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Praying For the Nations?
Who Are You Kidding?

I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to seduce my servants.. I gave her time to repent... and she did not repent... Indeed, I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death, and all the churches shall know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts...
(Rev 2:20-22).

Spiritual leaders lull the Church to sleep. Even the so-called ‘Spirit-led’ ministers and ministries follow this trend. They preach Christ, but not the fulness of Christ who calls you to suffer for Him as He suffered for you. They don’t warn the Church of the most subtle heresies or of Tribulation looming. Evangelicals and Charismatics have gained a large following by giving people what they want to hear – an appealing message which only highlights the pleasant side of God’s love.

God hates this! He is sorely displeased!  He is going to punish, if these deceitful leaders don't repent!

This is a sequel to Church Leaders Shut The Door On Jesus!

If you have not read that, may I encourage you to do so before you read further? It contains essential information, and puts what is written here into context, providing a foundation for you to understand.

In this context, God gave me previous dreams revealing the sham and deceit that is being peddled in His name. Various people have run ahead teaching others, before they have yet learned some of the essential spiritual basics of the faith. They have set themselves up as 'prayer warriors' before the people, to gain a following for themselves (see Acts 20:30).

We notified you in Church Leaders Shut The Door On Jesus! of three such individuals: Wale Babatunde, and Rod and Julie Anderson.

God revealed in dreams that He is not happy with their approach, their teaching, and the subtle delusion that they are foisting on their unsuspecting 'sheep'.

I wrote to them about what God had revealed, but they didn't respond. God speaks once, then twice, and if there is still no repentance, He begins to remove His blessing and guidance, and more intense judgement falls in due course.

Now, more than a year later, God has spoken again by way of another dream, which I recount below. He will not tolerate abuse and deception after He has warned! As He warned Thyatira, so He warns today. Those who tolerate compromised spiritual teachings will pay with their lives for the offence!

I pray that you will heed this warning.

Listen To God's Viewpoint

Would you support a minister who is a male stripper? Would you listen to him and follow his spiritual advice or teaching? Would you ignore the warnings given about such an individual?

That is how seriously God considers this matter. That is His viewpoint of the spiritual approach and teaching that Wale Babatunde presents. It's not my idea. It's what God says, just as He likened the compromised teachings in Thyatira to sexual immorality and eating food dedicated to idols (Rev 2:20).

Spiritual adultery is being committed here and God is aghast! So should you be!

Here is the dream:

10th July. M. Indecently dressed man.
A man came towards me. He was involved in doing something, but as he got near me he bent over. His upper clothes parted from his trousers, and his underwear and flesh became visible. He wasn't wearing proper underwear [this is a spiritual meaning]. He had on something skimpy and black that a male stripper at a nightclub would wear [spiritually corrupt]. You can imagine what I thought!

When we receive dreams from God, naturally He times them impeccably. In situations like this, the dream always coincides with a communication coming from the subject of the dream.

On this occasion again, the dream came prior to the post. Sure enough there was something in the post that God was illustrating with the dream.

In the post was a flyer from Wale Babatunde, Moravian Trust ministry in London, inviting people to come and join in prayer for the nation. The dream reveals that something is very wrong in his plan, but which people don't see. It is worldly.

His letter which accompanied the four colour flyer (which, as usual, elevates the three speakers for the upcoming event; and which is like the slick, visually appealing advertising from worldly advertisers), contains a number of half-truths and errors. I won't detail them all here but in summary he says, "we shall be praying for... [the] media industry, [the] entertainment industry, people in politics, educational establishments..."

When did Jesus ever pray for such?! When did He ever instruct us to pray for them?! He didn't!! (Jn 17:9-21.)

What do they want us to pray for? For their destruction? That might be more appropriate! Because that's what God says is coming! They should pray in line with God's will, not contrive to pray for something that is contrary to God's plan and which can never therefore come about!

The three speakers at the event:

§            Dr Clifford Hill (Prophecy Today),
§            Julie Anderson (Prayer for the Nations), and
§            Pastor Wale Babatunde.

Previous dreams from God about the latter two were revealing! Coupled with my correspondence to them, these are related in Church Leaders Shut The Door On Jesus! (a leaflet).

I do not want to run people down. I would prefer not to. But there is a reason God gives open exposure in such situations. It's to bring those responsible into judgement and destruction. Correction is first given privately, but if there is no proper response – and God gives time; He has given years in this instance – God then exacts judgment.

No one likes it, but there's no other way to protect sheep from wolves who devour and corrupt innocent, gullible minds.

MM's book God's Church – Whose Authority? (£3.00) explains how corrupt and

how abominable to God the present elevation and lordship of church leadership is.

Further Dreams From God
About The State of The Church

There is much spiritual darkness in the Church which needs dispelling. But leaders don't want it dispelled! They would lose their power or influence, and their income, if they were to dispel it.

God has raised up this ministry as He raised up Elijah – to challenge falsity in worship and spiritual teaching. This is considered a presumptuous statement. And I am regarded as impertinent. But if I am right, and have been assigned this task by the Almighty, whom are you resisting? I will say it again: we promote unadulterated doctrinal truth of God's Word, to challenge the heresies and to dispel the darkness.

Here are some dreams from God confirming the above:

20th Nov. 2003. Helena.
Desserts ready for people to enjoy

I was inside a classroom [the Church is in an immature state, spiritually]. The curtains were drawn [indicating in symbol that a lot of truth – ‘light’ – is prevented from entering]. These had to be opened to let the light in. [Allegory of what must occur soon. God’s truth must be revealed.] People were waiting to come in. In the kitchen there were beautiful jelly desserts in various red colours and pretty shapes.

Meaning: We have many attractive booklets full of spiritual goodies that can bring spiritual enlightenment and colour into people’s lives. The time is approaching when the curtains will be pulled back so that these can be made public and people can partake of what is prepared for them.

21st Nov. 2003. H.
Run-down state of the Church

I was inside a huge building with many corridors and rooms. The place looked like an old ruin with weeds and moss growing everywhere.

Meaning: There are old traditions in the Church which need to be destroyed before the new building, built on purer truth, can be established.

29th Nov. 2003. H.
The Church needs cleansing through the Word

We were staying in a house with 3 bedrooms but no bathroom. Each of the bedrooms had a toilet (symbol of being cleaned up spiritually and getting rid of waste). Malcolm and I were staying in one of the bedrooms. The lady of the house said that putting a bathroom in would make the house more valuable.

Meaning: Bathroom facilities represent spiritual washing and cleansing through the water of the Word. ‘Our’ literature makes this possible.

God is emphasising the need for spiritual cleansing in the Church through accepting the purer truth of the Word! That’s what ‘our’ publications are here to promote and teach.

19th January 2003. Helena.
Dream of wrong and flimsy church structure.

We were visiting some houses which were built without foundations. The walls were floppy, like a tent. One end nearly collapsed. I used the bathroom and had to be very careful when walking inside.

These represent churches which don’t have basic teaching which would give them sound foundations, Jesus being the chief cornerstone. Instead they rely on shallow teaching and look to human leadership. They don’t see that this actually pushes Jesus out. He is not able to lead each person individually as He would like, because the people are following elevated church leaders (ostensibly in the name of Christ) instead of Him. They are loyal to human leaders instead of to Him. They are hearing from their leaders instead of from Him.

Thus, the churches are asleep. Replacement of Jesus’ leadership by human church leadership is the most significant cause of somnolence amongst believers. It is the greatest single abuse in the Church and is why God’s Church – Whose Authority? had to be written. It explains what the correct form of organisation should be in churches.

The perversion of supplanting Christ’s position is so widespread it is practically universal! Only the minority has come out of this wrong babylonish custom to worship God in Spirit and in truth. (Hierarchic rule is derived from Babylon, and is one reason God condemns this system in Revelation 17 and 18.)

Because of human domination in churches, there is a massive judgement to befall the Church as a whole. People in organised churches are not ready for the trials and tribulation which will bring destruction.

They ignore what the prophet brings to them from God, warning them of this imminent judgement. Their loyalties are given to their human leaders who become their idols and 'protectors'. The prophet is shut outside the door, and the people are too psychologically cloned by their leaders to consider ‘his’ message from God.

God is not going to tolerate this situation for long. The Spirit cries out, “Let My people go, to worship Me in truth and in Spirit.”

In Newsletter 17 for March 2002, on the back page (p 28), we printed something which God commanded us to do. He told us to heavily promote the book God’s Church – Whose Authority? because of what it contains that can set people free. A dream given to Helena on 6th November 2001 was the prompt on that occasion.

God showed in that dream how the physical preoccupation with church activities and preachers’ own agendas has shut Jesus outside the door. The one whom God sends to open the door is the watchman (NIV, in Jn 10:3) or prophet. This is the reason Satan uses every subtlety to thwart the work of God’s true prophets.

The Ones God Uses Are Opposed!

Jesus lamented about the failure of God's people – symbolised by Jerusalem – to heed what God's prophets say (Matt 23:37). Those at the forefront of what God is doing are the most opposed!

Paul was a spiritual pioneer. He, too, was disregarded by the Church:

For it seems to me that God has put us apostles [and prophets now, too] on display at the end of the procession, like men condemned to die in the arena. We have been made a spectacle to the whole universe, to angels as well as to men. We are fools for Christ, but you are so wise in Christ! We are weak, but you are strong! You are honoured, we are dishonoured! To this very hour we go hungry and thirsty, we are in rags, we are brutally treated, we are homeless. We work hard with our own hands... Up to this moment we have become the scum of the earth, the refuse of the world! (1 Cor 4:9-13.)

Yes, Paul was dishonoured by many believers, and his work for God looked down upon. Likewise, so are we. Those who disrespected Paul were later humiliated.

In the following dream, God reveals how He will give us honour and humiliate those who should have been supporting and recognising ’us’ first (please know that we don’t seek recognition for our own sakes, but for the spiritual truth we bring):

20th Nov. 2003. M. The Church looks down upon us and even reviles us!

My wife [symbol of the Church] was neglecting me and taking no notice of me. I could have been a bit put out, but attention came from elsewhere. Ulrika Jonsson (a well-known TV presenter) showed up on the scene and, although the dream was not specific, it was as if she gave me the attention that I was due.

Meaning: The Church ignores us and doesn’t like what we have to say, but some famous people will listen and heed. Ulrika is a symbol of celebrities. The dream is to do with the public witness we will give to the nation.

20th January 2003. H.
The Domination of Church Leadership.

In this dream, women felt vulnerable and under threat. As they were assembled together, men had to gather around them and give them a physical covering to defend them. They pretended that they were having a group prayer to protect the women.

What this dream portrays again is the human domination over believers in organised churches. Women symbolise believers in whom Jesus has placed His Spirit, who should be preparing to be His Bride. But, under the guise of ‘protection’, the men who lead such groups or organisations smother the believers. They put themselves in place of Christ, who is our spiritual Protector and Guide and Covering. They take to themselves Jesus’ prerogatives, and supplant Him. Believe it or not, they are the antichrist in most churches’ worship, the synagogue of Satan (see Rev 2:9; 3:9), because they have surreptitiously and blasphemously taken Jesus’ place!

Worship in these churches has degenerated into religious ceremony, mere ritual. Even in the so-called ‘Spirit-led’ and charismatic churches the same thing has happened, but it’s less easy for most to see. People have got used to this very wrong situation. They have become reliant upon human leaders, and the way these men dominate or control prayer and worship. Whether deliberate or not, leaders encourage it, and people even like it (Jer 5:31) because it gives them false sense of security. They are used to this wrong way.

But, God’s judgement will fall on all churches and spiritual 'set-ups' where men have taken the place of Christ in His name. (See Matt 24:5.) They are not listening to God. They are committing a heinous blasphemy.

God’s Church – Whose Authority? redresses this imbalance. Hence the reason He emphasised on 6th Nov 2001 to Helena that the information in this publication is sorely needed in every sector of the Church Universal.

People Need To Come Out!

Until people in organised churches can see their misplacement of loyalties, they cannot move on in the Spirit. They need to come out (Rev 18:4). It’s Babylon in the Church.

They need to move on out and establish home fellowships where Jesus can have more latitude to lead people and speak to them individually, and where they will have more opportunity to learn from the written materials He has had us make available to prepare the Bride.

We urge the formation of home fellowships and explain how to go about it in Meetings With Jesus (£2.00) available from Midnight Ministries.

MM Literature Work Is Central To God's Purposes

To new ears, it may sound presumptuous of me to suggest that the literature of Midnight Ministries is pivotal to the last revival in this age, and invaluable to prepare the Bride. But that's what God has said.

Here is what He said to others in dreams about MM literature – a work of God:

To Kassahun Ayele, a prophet in Ethiopia:

6th Feb 2004. K. MM is helping to build the Living Temple

Many people were working on a huge building on level ground. I went to find out who the man was who owned this building. Suddenly Malcolm appears out of the blue, with a smile on his face. There was a hard hat on his head like builders wear on building sites. He said to me that the building is ‘The Living Temple’.

Meaning: The Living Temple is comprised of those in whom the Spirit of God lives and moves. The children of God are those who are led by His Spirit. Where God's Spirit dwells is His Temple. So, it is a living Temple.

Comment: MM publications are not written to try and gain a following for us. They are written to help people accept the fulness of God's Spirit and be led by Him. God loves all who humble themselves to allow Him to live within them.

27th Feb 2004. K. God depicts MM as a beautiful place

It seemed to me that I was in a beautiful place with green grass and was surrounded by tall and beautiful trees. While I was looking at the scene with much joy two young men came to me (they were foreigners). I asked them, “Whose property is this?” One of them told me that the place is the property of MM. While we were discussing the place a shower of rain came down on us. I said to them that I like this kind of shower. [God's refreshing outpouring.] They pointed to a cosy home a little far from where we stood. They told me that this is their home and Malcolm is their father. All the place was wet by the showers of rain.

Comment: The only reason I was represented as their father in the dream is because they learned spiritual truth from the Heavenly Father through me.

23rd Sept 2003. K.
Spiritual purpose of Midnight Ministries' publications

Bro. Malcolm was cutting a web of white cloth into garments for persons of all sizes and all descriptions of character and circumstances in life.

28th Dec 2003. K.
Unfinished Church. MM's work to mature the Church

I dreamed that I saw a partially completed building [the Church]. The workmen were gathering up their tools preparing to leave it unfinished but I entreated them to consider the Master. "The building is not finished," I said. "Come back and keep working until it is roofed." Then they came back and continued the work.

Comment: Most pastors have no idea how unfinished the Church is. She is not ready to be the Bride of Christ. She is missing a lot of correct doctrine which we can provide, to fill in the gaps.

8th Jan 2004. K.
Angels Protect MM from opposition that could destroy

I saw archers surrounding Malcolm’s home. They were many. I asked one of them where they came from and he pointed to the north. They came to protect the camp of God’s servant.

Meaning: The north is where God's throne is (Ps 48:2). Angels are guiding and protecting the work of MM because it is a work of God.

21st Jan 2004. K.
Outpouring of the Spirit Coming and Publicity

Last night God gave me a dream about Helena. She was standing alone on a very high hill. She was shocked by the rain coming from heaven. The rain was heavy [outpouring of the Spirit and its effects] and I was concerned about her lest she got a cold [exposure, stress, publicity, etc].

While I was thinking about her health I saw two huge stars coming down from heaven [powerful angels]. They began to swirl over her head and bathed her with their bright light. They were so bright that I couldn't see her through that light. Finally I realised that she was chosen to be in that bright light.

7th Oct 2003. K.
MM and vision of paradise

All the families of MM were onboard in a huge balloon. The balloon was flying in the sky up into the clouds. There we rested in a beautiful place, on golden ground, surrounded by large golden pillars. I sensed that the place was heaven.

24th Mar 2004. K.
God reveals that MM's Work is very important

Malcolm was doing something very important. I couldn’t remember what that was, but it was a good thing!

21st Jan 2004. K.
MM meetings to be drenched by the Holy Spirit

I was in a cellar with the family of MM. The cellar was full of people who came to worship Jesus. The people were eagerly expecting something as if they had heard that something really good was going to happen to them.

A Man with a large bucket came in. I don’t know what was in the bucket.

The Man said, “The Banner of Emmanuel,” and sprinkled something that was in the bucket on us. First, it seemed to me that it was water but I discovered that what we received was oil. We were all baptised by oil. [Many miracles are to occur in MM cellar meetings, to testify to the fact that it is a Work of God, with a God-given message to be heeded.]

4th Feb 2004. K.
Great revival coming

I was distributing MM booklets in the streets. I didn’t have enough for the crowds!

23rd Mar 2004. K. The dead are raised!

I was in the UK on a soccer pitch with my family and other foreigners. We were told to queue for some important visitation. I queued with my grandmother and mother who has been dead for some years but who had been resurrected. Others also queued. Most of them had been dead and were raised to life. Malcolm and Helena were hugging and kissing those who had come to life. All were overjoyed. We waited for the visitors patiently.

Meaning: Depicts the raising of the dead and the coming revival and publicity. Soccer matches get huge publicity at the moment. The dead being raised will hold equal interest! It will be a public spectacle which the Press will follow. We have had to wait quite a number of years for this to be fulfilled.

18th Oct 2003. K.
Angel comes to aid MM

A great eagle, which has several wings arrived at the home of Malcolm. I sensed that the eagle is the messenger of God sent out to encourage Malcolm and his family.

12th Aug 2003. K. It seems to me that we were worshiping on the Sabbath day in a cellar at Malcolm’s place. The cellar was overcrowded and all were praising God gladly. I saw an arm reach down from heaven, holding a golden sceptre.

On the top of the sceptre was a crown studded with diamonds. Every diamond emitted light, bright, clear and beautiful. Inscribed upon the crown were these words, “All who win me are happy, and shall have everlasting life.” [The sceptre is God's truth with which He will rule the world.]

The dreams above are just some of the many which God has given to Kassahun. They should be sufficient evidence to the believing, of God's approval of MM's spiritual work for Him. Persecution is another evidence of authenticity.

On 15th October 2003, Kassahun wrote about more persecution which God warns that we must face for giving out the uncompromised Truth of God:

Prophecy of persecution against Midnight Ministries!

I was shown a vine. It was beautiful and great. Soon I saw the vine swaying to and fro as though moved by a powerful wind. One branch after another of the vine was shaken and lay prostrate upon the earth.

Many passed and looked pityingly upon it, and I waited anxiously for a friendly hand to raise it but no help was offered. Presently, I saw an angel come to the apparently deserted vine. He spread out his arms and placed them beneath the vine and raised it so that it stood upright, saying: “Stand toward heaven, and let your tendrils entwine about God. You are shaken from human support. You can stand, in the strength of God, and flourish without it [without human support]. Lean upon God alone, and you shall never lean in vain or be shaken therefrom.”

As I saw the neglected vine cared for I felt relief, amounting to joy. I turned to the Angel and inquired what these things meant. He said: “This vine is MM. It will experience all this. When these things occur you will fully understand the figure of the vine. God will be a present help in time of trouble.”

13th Aug 2003. K.
Persecution of Midnight Ministries

A large company of evil angels were very busy, throwing black balls at the families of MM. These did them no injury while their eyes were fixed upon Jesus, but those who turned their attention to the black balls were stained by them.

Meaning: The black balls are reproachful falsehoods put in circulation concerning MM, bro. Malcolm and his family, by the wicked.

Another Witness From Kenya:

Nicholas Ochieng Odero received a dream about MM's outreach into Kenya. In this dream God told him that I am a prophet. The full account of the dream is written up in our leaflet Guidelines For Evangelists, but here is part of that account:

I heard a voice telling me "Nicholas, do you know that this man is a prophet of God?" Comment: If you read Prophets and Prophesying and other leaflets or articles in which the purpose of prophets is explained, you will see why God was pointing this out to you. It's not to glorify me. I am nothing. By contrast, God is everything. But the function or calling of a prophet is to deliver what God has given to him for the benefit of others. As they accept him and his message from God, they accept the One who sent him (Matt 10:39-41), and they benefit proportionately.

Where people have spurned me (my office as a prophet of God) they actually spurn God, because He has appointed me as a prophet. They fail to benefit from the message God has given through us. They are not benefited by the revelations which God has provided in His great love for you and all people.

Again I heard the voice asking me the same question "Nicholas, do you know that this man is a prophet of God?" That time I answer "yes I know."

Comment: God is showing His complete foreknowledge of how you will respond positively to what you read. Because you will accept me as a prophet of God, you accept Him and His truths that He has given us.

...and that time you were in white clothes shining like the stars.

Comment: That symbolises the wonderful righteous reward God has awaiting, not just me, but you and all who will accept Him – because of what Jesus has done for us all. [End of explanation.]

Jesus says to you now:

He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward (Matt 10:41).

If you accept me and 'my' words, you are receiving the correction and truth Jesus wants to give you, because it is He who has commissioned me. Hence, the dreams to confirm that.

"Believe in the Eternal your God and you shall be established. Believe in His prophets and things shall go well with you" (2 Chron 20:20, paraphrased).

Malcolm B Heap

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