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Was the Pope Saved?

In early April 2005, John Paul II died in the Vatican in Rome.

A massive outpouring of grief and support followed, demonstrating the immense psychological hold the papacy has over the minds of a vast number of people.

We know from the book of Revelation that God regards all this as an abomination. In unmistakably derogatory language, He labels papal worship with all its associated deceptions as vile (Rev 17 and 18). The fruits of such a system have opposed truth and God's true servants down through the centuries, killing both (Rev 17:6).

In her was found the blood of prophets and saints... (Rev 18:24).

God depicts her as a Great Harlot (17:5), not the Bride for His Son. He condemns her control over nations, symbolised as waters (17:1,15).  He detests the spiritual fornication she engages in with secular rulers (17:2) and how she exerts political influence and control over them (17:18). God blames her for deluding the entire world spiritually, whom she makes drunk with spiritual stupefaction (Rev 17:2b, Is 29:9,10; Rev 14:8).

This 'woman' is stinking rich (Rev 17:4) while myriads of Catholics live in dire poverty. What matters most to her is what she holds in her hand, with which she deceives the whole world:

...having in her hand a golden cup, full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication (Rev 17:4b).

When John saw this incredible sight in vision, he marvelled (17:6). You can't help but be impressed humanly by huge opulence, vast power or influence, and majestic imposing buildings. The Vatican has all these. But it also has a sea of blood on its hands (17:6). It tortured and murdered to assert its power as the only True Church on earth!

There is no mistaking the evil imprint Catholicism has left on history. But most people choose to be impressed by what they see than by what is 'hidden' from them in the past. That's why God must reveal what is hidden – which is the purpose of Revelation's visions and words.

Does that mean that there's no way the former Polish pope, Karol Wojtyla, was saved, and that he was a despicably evil man?

Jesus tells you to judge a person by their (spiritual) fruits. Those fruits are listed in Galatians 5:22-23, as a guideline of godliness. They are there to help you be led by the Spirit, to consider things more from God's spiritual perspective. You, as a Christian, are to make assessments or judgements in relation to 'the Church' (1 Cor 5:12; 6:5). You need to compare what you see in others with the spiritual ideal of behaviour that God reveals in His Word. And as you properly do so, the Spirit can enlighten you, giving you spiritual discernment.

Too many Christians don't do this, because they have wrong motives in their own heart, including pride, self-will and other carnal traits.

But those who are led by the Spirit and willing to submit to the Spirit of God, who do not hold evil in their heart, they can arrive at a correct assessment. God wants you to. So, by their 'fruits' – spiritual fruits, not physical attributes or achievements – which come from what is in their heart (their inner motives), you can discern from God's viewpoint.

It's not a matter of what a person believes in their head that makes them true or false from God's vantage point, but what is in their heart. And only God sees that. Hence you need His enlightenment to perceive.


Take A Look From God's Perspective

I received a letter from a dear lady who is moving on in the Spirit. She wrote:

As I was visiting with a friend of mine on the phone and just thinking throughout the day, I got to thinking about a comment that I read. It basically said that those that followed the pope were following him right into hell. I was a bit frustrated about that statement after the way I have heard the commentaries talk about the pope.

I think my frustration is "how can anyone be saved, Malcolm, because I do not know how anyone can live up to the standards of GOD and HIS perfection?" We are told to the have the faith of a child, but if we don't do this or that, we are in danger of losing our salvation.

I truly believe in my heart that the pope loved Christ and tried to make his life be a reflection of that. Do the Catholics actually believe they are treating the pope incorrectly?

One thing the commentaries said that I did not like was they were calling him "Holy Father." I know that title belongs only to God...

In another letter she was self-effacing and self-critical. She was down on herself because she sees her mistakes but yearns for God's righteousness. She doesn't want to repeat the mistakes of her past.

That is good. We all need that humility and willingness to examine ourselves and be self-critical. But we also need balance which comes through the Spirit and with experience, knowing God's Word.

In her letter she made some comments that will help others, so I reproduce them here inside << these arrows >> and my comments follow.

<< ...how can anyone be saved, Malcolm, because I do not know how anyone can live up to the standards of GOD and HIS perfection?>>

They can't.... by themselves. That's why we trust on Jesus. HE made the sacrifice to purify us of sin. HE gives His Spirit to live in us, to give us His righteous character. And HE imputes His righteousness to us where ours fails. What we all need to do is keep the desire of our hearts set upon Him, desiring what is holy and true, and He gives us the help we need and makes up for our shortcomings.

Acceptance by God is no longer a matter of human achievement (which the Old Covenant proved that it couldn't be accomplished), but one of the heart.

<< I truly believe in my heart that the pope loved Christ and tried to make his life be a reflection of that. Do the Catholics actually believe they are treating the pope incorrectly? >>

No, they don't, or they wouldn't do it. They are ignorant and deceived. Just like the pope was.

Now, on the other side, the pope will see what a terrible waste his life was. He was totally deceived. As a Catholic priest, steeped in Catholicism (which is just 'christianised' paganism!), he was deceived into thinking that all the rituals he performed and the sanctimonious effluence of his lifestyle was 'holiness' and 'loving Christ'. It was NOT holiness. It was 'human-ness'. And it was not loving Christ. It was loving Catholicism, which is an elevated religion of self-worship and worship of people (Mary, popes, saints, and the Catholic hierarchy), worked out through human effort, human reason, human ritual, and human glorification.

In the spirit realm [1], as he can now be re-educated, he will see now how very wrong he was, and that his sincere deception was an absolute fraud! He thought he was loving Christ, but he was actually loving a human substitute, not something which was of God at all!

Won't he be humbled!? He will be mortified!

He had a good heart, and I believe he was not lost, but he did nothing for the world or for Christ in this life. All he did actually worked against the knowledge of Christ, and fed false concepts about God, about Jesus, and about spirituality into the minds of people who knew no better. That's why Jesus says of this Catholic ABOMINATION: "the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk [deceived] with the wine of her fornication" (Rev 17:2), and "having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication" (Rev 17:4).

She is none other than the old Babylonian Mystery Religion of esoteric élitism (Rev 17:5), covered in blasphemous associations with Christ, when she really represents Satan's ultimate prize in human deception and control! The pope supplanted Christ! People worshipped him!

If you read Dave Hunt's book A Woman Rides The Beast or see his video of the same title, you will see how vile the blasphemies are to God in this evil church that masquerades as a church of Jesus Christ!!

Yes, many Catholics will go to hell, just as most popes have done (because they had evil hearts). But I have hope for this pope because of what God revealed to us in dreams about him.

Dreams From God About The Pope

Another letter I received from someone else expressed these sentiments (my comments follow his):

<< Well, as you no doubt know, the pope has died. You know, it's strange. I actually feel kinda bad about it. I suppose it is because out of all the popes throughout history, he was perhaps the lesser of the evils. He was likeable, and who knows, he may have even been sincere. >>

He was. Would I surprise you if I tell you he is saved?

God looks on the heart, not the head. And sometimes all the muck of deception in the head is to humble a person, particularly after death, so they can be saved. Have a look at these dreams we were given:

Pope Will Know Of Us

30th August 2002. H. The Pope.

The pope came to see us, and an Irish lady, Mrs Stella Smith, was there helping him. [Stella Smith was supportive of MM before she died some years ago.]

Meaning: God was showing that the pope will change, maybe before death but probably after death. He will receive help to move on in the spirit and learn more of the truth, to unlearn the deception he is currently bound by.

Stella Smith was our supporter for many years before she died in 2000, and she will be well qualified to give assistance to the pope. When he goes on the other side [see Why Human Life? Life After Death, and The NDE if you are unfamiliar with the fact that your spirit continues consciousness after the death of the body], he will be re-educated with truth he now lacks.

Stella Smith is a figure or type of all the people in heaven who know the truth and who will be giving him quite an education!

Boring Catholic Ritual

6th June 2001. H. Attending Roman Catholic church mass.

I was told in my dream to go and attend a Roman Catholic church mass in the Polish language with the Polish pope. I was rather bored by the experience.

Meaning: God hates Catholicism, and He wants it exposed for the religious sham it is, hence the imagery of going to a mass. (It's not to participate, but to show how wrong it is.) The dream is showing that our witness will penetrate Poland, and probably the whole world and worldly churches.

God's Opinion of Catholicism

5th July 1999. M. In this dream I was standing on a hill overlooking Krakow, Poland. I had a jolly good leak when I thought no one was looking!

Meaning: The pope comes from Krakow. The ‘leak’ (urination) depicts God's contempt for Catholicism. God is giving His insult to their veneration of lies, people, icons and places. The pope was worshipped as if He were God!! This is only one of the blasphemies that this church perpetrates! Hence God's contempt.

Dreams one and two show that he is saved, but will need some re-eduation, which the poor guy is beginning to receive now. He was a good man, but sorely deluded. And he will know of us now or soon, and see our place in God's scheme of things, and be receiving far more insight 'up there' to do with all the Catholic tripe he believed, and God's utter contempt for it all!

<< The pope's death is timely. By that I mean his death at this point in history fits right in with the upcoming world events. It will not be long now before we enter into darkness. The dark clouds are on the horizon. >>

Spot on!

<< There are many indicators that it will be soon. America will be the one to fall first. It is no mere coincidence that gas [petrol] prices are on a steady rise. I watched a news program a couple of weeks ago that featured a very interesting individual. He predicted the oil shortage of the 1970's, and said that America would run out of its own domestic oil. He was right on the mark. He went on to say why he came to his conclusions. He is now predicting the same thing to occur soon in the Arab countries. That, combined with China's ever growing demand for more oil, is going to throw the world into one big mess, and soon. The issue with Taiwan and the world oil shortage sets the table for the invasion of America. >>

Yes. One investment agency predicts a massive rise in fuel prices around 2nd July 2006. One thing is sure, oil is going to run out. Oil fields could run dry sooner than expected! God has foretold in Revelation of the consequences of this civilisation's collapse at the close of this age.

Malcolm B Heap

[1]  Those who have believed that a person ceases to be conscious at death need to learn more truth. The Bible truth is revealed in Life After Death (£1.00) and The Near Death Experience (£1.00).

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