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You Should Defy
Not Deify
Church Authority!

 A timely reminder not to exalt church leaders or spiritual autocracy.

Jesus said: "You know that those who are considered rulers over the Gentiles lord it over them,
and their great ones exercise authority over them.
Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant.
And whoever of you desires to be first shall be slave of all"
(Mark 10:42-44).

The date of writing this is 21st January 2003. Last night before I went to bed, I had typed in the title, intending to continue with the text today. This morning before she awoke, Helena (my wife) had this dream:

I was doing some cleaning [symbolises the spiritual clean-up which our literature effects when people change accordingly].

I reached under an armchair [where someone sits, a symbol of what they are used to, their ‘comfort zone’; also their seat of authority] and found a piece of equipment which was old and useless [church authority without the Spirit]. It was used at Ambassador College 30-40 years ago. [AC was a training college for ministers in the Worldwide Church of God. It had a very rigid system of control; they deified their human ministerial authority.]

The only value this piece had was scrap value from the plastic which could be recycled. [Plastic is a man-made product, a cheap substitute for the ‘real thing’, just like the authority in question here.]

God is showing that some church practices should be scrapped like the piece of rubbish. God is doing a new thing and we have to use new methods to do what God wants done to prepare the Bride for Jesus’ return.

What Helena wrote above is highly relevant, which is why God gave the dream! It backs up what I was to write about here, today.

Remember what Jesus promised to His true followers in Mark 16:20? As you preach the truth of God, Jesus backs it up with signs following. That is why He gave the dream to Helena, as another witness – it is a supernatural sign that what you are reading here is from the Throne Room of God. The dream was given at the precise time when I was going to expose again the wrong system of authority in most churches.[1]

IT IS A SATANIC COUNTERFEIT! Human authority in churches masquerades as God’s authority through ministers, but it is nothing of the sort! It is Satan’s means of controlling people, and limiting their spiritual freedoms!

Abomination in the Church!

The aforementioned college and church taught that their ministers had intrinsic divine authority vested in them. They claimed they were God’s Government (with a capital G!) in the church! (And they invariably capitalised that word, too, implying that they were God’s only Church!) Their assertion was blasphemous!

They taught that since they were God’s Church and their ministers were divinely appointed and divinely led, members had a duty to submit to and obey those ministers. Church authority was sacrosanct. Obedience to that authority structure was the unwritten eleventh commandment!

What they did not see was that they were asserting human authority only, and calling it divine.

The legacy of this massive heresy has been a totally misguided and satanically infected church!

Jeremiah prophesied of it:

The prophets [one who speaks for God] prophesy lies, the priests [one who represents God] rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end? (Jer 5:31, NIV.)

Well, the end is evident to those with eyes. It is total disaster!

Notice the irony: “my people love it this way”.

Many of God’s people are trapped in this system, but they like it! It’s their armchair. It’s what they are used to. They feel comfortable with it, spiritually speaking.

But it’s abomination to God! What should people like? What they have grown up being used to? Or what God says is right, fitting and proper? No prizes for answering correctly.

The trouble is, this vile satanic counterfeit is still as solid as ever in places frequented by God’s people. And ministers indoctrinated by this error still continue to subtly exert their control, thereby abusing others, limiting their spiritual freedoms.

God Warns of Conflagration!

On 5th December 2002, I awoke with this dream from God:

5th Dec. M. The Fire.
I was in a pleasant open space like a village green. Our car [symbolises our ministry] was there and I was copying some tapes in the car. Suddenly a conflagration erupted in the car and we rushed to grab hold of a hose to put the fire out. It was quite a large fire!

Then, later the same day, someone wrote to me about a particular minister about whom I had made and copied some tapes previously (notice the reference to tapes in the dream). At first I didn’t know what the dream signified, but after that letter came, I could see what God was predicting.

This minister had plagiarised my written material, but after I pointed out his error, he did not put things right with me. Instead, he vilified me to his tape audience, accusing me falsely. So I made the tapes in my defence.

A major reason for his reaction is probably to do with the fear that governs his behaviour over our promotion of the Baptism in the Spirit and the demonstration and exercise of spiritual gifts. All that is out of his league. He has yet to move into that sphere where the Spirit kicks in.

Another reason is centred in his desire for control. He was trained in the WCG ministry and still retains that modus operandi. He has never left it behind. He fears losing his influence, and the exertion of this ‘old style’ human authority helps him retain such power. So, he rejects me, and will not acknowledge our prophetic status, because it would seriously undermine his own power and control without the Spirit.

Another man who temporarily learned from us later rejected me because he wanted to continue basically the same way, filtering everything through his own intellect, and whatever he could not filter via the intellect, well, that could be dismissed – which is why he finally dismissed us and the operation of the Spirit.

That behaviour is governed by demons!

It’s the same way this particular minister operates, and many others like him from that background, who regard their intellect as an idolatrous edifice. They don’t do as Proverbs 3:5-6 instructs:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths (Prov 3:5,6).

Most will not do that. They prefer to trust in themselves. So, their human authority is exalted.

What they don’t see is that they have shut the Spirit of God outside their door. Jesus stands there knocking, but they don’t care to hear Him, or open the door, and let Him in (Rev 3:15-20).

As the dream above shows, God wants to purify this man (I will call him JR), but that can only happen through a rather nasty conflagration, which God predicted in the dream.

The same night, Helena had a dream about this individual, too, and the group he ‘ministers’ to:

A woman was sitting higher up in a religious pose, [symbolises how this minister elevates himself and has caused his 'clientele' to adopt a stand-off-ish religious pose], without any activity [no true outreach to others via the Spirit of God], sad looking, unreachable [because of their exclusivism and pride], cut off from normal life [they are cut off from the rest of the body of Christ by their exclusivist rejection of other believers and Spirit-led ministries, and from Jesus’ Spirit].

This woman thought that, through her religion, she was close to God. She thought she didn’t need contact with other believers who are Spirit-led; that there would be nothing to be gained from it. This approach elevates such people above other believers and cuts them off from benefiting from them, and from the 5-fold ministry.

I have seen people like that in the Catholic Church. They are also in other churches who promote themselves as though they are God’s vehicle for the furtherance of His truth on earth, and as if they are the only ones who are necessary or important in such a capacity. They worship idols – their human leaders, and their organisation or structure.

JR makes a very good idol by the way he speaks and presents his message. He speaks with authority and self-importance. People feel secure with him and his preaching because of this authority he exerts over them. People love it so (Jer 5:31). But it’s human authority, a substitute for real spiritual power and divine authority through the Spirit.

Their religion is the same as Catholics. JR makes a very good pope!

In the dream I was hoping to reach out to this lady by making her a cup of coffee [God portraying the good that is in our hearts; we don’t minister for selfish reasons; we have not spent 12 years writing publications for selfish gain; they’re to help others, not for personal glory; they’re to glorify Christ who alone is worthy of adulation], start a communication and bring her to reality where she could show concern for other Christians by receiving and sharing God’s love.

But, it’s hard to reach such people. Their minds are closed. They are resistant. Their religion is empty and selfish. It quenches the Spirit. They block it through inaction and pride.

In the case of JR, with his tone of voice, he speaks down to people. He talks to them from an elevated position, one in which he considers it his right to control their minds by his rhetoric. He doesn’t know that this is the psychology behind his behaviour and preaching, because it is demonically inspired. People who are conversant with deliverance ministry recognise this form of behaviour as governed by a spirit of witchcraft, which:

1. Intimidates (it can be very subtle!)
2. Manipulates (that can be equally unseen)
3. And dominates (or controls).

These are the three main essences of the working of this evil spirit. It supplants Jesus’ Spirit. Ministers often follow it. Its workings are not perceived for what they are – demonic, evil and countering the Spirit of God.

So, I challenged JR on the evil spirit(s) governing his psyche. A con- flagration erupted, as you will see in the correspondence that now follows.

Stoking Up the Fire!

The letter that follows expounds principles of governance and corrects JR on his wrong approach.

Dear JR,

After the disciples were baptised in the Holy Spirit, they went out and preached the word, and supernatural SIGNS FOLLOWED THEM, so says Mark's account (16:20). Those signs confirmed that Jesus was behind them (ibid.).

There are undoubtedly some things in what I wrote to you yesterday that you take exception to. So God has confirmed His word in a dream to Helena last night. He always confirms the words of His prophets. They do not fall to the ground, because what the prophet is commissioned to say (in the course of his ministry, that is) are not his own words but from the Throne Room of God.

This confirmation which God has given is to assure you that He is speaking to you through us.

The Broken Roof Window
Before I come to Helena's dream last night, I also had one the night before last. (This was BEFORE your e-mail came yesterday. I didn't receive that until the afternoon, and I replied during the evening yesterday.)

The dream was of a broken Velux window which I put right in the dream. [This depicts how his wrong spiritual approach could be put right by what I am writing here, if he were to accept it and change, which he is not willing to do.] A Velux window is a roof window, which lets light in through the roof. It is well constructed and can be opened. It has clever swivelling hinges, specially designed for its purpose. In this dream, it was not able to be opened or shut because it was damaged and needed fixing. That's what I did.

The dream was fulfilled through my reply to you. God reminded me of the dream today.

A Leader’s Idolatry
Now to Helena's dream:

Helena saw a man preaching. That man is you. You had ornamental items on your head and around your head.
You became like a grandfather clock, ornate, attracting attention to yourself.
I will explain the symbolism:

Ornamental items on and around your head:
These represent how you idolise (think too much of) your mind, and elevate yourself through your message. In Eastern religions, people afix ornaments to themselves as tokens of their idolatry. These items represent how you think much of yourself, which consideration God regards as idolatrous. Oh you talk about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to your audience, but YOU are the one dispensing that knowledge, and YOU are the one through whom people must come to receive from God. [He cleverly manipulates people with words, to gain a following for himself.]

By such subtle means, you have usurped Jesus' place in the part of the body to which you minister. He is our Leader, our Guide, our Teacher, our Lord, but some or all of those prerogatives you usurp, depending upon the situation.

God is using many people in the Vineyard. If people focus on just one teacher, he becomes their lord and master spiritually. He stands before them in an idolatrous position, like a pope, standing in the way of Jesus, blocking out light from Him.

People sometimes ask me why we don't make tapes. One reason is that people, being the way they are like sheep, tend to look to the personality of the man and latch onto him if they like the look or the sound of him. When they do this, the Holy Spirit can be blocked, and often is.

Conversely, in writings, the minister is not seen. His personality does not come across so overtly. His voice is not heard, so the way he is as a human being doesn't get in the way of his message from God (if he has one). People tend to look to the outward packaging, and not to the inward package which the Spirit wants to convey.

We read of Paul that he was nothing much in person; that he was not a match for the great orators of his day, and people compared him with others like Apollos, and so Paul was short-changed. He didn't have their respect for his office as apostle, nor the financial reward he was entitled to. Actually, it was not so much him but the people who were short-changed. They only saw his outward packaging, so they missed the spiritual package He brought from God.

It is fitting that God preserved so many letters from this great man of God. His personality or appearance are out of the way, and now people (if they have spiritual minds) can glean the depth of his message which was from the Throne Room of God.

So, tapes are a poor medium of exchange for spiritual teaching. The written word has great advantages in God's agenda.

People can go their own pace when studying, whereas on a tape they have to go the pace of the speaker. Some can't do this. Some merely listen for entertainment. Many like it because it's easier than reading. Some get lazy through the practice, and many wither and die spiritually because they do not reach out to God like they should when reading His Word. Many become dependent upon the speaker instead of reaching out and learning to hear from God.

And worst of all, those whose habit is to be continually fed spiritually by one man via tapes end up following that man without realising the idolatrous trap they have been dragged into.

When A Man Takes Centre Stage
This is what has happened in your ministry. YOU have taken centre stage, and Jesus has been pushed onto one side. He CANNOT take centre stage through your modus operandi, until you put yourself down and allow those whom God is using elsewhere to also minister to your flocklet.

But, of course, if you don't recognise those whom Jesus is using elsewhere, you won't do this. And you won't recognise them until you submerge your pride and humbly acknowledge their divinely appointed office. I have given you plenty of evidence in supernaturally given signs that God is behind us, but you arrogantly refuse to open the door or acknowledge us to your 'clientele'.

Manipulation Can Be Subtle
You are a manipulator. You are clever with words. But the root of all that is control, a selfish control, one that seeks to dominate others for your own selfish reasons.

In the 1990s, an old lady met with us for fellowship – Miss Barbara Jackson. She died in 1999, aged 85. One of her comments rather hit me broadside one day, after listening to one of your tapes. I thought they were very good at the time (this was about 1995), but she simply stated "he uses a lot of words to say very little". That was insight from Above. It could have been a word of knowledge implanted by the Spirit. I don't know. She didn't say.

And it epitomises your problem, how you use words to control people, to subjugate them, to dominate them. That is all the working of a wrong spirit, not the Spirit of God.

The Baptism In The Holy Spirit
People need to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, so that signs and wonders can accompany their evangelism (yes, you are supposed to be training them to go out as disciples and disciple others, but you are merely having tea parties or picnics with them). But they can't receive that baptism in the Spirit while a man stands in the way and dominates them spiritually, as their overlord (this is a very subtle form of it which you manifest). You are preventing the Holy Spirit coming into their lives.

Oh, they have a tiny fragment of the Spirit, but they have many demonic strongholds, too. And you are consolidating those strongholds.

We came to you 7 years ago with the truth about the need to receive this baptism, but you shut the door on the Spirit of God then and put yourself centre stage. There is an unseen pride behind your behaviour that caused you to do this. You were not going to have anyone else interfere in YOUR ministry, or tell you what to do, not even if he was sent directly by Jesus!!

I have been strong with you here and in my missive yesterday, because you are still resisting the moving of His Spirit. In love and consideration for you and the flock I say this: Either move out of the way or the Holy Spirit will blow you out of the way. You have had seven years to change, that was longer than Judas had to change his greed. Your blockage or hindrance to the Work of God is different from his, and I am not suggesting that you are a Judas. I come to you as a brother, and am hopeful that you will change.... So, I adjure you: OPEN the doors to the Spirit, LET the people have 'our' literature, RECOMMEND it to them, PREACH on the baptism in the Spirit, RECEIVE the baptism yourself, MANIFEST spiritual gifts, RECEIVE signs and wonders, RAISE your level of faith, MEET Jesus personally, COME OUT of religious Babylon where men stand in place of Christ before worshippers. Then the times of REFRESHING can come and you will see the salvation of your God and the mighty renewal of the Holy Spirit! [2]

The Power In ‘Our’ Literature
One final word. When you recommend ‘our’ literature to others, and they take it to others, THAT'S when they will see God backing them up with signs and wonders. Others can vouch for the truth of that statement. We have printed testimonies of those who have found out that what ‘we’ have written carries the anointing of the Spirit. When that literature is used in outreach, the Spirit of God is present to challenge and bring down demonic strongholds, to sift the chaff from the wheat, and to lift up the Most Holy.

Men Keep People In Spiritual Prisons
Unless you allow ‘your’ people to take ‘our’ literature to others, you are keeping people in a JR prison, where they are not free to come and go (as John 10 states they should be able to), and they worship at your feet. They will not hear from God, and the consequences on you will be severe. You can spare yourself that, and I hope you will.

Some while ago, God brought a man across our path to support our ministry, but in his pride and self-will he stepped back from what God wanted him to do. Instead of lifting up the words of God through 'our' publications, he made himself centre stage, just like you have done. The results to him were catastrophic. He lost everything and God put him in a prison until he heeded the words God had us tell him. You can read about that in Midnight Ministries Price Tag. I don't want to see that happen to you, but the ball is in your court.

That letter could have been written to any number of ministers today. There are so many who are busy elevating themselves! It hit him hard, and, although he replied, he was no more receptive. Like Pharaoh, he was not about to relinquish HIS control over the people. I replied (his comments in <<  >>):

Dear Job,

I suppose it was too much to expect you to realise that it was not MY words you take umbrage at. There is so little spiritual perception in the branch of the Church where you hang out. They don't accept prophets; they don't accept the Spirit; they don't really accept the supernatural. And as for Jesus talking to them through another person, well, they don't want to hear that if it treads on their toes. And when it comes to Jesus speaking to them individually, that is generally dismissed. So, He leaves where He is not wanted.

Pride And Resistance To The Spirit
When Jesus spoke to you in your spirit about packing in the tape ministry [he admitted he had seriously thought that he should quit making tapes because of the way they cause people to follow him], you didn't do it because it brings in your income and keeps you in a position of power. Yep, you minister for power and money, the two main motives that are pitfalls of ministry, because they are branches attached to the trunk of pride. They take you from ministering for Jesus, to ministering for Satan. Jesus can't work with you in such an arrangement. You have built your house on sand and the winds of change are about to destroy it, unless you change first.

But all you want to do is argue that you're not such a bad guy. "Really, Malcolm, you don't know me. You haven't seen all the good I've done. You haven't seen all the changes I have made over the years. You haven't seen how much I have moved ahead."

With that amount of pride, I've seen enough, which is why the Lord had me knock on your door again after these 7 years.

<< I know, for the most part, that the way you come across is a part of your personality >>

No, you're wrong there. My personality is much different from that (which you should have realised if you listened to the three tapes I sent you). But when the fire of the Spirit burns within, a prophet can only prophesy. He must follow the lead of the Spirit, or he's worthless. Jesus wants to save you and those whom you are holding in bondage, but you are firmly resisting His correction, using clever and devious manipulative words to try and be ‘buddy buddy’ with me while you reject His words.

<< your constant criticism and negative comments about me >>

Not mine. Jesus'.

<< a lot of your opinion was formed years ago, >>

If ‘my opinion’ of you is wrong, then pray tell, what is the meaning of the dreams about you which I have relayed? If you disagree with those, you should remonstrate with the Giver of those dreams, not with me, and tell Him why He's got it wrong.

You were quick to respond, and it would seem that you didn't first ask Jesus whether what I was saying WAS true and whether I WAS speaking for Him.

Are we here to justify ourselves, or to justify Jesus? Are we here to lift up ourselves, or to lift up Jesus?

Is our motive to elevate or to abase?

It should be to elevate Jesus and to abase the self. But you are still saving face, protecting your ministry, your reputation, your motives and your approach or whatever.

<< It may be that God has indeed been using me to help prepare a segment of His people for moving into the power and gifts of the Spirit, that might otherwise have found it impossible to do. >>

Not now. You have shut the door, because you are only too ready to take the acclaim for such if it were to occur.

With the cloning you have so effectively done over the years, those people would immediately reject God's power and those through whom He has chosen to display it.

Have you taught them to accept Sunday-keepers? Not really. Have you shown them why there are true Christians in Sunday churches? Not really. Have you deprogrammed them from the wrong view that all the gifts displayed in the Sunday churches are not authentic Holy Spirit gifts? No. [He taught them that lie seven years ago.] Have you helped them see that prophets and apostles are just as much a feature of the modern Church as they were in the first century? No.

How can you do any of those things when you don't believe them yourself? How can you introduce the gifts of the Spirit to your folks when you haven't accepted the baptism in the Spirit yourself, and still stand up to firmly resist that inflow?

It doesn't come through preaching. It comes through self-abasement and humbling.

<< I have thought many times about the imposition of a human leader between God's people and Him, and have, especially over the last several years, to try to find ways of removing myself from the center of the picture. >>

Well, Jesus showed you the first way and you didn't like it. Giving up making tapes that draw attention to yourself. You did resist the devil's temptation to make videos. But half measures are almost as useless. What if Jesus had resisted all temptations except one and then made excuses to the Father, “Don't be hard on me, I DID pass nearly all the tests. I only failed in one.”

Leaders Need To Step Aside
<< In our local assembly, I used to give messages every Sabbath, and our gathering did indeed center around me. When I came to see this, I immediately changed entirely, and since that time, have given virtually none, telling the brethren very frankly why I was doing it. I have tried exceedingly hard to point people to the Messiah >>

Look, JR, I don't want to be, as you put it, all negative about you and what you have done.

Sure, there are some things you can think that you did well in. But Jesus wants to manifest in meetings, and He's still not being given the latitude to do that. Meetings must be opened up for the Spirit to lead, and that can't happen until people are baptised in the Spirit and accept and operate in Holy Spirit gifts – tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophesying, etc. There has to be a new openness to the Spirit.

But this way is so alien to most CoG-ers that most won't accept it. So, the Church must split over it. There's no other way. Those who don't accept the Spirit of Jesus and the way He does things will leave, as occurred in John 6:60-66. It just needs someone, moved strongly by the Spirit (it won't happen by self-motivation) to allow Him to turn up the heat. Then it will all happen.

Small fellowships are the place where it begins. Large assemblies are often too man-dominated. (Only when most attendees move in the power of the Holy Spirit can large gatherings work properly as times of worship where the Spirit is given latitude to move.)

Contact with the Spirit of Jesus is the only important aspect of worship really, isn't it, when you boil it down?

We don't matter; He matters. That's the right focus, or base position, where He can enter and take control.

For most people, the only way that can occur is if He strips all away first. There has to be a complete separation from the past; a complete giving up of former ways of doing things; a total giving over of the self to God, relinquishing all personal goals and ambitions; a willingness to start all over again. That point for most is not reached without God first taking it all away from us like He did from Job.

I don't believe your ministry can really effectively move ahead until you make some radical steps that cause just that to occur. When you have lost or given away all your 'clientele', then Jesus can have His way with you.

I will make a suggestion that, if you are still selfish, you will object to, and lay myself open to the same accusation. Pass on your mailing list to me so that we can send to each person a copy of God's Church -- Whose Authority? After all, they're not YOUR sheep; they belong to the One whom you profess to serve in ministry. Or if you object on the grounds of law in sharing confidential information, YOU send them that booklet yourself. Tell me how many copies you need and I'll forward them to you so you can do the rest. [He refused!]

If you are not willing to do that, it would show either:

1) You don't accept this ministry as authentic, guided by Jesus.
2) Or you still want control over people and what they receive spiritually.
3) Or you no longer believe what you espoused in 1996 when you used material from
God's Church -- Whose Authority? [He plagiarised it.]
4) Or you really don't care about the spirituality of others; you want to manipulate them for your own selfish ends, using aspects of God's Word according to your own agenda, not God's.

<< Malcolm, in spite of your rhetoric toward me, I am carefully considering everything you say. [Human nature always tries to appear good.] Please do not take anything I may say or any other action on my part as working against that fact. I have to work through this between God and myself. I hope that you can understand. >>

While that sounds a complete contradiction to what you have said earlier and objected to, I am still hopeful that it's true. (THAT'S my personality kicking in.) Either it is, and you will demonstrate that by the fruit of your response, or you will again confirm that you still resist and reject:

1) Jesus speaking through a prophet.
2) The further truth He wants to give to those in your care.
3) The agenda of the work of Elijah at this time, before the imminent coming of our Lord and Master.

Sincerely, MBH

PS  Helena was moved by the Spirit to add this:

Dear JR,

There is no time to argue. The tribulation is just around the corner. The USA will be taken over by the enemy probably in about two years' time (or perhaps a little more than that; we have not been given definite dates). Jesus has been pushed out, not merely from the nation as a whole, but also from the churches by men who have assumed leadership in His place. You have also blocked your people's spiritual deliverance.

God is raising up a new movement, a new wave, to spread His truth and holiness, which does not depend upon men or established church structures and customs. You have had a chance to be part of this wave, but you are unwilling to let go of the human way of doing things to follow the instant commands and directions of Jesus in the spirit. Truth and holiness have to be at the centre, not human considerations, nor rational approaches that elevate the self.

You are suffering from Job's 'disease'. That's also how Lucifer lost his position.

‘Your’ people need ‘our’ literature list so they can choose their spiritual food. You are starving your people, giving them a rationalistic knowledge-based substitute to the nourishment that only the Spirit can give. You are keeping them immature and helpless babes. You are in danger of losing your own salvation because you will not “Let My People Go!” [He became a false minister because he refused God's correction!]

JR did not reply! Church leaders who exert power refuse to let go! It’s high time for brethren to rise up and defy this theological abuse!

It’s time for radical reform!

God is Turning Up The Heat!

The correspondence which I have reproduced on the previous pages contains important aspects or principles which church leaders must heed if they want to be in God’s favour.

It’s time for men to step down and allow Jesus to have His way. That can only occur where there is true humility, and people really seek God’s direct involvement in their lives. When that hunger is there, the Spirit can enter and baptise the person, spiritual gifts will manifest, and wonderful things can happen in their life.

They should also be able to move on into more of the truth of God.

All this is part of the work of the end-time Elijah – restoring truth that sets people free; filling people with God’s Spirit; and healing rifts and relationships. The basis of all this is humility.

But we have a Church today in which leaders are lifted up, and have even surreptitiously elevated themselves using the name of Christ. While the former often cannot be avoided where the power of God breaks through, the latter can, and should be condemned. Pride ruins God’s work.

The letters in the preceding pages were written to a minister who has subtly placed himself on a pedestal and shut out the lead of the Holy Spirit. He claims he seeks to do the will of God but he is blindly following his own way. He doesn’t have the humility to accept correction, nor the courage to change direction. So, he covers his misdemeanours with a shroud of words.

But God is not fooled. He sees all – especially what is within. And one thing He hates more than anything...


God had us contest JR's hard-heartedness. The result was a confrontation and conflagration. Sparks began to fly! That was in the Spirit-dead sector of the Church. But there is equal obduracy and pride in the Spirit-led sector too – perhaps even more so, because of all the signs and wonders which God has performed there.

Some people will find my comments abrasive and out of place. After all, love covers a multitude of sins. Agreed, and I have done that for many years, but the Lord prompted me to hold back no more because now it is His time for exposure and judgement.

Don’t be deceived when it comes to church leaders; there can be very strong unseen drives of ambition, of power-seeking and control. Paul adjured Timothy that when ministers had to be exposed, for the sake of the people who follow, they should be exposed publicly that all may take heed (1 Tim 5:20).

So, let the chips fall where they may. It is time to get God's truths out without fear or favour, as the following dreams from God adjure:

19th March 2003 H. Steak meat. I was given a trolley full of thinly sliced steaks of meat. They needed to be used up quickly before they got spoilt.
Meaning: This represents the literature being prepared. It must go out quickly, as time is short. The job is urgent and the Church needs revival and feeding. The tribulation is just around the corner. Jesus said to Peter three times, “Feed My sheep.”

1st April 2003 H. Mess and hostility.
Dream of a house in a messy state [the state of the Church]. There were ants [demons] in the bed which I tried to vacuum, mess on the floor which I tried to clean up. I could see there was old and fresh food mixed together. [Old food is old wrong doctrine. New in this context, is that which listens to the Spirit, and utilises spiritual gifts.] A man was being hostile and violent to another [to us], trying to beat him up. I shouted at him, and told him it was not acceptable in my house.
Meaning: How others attack us, full of hostility as they are used by the devil and so cause us problems. Spiritually, we have to clear up after them.

10th April 2003 H. Unhelpful contacts.
I was having contact with a man who had a ministry. I was hoping he would show interest in MM literature, but he wasn’t at all helpful. I had contact with a secretary who was supposed to help us, but she didn’t get very far either.
Meaning: God is showing that the Church is not ready for what we have to offer. Most ministers are spiritually asleep!

22nd Feb. M. I was with Someone [Jesus] who was in charge of a huge articulated lorry. The vehicle was massive! I had never seen anything like it! He was backing it into a small garage. It was such a precision job that only He could do it. There was hardly any room for manoeuvre, which is why He was the only One with the expertise to do it. When in position, there was a tiny gap on each side. He couldn’t have been more accurate in positioning the vehicle.

Then I noticed some little dangly things on the side. They were white, round, and hung from small threads. While I was examining these unusual things, the scene then switched to something else. There was some water and I put my hand into the water to feel something like a wad of algae. I took hold of a glob of this stuff and looked at it on the palm of my hand. Someone else was standing beside me, looking at this too. As we looked, the amorphous mass miraculously transformed into a lovely cat which came alive. I realised that there was miraculous power in my hand, which God had placed there, and so I put my hand into the water again and drew out another mass of this gooey stuff. This time I got the attention of others nearby and said, “Watch what happens to this!” Then the mass was transformed into another creature, like a mouse.

Meaning: The articulated lorry represents the huge job ahead in distributing 'our' publications. Jesus is putting things in place for that. He is the Driver, not me. The garage represents where we are now.

The dangly things were unique. I had never seen anything like them before, which symbolises the unusual nature of what He is about to do. It also depicts His supreme attention to, and care about, details.

The water represents the pool of power that is available through the Holy Spirit, when we are willing to put our hands where others would not naturally want to. God is going to create publicity through raising the dead, and He will give power to our hands to do miracles as the first disciples did, as a means to promote God’s truth. You will see it and know that this is a work of Elijah in our day. 

Malcolm B Heap

[1]  The wrong system of church authority (human authority posing as God’s) which operates in most organised churches is fully trounced in the book God’s Church – Whose Authority? (£3.00) supplied by Midnight Ministries, PO Box 29, Aylesbury, HP17 8TL, UK.

[2]  The baptism of the Spirit is explained in Holy Fire! (£2.00) from Midnight Ministries

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