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God's Irrevocable Gifts

Paul made this landmark statement:

For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable (Rom 11:29).

He wrote this in the context of Israel’s backslide from God. Although God is not trying to save Israel now, she will be saved later (11:25,26). The calling and the gifts He had bestowed on her will not have been wasted in the long run. This is contrary to how things appear at the moment.

The way God works is often unfathomable to the human mind! (Rom 11:33.)

The same principle holds true in the way God works in the Church. If He ‘calls’, He doesn’t withdraw that call upon your life. The call to repentance and obedience to Him is offered to you continually from day one. He doesn’t withdraw it. He doesn’t change His mind (Mal 3:6; Heb 13:8). He is utterly reliable.

He gives gifts to men (Eph 4:8). In that context Paul means ministry gifts – people who are raised up by God to serve the people of God, to (hopefully) train them and teach them in righteousness and truth.

However, people can and do veer away from the will and purposes of God. Evangelists get puffed up and carried away by their own ideas and schemes. But because God has given all men free moral agency, their transgression and diversion does not negate the call of God upon their lives. He doesn’t remove them. They continue doing their job, even though they are doing it wrongly. That’s when true prophets turn false and when true ministers become false ministers. Jesus warned you to beware of such (Matt 7:15-23).

It seems incongruous to the human mind that God would leave impostors in place to cause such mayhem and deceive gullible children, but He does. Only occasionally does He take them away. He leaves the false where they are (Matt 13:28-30) until judgment day. Why? One major reason is to test you.

Whom will you follow? Do you know that many people choose to follow false ministers. They choose error to truth because it is easier or more appealing. Your motives and loyalties are tested in a way they could not be, if God had removed every ‘falsie’ in town.

Equally inexplicable to the simple-minded is why God would let miraculous powers remain in operation with an evangelist who was given such giftings at the outset, but who has since digressed from God’s ideal. But Romans 11:29 is the principle behind it.

Take just one case: evangelist Morris Cerullo. He was called by God to evangelise, and he has done much. God bestowed upon him measures of faith and power for the working of miracles in his meetings. The power of God has drawn many millions to hear about Jesus. But Morris has got puffed up by the acclaim it has brought him, and carried away by it. Several dreams from God reveal the insufficiency of what Morris teaches, such as this one I was given:

27th July 2003. In this dream about Morris Cerullo, I saw what he was doing and saying, and it was so off-beam that I could only shake my head and sigh deeply!
Meaning: Morris's theology and practice is so wayward, but he still relentlessly pursues his evangelism thinking he is so important in God's plan, as if he were the centre of what God is doing, which he is not. He is proud, obdurate and very misguided.

Likewise, another dream given to Helena also portrayed the effect upon the churches who think much of him:

21st August 2004. H Morris Cerullo And The Dead Churches
I saw some pews in church. There were human figures sitting down, but they were lifeless, as if chiselled out of wood. One of the faces had pig features. I saw a man dressed in a long robe feeding someone from a bottle of milk.
Meaning: The churches spiritually are dead, like the pews. People are selfish and self-orientated – hence the pig features. The man in a long robe, feeding others from a milk bottle is US evangelist Morris Cerullo. (This may shock many people who elevate this man as if he were God.)

The Church has lost its way, spiritually. She is not aware of what God is doing. Those who are feeding church people are doing a human work, giving them milk rather than the solid truth of the fulness of God's Word.

We should not be impressed by a man, even if the power of God he wields is impressive. God is calling us to holiness, not idolatry, and that call and His gifts are irrevocable. He doesn’t withdraw them.

Ministers who have got proud because of what God has done through them may say, “Look at the signs and wonders God has done at my hands...” and they use that to justify themselves, that there is nothing wrong with them or with their teaching. That is a trap of complacency and a deception.

God does not save, heal and deliver people because of your (their) righteousness or ‘flawlessness’, but because of his mercy and grace. So don’t be enamoured by mega-evangelists, who have reached millions. The size of their operation is not proof that they have got all their theology right.

One day God said to me, “A preacher’s success is not rated by the number of people he reaches, but by the depth of repentance he teaches,” contrary to the fallacy which most believe. God is more interested in quality, not quantity. Fruits are not measured in physical terms, but spiritual.

God is waiting for deeper repentance and change.

Malcolm B Heap

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