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Living On Borrowed Time

Jesus’ return is very soon – within a handful of years! We have repeatedly stated that for several years. So has ‘our’ estimate passed its ‘sell-by’ date? The sceptics and fault-finders like to think so, and also think that we are nuts.

I always say, ‘So be it; let them.’ God gives people the justification they want to scoff and mock. But the pure in heart shall see God.

I remember a friend asking me back in the late 70’s, “Malcolm, how long do you think we have?” And my reply then was as it is today: “Not long, Gordon. Not long!” Back then I thought that we would see the end of the age closing in shortly after 1980. It wasn’t because of anything God had said, because at that time Helena and I weren’t consciously hearing from God as we do today.

I just had that sense of urgency that His Spirit had put in me. You can see it in the early disciples, who all expected Jesus’ coming in their lifetime. You can read of it in Paul’s letters, where he wrote as if Jesus might come within a handful of years. And Jesus meant it to be like that. He stated things in such a way that they jumped to such a conclusion.

Now, over 1900 years nearer the time, we await His return with equal anticipation. Does it bother you that we still don’t know the year of Jesus’ return? It has shattered the faith of some to have believed in Jesus’ return by a certain date, only to see that date come and go, and Jesus nowhere in sight.

The thing is, we are not to set our sights on a date – because it can be like shifting sand. We are to set our sights on Jesus – to do His will, and to be in harmony with His Spirit. Then, He will give us what we need to know along the road, so we are suitably prepared.


In 2004, God gave a dream to Kassahun in Ethiopia, in which He stated that darkness would cover the earth in 2008.

When God gives dates, it is rare. Usually, date- setting in revelations is a tack of the enemy to draw you away from your focus on God, to sidetrack you to focus on the physical, via a date. In this case, I feel that God gave a date for very important reasons.

Darkness symbolises evil; so I thought at first that evil covering the earth in 2008 meant that the Great Tribulation would be upon us some time during 2008. It seemed the most plausible meaning.

I also believe that the main focus of the date was for Kassahun’s benefit. God has warned him through many dreams about warfare that is shortly to engulf his country, and the horn of Africa, including Sudan, and even further afield. So, it is my belief that the dream is a forewarning of trouble to engulf Ethiopia that would begin during 2008 and lead into the Great Tribulation (probably shortly thereafter).

2 Years / 3 years

It doesn’t necessarily follow that the Tribulation will hit every area at the same time. Two dreams God gave us showed that, while two years were to be reckoned for America, three years were allocated for Britain and Europe. God did not say when those 2 years and 3 years are to be reckoned from, but I have a hunch that they are relative to MM’s work.

We have reported about the ‘invisible’ revival which began here around Pentecost 2006. God has also promised a two-year revival for MM’s outreach, which I take to mean a prominent revival triggered by God’s miraculous activity done for a public witness. If that were to begin around Pentecost 2007, then we have a benchmark to understand the dreams about “2 years” and “3 years”. But God does not work according to human understanding, so don’t bank on this as anything other than speculation, until you see it come to pass.

One purpose in God giving the date of 2008 is to alert everyone who will listen to the closeness of the prophesied end-time events catalogued in Revelation. I don’t think now that He meant us to believe that the Great Tribulation in Britain will begin in 2008, but it won’t be much later. Perhaps 2009? Just watch and pray.

Two years is not a long time. Look back over the last two years in your life, and see how quickly it has disappeared. Then look at how much you have changed in that time, and you will see why God gives short spans of time as goads. Say the Second Coming was scheduled for 2012 (I’m not saying it is), if he had told us in 1992 that there were only 20 years left in this age, you and I would have become very lethargic spiritually, and some would have fallen away, thinking they had a long time and no need to do much, intending to pick up the pieces of their life in 2008. It doesn’t work. If you are not living it now, you won’t be living it then, either.

So, God always does and says things to help keep us on our spiritual toes. The moment you let down is the moment the devil takes you away, and blinds you, which is why Peter warned:

Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Pet 5:8).

The time is now

One of the most accurate chronologies of the Bible has been Archbishop Ussher's. He placed Creation at 4004 BC. Using that as a benchmark, and moving forward 6000 years, many Christians in the 20th century speculated that Jesus' return could be in 1997. But there was something all overlooked – that is explained in Will Jesus Come Soon?

God has provided many indicators in revelations given over the years, which, when all taken together, show that Jesus' coming is very close!

Just to cite a few, Mila Thompson (Midnight In America) received a dream in 2004 that Jesus' coming is around seven years away. The dream did not set a date. It merely gave seven years as an approximate time period. Once again, God didn’t say when that 7 years should be reckoned from.

God’s purpose is to prompt a sense of urgency. This dream given to Helena explains why:

29th July 2003. H. The end of the age is very close!
In this dream I read some literature to do with the end of the age. I was stirred up by it. I wanted to share it with others, but somehow no one cared!
Meaning: The apathy in most people. They have become spiritually dull and don't care about what really matters. So they don't know where the world is in God's heavenly timetable! The time is late! God has to get people's attention, through raising the dead!

The little booklet How Soon Will Jesus Come? provides some other facts showing that it is time for the Church to awaken and put on the garments of righteousness Jesus is now providing in the literature. There is so little time remaining. The Bride must get ready. We must all be urgent in responding to His call!

We have circulated many thousands of copies of How Soon Will Jesus Come? In it, we published information that indicated Jesus could return within this decade.[1] That option has now expired, but it doesn’t alter the urgency of the hour. Those who can't see how close such an event is are blind! Sin blinds the majority. Even of the Church, portrayed as ten virgins or bridesmaids in a parable, ALL are asleep! (Mt 25:5.)

God is warning in various ways about the nearness of the end of this age of man's misrule:

25th Jan 2004. M. End of the world within 7 years
This dream was about an occult prediction, showing that the demons know how short time is. (For more details see Midnight Ministries’ Dream Diary Supplement 26, p 8.)

Satan knows his time is short (Rev 12:12). You need to have a sense of URGENCY, too! These dreams to Kassahun illustrate what God is saying:

Oct. 18/06. World War 3 Is Close!
I read from a news magazine that World War 3 has begun and the world is now beginning to shake.

Nov. 10/06. Three Lunar Eclipses
In three different dreams at night I saw lunar eclipses three times.
Three portrays finality. The moon symbolises the Church. Its eclipse is shutting out its light. So it is a reminder of the final persecutions against God’s people that will soon be upon us in the Great Tribulation.

Dec. 12/06. Countries Preparing For War
I was not permitted to know all the details but the dream was about countries preparing for war.

Oct. 3/06. Get Ready. Time Is Short!
I was distributing booklets to people on the street, telling them that the end is very near and urging them to be ready for the coming time of trouble by returning to God.

April 22/02.  ‘Hide’ In The Almighty!
I heard a voice from afar. It says, ''The end has come! The end has come! Hide in the Almighty! Hide in the Almighty." [When God repeats things it's for EMPHASIS. It emphasises the importance of heeding, and the certainty of what is coming, that humans cannot see!]
Meaning: We are entering the Great Tribulation very soon, the worst time in earth’s terrible history. The only safe passage through this time of horrors is to be sold out to God, completely reliant upon Him.

How To Prepare

Although time is short, there is no need to panic or fear. That is what the devil wants, not what God wants. God wants you to take seriously the imminence of the end of this Age, and to draw near to Him, to 'seek His face' in prayer and dedicated obedience.

If you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you. So, spend meaningful time with Him. Study the truths He is revealing. Think on them. Hold onto them. Develop a greater love for His Word, and live out His way of life in selfless, uncompromising obedience to whatever He tells you.

Listen to His Spirit for opportunities to share His gems with others. Walk with Him daily, in humble and obedient gratitude for the price He has paid for us all. And He will prepare you.

Jesus’ coming, in two senses, is overdue. Never has this world needed Him more. So does the Church.  The Church is not ready, so He ‘delays’ His coming. We are all living on borrowed time! Get Ready!

[1]   Some people like to nit-pick over details and find fault with us over this statement. If we are a year or two out, what is that to God? But for detractors who only want to find fault, it is the difference between life and death, because they have a wrong approach. God gives revelations that SEEM to indicate things are much closer than they are, because people are so sleepy! He wants to wake them up, so they can spiritually prepare.

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