we don't like which we will have to go through and endure.

God Will Not Fail Or Forsake Us
July 26/03
I thank my God for the wonderful protection He has given me. Our adversary has agents that are constantly hunting for an opportunity to destroy us as a lion hunts its prey. But Almighty God has not allowed him to destroy us. We are to trust Him fully. He will not fail nor forsake us.  Now to the dreams.

Murdering The Saints
June 23/04 Christian Meetings To Be Murderously Disrupted
We were gathered in a large and beautiful hall for a spiritual meeting. Suddenly unknown men who hold heavy weapons in their suitcases take us as hostages. They commanded us to kill each other. There were many Indians in the hall with us and our kidnappers gave orders to those Indians to begin killing each other. I pray silently to God to deliver us from these maniacs if it is His will. In the next moment I found myself outside the hall with others.
Meaning: This may depict that the devil wants to destroy our work for God by using his agents. But God will protect us from his evil schemes. I don't know who the Indians represent.
[Possible meaning: Literal situations that will arise, and those like you who are faithful to God will be supernaturally delivered in the troubles. Perhaps the Indians represent a future major target for Al Qaeda terrorists. Some of these terrorists have close links with radical Pakistani muslims or are of that ethnic background.]

Demon-Influenced People
June 24/04  Demon-Possessed People Disappear
We were praying for a woman possessed by evil spirits. While we were rebuking them, the woman herself disappeared. We prayed much for her to return but we couldn't bring her back.
Meaning: When you command demons out, or pray for them to go from people, if those people don't want to accept deliverance, the people will themselves leave you. Darkness does not want to be around light.

Churches Derelict In Duty
June 25/04 
Churches Not Feeding People
A preacher was introducing to his audience various cultural dances instead of preaching the pure word of God, which can change the evil nature of humanity. Most of the dancers were naked. The scene was disgusting.
Meaning: Nakedness depicts being spiritually unclothed – totally lacking in the covering of God's righteousness which comes through His Spirit indwelling us.
The dream shows a popular approach with many preachers. They don't preach truth, but what they think is humanly appealing to their audience.

Massive Destruction Coming
June 27/04  Massive Destruction Coming
I saw several black iron balls coming from the sky with lightning speed; they smashed all buildings. Lofty buildings and skyscrapers became heaps of rubble and ash. It seems the world's infrastructures have been wiped out and we have returned to the Stone Age.
Meaning: The iron balls represent massive destructive powers being unleashed that will nearly destroy 'our' sinful civilisation. An image of some of the Great Tribulation.

Olive Trees Turn Into Crosses
June 28/04 
God Transforms People's Lives
It seemed that I was in Aylesbury in Malcolm's home. He was telling me that he has planted olive trees on the vast field outside his home. He invited me to see what he has done, but when we arrived in the field I saw several crosses instead of olive trees. The crosses had equal sizes vertically and horizontally. Surprised, I asked him where the crosses came from. He simply said to me "The olive trees have been turned into crosses. It is a miracle of God."
Meaning: Miracles are coming. The power of miracles can make people think, take spiritual issues seriously, and begin to draw close to God because of a new desire to morally reform.
The cross represents a person's willingness to die to self, and so become a truly dedicated Christian, not one merely in name.
We have 'planted olive trees' by reaching some people with the truth contained in 'our' literature. As good as that is, there is a much deeper commitment coming, when such people are willing to fulfil the symbolism of the cross much more fully in their lives. God will achieve that in what is coming.

Testing The Spirits
Aug 2/04
Dear Malcolm,
Last week I met with a brother who was confused by the teachings given in his church. We discussed the truths together and he was convinced about much of the truths of the hour I have shared with him. Finally I showed him all our translated materials and booklets. He took what he saw would be very helpful in his Christian journey, especially the book Testing The Spirits which attracted his attention. I gave him three booklets to share with others in his church. Praise be God's name. [This could be one of the fulfilments of the dream of 13th June. Few accept the pure truth.]

Churches Hostile To True Prophets
June 29/04  Members Only!
I was in a beautiful compound. Inside the compound there was a villa with various large rooms. The place was very attractive.
I wanted to get into the villa to see what was going on there but a man clothed with a beautiful suit asks me to show him the grey card which their association has given to their members. I told him that I'm not their member and don't have their card.
Suddenly he began to curse me and gave an order to those with him to throw me out of the compound and they did so. [This has happened to us on several occasions. 'Outsiders' led by God's Spirit are not welcome in humanly-run churches.]
Meaning: All the large church denominations and prominent ministries which have lots of funds, and therefore nice places, do not accept God's prophets. They throw them out, and won't listen to their messages from God.
They are also cults, because they follow men more than God, and if you are not 'one of them' they won't accept you. (As in dream of 4th July, below.)

Held Back
July 1/04  Held Back.
I was sailing with others (unknown to me) on a little boat. We were heading to a little town. But in the middle of our journey we knew that it was very difficult to reach there. Our leader became discouraged and we couldn't complete our journey.
Meaning: I believe the discouragement the dream portrays is not so much emotional discouragement as physical – being physically prevented from getting to the destination. That occurs when state police interfere with us to prevent us moving on. There will be a temporary shut down of MM due to this meddling as outlined in Police and Persecution.

MM Reaches Australia Via TV
July 3/04  Some Australians Will Respond
An e-mail letter came to me from Malcolm. It said that 75 Australians had arrived at their home to get some help from MM. They had heard about MM from their TV. I thought that publicity has come to MM as God has promised.

The ‘New World Order’
July 4/04  The 'New World Order' Coming
I saw a train with several carriages travelling like lightning. It seemed like the whole world was on board and that there wouldn't be one person left, not on it. The conductor who appeared like a stately, fair person whom all the passengers looked up to and reverenced. He took all captive.
Meaning: The train represents the next political world order about to arrive on the scene when America falls. The carriages represent countries. It's going to come faster than most expect!
In order not to be left out, everyone will feel they have to 'get on board' and comply with the dictates of the man in control – the conductor. He appears like a fair, decent, and nice person. People will follow him, but he takes them all captive to false ideals. This is an analogy of the 'Beast' of Revelation 13, who is Antichrist, and who puts himself in the place of God, like the Roman Emperors did.
The leaflet He Saw The Tribulation contains a dream which God gave to Ken Peters (a US prophet) in which he was shown how this man will appear affable, but be a 'Hitler' in his ideology.

Arrows Fired At Us Constantly
July 6/04  Under Constant Attack From Satan!
I was running from arrows shot at me from my enemies. I had to lie on the ground to avoid being hit by the arrows.
Meaning: Satan uses the enemies of truth to attack us. The Bible has told us to take the shield of faith to defend ourselves from the flaming arrows of the evil one.

Dream About The Bible Speaks
Dream From God About The Bible Speaks
I want to thank you for the booklets you have sent to me. I love the booklet, The Bible Speaks, 2. I have begun reading it from Friday evening through Sabbath, sharing it with some brothers here with me.
Saturday night God gave me a dream. In that dream I was sharing the messages from this booklet in a large congregation. I have already realized that most of them are not prepared to accept what I am telling them.
They wanted to see some miracles occur to believe what I am sharing from the booklet. Suddenly there came a flash of light from that booklet which gradually began to fill the house.
Because of the white light, we couldn't see each other. I could hear praises and many 'hallelujahs' from those who were doubtful a moment before.
When that light disappeared I saw all were bowed on the ground. It was a great scene.
When I awoke from my sleep, I knelt down there and thanked God. Yes, your pen has been moved by God...   

Opposition In Kenya
July 7/04 More Opposition And Hostility To Come In Kenya
I was in Kenya in a home with others. We were studying God's word and I was sharing some of the truths which were new to them. At this point they began to oppose and push me out of their home. I was sorry for their attitudes.
Meaning: We have found this already – that many in Kenya are resistant to pure truth from God. While there has been some response, there has probably been more opposition and failure to accept the fulness of God's Word!

MM’s Meat
July 8/04  Meat
I got two pieces of meat and began to eat them. While I was eating, someone came and told me that those pieces will give me food poisoning in my stomach. But I told him that someone whom I trusted very well has prophesied that these pieces of meat can stay for seven days without any spoiling. The taste of the meat was like fried eggs.
Meaning: Seven depicts the perfection of God. The strong meat from God's Spirit is regarded as poison by those who are not spiritually 'deep' – who don't want to go on further with God.
But, through the Spirit of God (hence the imagery of prophesying in the dream) those who are truly committed to God can know the truth that will truly nourish them spiritually.

Wallet Given
July 9/04  Support
Someone called and gave me a wallet containing a few hundred birr notes.

July 11/04  Young Man Crucified
A young and humble man was sentenced to hang on the cross by his enemies. I and others saw him hung on the cross like Jesus. A few minutes after he was crucified, there came heavy rain and we ran to protect ourselves from danger.
My spirit was troubled for him. He was dying painfully. After the rain, the ground shook. Another building near the cross also caught fire. I sensed that God was intervening on behalf of the man.
Meaning: There will be fierce persecution, and some awful suffering that some Christians will endure. But these martyrs for Jesus have God's support and help in their awful ordeals. And God will perform miracles to show His backing, and judgement will follow on the persecutors. "He that endures to the end will be saved" (Matt 24:13).

July 12/04  SDA Leaders Don't Want Truth
An SDA minister invited me to lead their Christmas programme. I told him that I won't participate in pagan celebrations and shared with him about the truth of the festivals of God. He ignored what I was telling him.
Meaning: SDAs don't want the truth of God any more.
Comment: In 2005 I had correspondence with a lecturer in an SDA college in the USA. I gave him your dreams from God about what’s wrong with the SDA church, and that they are shutting out the Spirit of God. He rejected all my input!

The Need To Test The Spirits
July 13/04  Deceived By Supernatural Manifestations
Some of my neighbours were shouting in the night and disturbed me. I went to them and found that they were out of control. I sensed that evil spirits were possessing them all. I went closer and told a man who was standing there calmly but who was frightened by the situation, that I could help and pray for them to be released from their bondage. But the man told me that they are exercising some religious experiences and were not in need of any help. I tried to convince him that they were deceived and controlled by evil spirits but he wouldn't believe me.
Meaning: Like those deceived by the 'Toronto Blessing', many Christians think that any supernatural manifestations they receive are from God, not the devil.
Very few know how to test the spirits. Even fewer do it!

Face Of Jesus In The Sky
July 14/04  Joy At Seeing The Face Of Jesus In The Sky
I saw the loving face of Jesus in the form of bright clouds in the sky. I couldn't control my joy. While I was gazing up into the sky several Angels came out of the clouds and circled Jesus. I thought Jesus' coming is occurring.
Meaning: Jesus is coming soon!

The Rebellious Fall Away
July 15/04  Sadly, Some Fall Away
A young man who was with us in teaching the truths of the hour disturbed our congregation, shouting, cursing and insulting all of us. I tried to calm him but he wouldn't be placated.
Finally we left him alone to do what he wanted. I sensed that he was possessed by another spirit and told the congregation to pray with one mind commanding the evil spirit to come out of this brother. While we were doing so, he went out slamming the door powerfully.
Meaning: This dream was fulfilled two weeks ago when a brother repudiated all the truths and left us. I told him what God gave me in a dream about him but he accused and insulted me. [When you give people the truth, if they won't accept it and live by it, the devil comes in to steal every good thing away.]

Influence Of Evil Leaders
July 17/04  The Evil Influence Of Most Leaders
I was sharing the truths with a friendly man in his home. After a while another man entered and stood behind me. The friendly man then warned me to stop preaching to him.
I realized that they were going to hurt me. I prayed to God silently to save me from these men.
Meaning: The friendly man could represent the few church leaders and some church members who will listen. But when pressure is exerted on them from behind your back – from higher church leaders or government officials – they give in to what church leaders want, and start to oppose the truth.

Three New Blankets
July 18/04  Three New Blankets
A man gave me three brand new blankets and told me to keep them – that these can help me in my long and weary journey.
Meaning: Someone will provide you with comfort and help. There is much ahead we still have to do, until our work for God  is finally completed (symbolised by 3).

Genesis 3:15
July 19/04  Genesis 3:15
I was teaching in one place. My topic was Gen. 3:15. While I was teaching, a young black man, clothed in rags, came to where I was standing and began to disturb me. I told him to back off. He tried to struggle with me but the people got him and cast him out of the place.
Meaning: Genesis 3:15 is about the continual resentment and enmity between Satan's children (the snake's brood) and God's (offspring of the woman). It continues today.
The black man represents evil (no slur on black people; I [MBH] have many black friends in Africa!). The fact that he was young in this instance depicts new believers used by the devil.
Rags depict his spiritual life. He needs God's righteousness, but his ways are antagonistic and he only wants to cause trouble, not submit to obeying God.

Women With AIDS
July 20/04 HIV
I was helping three HIV positive women.
Meaning: 1) God will heal people from AIDS, or HIV positive diseases.
2) A spiritual allegory. AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome – definition: “an often fatal syndrome caused by a virus transmitted in the blood, marked by severe loss of resistance to infection” (Oxford Concise Dictionary).
Churches (symbolised by women) are contaminated with false teachings (viruses) which can often prove fatal to the recipients. Certainly they weaken the afflicted. Churches are seriously spiritually weakened by falsity in belief.
Three symbolises finality, so the three women depict the end-time Church in its various sectors, which MM truths can help, and you are taking that truth to them.

This Worldwide Work
July 21/04  A Worldwide Work
I seemed to be in a large gathering. One of authority was addressing the company, before him was spread out a map of the world. He said that the map pictured God's vineyard which must be cultivated.
Meaning: God is doing something now which is going to reach all the world! MM is a part of this. The one addressing the meeting is Jesus who holds all authority (Matt 28:18).

MM Revival Coming Soon!
I saw a great movement among the families of MM.
Many were praising God. The sick were healed and other miracles were wrought.
A Spirit of intercession was seen, even as was manifested before the great Day of Pentecost.
Hearts were convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit, and the spirit of genuine conversion was manifest. On every side doors were thrown open to the proclamation of the truths.
The world seemed to get illuminated by the heavenly influence.

Hard Times
July 24/04  Tough Times
I was in training with famous athletes, climbing mountains, crossing rivers, etc. The training was very tough.
Meaning: Although revival is coming, it won't be easy. In fact, the reverse! It's going to be constant hard work!
The dream depicts what you have been through, what you are still going through, and more of what is to come. But through all these rigours, God will give you strength and the ability to endure (1 Cor 10:13; Matt 11:28).
Further Reading: Help In Trials.

Factionalism In Iraq
July 25/04 War and factionalism to continue in Iraq
I saw a very horrible scene in Iraq. The country was left to various factions after the coalition had left the country. I saw long and fierce battles between various factions. There were corpses and blood everywhere. The scene was very terrible.

Personality Preachers – Cowboys
July 26/04 Personality preachers are cowboys!
I was attending a spiritual meeting. The preacher was a white fat man. I was not interested in his personality. His shoes were boots like the Texas cowboys wear. He wore shorts and a T-shirt. It seems to me that he has not given the glory to God. His fruit is not unto godliness.
Meaning: Fat symbolises spiritually indulgent. A 'cowboy' in the building trade is one who is not genuine. His shoes may depict flamboyance instead of worthwhile character. His dress denotes casualness about spiritual matters, and not one of giving glory and proper respect to God.

World Leaders Very Misguided
July 27/04 Tapes with three holes
Our Prime Minister gave me two large tape cassettes. The normal tapes have two holes but the ones he gave me had 3 holes. I told him that my tape recorder can’t play this cassette, but he assured me that it can. The cassettes contained spiritual messages.
Meaning: As is often the way with politicians and leaders, they think they are more advanced than most others. They also think they know better than Christians, who are often regarded as superstitious and primitive in their views and faith. But the views these leaders have are totally impractical and unworkable in the long term, just like the tape with three holes.

Fierce BEAST Emerging!
July 29/04 The Beast is soon to emerge
I was leaving the home of a brother. After a little walk, I found myself in a large field. I had to cross it to reach my home.
While I was crossing the field, I saw a huge beast which had a face like a bulldog's. I have never seen such a beast in my life! This beast rushed straight towards me and I ran to escape from this predator. Thank God I found a little hole and hid there. The beast couldn’t get me.
Meaning: The Beast is soon going to emerge on the world scene. It symbolises totalitarian control, and intolerant rule over Christians. Many will have to flee to save their lives. Only God can protect you and show you what to do or where to go.
Kassahun has been shown that he will be protected, because he is prepared to die and loves God more than anything else.

A Macedonian Call
July 30/04 Trip to Greece
A friend of mine gave me two pictures. They were of me. He told me that the pictures are for my passport because I have to go to Greece very soon. I ask him to give the reason for my trip to Greece. He told me that I will know it when I get there.
Meaning: Greece is the modern name for Macedonia. Paul received a 'Macedonian call' (Acts 16:9). It symbolises God's call to help others; taking the truths to them.

God Provides MM’s Finance
July 31/04 MM receives £30,000
Malcolm sent a letter to all the families of MM telling them that the ministry has got a £30,000 donation from x. He didn’t tell us the person who donated it but assured us that we will know him soon. I praised God for this financial breakthrough.
Meaning: This has now been fulfilled (October 2004). We had long-standing debts of that much on credit cards which we needed to clear. So, God made a way through someone's selfless sacrifice. I don't need to tell you who it was, because their reward is in heaven, not on earth. But the lady gave all her money earned in a decade! She gave up what most keep for themselves!
Further: We get a lot of letters from people in poor countries who think we have lots of money and will therefore have some to give them. Sorry, chum, you don't understand how this ministry operates. This is a ministry of faith and sacrifice. When you give away all you have first, and trust God for what you need to continue to serve Him, you'll understand.

God Gave A Dream, Then Healed
I want to relate here what God has done for my aged father. Last Thursday he was very sick and I was very concerned about his health. The only thing I could do was pray to God for his healing and I did so. The next morning he was completely healed from his sickness and raised from his bed. He told me that he had a dream the night before, while he was in much pain, that two old men came and sat on the edge of his bed very concerned and prayed for his healing. After praying they touched the place of the pain and left. When he awoke the pain was gone. Isn't  it great? Hallelujah!
God is very near to us when we seek him earnestly.

Life Threatened By Evil Leader
Aug. 1/04 Persecution coming from authorities
I met with our Minister of Information. He seemed very friendly to me at first, and so I shared the truths of God's Word with him. But he tried to kill me twice. In the first attempt he filled my home with deadly smoke while I was in my home, but God spared me.
When we met again he asked me how I had managed to escape from death. I told him that God had protected me.
In his second attempt he threw two big bees at my face to sting me with their poison but God protected me from that also.
Meaning: Bees represent demons. These are demonic attacks against the truth and against those who carry God's truths. Demons attack in the physical using people.

God Displeased With Ministries
Aug. 2/04 Worthless chatter from most ministries
I got a book from one Christian ministry. On its cover it had in bold letters, Gossip.
Comment: Is it any wonder with ministries defaulting in their spiritual duty that God is going to demolish them?!

Many Muslims Become Christians
Aug. 4/04 Many Muslims will become Christians
I was surrounded by Moslems who want some help. I told them to renounce their false religion and accept Jesus and then I will pray for them.
They agreed. They accepted Jesus and renounced their false religion right there. They knelt down with me to pray, and I prayed for them.

How To ‘Escape’ What Is Coming
Aug. 5/04 You need the whole armour of God!
I saw people were instantly turned into serpents and began biting God's people wherever they were [persecution is coming]. Some were bitten in the foot, others on their head, and still others were bitten on their arms. The only ones who escaped from this were those who had put on the whole Armour of God. (See Eph 6:10-19.)

Fall Of Ethiopian Government
Aug. 6/04 Ethiopian Government to fall
I heard a voice that said to me, "Your government will not continue like this."

The Time Is LATE!
Aug. 7/04 The time is late!
In my dream someone told me that it is now the 11th hour of the day and the sun is rapidly setting over the horizon. He said this two times. [Two depicts certainty. Something is said twice for emphasis! When God says it, we had better take heed! He repeats it because most are taking no notice!!]

SDA Church Spiritually DEAD!
Aug. 8/04 SDA Church is spiritually decadent & dead
I was in an SDA Church meeting on the Sabbath. I sat at the back of the hall and saw people were not listening to the message. They were simply chewing gum – all of them! I was shocked by their disrespect and wanted to tell them that they are doing a disgusting thing. While I was thinking how I could tell them, I saw that the one who preached was also chewing gum right there on the podium. Discouraged, I left the church.
Meaning: The SDAs (Seventh Day Adventists) are a dead church. There is no Holy Spirit there and the people do not care about the things of the Spirit of God, nor for holiness.

MM Literature – Like Ark Of God
10th August 2004 MM Literature Likened To The Ark of God
All the families of MM were gathered together in a large auditorium. We were seated at a rectangular form. In the centre there was a large golden box heated by a flame of fire inside it. We were warming ourselves from it.
While we were watching and warming, Helena stood and said that the heat is coming from The Ark of God. Someone asked her, "Are you telling us that the iron box is The Ark of God?" Helena answered "Certainly!"
Comment: The Ark of The Covenant symbolised the Presence of God. MM literature is written so that people can yield to God and know His Presence through faith.

Kassahun In Rural Area
Aug. 11/04 In rural area
In my dream I found myself in a very rural area of Ethiopia tending lambs and sheep. I was enjoying this new job.
Meaning: This depicts a change which is coming for you – to be pastoring people in a rural area.

Christians Worshipping Demons
Aug. 12/04 Some Christians are totally demonised!
I was invited to a house where people knelt down and cried to their god. Bloody tears were flowing down their cheeks and their faces were disfigured. It was a terrifying scene. The Spirit of God told me that they are worshiping evil spirits, even though they call themselves Christians. I left the house.
Meaning: There are many cults where 'Christians' do not worship God, but give homage to their leaders and the demons who control their leaders. Some display demonic manifestations.

Falsity In The Church
14th August 2004 Beware Deception In Jesus' Name!
I saw a man holding a large snake in his hand. He told me that it is tame and won't hurt anyone.
Suddenly the head of the snake turned into the head of a sheep. It came straight towards me and became friendly. But I suspected that it would bite me if I'm not careful.
Comment: Most Christians are very undiscerning when it comes to following after false ministers and false doctrines!

Great Conflagration In The World!
Aug. 15/04 Winds of fire throughout the earth
I saw winds of fire coming from the four corners of the earth and destroying all things. The world seemed engulfed in a great conflagration. The scene was terrifying.
Meaning: Worldwide cataclysms are coming. This one depicts terrible war.
Jesus prophesied of world war accompanied by famine, disease epidemics and death on a massive scale, before His Kingdom can come to earth (Matt 24; Rev 6).

Raised From Death To Learn Anew
Aug. 16/04 Raised from the dead
My friends told me that a friend who died many years ago has been raised and wants to meet me. We went to see him and found him in his home. He was naked and his body was covered with sores. He asked us to pray so that the sores would go. We prayed and all the sores vanished from his body and the skin became like a child's skin.
Meaning: God will bring people back, raising them to life like Jesus raised Lazarus. But, they won't all know everything. They will have to learn in this physical plane, just as we have had to do, so they will need teaching.
The sores all over his skin probably represents his need for spiritual healing, and his spiritual nakedness will need covering with the clothes of truth that God provides.

Fierce Antagonism From Christians
Aug. 18/04 Woman who turns nasty to me
I was somewhere in the UK. Because I don't know where Malcolm lives I asked some passers-by to show me Malcolm's house. No one could help me. [We are presently unknown.]
Finally I got someone who said they know the place. A woman told me that she knew Malcolm's house and so I followed her. After a little walk, we arrived at a place with a concrete fence. I saw a beautiful villa inside. [The woman represents the Church. They think they know, but they don’t; they believe lies. They don’t want people knowing of us. They want people to come to them and to be part of their set-up.]
The woman told me to wait outside while she went into the villa. I waited a long time. Finally she came out with a gun in her hand. She pointed the gun at my head and shouted to leave the place immediately. I didn't have any other option, so I departed.
[You were put in the position of those who are favourable towards us. This engenders hostility in false believers, especially the leaders, who want control and attention for themselves.]
While I was confused about what to do, I met someone and showed him the address. He pointed me to a very large compound a short distance from where I stood. I got there and looked inside across the fence. I saw several soldiers there. I didn't have words to express my despair. On the front heavy iron gate it had "Coventry Army Base". (I didn't know whether there is literally such a town in the UK or whether there is an army base there.) I thought that I was a long way from Aylesbury.
A voice inside me said to continue my search and assured me I would find it. I walked and walked. Then the scene changed and I found myself in Malcolm's house and told him what I experienced in Coventry.
Meaning: There is a term in English "to put someone in Coventry" which means to be silent, or not to communicate with them. So, I believe God is saying that there will be a period of silence from me. You will want to hear from me (which the symbolism of wanting to come here and be with me portrays – it shows your very close bond with us through the Spirit), but it won't be possible for quite some time. God is preparing you for the onslaught that is coming here, with the confrontation that you already know about – like your dream portrayed with us covered in black soot.
The woman in your dream represents the false Church – false Christians and false ministers. They have the wealth and the beautiful villa, depicting how they have acquired great physical wealth (through their popular, and often deceitful, teachings). The gun symbolises their hostility towards prophets with the truth. They reject us and don't want us around.
The dream ends with you finding me, showing that things will be OK in the end, even though it may be a long journey in the interim, and one that will be disconcerting for you. I think that is because you are interceding for us in the spirit, so you will feel it deeply inside.

Terrorists Target Churches
Aug. 19/04 Churches will be terrorist targets
I was attending a religious meeting with those whom I am acquainted with. The man on the stage was teaching but no one was paying attention to what he was saying. Instead they were whispering to each other. I tried to hear what they were saying. They were staring at the wall on my right.
Someone shouted that a bomb was buried inside the wall. We all left at once.

Satan Wants To Kill God’s Prophets
Aug. 20/04 Satan wants to kill God's prophets
An unknown force tried to strangle me while I was sleeping. I called on the name of Jesus and the strangler left me suddenly. I went back to sleep again but the same force tried to strangle me again. Again I called on the name of Jesus and it left me. I rose from my bed and left the house. I realized that Satan was trying to kill me. [All who are called to serve Jesus as apostle or prophet have their lives threatened at some time. Satan tried to kill me in a car crash and in other ways, but God’s plan is not thwarted.]

There Is A Way That Leads To Death
Aug. 21/04 'Suicidal' tendencies in people
I was trying to save three little girls from falling into the river under the bridge. They gave me a lot of headaches. While I was looking after two girls the other one tried to hurl herself into to the river. When I ran to save her, the others tried to hurl themselves into the river. Finally I managed to save all of them.
Meaning: An allegory of some believers who need a lot of care to save them from self-destructive tendencies.
A parody of some churches! They don't literally want to kill themselves, but the things they choose to do in their folly and naughtiness will take them to certain destruction if they don't repent. True ministry will save such people from eternal death.
There is a way which seems right to a man but its end is the way of death (Prov 14:12; 16:25).

Arrogant ‘Christians’
Aug. 23/04 Arrogant people won't be saved
God showed me in a dream 3 white women who were at war with the truths. One was exalted in her eyes and thought she understood it all. I saw her pointing to her righteousness, devotion and prayerful life. I saw that her life was not marked with humility which characterizes the followers of Christ.
She has influenced others, and some have united with her to ridicule the dreams God has given us.
Meaning: There are many false Christians and false ministers who think much of themselves and their 'ministry'. But the foundation of true ministry is humility, which such people don't have. These are mockers and scoffers (2 Peter 3:3).

The Great Falling Away
24th August 2004. K. Great Falling Away Coming
An army coming from the north was moving on in triumph. Many were reckless and marched forward boastfully as though victory were already theirs. But when they got close to the battlefield, many were almost fainting through weariness and lack of sustenance. They didn't expect so fierce an encounter.
They rushed into battle and fought desperately. The scene was terrible: the dead and dying were everywhere. The army was rushing forward, although their losses were very great. It was awful. I was horrified.

Sabbath Truth Irrefutable
Aug. 25/04 Truth about Sabbaths is irrefutable
I seemed to be in an assembly, setting before the people the requirements of God.
I read the Scriptures regarding the Sabbath and Holydays. No one questioned it.
Meaning: People like to argue about these truths, and many refuse to keep them, but the Bible is clear on the matter and the truth is irrefutable to those who will obey.
Sunday Verus Sabbath: The Final World Crisis
and Our Sabbath Rest give the irrefutable evidence.

Sky Torn In Half!
Aug. 26/04 Sky torn in half! Worldwide shaking soon!
I saw the sky torn in half by the most powerful lightning and the earth shook powerfully. It seemed like we were in the air with nothing under our feet.

God’s Deliverance From ‘Tornado’
27th Aug 2004. God Will Protect Those Who Obediently Trust Him
We were meeting in a hall, sharing the truths with each other. I heard an ear-splitting siren, warning us to leave at once. We rushed out to see what was happening. I saw a powerful black tornado heading straight for the place where we stood.
I told those who were with me to run for their lives. We did. After we ran 100 metres, I looked back to see what was going on. The hall was completely destroyed, and the tornado didn't follow us. We praised God for His deliverance.

God’s Universal Judgement To Fall
Aug. 29/04 Judgement is to fall worldwide
I received an e-mail letter from Malcolm. The title read: "The significance of the number 9." The main message says: "We have got 900." I couldn't understand what it means.
Meaning: The 900 refers to money which we need. It symbolises what people will certainly give us (10 x 10 x 9) in order to proclaim that judgement is coming. That's our function as prophets. 9 symbolises God's judgement numerically.

Going Into Norway
Aug. 30/04 These truths will go into Norway
I met with a Norwegian woman. She asked me to give her the books, Dreams and Visions From God and The Imminent Fall of America. I gave her them and she blessed me.

Government Repression
31st August 2004 Repression Coming Under New Government
I was in New York at a meeting place with brothers and sisters whom I didn't know and had not see before. Fear was all over their faces. No one was talking. All sat in silence.
Finally I asked them what is going on in their midst. One brother told me that they are in great danger from their government who required them to stop gathering and reading their Bibles. I assured them that our God is greater than our enemies and invited them to kneel down and pray.
This will be a fulfilment of the prophesied Abomination of Desolation. Explained in Daniel's Prophecies For Our Time!

Evil SDA Leaders
Sep 2/2004 Evil SDA Leaders
Unknown men surrounded the SDA Church. They began to fire their guns inside the compound. I saw their leader was one of the members of the church. I was shocked and very surprised.
Meaning: Like in Waco, Texas, where some Sabbath- keeping Christians were led astray by David Koresh, a false 'prophet', so it is that other SDA leaders cannot be trusted.
They will even turn on 'their own' to save their necks when fierce persecution comes.

The ‘Richards’
Sep 3/2004  "We Trust On The Richards"
I was invited to present in one meeting. It was the Sabbath. The place was mostly filled with women. We began to sing a song. The song was based on the image of Dan. 2. The title of the song in the song book was 'We trust on the Richards'.
Meaning: Women depict true believers, fellowships and churches where God's people are. We are going to praise God for what He will do shortly by raising the dead. Richard will be one of that number. He will be like Daniel the prophet who was taken before the king (Nebuchadnezzar) because of the revelations God gave him. Daniel's bold and courageous stand, recorded in Daniel 2, caused the other wise men's lives to be spared. So, Daniel was a deliverer, in one sense, because he brought revelation from God that saved the people.
These 'Daniels' or 'Richards' of our time are prophets who will bring much praise to God through the events that will soon transpire as resurrections bring the Gospel to the attention of the whole world.

Angelic Direction
Sep 4/2004  Angels
I was nurturing 3 old men in my home. They were mighty in their counsel. They told me what to do [words of knowledge] and how to do it [words of wisdom].
Meaning: Angels guiding you by words of knowledge and words of wisdom conveyed by the Spirit.

Catholics Fighting
Sep 6/2004 Catholic In-Fighting
I saw the news on TV. The news aired live pictures of fierce fighting between Catholics themselves. I saw many cathedrals on fire worldwide. Shocked, I want to know what is happening to the cathedrals here in Addis Ababa.
Meaning: A great shaking is coming to the Catholic church. There will be serious division for various reasons. One reason is because they will hear new truth.

False Christians & False Concepts
Sep 7/2004 False Christians Get In The Way Of God's Plans
I was in a vast field walking with some believers who were rushing to a great cross in front of them. While we were hurrying along, on the way we met some lunatics who blocked our way with vast amounts of rubbish. They said they are also believers and wanted to kneel before the cross before anyone else arrived there [they want pre-eminence, to be first]. We couldn't do anything except wait upon the God in whom we trust.
Meaning: This depicts false Christians who hinder the path of the ones who are true to God. The rubbish is all the false teaching and wrong ideas they want to present to show off their 'spirituality'. The dream is a metaphoric analogy of how unconverted believers masquerade as true, get in the way of what God is doing through those who are His, and seek to be pre-eminent in all things.
It actually also depicts a group of people about whom Helena had dreams some weeks ago – some people here whom we have had dealings with, but who are blocking what God wants to do. Arrogantly, they seek pre-eminence for themselves.

God’s Fragrant Truth
Sep 8/2004 God's Precious Truth
I was protecting a bottle of sweet-smelling perfume from falling to the ground. If it fell to the ground the perfume would be lost.  Meaning: Protecting the truth of God which is so beautiful and precious.

Drastic Changes In Europe
Sep 9/2004 Changes Prophesied In Europe
A man holding a map of Europe spread it before my eyes. There on the map he showed me 8 huge trees, two on the west, two on the east, two on the south, and two on the north. He said with anger that he is going to chop them all down. Then he rolled down the map and went without saying goodbye to me.
Meaning: 8 is twice 4, which depicts the whole world, two depicts certainty. So, this is a prophecy that will affect the whole world even though it specifically concerns Europe.
The trees represent kingdoms or kings (Daniel 4:10, 20-22). So, these are symbols of governments toppling, and rulership being overthrown by God. Perhaps it also means that 8 European governments will go, to be swallowed up by the EU.
God does not need to confer with man about what He will do, so He or His emissary is portrayed departing without saying any more.

Beware Of False Reports
Sep 10/2004 Beware Of False Reports And Deception
While I was in my home I heard some noise outside. I went out to see what was happening. A crowd was gathering.
I asked a man what was going on. He said that Jesus had come to their village. Surprised, I decided to wait and see. I waited a long time but nothing happened.
Meaning: "Then if anyone says to you, 'Look, here is the Christ!' or 'There!' do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive..." (Matt 24:23,24). One reason people spread untruths is to gain a following for themselves. Pride underlies deception.

The Devil’s False Revival
Sep 11/2004 The False Revival
I was in a little tent attending a religious meeting. The people seem very friendly. They make me feel at home. The meeting began with a song.
After that a short man stood and preached. He opened his mouth to preach. I saw his tongue. It was like a snake's tongue [the devil inspires him in what he says and does]. In the middle of his preaching he invited all of us to stand and accept his blessings. All stood. Then he stretched out his tongue and began to touch the heads of those who stood. I was shocked and ran out of the tent with my heart pounding in fear.
Meaning: This portrays what has already taken place in many places around the world, such as Toronto and Brownsville, and which has been hailed as "Revival".
Charismatic preachers, used by the devil, can spread demonic manifestations through indiscriminate laying on of hands. We have a video showing various demonic manifestations in such meetings where people completely trust the preacher. He preaches Christ but the devil is behind his words. There are also many smaller groups, depicted by the small tent, who are following the same indiscriminate laying on of hands, and the devil will infect them, too. [Explained more in MM’s Testing The Spirits and Coming Out of the Toronto Deception.]

MM Literature Heaven-Sent
Sep 13/2004 MM Literature Is Heaven-Sent
It seems to me that I was somewhere in Asia. While walking on the streets I saw a billboard which said "Free Spiritual Books". Someone showed me a little shop. I saw there all the publications of MM on the shelf. I asked the owner how he got all these. He said that they came down from heaven like rain.
Meaning: MM publications have been produced by God's inspiration. They have come from heaven. They will reach into Asia. (Some have gone there already.) Despite the fact that we ask people to cover the cost of what they request, few do, hence the dream portrays them as “free”. Nothing in life is free. A price has to be paid by someone.

Wonderful Serenity In Heaven
Sep 14/2004 Serenity In Heaven
I saw people flying in the sky like doves.
Meaning: There is wonderful peace, harmony, serenity and joy in heaven.

The Song Of The Bride
Sep 16/2004  The Bride And Bridegroom
My friends and I were walking in the street to our meeting place. There we met a company of singers singing wedding songs. The song was about the bride and the bridegroom.
Meaning: Jesus, our heavenly Bridegroom, is preparing us His bride for the heavenly bliss ahead. His coming is very soon!

Martyrs For Christ
Sep 17/2004 Martyrdom Is Coming
I saw in the clouds the forms of many people. They wore garments and on the hem of their the garments there were red borders. They were shouting out,'' We are Martyrs".
Meaning: Martyrdom is coming, but what a glory to be counted in that number, and then to reign with Jesus! (See Rev 6:9-11.)

Time For Spiritual Clean-Up
Sep 18/2004 Time For Spiritual Clean-Up
I was sweeping and cleaning dust out of my home.
Meaning: We are preparing for the heavenly rewards by cleaning out of our lives now whatever should not be there.
It is also a prophetic depiction of what the major part of the Church must do soon, as we present to her the aspects of obedience she has not been aware of before.

Sep 20/2004 The Road Ahead Is Hard
We passed over the great desert in the heat and alkali dust. We became very weary of the barren scenery. The heat, dust, and roughness of the way drew complaints and sighs of fatigue. Very many of us murmured.
Meaning: The way ahead is difficult and tough. But we must not repeat the mistakes of Israel in their wilderness experience.  They did not appreciate God’s love for them, so they didn’t trust Him and didn’t believe He would provide. They angered Him.

A Sword Of Fire
Sep 21, 2004 Warfare Looming
I saw a sword of fire turning this way and that way. I was in an agony of distress.
The next news was that buildings had been burned by fire, but that no life had been lost.
I think it has more of a spiritual meaning than physical. I wonder if it means that churches (and church organisations) will be destroyed through the trials coming, but that God will spare all His true children in them.

Jesus’ Coming Very Soon!
Sep 22, 2004  Just Before Jesus' Coming
I saw those who live in the imminence of Jesus' coming. They were enveloped in mist and cloud and dense darkness.
Meaning: As in Joel 2, the time just before Jesus comes will be the most oppressive and awful in human history. Joel 2:2 prophesies it as: "A day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, like the morning clouds spread over the mountains..." The dream is given to remind us that Jesus' Coming is not far away.
Your dream about the earth enveloped in darkness during 2008 (the Great Tribulation then) shows that Jesus could return in 2011, give or take a year or so.
Nicholas also had a dream of one week (7 years?), helping with David Isaac's preaching in Nigeria. That also brings us to 2011, if we understand the meaning of the imagery correctly.

Malcolm, The Mulberry Man
Sep 23, 2004 Malcolm, the Mulberry man
Last night God gave me a dream about you. A Man of stature gave me an envelope and commanded me to open it in front of him. I did so as told. Inside the envelope there was a blue paper written on it: "The Mulberry Man – Malcolm. Is he the Mulberry Man? He is the Mulberry Man!" I asked him what it means. But he didn't say a word.
Meaning: I didn't know precisely what the Mulberry Man could mean, but the following facts give an indication:
The Mulberry tree is a beautiful and highly prized tree. The leaves of the White Mulberry are the ones mainly used in feeding silkworms, which spin silk. And, as you know, silk is the most precious fabric, beautifully smooth and valuable. This hints at the publications of MM containing God’s righteousness which we are to put on – the purest and most expensive spiritual garments.
Then there is another aspect that came to mind. When I was a boy, I grew up in Southend-on-Sea, which is a town on the Thames estuary east of London. For many years, the remains of a floating harbour were visible from the shore. I remember asking my mother what the huge object was jutting out of the water. She said it was the remains of Mulberry Harbour (it was only part of it that had been bombed). On summer days, when going to the beach as a boy, I remember being told many times, "Look over there; you can see Mulberry Harbour."
"Mulberry was the code name for the two artificial harbours (one at the British, and one at the American landing-place) which were floated across the Channel for the invasion of France in 1944." (Hutchinson's Encyclopedia.)
So, perhaps God is reminding us in allegory that the spiritual value which is contained in the pages (leaves) of our literature are about to make their invasion upon the enemy. It's an invasion which God has planned long ago, and for which we are merely the players in the outworking of His plans, just as were those D-day invaders who began the liberation of Europe.

A Repeat Of Sodom
Sep 24, 2004 Sodom's Punishment Will Be Repeated In Our Time
I was in a very disgusting city. People living in that city were terrible, ghastly, ugly. Their forehead started to recede from above their eyes like apes. The flesh hung loosely about their hands and faces. The expression on their faces was full of anxiety and unhappiness. The Spirit said too that they are Sodomites.
Meaning: Sodomites were so evil that God had to destroy them (Ezek 16:49,50 and Gen 19). A similar judgement is coming upon all who are equally wicked today!

Punishment On Deceitful Leaders
Sep 25, 2004 God's Punishment To Fall On Deceitful Church Leaders
I was advising a 10 year old boy to keep himself from the devil, showing him some of his deceit. While I was doing so, he was stricken before my eyes and fell to the ground. I sensed that this is the work of the devil. I intercede for him and he gained his consciousness.
Meaning: This could be to do with some wicked church leaders in other countries in Africa whom we have contested. 10 is the number that represents man, so it would indicate a person or persons who are not being led by God. The symbol of a boy portrays immaturity, and male means leadership (God usually represents the Church – His people – as female).
One such leader in Malawi was obtaining funds from various sources through deceit. When a missionary contested with him about his lies and fraud, God brought us into the affray too. Helena received a dream that this man would develop a cancerous growth, making his lips swell up. That was what the vision portrayed; whether it is literal in the physical we don't know; it could be metaphoric. But God will judge him, and there will be a very visible evidence of his downfall. Your dream portrayed one such person symbolically falling to the ground.
God uses the devil to punish people. He lets them fall into troubles and suffering caused by the devil and demons.
Just as Abraham prayed for Abimelech (Gen 20:17), so you were portrayed interceding for the offender in the dream, and the inference is that he will be restored.

Fleeing To The Wilderness
Sep 26, 2004 Fleeing To The Wilderness
We were fleeing from cities and villages and came together in companies, to dwell in the most desolate and solitary places. We seemed to have rest from those who sought to destroy our life.
Meaning: There is soon coming a time when God's people will need to listen to the Spirit to flee to save their lives. They will have to live in desolate places to survive.
Comment: This dream shows that God will protect some of His chosen ones physically. However, some will be martyrs (see dream of 17 Sept 2004). But don’t look to save your life. You need to be willing to forfeit it for Jesus’ sake (Lk 9:23,24).

The Narrow Way
Sep 27, 2004 The Narrow Way To Wonderful Eternal Life
I was on a narrow bridge walking to reach a beautiful field with tall grass, most glorious to behold. It was living green and waved majestically. It was very difficult to keep my balance on the bridge. I had to be careful to not lose my balance and fall into the ditch under the bridge. The trip was tiring and that beautiful place very far away, but I kept walking.
Meaning: An allegory of our physical lives as Christians. We look forward to the heavenly reward depicted by the beautiful field, but first we must continue our earthly journey which is often like walking on a narrow bridge where we have to walk carefully to keep our balance.

Angels In Paradise
Sep 29, 2004 Angels In Bliss
I saw little ones with wings on their back, flying under the clouds of heaven from mountains to mountains. I wished to be like them. Meaning: A depiction of angels in the spirit realm?

Sep 30, 2004  Prepare! Prepare!
I heard a voice saying, "Prepare, and prepare, for what is coming upon the earth. Let your faith correspond to the truths I have given you." The voice was like an echo reaching far and near.
Meaning: Now is the time to walk by faith. It prepares us for difficult times ahead. When God repeats things, they are important. He repeats for emphasis.

Church Of England Snakes
Oct 2, 2004 Church Of England Snakes
A man was making an exhibition of a multitude of snakes to people who were gathered around himself. Some were bowed before him as if he is some kind of god. Others were clapping their hands with applause.
Meaning: The Church of England Synod is like this. The Archbishop is exalted as if he were a god. The Church of England hierarchy or the Episcopalian hierarchy in America has made decisions to allow the ordination of homosexual bishops, flagrantly violating Scriptural principle, but this unbiblical liberal depravity is applauded!

The True Faith Will Endure
Oct 3, 2004 The True Faith Will Endure
I was shown a platform, braced by solid timbers. Someone was telling this man and that man to loosen the timbers supporting this platform. Then I heard a voice saying, "This foundation was built by the Master Worker and will stand storm and tempest."
Meaning: People try to undermine the foundations of the true faith, but it will stand firm to the End. Jesus promised! (Matt 16:18.)

Red Horse Of World War
Oct 4, 2004  The Red Horse Of World War
I saw an angry red horse seeking to break loose from the strong man, bringing destruction and death in its path.
Meaning: Warfare. The first horse of Revelation 6.

Oct 5, 2004 Martyrdom Ahead
A lot of us were arrested. A man with high responsibility was questioning us in front of a high ranking official who came from a foreign country. The man, who was questioning us, tries to be good before the eyes of the foreigner. But I know that he has decided to kill all of us.
Meaning: Christians are soon going to be arrested and imprisoned or put to death for their beliefs. The State officials will try to make it appear as though their edicts and judgements are in the interests of the whole of society, and even in the best interests of believers themselves. But evil is in the hearts of State officials.

MM Publications Contain The Fire Of God
Oct 7, 2004 MM Publications Contain The Fire Of God
We were studying the truths in our fellowship. When I opened one of the publications to share the truths, a flame of fire appeared inside the page.
Amazed, I turned to the next page. There again appeared that flame of fire. The fire did not burn the pages.
With much excitement, I showed this miracle to those who were in the fellowship. All were amazed.
Meaning: When the truth is shared with new people, God performs miracles to demonstrate His love and presence. MM publications, although written by man, were guided in their compilation by God. They contain the Fire of God! And those who are true, recognise it! They are excited by the truths.

Large Snake Covers The Sun
Oct 8, 2004 The Great Tribulation Coming Shortly
I saw a large serpent covering the sun. It cast its shadow over the earth.
Meaning: Satan is the god of this present age. His rule in this age is coming to an end shortly, when Jesus returns. But before that, he will cause much suffering and sorrow to afflict earth's inhabitants during the Great Tribulation.

God’s Blessing On Kassahun
Oct 9, 2004 God Blesses Kassahun's Fellowship Meetings
I was in a town here in my country attending a fellowship with brothers. In our midst there was an old man with white hair and white beard. He was blessing us for two hours.
Meaning: An allegory of God blessing your fellowship.

Lots To Take Note Of
Oct 10, 2004 Notebooks For Many
My father was giving many notebooks to many people. I received one.
Meaning: Lots of new things will be happening – miracles and wonders and new people being reached. There will be lots 'to write home about' or take note of.

Church Leaders Poisoned
Oct 11, 2004 Poisoned Church Leadership
I was praying for and trying to save a young man who had drunk poison with much water. It took me a long time to help him.
Meaning: Deception is the poison of the Church.
Like the dream above of Sept 25th, the man depicts church leaders who are poisoned by wrong teaching. (It could depict one church leader in particular whom you will have contact with.)
Especially damaging is the claim that church leaders have automatic divine authority over their congregants.
Although some church leaders have drunk in a lot of other truth from God's Word which is symbolised by the water (Eph 5:26), they have swallowed this highly damaging poison and they need it to be neutralised so they can be restored to full spiritual health and not die.

Daniel’s Prophecies For Our Time!
12th October 2004 Daniel's Prophecies For Our Time! Prophesied
A new booklet arrived from Malcolm. The cover is a rosy colour and written on it in black letters was, 'When the Prophecy of Daniel 11 is repeated.' I was eager to know the new truth. [This account received from Kassahun on 19th Oct 2004.]
Comment: Kassahun's dream came after God had put it on my mind for some weeks to write about Daniel's prophecies, but I hadn't been able to start writing it then. His dream prompted me to begin without further delay.
The rosy colour depicts the warmth and comfort it can bring to people, as they are strengthened spiritually. They need to know about the prophesied events of Daniel 11:32-39 which shall be repeated, even though it is not a welcome prospect to consider! Much tribulation is coming!

Ethiopian PM
Oct 13, 2004 I saw our PM, escorted by his guards, coming out of the airport. He was really dwarf. I wondered how he could have become like this! His face was spoiled and terrible. I tried to find out the reason, but no one knew.
Meaning: God is telling you more about the PM of your country, that he's spiritually diminutive. This is God's perspective. It's not what most people would think. On the surface he appears to be a good man, but God is pointing out what we can't see. (See also dreams of 21/4/04 and 27/704.)

Oct 15, 2004 Beware Of Davidians And Others Guided By Demons
A company of people came to our fellowship and acquainted themselves as "Davidians". They tried very hard to draw us to themselves. They cast their spell on us but we rebuked them. When we did this, they disappeared like a cloud.
Comment: The Branch Davidians were a breakaway cult from the SDAs who had their HQ in Waco, Texas. Led by David Koresh, they were faithful to him more than to God. Koresh took Jesus' place in the spiritual loyalties of the people. He was also a philanderer, and had illicit sexual liaisons with some women or girls in his cult.
In the nineties, their group came under literal siege from the US authorities. Koresh would not submit to the State, and there was a gun fight. In the military struggle, some government troops were shot and the Branch Davidians' complex was set alight and all of the members of that cult died in it with him.
Meaning: The dream is warning you, Kassahun, of similar evil people despite the fact that they 'accept' God's Sabbaths. (SDAs are rife with evil leaders; it's a Spirit-dead church, as you know) who may try to exert the same demonic controls over others. The dream is probably given to warn others of the evil depth in the motives of such people who are not true Christians but who are moved by demonic powers.

Babylon Rising Again
Oct 16, 2004 Babylon To Exert Dominance Again Over Religion
Someone was saying to me, "Find horn, the great Babylon. Find horn, the place of great apostasies. Beware of it." I didn't see his face. I only heard his voice. The voice was like thunder. It was very frightening.
Meaning: The dream is warning from God of the soon-coming oppression that Babylonian religion will exert over all in society. Babylonian religion is a State-approved mix of error and truth.
"Find the horn", or "sound the horn" means "sound the alarm". It is a prophetic call to warn others about what will soon emerge on the world scene, bringing oppression upon true Christians, and much suffering and death to those who want to remain true to God. (Help In Trials [£1.00], and Articles of Faith, Vol 3 [£5.00]
explain about enduring to the end.)

Oppression & Tyranny Coming
Oct 18, 2004 Oppression and destruction coming
I was trying to stop an autobus coming with much speed to crush my home, but I couldn't and I ran to save my life. The bus hit my home and destroyed it.
Meaning: The bus symbolises State machinery.

God Is Measuring His Temple
Oct 19, 2004 God is measuring His Temple
Someone was measuring my height.
Comment: See Rev 11:1-2. Notice that the outer court is left out of the measuring. Only the Temple of God that is close to Him is being measured. The outer court represents those in churches who have not yet received the Spirit of God and who still need to be brought to conversion in the Tribulation.

Oct 20, 2004 The Persecuted Church
A woman was crying so much. She was heartbroken. I went to her ask why she is crying. She told me that she has been abused and cast out of her house. I tried to comfort her.
Meaning: The Church is depicted here; persecuted.

Oct 21, 2004 Spiritually Protected!
We were trying to escape from a barbarian tribe. They were throwing poisonous arrows and stones at us to kill us. But to our surprise the arrows could not touch us.

Most Christians Don’t Discern
25th October 2004 Many Are Easily deceived
A company of people were on a strong vessel, sailing on very rough waters. Sometimes the waves beat over the top and some got drenched by water. They said, "Let's get off. This vessel is going down!"
"No," said one who appeared to be the captain. "This vessel will reach harbour. She will never go down."
But they said " We will take our chances on that vessel you see yonder."
The captain replied, "Don't go there, for I know that vessel will strike the rocks before she reaches the harbour. Should I permit you to lose your life by taking that boat? The timbers of her framework are worm eaten, and she is a deceptive craft. If you knew more, you could discern between the spurious and the genuine, the holy and that appointed to utter ruin." I awoke.
Comment: Most Christians are not discerning, so they are led astray by churches that appear good to them, and run after false ministers. People seek what looks the easier physical option, but it's not the best.

Mediterranean – A War Zone
22nd October 2004 Mediterranean Sea a War Zone
I saw the Mediterranean Sea filled with all kinds of snakes and crocodiles so that one could not see the waters. It seemed that the sea was covered with a vast black curtain over it. I thought ships would not be able to pass through the sea.
Comment: Snakes and crocodiles depict evil spirits which stir up the nations to war and commit atrocities and evils. This situation is coming in Europe in the next few years.

Self-Willed People Out Of Control
Oct 25, 2004 Wheelchair wildness
I was trying to save a woman in a wheelchair from some danger. She couldn’t control the speed of her wheelchair. I have never seen a wheelchair going this fast!.
I ran behind her to try and get hold of the wheelchair but I was not able to catch it. My heart broke for her.
Meaning: This depicts a group of people whom we witnessed to, but who were rebellious. You know, you reach out to others, but where they don't have humility, there's nothing you can do to help them.
These people were self-willed and arrogant.

Delay Before Harvesting
Oct 26, 2004 God's great harvest
I saw my beans which I have sown a long time ago grow and bear fruit. I didn’t do my best for them in nurturing and so on. I thank God for this great harvest.
Meaning: There is a delay between sowing, germination, and harvesting God's crop, but He keeps a constant eye on everything when we don't.

Opposition Like Muddy Water
Oct 27, 2004 Opposition and persecution coming
I and a few others were walking on the street. We were rushing to arrive at a very important meeting [the Kingdom of God]. While we were speeding along, a mighty flood of muddy water came towards us with great speed. There was nothing we could do but brace ourselves for what would hit us.

Oct 30, 2004  Opposition and persecution
I climbed to the top of a tree to save my life from some rhinoceros. They were trying to cut the tree down but couldn’t. Finally they rushed away into their woods.

Great Exploits!
Oct 28, 2004 Great Exploits! Dead People Will Be Raised!
I was standing on a long line of coffins which came from the graves. Many people were there [publicity will result from these].
We were waiting for the coffins to be opened and the dead raised.

Oct 31, 2004 Watch And Be Vigilant
At night I went to close the door of my home. But someone whom I didn’t know was opening it. I went out to see who it was but there was no-one outside. Again I closed my door but it opened immediately. Finally I left it open and protected my home by staying awake all night.
Meaning: We are entering a time of trouble in which we will have to be constantly vigilant. It is a time of great darkness.

Centralised Bureaucratic Control
1st November 2004 You Must Register...
I received a letter from a stranger in Alabama, USA. When I opened the envelope I found a paper which said, "You have to register for social security." I didn't understand why.
Comment: Bureaucracy and centralised control of people from far away. This is coming to all subjugated peoples when China and other countries (probably under the auspices of the UN) take over the USA.

Threats To Those Who Accept Truth
2nd November 2004 Persecution And Mind-Control Increasing
I was trying to share the truths of God with someone. He was a member of some kind of cult. He gladly accepted what I was telling him, but while we were discussing these things, a young man with a long beard came up to us. He was angry and put two bullets in my hand. I sensed that the two bullets were a warning to us that the cult leader wanted to kill both of us.
Comment: The invisible spirit influence behind cult mentality is Satan, but there are many cults – 'Christian' churches included. They want you to follow their human leader(s), and are therefore hostile to those who bring further truth that can educate their adherents.
The long beard is a symbol of a ritualist, one without the Spirit of God and whose lifestyle and mode of worship are merely human ritual. Two is a symbol for certainty. So, two bullets depicts his evil intentions, that he wants to kill both the one who brings truth and the one who accepts it.
The dream is a portent of persecution coming, as freedoms diminish. When the Beast exerts much stricter controls over people, truth will be repressed, and people who accept God's truths will come under threat of death.

Time To Flee Is Coming Soon
Nov. 3/04 Time to scatter is coming
I saw a multitude of people surrounding their king. He was barefoot. He was very concerned. One can read sorrow and anxiety on his face.
While I was there, I saw the enemies of the king coming from another direction. At this point the king and his people ran in different directions to save their lives. I went also.

War Comes Suddenly
5th November 2004 Warfare Will Come Suddenly
The ground where I was standing began to shake. Soon I saw not far from where I stood, a black war jet. It came with ear-splitting sound and lightning speed. Suddenly it burst into flames in mid-air.

MM’s Work Nearing Birth
Nov. 6/04 Malcolm, pregnant!
Malcolm told me that he is pregnant with a child. Amazed, I asked him how could a man be pregnant? He said to me that it is a miracle of God and I have to be accepting it. I agreed.
Meaning: Obviously, this is metaphoric! It predicts of new believers being born again through our work for God.

Angels Take Care Of Kassahun
Nov. 7/04 Angels looking after Kassahun
Two white individuals came to my home. They were total strangers to me, so I asked them politely who they are. They simply told me that they are God's servants who have come to stay with me.

Befriended By Chinese
November 8, 2004  Befriended by Chinese
A number of Chinese befriended me. They were protecting me from some kind of danger. [Increasing Chinese influence.]

Ghastly Church Teachings!
November 9, 2004 Man's thumb in plate of food
Someone served me a plate of food. I saw in the food a man’s thumb with blood on it. It was disgusting and I left it .
Meaning: Church leaders have interfered with God's truth and given people spiritual food to eat, contaminated and defiled, as the plate showed in allegory with blood and human flesh!

God Will Increase Spiritual Insight
November 10, 2004 Greater spiritual acuities coming
A man gave me a tiny red fruit and told me to eat it immediately. I ate it and my eyes lit up and my height increased.
Meaning: An allegory of increasing spiritual insight and spiritual stature. God gives gifts according to His purposes, for service to others. It portends greater service to others coming.

Defiant Missionaries – Good
November 12, 2004 "Don't go out!"
I was with several missionaries in a large compound. We were given an order not to leave the compound but a woman opened the door and went out of the compound. I thought she went out to witness the gospel to those outside the compound.
Then others began to leave the compound which was against the order. I tried to see what was happening outside and saw those who left standing in a field. Suddenly a powerful wind swept them all away. I saw a Man dressed in white, holding a long staff, standing in the field. There was a chariot behind him.
Meaning: This may be an allegory of a coming restriction on all NOT to preach the gospel. 'In the field' represents in the world. Some missionaries will not cease to preach. They will still go out, despite the danger to them of their decision. The strong wind could represent the secular power wiping them out.
However, Jesus will come for them. He is the strong Man dressed in white (Matt 28:3). The chariot symbolises His swift coming to conquer. That will happen in a few years' time. Those missionaries who lose their lives will go to be with Him and come back with Him when He comes to earth. (Rev 19:14.)

No More Grace – It’s Judgment Time
November 13, 2004 No more grace
A voice said to me that the world has very little time of respite / grace. Meaning: Indeed. It confirms this Newsletter's lead article. The dream was sent to me on 15th November. The front page was written in the week prior to that. The dream is God's confirmation of the correctness of that written herein.

Utopia Will Come Soon
November 14, 2004 Utopia
Two beautiful stars were coming from the sky. When they came close to the earth the whole earth became lit up. The light was bright and warming. All things have been healed, restored, and changed for the better. I can see love, hope and joy on all faces. I thought that this is the beginning of the new Utopia.
Comment: Praise God! We can't wait for that Day! It's the time when Jesus rules – His Millennium, to come soon – when He will wed His Bride. She will be a beautiful star at His side.

Church Leaders Deny Human Rights
Nov. 16/04 Church Leaders' Autocratic Control
Five elderly men [church leaders] were threatening a young man. They were telling him that they would cast him out of their church if he continued to visit other religious groups.
Anger filled me and I told them that they are denying the right of the individual which God has given him freely. I took the person with me and went out.
Comment: Sadly, a typical approach of many churches which are merely cults. They are intolerant of others.

True Prophets Not Accepted
Nov. 17/04 Prophets Rejected
I was in the midst of several men and women. I heard one of them quoting from the book of Jeremiah and they said that Jeremiah was a false prophet. I told him that he is not right about Jeremiah and began to explain the book. Those who were convinced by my explanation began to oppose the others.
The atmosphere was becoming tense. I sensed that soon there will be conflict among themselves. I told those who were convinced to come with me. We left the place at once.
Comment: Some Christians are so deluded by modern teachings of grace that they think stern prophetic messages of judgement are false. Prophets are rejected, except by the few.
Those who refuse to change and accept the full truth will cause splits when others accept a greater fulness of truth.

Police Called To Oppose Truth!
I am eager to tell you about a brother who has been studying with me. He was sharing the truths for the past two months in the SDA church as the Spirit led him.
But this last Sabbath something happened. After they finished their Sabbath school lesson, some of the authorities of the church threatened to call the police if he came again and spoke the truths. This is not surprising really because church leaders are mostly controlled by demons.
[The same thing occurred in the WCG, when they claimed they were having Open House meetings, inviting anyone from the public to come along. What a farce! When we came, they called the police to get rid of us! That’s a measure of the resistance to prophets and to more truth that there is in the established churches!]

Churches To Be Uprooted
Nov. 18/04 Destruction Coming
I was in a field of many olive trees. Suddenly a powerful wind came and uprooted all of them. The place where I stood became a mess.
Meaning: The Great Tribulation will uproot many churches and Christians' lives.

Drought And Dearth
Nov. 19/04 Drought and Dearth Coming
I was digging the ground to get some water.

Christians To Die
Nov. 20/04 Christians Soon To Be Killed
I saw a young man whom I knew, was killed and his corpse laid on the street. Armed men were protecting the corpse so I couldn't get close to it.

Constant Military Presence
November 22, 2004 Military Presence
A squad of soldiers was following me wherever I went. I was wondering if they were spying or protecting me from some danger. Comment: Probably the former.

November 23, 2004 Malcolm – Prophet No 5
Someone gave me a paper. On that paper there were 12 prophets named. The name of Malcolm was written as No 5. The names of the others were completely new to me.
Meaning: God uses a number of prophets. I am only one of several. My task, like John the Baptist's, is preparatory, which is the numeric significance of 5.
12 is the number of God’s government. It shows where He has placed His authority. [It’s not in organised churches.]

Christians Think Too Much Of ‘Their Church’
November 25, 2004 Worships his church
Someone was trying to convince me about his denomination. He tried really hard to persuade me to join but I sensed that his denomination is trapped by a cult mentality. (This dream was fulfilled 2 days after the dream when a young man came to me and pleaded with me to join his sect.)

Midnight Is Nearly Here
November 26, 2004 Midnight Is Nearly Upon Us!
I saw the earth and on it was a clock marking the time. The needle of this clock had moved forward and it was nearly pointing to the final hour. The hour of midnight is very close!
Comment: The end of the age is very close!

People Suffering In Polluted Cities
November 27, 2004 Terrible Pollution
I saw the planet was suffering from pollution of all sorts. Men, women, and children were afflicted by various forms of cancer, and fear abounds. For that reason we should flee from towns and take refuge in the countryside.
I saw people suffocating for lack of oxygen in the air contaminated by all these pollutions.
Comment: As economic times get worse, pollution will once again become a huge curse.

Mubarak Will Soon Die
November 27/04 President Mubarak Dead
I heard from the news that Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is dead. [This portends significant changes in Egypt.]

SDA Church Hostile To Light-Bringers
December 5/2004
...Remember the brother which I told you about last week? Well. He has been cast out of the SDAC this Sabbath by their guards. They warned him not to come again. If he does, they vowed to get him arrested. He is not surprised by their evil actions because I have shown him all the dreams God has given me about SDA leadership.
To stand for the truth is a great blessing. He is now working with me in distributing the truths of the hour.

November 28/04 SDAs Obstruct and Oppose Truth
I and a few brothers with me went to an
SDA church. When we arrived there, one of the leaders tried to prevent me coming into the hall. I told him that he can't do that because God has sent me to the place. Furious, he slaps my face. I went forward to the hall anyway. Again he slaps my face. I continued walking to the hall. Finally he knows that he can't stop me.
Comment: The cults do not allow outsiders to bring further truth to them, especially if they are prophets! The WCG used that physical force to bar my entry into their meetings in 1995, and they haven't changed their close-minded approach. However, they can't stop their members hearing the truth. It will be 'shouted from the housetops' (Luke 12:1-3).

November 30/04 Death of SDAs Coming
The members of
SDA church were mourning for some important man of theirs. I saw 4 men who held a coffin, go into the hall. The man in the coffin was their top leader. He was dead.
Comment: While it may depict the death of a man, it also probably portrays the death of their movement, which is not far away.

Almost Home!  Almost Home!
December 1/04 Not Long To Go!
I saw the sky in the night. It was bright with stars of different colours. I heard a voice which came from those stars. It says, "Almost home! Almost home!" The voice was beautiful like a melody.
Comment: Home for the true believer in Jesus is with God in the Spirit realm. The voice portrayed how wonderful it is.

Helena Holds A Staff With A Lamp
December 2/04 Helena Holding a Staff
I saw Helena holding a large staff in her hand. On top of it, there was a bright lamp. The lamp was lighting up all the place where she stood.
Comment: It depicts in symbol what Helena will be doing shortly, by giving others the truth during the coming publicity.
She will be appearing on TV, and be interviewed by 'celebrities' such as Richard and Judy. The staff is a symbol of the Word of God (Ps 23:4) that you can lean on, or rely upon.

Kassahun’s Name Called
December 3/04 Kassahun's Name Called 3 Times
In a dream someone was calling my name 3 times.
Comment: 3 is a numeric symbol of finality. Perhaps the dream hints at a weighty responsibility that you will carry as part of the end-time witness. Hence the call, three times. Others have been called by Jesus to “Go, go, go...” It is a most emphatic instruction! It carries great honour.

Daniel’s Prophecies Completed
December 13, 2004  Daniel's Prophecies For Our Time!
I have got the new booklet. Oh! It is wonderful. I have enjoyed it. I have read it eagerly for two days with much joy. Today I began translating it. God bless all your efforts. [See dream of 12th Oct 2004.]
Now to the dreams:

December 4/04 Darkness Suddenly Descends
In this dream all of a sudden the day had become dark with a very thick and heavy darkness. It happened at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Everybody was taken by surprise at the event.
Big clouds were gathering and they were threatening. I felt that something was about to happen.
Comment: Darkness is a symbol of evil. The world is not expecting what is coming – the Great Tribulation (1 Thes 5:3).

The Coming Outpouring!
December 5/04 The Outpouring Of The Spirit Coming!
In this dream, all the families of MM were standing on a vast field. In front of us were hundreds of large jars filled with water.
We were called to stand before a Man of stature and He poured the water on the heads of each of us. When the water touched our heads, we all began to prophesy and our faces shone like the sun.

War – “It Must Come”
December 7/04 Warfare Coming Soon!
I saw a man preparing swords. When he had finished, he spoke as if he knew the future: "It must be done."
I sensed that something terrible would engulf the world soon.
Comment: The four words convey the inevitability of what is to come. God has to allow it for people to finally turn to Him and turn away from wickedness that brings suffering and woe.

We Are Now Finishing The Work
December 8/04 This Is The Last Preparation
I got a note from Malcolm. It says, "The time has come to finish God's building."
Comment: We are in the time of the last outpouring of the Spirit. It is the final time of preparing the Bride before the Tribulation comes when the Gospel will cease to go forth, other than by the Two Witnesses (Rev 11). Their testimony will be mainly warning.

Many Dead Church Folks Will Die
December 9/04 Dead Men Suddenly Spout Blood
I was in a graveyard where I could see several statues of dead men. While I was there looking at them, all of a sudden blood begins to gush out of them like a flood. I run for my life lest I become immersed in it.
Comment: This gruesome portrayal probably portends martyrdom and widespread death that is coming shortly.
The dead men depict church leaders and false Christians who are opposing and blocking the move of God at this time. They will die in the Tribulation.

Steve And Mila
December 11/04 Steve and Mila
In this dream, Steve and Mila had visited as and rejoiced in our Sabbath fellowship.
Comment: Steve and Mila run a back-up ministry in the USA, helping us over there as Midnight In America. The dream allegorically portrays the joining together by the Spirit.

Raising The Dead
December 12, 04 Raising A Relative From The Dead
In this dream I had been called to the funeral of my nearest relative. I went to his home. His family was all mourning while the corpse was making its way to the grave. When it arrived there, the Spirit of God moved me to pray for him. I put my hand on the coffin and prayed that God would make him rise. Then the coffin began to shake and people opened it. He came out alive. Those who stood around the grave praise to God.

December 13, 04 Immature Christians at 'Crusades'
I saw several foreigners gathered together on a vast field for a religious meeting. But most were in the dark and I couldn't see their faces properly. They were afraid of the sun.
I begged them to come out into the light of the sun but they refused. Instead they chose to remain in the darkness.
Comment: The majority of Christians don't want further truth (Rev 3:17), including most of those who go to big crusade meetings of the mega-evangelists.

White Cobra Attacks
December 15, 04 Deadly Snake
A white Cobra jumps on my chest to bite me. Someone grabs it while in the air and kills it in front of me.
Comment: An attack from the devil (the snake) who comes through a Christian (hence it was white). K will be protected.

December 16, 04 Terrorists Will Strike Power Plants
I saw several power plants explode in several places and the earth became very dark. Many people were terrified and cried in despair. Everything seemed to come to a standstill.

December 18, 04 Pastors Oppose Dreams & Visions
In a dream, I saw pastors whom I know putting their members on their guard against the book Dreams and Visions which I have given them. I told them that if they don't humble themselves by repenting they were well on the way to apostasy.
Comment: There are many pastors who, blindly, oppose supernatural communications to us from God. They don't realise their behaviour is inspired by Satan!
Furthermore, Dreams And Visions From God relates the fact that we are here to restore the truth of the Sabbath! That’s what they oppose, too, with venom!

December 19, 04 When The Walls Collapse!
I was invited to speak to a congregation. While I was thinking what I can share with them, a clear voice tells me to share the topic "When The Walls Collapse". So I did. The impact of the message was awesome on the people. I saw relief and peace on their faces.
Comment: When The Walls Collapse was inspired during a Sabbath meeting here. The revelation was given from Above and later written up and included in Understanding The Book of Revelation. It is from Matthew 24:2, depicting allegorically the collapse of all churches in the Tribulation, other than the Great False Church of 'Babylon'.

December 20/04 Death of Arafat Suspicious
I got a popular foreign newspaper. On the front page, there was a picture of the late Yasser Arafat. There was written on the top of the picture, "The Death of Arafat" and there were 3 question marks (???) after those words.
Comment: The death of Arafat was suspicious. He was assassinated, although the truth has not yet fully emerged about how he was killed.

Buddhists Persecute Christians
December 21/04 Buddhists Will Persecute Christians
Several Buddhist monks were holding hammers. They were crushing the heads of some Christians. I ran for my life lest they do the same thing to me.

December 23/04 God Is Furious About Christmas!
In a dream, I saw several Christmas trees all over the place and people were bowing down to them. Anger filled me [this was God's anger at this false idolatrous celebration] and I told them that the fire of God will come and destroy all those idol trees. Some laughed at me and some became furious.
I prayed to God to show them that they are vain. Suddenly, fire from heaven burned up all the trees. The people were terrified and ran for their lives.

December 24/04 The Fate of The Wicked
In a dream, I saw certain believers who were once with us but who left us. They were naked [spiritually without God] and crying in anguish of spirit. They were cursing themselves and God. I tried to help them but they refused to be helped.
Comment: You cannot help people who reject the Truth of God. They reject what is good for them. Tragically, they choose their fate that is so awful and miserable.

God Will Not Spare!
December 25/04 Ezekiel 9 Judgement Soon To Begin
In this dream I heard several cocks crow at midnight. I woke up and went outside to see what was going on. A man was standing at the door. He gave me a scroll and left without saying anything. Curious, I went into my home and opened the scroll. There, written in bold letters was: "Read Ezekiel Chapter 9. The Judgment of God is soon to begin. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!"
Comment: If you read Ezekiel 9, you will see that God's warning is about severe judgement in which all will be killed, beginning with the elders (v 6) in the Sanctuary (God's House), because people have tolerated abominations!

December 26/04 The Stairway To God
I was in a room [the Church Universal]. The room had stairs leading to an upper chamber. Someone [God] was calling my name from that chamber and I wanted to go there.
A woman [the Church] had access to the chamber by the stairs. When we arrived at the last step of the stairs, she deliberately smashed the stairs but the Man who called my name saved me from falling to the ground.
Comment: Perhaps it depicts the last stage of our spiritual journey, which is persecution. The enemy is often inside what we conceive of as 'the Church'. False Christians will rise up and betray one another (read Matt 24:9-13 to understand more).

Vultures Devour Lovely Birds
December 27/04 Evil Will Soon Overpower Good
I saw the sky covered with countless black vultures, which came from the south. Again I saw green coloured little birds coming from the north. They were many.
But the vultures began to eat the birds one by one and nothing was left. I wept for the birds.
Comment: Perhaps this is to do with the Muslim religion of the south which will oppress and overpower Christians of the north?

MM’s New Facility
December 28/04 MM Receives New Work Facility
Malcolm told me that he and his family would soon be moving to a new facility by the invitation of a man of authority. He has shown me the picture of the new facility. It was large and very beautiful.

Baboons Attack Kassahun
December 30/04 Attack Against Kassahun Coming
A neighbour of mine sent his baboons to attack me. They tried to break into my home at night. They were disturbing me.
I went out through the back door of my home and escaped from their attack. [Baboons symbolise evil spirits in people.]

Global Witness Coming!
December 31/04 Universal Witness of The Truth
I saw five men dressed in white garments. They held five candlesticks with seven branches of burning lamps. One was holding it with his face to the south. The second was holding his candlestick with his face toward the west. The third toward the north and the fourth toward the east. The fifth lifted it up to heaven. The entire place where they stood was lit up.
Comment: What this depicts in symbol is the universal proclaiming of these truths of God, which will be achieved through publicity generated when the dead are raised. We are not far away from that now. It will be the last outpouring of the Spirit in this Age, before the darkness of the Tribulation closes in on all lands, and will last for about two years. (God has shown us that elsewhere.)

January 2/05 Place of Refuge
I was in Xxxxx (place of refuge) with some brothers. It seemed to me that I was living there for several days.

Bridegroom On A White Horse
January 3/05 The Bridegroom Comes
A Bridegroom came to my home riding on a white traditional horse. Many white horses and riders surrounded Him. My home was too small to welcome them.
Worried, I went to the Bridegroom and told Him reverently my problem. But He said that He had come to me to invite me to His forthcoming wedding. I accepted the invitation.
Comment: This dream from God confirms Kassahun's call to be part of the Bride. Any others, who similarly accept the fulness of Jesus and His truths – which, by strong implication, are given to Kassahun – can likewise share the same privilege.

Reaching Out
January 4/05 Sharing The Truth
I was explaining about salvation and righteousness to a young man. He wants to be converted.

Death And Destruction
January 5/05 Worldwide Destruction and Woe
I saw the sky covered with a black sheet from one end to the other. There were different pictures on it like men's skulls, spears, flames and so on. The earth had become completely dark. Meaning: Warfare, the Great Tribulation and death.

Truth Is All-Important
January 7/05 The Truth of God
Someone gave me a rod and told me to keep it for myself. The rod has a lamp on its top. It was a very powerful light. I took it wherever I went.
Comment: The rod and lamp represent God's truth which brings light for living. God has given it to Kassahun.

Those Who Reject It
January 8/05 Someone Rejects the Truth
I was sharing a cup of milk for someone who was staying in my home with me. But he didn't want to drink it. Instead he took his provision from his bag. I was annoyed. [That is God's response to those who reject His words.]

Man’s Military Opposes Truth
January 9/05 Woman Seeks Refuge From Marines
I saw a woman, who was a hostage, escape from two US marines and came to me looking for a hiding place. I showed her a large tree and she hid behind it. They couldn't find her.
Comment: Symbolic of man's military which opposes the truth of God which the Church safeguards and lives by.

January 10/05 Religious Hatred
2 groups of people were fighting each other. One group used large iron crosses with a sharp point to attack the other group. The attacked group was defending itself and making counterattacks with its barbed wire. The fighting was fierce and many were falling wounded and killed on both sides.
Comment: The cross suggests religion, perhaps false 'Christians' that have a wrong aggressive approach as was the case in the Crusades when Catholics killed and conquered Muslims. Muslims retaliated with their own brand of hostile unloving religion, to capture and imprison (ideologically) those whom they could. Barbed wire is used to contain and imprison.
Religiously motivated war kills many, both spiritually and physically.

Response From Germany
January 11/05 Request From Germany
Someone wrote to me from Germany requesting some MM literature. I gladly sent the requested publications by post.
Comment: There will be responses from Germany.

Religious Interference
January 13/05 Interference In Christian Worship
An Arab dressed in a soldier's uniform came to our meeting place suddenly and began to entertain us without our permission. I told him to stop his nonsense.
But he threatened to kill all of us and left the place.
Comment: The Abomination that causes desolation (Dan 9:27, explained in Daniel's Prophecies for Our Time!) is military power that dominates and oppresses, and controls religion. It takes away freedom and will interfere with Christians' worship.
Likewise, similar demonic oppression will be exerted by Arabs and  militant Muslims over Christians under their domain. Muslims (the Islamic ‘faith’ was birthed amongst the Arabs) tend to be oppressive and aggressive in their approach, intimidating others, expecting them to accept Islam, too. [The Bible Speaks, Vol 2, Nos 61 and 62 reveal the truth about the Muslim religion, as does the booklet Islam, The Koran, And God.]

Results, Finally, To MM’s Work
January 14/05 Three Beautiful Children
Malcolm and Helena were playing with three beautiful children. They were very glad with them. I heard Helena say: "Blessed be our Lord who gave us this fruit".
Comment: Good, beautiful fruit is coming in people who have pure hearts, as they respond to the truth MM brings. Since 3 depicts finality, the 3 children symbolise the good end results of all our labours.

Fleeing To A Place Of Refuge
January 15/05 Fleeing
I was with several people. They were running from something very dangerous. I joined them and ran with them.
Comment: A time is coming soon when those who listen to the Spirit will hear Jesus tell them to flee, or make provision to protect themselves from the evils that will suddenly descend.

It Won’t Be Long Before Babylon Falls
January 16/05 The End Will Soon Come To Babylon
I heard a voice telling me three times to read Isaiah 21. When I began to read it the Spirit witnesses to my spirit that the chapter will be fulfilled in the near future.
Comment: Isaiah 21 is a prophecy against Babylon.
Babylon is a symbol for all false religion and evil governments of man.
After the worldwide witness in which we will be involved, followed by the Two Witnesses' testimony, God's severe judgment will fall and bring this evil age to a close.
[More about this is also explained in The Bible Speaks Volume 5, under 141, "I Will Act In Fury."]

Don’t Be Afraid Of What Is Coming
January 24/05
Thank you for the encouragement. I am always eager to hear from you about what God has given in dreams and visions. The two dreams God has given to Helena are really wonderful. Isn't it great to know that God is so interested in His work and its expansion at this late hour? I am very encouraged. So are you.
The dark clouds of war are still looming, and international negotiators are trying their best to convince the two most hardened leaders. God has assured us this Sabbath via a word of knowledge that He will protect His people from the coming storm. That is really an encouraging word for all of us here:

"You are afraid, My children, says the Lord. You are afraid about your life, about your families and about your future. Didn't I tell you to trust Me? You will see with your eyes My salvation soon, says the Lord. For I will purge this country by fire. Don't be afraid of the storm of the north, says the Lord. You are already in My bosom. My eyes are upon you. Don't be distracted for I am with you, and will protect you from the storm of the north."

The storm of the north is the encroaching war between Ethiopia and Eritrea (written Jan 2005). We in the West are also close to entering the Great Tribulation. It is merely a matter of two or three years away. [More on this is provided in The Bible Speaks Volume 5, under 132, "Hearing From God."]
Now to the dreams.

New Book: ‘Dead Men Raised!’
January 18/05 Dead Men Raised!
I went to a large library to read a book which I wanted badly. I asked the librarian to give me the book. He took me to another room and left me there to search for the book. When I began searching the shelves, I saw three large books entitled Dead Men Raised; Power Strikes! and God's New Army. All were produced by MM. Surprised, I begged the librarian to lend me these new books. He gave them to me.
Meaning: We are fast approaching the long-awaited outpouring of the Spirit, to usher in the last move of the Spirit in this Age before Jesus returns. We will see many raised from the dead (some who have been dead for many years!), the power of God strike in astounding ways (both for deliverance and for judgement), and a new 'army' of people raised up to take the truths of God forward.

'Big Brother' Surveillance
January 20/05 People Under State Surveillance
I saw all over the place, wherever I went, in and out, a flat TV screen. They were controlling my privacy. I thought that this is the work of the new world order and sensed that the great tribulation will soon come upon us.
Comment: Britain is now under such state surveillance! It will even get worse!

When The USA Falls
January 21/05 New Political Map
Someone gave me a large box. Inside the box there was a globe. But the continents as we used to know them were completely divided into several parts and I couldn't even locate my own country.
Meaning: After America and Britain fall, there will be a major geopolitical shift.

Some People Hungry For Truth
January 22/05 Those Who Are Eager For Truth
An evangelist invited me to share with his congregation the books Articles of Faith. We went to his church. It was full of people eagerly waiting for us. I began sharing the Articles with them.

January 23/05 Poverty's Insatiable Hunger
Several beggars surrounded my humble home. I was worried because I was not able to help them at all. I tried to give them a loaf of bread each. But I didn't have enough to give them.
Great was my sorrow. The only thing I could do was to pray that God will help them and I did so. They left after the prayer.
Comment: The problem of the poor is continual. It is simply impossible for those who do care about them to provide their needs. This is because of the evil world we live in, where the rich squander wealth, for their own self-aggrandisement and self-indulgence, where expenditure on war uses up huge amounts, and where inequities in society occur through the breaking of God's laws of love and equity.
We get numerous requests from poor people in India and Africa, which we are completely unable to fulfil. We encourage them to put their trust in God, to look to Him. That's all we can do, is pray. God CAN and DOES work wonders to those who do put their complete trust in Him and want to obey Him.

God's Shekinah Glory Cloud Enveloping Us
Thanks for the email and the new booklet The Bible Speaks, 4. I was reading a few chapters from it last night (I have a habit of reading the Bible and a publication of MM every night before I sleep). Then God gave me a dream about you and Helena.
I was with you in your house. It was dark and very cold. [Depicts the evil world we live in, that surrounds us, and the evil activities of State personnel who will shortly come against us.] We had a chat about the work of MM and the miracles God will do in the near future and the publicity which accompany MM.
While we were chatting a loud Voice outside the house told us to come out of the house. We went out and saw a smoking cloud all over the place. The same Voice told us to come into the cloud. We rushed into the cloud.
The bright light inside was very beautiful and the fragrance was beyond my ability to express. A tall and majestic Man received us with a warm smile. We knew He was Jesus.
He touched our foreheads with his two fingers and said: "Go! CONTINUE THE WORK WHICH I HAVE GIVEN YOU. MY PRESENCE WILL GO WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO."
We left with these words. All the place was bright.
At this I awoke. I am glad and very encouraged as never before. He is very close to us. He is with MM. He is with you. He is with Helena. He is with those who are a part of MM. Praise be His name. Rejoice with me this Sabbath.  God bless.

The Coming Persecution of Saints
January 24/05 Christians To Be Killed
I saw a heap of dead sheep corpses lying in the street. It was a very tragic and sad scene to me to see such a large heap of corpses. They had been killed collectively.

January 25/05 Christians To Be Arrested
A police officer arrested me in broad daylight in the street while I was rushing to our meeting place. He threw me into their interrogation room and questioned me for an hour. I told him I didn't do anything wrong. He released me on bail and gave me an appointment to come to him on August 26. I accepted it.
Comment: 26 is 2 (certainty) x 13 (Satan). We are entering a time when Satan will have power to arrest and persecute Christians in the Tribulation. It is certain. It is coming. It is not far away. It is time to prepare spiritually!

You Can’t Help The Stubborn
January 26/05 Stubborn Believers
I tried to help a woman. She was paralyzed from her hip down to her feet. But she didn't want my help. She was stubborn and wouldn't be helped. I left her right where she was.
Comment: We have met believers like this, whom the dream portrays. Those who are stubborn, because of pride and self-will, end up paralysed, symbolically representing their inability to move ahead spiritually.

January 28/05 Circular Rainbows
I saw the sky full of little circular rainbows. The scene was beautiful.
Comment: God will perform many wonders for His people who trust in Him. A rainbow is a reminder of God watching over us for good (Gen 9:13) and of His covenant we must keep.

Environmental Curses
January 30/05 The Curse on The Environment
Wherever I went the trees were stripped of their bark and had withered. I couldn't find a green tree in the city. Surprised, I wanted to know the reason, but didn't find anyone who could tell me. I said to myself this is the curse of God.
Comment: Revelation's prophecies contain descriptions of these and similar horrors to come in the natural environment. They are the result of disobedience to God's laws and ways, as Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 outline.

New Believers & Good People
February 1/05 New Believers
I saw a baby was born in my family's home. I thank God that He has given me another new brother.
Comment: God is still drawing new believers to Him.

February 2/05 Good People Are A Joy To Be With
I was in a very beautiful place with a white G+1 apartment. The owners of the place were a very beautiful, compassionate, kind and thoughtful couple. I gladly served them, cleaning their apartment, beautifying their gardens and so on. My aim was to please them as much as possible.

Gangsters Threaten To Burn Hall
February 3/05 Protected From Evil Men
A group of gangsters surrounded our meeting place and threatened to burn it. We were inside. The only thing we could do was pray to God to deliver us from them. We prayed earnestly.
After we finished our prayer, I went out to see what was going on. There were several men dressed in green suits all over the place. I asked one of them who they were and he told me that they had been sent to protect us.
Comment: Those who put their trust in God receive answers to prayer. Angels are despatched to help them.

February 4/05 Aborted Babies
I saw several aborted babies were thrown on a dump. They were dead and ants were crawling all over their bodies. I dug a grave and buried them all.
Comment: Some believers abort spiritually by rejecting some of God's truth and refusing to submit to God's ways. When they do this, demons (symbolised by ants) crawl all over them, 'feeding' on the flesh.

Courageous Martyrs For Christ
February 6/05 Martyrs Refuse To Renounce The Faith
I saw men and women bound in an arena. The executioner asked one of them to renounce his faith. He preferred to die rather than to renounce his faith. Then the wild bulls were loosed and cruel horns pierced them and the arena was covered with their blood.

February 6/05 Heavy Rain Coming
I was running in heavy rain. I was fully wet and wanted to take shelter but I couldn't find any shelter.
Comment: Heavy rain depicts the outpouring of the Spirit and its repercussions. Life can be hectic! And bring opposition!

Demonised African Churches
February 7/05 Black African Churches Demonised
I met with a black African couple. They invited me to their congregation. I accepted their invitation and went to their church. When we arrived there I saw many dogs in front of the church and we couldn't get inside. All the dogs [demons] began barking at us. I told them to run for their lives but they didn't seem to accept my advice. I ran to save my life.
Comment: The dream is a warning to black African churches that demons are very much present in most of them. We have to come out of compromised worship, and flee to spiritual safety!

Chinese Take Over Ethiopia
February 7/05 Chinese Take Over In Ethiopia
I saw Chinese citizens in top government places, on the streets and so on here in Addis. I realized we were taken over by the Chinese.
Comment: In previous dreams God has warned Kassahun that Islam will destabilise Ethiopia and possibly some other countries. After this, it seems that China (perhaps exerting her power through the UN) will take over in the region.

Demonised Christians
February 10/05 Tossed To And Fro By Demons
I was trying to help a woman who was in a river. While we were in the river an unseen force throws her on top of the water.
I sensed that the force was a demon and began to rebuke it. At this moment the unseen force throws her onto the shore.
Comment: This imagery may depict the coming revival (the river) and its effect upon the majority of Christians. Because many Christians accept demons in their lives, they will not benefit from the living waters of God, but will be thrown out of them onto dry land.

Going Into Mexico
February 11/05 MM Outreach Into Mexico
Malcolm was sharing the truths with a Mexican man. I thought this opportunity would make MM known in Mexico.

Be Ready To Flee
February 12/05 Will Be Forewarned When To Flee
I was with some believers in a private home. One of them told us that we would be attacked soon. When we heard this, we began gathering our stuff and left the place.

Coming Out Of Church Babylon
February 14/05 Home Fellowships Forming
I saw many chariots [Christians advancing against the enemy] in the dark sky [in this spiritually dark world]. They were coming from the east and riding to the west with great speed. [This is the path the sun takes in the sky, so it is an allegory of the progress of God's truth, also, just as Jesus is portrayed coming from the east and travelling to the west (Matt 24:27).]
The horses which were pulling the chariots were grey coloured. [Grey symbolises a mixture – not completely pure as white, nor completely impure as black. This symbolises the truth which these fellowships hold. They need more. These groups are mostly meeting on Sundays, nor do they have the truths of God's Festivals.]
Each chariot contained a man and a woman [a family basis for fellowship], and the faces of the men and women in each chariot were identical like twins [they are fully united, as in an ideal marriage]. There was also a banner on each chariot which had the title Vanguards of Heaven.
Comment: A pictorial portrayal of how many Christians are moving away from fellowship in traditional man-dominated churches – where there are many restrictions to the Spirit – and forming home fellowships where there is more latitude for the Spirit.
The word vanguard means "1, the foremost part of an army or fleet advancing or ready to advance; 2, the leaders of a movement or of opinion" (Concise Oxford Dictionary).
Steve was telling me of how many Christians are getting disenchanted with their churches (mostly charismatic churches, I think), and leaving to form home fellowships. Kassahun’s dream would seem to depict what he was telling us.

Dirt In The Church
February 15/05 Cleaning Out Dirt
I was sweeping out a pile of dirt from my home. I didn't have any idea were it came from.
Comment: There is much spiritual dirt (sin and error) in the Church that needs cleaning out. In this dream, Kassahun was put in the position of the 'average' believer.

Most Christians Don’t Want Purity
February 17/05 Most Believers Don't Want Pure Light
It seemed to me that I was in a very large hall full of people. All of them were Christians. The hall was lit with beautiful lights. But I realized that most of them weren't glad about those lights and began ranting for the lights to go out.
I couldn't understand their attitude. I told some of them that the lights are necessary for all of us but they won't listen to me. I went out of the hall with a heavy heart. When I saw the hall on the outside all the lights had gone out. [See dream, May 10/04.]
Comment: Light depicts truth from God. Most believers are in a state of semi-darkness. The dream also shows that most don't want the wonderful pure truth of God.
But when people refuse one aspect of the faith, they will even lose what they think they already have because they have rebelled against God.

Not Time For Christians To Win
February 18/05 Physically Unable
I was watching a soccer game. The weak club invited me to help them in playing for them. But even if I played well I still couldn't score a goal.
Comment: This is not the time for God to bring equity into the world, for Christians to 'win' in society.
A lot of believers have been fed the lie that Christians are going to take cities for Christ. Just because God has made massive inroads in some places does not mean that it can be achieved everywhere. It can't because this is Satan's world and God intends it to remain Satan's world until Jesus comes and completely dethrones him. So, from a physical perspective, we are on the losing team, but not from God's spiritual perspective.

Expansion Intended
February 19/05 Expansion Into Charlotte
I got a letter from Steve and Mila. It says that God has used them to share the truths of God to Charlotte and soon they will establish an MM office there. I thanked God for their commitment.

Christians Who Are Barely Christians
February 20/05 Christian Skeletons
Two young men came and asked me to pray for them. We kneeled down and I began praying. While I was doing so, I heard some cracking and opened my eyes. What I saw was frightening. All their flesh had slumped down and fallen in a heap on the ground. What was left of them were skeletons. I didn't know what to do.
Comment: This illustrates the fact that some Christians have very little spirituality. They have very little substance or body, spiritually, because they are all 'in the flesh'. The power of God can break demonic bondages in their lives (the cracking).

George Bush Sees Kassahun
February 21/05 George Bush Visits
US President George Bush and his aides came to my home. It was an unexpected visit. They told me many good things. [Portrays Kassahun being known about by many, including the US President. This will occur in due course.]

Millions More Demons Released!
February 22/05 Demons Released Onto The Earth
I saw black smoke on a far mountain. First it looked like smoke, but when the smoke came nearer I saw that it was many black birds. They made a huge star shape in the sky.
Comment: Black birds represent demons. This dream is similar to the imagery in Revelation 9:2 where smoke rises up from the abyss where demons are held. The demons are let out into the world to cause people to perpetrate evils. We see these things happening today in greater intensity.
The far mountain could represent Europe (Rev 11:7; 17:8).

Christians Hated
February 24/05 Hatred Against True Christians
I was in a large compound with a church building in it. People who passed it spat on the fence of the compound and cursed it. I sensed that they are filled with hatred because of us.
Comment: This vitriolic hatred against truth and against true Christians is coming in much greater intensity than now.

It’s Hard, Enduring
February 25/05 The Immense Struggle
Some others and I were trying to cross a black river. It took hours to cross it. When we got on the shore we were all tired and weary and couldn't continue walking.
Comment: The black river represents all that Satan pours out against God's truths and His people. It is such a struggle for God's people to live in this evil world and not go along with the flow.

Opposition Massing Against Truth
February 27/05 Onslaught Against Christians
I saw multitudes gather together on a mountain. There was a painting of a moon and sun on their foreheads. They held large swords and were preparing for an attack. Their targets were Christians.
Comment: This imagery depicts the universal persecution that is coming against all true Christians. The sun is the symbol of false Christianity such as Catholicism which still holds onto customs that were a part of the worship of the sun god (Sunday, Christmas, Easter, etc.). The moon is a symbol of Islam. Thus, the dream shows from which two sectors religious persecution will come.

Exhuming A Corpse
February 28/05 Corpse exhumed!
I saw a man dig out of a pit a little wooden box and open it in front of my eyes. Inside, I saw a corpse of a cat totally rotten and stinking. [Egyptians worshipped the cat.] I sensed that it was related to some kind of superstition [veneration and worship of the dead] and told the man to put the box back where it came from. He refused.
Meaning: An allegory of the recent exhumation of the mummy (corpse) of Tutenkhamen. They should not exhume dead bodies! It’s vile!

How To Keep From Falling
March 1/05 Hard road ahead
A number of us were walking to get to our temporary place [next stage]. There was a cliff ahead of us with a wooden bridge. We had to walk slowly and carefully on it lest we fall down the cliff. To keep our balance we threw away all our baggage and belongings. It was tough but we made it with great difficulty.  [Apostasy in God’s Church! explains how to stand.]
Meaning: We must not have any earthly ties. It is a difficult road, with dangers. But God will protect those who put Him first.

Large Beautiful Bananas
March 2/05 Large beautiful bananas
Someone gave me a bunch of bananas. I never had seen such large and beautiful bananas in my life.
Meaning: The MM literature you have been enjoying.

People Healed And Thankful
March 4/05 People healed in MM
I got from Malcolm a letter, which said that MM has received £10,000, several bowls of honey and two sacks of cotton from a group of people healed from their sickness.

More Terrorist Attacks In USA
March 5/05 USA – more terrorist attacks coming!
I saw breaking news aired on our local TV that said Americans are on a very high alert to protect themselves from more terrorist attacks. Florida, New York and Washington were named in the next attacks.

MM’s Dream Diary
March 6/05 Malcolm compiling MM's dream diary
I saw a huge computer, which reached from the floor to the ceiling. The computer was the property of MM. Malcolm was saving thousands of dreams on it. I was amazed by his ability to control that huge computer.
Meaning: I [Malcolm] had been compiling our dream diaries for past years, with many hundreds of dreams, when God gave this dream to Kassahun, showing him in symbolism what I was doing.

Demons Hide And Camouflage
March 7/05 Demon possessed woman
I was praying for a demon possessed woman. She was changing herself into different forms and it was hard for me to identify and rebuke the demon. I prayed for help & discernment.
Comment: Demons are evasive and hide to avoid detection, so it looks like they are not influencing people when they are.

Hiding In A Forest
March 8/05 Hiding in the wilderness
Someone was showing me a forest and told me to hide there. I felt a bit uneasy because I didn't know what was inside the forest.

Bright Moon From The South
March 9/05 Bright moon from the south
I saw a bright moon coming from the south. The amazing thing about this moon was that it had two donkey's ears on the left and on the right. The ears were vibrating like wings.
Comment: The moon (south may be full moon) reflects the light of the sun, and is a symbol of the Church reflecting the spiritual light of Christ.
The ears symbolise the need to listen to God and take directions from Him (for flight) in the coming times of trouble, just as God spoke to Balaam's ass (Num 22:22-35).

High Priest Gives Kassahun Grapes
March 11/05 High priest gives Kassahun grapes
A tall bearded Man clothed like ancient priests gave me a bunch of grapes and told me to share them with others very soon. I received it from His hands with thanksgiving.
Comment: Our High Priest is Jesus. He has given you blessings (the grapes) to share with others. These include truth, miraculous power from Above, for healings, deliverance, etc.

Filthy Teachings In Churches
March 12/05 The filthy teachings in churches
I was standing in front of a swimming pool. The pool was very muddy, dirty and smelly but people were swimming in it.
I told them to see the dirtiness of the pool but no one wanted to listen to me. When they got out of the pool their bodies stunk badly!
Meaning: An allegory of the Church Universal, and how people are contaminated by bad teachings that have defiled the purity of the Word of God. The swimming pool also depicts how people play around in the Word instead of truly obeying it.

Orthodox Church Leader Can Learn
March 15/05 Kassahun teaches Orthodox Church leader
An old man [church leader] came to talk with me about religion. He was an Orthodox Christian and I told him about the origin of his religion. We discussed many other things. He was very glad and took a note of my address. When he left, he promised me he would tell his children what he had learned.
Comment: The Orthodox Church and others like it have things they can learn from Kassahun. They need more truth.

Some Won’t Make It
March 16/05 False Christians won't make it
Two of my friends and I were descending from a mountain using a rope. When our feet touched the ground, we realized that one of our friends was not with us.
We waited in the hope that he would come but he didn't. Finally a Man from the top of the mountain told us that our friend has died.
Comment: It is sad to lose friends we consider Christians, but some will not make it. Their hearts are not right with God.

Catching The Rain
March 17/05 Revival ahead
I saw rain coming from the sky. I stretched out my hands to catch it. My hands began to fill with wheat seeds coming with the rain. I said, "this is God's wheat," and ran to sow it.
Comment: The rain is the coming outpouring of God's Spirit with miraculous power and people being raised from the dead. It will provide unparalleled opportunities to give the seeds of God's truths to the 'onlookers'.
Notice that you have to reach out to catch it! You have to seek God.

An Awesome Scene
March 19/05 An awesome scene – symbols of heaven?
I was on the top of a hill. I could see a plain with beautiful trees. The snow also covered the ground. Many foreigners, mostly old men, were living there. I also saw many animals, which I had never seen before. The scene was awesome.
Comment: Perhaps an allegory of the good spirit realm.

Lighting Hundreds Of Candles
March 20/05 Many candles and the dark night
I was lighting hundreds of candles on a very dark night.
Meaning: The Great Tribulation coming. The light of God's truth being shared with others to bring Him into their lives.

Lighting Others’ Lamps
March 21/05 Lighting others' lamps
Several people were queuing in front of my home with their lanterns. I went out and asked what they want. One of them told me that they came to light their lanterns. I took a match and lit all their lanterns. They were glad.
Meaning: God's Word is a lamp to our feet (Ps 119:105).

SDA Shame
March 22/05 The shame of the SDA church
I was in an SDA church seated in the front pew. On the stage there were many women. I realized that the program was theirs. Later they went back stage behind the curtain.
I heard some kind of contention. I sensed that they were doing shameful things behind the curtain.
Meaning: The SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) Church is humanly run without the Spirit of God. Sin abounds within it.

Bush’s Life In Grave Danger
March 24/05 Assassination attempt against Bush
I saw George Bush was telling and insisting his aides to kill someone. But I didn’t know who that man was. When the scene changed I saw that man attempting to kill President Bush.

“Greetings From God”
March 25/05 Friend brings good news from God
A friend whom I know gave me several beautiful postcards. On the front it says “Greetings From God.” I went to distribute them to my dear friends.

Dead Brother Returns
March 25/05 Kassahun's dead brother returns
Someone knocked on my front door. I went to see who was there. When I opened it I was shocked to see my brother who died 4 years ago. I couldn’t control my delight. I told him to come in. He smiled at me and told me that he is glad to be restored to life once again.

The Satisfying Truth Of God
March 27/05 The truths of God satisfy
I got a packet from my PO Box. On the packet there was a little note that said "I am satisfied with the truths you have shared with me". I opened the packet and got an English Bible, wedding cards and many pens. I was surprised.
Meaning: What MM literature contains is Bible truth, God’s invitation to you to become part of Christ’s Bride, and the offer to you to also spread the same truth (by copying it, hence the pens) and writing to others, so they can also enjoy the same wonderful things.

Many New White Horses
March 28/05 Many new white horses
I saw many white horses riding in the streets. In their bags I saw very little horses which were only the size of cats. I sensed that they were newly born.
Comment: Perhaps this depicts future gospel outreach which will be through the personal evangelism of individuals, and many newly converted people.

Intellectuals Deny God
March 29/05 Intellectuals deny God exists
A well-known Ethiopian author was announcing that he has translated a book which denies the existence of God.
No one was opposing him and I was amazed. I thought I should have to send a booklet to show him his errors.

666 & The Mark Of The Beast Soon
March 31/05  666 and the Mark of the Beast coming soon
I got an email with a heading "To all my brothers" from Malcolm. The next paragraph said "The next code of evil will be soon announced to this world. This code will begin to be used in some UK businesses as trade marks." After this statement there was a little note that says that Steve will be alright.

World Chaos Coming
April 1/05 Chaos coming
My home was in a mess. I tried to get it in order.
Comment: Probably depicts the chaos coming in the world.

Spiritual Nakedness In Churches
April 2/05 Spiritual nakedness in churches
Several naked people were standing in front of a church. They were shouting for clothes to cover their nakedness but I couldn't see anyone inside the church responding.
Comment: People are crying out for the truth but churches can't give it to them, or don't care. We’ve got it available.

Powerful Voice Of The Holy Spirit
April 6/05 The powerful wind of God's Spirit
A powerful wind was making a voice. I heard it saying "receive the power". First I thought that the voice was coming from someone. But it wasn't. The voice was coming from the wind. I was afraid lest it carried me away.

Muslim Hatred Of Christians
April 7/05 Moslem animosity against Christians
Some Moslems living in the compound where I am living became very hostile and began killing their neighbours and burning their homes.
When I saw this horrible scene, I left the compound. When things eased I returned home. It wasn't burned.

April 5/05 Malcolm in Paris
I saw Malcolm in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower. There was a young man with him. Malcolm was showing to this young man a direction which can take him to Sweden and Germany.

Will You Lay Down Your Yoke?
April 9/05 Many won't lay down their yoke
I saw many people carrying a yoke on their shoulders. Most of them were very tired. I tried to take their yoke from some but it was very hard to do so because it was glued to their shoulders.
Comment: Jesus commands us to lay down our bondage to sin and physical pursuit, and take His yoke (Matt 11:29,30).

Vile Drinking Of Blood
April 10/05 The vile drinking of blood
I saw a sanctuary to which a multitude of people were flocking. I went with them to see what was going on inside. Those people were given blood to drink. I asked a man beside me why the people are drinking that blood. He told me that the blood has life-giving power and makes them immortal. I told him that all are entrapped by some kind of cultic ritualism. He was angry with me and I left the sanctuary.
Comment: This horrible imagery is being enacted right now in the Congo where atrocities are taking place against people. Fighters are killing people and eating them because demons have filled them with the lie that if they eat people they get added strength from the spirit of the dead person.
The blood in your dream is something similar, but an equally horrible atrocity / abomination in the religious sector, I assume.
It is against Scripture (Lev 7:26-27; 19:26 Acts 15:20).

White Brothers’ Blood Covenant
April 11/05 The white brothers' blood covenant
It was Friday [this depicts in symbolism where we are in world history, the 6th millennial day of the seven which God has allocated] and I was preparing for the Sabbath [depicts the Millennium when Jesus rules]. I was staring at the sun while it sets on the horizon [the end of revival in this Age when darkness will engulf the whole earth; the Great Tribulation]. When the sun set [when the Great Tribulation comes], the sky turned red, and to my surprise words appeared in the sky saying: “THE WHITE BROTHERS' BLOOD; BLOOD COVENANT.” I couldn’t understand what it meant but I guess the world may be engulfed in bloody war.
Meaning: Yes, it means that, and more. "The white brothers' blood" is synonymous with "the time of Jacob's trouble" (Jer 30:7) when English speaking peoples will die in their millions. Two thirds of these populations will die in the Tribulation to come. This part of the dream applies to those who are not converted.
"Blood covenant" is the part that applies to the Church. A covenant is an agreement made between two parties, and since its main usage is in the spiritual context, it is an agreement between God and man. At the end of this age the predominant church trait is that of Laodicea, who is complacent, self-satisfied, and wants no more of God's truth. It sees no need to change further. This lukewarmness shuts Jesus outside their door (Rev 3:14-22), and Jesus has no option but to spit her out of His mouth. This awful fate was warned about in the latter part of Proverbs 1.
Those who are to make it into the Kingdom of God will have to pay with their lives through the Tribulation. They were not willing to lay down their lives in life, in order to attain the crown. They will be required to lay down their physical lives in death. That is the covenant of death, a blood covenant, which God will require them to make in order to be received by Him.

Living In The Mountains
April 13/05 In a mountainous place
I was in a rugged and mountainous place with newly converted people. I didn’t have words to express the love and care they have shown to me. I decided to live with them.
Meaning: I believe these are the believers with whom you will live initially, after you flee AA, when God shows you that war is about to break out.

Faith Army, Weary
April 14/05 The Faith Army is weary
I was in a queue with many people who were making their way to a hall [going to be taught God's truths in MM]. A short distance away from us there were people who called themselves the Faith Army.
They were weary and weren’t interested to go into the hall. They were missing something very important.
Meaning: The hall represents the teaching opportunity that will accompany the last outpouring of the Spirit. This teaching is what we bring, including Sabbaths and the roots of the Faith Once Delivered, to restore the missing dimension in the Faith.
But the followers of Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, and many other similar highly elevated 'Faith Teachers' of the 'Charismatic Church', don't want this stuff. They do NOT want to keep God's Sabbaths. They think it's legalism. They've got what they want – their misguided and unbalanced teachings centred around faith only.
Such a poor diet leaves them weak and spiritually weary, unprepared for the rigours of the trials coming. There will be many casualties! The previous dream of 11th April depicts those. They will reject the teaching we bring.

Someone Gives Kassahun Milk
April 15/05 Someone brings me a lot of milk
Someone gave me much milk to drink. I drink it in his sight.
Meaning: I'm not sure. But it could mean that you will be in need of urgent support and sustenance, and that God will provide it just in the nick of time. (You consume it immediately.) You will see how it will be fulfilled in due course.

April 16/05 The New Pope
It seems to me that I was present at the inauguration of a tall white man [the new pope] who was on the throne [in the Vatican, which is a political seat of major influence in world politics]. There were many people who were dressed in black [symbol of evil] and red [symbol of harlotry and rule] garments on the left and right side of the throne [the Catholic Cardinals].
The announcer announced that this man is the new king of the world [this new pope will exert great influence in the world; he will be a chief mover behind the scenes in politics]. I heard applause and cheers. All accepted this man on the throne [shows his wide and significant influence in the world].
I thought that the rule of the Beast has begun. [The fulfilment of the 10 toes of the image of the Beast in Daniel 2.]

Green & Yellow Tablets
April 17/05 Green and yellow tablets sent in the post
Someone sent in the post two kinds of tablets. The first was green and the second yellow. I don't know what do with them because there was no prescribed dosage.
Comment: This is one of those dreams that makes sense after it is fulfilled. It is possible green (a restful colour) depicts angelic help (dream of 3 Feb 05). Tablets are meant to help sick people get well. So, you are sent something in the post that has healing properties. Yellow is golden, and gold is a precious metal. Our praise and devotion is precious to God.

Delicious Feast Of God Is Ready
April 18/05 The Feast of God is ready and waiting
I was invited to a local feast. The guests were all clothed in white. They were lining up to receive their dish, some kind of food that seems like cheese. When they got it I asked one of them to give me a little. When I ate it, it was really delicious.

Safeguarding The Truth
April 19/05 Need to protect MM materials
I moved all my translated materials of MM from my home to another place for safety.

The Race To The Finish
April 21/05 The race to the finish line
I was running with some famous athletes. There was a key and a tablet in my hand. While I was running both the key and the tablet fell to the ground and I couldn't find them. When the competition ended I was 73rd out of 76 competitors.
Meaning: The publicity coming will reach many famous people with the gospel. The key to the Kingdom of God is in the Bible – God's truth – and complementing that, in MM literature. But the Tribulation is coming right on the heels of the public proclamation that precedes it, and so you will have to 'drop' the work with MM literature during that time.
The tablet may be the means to achieve that outreach with the literature. Or it could represent the one tablet on which the first four commandments were written, because you have the truth of the Sabbath (on that tablet), and that truth will be thrown to the ground during the Tribulation.

Jesus said that the last shall be first and the first shall be last, so you coming 73rd is not a negative thing, but shows that many others will also be called in this late hour. 76 is symbolic of God’s new phase of His Work reaching the world – 4 x 19, where 4 depicts the world, and 19 depicts a new phase.

New Virus Spreads
April 22/05 Deadly virus will kill many
I heard on the news that a new kind of virus has become widespread in our planet. Terror seized all the inhabitants of the earth. This virus was deadly.
Comment: This is now beginning to happen (Feb 2006).

SDA Church Spiritually Drunk
April 23/05 SDA church is spiritually drunk
I was staying with some people I knew in SDA. They all were drunk and staggering, falling over on the ground. I poured a bucket of water on their heads, hoping to wake them up but they didn't come round.
Meaning: The metaphor of drunkenness is used in Rev 14:8, 17:2, and 18:3 to depict spiritual deception. The water is the truth that the Spirit brings which you have, but which they reject. The SDA church has prided itself on its opposition to the deception (drunkenness) of the harlot, yet she is drunk too!

April 24/05 Demonic Hordes Released
In a dream I saw a huge pit. It was covered by an iron lid. When that iron lid opened, many naked people came out. Their skin was greasy and they began to kill whoever stood in their way. I ran to hide from their attack.
Meaning: It is similar imagery to that of the bottomless pit or abyss in Rev 9, symbolising the demonic hordes who use people to attack, oppress and enslave others.
The naked people are those who have no spiritual 'clothes' or righteousness. They are totally evil people.
The slime that covers them is an indication of the complete demonic control over their lives. These evil people are the wicked who won't be saved. They will be used by the devil to attack and kill God's chosen during the Tribulation.

Die, Then Fly
April 25/05 Little children to die, then fly
In a dream I saw little children digging a pit. I didn’t know why they were doing that. While I was watching, white smoke came out of the pit and covered their bodies. Their hair became long and their faces changed. They became beautiful and began flying in the air. I was amazed.
Meaning: The little children are believers, still learning to become like God. The pit is their grave. We all have to be willing to die to self to receive God's Spirit (the white smoke). But as we lay down our lives in this willingness to die for Jesus, He makes us beautiful like a bride (the long hair and lovely faces). We then 'fly' by His Spirit in our lives (miracles occur; He guides us; gives us dreams, etc., and we have power to overcome the enemy).

April 26/05 Trying To Clean Up Pigs
I was trying to clean up a few pigs. They were the property of my neighbour. It was a very tough job to me to do so.
Meaning: The Kenyan situation. The pig analogy depicts the selfish motives of most believers there.

Climbing High Up With Malcolm
April 27/05 Climbing up to the high castle with Malcolm
Someone was calling from a very high castle. I was amazed how He could get on the top. I tried to see the face of this Man.
When the scene changed Malcolm came just out of the blue and with a smiling face said to me "Let's climb to the top of the castle." We began climbing.
Meaning: This is an allegory of the way to God's Kingdom which Jesus has shown us by setting the example. The blue depicts heaven, from where the inspiration has come for me to write all the publications that catalogue God's biblical truth.
The dream is another confirmation from God that He is using MM for this purpose, and has called Kassahun likewise.

Great Tribulation’s Horrors
April 28/05 Horrors coming. The Great Tribulation

I saw the people of the world flee from something horrible, leaving their homes and property behind them. This happened in every country. [It is the time of trouble to come on all the world –  Rev 3:10.] I went with them even though I didn’t know what the horrible thing was [people of God will be affected, too].

People Long Dead Will Arise
April 30/05 The dead raised up
A man gave me three white human bones [3 depicts finality] and told me to keep them until Friday and I would see a miracle on that day. I was eager to see that miracle!
Meaning: Ezekiel 37 portrays in symbolism the massive restoration coming when Jesus rules. Friday (6th day) depicts the end of this age of human misrule (6,000 years) before Jesus' Millennial Sabbath Rest that is coming.
Jesus gave one sign that He spoke the truth and was whom He said He was. That was 3 days in the grave (Matt 12:40).
Likewise the dead will be raised – people who have been long dead, hence the white bones – as we have said for over 12 years now, to verify that the time is at hand and that we speak for God to the world. We eagerly await these resurrections.

May 5/05 Woman, dead for six years, resurrected
A young woman whom I knew, who died six years ago, was standing with others. I was surprised to see her. I praised God who gave life again. I saw in her face a little wound. When I touched the wound, it disappeared and she became beautiful.
Meaning: The raising of the dead. These people, however, will also have some overcoming to do, hence the 'wound'. You will be able to help her with the truth to receive spiritual healing.

Invited To Buckingham Palace
May 2/05 The queen will send Malcolm a special written invitation to visit the palace. The good news.

May 4/05 Last night God gave me the following dream. It encouraged me.
Malcolm invited to Buckingham Palace by the Queen.
It seems to me that I was in the UK. The exact place was in London in front of Buckingham Palace. I met Malcolm there.
On the left [libertine people who need salvation] of the palace several people were standing, expecting the queen. At the right side [depicts obedient ones] there was a flagpole but there was no flag on it. Someone was holding the flag in his hand and looking for someone to hang the flag. But no one responded. [This is the standard of God's truth.]
Then Malcolm asked me saying, “May I hang the flag on the pole?” [God has given MM the standard of His truths.]
I said, “Yes! We can get some publicity. Do it!”
He went to the guard and took the flag and began hanging it on the pole. The flag waved on the top of the pole. When he had finished it, a public phone a short distance from the flagpole, began to ring. A woman called over to Malcolm and gave him the phone. I could see him while he was speaking on the phone. He had a big smile. When he had finished he came to me and told me that caused us to rejoice in front of those people. The dream ended there.
Meaning: This is all to do with the publicity that God will create by bringing people back who have been dead for years. It will cause the gospel to be heard by all, through media coverage. 'Famous' people get to meet the Royals.
A well-known praise song reads: "We want to see Jesus lifted high; A banner that flies across this land..."

May 2/05 Much Destruction Coming!
In a dream I was hearing again and again about destruction.

May 3/05 Prince Charles
Prince Charles of England was in a beautiful car with his new bride. There was a boy with them. The boy seemed to be out of control. He broke the windows of the car and tore up the seat he was sitting on. I was amazed at what he did.
Meaning: Perhaps about Harry, Prince Charles's son, who has been somewhat morally wayward.

Lawlessness And Stealing
May 6/05 Anarchy coming
Unknown people robbed in broad daylight. I saw my wallet in a woman's hand. I asked her to return my wallet but she refused.

May 7/05 Cheats In Kenya
I went to Kenya. While I was there, I wanted to rent a house. Someone showed me a house and told me that the rent is 1000 Ksh. 2 Kenyans wanted to 'help' me but I couldn’t trust them. I found out that they were trying to rob me so I left the house.
Meaning: Your dream portrays what has happened in Kenya. Tragically, most believers in Kenya are so corrupted by the deceit that pervades their society that they themselves are dishonest!

May 9/05 Terrible Bloodshed Coming
I was looking for shade to keep myself from the scorching sun. I wished it would rain.
After a while, the sun became covered by a heavy cloud and all of a sudden there was a heavy downpour. I was glad to be wet but the downpour was not water. It was blood. I was covered in blood from head to foot.

‘Flying’ With God’s Power
May 10/05 Flying
I was a driving a ‘copter. It was a miracle for me to do so. Flying in the sky was a strange experience for me and I loved it.
Meaning: Kassahun will ‘fly’ with miraculous power.

Warnings That The Time Is Late
May 11/05 The end of this age
I heard several tower clocks ringing at the same time. When the ringing stopped, the whole earth became dark. It was pitch black. I became terrified and said to myself "It seems the end of the world has come".
Meaning: Tower clocks may symbolise prophets who are calling attention to the late hour it is now. But these will be silenced as the Great Tribulation engulfs the world.

Food Shortages Coming
May 13/05 Food shortages coming
In the morning I went to buy food from the shop near to my home. But the shop was empty.
I asked the shopkeeper why his shop was empty. He answered me that the government has gone bankrupt. I looked around other shops but they were also empty. I became concerned.

Forbidden To Preach The Truth
May 14/05 Restrictions on the Gospel coming
Local securities strictly forbade us teaching or spreading the truths of the hour. They surrounded our meeting place and spied on us. We couldn't do anything.

Dismantling Churches
May 15/05 Dismantling churches
Someone was smashing and destroying a large cathedral with a hammer. He said that when he has finished doing this, he will do the same to other cathedrals.
Meaning: One of the functions of our prophetic work is to dismantle churches, so that people can see Jesus not merely the idolatrous human edifices called ‘churches’.
Cathedrals were supposedly built to glorify God. Actually that is a half-truth or lie. They were built to glorify man and his achievements, and to cause the population to stand in awe of the ecclesiastics who controlled them. They were a means of human domination and control, preventing the spread of truth.

Many ‘Christians’ Don’t Like Jesus
May 16/05 Many ‘Christians’ don’t like Jesus
I was invited to a wedding. The bride and the groom seemed very happy. I began to chat with an old man who was sitting by my side.
He said: "Don't be deceived by appearance. I know the groom very well. He was most abusive and a very angry man." Then he left. I was amazed by his assessment.
Meaning: You are called to be part of the Bride to wed the Son of God, Jesus. But Jesus is considered harsh by people in a wrong frame of mind. They think He expects too much of them. (See Matt 25:24). He is not unreasonable, however. It is their self-will and stubborn pride which is the problem.
Comment: The old man with the wrong attitude also depicts the wrong concept which some church leaders have (most in Ethiopia) of God. They don't understand God's immense grace, but think that God is an angry, vengeful, spiteful, harsh Being.

Preparing To Use Nuclear Weapons
May 17/05 Nuclear weapons to be used!
An unknown man gave me 5 black [evil] objects and said if these are used, they will bring huge destruction. His aim was to destroy whole continents!
Comment: The black objects are evil weapons of destruction, possibly weapons of mass destruction like nuclear bombs. There were 5, depicting a preparation, or leading up to the Great Tribulation – the beginning of the Tribulation.

Reaching A Turkish Family
May 18/05 Gospel to reach into Turkey
I found myself in Turkey in a little home sharing the truths with a family. Comment: Turkey is an Islamic country.

Satan Entwined Around The World
May 20/05 Satan is in control of the world
In a dream I saw a huge snake with 5 heads lying on top of a globe. Its long tail was curled up all over the globe. It was sleeping there without any fear. I took a rod and tried to wake it up and move it. But it wouldn't move. I went to get fire to burn it up. But when I got back it had already gone.
Meaning: Satan is in control of the world because God has let him be there. However, we have power to counter him. (Read Luke 10:19.) He fears us because of the power of God which is with us.
The dream depicts how Satan has wrapped up the whole world with his deceptions on all 5 continents. But when you challenge him with the truth he slinks away and disappears.

Red Terror!
May 21/05 Red terror!
Someone had sent a book by post. The cover of it was black and the title says "Red Terror."
I began to look at the pages inside in hope of getting some explanation but there was nothing except the words "Red Terror" on every page. I put it down.
Meaning: Those who shed blood through terrorism have no sane reasoning. It is all empty and pointless, as the book.
Comment: Traditional SDA and other 7th-Day groups have also written books about end-time events, which are effectively 'blood and thunder'. They proclaim more of a message of fear than of hope. But the book of Revelation is a message of hope in the face of hopelessness. These groups, which are lacking the love, gifts, and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, can't offer the Spiritual solution for the times of trouble ahead.

Judgement Now On God’s House

Kassahun wrote to me on May 10, 2004. It's on N26 p 21. "Dumped by others..."

God told him in the dream that night that "...someone named John, whom they [we] had contacted, DUMPED (that was the exact word she used in the dream) them because he doesn't want to humble himself."

Then a strange surge of power flowed through Kassahun and he prophesied to encourage me.

The man who dumped us was John Trescott in Oklahoma, USA. He had been opposing us for over 10 years!

We heard at the week-end from a piece of news in The Journal (a newspaper reporting on news of Church of God groups in the USA) that John Trescott died in March 2005.

God showed Helena in a dream a year and more ago that He would take that man's life, and the life of another who blocked us, Benjamin Shields, a New York evangelist / pastor who wanted pre-eminence for himself. 

Judgement is now upon the household of God... (1 Pet 4:17), and it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God (Heb 10:31). Great fear fell upon the whole Church when He struck Ananias and Sapphira dead (Acts 5). There are more death-dealing blows to come to various people who have stood in the way of the Move of God.

God bless! Malcolm

Believers Fall Away
May 22/05 Some believers will fall away
A brother who was studying the truths with me told me that he has withdrawn from our fellowship. He cursed me and left the place. I didn't say a word, but sorrow filled my heart for him.
Comment: Jesus warned that many Christians will fall away at the end. Their love will wax cold (Matt 24:10-12).

Be Careful With God’s Truths
May 23/05 Be careful with God’s truths
I got a packet. When I opened it there were many candies [sweets], almonds and other little packed foods. A little note attached to it says "Eat them carefully." [God’s sweet truths.]

Praying For Revival
May 24/05 Praying for the heavy rain of revival
While I was making my way home, I saw a multitude of people kneeling in the streets with their hands raised to heaven. They were praying to God to send them rain. Their purpose seemed good to me, so I joined them. An hour later, a heavy rain washed us. It had a rejuvenating power.

Kassahun Will Reach Muslims
May 26/05 Taking the Gospel to Muslims
I went to a rural town which I had never been to before. I searched the town for some time to find a dwelling place.
(I was there to teach the gospel to the people.) I found a few empty rooms but the rooms were old and the roofs were made of haystacks. I didn't have any alternative so I choose one. The room was not very wide or clean.
I went out and asked one of the inhabitants about the people who live there. He told me that most of them are conservative Moslems. I thought it will be hard to preach the Gospel to them. Anyway I decided to do so.

Harships Bring Unity
May 27/05 Unity in hardship
In a dream I saw the families of MM living in a desert. We had 3 large tents. Malcolm and his family were living in one tent and the rest of us were living in the other two. The nomads (I do not know where they came from) were giving us their traditional foods and camel's milk every morning and evening. We all became one community and rejoiced in our situation.

2007 Signifies The End Is Close
May 28/05  The END Will Come Shortly After 2007
Someone told me to remember the years 1945, 1985 and 2007.
Meaning: The three dates portray something to do with the end of significant phases of our civilisation. They are dates signifying that the END of our civilisation is coming soon.
1945 was the end of World War 2. People then were hopeful of a new beginning, a better world.
1985 was obviously 40 years later, and portrayed the end of a period of trial or testing, which proved that nations by themselves could not bring about a better world.
And 2007 (22 years after 1985) may mark the end of America as an independent nation, and hence signify the most significant event leading to the end of the Age.
22 is significant, too. I believe it denotes what is divinely inspired (usually written), as does the number 11. It is a number signifying
divine prophecy, and has a secondary meaning to do with disintegration. (See the article Symbolism Of The Eclipse, in Articles of Faith, Vol 5, p 85).
So, that is meaningful here, too, in the context of God emphasising that we are VERY close to the END!
Comment: I am not suggesting that the end of the age will come in 2007 or 2008, because there is a 3½ year period of terrible suffering and hardship to occur before Jesus finally returns to take the helm of government of the whole world. But America could be taken over in 2007, and 2008 could signal the final demise of Britain with her complete loss of sovereignty, and the Great Tribulation over the earth.

Fire Deters The Wolf
May 29/05 Fire deters the wolf
A wolf was trying to break out of its cage and I was preventing it. I told those with me to kindle a fire around the cage to discourage the wolf. They did as I said and the wolf didn’t come out of the cage.
Meaning: To deter the enemy (the wolf), you have to engage in spiritual warfare by igniting the fire of the Spirit.

Pride And Self-Will
May 30/05 Pride and self-will fuel personal ambition
I met a friend who was once with us in studying the truths. While we were chatting, he told me that he is preparing to leave Ethiopia for political reasons. I was disappointed to know that he has got involved in politics. I advised him to turn back to the truths but he refused. He was proud and self-willed.
Comment: Pride and self-will cause people to step back. With such people they themselves are their own idols.
What they want for themselves is more important to them than what God wants for them.

Christians Poisoned By Deception
May 31/05 Christians poisoned
I saw Christians poisoned and falling in the streets here and there. My heart was sad for them. Some were already dead and some were swaying between life and death. I ran to help revive and pray for them. Even if I couldn't see the result immediately, I entirely believed God would revive them sooner or later.
Meaning: The meaning is most probably figurative, and portrays the effects of wrong teaching which most Christians have been given to eat. Deception is the poison of the Church.

Malcolm Like A Hermit
Jun 2/05 Malcolm like a hermit
A man who looks like a hermit with long hair came to my home and began to teach me God's word. He was eloquent and convincing. I love his teaching.
Meaning: I don't have long hair but I often wear 'gardening clothes' because I do gardening in my spare time to get away from the computer. So I look a bit scruffy.
Comment: I live like a hermit, too, hardly meeting anyone in person, because we are rejected by society, by former friends, by the churches, by ministers, and by relatives.
Besides that, this job entails spending long hours writing what has had to be written, so it is a solitary job.
The dream depicts me symbolically. Long hair in the OT, as part of the Nazirite vow, was a sign of a prophet’s (or other person’s) separation to God. In the task God gave me over the past 15 years, I have had to be separated and alone for most of the time, receiving from Him, and writing it down. It’s a bit like a hermit’s existence.
But don’t feel sorry for me. It was my calling. And no one is happier than when he is fulfilling His God-appointed destiny!

Listening To God
Jun 3/05 Listening To God
In a dream I heard a voice again and again to read the booklet Listening to God. (I am now reviewing it with prayer.)
Comment: I have taken the cue to read it again, too. So, I started last night. There are things in there that I had forgotten were there, and it is a really uplifting read!
I guess God is getting us prepared for what is coming. He will speak much more through words of knowledge and words of wisdom, as we need to hear specific things in the difficult times ahead, and to be receptive to what He wants to do in raising the dead, healing the sick, restoring missing arms and legs, opening blind eyes and deaf ears, etc.

Demonic Cloud Over SDAs
Jun 4/05 Demonic cloud over the SDA church
I saw a dark cloud hovering over the SDA church. That dark cloud was seen only on the top of the church.
There was a bright sun far from it on the east side of the church. I thought that God's judgment would soon fall on the church.
Comment: In August 2005, I collated a number of the dreams Kassahun has been given about the SDA church. They are in Revelations From God For Seventh Day Adventists.
God is judging first the “household of God” – those whom He has called. But many have turned away from Him and don’t know it!

Evils Of Witchcraft In Churches!
June 5/05 The evils of witchcraft
I was in the home of friend. I sensed that the home was full of evil spirits. I saw under his bed 3 children that seemed dead.
On the right side of the bed I saw a head cut off the main body. There was fresh blood on the floor. I prayed for the children and they awoke. I took them out of the home.
Comment: I think this is symbolic and has a spiritual fulfilment. The friend (I presume he is a man) could be a church leader. The bed hints at sleep. He is spiritually asleep, and worse! His spiritual abuse, lording it over the children (immature believers), leads to them dying spiritually. But God comes to their rescue through you, and brings them back to spiritual life through the life-giving truth which you are able to impart to them. This is an answer to your prayers to see people rescued and saved.
I'm not sure what the severed head represents. Jesus is the Head of the body. Perhaps it could represent the way the church leader has treated Jesus and the body of Christ. Or perhaps the head represents a person or persons who cannot be rescued spiritually.
There is much witchcraft in churches! However, it is often disguised and seems innocuous, but the influence of evil spirits is everywhere!

Addis Ababa Flooded
June 6/05 Addis Ababa flooded
The whole of Addis Ababa was flooded. People were trying to cross by swimming. I was on top of a tree and thought to cross when the flood eased.
An hour later, the flood eased and I crossed without any problem.
Comment: The flood could represent human armies, like in Rev 12:15. God is reassuring you that He will make a way for you, and the dream indicates how you will need to wait for God's moment for you to slip away.

Kassahun’s Life In Danger
Jun 8/05 Kassahun’s life in danger
I have been told that someone was trying to kill me. When I heard the report, I became careful. I was eager to know the man who tried to kill me.
Comment: As in previous dreams, God is showing you that people will want to take your life. But you don't have to fear, of course. God will protect you and look after you. You know the place to which He will take you, and the angels will give you the nudge when that time comes.

USA On The Verge Of Destruction
Jun 9/05 America on the verge of destruction
It seems to me that I was somewhere in USA. I saw a vast field with 100 bomber jets and 1000 soldiers preparing for war.
I sensed that America is on the verge of destruction.
Comment: Time is closing in on America. My personal 'hunch' is that America will fall into enemy hands in 2007 or 2008. Your previous dreams give a very strong indication of that.

God Sets Traps For Spiritual Mice
Jun 10/05 Setting a trap
In a dream I was using a mousetrap in front of my home. Those mice were disturbing us.
Comment: Mice (and rats) are scavengers. They represent believers who are not really contributors but takers, getting what they want from us for their own selfish reasons, not caring about the spiritual purpose of God through our work. They hang around. You can't get rid of them easily.
So, God will lay a trap for them. He usually does this by turning up the spiritual heat. He challenges them head-on with further truth or some other challenge.
One example of this happened recently, as you know, with Sammy Samkeni. God laid a trap for him. He had us send him some money. He was supposed to share half of it with Mathias, who works elsewhere in Kenya. But he avoided acknowledging receipt of the money, and avoided any mention of Mathias. (He must think I'm a nitwit! and that I wouldn't notice.) When he kept all the money for himself, he was caught in the trap. We had further confirmation of his dishonest, selfish and evil motives.

Silver Arrows Of War
Jun 11/05 Silver arrows of warfare
In a dream I saw silver arrows coming from the sky. When they touched the ground, everything caught fire. The smoke from it was poisonous.
Comment: These probably represent missiles or some other military warheads. It is another confirmation that war will engulf your country soon. The poisonous smoke may be from chemical weapons.

Invasion Of Ethiopia
June 13/05 Sudan will invade Ethiopia
I was in a city square. I saw armed soldiers coming from the west. They were heavily armed and their faces were terrifying.
I couldn't stand in the place because my legs were shaking at the sight. I tried to sit on the ground but I feared for my life.
I prayed to God to save me from them.
Comment: To the west of Ethiopia is the Sudan. The Islamic cruelty that has ruthlessly persecuted Christians and black peoples in that country, will spread into Ethiopia.
As your other dreams show, the invasion will be by an Islamic backed army, with all the horrors of its brutality.

Fleeing Persecution: Need Faith
June 14/05 Fleeing persecution
I was running from the local police who tried to capture me and my friends. I found myself in a little village. I can hear preaching from the hall which was to my left. The preacher was preaching about the importance of faith. I went to the hall and felt protected.
Meaning: This depicts your flight from this invasion force and the new order they will impose upon society.
The hall to your left depicts freedom which is in Christ. Jesus gives us assurance, help and comfort if we look to Him and trust Him. Hence the dream ends with an implied exhortation to have real faith in Him in these trying times.

Islam Rejects The Bible Truth
June 15/05 Islam doesn’t want to hear the truth
A woman met me and told me that her name is Edom. I told her that the meaning of her name according to the Bible is "Red". She became angry and left me where I was standing.
Meaning: The dream shows that the wicked don't want to hear the truth and that they hate you for it. The main character in the dream was a woman, depicting the followers of a religion.
She left you, which is what the wicked will do; they don't want to be around those who hold to the truth. Edom depicts some of the descendants of Esau, who resented Jacob. There has been friction between these racial groups ever since, because their character traits are at loggerheads. Most Turks have descended from Edom or Esau, and they are Islamic.
That's not to say that Muslims won't be saved. Many will be, as your next dream showed.

Many Muslims Will Accept Jesus
Jun 16/05 Many Muslims come to Christ
Someone took me to a meeting. The place was full of Moslem people. Most of them were old men. One of them invites me to tell them about my God.
When I began to speak, the power of the Spirit came upon me. They all heard what I was speaking, giving their attention. When I had finished they stood one by one and confessed that they now believe in my God.
Comment: This dream portrays the fact that you will be able to reach many Muslims, and they will be converted.
In the situation when you are called upon to present the truth about Jesus to them, God will back you up with miraculous power in the meeting so that you are inspired in what you say.
Also He may perform miracles that they can see, such as healing. You can approach the meeting in confidence, knowing that you have His promise beforehand of His sure backing.
We have seen this in our meetings, and it happens everywhere where believers / preachers trust Jesus. He shows up with power! He never lets us down, because of His name! And in situations where it is only natural to be apprehensive or fear, He is even more demonstrative to evidence His presence!
Perhaps the old men in the dream depict the mullahs, or Islamic leaders.
There is a little article 24 Mullahs See Visions of Jesus that is useful to give to Muslims.

Golden Cross Thrown Down
June 18/05 Golden cross thrown to the ground
A large golden cross was thrown down in the street. People were ignoring it. I stretched out my hand and took it.
Meaning: The dream depicts how the real truth of God, which is so valuable, is neglected.
The message of the cross (why Jesus had to die to pay for our sins, and of our need to be fully obedient to God in all things) is not a welcome one in most Christian quarters, especially in the West. But it is the most valuable 'thing' in the world.
You have accepted this precious pure truth of God.

Men In Black Masks Attack MM
June 19/05 Men in black masks attack MM
It seems to me that the families of MM were celebrating FOT in a hall. When Malcolm went to the stage to start the program, unknown men with black masks stormed the hall and drove all of us out and took all our belongings. When the scene changed I saw we were celebrating FOT with great joy.
Meaning: The dream depicts the attack of the State authorities against our ministry to try and shut it down. They will confiscate what we have, and try to make it impossible for us to operate. The outcome of this police assault against us is that we will finally celebrate the FOT with joy for God's deliverance.
Black is a symbol of evil. The men wore masks, depicting how they try to hide their real motives, so you cannot see what they are intending. But God reveals the evil of people’s hearts.

Massive State Opposition Ahead
Jun 20/05 Betrayed by friend
A friend whom I trusted much stole a valuable thing which was mine. I searched for him but couldn't get him. I went into the street and saw a huge tree trunk lying on a sidewalk.
I saw a large hole in the middle of the trunk. I thought that my stolen thing may be inside the hole. So I put my hand into the hole and got hold of something. It was a little sack. When I opened it a snake jumped out of the sack onto the ground. It scared me.
The snake grew into a huge dinosaur in front of my eyes and turned its ugly face toward me, ready to attack. I prayed silently to God to save me and the dinosaur disappeared.
Meaning: Jesus warned us that friends would betray us (Matt 24:10; Mark 13:12,13). In the instance in the dream, the former friend stole something. Perhaps this is something that is used against us to incriminate us, like a publication, after the State bans preaching Christian truth (see dream of May 14/05).
The snake represents demonic influence that can assert itself through the evil State, represented by the dinosaur. It is huge and humanly unchallengeable in its power.

Fighting Through Fog Of Deception
June 22/05 Ploughing on despite the fog of deception
A number of us set out to arrive at an important place in time. In the middle of our walk, we were confronted by a thick fog but kept going even though we could hardly see our way.
Meaning: This is an allegory of what Christians have to fight their way through in this deceived world.

Collapse Of SDA Church Coming
June 23/05 Collapse of SDA church coming
I was in an SDA Church on Sabbath, hearing preaching.
In the middle of it I heard rumbling outside and immediately the building began to shake. The 10 concrete pillars on the left and right of the building broke.
Some of us tried to save our lives and began running from the collapse. Some were naive as if there was no danger and stayed in their seats.
The building collapsed and buried those in the building. My sadness was great.
Comment: The symbolism of 10 pillars portrays how this church has been built by man. What is of God cannot be destroyed, but this church will fall because it rejects God’s Spirit and prophets of God who bring correction and redirection.

Large Falling Away Coming
Jun 24/05 Large falling away coming!
I saw a group of people praying, basking in the light of the glory of God. As I looked, this group was getting smaller, because the people comprising it, one by one, were losing sight of the light. Finally, there remained only 3 persons who were keeping their eyes fixed on the light.

New Believers Receive Truth
June 25/05 Giving sweet truth to people
I was giving sweets to some friends.

June 26/05 Wonderful new believers
I was with some officials whom I didn't know. I had not met them before in my life. They were very friendly, teachable and lovable. One of them took our picture as a memorial. I fell in love with them.

Black Eagle Of Persecution
June 27/05 Black eagle of persecution
While I was walking on the street, the shadow of a huge black eagle was following me.
It was over my head. First I thought that it was just a shadow but I was wrong. The eagle was real and it tried to pull me up in the air and throw me to the ground to kill me.
Suddenly someone held the head of the eagle and squeezed it. It died right in front of my eyes and I was delivered.
Meaning: Black symbolises evil. The eagle is a bird of prey, perhaps the most powerful of such birds, and in this context it portrays persecution. But you will be delivered supernaturally.

New Believers Eager For Truth
June 28/05 New believers eager to learn the truth
A group of people invited me to teach them the truths. They were few in number but eager to know more. I taught them every morning and evening for 4 days. They learned more about the truths and became glad.
Meaning: Perhaps the inclusion of 4 in the dream shows that these new believers will be throughout the entire world.

MM Challenge Coming Up
June 29/05 MM soccer game coming up
I received an e-mail from Malcolm. It was a call to be ready for the soccer game in which MM will participate in the near future. I said to myself that the time has come for us to win.
Meaning: Soccer is a competitive match requiring skill and fitness. The game parallels what MM is coming into spiritually.

Time Of God’s Judgement
July 1/05 This is the time of  God’s judgement
I saw the sky opened and there came out of it 12 strong and bright angels clothed in white. They held in their hands books.
I heard one of them saying, “The time is coming for the books of Judgment to be opened.” I waited eagerly to see the books opened but they went in a group of 4 to the four corners of the earth with lightning speed. After they left I became afraid and my whole body was shaking.
Meaning: It is time for God to judge the world. 12 depicts God’s government, hence the 12 angels. And 4 depicts the entire earth. This time of judgement is worldwide.

More Hurricanes And Floods
July 2/05 More hurricanes and floods coming
People were running from a strong wind which blew from behind them. Most couldn’t escape. The wind took them and they disappeared. When the scene changed, heavy rain poured from the sky and I saw floods everywhere. I thought about Noah’s flood and became afraid.
Meaning: This was fulfilled at the end of August 2005, when New Orleans, USA, was destroyed by a massive hurricane and floods. But it is only one instance of many yet to come.

The Huge Responsibility We Have
July 3/05 The huge responsibility of handling Truth
Someone gave me the responsibility of being in charge of all His inheritance. Because of the huge responsibility, I didn’t want to accept it. But He encouraged me and promised to help me in the duty he has given me.

Leaders Take Christians Hostage
July 4/05 Taken hostage in the Church
I and others were invited to a huge hall. It looked like a factory. After we entered, the owner of the factory shut all the doors and told us that we were his hostages. We feared for our lives.
Comment: Hostage-taking is a common terrorist tactic, to try to induce fear and get what they want. But the imagery in the dream depicts something far less obvious in the spiritual.
People are attracted into churches, but they become psychologically trapped once inside and can’t get out. The leaders effectively entrap them. You were right to fear for your life, as such entrapment can lead to spiritual death. Members are not to be subservient to church leaders, but to Christ!

Rebels In Churches
July 5/05 Rebels in the Church
In a dream I saw certain people come to me in a spirit of revolt. I knew that these brethren came with the objective of troubling me. They were rebelling against the truths of God and were not in agreement with the messages I was giving. They were shouting at me, losing their tempers. I left them alone.
Meaning: There are many opponents of truth in churches.

False Christians And True
July 6/05 False Christians and true
I was with people who are familiar to me. They were in disagreement with each other. One group had a strong hatred for me and never wanted to see me but the other group was very friendly and approachable. I became very close to them.

MM’s Good Things
July 8/05
I couldn't remember all the details but all the good things I saw in my dream were related with one spiritual organization. All the success was the result of this organization.
Meaning: I wonder about your dream of the 8th July. Do you think that was about MM? [Kassahun later confirmed that such is the case. God was confirming again His approval of what MM has written and published.
The Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love (Psalm 147:11, NIV).

Those Who Want To Destroy Truth
July 9/05 Attack against the truths
Someone tried to snatch all the booklets which I had in my bag. I had to struggle with all my strength to hold onto my bag. The snatcher was disappointed and left me alone.
Meaning: This symbolises how Satan will use people to try and get hold of MM’s publications of truth and destroy them.
We have to guard the truth with our lives.

Revival Power Will Come, And Go
July 10/05 Intense revival coming soon
I saw a beautiful Rainbow in the sky. As I gazed at it, I saw a fire coming from the middle of the rainbow. It grew larger and larger and filled the sky. The place where I stood caught alight and I couldn't resist the scorching heat. The fire remained there for an hour and returned to the rainbow. Immediately the rainbow disappeared.
Meaning: This depicts the revival which is coming after the dead are raised. It will be short-lived, but intense. The fire of God brings power, revelation and conviction from the scorching heat. After God has witnessed to people with His power and truth, the power of His Spirit will depart – return back into the rainbow – go back where it came from.
(Our house was completely covered by a rainbow on midsummer's day some years ago. I can't remember which year now, but it's in a previous Dream Diary.)

Interceding For Us – Thank You!
July 18/05
Dear Malcolm,
Thanks for the encouraging email. I am glad to hear from you. It is good that you are doing well. I think the dream of July 8 is for MM.
Last week God moved me to intercede for you, for your family and for all the families of MM. If you are in trouble, God is in control of all things.
Here things are difficult from time to time. People are killed, or arrested en masse, and the government is heading towards dictatorship. The future seems very dark, but thank God I and my friends are still covered by the wings of the Almighty and working hard to reach those in darkness with the truths of the hour. Now to the dreams...

Beware You Don’t Slip!
July 11/05 Beware you don’t slip!
I and my friend were walking on a risky wooden bridge to reach the people who were waiting for us. We had to be careful. Even though we walked carefully, my friend slid and fell into the water below. I shouted in panic, but thank God, he ascended from the muddy water slowly without any injuries.
Meaning: This depicts what will happen to someone Kassahun knows. It is also a warning to every other person that whoever thinks he stands, should take heed lest he fall (1 Cor 10:12).

Don’t Become Complacent
July 12/05 Do you have a sense of urgency?
I saw two camps full of people. On the first camp the sun shone brightly and the people were relaxed but they were complaining about the heat which the sun gave them. They weren't glad at all. On the other camp the moon gave its light.
The people were busy doing their job with much speed for fear of losing the light. They were working with one heart giving all their attention to the dim light they got from the moon.
I envied them, they were making progress.
Meaning: This highlights two tendencies in people, one good, the other bad.
1) When people have all they need, complacency sets in. They take things for granted, and even start complaining about what they should put up with. We call such people ‘spoilt’.
2) In contrast, the humble and appreciative are zealous, busily getting the task done while they can, even with the little that they have. They take nothing for granted, knowing that things can change. Their focus is on getting the job done, not on pleasing themselves. Which camp are you in?

CoG Ministers Evil
July 13/05 CoG ministers evil and oppressive
I was in the midst of a group of several old men who looked like community leaders. They weren't good. They were abusive and violent. They threatened those who opposed their ideas. They regarded themselves as infallible.
I became furious at them and said that soon the judgment will get them and I went out.
Meaning: This dream was given at the time two pastors in Kenya were deciding to separate themselves and the brethren with them, from the arrogant CoG ministers who had formerly dominated them, and demanded their subservience. The false ministers in those CoGs reared up against them, just as the dream reveals in allegory. God is revealing the evil hearts of these men who masquerade as ministers of God (2 Cor 11:15).

Glad To Receive New Truth
July 14/05 Sharing truth with others
I was giving new clothes to my friends. They were very glad.
Meaning: New clothes depict new truths that can clothe people with God’s righteousness.

Two Kenyans Conspire
July 16/05 Owak and Samkeni conspire
In a dream I saw a conspiracy which two foreigners were making against their friend. They were in a cosy room which had a very dim light. I tried to see their faces through a little hole but couldn't. I knew their friend was caring and very helpful to them. But they decided to kill him and take all his properties.
The name Malcolm came to my mind in regard to this conspiracy, so I e-mailed him immediately.
Meaning: This dream was given to Kassahun at the time Isaya Owak and Sammy Samkeni were conspiring against me. Isaya wrote a thing called The Kenya Declaration, which was intended to try and undermine MM’s work in Kenya. It was purported that the other signatories (who hadn’t signed it; it just had a list of their names) did not support MM’s outreach and were agreeing with Isaya’s demand that MM should get out of Kenya. What a joke! If it wasn’t so pathetic and sick!

Don’t Be Deceived By The World
July 17/05 This world’s deceitfulness
I found myself in a big hall which looks like a showroom. There were all kinds of technological machines and sophisticated computers. I heard some haunting and bewitching singing coming from the computers.
While I stood looking at those computers, I heard a voice saying, "Join us and we will lead you toward the joys of life and pleasures". I became confused.
Then I heard a voice inside me which said, "Run out from this hall. Don't stop. Don't turn back." I went out of the hall, obeying the voice inside me.
Meaning: The glitter and glamour of this world is very appealing to the gullible and naive. But all the world’s technology is a sham. It doesn’t lead to happiness. It is actually part of Satan’s system to seduce, destroy and bring misery to humanity.
In the first part of the dream, Kassahun was put in the place of those who don’t have God’s Spirit to guide them. So they are easily beguiled by what seems so appealing.

Preparing The Bride For Jesus
July 18/05 Preparing and cleaning the vessels
I was washing and cleaning many water tankers. These tankers were stained both outside and inside. When I saw that it was impossible to do the job alone I called my friends to help me in this task. First they were willing, but after they began the job they couldn’t go further and then finally quit. I had to do the cleaning all by myself.
Meaning: This is an allegory of preparing the Bride for Christ. People are the vessels, or tanks, or tankers, which are meant to contain the water of the Word and Holy Spirit, and carry these life-giving spiritual things to others. But it’s hard to find people who will do the task and stick at it. Like Paul said, “All men seek their own, not the things which are of Christ Jesus.” They are not like-minded. (Phil 2:20-21.)

The Wonderful Spiritual Realm
July 19/05 The spirit realm of “the four worlds.”
While I was passing by a large fenced compound I saw a billboard which said “The Churches of The Four Worlds.”
Curious, I went into the compound and was amazed by what I saw. The people who live in the compound are very tall [spiritual stature is highly esteemed] and beautiful [righteous and good]. I could see the satisfaction and happiness in their faces. I longed to be a part of this community.
Meaning: This is a symbolic dream of the wonderful world that we cannot see, that awaits the righteous.
There is much we do not know about the spirit life beyond. We live in a physical world, but there is an invisible demonic world which surrounds us and brings evil into this world (because people choose to do evil).
And there are other spiritual dimensions which we are not privy to, as well. Perhaps these are the other two worlds: that in which God and the angels dwell, and that in which the deceased saints and patriarchs live (Heb 12:1).

So Much Misery In America
July 20/05 Americans who reject truth are miserable
It seemed to me that I was somewhere in America. The people which I saw there were totally suspicious, fearful and fed up. Living seems hell to them. I approached one of them to give the little booklet The Secrets Underlying Happiness, but he refused to accept it. I was sad for his refusal to come out of the bondage he has thrown himself into.
Comment: America has a sizable Christian population that aspires to see their country as a nation under God. But the truth is that many (most?) Americans simply don’t want God!

CoG Factionalism
July 21/05 CoG factionalism and in-fighting
I heard rumors that the former WCG leader Armstrong has come to Ethiopia and is going to teach in a famous auditorium. I thought he had died 20 years ago. How can he come after this long time?
I went to the place where he was giving his teaching. I saw him on stage. There was a man on his left. He seemed to be the leader of the programme. Armstrong began his teaching but in the middle of it the leader stopped him and a disagreement arose in the audience. The disagreement soon changed into a fierce quarrel between themselves. It was shameful.
I left the auditorium while they quarrelled with each other.
Comment: This is now being fulfilled. It’s an allegory of the bitter infighting that is now taking place between Armstrong’s followers in the Churches of God (CoGs). They are fighting one another, in bitter rivalry, factionalism and hostility.

Malcolm Presents New Truths
July 22/05 A new look at the prophecy of Joel
I got a booklet from Malcolm with a title A New Look at The Prophecy of Joel. Indeed it contained completely new truths.
Comment: None of the new truths which God reveals to us supersede biblical truth or undermine it; they complement it and add to it to enhance it and make the Bible clearer. (Ps 25:14.)

Let Your Light Shine
July 23/05 Let your light shine
I saw the sky covered by heavy clouds. It was terrible. People were running from the coming storm. I was among them. A strong whirlwind descended from the sky and began circling me. Its force was very strong and I fell to the ground.
At this time the wind returned to the sky. After a little while another strong wind arose. Behind this wind I saw moonlight. This light illuminated the earth which was darkened by the heavy cloud. The scene was wonderful.
Meaning: The moon reflects the light of the sun and depicts the goodness that the people of God reflect of Him. But in this world there are terrible spiritual storms to come against people.
God’s people are affected by these things, too. God helps you through them. He doesn’t cocoon you FROM them.
When dark spiritual times come, the light of goodness from God’s people shines out, and it is wonderful to see.

Demons Incite War
July 25/05 Demons released into earth cause war
My eyes were fixed on the sky. Out of the cloud came beings clothed in black. They were many. They seemed to be preparing for war. Then I saw other beings also coming out from the same cloud. They were clothed in red. They began to fight each other. The scene was very terrible.
Meaning: Evil demons are being released into the earth, like Revelation’s depiction of what comes out of the bottomless pit (Rev 9). They bring warfare and use humans as their pawns, as they vie for power against each other in the heavenlies.

Reinhard Bonnke Loses Power
July 26/05 Reinhard Bonnke
I was listening to Reinhard Bonnke preaching in a large auditorium. He seemed very old and weak. The audience wasn’t impressed by his preaching. The miracle-working power was also gone from him.
Meaning: Reinhard’s ministry is on the wane. God is removing much of the anointing that accompanied his ministry, because it is time for God’s ‘new thing’ on earth. What this ministry (Midnight Ministries) brings is part of that ‘new thing’, restoring truth which has been neglected, ignored or rejected.

Shameless Homosexuality
July 27/05 Homosexuality openly rife
I was in Uganda. While walking in the street of the town I saw people gathered together and watching two males engaging in sexual intercourse in broad daylight. They were homos.
It was disgusting and my spirit was depressed at the sight.
Comment: Uganda may have been singled out here because I have heard some say that AIDS started there, when men engaged in sexual depravity with animals, and then the virus was spread to women and other men through their rampant sexual immorality.
The dream also depicts the shamelessness that now pervades most societies over this sexual perversion.

Do You Welcome Demons?
July 28/05 Casting out demons
I was confronting several demon-possessed people. When I was rebuking them the people changed to dust. When I stopped rebuking, they came alive again. It was difficult for me to cast them out, and I wanted God to give me more power.
Comment: Demons generally get into people through sin when people want to sin. (There are other reasons – see MM’s booklet Casting Out Demons – but sin is the main reason for the presence of demons. They have been made welcome.)
As you (I am talking to all here) rebuke demons by resisting the evil things they tempt you to do or think, so their power is thwarted. They are as powerless as dust when you resist sinning. But as soon as you return to thinking of sin and entertaining the desire, they come alive in you again because you are welcoming the thoughts that are a part of their evil spiritual make-up.

The Next World Power
July 29/05 The next world power
A man gave me a board. On it there were written words which said, “The Next Power of The World”. Under it there was the picture of a black eagle with the head of a lion. On its head I saw a silver crown. I never saw such a nasty picture in my life!
Comment: We are in the end of this age, when evil is escalating exponentially. America is on the way out. She will be finished in a couple of years. The next power to take over the world will be much more ruthless and evil. The Imminent Fall Of America reveals China to be a major power to take over in the USA, along with other countries who want a share of their ‘kill’.
At the same time in Europe, a superpower will emerge out of the EU, which will be equally ruthless and cruel, like a lion. These two power blocs are summarised in Rev 16:10 (the Beast) and Rev 16:12 (the kings of the East).

Unable to Receive Mail
July 13/05 Restrictions coming
I went to the post office to get my mail but the man in charge forbade me to go inside. I begged him but he told me that my box is already closed and I cannot use it at all. I couldn’t understand. I sensed that this is a conspiracy of my enemies.
Comment: This may be to do with restrictions coming.

The Moons Of Revival & Bloodshed
Aug. 1/05 Two moons: revival and bloodshed
I was in a bus making my way to our meeting place. I saw a strange scene through the window. A full moon was coming down from the sky with high speed. It touched the ground and began bouncing like a ball. It was large and white as snow.
I was amazed. I saw another moon coming from the west. It was red.
Meaning: The full moon is a symbol of the revival coming when God’s truths about holy days are proclaimed. This revival will not last long, and it will come suddenly on the heels of dead people being brought back to life. The controversy and upset all this will bring is depicted by the moon bouncing. There will be ups and downs. It is going to be a big revival and it brings purity in  truth, hence the size of the moon and its whiteness.
The red moon symbolises bloodshed coming to Ethiopia from the West (Sudan).

Far Away From Home
Aug. 2/05 Meeting fellow believers far from home
It seemed that I was on a trip far away from home. My trip began on Monday. On the fifth day (Friday) I arrived at a place where Sabbath keepers were living.
I was overjoyed and joined them. Someone was teaching the Bible for those who were there and I was comforted.
Comment: This is a future situation depicted.

3 Days Of Sorrow; 3 Days Of Joy
Aug. 3/05 You can’t have joy without sorrow first
I got a letter from Malcolm. The title said "three days of sorrow and three days of joy for MM". (John 16:20-22.)
The letter explained the three days of sorrow which the disciples had experienced when their Lord was dead and buried in the grave, and their joy when He was resurrected again.
Meaning: It is a type of the sorrow that MM will experience in the near future and the blessings and joys afterwards.

Enemies Shoot At Kassahun
Aug. 4/05 Shot at by enemies
An enemy of mine fired a bullet at the outside wall of my home. I was shocked and went out to see the damage. The bullet had created a fire and the wall was beginning to burn.
I used all my energy to quench it and finally I got it under control without much damage. [Figurative meaning: opposition.]

Blackening Our Character
Aug. 5/05 Charcoal thrown at us
Someone was throwing charcoals at me. I tried to protect myself from being contaminated.
Meaning: People try to blacken our character because they are of a different spirit. They are evil, and not good.

Kassahun Graduates
Aug. 6/05 Graduation ceremony
I was seated in a hall with several University students, who were awaiting their graduation. I was both amazed and glad to be one of them. My gown and hat of graduation was purple and my field of graduation was completely different from the others.
When my name was called I went to the stage to receive my award. There the dream ended.
Meaning: Purple is a royal colour, a colour of rulership.
The scene depicts your spiritual graduation into an occupation that will finally lead to heavenly glory, ruling with Christ. Your field of work is entirely different to other gospel workers. You are a prophet, hence all the dreams from God.

New Weapon Of Terrorists
Aug. 7/05 Worse terrorist explosions coming!
A man invited me to his home. I went there. After a little chat he took me to another room. There on a large table I saw a bowl with water inside. He explained that it is not water but some kind of poisonous chemical. Then he began to stir it really fast. After a little while I saw that the chemical became solid.
We went outside. He placed the solid substance 4 meters away and put a flame to it. 2 minutes later I heard a massive explosion! The man said "This is the next Weapon of terrorists."
It took me time to recover from the shock I experienced from the explosion.

Further Comment

Further comment on earlier dreams:

Aug. 1/05 Two moons: revival and bloodshed

The moon reflects the light of the sun, so it depicts true believers who accept and practice the truths of God. Soon, there is going to be a massive public witness for the Gospel of Christ, symbolised by the moon bouncing. When the dead are raised, God's truths are going to be 'bounced' back and forth in discussion, on TV, radio, in the news, and by people in everyday situations, etc. There is going to be a lot of controversy. There will be ups and downs in all this.

The truth promoted in this revival coming, is pure as white snow. The speed with which the moon came depicts the rapid pace of events. Things will really speed up! God will do a short work on earth and cut it short in righteousness (Rom 9:28).

There may be another possible aspect to the symbolism of the full moon. The Feast of Tabernacles takes place during a full moon, as does Passover and Unleavened Bread. You had a dream on 19th June 2005 about men with black masks storming one of our FoT meetings. It symbolises the evil men who are used by State machinery to persecute God's people who keep these important festivals.

The red moon symbolises martyrdom in the Great Tribulation. That will follow on, after the two year revival which precedes the Great Tribulation.

Your wonderful dream of 2nd August is to encourage you that you will meet some good people in the future, who are really God-fearing, and whom you will be so glad to be with.

Your dream of 3rd August is about Richard. You know that he must pay with his life for his rebellion against God. But, after being dead for three days, 'we will pray his life back', and God will restore him.

The dreams of 4th and 5th August are about opposition and persecution, but God will help you through. Hot coals may symbolise false accusations.

The August 6th dream shows your different calling to most evangelists. You are a prophet, hence the plethora of dreams from God. It is a more lonely existence than evangelists, but rewarding. Your field or area of work is unique, too. You will be rewarded by Jesus in His Kingdom for your faithfulness to the calling. God honours all those who honour Him.

The Aug 7 dream speaks for itself – much worse terrorist atrocities are coming! But, no need to fear. God has His angels about us, so that His Work will succeed.

August 15/05
One Who Stepped Back

Thanks for the meaning of the dreams. I am always glad to receive that. It contains encouragement, comfort and correction. God bless all your efforts in this regard is my prayer always.

It is not strange but sad to know that people who were once zealous for the truths become No. 1 opposers. The devil who works to overthrow some of the Kenyan brothers is doing the same evil work here.

Last week a brother rejected the truths which he had learned for years and returned to his vomit that he spat out long ago. I don’t know exactly what made him deny the truths.

I tried to advise him to repent and return to the faith once delivered to the saints. But he refused. Now he is beginning to spread his venom, but he won’t succeed. [Perhaps that is part of the fulfilment of your dream of August 5th.] Woe to him! His judgment will come swiftly. Now to the dreams...

Traitors Of The Truth
August 9/05 Traitors of the truth
Early in the morning I and my friend (whom I told you above) were going to a prayer meeting he has organized in his home. We arrived there but the home was full of ants. There was not a place for kneeling down. I left but he stayed there.
Meaning: Ants depict demons. They swarm over people who turn away from the faith after having known the truth. (See Luke 11:25-26 which explains what occurs.)

Kassahun On The Most Wanted List
August 10/05 Hounded for the truth’s sake
I couldn’t get good treatment wherever I went. When I asked the reason, someone told me that I am on the list of most wanted people and real soon will be arrested. (John 16.)
When the scene changed I got a little paper which announces my release. I was glad.

Restoring Truth Brings Power
August 12/05 Extraordinary power
A white man was doing some extraordinary things like moving a house from one place to another etc...
I asked him from where he got that kind of power. He pulled out of his pocket five large white cereals and ate them in front me. He told me that the extraordinary power was the result of those cereals. I was surprised.
Meaning: We have a job to fulfil, to move the House of God from one place to another, to bring it out of heresy and into truth. Five denotes God’s preparation – He is preparing people to be ready as part of the Bride before Jesus’ return through the restored truth that we print.
This truth is like those cereals. It contains power to energise the spirit of man, because it brings Jesus into your life, and He has all power. He gives strength to the weak:
Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint (Is 40:31.)

Day Of The Lord Is Near!
August 13/05 The Day of the Lord is near!
The sky was covered with dense cloud. It was noon and the earth became very dark. Lightning was seen here and there in the sky. I sensed something very terrible was about to occur.
Then the sky became yellow in colour and we basked in a powerful yellowish light. We couldn’t adjust to it.
Meaning: It is the same as in the scripture below. God delivers us from evil, as we put our trust in Him. There is much evil coming upon the earth in these last days. Prophecies warn of the Day of the Lord being a day of darkness (Joel 2:2, Zeph 1:15).
The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, and upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death, Light has dawned (Matt 4:16).

Clashes With Soldiers
August 14/05 Revolt against authority
Armed soldiers were clashing with people who went out opposing their regime. They were beating them fiercely but the people refused to disband. Finally the soldiers became weary and left them to do whatever they wanted. Freedom seemed to be in the hands of the people.
Meaning: This may portray a number of things: the breakdown of law and order in Iraq; rebellion against authority imposed by the military; uprising against military rule elsewhere; and even anarchy in disaster situations such as the looting in New Orleans following the hurricane devastation.
[And it portends more unrest leading to military rule, but people never put up with military rule for long.]

Stages In The Progress Of Truth
... Let me wrap up with the following quotation taken from Arthur Schopenhauer. I love it. "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, secondly it is violently opposed and thirdly, it is accepted as self-evident."

Repent Now! Judgement Coming!
August 15/05 Repent now! The Judgment is at hand!
Someone gave me several pieces of white cloth like sheets. Written in red letters on all of them were the words, “Repent Now! The Judgment is at hand.” Then the man told me to give it to all whom I knew. I began giving them to my family members, neighbours, etc. Some accepted and some rejected.
Meaning: Time is short. God’s time of final judgement on this age has now come.

German Supremacy
August 16/05 German Supremacy
Several military tanks were rushing in the streets of Addis Ababa. Their colour was dark green. There were blue flags flying behind these tanks. On the flags was written “German Supremacy.”
I realized that my country was now under German control.
Meaning: After the Islamic invasion into Ethiopia, the downfall of the present government there, the introduction of Sharia law with its horrendous brutality and atrocities, the UN (light blue flags) will go into Ethiopia and the country will be placed under UN control with German troops.

Rock Concert Full Of Demons
August 17/05
I saw people gather together on a large soccer field. I could see on the field all kinds of disgusting reptiles like snakes, scorpions and others which I had never seen in my life [these represent demons]. The people were very friendly to them but I didn’t like it. I told them that they are foolish and that they are dicing with death. They will be bitten by the snakes and scorpions sooner or later. But they wouldn’t listen, so I left the place.
Meaning: This probably depicts a rock concert where people give themselves over to all kinds of demons.

Terrible Destruction Coming
August 18/05 Terrible destruction coming
I saw a helicopter come down where I was standing. A man with a military uniform came out of it. He carried a huge sophisticated weapon on his shoulder. He aimed at a very populated area and fired. In a split second I saw fire and black smoke billowing into the sky.
I was horrified and ran to that area. Everything was destroyed. Nothing was left. My heart was pierced with sorrow.

Restored Through Intercession
August 20/05 Restoration through intercession
I was praying for a woman living beside my home. While I was praying for her she disappeared like smoke. I couldn’t understand it, so I continued to pray and then she appeared in a completely new form. She was healed.

Revival In Ethiopia
August 21/05 Revival soon
A friend of mine was preaching on the street with power. People were gathering together to hear him. I was amazed and sensed that the time of revival has begun in our area.

Skeletons All Over The Place
Aug. 23/05 The stinking graveyard
In a dream I was ascending a long ladder. When I reached its top I saw a large graveyard and it was stinky. I didn’t know why I was there. Human skeletons were all over the place.
I thought maybe the time of raising the dead has come.

Invited To Heavenly Banquet
Aug. 24/05 Invited to the heavenly King’s banquet
A king had invited us to his banquet. We went to his palace. A doorkeeper opened the door of the hall and took us to a banqueting chamber. I saw new faces there which I had never seen before in my life and they were eating fresh foods with the king. [New people will learn new truth.]
The king ordered one of the ushers to give me a cup of milk and ice cream. I asked the king why my meals were different from theirs. He replied that it will help me in the next move of my life. [Prophets have a unique function.]

David Isaac In Addis Ababa
Aug. 25/05 David Isaac in Addis
I met with David Isaac of Nigeria. He was here in Addis Ababa. I invited him to my home. He shared all his experiences and gave me seeds of wheat, barley and corn. Then he told me that he will expect a harvest next year. I promised him God will give me an abundant harvest from these seeds.
Comment: David has blazed a trail through his exploits in raising the dead. God will do similarly soon in Ethiopia (and other places). Hence the symbolism of David going to Addis Ababa. I don’t think he will literally go there, but that the power of God which David has had for raising the dead, will be in Addis Ababa, too.

You Need God’s Protection
Aug. 26/05 You need God’s protection
All homes and property of my neighbours were confiscated. My home was the only one which was spared.
I praised God for His protection.

Worldwide Conflict
Aug. 27/05 Worldwide conflict, war and destruction
I saw masses of people rushing somewhere. I joined them. I heard some kind of blasts. When we got near to the place I saw black smoke and fire coming from under the ground like a fountain. The fire then changed to fiery arrows and spread all around the earth. We all fell to the ground to save our lives.

Wonderful Loving Society Coming
Aug. 28/05 Wonderful loving society coming
I was in a very primitive village. The people who live there are a hard-working people. They are friendly and full of hospitality. One of them told me that their religion is based on selfless love and love only.
I thought this society is very different from the society in which I grew up. [What is coming in the Millennium.]

Kassahun Driving A Bus
August 29/05 Kassahun driving a bus
It seemed that I was on a city bus. I was driving it. (I don’t have the ability to drive in the physical.) It was a miracle to me.
I have a responsibly for the many people on board. I have to be careful in driving it for the safety of the people.
Meaning: Each true minister is a servant of the people. He has their spiritual welfare at heart. It is a great responsibility.
The bus represents your ministry; the people on board are those in your spiritual care, to whom you provide spiritual guidance via the Holy Spirit.

The Three Angels Of Revelation 14
August 30/05 The Three Angels
I saw in the sky pictures of three angels holding trumpets to their mouths. I stared at them. Then those angels became living beings and began blowing their trumpets. The sound of the trumpets was like thundering and the earth was shaking.
People were running with fear to save themselves but most of them couldn’t make it. I became numb and my heart failed in me. I knew God’s Judgment has begun.
Meaning: People read Revelation’s prophecies and they are like a picture to them, that’s all. The reality of these things being fulfilled NOW is lost on most of them. But, just as the angels came to life, so will Revelation’s prophecies NOW! Over the next few years, all that is in Revelation will be fulfilled with earth-shaking accuracy and horror!
No wonder people run in terror, but there is no place of escape for those who don’t serve God wholeheartedly NOW.
The three angels in your dream could be the first three angels mentioned in Revelation 14. They proclaim:
1. The gospel of Jesus to the whole world. Rev 14:6.
2. Judgment upon spiritual Babylon, for denying the truths of God and holding earth’s population in spiritual captivity. 14:8.
3. Judgment upon the Beast, those who worship the Beast, his image (the Catholic monolith) and who accept the mark. 14:9.
You and MM will play a part in fulfilling Revelation 14.

Worshipping God With MM
August 31/05 Hundreds worshipping God with MM
It seems to me that I was at Malcolm’s. It was a Sabbath day. We went down to the meeting room. Hundreds of identical people were there already, and were singing a song.
We joined them. Malcolm said slowly to me that these people are the fruit of the truths.

Some Want To Learn
September 2/05 Some want to learn the truths of God
A few young men came and asked me to teach them the truths. I was surprised because it is very rare to find people who are willing to learn the truths. I thank God for the opportunity.

Tiring Work!
September 3/05 Labouring for the harvest is tiring!
I was standing on a vast field full of weeds. I thought that this field was supposed to yield precious seeds but it had become a field of weeds. I began to root them out but I was alone and couldn’t finish the job. I became tired and weary.
Meaning: God has sown His truths into the world, but they have become perverted and corrupted, as has the human race whom He made. It is hard work rectifying all the error.

Many People Have Turned Sour
September 4/05 Sour grapes – evil ‘believers’
A Man was showing me His large vineyard. To my eyes the grapes looked very attractive. He took me through the vineyard and began gathering the grapes. But what looked very nice to me were sour grapes and I couldn’t eat them.
Meaning: The vineyard represents God’s people with whom He has been working, expecting a good harvest. But, many of those who were meant to be pleasing to Him have become a bitter taste in His mouth.

True Believers Opposed By Many
September 5/05 Opposition from other believers
I saw in my dream 3 groups of believers. We were in one group. The other two groups were seated parallel to us [parallel could symbolise counterfeits – looking similar to the reality] and were talking to and helping each other. But they were insulting and opposing us. They were fighting us with vicious words.
I realized that they are the tools of the devil to try and over- throw us. They began resisting the truths of God to our face, until they got ashamed and left the place.
Comment: True believers are outnumbered by false believers in various places of the world! And even many who may later repent, they still oppose pure truth at this time.

When God Loses His Glory
September 6/05 A Christian dies spiritually
I went to the grave with many others to bury a young man who was my neighbor. He was already dead. When we returned after the funeral I saw a small monument in a cemetery. There was written on it the following words "Today God Has Lost His Glory." I didn’t know what it meant.
Comment: When true believers give up on God, He is not glorified. We read of some who fell away, such as Hymenaeus and Alexander (1 Tim 1:20). God is glorified when we bear much positive spiritual fruit (Jn 15:8).

Not Burned In The Fires!
September 7/05 The fires of the Great Tribulation
In a dream I saw many people who were walking in flames of fire. They weren’t burned. They had done this for several hours. It was beyond my mind to understand but I wanted to be like them.
Comment: Fire depicts severe trials. The Three in Daniel 3, who were thrown into the furnace, walked around in it unharmed. God can enable you to endure and prevail in any tribulation that is coming, if you hold fast to and love Him as Kassahun does.

The Battle Between Good And Evil
September 8/05 The battle between good and evil
I saw flocks of white and black hawks fighting each other in mid air. There were so many that the sun was blocked out and the earth became dark. The fighting continued for several hours and finally the black hawks lost the battle and began to flee. The white hawks controlled the air and encircled all the place. I was glad. The sun shone again and the darkness was overcome by the light.
Comment: The symbolism shows that for a while – during the Great Tribulation just ahead of us now – evil will prevail. But eventually, Jesus will banish evil and usher in His millennial rule, bringing wonderful deliverance to earth and its people.

When The Rich Become Poor
September 10/05 Giving people the true riches
A well-known American singer came and asked me to loan her some money. I asked her why she wanted to borrow money from me while she has a lot of money. She didn’t answer me but continued her begging.
Finally I told her that I can give her the wealth she needs. She was glad. We went to my home and I gave her the booklet Giving and Receiving and said to her that it is worth far more than money.
Comment: The dream alludes to the coming economic crash when those who are rich will become poor. It also emphasises that what is really valuable is not physical wealth, but the truth of God.
Many have failed to benefit from MM literature as they should. They have not seen the wealth it contains. They need God’s mind to truly appreciate it. He is emphasising that the book mentioned in the dream contains real spiritual riches.
The question for each person is: Do you value them?

Four Bright Lights
September 11/05 Four bright lights from heaven
I saw in the sky four bright lights in the form of golden balls. They were descending slowly to the earth. They were beautiful to see. We all longed to bathe in those lights when they came down to earth. But the dream ended there and I awoke.
Comment: Light symbolises truth. Four is a numeric symbol of the whole world. God’s truth is slowly coming to earth. MM is part of that work of God, restoring truth to the world, but the completion of this task will not occur in this age, rather in the age to come after Jesus returns, hence you awoke before you were fully embraced by the light.

The Millennium Depicted
September 12/05 The Millennium depicted
I saw the sky open and there was a white cloud. I could see the lion and the lamb and the goat and leopard riding together. Smiling people where walking and sometimes flying like doves. The scene was great and I was staring at it for several hours.
Comment: Those who know of what Isaiah 11 contains will recognise that the dream portrays the wonderful rule of Jesus on earth during the Millennium.

The Rebellious
Sept. 13/05 You can’t ‘tame’ the rebellious
I was living in the home of a foreign couple. They have two young sons. The younger one was very difficult to discipline.
I tried my best to help him overcome his nasty character but all was in vain.

Ruthless Military Attacks On Truth
Sept. 14/05 Ruthless onslaught coming against Truth
My home was surrounded by local militia men. One of them broke down the door and went straight to the large wooden box where my valuable books and translated materials were stored. He called his friends to help him carry the box. I shut the door, refusing to let them take my property but one of them used his gun to beat me on my head. I fell to the ground unconscious. When I came round, the wooden box was gone. I cried with a broken heart and went into the street hoping to find these enemies but all my efforts were in vain.
Comment: This may not depict a literal event, although it is very possible, and we have to be prepared for what is coming. The dream is a warning, just as Joseph was warned that evil men wanted to kill the baby Jesus (Matt 2:13), police and army will try to stamp out Christian truth.
We take many precautions to secure and protect the truths of God from being destroyed. Satan’s greatest target is the truth of God. He attacks it in every way he can. This onslaught is figuratively portrayed in Rev 12. (The woman embraces the truth.)

Evil Catholic Authoritarianism
Sept. 16/05 Evil Catholic control
I was in a big hall with a multitude from many nations. It seemed that all were Catholics. The priest was clothed like a Catholic priest. He was powerful and authoritarian but those Catholic people wouldn't accept his authority.
He became very angry and threatened to kill all of them at once. He took out a small bottle and sprinkled something on the people. In a split second all of them fell on the ground like dead men. He was satisfied by this evil work.
Comment: The Catholic Church has traditionally done evil in order to assert its authority over the populace.
As the symbolism in Rev 17 shows, she commits spiritual fornication with the kings of the earth, to manipulate them in order dominate people. She has used the military power of the State to subjugate people. It’s wickedness!
Kassahun’s dream shows that they will do so again. Evil motives run beneath the sham of Catholic profession of Christ.

Into Somalia
Sept. 17/05 Kassahun will take God’s Truth to Somalia
It seems to me that I was in a beautiful place which looks like a palace. The place was the dwelling of certain Somalian tribes. They gladly welcomed me. I gave to the leader of the tribe some of our leaflets to read and profit from the truths. He accepted all my offers with joy and invited me to dine with him.

Schism In Evil SDA Church
Sept. 18/05 Evil SDA church
I was in the SDA church. Seated on the front pew on the stage I could see two groups of leaders, one on the left and the other on the right. They were blaming and verbally denouncing each other. It was shameful. I realized that soon they will begin physically fighting each other. I left the place before they went crazy and fought each other.
Comment: I had contact with an SDA professor. I gave him Revelations From God For Seventh Day Adventists which contained dreams which God has given Kassahun about the spiritual decadence in the SDA movement. But he didn’t accept the correction therein. He just ignored me and presumably carried on teaching at the SDA ‘seminary’.
The outcome of rejecting truth is what the dream portrays – factionalism, hostility and every evil thing.
For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there (James 3:16).

Believers Need Re-Education
Sept. 29/05 Preparing for re-education
It seemed that I had begun school again after many years. I was late and when I arrived the guard forbade me to enter. He said that I had been absent for 5 days I told him that it was because I have been sick for 5 days that I was absent from class. Finally He permitted me to come in.
Comment: Sometimes in dreams God puts you in the position of others, to portray their situation. Since 5 is the number depicting God’s grace and preparation of His people, prior to Jesus’ coming, it most probably portrays this. But the Church is spiritually sick and is not ready yet. She needs the truths that God has revealed.
Newsletter 14 of July 2001 began with the title Education For The Nation. That is reproduced in the leaflet Preparing A Flock For Slaughter. The article explains how people need to accept revelation through prophets, to be awakened from sleep, to be delivered from deception.
However, there is a sickness throughout the Church that does not accept the words of God through true prophets. As long as this remains, such people are unprepared. They need to go back to school again.

Intercession – Spiritual Warfare
Sept. 20/05 Spiritual warfare
I saw a man. He was shooting arrows into the sky. Those arrows never returned to the earth but penetrated the sky and remained there. I asked him why he is doing that. He answered me that the arrows will attack those principalities who rule the air. He told me that and left.
Comment: As God’s visible work on earth moves forward, unseen, but going before it, is spiritual intercession. Those whom God mobilises to confront the unseen enemy push demons back and clear the ‘air’ of the interference so that strongholds of deception are broken.

Corrupt Church Confronted
Sept. 21/05 “Bible Army” resorts to corrupt practice
A church which called itself "Bible Army" was distributing flyers. I got one and read what it said.
There was a list of worldly musicians. I became furious and went straight to their leader and asked him to explain why he had invited these worldly musicians to his congregation.
But he insulted me. I told him that soon the judgment of God will take him and left the place. (After the dream I sent them a letter with this dream God has given me).

God’s Choir
Sept. 22/05 You are part of God’s ‘choir’
I saw that I am chosen with many to be in a choir and given a white gown.
Our conductor was a foreign woman.
Hundreds of people were gathered and waiting eagerly to hear our song. We sang for an hour. When we had finished it we got applause from those people. It was very encouraging for us.
Meaning: The choir are those chosen to receive a heavenly reward in purity (the white gown), and who will praise God for it.
The dream is also an analogy of your work, spreading the truths of God to many others (those waiting to hear the song), which brings God more praise. They will be grateful to you for eternity for what you did (the applause), and to God of course.

Progress Is Difficult
Sept. 24/05 The going is difficult
I and some brothers were making our way along a very narrow path. On the left of the path there was a deep slimy pit.
We had to walk very carefully to avoid falling in the pit. It was very hard to continue so we rested on that narrow path. We didn’t want to go backward again.
Comment: An allegory of your work in Ethiopia.

Widespread Publicity Of Miracles
Sept. 25/05 Widespread publicity of MM’s miracles
I was in Malcolm’s home and we were celebrating the FoT. People who were there were sharing what God had done for them through the year.
There were two cameramen, one on the left and one on the right side of the house with their huge equipments. They were filming all the incidents with their video cameras.
I turned to Malcolm and asked "Is it the publicity?" He said "Yes! It is the beginning of the publicity!" I was glad.
Comment: A picture of what God’s miracles will bring. The publicity and curiosity will create a platform for the truths of God to reach hitherto ignorant minds.

Rebels Swim In Muddy Waters
Sept. 26/05 The rebellious swim in muddy water
A foreign couple was swimming in a very muddy river. A little far from them, their children were also swimming in it. They were enjoying it.
I told them loudly to get out of it because it is not good for their health. Instead they insulted me and threw mud at me.
Comment: Rebellious, self-willed people hate correction. The muddy water represents demonic filth that they wallow in.

End-Time Elijah Rejected!
Sept. 27/05 End-time Elijah rejected!
I was with Malcolm. A man came to him and asked him to show him the end time Elijah. Malcolm gave him the booklet explaining about the end-time Elijah but he wouldn’t accept it.
Comment: There is considerable curiosity on this subject among cultic people. But, of course, their pride wants to believe that they are part of such an élite number, or that the leader of their group is Elijah, so they reject what is in the booklet Who Is The End-Time Elijah?

Demons Attack In Unexpected Ways
Sept 28/05 Demonic attacks
I was sleeping in my bed. At midnight something was moving on my blanket. Afraid, I awoke from my sleep and began to rebuke it. After many rebukes I saw a beast. Its head was severed from its body.
Comment: In Luke 10:19, we are reminded that Jesus has given us all authority over evil spirits, so they cannot harm us, except for the temporary or minor damage that God allows so that His purposes are worked out.
Midnight is a symbol of the unexpected. Demons will strike at unexpected times and in unexpected ways. So, be vigilant.

Human Folly Of Idolatry
Sept 29/05 Human folly in idolising ‘important’ people
I was called to a palace. When I got there, I saw many people queuing. I joined them. I asked one of the people why we had been called. He said that it is for someone’s signature [presumably the ruler or king who lives in the palace]. I wasn’t interested and returned to my home.
Comment: It illustrates the stupidity of the majority who look up to ‘important’ people. What good will a signature do them? None whatsoever, which illustrates the uselessness of human rule.

Gospel Outreach Soon Forbidden
Sept 30/05 Gospel outreach to cease soon
I set up a large tent and invited many people. I set before them a variety of foods. It was a miracle to me to feed so many people. When the scene changed I was away. When I returned the tent had been uprooted. Someone told me that it was the government which had removed the tent. Suddenly I heard a gun shot a little far from me. I left the place for safety.
Comment: War and unrest is coming soon to Ethiopia. The tent with food in it is a symbol of gospel outreach, but that will not be possible soon. It will be forbidden by the government.

In A Place Of Refuge
Oct. 1/05 In a place of refuge
I was under a mountain [safe place] with some brothers. It was a hiding place for us. We have been living there for several months. But suddenly the mountain began to collapse and we ran to save our lives. With the collapse of the mountain, many vipers [demons] came and covered the place. They moved along the ground and pursued us to bite us. But a shower of rain came to our rescue. The vipers couldn’t move any further.
Comment: After you flee Addis Ababa (when God shows you to go, invisibly His angels will guide you), you will be safe in the mountain area where you know to go. But, after a while, it seems that that place will be overrun by the evils too.
The shower of rain probably symbolises the Holy Spirit which will come to your aid. God will lead you as you trust in Him.

Many Churches Political
October 4/05  Many churches have become political
I was attending a meeting. The place was full of people I was curious to see the preacher but there was no one on the stage. After an hour I saw 3 men in black suits [opposite of righteous; symbolises their evil deeds and wrong motives] They came and stood on the stage. Their demeanour was not nice.
Then one of them began to warn us to do what he says [control is of Satan, not God]. He was speaking to the people about politics. I was angered and said that we are gathered here to hear what the Bible says, not politics, and left the place.
Comment: Instead of promoting the pure truth of the Bible, false ministers have perverted the gospel and preach what is essentially a political or human message.

October 5/05 Unthankful
I was helping two women who were in danger but they weren't thankful for their deliverance. 
Comment: Not being thankful is one of the traits of evil that God’s people must fight against in themselves (2 Tim 3:1).

True Ministers Care For The Sheep
October 6/05 True shepherds care for the sheep
It seemed that I became a shepherd with lots of sheep. I was caring, feeding and protecting them. They were my very valuable possessions and I was satisfied with them.
Comment: True ministers really love the people in their care. They love them as if they were part of themselves.

New Government ID Controls Coming Soon
October 7/05 Everyone will have to have new ID
In my dream I was present in a vast hall full of people. Hundreds of employees with sophisticated computers were working hard, by giving new IDs to those who queued there.
When my turn came I went to one of the employees and he gave me a new red color ID. But my name wasn't written on it. It was just blank.
Comment: The new sophisticated computer controlled ID systems that are coming in soon.
Yours was blank, perhaps because the government that will introduce these draconian controls will not recognise true Christians. They will be regarded as a non-entity.

Starvation Coming
October 8/05 Famine
I saw all vegetation and trees withered. People were crying and weeping. There was nothing to eat. Starvation could be seen here and there. I became terrified.
Comment: Your reaction portrayed in the dream is the reaction of fear that many people will have who don’t have faith in God to provide for them. God promises to take care of us and provide what we need, so we don’t need to worry (Matt 6:33-34) if we truly put Him first and not ourselves.
This starvation is now (March 2006) coming again in Africa.

Running From Blazing Spears
October 9/05 Blazing spears
I saw people who were jumping from fences. They seemed to be running from something very dangerous. I wanted to see what was behind them. It was a great fire in the form of little blazing spears. When I saw the danger of being hit, I also fled.
Thank God the spears didn’t hit anyone.
Comment: Probably some sort of weaponry in warfare.

Prepare For A Radical Change
October 10/05 A change of direction soon
Several Christian believers were walking together. The day was very warm, but I told them to change their direction. A little far from where we were, I could see a huge mountain of snow.
This mountain was a massive obstacle to our journey so we changed direction and continued our trip.
Comment: Most people are unaware of what is coming. In many nations things seem OK. (I realise that things are far from OK in many central African nations, where some countries are experiencing drought and starvation, as well as in various other areas of the world.) But western nations on the whole are in this period of ‘warmth’.
‘Cold’ harsh times are coming. Christians need to be prepared for radical changes in what they are used to.

Kassahun Adopts Two Orphans
October 11/05 Kassahun adopts two orphans
I was caring for two little boys. They were orphans.
Their heart was broken because they had lost their parents. I took care of them. I fed them and clothed them and became their parent.
Comment: The terrible turmoil and warfare that is ahead will create many tragic situations and orphaned children. Besides this, many children are left orphans as a result of AIDS.

Muslim Hostilities Will Increase
October 12/05 Muslim men release their snakes
I saw three Moslem men standing over a large hole. They held long iron rods. They were pulling out snakes from the hole and putting them on the dry ground.
When they spoke, some of those snakes began to fly in the air and bite whoever was in their way.
I rebuked them in the name of Jesus. I could see some of them explode in the air.
Comment: The imagery depicts demons doing evil through the policies and actions of some Muslim leaders.
Muslim clerics are responsible for fuelling hostilities and hatred against Israel, the West, and Christianity. This is symbolised by pulling out satanic snakes from the pit and releasing them on the ground.
But, if you invoke the power of Jesus’ Spirit, nothing will harm you, spiritually speaking (Luke 10:19).

MM Into Italy
October 14/05 MM will reach into Italy
Malcolm told me that he and Helena will have a trip to Italy for 50 days to share God’s truth to the people. I thank God for the door He has opened.
Comment: 50 is the number of release / freedom, so it depicts the spiritual release that we will be able to bring to some people in Italy through MM literature.

Enemies Preparing To Attack K
October 15/05 Enemies
I was sleepless for several nights for fear of my enemies. They were preparing to attack me so I had to protect myself, depriving myself of rest and sleep, but God strengthened me.

Civil Unrest In Addis Ababa
October 16, 05 Warning about civil unrest
I heard gun shots in various places in our capital city. Government soldiers were confused. Those gun shots continued. I tried to find out what the situation is.
I realized that the shots were coming from angry policemen. They were revolting against the government. I went to my home and hid there until stability came.

Malcolm Marries
October 17, 05 Malcolm marries beautiful black woman
I saw Malcolm has married a beautiful black lady. He told me that she is obedient and very helpful.
Comment: We have been working in Kenya and Nigeria for many years and much has been taking place, exposing way- wardness and sin, and promoting the Faith Once Delivered. The dream may depict the outcome of this work, producing beautiful character in some African people, after repentance performs her transforming work. Or it could be a recent contact from Uganda.
As of writing, there is much need for repentance and reform by believers in these African countries, as various other dreams show. At the moment, there isn’t an adequate union in the spirit with me and these African believers – and this harmony and being of one mind has to take place if a marriage is to succeed.
God is assuring us that it will – eventually.

People Helping Kassahun Rebuild
October 18, 05 People being helpful
In a dream I saw my home was destroyed and people whom I don't know were rebuilding it. I appreciate all their help.
The home they have built for me was larger and more beautiful than the former one. I was glad and blessed all of them.
Comment: Although troubles and destruction are coming, out of the chaos will come better things, and beauty and advancement. Trying situations are opportunities for others to show their love by helping.

“To Him Who Overcomes...”
October 19, 05 Precious white stone
There was a rectangular flat stone, like white marble, in my hand. The stone was shining. I sensed that it had descended from the sky. The light coming out of it was white. I kept it to myself.
Comment: This is a symbolic representation of your heavenly reward. A few days after I read it I was reminded of Jesus' words to the church at Pergamum. There He says: "To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat. And I will give him a white [precious] stone, and on the stone a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it" (Rev 2:17).
This is what Jesus gave to you in the dream. It symbolises a special individual appointment and reward from Jesus.

The Message To Pergamos
More is concealed in the meaning by what is not said but what is implied by your dream. Because the precious stone you are given alludes to what Jesus said to Pergamum, the comparison is unavoidable between the situation in that church and what you face in Ethiopia:
1. You dwell where Satan's throne is (2:13). Satan's seat is a metaphor for where he has control and rule. The 'Christian' churches in Ethiopia are very much under Satan's influence, as you know.
2. Martyrdom for the sake of holding onto the faith given to the patriarchal saints is embodied in the name of Antipas (explained on p 32 of Understanding The Book of Revelation).
3. You also face people who subscribe to the doctrine of Balaam, which is one of compromise and reluctant or grudging compliance with God's will (2:14).
4. This approach promotes heresy ("eating things sacrificed to idols"; 2:14), and tolerates being unfaithful to God ("commit sexual immorality"; 2:14).
5. There is the doctrine of the Nicolaitans which God hates. This is hierarchic rule and domination in churches. It is embodied in the name ("Nico" from
nikao (Greek) meaning "to conquer", and laos (Greek) meaning "people"). These "people conquerors" constantly block what God is doing through you.
But the reward is to those who stand up against all this spiritual abuse, championing the cause of righteousness. It is encouragement for you to cling to, during the hard times coming. As you say, God will take care of you through the valley of the shadow of death.

World War Looming
October 20, 05 World war looming
In a dream I saw a vast army of soldiers with red hats, great military dress and heavy boots, marching on the streets.
They had very sophisticated weapons. They looked terrifying. I thought another world war is about to start.

Anti-Americanism Rising
October 22, 05 Anti-Americanism rising
I saw many foreigners (mostly Americans) had been killed and were lying in the streets. Their corpses were naked [this depicts the utter disrespect shown to them] and all were covered with blood.
I was very sad and began pleading with some of the passers-by to help me bury them, but no one was willing. I wept for those killed and left the place.
Comment: This is now beginning to happen as a result of the American invasion of Iraq, and will get much worse. It was predicted and repeated in the opening remarks on page 5 of Sunday Versus Sabbath: The Final World Crisis.

SDA Church Totally Dark Now
October 23, 05 SDA church in total darkness now
The Spirit of God moved me to go to an SDA church on Friday evening. The hall was half full but there was no light. The people were sitting in complete darkness.
Then a voice inside me said, "Do you see how great the darkness is? Don't come back here again." I left the place.
Comment: God has removed Himself from the SDA church where we or you have contacted them. They refuse to repent and accept further truth. The church is full of spiritual rebels.

Extremely Hard Times
October 24/05 Very tough journey
In a dream I and two other brothers were on a journey on a dusty road. The road was very rough, narrow and rugged.
It was very hard and we couldn’t continue. Our feet were bleeding and bruised.

God Takes You To A Better Place
October 25/05 God takes His people to a better place
A ‘copter came down near our meeting place. A very tall man [spirit being, angel] came out of it and told us to get on the ‘copter as soon as possible and he will take us to a better place.
We all went in to the ‘copter which took off, but I awoke from my sleep before we arrived at the better place.
Comment: It symbolically represents the fact that God will deliver you from the trouble ahead in Ethiopia. It doesn’t mean it will be in a helicopter, but the ‘copter symbolises the sudden deliverance and escape.
The better place depicts God’s Kingdom, for those who die. (Many believers will die in the Tribulation, but that doesn’t mean God didn’t protect them. God individually protects each person who fully trusts in Him. That protection is mainly spiritual, and only physical insofar as God needs to do that.)

Muslims Persecute Christians
October 26/05 Muslim persecution of Christians
In a dream I saw a man teaching the Gospel to a young man. A little far from them I could see a Moslem man opposing loudly the man who taught the Gospel. The Muslim ran toward the man and poured hot water on him. I wanted to protect the man but that man poured out the rest of the hot water on my back and ran off. My back hurt.

Muslims Massacre Other Believers
October 27/05 Muslims massacre other religions
I saw multitudes holding pictures of angels, shouting and dancing in the street. People were joining them. While I was looking at them I saw another group who held the picture of the leader of Moslems, Mohammed, advancing towards the first group. They also are shouting – aggressively.
Suddenly, in a spilt second, I saw them clash with each other and the wounded and the dead were all over the place. I was horrified. Things were out of control.
Comment: The dream depicts in symbol the hostilities that will erupt between Muslims and those of other faiths. While this will include primarily Christians (who should worship Jesus, not just angels), it does not exclude others such as Jews and any other religious group that is not Muslim. Perhaps that’s why the dream portrayed these other faiths as those who worship angels.
Muslims tend to be very aggressive and assertive. They are intolerant of other faiths, hence the imagery of them advancing upon the others. They don’t leave them alone like Christians would tend to do in democratic countries.

October 28/05 Sandstorm
I saw the sky and it was covered with a very dark cloud. I thought that heavy rain is coming and I rushed to my home. But half way there the rain began pouring down. I saw it was a rain of tiny sand particles. It was amazing. My head and clothes were covered by this tiny sand dust, and I sheltered at a nearby café. All over the place there were heaps of sand.
Comment: Sand is highly abrasive, and sandstorms are painful. Perhaps the imagery of the dream is to denote the turbulence coming, the pain this will cause people, and also drought which can create desert conditions.

Place Of Refuge
October 30/05 Place of refuge
I was standing under a huge mountain somewhere in the wilderness. The mountain was large and wide. I wanted to know more about this mountain and went around exploring it.
I saw a narrow entrance and went through it. It was a cave. After walking for a while in the dark I saw a glimpse of light not far from where I stood. I made my way toward the light. When I got there I saw a huge hall with hundreds of lovely people. They welcomed me to their group and told me that I have chosen the safe place from the coming persecution. I was glad.
Comment: While I constantly stress that the protection God offers us from the coming worldwide troubles is primarily spiritual in nature, that doesn’t rule out God protecting many of His people physically. In fact, He has revealed that fact to various people and prophets. But, they won’t or can’t tell you what God has individually told them about specific places of refuge, because you need to hear from God yourself about what He intends for you. (I am addressing these remarks here to everyone; not to Kassahun.)
God has shown Kassahun in other dreams besides this one, that He will take care of him physically. But you can also see dreams that indicate Kassahun must endure suffering, as we all must. It is part of the road, to prepare us for God’s kingdom (Acts 14:22).

All Governments Being Judged
Oct 31/05 All governments coming under Judgment
I saw a man who was walking in the street up and down saying something in a loud voice. I couldn’t hear clearly what he was saying. When I got near to him I heard that he was cursing and condemning all world governments and pronouncing Judgment upon them. It seems to me that he is a prophet.
Comment: The two witnesses will pronounce final judgment upon governments and people during the Tribulation (Rev 11).

Government Official Comes To K
November 1/05 Government official comes
A high ranking government official came to my home.
I welcomed him but was worried about how I could accommodate him.

Some Post Stolen
November 2/05 Some post stolen
I got many packets from my post office box. While I was gathering them someone whom I didn’t know snatched some of my packets.
I told him that the packets contain spiritual material. He returned them to me and asked me to give him the address.
I gave him the MM address.
Comment: It looks like someone will try and steal some of your mail, because they will be desperate for help. But good will come out of it, and you will not lose anything you need.

Flying Eagles
November 3/05 Flying eagles
I saw in the sky several flying eagles. Their heads were like crocodile heads. They were flying upside down. I had never seen eagles like this before in my life.
Comment: An eagle in this context could be symbolic of domination by a military power. Upside down may depict a complete reversal to what you are used to at the moment, such as Islamic rule being introduced. The crocodile heads may symbolise the demons that will cause this evil.

Food Rationing And Military Rule
November 4/05 Food rationing and military rule
I went to a military camp for registration. It was an obligation to do so to get food rations. My country was under military rule and we had to obey all orders. After my registration I was given a little yellow card. Wherever I showed that card I got my food.
The experience was very degrading.

Pure Truth Is Hidden From Majority
November 05/05 Hidden MM treasures
Someone gave me two old cheques. One was blank and the other had 900 written on it. On top of the cheques the following was written: “The Hidden Treasures.” I sent it to Malcolm.
Comment: 900 is 9 (judgement) x 10 x 10 (man).
Two cheques may depict the certainty (2) of finance God is getting ready for us to do this work of declaring His time of judgement upon the whole world. It comes in the wake of the truth, which He has given us to present, being rejected by most of the world. Hence the title The Hidden Treasures.
Interesting imagery. The blank cheque represents that half of what is ahead which we don't know about yet. God reveals things as we go along.

Lot Of Work Feeding New Folks
November 7/05 A lot of work feeding new people
In a dream I saw that I was a dairy distributor. I was distributing milk for many people. The work was very tiring and I was alone. I longed to get someone who can help me.
Comment: Milk is what babies feed on, so it depicts new believers coming to you and all the associated work involved. It is tiring trying to teach new folks! The dream also portrays how few are willing or able to do this work.

Leaving Addis Before The Massacre
November 8/05 Preparing to leave Addis Ababa
I saw thousands of heavily armed soldiers of our government marching on the main streets of Addis Ababa. My heart failed when I saw them. Their guns were pointed on people who were going about their daily business. I sensed that there will come another round of killings in the near future and decided to leave Addis Ababa before the horrible massacre.
Comment: The dream is to prepare you mentally for leaving in due course.

Young Man Healed And Raised Up
November 9/05 Young man healed and raised up
A number of people were crying for a very sick young man. They couldn’t do anything for him. When I arrived there, the young man was on the verge of dying.
I told them to make way and began to pray for him, laying my hand on his head. God healed him in front of them. The people were amazed and praised God.

MM’s Seven Springs
November 10/05 Seven springs at Malcolm’s place
I was with Malcolm in his home. He became glad and told me that he was expecting Someone to open up the seven springs at the back of his home.
We went there and I saw those springs gushing from the ground. I was amazed. I took a sip from the springs, and it was wonderful.
Comment: Seven is the number denoting God’s perfection. The springs of water denote the fresh outpouring of:
1) God’s truth,
2) enlightenment or insight,
3) prophetic revelation,
4) Spirit of love,
5) restoration,
6) unity, and
7) miraculous power.

SDA ‘Bride’ Depraved
November 11/05 The SDA ‘bride’ is depraved
I was invited to an SDA church to attend a wedding. I went there. The hall was packed with people, waiting for the arrival of the bride. Soon the bride’s party came and stood on the stage.
When the pastor began to bless them, suddenly the bride began to tear off her bridal clothes and strip naked in front of all the people. She wasn’t ashamed or afraid, but just laughed loudly. We were all shocked and confused.
The bridegroom was pleading with her to behave herself but all he did was futile. She didn’t want any help. The people left the hall.
Comment: The dream reveals in allegory the spiritual depravity of the SDA church. She is not ready to be Jesus’ Bride. In fact, she doesn’t care to be any longer.
She has torn off her clothes of purity and righteousness (by putting human loyalties ahead of loyalties to Jesus’ Spirit and His further truths that have now been revealed).
The SDA church has disqualified itself from being able to proclaim the Third Angel’s message (Rev 14:9-11), about which they pride themselves, thinking that they are the sole means of God’s proclamation of this end-time message!
Their exclusivism and pride will cause them to be shut outside the door when the time comes. They do not accept the message God revealed and which was expounded in MM’s booklet A Message To Sabbatarians.

Watch, Pray And Work
November 13/05 Watch, and pray, and work
In my dream I heard a clear voice saying "watch, pray and work."
Comment:  This dream came to Kassahun on the same day I was writing that article about the need to watch in Newsletter 33. Likewise, there is also a great need to intercede for others!

Nov 28/05
I saw the sky was covered with dark cloud. But there was not a drop of rain yet. A man told me that there will be no rain where we are because it was rained at another place. I don’t like the person’s remark and by faith I told those with me that there will be a great down pour in the next few minutes. God has honored my faith and there comes a greats down pour and wet all of us.

Nov 29/05
I was in a city bus with many others. The bus was heading to the place where I was living. But half way on the road there come a young man with two guns pointed on the bus. The driver stopped the bus for fear of being shot. The man ordered the driver to come down from the bus and he did as commanded. Later we also came down and they took us as hostages.

Nov 30/05
I went out of SDA church. On my way to my home many bad boys surrounded me and one of them throw a rope at my feet and immediately my two legs tied with the rope I tried to cut the rope and release my feet. The rope was very strong and it takes me some time and mighty effort. Finally I cut it and run from those bad boys.

Dec. 1/05
I was painting the wall my home. But the paints couldn’t remain on the wall by an unseen power. I was confused and paint a picture of the cross of Christ on that paint. To my surprise that paint changed into a very beautiful rectangular form. While I was looking at that beautiful rectangular form, it came down slowly from the wall and planted it self on the floor. I sensed that the unseen power is an angel. The rectangular form looks like an ark and a powerful light was coming out of it and filled my home.

Dec. 2/05
I got a booklet. The cover was yellow with a titled “Signs of The Return of Jesus.” It was written by Malcolm. The booklet was focused on Genesis 6 and the modern day Nephilim and Ankims. The idea was completely new for me.

Dec. 3/05
I saw a magician throwing huge balls of fire to one direction. The direction was east from where he stands. The Speed of the balls was incredible. When he says something which I don’t understand those balls were exploded on the air.

Dec. 5/05
I was present in a gathering together of family members. All my relatives were there. We have fun. As we were rejoicing, I saw my mother and my aunt coming to the meeting and sit at my right side. Both were dead for the past 7 years. My joy becomes out of control and asked them about the spirit realm. They told me that it is great and one couldn’t have proper word to explain the joy and bliss. When they finished they disappear. I longed to be there.

Dec. 6/05
While I was returning to my home from a journey the bright light of the sun become suddenly dark. I looked up to see what happened. I saw there on the sun a huge scorpion. It has covered the sun.

Dec 8/05
My friends and I have a trip to evangelize. We have only two bicycles we couldn’t speed up our trip. Our legs were tired at pedaling. Even of we use all our efforts to reach the place of our evangelization we couldn’t arrive at the right time. Finally we realized. It is not possible to finish the trip with our bicycle

Dec 9/05
I was with Malcolm we have many keys on his hand. I asked what all those keys. He then takes me to a cozy room with several silver boxes attached with the walls of the room. He opened one of the boxes and showed me one new publication. The title of it was “spiritual treasures” I want one and he gave to me. He told me that all the boxes are packed is new publications which God has revealed to MM. I was amazed.

Dec 10/05
I was teaching the truths to many young people. They were listening attentively. When I finished. An old woman came and pleads to help her ser to return to God. The spirit of God Inside me said “be careful it is a trap.”
I told her to correct herself.

Dec 11/05
I saw the sky covered by several sophisticated flying objects. Their sounds were like a heavy thunder. Their speed was incredible. I sensed that these flying objects are the next war machines.

March 5/06 Hammer Of Babylon Coming Soon
In a dream, I went to a government office to get a very important document. One of the employees treated me cordially and gave me the document. The title of the document was The Hammer of Babylon. I rushed home to read what was inside.
Comment: A hammer can symbolise justice and the power and authority of the judicial system. A new system is arising soon in Europe which will impact the whole world. It is Babylonian in origin (Rev 17, 18). More is explained in Understanding The Book of Revelation.

March 7/06 Political Power Struggle
I saw an ancient army with its primitive chariots. It surrounded a village. Some of the villagers were running to save their lives from this ferocious army. Suddenly innumerable little scorpions came out of the ground and began to bite those ferocious soldiers. The soldiers ran from the scorpions.
To protect the villagers from the biting of the scorpions, I saw many birds of prey come down and attack the scorpions using their sharp beaks. They killed all of them.
Comment: The ancient army could represent the old Coptic Church of Ethiopia. If so, it will try to exert its influence and control over people in the coming troubles.
But another power, motivated by demons (the scorpions) arises to threaten the old army. That power could be Islam.
The birds of prey that come and attack the scorpions would represent a third power, possibly that of the UN peace-keeping force. A previous dream you had showed that Germany will be at the centre of that. (16 Aug 2005.)

March 8/06 Conflict Near The Dome Of The Rock
I saw on TV live the heavy fighting between Israeli armies and Palestinian militants near the famous Dome of the Rock. The fighting was fierce. It was to control the Dome.

March 9/06 Suicide Bomber
I was tired and getting a little nap in my home. Suddenly I heard a disturbing sound and opened my eyes to see what was going on in my home. A black man with a grenade in his hand was crouching on the floor and coming toward me. I looked at him very closely. His eyes were not blinking. I realized that he was blind. I left my home at once before the man exploded the grenade.
Comment: Black is a symbol of evil. The blind man represents the spiritually blind suicide bombers of Islam.

March 10/06 Turbulence Coming
I was on the top of a roof. I was watching the setting of the sun, but a heavy cloud came and covered the sun. [The Tribulation.] I sat there waiting for the sun to come out of the cloud. [We are waiting for God’s Kingdom to be established on earth.]
While I was staring at the cloud, I heard a heavy rumbling behind me and turned to see what it was. A little way from me the sky was descending as if pushed by some kind of power. [The dramatic, cataclysmic events of the end of this age.]
I jumped from the roof. After I touched the ground a heavy wind came down from the sky. I couldn’t protect myself from the strong wind, it was so fierce. [The turbulent times coming.]

March 11/06 Wings Of Eagles Broken Soon
In a dream I heard a voice saying, “The wings of the eagles will broken soon. Prepare yourself for that event.” I didn’t understand what it meant.
Comment: The eagle is a prophetic symbol. The following short article explains why. The eagle’s wings being broken symbolise the attack that will shortly come against MM.

Why Do We Display An Eagle On MM Literature?

From time to time, people ask us why we put an eagle on the front cover of our publications. What symbolism does it portray?

The answer is simple in principle:
1) It is a reminder of God's protection (Rev 12:14), and
2) A symbolic portrayal of God's purpose with MM.

1. A reminder of God's protection.

God protectively brought Israel out of Egypt on Eagle's wings. He said to Israel:

You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles' wings and brought you to Myself (Ex 19:4).

Israel was the apple of God's eye at that time (Deut 32:10) because she was the carrier of His Truth. So, he protected her in order to protect His truth. An eagle is fiercely protective of its young, so was God jealous for His truth's sake and protected Israel [Jacob]:

As an eagle stirs up its nest, hovers over its young, spreading out its wings, taking them up, carrying them on its wings, so the Lord alone led him (Deut 32:11,12).

2. For the purposes of God alone.

The purpose of God is unstoppable. No one can thwart what God intends.

People can hinder God's Work temporarily. They can hold it back for a while. They can cause problems and difficulties for God's servants. They can persecute and even kill the prophets He sends. But they cannot defeat God's objective.

God will be victorious and supreme. His plan is like the soaring of the eagle in the sky. No bird is seen flying as high as the eagle. (To the naked eye, that is – some birds on flight migrations have been found to fly at very high altitudes, but this was not known in biblical times, and you can't see them without visual aids.)

This is why the wise man wrote:

There are three things which are too wonderful for me, yes, four which I do not understand:

The way of an eagle in the air... (Prov 30:18,19).

God's plan is higher than man's understanding. And those whom He uses soar into the heavenlies, beyond the reach of mortal minds. I do not mean physically, but spiritually.

God uses people to do things that defy the human intellect. Likewise, God's plan is unfathomable without the Spirit of God enlightening the human mind. So, it is likened to the flight of the eagle in the sky:

His understanding is unsearchable (Is 40:28).

He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall, but those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint (Is 40:30, 31).

God's purpose with those whom He has called to perform a prophetic task shall not fail. The eagle is a reminder of His indomitable purpose with MM. This work will not fail, because it is not a work of man. It is a work of God, through man, unperceived for what it is or where it is going, like the eagle high up in the sky.

God's promise to those who bear His truth is this:

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand (Is 41:10).

Those who strive with you shall perish (Is 41:11).

That is the promise to God's true servants, whose motive is right, whose God IS God.

In contrast, those who have wrong motives – the false prophets and false preachers – will eventually fail:

Cursed is he who does the work of the Lord deceitfully (Jer 48:10).

A marginal note says of the word deceitfully: "ramah can be so rendered, but here it probably carries an idea of 'slackness' or 'idleness' in fulfilling the wishes of another."

Those who are slack or negligent in fulfilling their part in God's Work on earth come under a spiritual curse.

But, not so God's true servants, fully committed to the purpose of God. They soar like eagles and go where no human foot can tread. They are carried on the wings of the Spirit, and perform God's will.

March 13/06
Kassahun Rebuilding His Home
I saw the walls of my home ruined. It was hard to rebuild it again, but I set out to rebuild the walls using mud. Some of my friends helped me and we finished it. I felt very tired afterwards.

March 14/06 Attacker Pursues Kassahun
A man was following me to attack me. I was running away but he continued pursuing me. There were a number of soldiers with him. I doubled my efforts to escape by hiding myself. Meaning: This is another warning God has given me in His love, to be ready for the coming trouble.

March 15/06 Feeding The Needy
I was feeding several needy children. My sympathy was towards them.

March 16/06 Speaking Out Against Govt. Corruption
A government official asked me to speak to the people gathered in a very large room. I knew that they were prisoners.
I spoke to them that I love them and respect them for their bravery in combating the injustices of corrupt governments. They applauded me. I turned to see the official. His face was burning with anger but he couldn't touch me.

March 17/06 Refugees In Camps
I was putting up a tent for me in a field of grass. It was raining and the place was wet. But that was the only place I had to put my tent. After I set up the tent, I went inside to get some sleep but I couldn't sleep. There was a terrible smell. It was disgusting. I didn't know what to do next.
Comment: This is most probably a depiction of the awful conditions many refugees will suffer as a result of warfare.
Jeremiah 25:32-38

March 18/06 Time Is Short!
A hoary haired woman [converted person with wisdom] came to my home and told me that time is very short and soon the world will be plunged into a great trouble. She gave me a little note. On the note there was written Jer 25:32-38.
She told me to read those verses in front of her with a loud voice [this is a proclamation from God through His prophet].
I took my Bible and read those verses aloud.

Prophecy Of The Beast
March 19/06 Stern faced ruler
Someone gave me a silver coin. On it there was a picture of a stern faced man. Underneath the picture was written “King of the World.”
Comment: Dramatic political changes are coming. A new world order will emerge when the USA falls in a couple of years’ time. Britain will go down, too, and be a world power no longer. To fill the power vacuum, others will vie for supremacy. The Bible reveals that in the European theatre, one man will emerge and require that all will be subservient to him, even to the point of worship (Rev 13:4,12). He is metaphorically referred to as ‘the Beast’, because of his dictatorial and unholy rule. [Either the EU leader, or a new arrangement in the UN?]
Monarchs and emperors traditionally mark their reign by minting coins with their head and name on them.

Chinese Troops In Africa
March 20/06 Chinese soldiers in Ethiopia
Heavily armed Chinese soldiers were patrolling the city of Addis Ababa. I was walking on the street and suddenly was surrounded by other Chinese soldiers. One of them shouted angrily at me in his language. I didn’t understand what he was saying. He hit me on the head with his baton. There was nothing I could do to protect myself.
Comment: The dream depicts the ruthlessness of the rule such military occupation will exert over helpless people. Kassahun was put in the position of the local population.

March 21/06 The Prophet’s Rejection
I went to the home of a couple. They were old friends of my Mum. They had a large 2 storey house so they were well off. They were preparing a banquet and invited all the guests whom they knew. All the guests were enjoying their meal. But I didn’t get one. The ushers deliberately ignored me. Their discrimination amazed me.
Comment: People are very superficial with their friendship. They are decent to their friends, but don’t really care about the things of God, and they treat true prophets – who represent God – with utter contempt.

March 22/06 The New World Parliament Of Evil
I saw in a dream a very tall, elegant and beautiful building which looks like an oval. [The European Parliament? Or UN?] On top of it there was a sign which said “The New World Parliament.” World leaders were queuing to enter. [It will have universal acceptance.] All were clothed in black suits and hats. [Symbol of evil. Black suits represent evil deeds; black hats represent evil thoughts or plans.]
On their hats I could see tiny red bulbs. [Red is the colour of warning, of blood, and of trial. The plans of these politicians will bring trial and blood.] When they enter the building those bulbs lit up. I sensed that the red bulbs were their ID. [By this imagery God is showing that He will hold each one individually accountable for the evils they will tolerate and condone.]

March 23/06 MM’s Five New ‘Packets’
I got 5 packets from Malcolm. When I opened the first packet I got 5 pictures. The pictures show the new and modern headquarters of MM, the beautiful gardens, car parking, a large meeting place and a vast field respectively.
In the second packet I got a book written by someone called Ian. The book is about miracles. [God will perform many miracles to verify His work through MM.]
In the third there was a long and thin plastic packet. Inside it there were 5 gold coins. [Financial provision. God provides for His faithful ones who will lay down their lives to do His Work.]
In the fourth I got a book written on it “Praise Song Book” [there will be much praise to God] and in the fifth were several new brochures. [New publications and news of happenings.]
Comment: When you receive a packet in the post, it is to bring you something. I’m sure you like to receive such things!
Five symbolises what God gives by His grace. What He gives is for spiritual preparation of His people, according to His plan. So the five packets represent five categories of God’s Providence to MM which are on their way. Praise God!

March 25/06 Satan Attacks God’s Training Programme
I was training teenagers in some kind of soccer on a neglected playing field. While I was training them I felt something terrible on the sole of my shoe. I looked to see and there was a snake. It had bitten my sole. I and the teenagers left the place at once.
Comment: Satan attacks God’s training programme. 

March 26/06 True Christians Will Be Attacked By Orthodox ‘Christians’
Orthodox Church members were trying to attack our meeting place. When we heard about their devious plan we left the place.

March 27/06 False Christians Masquerading
I saw in a dream two beautiful cars. Inside those cars there were 4 brides and grooms each with their ‘best man’. [Four is a numeric symbol of the whole world. So, these figures would represent the world’s churches.] Each was holding a very long golden sceptre [symbol of rulership] and a Bible with a red cover with a picture of dragons on it. [Dragons symbolise the devil and major demons.] I became terrified when I saw those pictures and suspected that they are the devil’s followers, masquerading as Christians.
Comment: Precisely!
One of China’s most well known symbols is the dragon. So the imagery may also depict pseudo-Christian movements like the Three-Self Patriotic Church of China and the Eastern Lightning cult. (The latter is the subject of the article When
China’s Christians Wish They Were In Prison!)

March 29/06 Prison Tortures
In a dream I was in a prison. The guards were brutal. I could hear from the rooms next to me painful cries and groaning. One of the guards came to my cell and showed me several bloody finger nails. Those nails were torn from prisoners’ hands. My heart failed within me. The brutality of the guards was horrific. But there was nothing I could do except pray to God.
Comment: Only prayer (keeping in the Spirit with God) sees you through. As Jesus said: “watch and pray”.
Kassahun saw the horror of what some Christians will be subjected to in prison.
Such imagery strikes terror into the hearts of believers who fear pain. But don’t let it. (I know that’s easier to say than to do, but each person must exercise their will in such matters, to be prepared to endure whatever comes.) Put your trust in God and in His Word. He promises you that no trial will overtake you that you cannot go through. He promises you that He will give you what you need so that you can bear it (1 Cor 10:13). That’s His promise to you, IF you put Him before all else in your life and are willing to suffer for His sake.
Remember what happened to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? They were thrown into a superheated furnace that killed the captors who threw them into it. They got up unharmed and walked around with Jesus in the midst of that furnace! (Dan 3:25.)
Why? Because they were prepared to die rather than compromise their worship of God (Dan 3:17,18).
Remember what happened to Daniel. He was thrown into a pit with ferocious, hungry lions (Dan 6). But did they devour him? No. Because his trust was in God. (Dan 6:23.) He was prepared to suffer for truth. But God did not try him above his capacity to endure.
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.” (Ps 91:2.)
Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence. He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler. You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day, nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday.
A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you (Ps 91:3-7).
The language is, of course, figurative. You may be right in the midst of the conflict or plague. You may be physically affected by it. But God will hold you in the palm of His hand through the troubles, and He will enable you to endure as you love Him above all.
Don’t walk by sight, but by faith (2 Cor 5:7) and do what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15:57-58. Then:
Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name (Ps 91:14).
Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling place (Ps 91:9,10).

March 30/06 The Vine Is Trampled
I got a little garden behind my house and planted a vine in it. I watered and nurtured it. When I rose from my sleep, I went to the garden and saw that my vine had been trampled. It was the saddest day for me. My little vine was completely destroyed by my enemies.
Comment: Kassahun was put in the position of how God feels about the crushing time of Tribulation that will engulf the Church.

March 31/06 Storm of The Spirit Coming
In a dream I saw several small groups had formed. These small groups were preparing themselves for a great event. They were expecting something very important. I joined with one of these groups. Someone told us to prepare for the storm of the Spirit. We were eager to receive it.
Comment: Revival is going to erupt like a storm. Besides martyrdom, there will be miracles, too, according to God’s plan.

April 1/06 The Danger Of Church Leadership
I saw a sad and discouraged young girl. She was crying. When I approached her in a spirit of tenderness and asked her why she is crying she replied, her eyes full of tears, “Jesus does not speak to me any more.” [This could depict the charismatic church, which has an immature spiritual approach.]
I said to her that Jesus loves children and he speaks to them. Glancing away from her, I saw a man drawing near and I felt that the girl was in danger. The voice of the Holy Spirit said to me, “Take the girl in your arms to protect her from Satan.” When he approached closer he stretched his hand to snatch her from my arms. To prevent her from falling into his grasp I hugged her close against me and cried with all my strength for help from above. I said “Heavenly Father, come to my help.” I saw that those words were like a barrier and Satan couldn’t snatch the girl from my arms, so he gave up and went away.
Comment: The man depicts church leadership which is in control even though unconverted. Church leaders who try to dominate and control Christians actually cause great spiritual harm and are used by Satan. The dream depicts Kassahun protecting and caring for the true believer(s) whom Satan wants to destroy through oppression, because Kassahun knows the truth about correct authority, as outlined in God’s Church – Whose Authority?

April 3/06 Countries Set Alight
I saw a globe laid on a table. A man was spinning it very slowly and put a mark on some countries. After he had done this, he took a matchstick, lit it and burned those countries which he had marked. I was eager to see the countries he had burned but I was some distance away.
Comment: World conflagration is coming. Warfare, etc.

April 4/06 Co-ordinated Terrorist Explosions
I heard from the news on TV that several countries of the world have been hit by powerful bomb explosions at the same time. The numbers of wounded and dead people were astronomical. I learned that the world has fallen into the hands of some terrorists.

April 5/06 No Need To Go To The Dentist
I went to a dentist to get treatment for my tooth. I queued and paid for the treatment. But my conscience rebuked me. A voice inside me said “Receive your healing by kneeling down before God.” I rushed back home.
Comment: God is our Healer, and He will help us and heal us if we put our complete trust in Him. It’s not easy sometimes but it is possible, as this gentle rebuke reminds us all.
Faith and Healing outlines this wonderful promise of God.

April 6/06 Patience
I was rushing down a very busy street to arrive at an important place. There was an old man walking in front of me very slowly. I wanted to pass him but he wasn’t willing to give way to me. I told him to give way. He stared at me and said “Learn patience to save your life” and disappeared. The words were a blow to me and helped me to examine my life.
Comment: The fact that he disappeared may mean he was an angel, sent to test whoever the dream depicts. We live in a very impatient and intolerant society, where what we want tends to deny the patience some others need from us.

April 7/06 Frightening Downpour
A heavy downpour came from the sky and I became wet from my head to my toes. The place around me was flooded and the water came up to my knees. I was afraid because the flood was powerful enough to carry me away.
Comment: Revival ‘rains’ from God bring with them repercussions that have some frightening implications. Raising the dead will bring publicity and persecution. It will also bring a lot of work, so much so that we must be careful to keep our feet on solid ground.

April 8/06 Malcolm
Malcolm arrived at my home. I welcomed him. He has a measuring tape in his hand. He asked me politely to measure the breadth and height of my home. I gave him permission and he began to measure. When he finished he asked me, “How can you manage to live in such a tight home?” But I didn’t have a word to say.
Comment: It’s not easy doing God’s Work in this world. It can restrict us in various ways – sometimes socially, and in other ways.

April 9/06 Catholic Church Soon To Wield Power
I saw a church building which looked like a Catholic church. It was painted with golden paint. Then I saw a little piece of gold metal break off and come flying from the building and hit a man standing near to me. He lay on the ground dead. I ran to save my life.
Comment: The Catholic Church has wealth and power, symbolised by the gold, and it uses such to assert its supremacy over others. The man hit represents a martyr. This evil church will again cause many true Christians to be put to death very soon in the Tribulation coming, just as Jesus said (Rev 6:9-11; 13:7,15; 17:1-6; 18:24; 19:2).

April 10/06 No Olive Oil
I went to the supermarket to buy olive oil. No supermarkets were selling olive oil. It had become a very scarce commodity.
Comment: Shortage of vital commodities and food will accompany an equal and parallel dearth of the Holy Spirit, as Catholic domination brings repression in the Great Tribulation. Gospel preaching will not be permitted. Only State approved religion will be allowed.

April 11/06 Darkness Will Come Over All Earth
When I went out from my home I saw the sky was heavy with black clouds and the entire place was dark. It was frightening. Suddenly a heavy downpour came. I ran to my home. But the roof of my home had been torn by the downpour and the floor was flooded. I couldn't enter.
Comment: Darkness = spiritual oppression in the world. The flood of evil coming upon the whole earth which will seriously affect God's people.

April 12/06 “Barclay’s Way”
I was attending a religious meeting. The preacher was preaching but I couldn't follow what he is speaking about. Then I saw a little TV screen attached with the podium. There comes a flash of light on the screen and I saw the words, "Barclay's Way." The preacher said that it is his topic. I became more confused.
Comment: Preachers who have "lost the plot". Holy Spirit inspiration has departed and their agenda and preaching has degenerated to a mere human level. The preacher's name – Barclay – is lit up. He emphasises and promotes himself. "Barclay's Way" is an allegory of self-promotion that many preachers now practice, especially the TV evangelists. As Paul warned in Acts 20:28-30, they do what they do to gain a following for themselves. They don't truly preach Jesus or His truth.

April 13/06 Evil SDA Leaders
I was in an SDA Church on Friday night. I went to get the front pew and sit there. Then I saw a young man come in with three black donkeys. I couldn't believe my eyes. No one was preventing it. All were sitting as if nothing had happened. I stood up with fury and began driving back those donkeys out of the hall. No one came to my help.
Comment: SDAs have become "mulish" – as stupid and stubborn as donkeys or mules. Depicts evil traits in SDA leadership, and the evils that they are bringing into SDA churches which members accept without questioning. Kassahun has been raised up by God to speak out against these evils, but no one listens to prophets!

April 15/06 Planting Potatoes Will Be Difficult
I was planting some potatoes. The ground was very tough. The digging was also very hard. But I have to do it.
Comment: It is hard, trying to produce a spiritual crop at this time, in this world.

April 16/06 Beware Bad Company
Someone put a little plastic packet in my jacket pocket. When I pulled it out to see what it was I saw inside the packet tiny red asps (vipers, snakes). Frightened, I threw it away.
Comment: Friends, or those posing as friends, are most likely to show their friendship by giving or sharing with us. But friends are not always in God’s will, and where they are not, they are the devil’s tool to cause trouble for us. 1 Cor 15:33.

April 18/06 The Prophet’s Warnings Go Unheeded
In a dream I saw an old man walking on the street telling people about government inequities, injustices, deceits and corruptions. Then he said, "The Judgment of God is at hand. He will judge the wicked system of this world very soon." No one seemed to heed his warnings. But I was writing what he said in my note book.
Comment: The age of the man is a hint at wisdom. Prophets come with some of the spiritual wisdom of God. The dream foretells of prophets speaking out against government corruption and inequity. God’s judgement inevitably falls where His warnings are not heeded. We are entering the time of the End when God will bring all man’s systems into judgement as the book of Revelation portrays and many of Isaiah’s prophecies.

April 19/06 People Resist Deliverance
I was praying for someone possessed by demons. I prayed intensely to God for the man’s release. Whenever I rebuked the demons the man disappeared from my sight. When I quit praying he appeared again. It was difficult for me to continue my prayer.
Comment: People must accept deliverance from demons, otherwise, those demons will stay if you make a home for them through sin and wilful conduct. We want to see people free of demonic oppression, but I have noticed that people’s self-will, pride and stubbornness hold the demons in.
In many cases of church people whom we have wanted to see delivered from strongholds of Satan, on almost every occasion that we have written to them or sent them literature, they ‘disappear’ – they either fail to respond and ignore you, or they send the materials back with “UNSOLICITED” slapped across the envelope, so all that was sent to them for their deliverance is returned, unread! And they are not delivered.
I am reminded of Jeremiah 8:20, which reads:
The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved (Jer 8:20, NIV).
One meaning of the harvest is revival which God instigates to bring people into His fold. But the prophecy shows that many whom He calls will not profit from it. Why? The previous verse reveals – people hold onto their idols. God wants to save them, deliver them, heal them. But they refuse. Their refusal and disobedience causes venomous snakes to come (8:17). Pride and prejudice are strongly linked with idolatry, which can be very subtle in Christians’ worship!
God mourns for these people! (8:18,22.) Kassahun could not continue praying for them in the dream, which depicts the fact that God cannot do anything to help them (Prov 1:22-33).

April 20/06 Anticipating The Heavenly Kingdom
I was queuing with several people to get in to a beautiful golden and shining temple [the Kingdom of God]. We all were eager to be there. As we lined up there, the door of the temple opened and a man clothed with a blue gown [heavenly colour] began to call names. We attentively waited to hear our names called. The dream ended there.
Comment: This is a reminder of heavenly glories that await those who faithfully continue to endure to the end, doing God’s will. Jesus will reward each of us individually, saying:
“Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your Master’s happiness!” (Matt 24:21.)

April 21/06 Aggravations
I was battling with night bats. They were disturbing me and I couldn't get any sleep. I became angry but couldn't do anything.
Comment: Bats symbolise creatures of the spiritual night – demons, who use various people to trouble God’s servants.

April 22/06 MM; Wounded Eagle
I saw a wounded eagle [MM] fall to the ground [we face a serious attack shortly from those used by the devil]. I picked it up and went to my home to take care of it [shows Kassahun’s care for us]. I washed the wounds on its wings and covered it with a bandage [and his practical help; he intercedes!].

April 23/06 Prisoners’ Reward Will Be Wonderful
I went to a prison to visit some of the prisoners whom I know very well. I met with a woman and she told me the dream she had received the night before. In that dream she and the other prisoners were flying, passing through the clouds of the sky. I was amazed.
Comment: Deliverance comes to those who have to suffer for the faith. Many true believers are imprisoned, and will be imprisoned for Jesus’ sake. God does not forget them, and their reward will be wonderful as the dream portrayed.

April 24/06 Train Hit By Terrorists
I was on board a train with several others travelling to a town. While we were travelling, we heard a loud explosion in the driver’s cabin and the train caught fire. Horrified, some of us jumped out of the train through the window.
When I landed on the ground I injured my knees. I also had an excruciating pain in my right side. But I praised God for saving my life. Later I heard that the train was hit by a terrorist group.
Comment: Kassahun was put in the place of a person who would be on that train. More terrorist outrages are coming. Why? Because such people have sold themselves to demons to do evil. (See Rev 9 and 12:12. Demons inspire these evils.)

April 26/06 Forced To Leave
I was forced to leave my home. I was only a tenant so I had no choice but to leave the house. I thought that it would be difficult for me to get another house. But I left all things in the hands of God. I trust that He can make things possible.
Comment: Kassahun and many others will be forced to leave their homes. But God knows all our needs before we ask Him (Matt 6:8), and our duty is to put our trust in Him to provide and help us in such trying situations.

April 27/06 God’s Judgment Is Swift
A friend of mine came to my home and told me about the death of one the leading pastors of SDA Church. While I sympathized for the man I was amazed by the swift judgment of God.
Comment: Like so many church leaders, SDA pastors are not listening to the Spirit. They reject the prophets whom God sends to show them what they need to change to be in God’s will. They don’t care, unlike Kassahun, whom God shows in the dream DOES sympathise with people and have God’s mind. Such evil pastors come under God’s judgement, and it is swift!
Note: I heard yesterday from someone in Kenya about the fate of a man who had had our written materials, but rejected me and MM literature because he didn’t get money out of me and the other carnal things he wanted. He went to a cult that would give him what he wanted – a feeling of being someone important because he got a ‘position’ in their church of deacon or representative, so that he was elevated above others in the group. He was also given an allowance and somewhere to live.
I had written to him about a year ago, pointing out that he had sold his soul to the devil because he had allowed himself to be bought for worldly things. Judgement followed in due course.
That man threw away the truth we brought him and accepted false ministers ruling over him, so that he could also rule over others. He had had dreams while he was ‘with’ us. God showed him what He wanted for him, but he belittled God’s word to him, ignored it, and instead took for himself what HE wanted.
I heard yesterday that he is now dead. God took his life. He was not an old man. Yes, GOD’S JUDGEMENT IS SWIFT!

April 28/06 Great Tribulation — SOON!
In a dream I was sitting in front of my rented computer. When I turned it on I saw on the screen the following words written in bold. “THE CRISIS OF THE WORLD HAS BEGUN.”
I turned off the computer and again turned it on. The same words appeared. I began to meditate on those words.
Comment: The Great Tribulation is SO CLOSE! A couple of years away for America and Britain (see article with dreams about the timing of that on page 14). God is trying to alert us so that we can prepare.
Not long ago, I had prompts from the Spirit to write the article series that ended up being titled
GET READY! God is trying to wake people up! There is a need to PREPARE! (I will again repeat an earlier dream of Kassahun’s about that below, even though it was in N34.)
The image of Kassahun meditating on (seriously thinking about) this issue is the response that God wants all to have. As you do so, God will lead your thoughts; show you what you need to work on; show you what you need to do; where you need to change; and how to go about it.
The problem with most people is that they make them- selves comfortable doing what THEY want, and that leads to spiritual somnolence. God is then SHUT OUT (Rev 3:20), and an idol takes His place in your life.

April 29/06 654 Dollars Spells God’s Judgment On Evil
A wealthy man was speaking to the crowds around him. I was passing by, but I felt drawn to go nearer the crowd to hear what the man is saying. When I got near, I saw  him scatter some dollar notes into the air. Two of the notes fell where I stood. I picked them up. It said “654 dollars”.
Comment: The figure 654 is 109 x 9.
Psalm 109 is about betrayal of faithful ones by people without true love. (Judas was one example.) It is a warning to the unconverted who claim to be believers. In the time depicted by your previous dream (April 28), the spiritually weak or corrupt will be bought with money. They will betray God's chosen ones to get what they want physically. [As in the note under the dream of April 27.]
But God will help (not always physically in the way we might like) those who trust in Him, and bring judgement upon the wicked, as Psalm 9 declares.

May 7/06 God Touches Receptive Hearts
On Sabbath we were reviewing the book The Bible Speaks Vol. 5. God was speaking to our hearts. Those who were attending the meeting said that the Holy Spirit touched them through the messages they heard. Some of us have been rebuked. The topic of Unbelief was one of the most discussed issues in the meeting. We all have examined our lives in the light of the message contained therein.
Last week God sent our way a university student... We discussed more about the truths of the hour together and I gave him the booklets Faith: Raising Our Level of Expectation, Our Sabbath Rest and What the Bible Says about The Holy Spirit. He was glad and told me that he will share them with his friends in university. Praise God. Now to the dreams.

April 30/06 War Soon To Engulf The World!
A military official was showing modern military equipment. The equipment was new to me. He showed me sophisticated military convoys and tanks and whispered in my ear that the world is preparing for another brutal and bloody war.

May 1/06 UFOs?
Several people were gathered together in one place. They were gazing into the sky. I joined them to see what they were looking at in the sky. I couldn’t see anything.
I tried to get information from them but no one was willing to give me the information I wanted [secretive].
Comment: This may be about UFO watchers. UFOs (unidentified flying objects) can be apparitions created by demons, so it’s no wonder Kassahun couldn’t see them! The ones demons deceive are those without God’s truth.

May 2/06 Caught Between Two Giant Bulls
I was running to catch a city bus. The bus stop was a little way from me. While rushing to get there, two giant bulls came from two different directions straight towards me. I was horrified. There was nowhere to hide. Discouraged, I stood where I was, closed my eyes and silently prayed to God. Nothing happened. I opened my eyes and the bulls had passed me. I thank God for His deliverance.
Comment: Bulls could represent unchallengeable powers – soldiers or armies of two opposing powers. Humanly, it will seem like you are trapped in the middle, as with all civilians, but God will protect you from serious harm.

May 3/06 People Complain To God
I was in a large hall full of people. They were worshiping God. The worship leader was leading with the song “I complain to God.” I became furious and asked an old man what the song means. He didn’t give me a clue. I stood and spoke loudly that the song is not right and told the leader “who are we to complain to God?” He didn’t answer. I left the hall.
Comment: Instead of praising God through faith, many Christians do the opposite! They express their unbelief and lack of trust in God by complaining about their situation.

May 4/06 Physical Preoccupation Of Politics
When I opened my email inbox I got a message. It said “A Message from An American Diplomat.” I opened it to see what his message was. He was writing about health.
Comment: The American diplomat is representative of the thrust of American politics. It is physical, instead of being spiritual, and his spiel on health illustrates the point.

May 5/06 Human Government Is Nearly Over
I was debating with top government officials about good governance, justice and world peace. I told them that these qualities are not found in human governments and the only hope for the world is the establishment of God’s kingdom in the near future. No one was opposing my point.
I was amazed.
Comment: Soon many people in government will realise that human government is a complete failure, and they will be ready to acknowledge Jesus as the only hope.

May 14/06 Kassahun Protected In Bomb Blast
It is with deep gratitude to God that I write this to you. I have a miracle to relate to you so that you can praise God with me. Friday I was delivered from a bomb blast.
8 bombs went off in different places here in Addis. Four people died and 43 people were seriously wounded. It was very sad. Friday at 8:30 I was waiting for a city bus. Suddenly 15 meters from where I stood a taxi has blown up.
The blast was very powerful and I and some others were thrown to the ground. At first I thought I had been hit by the blast but when I stood up there wasn't a wound anywhere on my body. Police took me to hospital for further examination and released me immediately telling that I am OK. Thank God.
The dream God gave me on Dec 25 2003 has now been fulfilled. It was this: "I have escaped from a grenade attack." How wonderful is our God! He knows how to deliver His people. The recurring bomb blasts in recent months are terrorizing the residents of Addis. The city is now becoming more and more unsafe to live in.

Kassahun wrote a few days later:

Sunday night I was struck by a migraine and a very sore throat. I suspected that it was the result of the shock of the blast. I pray to God to lift the pain and until now the pain is still there but I began my day to day duty trusting my God.

Those bomb blasts are the nasty work of the Al-Qaeda wing which called itself Al-Ithad. It is supported by one of the factions of Somalia warlords. The dreams God has given us in the past have confirmed that Ethiopia will fall into the hands of Islamic radicals and terrorists. We are now beginning to see this. I got your letter and read it very carefully. I got the answer for my conflicting thoughts from the letter. I didn't see the dream of the stolen wallet the way you saw it. That is why we need a 'Watchman.' He sees with foresight what we don’t see, and prepares the flock for the stormy times. Because the Spirit has prompted you to do what you have done, I don't have questions. I accept it...

My reply: 18 May

I'm sad to hear of your suffering. I'm sure God will take care of you, even though He does let us suffer for a while. I don't know if you can buy such things as health supplements. But if you can, extra Vitamin C would help you. It helps with all sorts of body stress, infections and sore throats, etc. Iodine is also good at fighting infections. If you can buy a little bottle of it, just rub some of the liquid iodine on a small patch of skin on your legs or arms (only a few inches square), and it will be absorbed through the skin. It kills germs.

I wonder if the bomb blasts had some germs with them? Germ warfare? To infect the population.

God bless. May your headache and pain go soon.

Kassahun wrote on 21 May:

Thank you very much for your encouragement. In times of trial it is wonderful to hear words of comfort. It gives strength. Thank God the headache is now gone. I have got relief. The pain in my throat has also decreased. But I feel dryness inside my throat and am taking a lot of water and some fruits. Another thing I am experiencing now is a sleeping problem. I only sleep 4 hours a night. This is unusual.

But God who delivered me from the blast is also faithful to heal me from these disorders. I trust Him. The iodine has helped me a lot. [He was totally healed a week later.]

May 7/06
I got a letter by post but I couldn't open it. I asked someone whom I know how to open the post. He asked me to tell him the number on the post. I told him that it was R-146. After this he told me to open it. It opened. There were several new 50 cent coins inside it. I was amazed.
Comment: The dream most probably depicts the new increased security measures that come in times of war.
Psalm 146:3 reminds us that we do not put our trust in ‘princes’ (human authorities). Our help is from God (Ps 146:6,7). The 50c coins could depict God’s providence, supplying Kassahun’s needs, and his deliverance on several occasions. 50 is the number of freedom or release. Perhaps that is why the code was R (release) 146.

May 8/06 Vile!
Someone asked me if I can compete with others by swimming or wading through a very disgusting pool of water, which was full of dead chickens! I vomited because of the bad smell coming out of that pool. I refused. 
Comment: This may represent the degradation of humankind by the worsening situations that will come upon all humanity.
There is an equally despicable programme on TV in Britain, called Big Brother, in which contestants are expected to do some despicable things to gain the admiration of others. It’s all so pointless and vile!

May 10/06 Addis Ababa Totally Changed
In a dream I was returning after several months from a very rural area to Addis. Things had changed. I couldn't find my former house and my families has moved. I went up and down on the streets trying to find them.
Comment: This depicts the total change that will come to Addis Ababa as a result of the war that is coming. But you may not literally go back there again.

May 11/06 MM Publicity Coming Shortly
When I turned on my TV I heard a voice saying, "This is the new MM program. It will be aired in a few seconds." [Soon.] I was eagerly waiting staring at the screen.
Then Malcolm and Helena showed up. I saw a trumpet in Malcolm's hand. [A trumpet symbolises warning. Hand is symbolic of the writings. So it depicts ‘our’ written warning.] Helena began to introduce the new station of MM and gave a testimony of how God has done a miracle in providing a way to air the messages of MM to millions of people in the world. I was excited by the publicity.

May 12/06 Redemption Is Coming
I was staring at the sky. I saw the sky in the direction of the north covered by soot like darkness. The sky in the direction of the south was covered by white cloud. While I was staring at it a golden blanket spread over it. On the blanket there was written the following words, "REDEMPTION IS COMING."
Comment: North from Ethiopia is the Middle East which is going to be embroiled in terrible conflict. Probably in 2007(?) which is 40 years from 1967, when Israel won the six-day war, and annexed the West Bank.
Blackness like soot could depict oppression caused by evil, demons, etc., that spreads over the whole region north from you. Revelation 9 contains comparable imagery. So it will include war, conflict, and associated evils.
When God led Israel, He protected and led them by day by a white cloud. So the cloud to the south could depict His protection and guidance from Him for you, showing you where to go (Kenya?). Finally, redemption – which can only come through Jesus – arrives. That depicts Jesus’ return. We can’t wait for that Day!

May 13/06 Most Christians Don’t Accept Prophets
Four women were in my home. They tried to accuse me of being their worst enemy. I tried my best to convince them that I am a good friend, and that I am praying and interceding for their deliverance. But they won't listen to me. They justified themselves. I was sad.
Comment: Christians who don’t accept you or us. Four depicts the whole world, and that summarises who is against us. How the prophets are so misunderstood!!

May 15/06 Malcolm In Ethiopia
Malcolm was here in Ethiopia. We went together to various places to visit the brothers and sisters with the truths. I was helping him in translating his teachings in my native language. We were blessed.
Comment: Not literal, but it is figurative of what is taking place through MM’s literature outreach, and of the work you are doing translating MM publications into Amharic.

May 16/06 Crossing ‘Rivers’
A woman was showing the place of crossing a large river. There were little rocks planted in the river. We had to walk by placing our feet on them. We managed to cross it. But we were then confronted by another large river. We couldn’t cross it. The woman told us that there is another way to take us to our destination. We continued our walk with her.
Comment: God is showing two aspects to Kassahun, to do with what he will come up against, and God’s means of deliverance. The symbol of a river is also used in Rev 12:15.

May 17/06 Old Wooden Bridge
I was walking on a wooden bridge. The bridge was very old and rickety and had many holes, so it was essential to walk carefully. To my shock, 3 foreign girls began to shake that old wooden bridge. It was frightening. If it were to break, I would fall down, with serious consequences.
I pleaded with them not to shake the bridge. But they laughed at me and continued shaking it violently. It broke but I hung onto a piece of wood and rescue came for me.
Comment: Girls may represent malicious ‘believers’ or adherents of Islam. The dream may portray the coming threat against you and other Christians.

May 18/06 Not Able To Sleep
I couldn’t sleep at night. Something was on my blanket. I looked to see what it was. There was a large black mouse on my blanket. I hate mice and threw it out of the window. Comment: This may depict the sleeplessness Kassahun suffered after the bomb blast, and how a demon (represented by a mouse) tried to trouble him. He is now delivered.

May 19/06 Attack From Ferocious ‘Creature’
I saw in the roof of my home a beast. It looks like a cat but it was not a cat. Its skin was like a tiger. I tried to drive it away from my roof. I have to be careful to protect myself from its attack. At first I didn’t see that it had wings. It tried to hit me with its wings, but God protected me.
Comment: A cat doesn’t appear ferocious, so the beast (symbolising a powerful demon) is trying to disguise itself. Christians have to be wary of what seems harmless.
Note: The devil tends to use people who are close to you to mount his attacks on you, because you least suspect those who are friends or family of being your enemies.

May 20/06 After Returning From Heaven
I and my mother were planting seeds of flowers in a garden. I noticed that the seeds which she had planted were growing fast. I was amazed and asked her how she managed this. She replied that the seeds came from another world where she comes from. I realized that she is speaking about heaven.
Comment: People who have returned from heaven come back with greater spiritual acuities. They have heightened sensitivities to the Spirit, better spiritual discernment than ‘ordinary’ mortals and have greater spiritual gifts. Such gifts will aid rapid spiritual growth.

May 28/06 Lives Corrected By Truth
Newsletter 35 has arrived with its timely messages for our edification. This Sabbath we allotted times to study it from cover to cover. It has touched some areas of our lives which need to be corrected. We had the prompt of the Spirit to do so. When the message comes from God there are always deep examinations of lives in the light of the truths. God has spoken to us through dreams and visions.
I am now totally well. God has given me His healing power to serve Him with great strength. Praise be His wonderful name. Now to the dreams.

May 21/06 Swift Attack
I saw a very large truck flying in the sky. It was flying with high speed. I looked at it, amazed. It went up very high in the sky and started to descend with the same speed. I thought when it hits the ground it will cause huge destruction!
Comment: Represents some sort of military attack.

May 22/06 Confusion Over Passover Issue
I asked people in the Church to tell me the exact date of the next Passover but I didn't get a satisfactory answer. Finally I asked a very humble foreign woman to tell me the date of next Passover. She told me the exact date. We rejoiced.
Comment: The dream illustrates the confusion there is in the churches about this issue. Most churches don’t keep Passover, even though Jesus commanded it in the NT (Luke 22:13-15,19; 1 Cor 11:23-25). And, amongst those who do keep Passover (instead of the spurious counterfeit of the so-called “Lord’s Supper”), there is confusion about the correct day to observe it. There is lack of understanding on the calendar, and when to begin the sacred year.
The reason? The dream indicates the reason: lack of humility. God has revealed further truth to MM about His calendar, with details for accurately observing festivals. How do I know? Because God prophesied it through a man who was with us in 1993. God spoke to him that He was going to reveal to me the details about His calendar and that I should write a booklet on the subject. Let me tell you, I didn’t want to! For me it was an arduous task, and I didn’t think I had the proper understanding at the time, but God then sent more information our way, and revealed other details that were missing, so that God’s Calendar Revealed To Man could then be compiled. MM is the ‘foreign woman’ of the dream.

May 23/06 SDAs Don’t Want Further Truth
I went to an SDA Church. I had different MM publications to give to those who are listed in my notebook. There was hustle and bustle in the hall and no one paid any attention to me or wanted my publications. I was sad and returned home.
Comment: This is not merely a failing of the SDAs. It is rife throughout most churches where people think they have the truth. They then become close-minded to further revelation. Pride and prejudice prevent most accepting MM and the truth in MM literature.

May 24/06 Little Coffin Full Of Ballpoint Pens
I saw a little coffin on the roadside. I came near to it, to open it and see what was inside. I expected to see a corpse of a little child. But when I opened it I found many golden and silver ballpoints.
Comment: If you want to enter the Kingdom of God you must be humble as a small child (Matt 18:3,4). God dwells with those who are humble and contrite (Is 57:15; 66:2), and reveals His truths to those who are (Ps 25:14).
Conversely, the proud are not privy to His secrets. He doesn’t reveal all available truth to them. And, since pride is so insidious, most don’t see it in them.
I believe the dream is predicting that you will make contact with (or have already met) some new and humble believers, who are willing to die to themselves – hence the symbol of the coffin – and who will promote the written truths – hence the symbol of gold and silver ballpoint pens.
Ballpoint pens are used by ordinary people for writing so the dream may indicate that these humble, child-like folk are willing to copy MM publications by their own hand, in order to spread the truth to others. (When you can’t print or photocopy literature, hand copying is the only way.)

May 25/06 Falsely Accused
A friend whom I trusted much accused me of abusing his wife. I tried to convince him that I'm not that kind of person. I fear God and live according to his word. But he won't believe me. He smeared my character and ruined our friendship.
Comment: The devil knows how to ruin relationships. Christians will be falsely accused of things they are not guilty of committing.

May 26/06 The Awful State Of The Church
I was in a very dirty and dark storehouse. People were living in that disgusting place. They were quarreling. They didn't have respect for each other. My spirit was disturbed and I tried to resolve their problems by sharing the peace of Christ with them but it was to no avail. They wouldn’t be helped. Instead they turned on me to attack me.
Comment: This typifies most people. But I think the storehouse is a reference to the Church, which is meant to be a storehouse of God’s truth – yet it is dark, lacking God’s light.
Filth has taken the place of cleanness and purity. So, the people in the dream are Christians. They are not open to correction, so they reject the solution to their problems. And, once people reject truth, the devil takes them over, so hostility against truth and the bearers of truth increases.

May 27/06 Many Women Are Sexually Abused
Two sexually abused women told the public what had been done to them. When the other women heard them they became furious and decided to fine and punish those who had done the despicable act to those women.
When they had finished their meeting, I went to the door. The guard stopped me and looked at the list he held. He told me that my name is on the list of the abusers and denied me permission to go out. I couldn't believe it!  I tried my best to convince him that I am a Christian and would never do what the women said! But he wouldn't believe me.
Comment: Sexual abuse is rife. The disgusting and perverse way women are sexually exploited through news- print, sexual trading and prostitution, is on the increase. Thousands of women are trafficked as sex slaves. Their lives are tragically ruined!
The awful abuse of which you were falsely accused is symbolic of how Christians are going to be hated and regarded as the lowest of the low. We (those who believe in Jesus and truly follow Him) are going to be falsely accused and persecuted. It will lead to Christians losing their rights and freedom.

May 27/06 Rebuke Falsity
In our little congregation a young man was speaking in tongues very loudly. We couldn’t follow or understand what he was saying. I realized through inner promptings that he was not sent by God and he was speaking from his mind not by the Spirit of God. I politely told him to stop his gibberish.
Comment: Discernment – which is only possible by the Spirit – is needed to counter falsity.

May 28/06 We Must Face Death For Truth’s Sake
I was surrounded by many hyenas. They were ready to attack me. There was nothing I could do to escape from them. I was confronted with death face to face. But the dream ended there and I awoke.
Comment: Hyenas represent demonic enemies.

May 29/06 When There’s Nothing You Can Do...
I was a guard at a prison where two black American women were imprisoned. One of them was bound with chains. She was screaming and disturbed. I tried to calm her down. But she wouldn’t. I didn’t know what to do.
I prayed silently to God to give her some rest. Then she fell asleep on the concrete floor of the prison.
Comment: In situations where there is nothing we can do to change circumstances, all we can do is pray. God helps when we do.

May 30/06 Miraculously Healed
My mother was very sick. She was in the intensive care unit. I concluded that she will be dead in the next few minutes. To my surprise she came out of the intensive care unit with a smiling face. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was a miracle. She was completely well.

June1/06 Best Friend Turns Hostile
My best Christian friend and companion in the truths of God and I were chatting. We were discussing about the truths of God which He has given us through MM in the past years. At this point he suddenly became furious and pointed a gun at my face. I was astonished. I asked him why he became furious. He wouldn’t tell me. He threatened to shoot me if I continued to tell the truths to others. I told him that I wasn’t afraid to die and will continue to do the work which God has given me.

June 3/06 Japanese Cruelty
I saw Japanese soldiers beating a young Ethiopian. They had bound him with wire string from his feet to his head. Finally they killed him in the street. I boiled with anger at their cruelty. But what could I do? Nothing.
Comment: Japanese soldiers have a notorious reputation. Their cruelty in the Second World War was infamous!

June 4/06 Two Beautiful Doves
I have got two beautiful doves and took them to my home. I built a nest for them. Even though they were wild doves I decided to do my best to discipline them.
Comment: The doves probably represent believers new to the truth and who will learn and grow. A dove is a symbol of peace. We are to be peacemakers (Matt 5:9).

June 11/06 God Withdraws From SDAs
At the prompting of the Spirit of God I went to the SDA Church on Friday evening after several years. I was sad when I saw several empty pews where it was once full of people. That was a sign to me that God’s Spirit has been withdrawn from that church.
After the meeting a brother whom I knew 6 years ago, when I was expelled from the church, came and shook my hand warmly. We chatted together and I asked him whether he is willing to learn further truth God has given me. He told me that he would be very glad to learn more, and we arranged a time when I could share the truths and give him some of our translated materials. He was eagerly looking forward to it. I returned home delighted and praised God for the new opportunity He has given me. Now to the dreams.

June 5/06 Two Strangers Eat My Meal
While I was just about to eat my meal two strange young men came to my home sat beside me. I look- ed at them, surprised. They began to eat my meal without my permission and left. It was shameful.
Comment: The dream symbolically portrays the loss of people’s rights when a foreign army occupies the land. People will be treated with contempt, and their food and possessions will be used by the occupiers without respect.

June 6/06 President Mubarak Gets Angry
I saw Egyptian president Mubarak. His face was red with anger. On the right side of his chest a little grenade was hanging. I thought the man was ready to destroy his enemies.

June 7/06 People Will Be Stripped Of Their Rights
I was walking beside a police station. Several people were standing outside the station surrounded by armed guards. [Military rule or martial law that is coming to your area.] While I was passing, one of the guards called me roughly. [The rough way the military treat people.] We went inside the station. Then he told me to take off all my clothes and stand naked. [Depicts the loss of freedom that is coming to the general population.. They will have to do what they are ordered to do.] I did what I was told. Another guard came and spread something like white dust on my naked body. [This could symbolise Sharia law which Muslims will impose in the region.] My body became inflamed. It was very painful. [This system of Islamic law is cruel and very oppressive.] Then he gave me solid ice which looks like a soap and told me to scratch it on my body. I did and the pain went. He gave me back my clothes, and released me from the station. [Perhaps this means that, if you are caught up in this very unpleasant situation, God will look after you and they will not be able to find you guilty of infringing their law.]
Meaning: The dream is highly symbolic. It probably depicts Islamic Sharia law which will be imposed in Ethiopia. Having to remove your clothes symbolises the way freedom to be clothed with God’s righteousness will be taken away. The rigours of Sharia law will be painful to people, depicted by the white dust. Perhaps the rest of the symbolism shows that you will somehow regain your freedom of belief.

June 8/06 Need To Walk Carefully From Now On
I was walking home on a very dark night. It was hard to see anything. I had to be careful and slow in my walking lest I stumble and fall.
Comment: The Great Tribulation will bring difficulties.

June 9/06 Ram’s Horns Outside Malcolm’s Home
I was in the home of Malcolm. He was busy heaping up sheep horns outside his home at one corner. I saw him through the window. I went out to help him. He told me to paint the horns with purple paint. I began to do so. I was curious to know why we are doing this. But the dream ended there.
Comment: A Shofar (or shophar) is a ram's (sheep) horn. It was blown to call for the attention of the people to listen to hear an important proclamation. For example, as in Joel 2:1 (at Jesus' coming) and Lev 25:9 (on the Jubilee, proclaiming freedom from debts and slavery.) In 1 Kings 1:34, we see that it was sounded on the occasion of coronation in Israel.

Purple is a royal colour
Part of 'our' message contains the truths about the Holy Days. A trumpet or ram's horn was also to be blown on those sacred occasions to call the people to worship.
So the dream symbolically depicts MM publications that bring spiritual release to people, preparing them for rule in the royal Kingdom of God. God's holy days depict His plan on earth, leading up to that time when the saints will rule with Jesus, and beyond.
It is somewhat amusing that these books (symbolised by the rams' horns) are 'piling up outside' our home! That sums it up at present. We are providing this material, but people are not taking it. They're not interested.

June 10/06 SDA President’s Hostility
I met with the president of the Ethiopian SDA Church. I stretched out my hand to shake his hand in a spirit of love but he ignored me. I tried to make him approach me but to no avail. Rather he was filled with hostility and warned me to leave him alone. I left him where he stood.
Comment: While the dream depicts the Ethiopian situation with the SDAs towards you and the truth we bring, the dream applies also to other SDA leaders. They don’t want the truth we bring, and they turn hostile to us.

Tried To Take My Life
13th June, 2006

The demonic attack which you [MBH] experienced was aimed to take your life. I also experienced a disturbing fear last night and was unable to sleep. Some kind of spirit was trying to get hold of me and give me the premonition that I would not survive until morning. I couldn’t pray. The only thing I could say was “God, please help me! Jesus, please help me!” I couldn’t close my eyes all night long and I became dizzy. A heavy headache is still pounding my brain.

Yes someone is interceding on our behalf. Today I was praying all day in my mind through the Spirit both for you and me. I realized, after reading your letter, that I was experiencing a demonic attack. The battle has begun and we have to advance with one mind and purpose to counterattack our enemies. I am now entering in the job of interceding and will continue through the week. May God be with us while battling those demonic spirits which are attacking us. God bless.  K.

[Kassahun was healed and delivered soon after this.]

June 25, 2006 God Guides The Faithful
God is good. He is always guiding us. It is our obligation to follow Him wherever He leads us. He has been doing this through dreams and visions. Blessed be His name forever and ever. Now to the dreams.

June 18/06
Helping The Wounded
I was helping a bruised and wounded woman. She was between life and death. I carried her on my back and took her to the nearby hospital. They accepted her and began to treat her wounds and bruises.
Comment: A reminder of the closeness of war.

June 19/06 Wrong Emphasis Of Church Leaders
My mother persuaded me to go with her to a religious meeting. We went inside and sat on the front pew. The presiding elder asked me to introduce myself: from where I came, what my name is, and so on. I became annoyed at having to introduce myself and told him that it is not essential and the only thing which counts in God's sight is the love of God that exemplified through us. He wasn't happy with my simple discourse.
Comment: Church leaders and many ministry leaders place too much emphasis on the person (especially leaders) instead of upon Jesus living in us.

June 20/06 The Time Ends At 21:45
My watch stopped at 9:45 in the evening (which is also written as 21:45). It was strange.
Comment: When I read this account, I was moved by the Spirit to get my calculator and was surprised to find that 2145 is 3 [finality] x 5 [preparation / repentance] x 11 [inspired writings or inspired witness; secondary meaning, disintegration] x 13 [Satan]. Alternatively, it is 33 x 5 x 13; or 55 x 3 x 13 (more on pages 4-5 of Newsletter 36).
What God is saying through the numerics is that we are in the time of the final witness, to prepare people (through repentance) for the Tribulation, which will be caused by Satan. After this written warning has gone out (some of it will be verbal, but the main thrust of it will be written), the time will end for public witness for the Gospel (other than the Two Witnesses of Rev 11) as the curtain comes down on this age.
Also, put another way, (9:45 pm) 945 is 5 x 9 [judge- ment] x 31 [Hebrew for El, God]. God is preparing His people for judgement. The time we are in now is the preparation leading up to the prophesied Great Tribulation (judgement). See Matthew 24:21 and Luke 21:22.

June 22/06 Denouncing Paganism Of Easter
In a dream I saw people were celebrating Easter. They were butchering sheep, goats and cows on the streets here and there. Blood was pouring like a flood from those animals. I was furious. I raised my voice and denounced their bloody feast. They turned on me in anger holding their knives in their hands. I continued to denounce their practice with boldness. Then there arose a fight between those who accepted my input and the others who didn't accept my words.
Comment: Christians who celebrate Easter don’t like to be told that it is pagan in origin and that therefore they should not be keeping it. They should keep Passover since that has scriptural authority, whereas Easter only has man’s mandate. The ritual of Easter is no better than that to which it is compared – sacrificing animals.

June 23/06 9 Large Balls Thunder Eastwards
I saw 9 [the number of judgement] large balls like clouds come rolling from the west. Their speed was great. The sound of them was like thunder. I put my fingers in my ears to protect them. They flew over my head to the east like lightning. [Symbols of warfare.]

June 24/06 Worship Of Ancient Kings
I saw people bowing their heads to the statues of ancient kings. They were crying loudly as if they have lost their beloved ones.
Comment: Ancestor worship is deeply entrenched in the East, where people worship their human rulers. It is perpetuated by the demons which made those ancient kings powerful.

Healing Inner Wounds
July 2, 2006
I am really blessed by your encouraging words and the feeling of badness [the demonic attack which K suffered] has now gone. Yesterday we studied the little booklet Healing Inner Wounds. Wow! The truths literally healed the wounds of many in our congregation as shown through their testimonies with tears. The messages are really very powerful. Our lives have been touched. When the messages are inspired by the Spirit of God the result is always awesome. That is why MM publications are releasing people from their bondage. Thank God for MM. Now to the dreams.

June 25/06 SDAs Follow Like Muslims
I was in the SDA Church. I saw people who sat on chairs clothed with identical blue T-shirts and yellow shorts [no individuality; yellow depicts cowardice or following others]. Their heads were covered by green tassels like Muslims and all of them were men. I was surprised to see them in the SDA Church because they were Muslims.
Comment: Tassels are a symbol of ritualism. Green may depict envy. Yellow denotes fear and following others. Blue depicts heaven or spiritual things. Men is a symbol of the unconverted. So, the dream shows the weakness of the SDAs, who are no more converted than Muslims!

June 26/06 Muslim Persecution Of Christians
A Christian brother and I were with people who were waiting for a very important person [Jesus]. Then Yasser Arafat appeared with his aides [symbolise the Palestinians and other Muslims]. He came straight for me aiming his pistol at me. [Christians are going to be persecuted by Muslims] I shuddered. Then a power outside of me came and raptured me through the roof in the sight of all the people and delivered me from my enemy.
Comment: The trouble in the Middle East is going to boil over and trigger fierce persecution of Christians. But God will protect His people (either physically or, more importantly, spiritually) and finally deliver us from evil.

June 27/06 Ellen White Worshipped
I was invited to a Christian congregation. The hall was full of females and I was the only male [hinting that it is a cult or club]. They were awaiting the appearance of their lady prophetess. After a few minutes, she arrived. [Ellen White, whom the SDAs revere.] She looked like an Arab female [i.e. she was a ritualist like Muslims]. She told the congregation that she wanted to share her authority with some of them. When the women in the congregation heard this they bowed down to the ground and worshipped her.
Comment: Unknown to Kassahun at this time, I had warned some SDA ministers that they were worshipping Ellen White, and highly regarding her as a prophetess when she was not. Of course, they disagreed. They couldn’t see their idolatry.
In the dream she is portrayed wanting to pass on her authority to others. Not God’s – hers! That says it all! She was not a prophetess of God. She was merely like all the others who have gone with some understanding of the Word of God. She had some things right, but other things wrong.

June 28/06 Holiness
A young man came and asked me to give him an explanation about Holiness. I shared with him what the Bible says about it.
Comment: God is holy and there is nothing He wants more for us than to be holy (sinless and pure) like Him.

June 29/06 Sharing Truth With Warlike People
I emailed to Malcolm that I was with people clothed in red. Their faces were stern and I was sharing the truths with them.
Comment: Red is a symbol of war. The people the dream depicts may be a warlike tribe in Ethiopia, in the hills.

June 30/06 Cloned People
Wherever I went I saw strange people. Their faces looked the colour of silver. I was confused. I asked a young man with a silver face from where he got his face. He whispered to me that he is cloned. I was shocked.

July 1/06 Jesus Entrusts Us With Precious Things
A man appeared at my door out of the blue [Jesus] with two lovely lambs [the preciousness and beauty of what He has given us]. I invited him in. He sat on a chair and told me to keep the lambs with me for 6 days. He said that He will come again on the 7th day and take them with him. I really wanted to spend time with those beautiful creatures.

July 9/06 Bombs In Addis Ababa
Here things are going crazier from day to day. Another bomb blast has rocked the Addis Ababa City Hall offices last Thursday but no injuries because it exploded at midnight. The government has blamed Al-Ithad, one of the wings of the recent UIC (United Islamic Court) of Somalia. I think things will get worse in the coming months and I have begun the preparations for emergency. On Wednesday night God gave me a vivid dream of my future place of safety when the infrastructure of the Capital City will be destroyed. Now to the dreams:

July 2/06
Terrible Smell Of Carnage
I was walking through a dirty village. There was a bad smell coming from butchered pieces of animal flesh and blood. It seemed that my health was in jeopardy because of the terrible smell in the village. I tried to leave but I was lost and couldn’t find the way out.
Comment: Probably a consequence of warfare.

July 3/06 Austria
In a dream I was in Austria. I was visiting a beautiful city. I asked my guide if he knew about MM in Austria. He told me politely that he didn’t know of MM. I used this opportunity and shared some of the truths with him but he declined.
Comment: Austria is steeped in Catholicism like most European countries, and most Catholics don’t want to know truth. If it’s not Catholicism that hinders truth, it’s humanism and materialism.

July 4/06 Eritrea Will Be At War In 3 Months
In a dream I was with our Prime Minster. He was very friendly to me and shared his secret that Eritrea will wage war in the next 3 months. I was aghast. (The dream is another warning to us to be ready.)
Comment: It could be literal. Wait and see.

July 5/06 Not Easy Leaving One’s Home
I was in Xxxxx 500 km from Addis Ababa in a little village. I came here to escape the conflict in Addis.
I had begun to live in a cramped and unclean cottage with a grey-haired woman. She was my food provider like the woman who cared for Elijah. It was hard to live in this very primitive place away from my physical and spiritual family.
(This is what I said before. I think God has shown me another place of safety here. By now my thought is directed to that place. I have recorded in a special notebook all the places of safety God has shown in dreams so that when the time comes to leave I can decide where the best place is.)

July 6/06 Attacked By Demons
I was fighting with demons in the night. They came in bodily form to attack me. I prayed hard and rebuked them in Jesus’ name to get off me. When I rebuked them they disappeared. When I stopped praying, thinking that they will not come again they reappeared. I had to kneel down and pray for several hours to prevent them reappearing and disturbing me. That worked. [Persistence against demons is needed. We can never let our guard down.]

July 16/06 Healing Inner Wounds
The booklet Healing Inner Wounds is helping people here very much. I have got very positive responses from two young people who read this booklet. They wrote to me that the messages are very powerful and comforted, helped and released them from their problems. That is wonderful good news.
Inspired messages have always an impact on humble people who need the touch of the Spirit of God. Thank God for His messages. Now to the dreams...

July 9/06 Some World Leaders ‘Disappear’
In a dream I heard on TV news that several world leaders have gone missing. I wanted to know whether our PM was also in that group but the news didn’t say. It was shocking.

July 10/06 The Spiritual State Of This World
I was in a desert and exhausted. There was no hope. The sun was scorching and my lips and throat were dry with thirst. I seemed to be lost in the desert.

July 11/06 Entire Middle-East Engulfed In War
In a dream I saw a horrible and huge dragon [symbol of the devil, who causes war and suffering] come up out of the ground in the Middle-East. It began breathing black fumes. It covered the entire place with blackness and nothing could be seen.

July 12/06 Natural Disasters Explained
Someone gave me a white [righteous] pamphlet entitled, The Wrath of God. It explained the soon coming natural disasters around the world.
Comment: See Luke 21:22 for an explanation.

July 13/06 Kassahun’s Home Destroyed
My house burned to the ground. I felt betrayed and very angry.

July 14/06 The Last Work Of The Spirit
I dreamed I was given 6 different kinds of seeds. 3 of them were white as snow [sowing righteousness] and the other 3 were reddish brown [seeds of disaster, trial and death]. I was told to eat them to get wisdom. [God is preparing His people, in this final (3) Work in this Age.]

July 15/06 People Swayed By Clever Speakers
I was in a large auditorium full of people. They were listening attentively to a man on the stage. Their spirit seemed to be carried away by his words. He had an ability to influence people’s minds. I realized that they had been taken captive by the man and became his slaves.

July 23/06 God Will Raise The Dead In Ethiopia
...The following is the list of my dead relatives and friends whom God has promised to raise up again:
My grandmother – In March 23/04 dream.
My mother – In the same dream.
My uncle – In May 28/06 dream.
My brother – In March 25/05 dream.
My friends and family members – In April 3/03 dream.
[Kassahun’s dreams about the dead being raised in his country are contained in the complete separate article WAKING The DEAD.]
Another thing which caught my attention while I was searching the Dream Diary is what God gave us on April 2 2004. That dream is now being fulfilled. The Israeli jets are continually bombarding the Palestinian territories. Isn’t God great? He tells us beforehand what is coming so that we can be prepared spiritually. Now to the dreams...

July 16/06 Christians Need Practical Instruction
I was an employee in the work of a new building. I was trying to cut wood for the building, using a sharp saw, but I couldn’t cut it precisely. It was necessary for me to get an instructor to show me how to use a saw correctly.
Meaning: You were put in the position of believers who need teaching about how to use the spiritual tools God has given them. People need practical advice.

July 17/06 War In Ethiopia
I saw several army soldiers of Ethiopia go into a large auditorium to counsel together about military attacks they plan to take. I tried to get information about which country will be attacked by our armies but didn’t get anything.
Meaning: The threat, which is probably from the east at the moment (Somalia and Eritrea), may cause Ethiopia to want to take pre-emptive strikes against the Islamic enemies threatening her security.
The (4th July 2006, p 26 of N36) dream may be literal that Eritrea will wage war in 3 months' time, i.e, Oct 2006. [That’s what happened.]

July 18/06 My Precious Books Destroyed
The doors of my shelf were broken and all my valuable books were stolen. I fainted at the sight of my empty shelf.
Meaning: I think it means that you will lose everything (other than what is stored or kept elsewhere, in one or more of the safe places God has shown you). You had a dream about your house being destroyed, too, and another dream about having to rebuild it. How much this is symbolic, and how much is literal, I don't know, but I think you can see the extent of the destruction coming from these indicators.
The dream is a reminder that Satan wants to destroy the truth, hence his attack in war against your books.

July 19/06 Aggressors Against The Truth
In the night someone knocked on my door. I went to see but there was no one around. I went back inside to get a flashlight and went to have another look. Two men were hiding behind the mud wall of my home. When they saw the flashlight they ran. I realized that they were ready to break into my home and rob whatever they could.
Meaning: Symbolic of the spiritual assault that Satan continually wages against those who revere the Truth. He uses evil people to do his wicked work. In due course you will see how it will be fulfilled.
Dreams like these are given by God as a witness against those who do not accept that we are His workmen. They are His acknowledgement and approval.

July 20/06 Bullets Flying
I was passing through a heavy firefight between two groups. I didn’t know how I could get through. I had to be careful to avoid being hit by bullets.

July 21/06 Horrible Conditions
I was living in a disgusting place where many men were slaughtering a number of lambs. All the lambs had worms in them yet those men were eating the flesh of those wormy lambs. The sight was very disgusting.

July 22/06 Ecstasy
While I was praying with my eyes closed I saw a man with red robes and long beard, touching my head. Immediately my head became very hot. I felt excited. My whole being was filled with ecstasy.
Meaning: Jesus is depicted with His robes dipped in blood in Revelation 19:13 and Isaiah 63. We are entering a time of war and great tribulation, but through this time, as we all pray to Him, He will bless us and give us assurance that He is with us. There is nothing more wonderful than being in His presence. In the closest possible relationship with Him there is ecstasy.

July 30, 2006 Jehovah’s Witnesses
This past week I was contacted by the members of Jehovah Witnesses. I took the opportunity as coming from God and shared with the help of God some of the truths. We discussed about spiritual gifts and their relevance in the Church today.
They tried to convince me that all spiritual gifts were fulfilled in the first century Apostolic Church and so are not relevant today. I put before them what the Bible says about it.
They couldn't refute the biblical evidences but they tried to twist the evidences according to their understanding.
Finally I gave them the booklets Introduction to Spiritual Gifts and Prophets and Prophesying. If they are humble and teachable, they can glean more truths from those booklets. [It is a rare individual who is willing to admit error and change! We have a small tract warning about the teaching of the Jws.]
Now to the dreams...

July 23/06 Protected From Death
I was in an unknown strange place. I was the only person in that place, so fear caught hold of me. Then I saw many sharp swords coming straight at me from the right and left sides. Their speed was incredible. I know the time has come for me to die by these sharp swords.
While I was in this state a miracle occurred. Some of the swords broke in the air and the rest passed me without touching me. I praised God for His deliverance.
Meaning: Swords depict some modern weaponry, perhaps bullets or RPGs (rocket propelled grenades).

July 24/06 With A Primitive Tribe
I was with a group of primitive people. The people were very friendly to me. In fact they gladly appointed me as their leader. I lived with them for months. One day I heard a tumult of voices outside our camp. There was a multitude, a large mob coming. They broke our fences and came into the camp. We all ran for our lives.
Meaning: For some months God will give you a safe haven, living with a tribe in your country. They will learn the truth from you, hence they will regard you as their spiritual leader. But the dream may mean that finally you will have to flee from there when violence spreads into that region.

July 26/06 Black Sky, White Horse, & Jesus
I saw in the black sky an image of a white horse and the bruised face of Jesus with the crown of thorns on His head. I couldn't endure the sight and cried aloud.
Meaning: Black sky = spiritual darkness (wickedness) covering the earth. Though Jesus has died to save the world and bring righteousness (the white horse), people don’t want Him, so He is depicted still suffering with that awful crown on.

July 27/06 Jesus Wants The Pure In Heart
Malcolm asked me what a person needs to be married. I answered saying it differs from person to person. But he simply said to me "Pure Heart."
Meaning: Jesus will wed those who are pure in heart (Matt 25:8). They will be His Bride (Rev 19:7,8).

July 28/06 Demonic Charismatic Worship
I was invited to one Charismatic congregation. When I arrived there several people were staring at a white screen. They were watching a movie. The movie was about Jesus. He was seen training in kung fu (an eastern martial art that is demonic in its origin and influence).
I was furious and went straight to the screen and stood in front of it so that the people couldn't see that trash. They began shouting and cursing me. Guards came and dragged me to the door.
Meaning: This is an allegory of the demonic nature of much of charismatic worship. It has degenerated over the years into welcoming demons, because few people know how to test the spirits, or don’t care to do so (1 Jn 4:1).

July 29/06 Flashing Sword Of Judgement
Many little booklets arrived in my box. Their covers were green. They came from Malcolm. The front cover has a picture of a flashing sword.
Meaning: A flashing sword is a symbol of God’s judgement. It slaughters people (Ezek 21:28). MM booklets which bring God’s truth that can provide rest (Matt 11:28.29), symbolised by the restful green colour, also bring down God’s judgement when the truth they contain is rejected.

July 31/06 Kibbutz Killing
In a dream I heard that many people have been killed in a place called Kibbutz. I got a map and searched for the place. I couldn’t find it.
Meaning: A kibbutz is not a town's name. It is a Jewish rural community, like a small village where the people live communally on the land. The dream warns that innocent Israelis will be murdered by Palestinians and other sympathisers with their anti-Semitic cause.

August 1/06 Reviving A Boy Tied To A Stake
I saw people run here and there as if they are in some kind of danger. I wanted to see what was going on. A boy was hanging on a stake and no one was helping to save him. He was between life and death. Immediately I cut the rope and he fell to the ground. I gently slapped his cheeks twice and he woke up. He was alive again.
Meaning: People running to and fro depicts the state of confusion in the Church. The reference to that in Daniel also has another meaning of apostasy. So does your dream.
A man is often used in dream symbolism to portray an unconverted church leader, so a boy represents a relatively immature minister who is not yet converted. In your dream he was tied up. Many ministers are tied up by their church. They are not free. Besides having to conform to what their church promotes, they feel a need to comply with church policy, and are psychologically tied up. Reliance upon their salary, and loyalty to man restrict them.
It depicts something God is doing here through correspondence I am engaged in. Slapping his cheeks twice depict the two times I have tried to reach him to wake him up. (It applies to more than one individual, as well.)
We have written to many ministers and ministries, but they all reject our input and don’t want to move ahead with further truth from God. Eventually, when they cannot deny the power from God in miraculous resurrections, some will listen and be revived spiritually.

August 2/06 Muslims Slaughtering Christians
It seems that I was in an apartment somewhere in the Middle East, hiding myself from bloodthirsty Islamic radicals. They have slaughtered many Christians and I don’t want to fall into their hands.
Meaning: This depicts the soon coming situation in the Middle East. The conflict there will radicalise Muslims more and they will wreak vengeance upon Christians, killing many.

August 3/06 ‘Pandas Of Ringor’
I got a Newsletter from Malcolm. On the first page it was written about 8 family members who were once with MM but who apostatized from the truth.
On another page I saw a topic called Pandas of Ringor. It explained about modern witchcraft and magic.
Then on the next page it was recorded about the identity of a man called Samuel who is the close friend of Queen Elizabeth. All was amazing.
Meaning: This predicts in symbolism what we will be writing about in future Newsletters, some of which we have already written about.
8 family members who apostatized from the truth depicts those who have rejected us and thereby rejected God. It is not a literal number, but symbolic. 8 is a numeric symbol of superabundance from God, of faith, of love, and by extension, of salvation. They didn't want truth, and so they rejected God's salvation and love.
The topic Pandas of Ringor explained about modern witchcraft and magic. This is an allusion to the demonic influence in church circles. A panda looks a really cuddly bear. It seems so tame, so harmless, yet it can kill you, it is very powerful. And so is the demonic power in church circles where men are used by Satan.
The reference to Samuel is a reminder of the OT prophet whom the kings of Israel listened to and accepted. God is making a comparison with him and what He is doing with us today. The reference to being a close friend of the Queen Elizabeth is what is ahead for us. The Queen has already read several of MM's publications. (Helena sent them to the palace, after God showed her to do so.) That was over a year ago. Since then, there has been a noticeable change in the Queen's spiritual confidence and conviction.
When Diana comes back, our family will be drawn into royal circles, for the purposes of God, just like Samuel was in close communication with the predecessors of the Queen in ancient Israel (she is a descendant of King David of Israel). Samuel was recognised as a prophet (1 Sam 3).

August 4/06 Ethiopia & Somalia
Our PM declared that any citizen of Somalia who wants to live in Ethiopia is welcome. I thought this will give the UIC terrorist group an opportunity to attack the people of Ethiopia through these windows of opportunity encouraged by the PM.
Meaning: About the danger to Ethiopia from neighbouring Somalia. Kassahun knows all about that. God has given him many dreams warning him of war that is coming, and what to do, so God can protect him.

August 5/06 The Underground Church
An old man called and wanted to show me the place where he lives. We went together to his home. He took me to an abandoned house. It was dark inside and I felt uneasy. He held my hand and led me underground. We descended using a ladder. When I arrived there I saw many old men and women. They all hugged me with love. They were cut off from the outside world and were living in this place.
Meaning: These old people represent mature believers who refuse to compromise with the truth. Since they face being killed for upholding the faith, they have to live underground. It is a dream depicting the underground Church during the Tribulation, which is so close now.

August 13/06 Reviewing Spiritual Truth
...Yesterday we reviewed the book Faith – Raising Our Level of Expectation. This title was coming to my mind the whole week. That was the prompting of the Spirit. We have been rebuked, encouraged and blessed by the messages contained therein. It was “Meat in due season”.
The beauty of the truth shone on us again. Thank God for these messages. Now to the dreams...

Aug. 6/06 Power Coming
In a dream I saw a petrol filling station set up near my home. The fuel was free so I collected two buckets of kerosene freely.
Meaning: The power of God is coming for certain!

Aug. 7/06 Unforgiven ‘Christians’
I was attending a Passover service in a little congregation. Someone was passing the unleavened bread and the wine. The bread was enough for all of us attending the service but I didn’t have the wine. I became a bit annoyed. Suddenly the service changed to hostility by those who didn’t get the wine like me. I left the place before getting harmed.
Meaning: Red wine in this analogy symbolises Jesus’ blood for cleansing from sin. But these Christians are not cleansed from sin, hence the absence of the wine. They have bread – the Word of God – although they are not living it properly, as illustrated by their hostile outburst.
It depicts false Christians. They are not forgiven by God because they have not repented. Repentant change is the evidence of true conversion. It stems from a broken, contrite heart (Ps 51:17). There are many Christians who will not inherit eternal life because THEY are the centre of their religion. They have not repented of their sin against God. 

Aug. 9/06 Many Christians Will Not Make It
Many female artists were in a beautiful room, ready to paint the face of Jesus on their canvases. As they began to paint they fainted and fell to the ground one by one. I was shocked and tried to wake them up but it didn’t work.
Meaning: Tragically, this depicts the fate of many Christians, who are meant to ‘paint’ the image of Jesus in their lives (their canvases). But they fall, as Judas fell.

Aug. 10/06 Kassahun Confirmed By God
Someone came and asked me politely if he could look at my eyeballs. I let him do so. He examined thoroughly and finished by saying “The eyes of Judah are dark.” I understood that he was telling me that I am part of the tribe of Judah.
Meaning: Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 allegorises true Christians as ‘Jews’ (of the tribe of Judah). Judah was the tribe which inherited the Sceptre Promise (Gen 49:10) – that of rulership (which will ultimately be fulfilled by Jesus at His coming) and of salvation through Jesus who was a Jew (Jn 4:22; Heb 7:14). By extension, Jesus is confirming that Kassahun is truly converted (if anyone didn’t recognise the fact!).
Also, God bequeathed His truth to the Jews to preserve it until Jesus came and was rejected by them (Rom 3:1-2). Jesus fulfils this role of Divine Preserver and Revelator of Truth (Rev 5:5). So, by extension again, He is saying that Kassahun has been given Jesus’ truth and revelation.

Aug. 11/06 Watering A Plant
I was watering a plant. This plant was a cure for many diseases.
Meaning: The symbolic tree of life which can heal all our diseases and bring us complete restoration (Rev 22:2).

Aug 12/06 Lizards All Over The Floor
When I came to my home all the floor was covered with lizards. I couldn’t believe it. I sensed that someone who is my enemy has performed some kind of magic to harm me.
I raised my hand to heaven and rebuked the work of the devil. Immediately the lizards move out of my home.
Meaning: Lizards symbolise some sort of demonic beings trying to attack and cause harm.

Aug. 14/06 925
In a night dream I heard the number 925 two times.
Meaning: 925 is 5 x 5 x 37. For the significance of 37 see pages 10-12 of God’s Great Genius and pages 23-28. It is the Godhead number of Jesus.
I believe the dream symbolically conveys the CERTAINTY (the double appearance of the factor of 5 AND the special emphasis given through 925 being repeated) of God's preparation (5) and humbling (5) of His people that is coming. In other words, it's a numeric warning about the Tribulation and its imminence.
Nearly all the Church is asleep, and has no idea how close this devastating time is. It is nearly upon us, as your dream about darkness covering the earth in 2008 bluntly portrays.

Aug. 15/06 Islam Taking Over
Three Muslim men opened the front door of my home in the night and came inside. They held iron spears. One of them approached and told me to renounce my faith and accept the Koran.
I answered him that there is no need to do so. After this, I prayed silently to God to confuse their thoughts.
Immediately they began to argue with each other in disagreement and left my home.
I thanked God for giving me a victory.
Meaning: The dream portrays the aggressiveness of the religion of Islam, which claims to be the only true religion. Most Muslims think they are superior to others. They use intimidation and force to coerce people to submit to them and to ‘convert’ to their religion.
Your calm reaction and answer to their demand is precisely what they need to be told. A person who already worships God doesn’t need to ‘convert’ to their brand of ‘worship’. They think they worship God but they don’t because they don’t know Him and His love. They practice the opposite of love.
All those who are true to God, like Kassahun, will not give in to Islamic demands to renounce true faith. And because they are willing to die for what is right and true, God will cause the aggressors to become confused.
Confusion of mind is caused by demonic influence (God lets demons loose to do their dirty work; 1 Cor 14:33).

Further Reading: Islam, The Koran, And God.

Aug. 16/06 URGENT!
A new NL arrived from Malcolm. There were large bold letters on the front page which said, “URGENT!” It made me curious to know what was written inside.
Meaning: We are trying to wake people up to the very late hour it is, and prepare people for what is coming.

Aug. 17/06 Concentration Camps In USA
It seems that I was in America in the apartment of a long-time friend of mine. The next day he took me to a desert place in his car. We stopped in front of a compound fenced with aluminum like wire. He told me that this compound is a concentration camp like that of Hitler and there are many compounds like this. I couldn’t believe it.
Meaning: This revelation confirms what some people have been saying about the existence of these fenced compounds. Their purpose is to confine and control large numbers of people. The enemy will use them when America is occupied in two or three years’ time.
After America is taken over by foreign powers, the population will be controlled. Those who do not comply with the regime will be imprisoned in these camps, just as Hitler used concentration camps for his dastardly plan of ethnic control and extermination.
Some may be work camps. Some may be death camps. We don't know, but what we do know is that it is part of the terrible punishment to come upon the nation for its violation of God's laws of living – an end result of choosing a humanistic route, and not obeying and trusting in God.

Aug. 18/06 Occult Practice
I heard some kind of strange voice from my neighborhood. Because it was dark I dare not come out of my home but the shrill voice doesn’t stop. Finally I went to the apartment where the voice was coming from. I looked through the window and saw a man cutting his body with a large knife but there wasn’t any blood. I became afraid. The man was exercising some kind of occult practice.
Meaning: Occultism is on the increase.

Aug. 19/06 Key Of Post Box Gone
I lost the key of my post office box.
Meaning: I believe this shows that in due course, you will not be able to receive mail, because of the conflict that is coming to your region. I'm so glad that you are getting ready for this tragic time, and that God will take care of you and some other faithful ones according to His grace, even though it won't be easy during the time.

August 27/06 Extreme Weather
Thank you for the recent encouraging email with the meaning of the dreams. The beauty of a dream is the interpretation attached to it. I always praise our God for the gift of interpretation amongst us.
God is so good to us that we are still surviving.
The heavy flooding is still continuing in various places this week. Many villages in western and northern Ethiopia have been flooded and approximately 73,000 peoples are displaced from their homes. It is very tragic. The government is still warning of heavy rain in the coming days. I haven't seen a winter like this in my whole lifetime. The weather is very cold.
This heavy winter has made difficult our Sabbath meetings and my day-to-day work of visiting the brothers and sisters living in different places here in Addis.
Now to the dreams.

Aug. 20/06 Countering Demons
Several people were walking slowly in a straight line in 3 groups. A reporter was announcing loudly that these people have a connection with some kind of witchcraft.
When I heard this, I gathered my Christian friends and walked straight to them and began rebuking in the name of Jesus Christ. At first we got strong resistance from them but we kept rebuking them. Then the group scattered.
Meaning: Luke 10:19-20.

Aug. 22/06 Missiles
I saw three huge missiles like fiery arrows coming out of the sky and flying with high speed to the east. I heard a massive earthshaking explosion a long way from where I was standing.
Meaning: Some of the warfare that is to come to your region.

Aug. 23/06 Korean Who Worships The Devil
I was invited as a guest to the home of a Korean man. While we ate our food I politely asked him if he ever believed in God. He told me that his god is the dragon. I tried to explain that the dragon is the symbol of Satan.
He became furious and began to pour out all manner of cursing on me and left the place.
Comment: People don’t want to be told that their worship is evil. There is a lot of personal pride involved.

Aug. 24/06 The Nature Of Islam
A man gave me a bag full of sand. I looked at it. There were a few black stones with the sand. There on the stones were written Arabic words which I couldn't understand. I showed them to my friend. He told me that the words are all about the founder of Islam, Mohammed.
Comment: Jesus warned people not to base their life on what is effectively sand (Matt 7:26), but Islam is just that – a bag of sand. It’s teachings are not based on the Rock of Christ, who came to save the world from sin. Islam does not change the human condition of sinfulness, whereas Jesus does. He was the True Messenger sent from God. Moham- med was not. Mohammed was the impostor or infidel, whom Satan used to establish a counterfeit and competitor religion in the Middle East, to oppose Jesus and His truth.
Sand is rough and abrasive as are Islam’s teachings and devoid of any nutritional value. The black stones about Mohammed represent some aspects of his life and teaching which are not good (white) but evil.
The god which Muslims worship was once called the Moon god, and is represented at Mecca by the relic of a black stone, which millions of Muslims faithfully worship after going on long pilgrimages to get there.

Aug. 25/06 Swarm Of Red Flies
While I was trying to pass through a very narrow place, a swarm of red flies attacked me. They bit me. I ran as much as I could to spare my life.
Meaning: Red = war; trials; suffering; bloodshed.

Aug. 25/06 Gifts From The New Church Of God
A large packet has arrived in my box. The sender was new to me. I opened it and got several books and booklets. What surprised me a lot was that there were the 6 series of UMG (Understanding the Mind of God) booklets.
On one of those booklets there was attached a little note which says, "Gifts from the New Church of God."
Meaning: This depicts new people who will be in touch with you. The first part of the dream shows that they will share the same belief and understanding as you. And possibly they will be able to provide some support (‘gifts’).

29th Aug 06 Spared The Flooding
Thank you for the email. Your prayer is much appreciated. My home hasn’t been flooded. Two days ago there was a heavy downpour here and several homes are flooded and damaged. Two people were killed while they were driving their car. The flood came and threw their car against a heavy concrete wall.
The damage is estimated at 350,000 birr. We have been warned to be careful. If the flooding continues they are considering taking us to safe places. God is our protector. We are trusting in Him and He will keep us safe. Continue to pray for us. I am writing this while heavy rain is pounding the roof of the internet cafe. God bless. K.

Sept. 3/06 Warning People About ‘GOD TV’
The article GOD TV Is NOT God’s TV is great. One of the purposes of MM is to expose false ministers and ministries. In this regard we are very different from other ministries in the world. Over the years we have learned much about these false ministers and ministries.
I am always sad when I read about those who are merchandising the grace and gospel Jesus Christ for their selfish end. What a presumption! It is fearful to fall into the hands of God's judgment.
I am grateful for what you have done for us here. Thank you very much. Day by day we are preparing both physically and spiritually for the coming storms here in Ethiopia. War is inevitable both from the north (Eritrea) and from the east (UIC). The new UIC in Mogadishu is still threatening to fight against the Ethiopian government. I have read last week in a local newspaper that the UIC has already got the latest missiles from Iran. In my opinion war is looming on the horizon. Whenever I meet with people, I tell them about the coming war. I have printed and compiled the dreams God has given me about the coming war in a little booklet and begun distributing it. Time is very short and the people must be warned. Now to the dreams.

Aug. 27/06 Ethnic Clashes
I was in the compound of a high school. The school was filled with both Ethiopian and Indian students. On the far side of the compound I saw fighting between the Ethiopian and Indian students. Classrooms were burned. The school became a mess. I had to run for my life before the fighting spread further.
Meaning: This is a prediction of more ethnic conflict.
I wonder if the people in the dream were not Indians, but Pakistanis? Pakistan is mostly Islamic. So, it might indicate how ethnic conflict will be inflamed by religious differences.

Aug. 28/06 Trauma Of Children Without ‘Roots’
My mother and father showed me a document which they got from the local Family Study Centre. The document states that I am not their child legally according to the research the Centre has done. I was broken in my spirit. After these years, it was very sad to hear that I am not their child any more. I was very hurt.
Meaning: I think you were put in the position of someone else finding out that his or her 'parents' were not his or her true biological parents. It is very emotionally painful for the child. It highlights the terrible price that is paid by offspring for parents' infidelity if they split up and remarry, or when children are 'farmed out' to be brought up by others.

Aug. 29/06 Nowhere Safe From Terrorism
I was with top foreign military personnel and strategists in a large auditorium. We feared that terrorists could attack the auditorium. There was nowhere safe outside the auditorium.
Meaning: About more terrorism and its horrors. People are going to be less and less secure as time goes on. Hardly anywhere will be safe without God's protection.

Aug. 30/06 New World Disorder
I heard the evening news that the world has been taken over by 12 staunch opposers of the globalization system. I asked myself, what will be next?
Meaning: 12 is a symbol for government, so the dream probably means that a totally and radically new arrangement in the world's government is coming that will be unlike what we have now.
If they oppose globalisation, perhaps that indicates the greater segregation that is coming between the opposing ideologies such as China's communism and the West's 'democracy', or Islam against Christianity.

Aug. 31/06 Shortages Coming
My father told me to buy 24 litres of edible oil. I tried to convince him that is a lot and unnecessary, but he didn't accept what I said. I went to the market and bought it. When the scene changed, we heard rumors that there is a shortage of edible oil in the city.
Meaning: It's now time to prepare for the shortages coming, as you know already. Isn't it wonderful how God has forewarned you and provided?!

Sept. 1/06 The Lord Is Our Shepherd
I heard a melodic song coming from far. It says, "The Lord is My Shepherd." The harmony and tune revived my spirit.
Meaning: God is reassuring us that He watches over us all continually, and will guide us through the terrible times coming. We can praise Him for that and be revived.

Sept. 2/06 Two People In Trouble
I am not allowed to remember all the details but in my dream I saw a brother and sister who were in trouble. They asked me for a solution. It seems that they are the ‘children’ of Malcolm. I gave them some MM publications which would give them the solutions.
Meaning: The solutions to people's problems, insecurities, insufficiencies and unfulfilled desires are in MM publications. They can find these solutions – if they want – by searching as the Bereans did (Acts 17:11).
Unfortunately most don't care for pure truth, and are not that hungry for God that they will diligently read MM lit to find the answers they need for their fulfilment.
The brother and sister are two people who used to fellowship with us but are presently rebelling because of their own pride and self-will that they have yet to subdue. It takes time to overcome pride-based weaknesses.

Sept. 3/06 Mature Believers Want This Truth
A lady invited me to her congregation to share the word of God. I went with her into a cosy room. The room was filled with old men with long white beards. I was puzzled wondering what I could share with them.
Meaning: A group of mature believers.

Sept. 4/06 Kassahun Writes A Best Seller
I wrote and published a book. It became a best seller.
Meaning: The truth we are privileged to have is being published, and will one day fill the whole world.

Sept. 5/06 Best Friend Turns Hostile
A wealthy man made me his best friend. He was taking care of me and looking after me. He does this for 2 days. In the third day he tried to kill me.
Meaning: Like Judas, some will turn against us.

Sept. 6/06 Dead Relatives To Rise
I was telling some people about my dead families, relatives and friends. While I was telling about them, all the dead miraculously came and stood beside me. People were dumbstruck! I couldn't control my joy.
Meaning: WAKING The DEAD explains.

Sept. 7/06 In The Forest
I was walking in very thick forests and lost the way back home. I was afraid. The day was beginning to get dark and I didn't know how to get out of the forests.
Meaning: Part of your journey and flight to safety.

Sept. 9/06 “You Will Soon See Me”
When I opened my Bible randomly to learn what God will speak to me, I found a text which said, "Those who couldn't see Me will soon see Me." It was a promise to those who are hungry and thirsty that they will see the glory of God.
Meaning: Explained in the article Are You Listening To God? (In Newsletter 37, on page 12.)

Sept. 17/06Thankful For God’s Festivals
I am very thankful for the Fall Festivals, which begin with the feast of Trumpets. God is so wonderful that He has given us another opportunity to be rejoicing once again with His festivals. My prayer to all MM families is that we renew our relationship with Jesus and continue to serve Him in righteousness.
I have completed translating the little booklet, Health and Nutrition. This booklet will be a great help to those who want to get the best out of it. This week I will type it in computer and distribute to all those in our mailing list.
Let the glory be to God. Now to the dreams…

Sept. 11/06 Death Of Good Friends
I heard about the death of my two friends who were a great help to me. They were living in a town 400 km from AA and I went there to be present at their funeral.
Comment: It is a custom in Ethiopia for a funeral to be conducted by the family of the dead person
We have to be prepared to see loved ones or friends die in the near future as things get worse. But for the righteous, such an event is not to be lamented (Is 57:1).

Sept. 12/06 Cruelty Of Orthodox Church
I saw several women clothed in white, seated on the asphalt. I saw also another woman laid there. It seems that she has been killed. While I was there, a military truck arrived and several soldiers holding weapons got down. At that time the women dispersed. What surprised me most was that those women were hiding little infants in their clothes. Those infants had been stolen from their parents by those women. Finally I heard that these women have killed many infants in the past 4 years.
Meaning: Kassahun suggests that the dream pictures the cruelty of the Orthodox Church, because the women clothed in white (traditional clothes which are put on on their festivals) were all the members of that Church. Maybe the infants depict those who are immature in faith.

Sept. 13/06 The Church Is Persecuted
A foreign (white) woman was trying to protect herself from her enemies. She tried hard until she became weary. Then an eagle came down from the sky and rested on her head. The eagle had the face of a man with black glasses over his eyes. The eagle was ridiculing and hitting her with its feet until she collapsed and fell on the ground.
Meaning: The dream portrays the western Church (white woman) persecuted by various enemies. Then the State (the eagle) behaves cruelly (like the Mafia, with dark glasses), also persecuting her and ridiculing her. Churches (other than State-approved) are going to be wiped out.

Sept. 14/06 Kassahun’s Dreams Fulfilled
A man asked me about my dream diary. I showed him all the dreams God has given me in the past 6 years. He was amazed and began ticking off dreams which have been fulfilled. Surprised, I asked him how he knew of them. He said, “I am also a dreamer. No more questions.”
Meaning: A symbolic way of saying that all the dreams which still await fulfilment are going to be fulfilled shortly. Those with spiritual perception, who also listen to God, will recognise the fulfilment.

Sept. 15/06 Increase In Sun Scorch
I saw the blue color of the sky turn to purple. People were suffocating as a result of it. It was strange to live with this change.
Meaning: There is an increase in ultraviolet radiation (the purple end of the light spectrum) which we are experiencing on earth. It is scorching things, and is harmful to skin. It can induce skin cancers. But it will get worse.
Revelation 16:8-9 predicts it, too.
Comment: For a long time, I have had misgivings about the theory that is commonly accepted that global warming is caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Because of what God says in Revelation 16:8-9, I have suspected that it is due to an increase in solar activity (I don’t know in what way; I am not a physicist).

The Daily Mail of 27th Sept 2006 printed this letter:

The cause of global warming isn’t carbon dioxide gas emissions (Mail), but the sun radiating more energy. There is nothing that we human beings can do to stop the sun doing this. Taxes on carbon dioxide emissions are futile.

The gas methane can burn and is light enough to float up through the Earth’s atmosphere to damage the ozone layer. CFCs, on the other hand, cannot burn and are far too heavy to be able to reach and damage the ozone layer. [CFCs have been blamed for making big ‘holes’ in the ozone layer, which was placed there by God to protect life on earth against too much uv radiation, etc. However, I believe that the ozone layer was dam- aged by man through nuclear testing in the upper atmosphere.]

For good measure, let us consider the history of the universe.

If the universe started from a very small volume, it would be a super black hole and the universe would not, in fact, have started yet. This is plainly ridiculous. The universe has always had a large volume and, therefore, was never a ‘Big Bang’.

The sun radiates energy because matter is being destroyed to create energy, as predicted by Albert Einstein.

There is a ‘red shift’ in the light from distant galaxies because energy is being destroyed in intergalactic space to create matter, as also predicted by Einstein.

Therefore, the universe that astronomers can see is finite, and is but an indeterminate fraction of an infinite eternal cosmos that surrounds the finite universe in all directions, without limit of space and time. MJN, Surrey.

There could well be a lot of truth in those comments by a Daily Mail reader. If so, it illustrates the truism that Satan has deceived the whole world (Rev 12:9) on every major aspect that concerns human wellbeing.

Sept. 16/06
When Praise Diminishes
We were singing about the beauty of the kingdom of God while we were walking in the streets. We have a song leader. He encourages us to lift our voices high and continue to sing. The more he encourages us the more our voices become weak and finally we couldn’t sing.
Meaning: You were put in the position of others. Teaching in ‘the charismatic church’ strongly encourages praise. And worship reflects the very physical emphasis of this teaching. It is hyped up. Some of it is done for insincere reasons – it is expected, or it is habit, or it is to appear ‘spiritual’, etc. Because it has a human basis, as time goes on, it will diminish. They need a deeper obedience in spirit and the fuller biblical truth which MM promotes.

Sept. 17/06 Deliverance Comes Through Prayer
In this dream, I awoke from my sleep in the morning to see many frogs on the floor. I didn’t know how they got into my room. Fear seized me because I thought that these frogs were the result of some kind of evil divination from my enemies. I prayed to God, rebuking these evil works. When I had finished praying, many cats came rushing in and began eating the frogs. After they ate them all up, the cats left.
Meaning: Frogs symbolise demons, but people are delivered from their effects through prayer.

Sept. 18/06 A Curse Covers The Earth
I saw in the sky the word “DAMN.”
Meaning: The meaning of the dream is in Isaiah:
The earth is also defiled under its inhabitants, because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore the curse has devoured the earth, and those who dwell in it are held guilty. Therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men are left (Is 24:5,6).

Sept. 19/06 Bitterness Defiles The Unforgiving
A man was trying to kill a woman whom I knew. He was searching for her everywhere. I met him and asked him why he wanted to kill the woman. He showed me a picture of himself. The picture was marred. He told me that the woman was responsible for it. I told him that it is unfair to kill a person because of something which can be restored.
Meaning: When people get bitter against someone and blame them for something that happened to them, and won’t forgive, they become spiritually defiled (Heb 12:15).

Sept. 20/06 Malicious Attack
A bad smelling liquid was poured out on my head from a roof. Someone was doing this deliberately to hurt me. I got angry. At this time two women came and washed me. I thanked them.
Meaning: Probably false accusations poured on you.

Sept. 22/06 An Ambassador For Christ
I was invited to a huge auditorium full of people. On the front of the stage was Ambassadors’ Assembly. Then I realized that I was in the midst of the world’s ambassadors and remembered the text in 2 Cor 5:20. I was there representing Christ and His coming Kingdom.

Sept. 23/06 Steals My Brother’s Clothes
I caught a man stealing all my brother’s clothes. I retrieved them from him. The thief was ashamed.

Sept. 24/06 Ruthless Regime
Armed policemen came to my home in the night, broke my door and came in. One of them hit me on the head with his gun and I fell on the floor unconscious. When I came round I didn’t know what my crime was.
Meaning: A picture of the sort of regime that will come to power soon, and of the treatment it will mete out.

Sept. 25/06 Opponents’ Wrong Motives
I was disturbed by a young man. He was doing some extraordinary things to make me angry. I tried to be patient with him. But the more I was patient the more he enjoyed making me very upset.

Sept. 26/06 Weapon Of Mass Destruction
In a dream I saw several people burning, on fire. The fire had come down from the sky. The smell of roasting bodies filled the atmosphere. The fire seemed to have come from some kind of weapon of mass destruction.

Sept. 27/06 Government Spies
I didn’t know that there was a very tiny tape recorder in my home to record what I am speaking with my friends on a daily basis. I knew about this when a friend told me. When we searched my home we located it. My suspicion was that this is the work of government spies to use it as ‘evidence’ against me in court.

Sept. 28/06 Delivering Two Demonised People
I was praying for two demon possessed women. It took me a long time to release them from those demons in Jesus’ name. [Because of the stubbornness of people to let go of evils and submit themselves to God.]
Comment: Casting out demons is explained in the booklet by that title, and also in the article Are You Driving Out Your Demons? Obedience to God is essential to be free.

Sept. 29/06 Demon Comes Down
I and my friends in the faith were staring at the sky because we saw a flying object. That flying object came down slowly. It was a huge being with wings like a bat. His hair was long and his face was terrible. He sprinkled a brown liquid on the ground where we were standing. We had to be careful not to touch the liquid. Then he began licking up the liquid. What he was doing was weird. We left the place because we felt danger. [An allegoric account of some demonic influence that will take over in your area, Ethiopia.]

Sept. 30/06 Tiresome Work
I was employed to clean up a mess in a large house with many rooms. The work was very tiresome but finally I managed it and receive my salary.
Meaning: The work of cleaning up Church teachings.

Oct. 1/06 Dr Ford
Malcolm asked me about a man called Dr. Ford if I knew him. I didn’t know anyone by that name.
Meaning: Some educated people will come to know the truth, and become our brothers in the faith.

Oct. 2/06 Black Rap Is Demon-Inspired
I have been taken hostage by black rap musicians. They were demon possessed and very cruel. They beat me unconscious. When I came out of my unconsciousness one of them told me that I am now a member of their group. I told them that I prefer death than to serve demons. Again they beat me very hard and threw me outside.

Oct. 3/06 Get Ready, Time Is Short!
I was distributing booklets to people on the street, telling them that the end is very near and urging them to be ready for the coming time of trouble by returning to God.

Oct. 4/06 Keep Your Flame Burning
I kindled a fire outside my home in the dark night. I had to keep it burning all night. I didn’t want it quenched.
Meaning: We all must keep our spiritual flame alight.</