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Dreams From God About The Charismatic Church

I will vomit you out of My mouth. Because you say "I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing",
and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked
(Rev 3:16,17).

In the leaflet The Charismatic Church Shrine, I have described the vivid dream Helena was given on 24th August 2002. It portrayed how the 'charismatic church' has lost its way and has 'gone the way of all flesh'.

Profit has replaced prophets; greed has supplanted godliness; and ratings have replaced righteousness. Humanism has become the substitute for holiness in this 'church of the Spirit'.

Tele-evangelists subtly appeal to their audiences out of self interest. No longer do they preach an uncompromising message about repentance and reform. Instead they appease 'itching ears' to keep themselves on the airwaves; there is stiff competition all around.

God is no longer first. He has taken second place to the evangelist. The 'man of God' now has to pander to human considerations, in his quest to promote the divine. But by giving in to the former, he has jeopardised the latter. He has lost 'the plot'. He has become an entertainer.[1]

God says, as He declared to His beloved Israel:

Behold I am weighed down by you, as a cart full of sheaves is weighed down (Amos 2:13).

You only have I known of all the families of the earth; therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities (3:2).

Do you think God will treat the wayward of His Church any differently from the nation He chose to be a model of His righteousness? No. He is the same today as He was then. He cannot tolerate rebellion and sin!

He sounds an alarm and gives time to repent. If His warnings go unheeded, and His call to repentance is spurned, judgement follows.

If a trumpet is blown in a city, will not the people be afraid? If there is calamity in a city, will not the Lord have done it? Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. A lion has roared! Who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken, who can but prophesy? (Amos 3:6-8.)

He speaks in imagery to His prophets in His love, to tell His people of what they cannot perceive from their blinkered perspective. And He is ever hopeful that they will change.

Herein are dreams from God which He wants His children to heed.

The Charismatic Church Is Self-Centred

5th February 1999. M. [M = Malcolm's dream; H = Helena's dream.]

The Lovely Woman in the Queue.

In this dream I was standing in a long queue of people. This represented people waiting to enter the Kingdom of God. A few people were pushy and rude and jostled in front of me. There are some Christians like that who are rude and ill-mannered, who don’t consider others as much as they should. Their motivation is self-centred and ambitious.

We steadily moved towards the man who was checking people at the end. Before we got there, a woman somehow got in front of me. She was very attractive, with beautiful features, lovely hair and really pleasant personality. I was most taken by this woman. When her time came to be ‘checked in’ at the end of the queue, the ‘official’ looked at her hands. She had extremely long fingernails. He told her to cut them, but instead of doing that herself, she got someone else to do that for her.

Meaning: This is a parody of the charismatic church which is very attractive. However, works are downplayed. People can be very spiritually zealous, but when it comes to doing menial physical things which God requires, many refuse to. They expect someone else to do the works which they should be doing themselves.

This has an important spiritual parallel. They think that Jesus has absolved them of their responsibilities concerning works. They think that He has done the works for them so that they don’t have to. For example, keeping the Sabbath and festivals holy, well that's 'crazy' to most 'charismatics', yet it's one of those 'fingernail cutting' exercises.

Jesus wants you to keep His Sabbath[2] holy, just as the Apostolic Church kept it. He wants you to observe His festivals, just as the Apostolic Church observed them[3]. The early Church was liberated, but not liberal. He wants you to be like that too. He wants you to get back to the faith once delivered to the saints.[4]

Antagonistic Ministers

On 22nd December 1998, I had 3 dreams.

1) About John Trescott being pushy, overbearing and trying to lord it over us.  More about this man is given in Newsletter 26 under Light Versus Darkness.

2) The second dream was personal for me.

3) The third dream was about Philip Powell and his associates (including Siam Bhayro [Vanguard magazine], Tony Pearce, et al) being blind. Not all these ministers are charismatic, but some are. Yet they all have one thing in common – they will not accept further truth through us. They are hostile to me and to what I bring to the entire Church from God. They do not accept me as a prophet, so they forfeit the prophet's reward (Matt 10:41; 1 Sam 8:7).

Philip Powell produces a magazine entitled Contending Earnestly For The Faith. He addresses some issues concerning the Assemblies of God and other Pentecostal or charismatic churches, but he doesn't have that Faith Once Delivered to the Saints! He finds fault with just about every charismatic minister who has miraculous testimony. It's a pity he is so quick to condemn those who have the evidence he ought to have himself, in order to authenticate his claims!

When I wrote to him some years ago, I presented the truth about the Sabbath, as it is outlined in Our Sabbath Rest and Sunday Versus Sabbath: The Final World Crisis. But he just wanted to argue, as an article says in that tome. He doesn't want the truth, just what HE wants, what suits HIS intellect.

The Sabbath Is The Day For Worship

This dream may seem inconsequential, but consider it more deeply. It isn't.

16th February 1999. M. Dream of mice scurrying out of a cosy nest high up in an old building. I had found this little hideaway full of dead leaves and gravel chippings. I poked around in it and a number of mice came scurrying out! Then, three rats came out of cover, but didn’t run away like the mice. Two were white. I was represented as a cat in this part of the dream. I saw these two rats, and licked one of them. I didn’t attack them. They lay down beside me.

Meaning: This dream, and the next, were given after we had had some correspondence with two friends in the USA who had disputed the Sabbath teaching we are trying to get the Church to consider. They are from the 'charismatic church'.

Most people who disagree don’t face the issue head on. They act like frightened mice and run away when their cosy little world is disturbed.

16th February 1999. H. Dream of declaration. A young man (symbolising a new move of God) stood up and boldly shouted, “The Sabbath is the day for worship.”

The Stage Is Set For Revival But Where Are You Looking?

7th Sept 1998. M. Dream of Waiting for the Revival.

In another dream, we went to see what was going on elsewhere. There was a ‘show’ being staged nearby, so we went there for some entertainment (this portrays 'the charismatic church' with which we have felt some affinity because of our full acceptance of the power of God).

Many people were gathered waiting for the show to begin. They were engrossed in conversation with each other. A man in the row in front of us said this was the best show on earth. We wouldn’t be disappointed! [Converts can be naive.]

What was strange was that all the seats in the audience were not facing the stage. The stage was on the right hand side, and all the seats were looking forward. They were facing the wrong direction!

I was curious to see what was going on behind stage [God gives us glimpses of this in dreams]. I could see that a good-looking middle-aged woman with black hair [the 'charismatic church'] was in charge. There were a number of pretty girls behind stage, waiting for the start of the performance, practising their dance movements.

We waited and waited. Some two hours passed and nothing happened, but the audience didn’t sense that something was wrong. They simply carried on talking, fellowshipping amongst themselves. [This depicts how people are blissfully unaware that they are facing the wrong direction, spiritually speaking.]

Meaning: The charismatics think that they are going to be the focus of the next wave of the Holy Spirit. They’re not. They’re looking in the wrong direction. It’s going to come from the right. The right (politically) is the more conservative wing. In this context it’s to do with publicising the relevance of the law of God.

The Church needs to get back to the faith once delivered to the saints, which included keeping God's Sabbaths and festivals, and other aspects of obedience that are an integral part of the root of the tree into which they are grafted (Rom 11:17-24).

Notice that scripture. It is pivotal:

16 If the firstfruit is holy, the lump is also holy; and if the root is holy, so are the branches.
17 And if some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild olive tree, were grafted in among them, and with them became a partaker of the root and fatness/richness of the olive tree.
18 do not boast against the branches. But if you do boast, remember that you do not support the root, but the root supports you.
19 You will say then, 'Branches were broken off that I might be grafted in.'
20 Well said. Because of unbelief they were broken off, and you stand by faith. Do not be haughty, but fear.
21 For if God did not spare the natural branches, He may not spare you either.
22 Therefore consider the goodness and severity of God: on those who fell, severity; but toward you, goodness, if you continue in His goodness. Otherwise you also will be cut off. (Romans 11:16-22.)

God is giving His truths to you to obey – truths that seem ritualistic to many who are not used to such things and who have been reared under liberal theology. But if you reject them now, God will reject you, and you will know about the severity of God!

The Charismatic Church Is Not Preparing People For The Tribulation

On 7th April 2004, I was given a very significant dream about a charismatic church. This is recounted in the leaflet The Charismatic Church Shrine on page 8, so I will not repeat that here.

However, the opulence and popularity of that church with its worship and activities, as nice as all these things are, are actually a trap.

As I mentioned, the people are not being prepared for the Great Tribulation that is looming on the horizon, and which will probably be upon us before this warning has reached all ears to which it needs to go! These people are being prepared as a flock for the slaughter! (See the leaflet, Preparing A Flock For Slaughter.) Like Judah of old was taken captive by the Babylonians, and sat disconsolate under the weeping willows of Babylons gardens (Ps 137), so these people will suffer a similar fate under Britain's modern captors.

Pastors need to give their flocks a different emphasis, one which prepares them for hard times ahead, in which they will be prepared to suffer for Christ, not merely enjoy Him in the physical.

Evangelist Colin Urquhart

3rd May 2000. M. Colin Urquhart.

In this dream Colin had moved home. It was an old property, run down, but with a large garden around it. There was a wall separating the front garden from the back and he had started to knock this wall down which separated the two gardens. He had demolished it to half its height, but it was an unfinished job. He was moving some furniture into the house, and I saw him lifting an armchair all on his own. I went over to offer to help him, because it was heavy, but he declined my help.

Meaning: How he disdains our input. (Colin Urquhart is a well known figure in the charismatic, Pentecostal, and evangelical church sectors in England.)

God describes the church of which he is a part as an old property and run down. That's not a very flattering description! Many people wouldn't look at his set-up that way, least of all him. But it's run down because he refused to accept what we brought him, which was truth from God. So the revival that he hoped to be a centre of in this land will go around him. It will pass through, that's all. If he doesn't accept the truth that is the fundamental basis of it – the restoration of the Sabbaths of God – then God will pass him by. Jesus won't tolerate the arrogant or rebels.

The Two 'Parts' Of The Church

9th March 2002. M. The antiquated state of the Church.

In this dream, the Church was represented by two properties. One was tall and thin, about three storeys high, like an old townhouse. The other was more like a mansion, spread out and spacious. The latter was appealing, the former was not, but neither was modern. They were both antiquated.

Three builders lived at the 'mansion'. There was a large gravel driveway, which was very convenient for them. They could park their vehicles there – two vans and a lorry. I got the impression that the property, despite being the more appealing of the two, was run down and neglected, because the builders' attention was more focused on their work outside. [This is a parody of the charismatic church.]

Then, I saw the other property, the narrow, restrictive 'townhouse'. In fact, at one time I had wanted to renovate this property, but when I saw it now, I was glad that I hadn't been given the task. I saw the face of this building completely removed. The building was gutted, and a real mess! Now that the exterior wall had been removed, it revealed the dreadful mess the entire place had been inside! Now it was opened up everyone could see what a shambles it was! [An allegory of the more restrictive Sabbatarian sector of the Church, and in particular the Worldwide Church of God.]

Juggernaut Power Units

9th August 2002. M. Juggernaut power unit.
There was a juggernaut cab (and engine) in our living room, and another one came and parked there, too.

Meaning: A juggernaut cab is the engine and driver’s cab for an articulated lorry. That symbolises the potential huge quantity of literature that this ministry is going to send out, and for which we are getting ready.

The twinning up probably depicts an outreach to another sector of the Church – the ‘Charismatic Church’ – because it was given while I was revising the booklet Understanding The Mind of God – A Message To The ‘Charismatic Church’.

People Try To Find Fault With Me Instead Of With Themselves

10th July 2003. M. God exposes hypocritical fault-finders.
I dreamed that I had previously had a dream about a solicitor who (it was prophesied in that dream) would sever his connections with his client after finding out that he had had some association with a man with a criminal record.

It came to pass just as 'my' dream predicted -- the solicitor dropped his client. Then the person blamed me for the solicitor no longer wanting to have anything to do with his client, claiming that it was my written account (beforehand) that caused the solicitor to drop his client. The charge against me was completely unfounded, because the solicitor had NOT seen the written account of my dream as the person claimed!

Meaning: The dream reveals what is in the heart of various people who like to find fault with me, merely because I am the vehicle of God's transmission of some negative prophetic revelations. The dream is a complex blend of imagery. Its purpose is to throw some light upon what is deeply wrong in some people's hearts. It highlights these weaknesses:

1) Of a legalistic or self-righteous trait in character.
2) Of finding fault with me over prophetic revelation that they didn't welcome.
3) Of rejection of the prophetic office / call from God upon my life.
4) Of false accusations that they use to try and justify their failure to accept spiritual reality.

The dream came after Newsletter 22 was published. In that there is an account which prophesies against some charismatic ministries (N 22, pp 9-13). After this, I had some personal correspondence with a lady who leads another similar ministry. She didn't like it. She was obviously feeling the heat also. God gave the dream, and that below to Helena, as correction to her. But she wouldn't accept it.

10th July 2003. H.
Dream of a charismatic minister portrayed as a young girl. I suggested she used the toilet (symbolic of need for spiritual cleansing). But the girl insisted on using her own child-size toilet. This showed her immaturity and childish ways in spiritual matters.

Meaning: That day we received a response from a charismatic lady who has a ministry outreach. She was negative towards us because we exposed the sham and shallowness of what passes for spiritual warfare in most charismatic quarters. (Recounted in N 22, pages 9-13. It is also reproduced in the leaflet Church Leaders Shut The Door On Jesus! [£1.00].)

The Dreams Of Two Women

On 6th July 1997 I had dreams of two women. The first was blonde; the second was dark-haired. I had an affinity with the first, although she was not physically attractive like the other one.

Meaning: The two parts of the Church which our ministry serves. The first woman represents the sabbatarians. The second, the charismatic 'sector'.

In the first dream, I went into a large old open room with wooden floorboards. There was no furniture. It was not an inviting place. It was very plain and drab. I met a blonde woman. She was not attractive, just rather plain looking. I became engaged in conversation with her. She was sad. There were many other people in the room, but they were in the background in this dream.

Apparently, I was looking for a place to rest. She told me that the floor in the corners at the two ends of the room were rotten, so not to go there lest the floor give way.

As we talked, I discovered that she was bereft after losing her husband. She was lonely and emotionally distraught. I felt sorry for this woman and hugged her to give her the emotional strength she needed. However, the longer this embrace lasted, the more I realised the danger of compromise. I told her that she could not rely upon me for emotional support, but she had to look to God, read the Bible and pray to Him for the strength she needed.

Meaning. An allegory of the sabbatarian sector of the Church.  Some extremities are rotten and can't support people spiritually. The main building is not appealing. It is drab. There is no joy there. Most in the church have been separated from their spiritual Husband through the lifeless teaching. It is as though He is no longer around!

Although I have compassion for these people, deep involvement with them is out of the question. If they look to me for spiritual support they are looking in the wrong place. They must look to God. Heed the Bible (not their teachers) and pray to God.

The second dream involved another woman, physically quite different from the first. This second woman was very attractive, but I suspected that she had enlarged her breasts by surgery. I asked her if she had, and surprisingly she was not offended by the question. In fact, she was flattered. But she said all her attractive features were genuine – in other words, they are from God, not surgically supplied by man.

I did not embrace this woman like I did the first one. We simply sat side by side talking. I did not want to get involved in any illicit relationship. Once again, however, the end of the conversation was the same as with the first woman. I said to her that she couldn't look to me, she must look to the Bible and pray to God.

These dreams were not erotic. The imagery they contained conveys a meaning in symbol.

Meaning: A pictorial analogy of our relationship with the charismatic Church, which is very conscious of the influence of God's power. Like some women flaunt their physical form to lure men, charismatics may tend to display God's power rather openly to attract others.

Legalists and ritualists devoid of God's power have labelled the power displayed in charismatic circles as all demonic. That is not so, as the dream portrays in symbol. No, the attractive power is real, not cosmetic. (However, there are deviations from what is true and right, as explained in Testing The Spirits, but the dream is making a point in a generalisation for the sake of those who reject charismatics and God's power.)

The dream also warns us that God does not want us to be drawn away by the enticements that can spiritually border on being adulterous. Nor does He want His power to be used with pride, like some women show off their bodies! There is nothing wrong with God's power, but it must be used properly, not illicitly.

We are not here to get involved in church activities or to look to man. We are here to prepare the Way, spiritually. People must continually look towards God and His Word, not to the human instruments He uses.

Jesse Duplantis

11th June 2004. M. Jesse Duplantis – no help or acceptance there.
I was walking down the road. It was early morning and still dark [symbol of how the world we live in needs light]. Although I had no trousers on, I was not too bothered. [Perhaps an allegory of how I am not prepared for what is coming. Or it depicts how we have gone without personal things to do this work of God.] At least I had underwear on! I tried to thumb a lift but there were few cars on the road and no one stopped. [Depicts our lack of help from others. Most don't care and don't help us.] So I just kept walking. [We must not give up. It's a heavenly assignment.]

When I arrived at the place where I was visiting, I was tired. There was a baby or child sleeping in the front room [the believers he is feeding], but I asked the man if he could let me rest there anyway. He refused. He didn't want me. I accepted the fact and set off to walk the long way back home again. It was a fruitless visit.

Meaning: It depicts the response we get from most people and ministries.

A circular letter arrived in the post that day from Jesse Duplantis Ministries. The dream predicted what was coming – their lack of response to what I sent them following their missive that day. [See Helena's dream of 21st June below.]

After this dream, I wrote to them to point out their inadequate and incomplete theology, and sure enough, just as God predicted, they didn't reply. They didn't want to know!

21st June 2004. H. Jesse Duplantis Ministries.
I visited a big rambling house. I was puzzled by the large kitchen where the dishes were washed and neatly piled up. [It's a neat and well organised ministry, but...] All the kitchen utensils were left in the open. Even small glasses were stacked up. I was afraid to touch anything in case the items fell down [there is fragility there, and things are precarious because the teaching is unfinished; it needs practical application, which is where ours could complement theirs.].

Meaning: This dream is figurative of Jesse Duplantis Ministries. It is a charismatic movement relying upon the Holy Spirit but which neglects basic doctrines of the Word. Their house needs to be put in order by making changes in their doctrines. (They don't know where things fit, how to 'put things away'.) [Malcolm wrote to them later that day about changes they need to make, but they didn't reply.]

Jesus Wants The Closest Relationship With You

4th October 2004. M.  "I want sex."
This dream is a call to the Church to come into union with Jesus, not merely to look nice. In the dream, a middle-aged woman, tall, slender, with brown hair and some make-up used possibly to hide her age, stood silently in front of me. She was not particularly attractive, even though she wanted to appear nice. She was a bit gaunt, especially in the face.

There must have been some things said prior to the 'punch line', but I was not given those in the dream. Even though it was me saying the words, I represented Jesus and said to her "I want sex." It was that blunt!

You may well be shocked by such words. I was in the dream! At first, I wondered what it meant, but I was then given three words which clarified and confirmed that the meaning is what I am giving you here, although I was not permitted to remember those three words.

Meaning: What Jesus is saying is that He wants the most intimate union with her, like that which only husband and wife should share.

Application: Jesus doesn't just want a Church that looks nice, which puts on a good outward appearance, to try and mask antiquated theology. He wants her to submit to Him in the closest possible relationship. He wants the most intimate and meaningful sharing or fellowship. This takes place in the spirit.

There is resistance at the moment, throughout the Church, from the left (the charismatic sector) to the right (the ritualistic sector). The 'left' doesn't want to keep God's Sabbaths. The 'right' is resistant to the full panoply of miraculous gifts. Neither segment is in full union with Jesus and He is bluntly stating what He wants for each. The blatant, even offensive, words which He stated have a different application for each sector of believers, as explained in the booklet The Ten Virgins.

He was deliberately blunt in the dream, because that depicts how He has to be equally blunt in dealing with most believers today, because they reject His will, mainly in the ways I have described.

The Church Does Not Want It, But...

13th Sept 2004. M. The unwanted piece of furniture.
I had a piece of white furniture that was to be installed in a house for a young girl who lived there. (There were many things going on in this dream, but I was not permitted to recall all of that, just a couple of aspects.) An older person said that the young girl didn't really want it. I said, "Yes, I know it's not trendy...." "Exactly," two older people commented.

But I started putting it in place anyway.

As I put it against a wall, I had it upright instead of horizontal. (It was like a long dressing table or similar.) It caught a power switch above it and tripped the power off. As it did so, there was a bolt of electricity or something that gave me quite a jolt. But all the lights went out.

A few minutes later, one young lady came downstairs followed by another. I apologised for the power going off, but she was not too put out. She managed to find her way downstairs in the dark.

Meaning: The piece of white furniture represents God's Sabbaths which He wants His people to accept. The older people represent the old church leaders and others who have been around a long time. In the charismatic churches and mainline denominations, they don't want it, but we're going ahead bringing this truth. If they don't accept it, their power will go out, and they will be left in darkness. God will withdraw Himself from them. Things won't be the same as they have been. The two young women coming downstairs might depict charismatics being brought more down to earth by what we are to present.

The young girl could symbolise the immaturity of most charismatic believers, or it could depict the newness of what God is creating with His people.

A 'Prophet' Shows Off

22nd June 2004. H. The show-off.
I was in a large building [the Church], where there was some disorder. I saw some mess on the floor so I got a cloth to clean it up. At that moment a motorbike arrived at the messy area. The rider rode with aggression, preventing me from cleaning the floor. He was just showing off! I was most annoyed!

Meaning: The dream depicts a group with whom a friend in the USA has come into contact. The motorbike rider is a minister who claims to be a prophet, but who uses his prophetic gift from a wrong motive. He wants to impress and show off, but that only causes confusion. It doesn't really help people, and it certainly doesn't clean up the spiritual mess in the Church. It only creates more!

In that group there have been false manifestations (from demons), e.g. gold dust, wrong use of tongues. We have literature to help these people to clean up the wrong teaching (Testing The Spirits) but they love the power in the flesh. Demons love to impress and deceive. And, unfortunately, so do many 'prophets'.

Malcolm B Heap

[1] God Is Not Pleased With Tele-Evangelism! (£1.00) explains about this serious problem.

[2]This is fully explained with accurate biblical exegesis in Our Sabbath Rest (£3.00) and The Controversy Concerning Law and Grace (£2.00).

[3]It is not generally appreciated that the early Church – Gentile as well as Jew – observed the festivals which God gave Israel. There was no change until several hundred years after Jesus' death. It is easy to see from Acts that the Church centred its group worship around these times. This is summarised in the booklet The Festivals of God (£1.00), and in Our Sabbath Rest (£3.00).

[4]This is explained in the booklet The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints (£1.00).

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