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God Wants To Heal

But Will You Let Him?

Many Christians donít understand the principles that underlie Godís goodness to us. They look to a man, instead of to Jesus. Their faith is misplaced, so they donít receive.  Although Jesus has paid the price for our healing, they donít realise there is also a price they must pay.

We received this letter from a lady who got our address mixed up with that of Don Stewart:

Dear Don Stewart,

I am hoping for you to say prayers for my grandchild who has been in ... hospital for 14 weeks after having two brain haemorrhages. He also took a stroke. He is only 15 years old. His name is....

I would like my prayers to be answered as I watch you twice a day myself and believe in you to heal him. I also have had skin cancer, asthma, also suffer with diabetes; would like prayer said for me also. I would like your green prayer cloths.

Also, could you please forward any crusades dates that will be taking place as I am prepared to travel anywhere in any part of the UK...

Could you reply urgently as I am desperate to receive your prayer cloth, also to come and meet you.

I believe that God meant that letter to come to us, instead of to Don Stewart, a false minister. How the lady got our address Ė when she is not a recipient of MM literature Ė must have been from our web page, which contains an article against Don Stewart, because heís a deceiver. Her writing to us was a Ďmistakeí. But God can make good use of Ďmistakesí.

Her tragic letter reveals much. By examining it I hope that anyone with similar misconceptions can be helped. Letís take a closer look.

Having Faith In God

I am hoping for you to say prayers for my grandchild...

Jesus encouraged us to have faith in Him. At every opportunity, you see His remarks in the gospels about trusting in God, having faith in God, relying upon God, not giving up on God, being aware of His wonderful faithfulness and love.

...your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him (Matt 6:8).

That being so, what is most needful? Prayer to ask Him for what He knows you need already? Or prayer to help you get in line with His will?

A lot of people donít understand that the main purpose of prayer is to help bring YOUR mind into tune with Godís. So, prayer has to be coupled with study of His Word, so you can know His will.

Thatís why we have written at length about Godís will in MM publications.

I sent the lady our book Faith and Healing, but there was no reply. I suspect she wants an easy answer rather than the full Truth of God which comes with responsibilities of commitment. When people just want a Ďquick fixí, they are asking selfishly, and that sort of prayer is not answered, as James said (Jas 4:3).

Mind you, James said itís OK to ask (Jas 4:2). But what use is the asking if itís just for self? God is not selfish, and you are made in His image, meant to become like Him in spirit, so the primary aim of any request must have that underlying motive in your life.

What do you live for? Yourself? Or to fulfil the purpose of God in your life? That motive determines everything that happens to you, and whether or not God works in your life.

When James wrote:

Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray (Jas 5:13)...

the purpose of that prayer is to help you draw closer to God so that He can give you His comfort. As you speak to Him, He also responds and speaks to you.

When James wrote:

Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him... (Jas 5:14),

the purpose of that prayer is to hear from God, BECAUSE He has not been answering you directly. You donít need an elder to pray any more than your own request. God does not have respect of persons. But if you are in sin, an elder Ė if he is a man of God and not one of so many charlatans Ė will hear from God, to point you in the right direction, so that God can provide whatever it is that you need.

Thatís why I wrote to the lady and sent her MM literature to help her move into the will of God.

I watch you [on TV] twice a day myself and believe in you to heal him.

Itís ironic, but invariably the case, that more money goes to the false ministers than to those who are true! Iím not going to address the reasons for that here; that is covered elsewhere. But Jesus did warn:

Take heed that no one deceives you (Matt 24:4). For many will come in My name... and will deceive many (24:5).

Jesus also spoke about the paradoxes in life that will be reversed in time:

Woe to you who are rich... Woe to you who are full... Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets (Luke 6:24-26).

Falsity doesnít come with a government health warning. It comes with an attractive veneer. It looks good on the outside, but underneath itís rotten.

My reasons for calling Don Stewart a false minister are given in the article about him, entitled, The Deceit and Cunning of Don Stewart. The man is deceived and doesnít know it, of course. He thinks he does right. And, occasionally, some people get healed, just to make his efforts seem laudable. It can be very confusing to the Ďuninitiatedí. Sometimes God will heal through a false minister if that is His only avenue to reach a person who is trusting in Him.

The ladyís words above, however, imply that she is trusting in Don Stewart more than in God.

I would like your green prayer cloths.          

When you look to a thing as your means of help, to what are you looking? Youíre not looking to God. Youíre looking to a substitute which thus becomes an idol. God commands you NOT to erect anything as an idol in your worship (Ex 20:2-4). But then, most Christians donít even keep Godís commandments. They havenít been taught properly. So, most are in idolatry without realising it.

God reveals to whom He responds:

...showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments (Ex 20:5).

Yes, God heals thousands! Many thousands! He is also looking for something from you in return. Itís not as though He wants payment. Itís not like that. He wants obedience, because obedience is evidence of your faith. Remember Abraham. He was the father of the faithful because he did whatever God asked.

There are very few like him!

As Abraham obeyed, his faith in God increased. You may not understand why, but the principle is simple. As you obey God, you draw nearer to Him. He comes into you by His Spirit. There is more of a home for Him in you, and that enables Him to heal you and plant HIS faith inside you. It is a faith that you donít have of yourself. It is His, and it causes you to be able to believe in Him fully and trust that He will work out the impossible situations in your life.

He is very pleased when you yield yourself to Him so that He can dwell and work within you. So, it was written:

Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness (Rom 4:3).

If any think that faith excludes works, listen:

You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe Ė and tremble! But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead [useless]? Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar? Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect [complete]? And the scripture was fulfilled which says, Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness. And he was called the friend of God (Jas 2:19-23).

Are You A Friend Of God?

Do you want to be a friend of God? Then, you have to DO what He asks. The place to begin is to know what God requires of you. First youíve got to know His will, not merely seek His benefits in a capricious manner like the lady who wrote.

God is not capricious. He is reliable, and ALWAYS delivers in line with His will and purpose. He wants you to be reliable, too. He wants you to do His will ALWAYS, not just when it suits you.

After receiving our literature, she didnít reply. There was not even a simple acknowledgement. What does that tell you?

Granted, it would come as a shock to receive from another ministry, telling you that the man you wrote to is a false minister. But what do you want? To believe a lie, or to have and hold the truth?

The truth hurts at first.

She was willing to go running round the country to chase that man in whom she places so much trust, but was she willing to move an inch towards the real truth?

Why do people chase empty pipedreams?

Remember the woman who had spent all she had seeking healing from the physicians? (Lk 8:43.) She spent everything, looking to man, first. Only when she had given up on the human solution did she touch Jesus (Lk 8:44).

Only when youíve got no one else to rely on will you reach out and touch Him. Thatís the principle.

Unfortunately, human nature is not to seek God. We try to do things our way first. We go running after a man. We look to a substitute. We donít have the faith to trust in the Real Thing. But when you come to the end of yourself, and are willing to do what HE says, not what men say, He comes in, gives you the faith to believe Him, and heals you.

Thatís when you and He become friends.

Writing For Healing

When Paul wrote to the early churches, his letters contained much to point people in the right direction Ė upward, instead of downward.

He constantly emphasised that everything they needed resided with God through Jesus.

He pointed people to their need for Jesus, and not in an intellectual, theoretical or clinical sense, which is the emphasis of so many preachers today. Paulís emphasis was on the life-giving power of the SPIRIT, which brings all we need, when we submit to Jesus fully.

He continually pointed his audience to the indwelling of the Spirit. He encouraged them along that route, away from looking to men, away from reliance upon the flesh.

Spiritual problems require spiritual solutions, so it is only through accepting the Spirit into our lives that such help comes. People find it hard to relinquish self and submit to the desires of the Spirit.

MM publications have been written with that spiritual aim. That is their only purpose Ė to help you move closer to God. In Him you have everything. You have healing, forgiveness, salvation, deliverance.

What more could you want? Tragically, some believers want more. They want money or some physical thing more than they want God. But whatís the use of physical healing if you donít have the Spirit of the living God inside you giving you comfort, peace, faith, assurance and love?

If you think the Spirit is here to merely provide your physical needs, you can forget about receiving healing. Healing starts with the restoration of the inner man, the spirit. The body comes second. Thatís another principle.

Underline these principles Ė not merely on paper Ė in your heart and mind.

I was hopeful that this lady wanted truth above all else, so I wrote to her and sent her a number of our publications:

12th June 2007

Thank you for your recent letter received today, requesting prayer for healing. God is well able to heal you and your grandson. Godís willingness to act is determined by your response (and your grandsonís) to Godís Word, based upon your faith in Him.

Faith and Healing enclosed, and the relevant sections in The Bible Speaks (Vol 5), explain more.

I have also enclosed several other titles, which you can read to have your faith in God increased. Then you wonít need Don Stewartís prayers, or that of any other evangelist or pastor. God is the healer, not any man. Jesus doesnít call us to look to men who usurp Jesusí authority, but to look to Him alone.

By the way, Don Stewart is a false minister, as the article on page 10 of Newsletter 24 explains. The booklet Apostasy In Godís Church! elaborates more about the subject of false ministers and how they can be detected. A further work in greater detail is the book Testing The Spirits, something that 1 John 4 commands believers to do, but which most donít.

As you allow the truth of God contained in the enclosed publications to take root in your lives, you will see Godís healing manifest also.

God bless you.

Sincerely in His love,
Malcolm B Heap

As I said, there was no reply. She declared her willingness to go anywhere in the UK to receive the healing she was desperate for, but she wasnít willing to come to us. We sacrificed from the little we have to offer her the certain help she could receive from God, but there was not one penny in return. Not even a thank you. Not that I seek financial reward. I donít, otherwise I wouldnít be doing this job. But, like Paul, I realise it would have been good for her if she had reciprocated according to her means, because that would have been credited to her heavenly account (Phil 4:17; 1 Cor 9:11; 2 Cor 9:6,8-9).

You Donít Need Pilgrimage

At the Spiritís prompt, I wrote a second letter:

17th June 2007

I hope by now that you will have received the previous packet of literature which I sent on the 12th...

Enclosed with this are also some other publications which will help you in your search for fuller understanding and truth. If they are a bit many all at once, you can read them at your leisure, and take the necessary time to soak up the truth they contain. Do share them with others when you are so moved.

I know that you are specifically seeking God for His power to heal. You do not need to go on a Ďpilgrimageí to any meeting, campaign, or seek after a particular man. The One who has healing in His wings for you is always ready to receive your prayer of trust in Him, but first He wants you to hear more of what HE has to say to you, which is why I have enclosed the several publications.

He knows what you need, thatís why He moved you to write to us. The Ďmistakeí was no mistake. It was God- ordained.

The demonstration of Godís power is manifested where people uncompromisingly accept Godís truth. It is demonstrated in healing, deliverance from demons, as well as in acts of supernatural judgement upon those who resist His truth. One publication enclosed which illustrates this is When Godís Judgement Falls.

It is the TRUTH which sets people free (Jn 8:32), not pilgrimage, not following after ministers who seem Ďto have the powerí, or following after those who give empty promises if you pay them. There are many pitfalls with GOD TV and those who are vying with each other for self-promotion on that channel. There are MANY wolves in sheepís clothing. I hope you understand. I think you will.

God bless you, and happy reading.

Sincerely in His love,
Malcolm and Helena


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