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Imbibing The Truth

God has declared that He has restored His truths in these last days to Midnight Ministries. He has also given His seal of approval to Midnight Ministriesí publications as a sure foundation of accurate biblical truth. (Recounted in three leaflets Revelations From God About MM, What God Said About MM, and More Than A Prophet.)

We are very close now to Jesusí return. There are only a few years left in this age of evil and terror! This restoration of written biblical truth is a sign of the nearness of the end.

Where do I start?

There are many MM publications. Sometimes readers find that daunting. ďWhere do I start?Ē

A good place to begin is with the Why? series of 22 small booklets about basic Bible doctrine.

Why Believe in God? (WBG)

Why Human Life? (WHL)
Why Suffering? (WS) Why Jesus? (WJ)
Why Did Jesus Die? (WJD) Why Pray? (WP)
Why Is Jesus Lord? (WJL) Why Repent? (WR)
Why Be Baptised? (WBB) Why Marriage? (WMa)
Why Forgive? (WF) Why Love? (WL)
Why Miracles? (WMi) Why Have Faith? (WHF)
Why Trials? (WT) Why Do Christians Suffer? (WCS)
Why the Judgement? (WTJ) Why the Resurrection? (WTR)
Why the Holy Spirit? (WHS) Why Hell? (WH)
Why the Devil & Demons? (WDD) Why Church Divisions? (WCD)

Even if you have been a Christian for many years, I guarantee to you that there will be some new things to you in the above booklets. The whole of Christendom has been deceived, symbolised (in part) by the imagery of ALL the virgins being asleep (Matt 25:5), not just the foolish.

Where do I go from here?

Wielding The Divine Axe is a leaflet that contains an overview of where the axe is currently being laid to the root of the trees. You will see the major issues which God is addressing through MM literature. You will be confronted with challenges to your present understanding. Donít shy away from being challenged. Thatís the whole point of prophets and their ministries Ė to challenge the wayward and bring them back to the straight and narrow. Itís a call to repentance (Is 58:1).

It is wrong to think that you could not be wayward, or that you are no longer in need of repentance. God can only reach the meek and humble.

Wielding The Divine Axe will direct you to other MM publications about the specific issues upon which you need further enlightenment.

What do I need to learn spiritually?

A list of MM publications is available. From that you can choose what booklets you may need to study. We advise you not to just read them, but to study them; and more than once if you are like me, slow to assimilate information.

Each personís needs are unique, so what one person needs for learning and growth can differ from anotherís. If you are hungry, meek, and honest with yourself and God, He will lead you in your study and open your mind more completely to the wonders of His truth.

It is vital to love truth! If you donít love God and His truth above all else (2 Thes 2:10), He will not disclose to you more secrets from His heavenly treasure trove (Ps 25:14; 66:18).

People write to us from poor countries, asking us for money rather than truth. They donít want truth as much as they seek money. Because their focus and desire is on the physical, God canít help them and nor can we. The truth in MM literature is hidden to them.

What are the Aspects of this Restoration of Truth?

1. Top of the list is probably Godís Sabbath, given at Creation to the first humans (Gen 2:3), repeated at Sinai in the fourth commandment. The book Our Sabbath Rest explains.

2. The Controversy Concerning Law and Grace still rages. It need not. The truth has been restored. Truth should not be resisted, but loved and accepted.

3. Church and ministerial authority is invariably satanic. A major revelation affecting all churches is contained in the groundbreaking work Godís Church Ė Whose Authority?

4. Godís biblical festivals were not rescinded at the Cross. The Festivals of God is a small booklet outlining their meaning and value. If you care about God, you will keep His holy days holy. You will not keep substitutes that have been derived from paganism and foisted onto an ignorant church by heretics. Why Keep Christmas? and The Truth About Easter explain, as well as Godís Calendar Revealed To Man.

5. Another widespread heresy is that Jesus died on Good Friday and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. He didnít. The real truth, hidden from the entire world, is revealed in The Timing of Jesusí Death and Resurrection. He actually rose from the dead on the sixth day of the week, as the Second Adam, on a Friday, the weekday Adam was made.

6. While much of the Church has been renewed by the Spirit with spiritual gifts, many still have not. For those who need the baptism in the Spirit, we offer Holy Fire! and An Introduction To The Spiritual Gifts.

7. Women have been traditionally downgraded and denied the equality they deserve in spiritual proceedings. The truth from the Bible has been submerged in a sea of error. It is restored in The Woman Question.

8. The Holy Spirit is not a Third Person of a Trinity, as has been taught so widely ever since the fourth or fifth centuries AD. The teaching was not propounded by the first Apostles. It became established through Catholic teaching. Itís time for this dogma to be replaced by the truth. This is provided in What The Bible Says About The Holy Spirit, Why The Holy Spirit? and in Was Jesus YHWH? in Articles of Faith, Vol 4 (p 22).

9. Much of the Church vainly believes the false concept of a secret rapture Ė Jesus coming to steal away His Bride. This appealing but appalling error is countered in the booklet The Rapture Theory Ė Is It True? In The Coming Of Christ I explain more the misunderstood texts.

10. Equally false concepts surround evangelism. Witnessing For Christ sets some of these matters straight.

11. We all need our faith building up. Besides Why Have Faith? there are other publications to help you move ahead: Faith and Healing, and Faith Ė Raising Our Level Of Expectation.

12. The identity of Israel is not known to most believers. Modern descendants of ancient Israel are more numerous in Britain, America and other English-speaking peoples than in the nation state of Israel. The Identity Of Britain And America provides this truth.

13. Do you cast out demons? If not, you can have this truth restored in your life. Casting Out Demons provides an introduction, as well as the articles DEMONS and Are You Driving Out Your Demons?

14. The use of elevating titles for ministers, such as ĎReverendí is unbiblical and wrong. This is explained in Articles of Faith, Vol 2 (p 29).

15. Church leaders oppose prophets, but the prophetic has been restored as Prophets and Prophesying explains.

16. Fellowship has been overly controlled by church leaders who have illicitly dominated. Meetings With Jesus explains how you can meet with Him in small home fellowship situations instead of relying upon conventional church meetings. This truth is vital for believers to know so they can weather the violent storms coming in the Tribulation.

17. The Great Tribulation is a subject commonly avoided for its unpleasantness, but it is necessary to know. Understanding The Book Of Revelation gives much more meaning to that and many other aspects of truth that Jesus provided in vision to John on Patmos.

18. Danielís Prophecies For Our Time! lays out the meaning of Danielís prophecies. It also contains some dreams given to a modern prophet about their immediate fulfilment.

19. The Coming of Christ is not just an event to be seen in the physical. It is also an invisible coming of Jesus for judgement. Each person called by God must face this test at some time in their life.

20. God spoke to me in a dream one night to restore the truth about Life After Death. You can read it in that booklet.

21. The parable of The Ten Virgins is now explained.

22. The simple food laws of the Bible are covered in What Should We Eat? Some other tips on health are given in A Brief Look At Health and Nutrition.

23. God has revealed the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant. Itís importance is in The Ark of the Covenant Discovered and how it was found is recounted in The Story of the Ark of the Covenant.

24. Listening To God contains vital knowledge for all believers.

25. And so does Healing Inner Wounds.

26. Testing The Spirits and Apostasy In Godís Church! contain essential truth to know how to recognise falsehood in the Church.

27. God is judging His people based on what is expounded in The Missing Dimension in Christian Living.

28. Do you know the make-up of man? Spirit, Soul? and Body is the usual explanation, but itís not entirely accurate.

29. The Imminent Fall of America and Why Britain Will Fall Soon provide insight into Godís wrath against sin and these end-time events.

30. Godís Great Genius has been to preserve His Word in the Bible with intricate numeric sequences, His fingerprint of inspiration.

31. Are you aware that Elijah is here now? Who is The End-Time Elijah? and More Than A Prophet provide explanations about this truth.

32. Giving And Receiving expounds a truly divine principle we all need to live more fully to bless God.

33. Raising The Dead is a feature of this end-time restoration. WAKING THE DEAD names some whom God will resurrect. 

Malcolm B Heap

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