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Carried Along By The Spirit

For as many as are led by the Spirit,
these are sons of God (Rom 8:14, NIV).

Peter wrote: “Prophecy [God speaking or writing through the agency of a person] never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit” (2 Pet 1:21, NIV).

Have you ever been carried along by the Holy Spirit? It can be quite an experience!

I remember a vivid dream which God gave me in early 1998. I was flying like Superman, horizontally, with my arms stretched out in front of me and my fists clenched! I could ‘zoom’ anywhere and everywhere! While I was doing the flying (in the dream), the power behind what I was doing was not of my deciding; it came from outside me, and was what enabled me to do this amazing feat.

This ‘enablement’ is how all spiritual gifts from God operate. You can’t decide to prophesy (many claim they can, but it then becomes tainted by human factors, and even demonic interference), just as you can’t decide to get any other spiritual gift and use it. God gives such things – for His purposes.

With regard to the dream in 1998, God had a very definite purpose in mind for which He was about to use me!

The meaning of the dream soon became clear over the ensuing weeks, as its fulfilment unfolded. Each day I was moved to write an article about the spiritual abuses and hypocrisy of the Worldwide Church of God (WCG). As I did so, thoughts flowed into my mind and out onto paper, like water. It was a swiftly flowing stream!

While I was fully in control of what I was writing (it was not like the demonic counterfeit of ‘automatic’ writing), and I was completely mentally aware, what I was writing was not from me. Those who were the ‘target’ or subject of what I wrote would doubtless accuse me of being the author. But, while I am blamed, I am not responsible for the corrective vein of those articles.

 Perhaps that was why God gave the dream. It confirms that HE was behind the articles, not me. It is a testimony against the leaders and victims in the WCG. And it vindicates me.

If they want to find fault with me – which they do, and they have done for over a decade (which is why they are not going anywhere spiritually, except down!) – they find fault with God who inspired what those articles contain. That doesn’t mean to say that every word I wrote was perfect. I’m only human, and it could be that there are minor mistakes or poor wording. But the thrust of all that was written was from the Spirit of God Almighty!

There were about 50 of those articles! They just came, day after day! As I sat at my keyboard each day, thoughts would flow in – sometimes with whole sentences, and occasionally very specific words when I found it hard to express what I was receiving – and I would type down what came into my mind. A very definite pattern emerged. It was all most meaningful; nothing ‘out of this world’ or impossible to understand. It was a prophetic witness against the WCG, especially its leaders.

If I had tried to compile such a mountain of written material all by myself, it would not have made so much sense – assuming it was even possible! And I’m certain I could not have churned it all out at the rate of knots at which it came! (To be quite frank, I just couldn’t have done it!)

It was precisely the same for the Bible writers. They were moved by the Holy Spirit – carried along by the Spirit. I know how they did what they did, because God has given me the same privilege to share such an experience.

God didn’t take control of their minds (whenever that happens, it’s Satan or demons, not God). They still had control of all their faculties. They could have shut down the inspiration coming to them, as easily as turning off a tap. But they willed not to. They willed to allow God to influence them. And because of their willingness, we now have the wonder of the Bible, with its richness and deep spirituality to benefit from.

Being carried along by the Spirit is not only for those who wrote what has become our Bible, or for prophets. It’s for all who will ‘go with the flow’. God wants you to flow with the Spirit, so He can bless you through His spiritual gifts.

Carried Along With Gifts

Paul lists nine manifestations of spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10. I don’t believe that is an exhaustive list, but it’s a pretty comprehensive start:

1. Words of wisdom.
2. Words of knowledge.
3. Faith (for various works of God).
4. Healings.
5. Miracles.
6. Prophecy.
7. Tongues.
8. Interpretation of tongues.
9. Discernings of spirits.[1]

As I sat down to write what God was placing in my mind, words of knowledge came ‘thick and fast’. A ‘word of knowledge’ is a supernaturally implanted thought concerning factual knowledge or information, or spiritual insight. It is something that comes to you from ‘outside’ yourself. It is not your own thought. It is put there by God’s Spirit. It was this inspiration that caused ‘holy men of God’ to pen the pages of our Bibles.

Such gifts have not ceased as many (un)believers claim! If they had, God would have ceased working with His chosen ones. Jesus would have broken His promises, 1) to be with us always (Matt 28:20), and 2) to provide these miraculous signs which He assured us would follow believers (Mark 16:17-18) to the end of the Age.

These are evidences of the moving of the Spirit of God. The Spirit is the proof of the reality of Jesus (Jn 14:17-18, 2 Cor 3:17), and the instigator of prophecy, which demonstrates His existence:

For the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy (Rev 19:10).

That is why it is so essential, but why dead churches like the WCG deny Christ by denying the Spirit. That’s why they not only deny (not in word, but in deed) the nine spiritual gifts above, but also the other ministry gifts (1 Cor 12:28), and most especially prophets.

Satan wants to deprive you of such things. He wants to keep you in ignorance and spiritual impotence. He wants to deprive you of the benefits of being carried along by the Spirit, because that is essential to:

1) True worship,
2) True communion with God, and
3) True discipleship.

If these things are new to you, please know:

1) True worship.

The hour is coming and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth (Jn 4:23,24).

It’s not optional. It’s a command!

Worshipping in spirit is worship that comes from being ‘hooked up’ to the Spirit. And worship in truth is worship that comes from the depths of the heart in true sincerity.

It’s not empty ‘worship’ that so many display when they go through some customary form or ritual in the physical. What you do in the physical is nowhere near as important as what you do in the spiritual!

2) True communion with God.

Truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ (1 Jn 1:3).
He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him (1 Cor 6:17).

I have seen so many Christians who think they are in union with God, but who are not. Many of them are false believers, because their evil hearts shut out His Spirit from their lives. They are devoid of good works that testify to Jesus’ presence within.

These are spots in your love feasts, while they feast with you without fear, serving only themselves. They are clouds without water, carried about by the winds; late autumn trees without fruit, twice dead, pulled up by the roots (Jude 12).

3) True discipleship.

You are not a disciple of Jesus because you have joined a church, or because you have been baptised in water, or because you call yourself a Christian. The only evidence of your discipleship is the evidence of the Spirit. If that evidence is not there, you are not His! (Rom 8:9; 2 Cor 13:5.)

And that evidence will only become apparent when you are led by the Spirit:

For as many as are led by the Spirit, these are sons of God (Rom 8:14).

There are many Christians who think they are fine, spiritually, but who are not. That’s why Jesus had the seven letters in Revelation 2 and 3 recorded as reminders to believers down through the centuries. The traits which undermined spiritual growth and effectiveness in the first century are still extant today!


The Importance of Being
Led By The Spirit

 Jesus said that ONLY those who worship Him in Spirit are acceptable to Him.
Paul wrote about the necessity of being led by the Spirit. Are you so led?

Here are some tips to help you and explain more about this wonder.

On 1st September 1997, God gave me this highly significant dream (see also Proverbs 9:1; the same symbolism occurs there):

Dream of 7 pillars being erected in the Church, at either end of the building. These were stone pillars, erected in segments one on top of another. It was left up to the builders to install these, and also left up to them to get hold of the materials from the suppliers. It should have been no problem if those entrusted with the work obeyed instructions. The correct procedure was to consult the Designer before each pillar was erected – which those involved in putting them up, did for a time. Whilst they did this, all went well.

After a while, however, those entrusted with this work began to think that there was no point in consulting the Designer. After all, they had put the pillars up and thought they could continue to do so. They forgot that they had been given guidance from above on how to place each piece, and assumed that they had done it all by themselves. When it came to putting up the next pillar, they didn't bother getting in touch with the Designer. They just went ahead themselves and did what they thought they could just as easily do by themselves.

However, they had got part way through this operation, when God spoke to someone else about what they were doing. This prophet contacted them immediately and told them what God had said. They were dumbfounded. "How did he know what we were doing?" they wondered to themselves. They were speechless.

The dream ended there.

The Meaning of the Dream

The dream depicts the arrangement which God has established in the ‘spiritual sphere’ on earth – amidst those who are taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, and in restoring His truth to the people called to be part of His Bride.

People start out relying upon God as they erect the doctrinal support for the Church, but in the course of time, complacency sets in, and reliance upon the Spirit is neglected.

Whenever people assume they can continue on alone, leaving God's guidance out of it, they veer away from what God intends.

I have mentioned on page 3 about the WCG, to whom God sent input written down by me in a number of letters, followed by several publications in the early nineties. Then, in 1998, He commissioned me to correct them through the 50 aforementioned articles.

Not only was the WCG leadership shutting out God’s lead by the Spirit – while they were busy claiming a new-found freedom in the Spirit (all lies and deception!) – but so were other church groups and church leaders to whom He sent us – even several who prided themselves that they were ‘Spirit-led’!

Each time we contacted them, the response was predictably similar – surprise and rejection – just as the dream portrayed – probably in more embarrassing detail than they would care to admit!

They couldn't see that they have prevented God working in their midst, and when God sends a prophet to correct them they are so unbelieving. They are not aware of His continual awareness of them, and are astonished that God should do such a thing. In fact, they don't attribute it to God at all. They just languish in astonishment, and consider us to be wrong in ‘our’ appraisal. Oh, how blind we all are by ourselves!

Psalm 127 sings:

Unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain who build it (Ps 127:1).

Unless you are letting God lead you in His Work, you are wasting your time – and God’s!

That is how much we all need to be led by the Spirit! But so few are. Why?


The key to moving in the power of His Spirit and being led by the Spirit is humility! Pride is the insidious influence which shuts out the guidance of the Spirit. The proud WCG leaders wouldn’t receive correction from us (it was not merely ours, it was from Above), nor would many others.

But, anyone who fails to submit to correction that comes from God via a prophet is sealing his fate. He is inviting the judgement of God upon him.

True prophets are not accepted by most Christians, and more so their unwelcome input! Yet, prophets are a very essential part of the Body of Christ. When you do not recognise or accept a prophet, you are not discerning part of the Body:

Therefore whoever eats this bread or drinks this cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.. not discerning the Lord's body (1 Cor 11:27, 29).

Whenever you dismiss prophetic input, or the lead of the Spirit when you don’t like to hear it, you are not discerning the Lord’s Body and you are hypocritically professing faith in Jesus. You are behaving in an unworthy manner.

For this reason many are weak and sick among you, and many sleep (1 Cor 11:30).

Many in the WCG were full of pride! When God took us there to offer them His corrective advice, they spurned it. We saw God’s judgement fall dramatically. One man who vigorously opposed us – replete with contempt and self-righteousness – he died. Another young man, related to a friend with whom I had worked and who knew me well, was killed in a tragic car crash. A man whom we had loaned money (and who had not repaid it), fell into gross sin and his marriage broke up. In one way or another, things went badly wrong for many who stood up to oppose us.

It was not us they were opposing, but the One who sent us (Matt 10:40).

Pride was the root of rejection there. It shut out the Spirit of God from their midst, so they couldn’t hear from God or be led by His Spirit. The fire of God burns up and destroys, as well as purifies!

When God Speaks

It is no mystery to hear from God’s Spirit. If you have the attitude of a small child, you will hear from Him frequently, because you want to obey Him and you treasure His every word.

I was praying one Monday morning back in about 1995, when God spoke to me. It was via a ‘word of knowledge’ – supernaturally implanted in my mind but almost like a ‘voice’ in the head, not audible, but strong enough for me to know that it was not my thought. God said:

“Go to the next meeting of the WCG in Dunstable. Stand up in the meeting and read Isaiah 61:1” which says:

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor. He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.

Like Moses (Ex 4:1), I objected! I said, “But they will throw me out. I can’t do that.”

God replied instantly: “Stand up after special music.” That’s all He said.

I knew nothing of the plans for their meeting. But obviously, God knew it all. He knew there was going to be special music. And sure enough, when we went, there was. I did as He commanded me.

We received a frosty reception. They called the police! But I didn’t care. I had done my job, and they had rejected my witness, just as proud and self-willed people have foolishly rejected the prophets whom God has sent to His people throughout the ages since the very beginning. He doesn’t want to condemn them with the world. He wants to save them, but He can’t when they reject Him.

For if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged (1 Cor 11:31).

When you judge yourself, God will speak. When you humble yourself, He will speak. When you are sold out to Him, He will speak. When you really care to take His truth to others – not out of vain glory, but out of true love for them and for God and His truth – He speaks.

God always speaks when we need to hear from Him. He wants to speak to us all! It is people who don’t let Him! They shut the door on Him through their self-reliance and pride; or through their stubbornness, rebellion, resentment, hostility, or rejection of truth and of the bringers of His truth. Any negative, satanic trait which you harbour in your heart will prevent you hearing from Him. But when you are repentant and fully committed to Him and His ways you will hear from Him.

That’s guaranteed! He continually stands at the door of your heart and mind, knocking, seeking to gain entry! (Rev 3:20.) Let Him in!!

God Responds To Need

God responds to a need. All through the Psalms you read about how God will speak to, comfort, and rescue the needy (for example, 68:5; 72:12; 113:7).

In Psalm 67:2 we read of the purpose of His dealings through us – through you. It is to reach others with His love and truth.

People need to know His truth and live by it. For, those two things – knowing and living out His truth – bring true freedom in Christ (Jn 8:32). His truth is an embodiment of His love. Those who don’t love His truth don’t love Him, which is why many fall into deception (2 Thes 2:10).

God’s correction and discipline are aspects of His love, but few appreciate that (Heb 12:5,6).

When I wrote those 50 articles to the WCG leaders and members, they didn’t appreciate that. Nor did they appreciate that it was out of God’s love that those missives descended through their letterboxes. But would I have spent thousands of pounds on publications and such like to offer deliverance to these people from their spiritual bondages if I didn’t have the love of God in me?

There’s no glory to the human spirit in being rejected!

Correction is the prophet’s chief task. It’s assigned from Above, and he has to hear from heaven to accomplish his mission. He responds to the need which God shows him. It’s a need that will only be filled when those to whom he is sent bow down in humility before their God and admit their rebellion like a small child after being spanked. When they ask His forgiveness, they will have it, and have the prophet’s reward (Matt 10:41) which will take them into new spiritual vistas.

All this is possible only as you are willing to be carried along by the Spirit, instead of resisting it.

The natural human response is not godly (Rom 8:7). It rejects prophets, rejects truth in favour of half-truths and lies, and rejects the things of the Spirit for the things of the flesh.

You NEED the Spirit more than you need food. And when you recognise your need and admit it to God like a small child, He will run to your aid.

Let me give you a couple of other examples.

Carried Along With Tongues

About a year ago, a woman came to us needing deliverance from demons. But she was stubborn, rebellious, and lazy.

You can’t help those who won’t help themselves. And since she rejected the help that we offered her which would have set her free – which involved her need to be obedient to God – she went home no better off.

She was an antenna for demons! She carried many! And demons most want to harm those doing God’s Work. Of course, He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world (1 Jn 4:4), so the devil won’t gain final victory over us, but that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t allow demons sometimes to inflict harm upon us.

It helps people to be aware that this spiritual war we are engaged in is no light matter. It also brings the reality of it much closer to home.

After this woman left us, Helena became acutely unwell. She developed kidney failure. She could not pass water at all! Not only was this a life-threatening situation, but it was extremely painful as well. The condition went on for more than a day. It was getting very serious.

We are not ones for resorting to medical help, because God is our ever-present aid. We put our trust in Him and waited upon Him for His help. (Faith and Healing fully explains.)

There was nothing we could do humanly about this condition except endure it and wait for God’s deliverance to ‘kick’ in.

The following morning, when Zenya came to see how my wife was doing, Helena asked our daughter to pray in ‘tongues’. As Zenya started to pray in her prayer language of tongues, Helena felt the pain ease, and within hours she was fully healed!

All Helena had done was allow herself to be carried along by the Spirit. She obeyed the prompt from the Lord, and encouraged Zenya to yield to the Spirit using her spiritual gift (tongues). God moved.

For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him; however, in the Spirit he speaks mysteries (1 Cor 14:2).

No wonder Paul wrote:

I wish you all spoke with tongues, but even more that you prophesied; for he who prophesies is greater than he who speaks with tongues, unless he interprets, that the church may receive edification (1 Cor 14:5).

We don’t know what Zenya said on that occasion, because there was no interpretation (there was no need for it), but we do know that she was being carried along by the Spirit. And that’s what matters most.

Being Enlightened By Dreams

Besides the constant guidance which God gives to prophets through dreams, He also gives significant dreams individually to those who are yielded to His will (Acts 2:17,18). At the end of that quotation in Acts which is from Joel we read:

And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved (Acts 2:21).

Do you see the connection between dreams and visions from God and salvation?

The ultimate purpose of what comes from God is to save His people. He wants to save His people from the ravages of sin and demons. That’s why He spoke to me to go to the WCG; why He anointed me to write articles, booklets and books; and why He gives spiritual gifts. It’s all with one final aim in mind – to save His people from the consequences of Satan's bondages, and bring them to God.

And when that motive is uppermost in your heart, He will do the same with you, too.

I was very encouraged last year when a man who had been receiving our literature for some time, began to make a spiritual breakthrough in his life. He came to fellowship with us during one of God’s festivals, and that night I received a dream about him from God. It was very positive.

In this dream, God portrayed him as a working man with two pick-up trucks. For 17 years prior to God appointing me in this ministry, I was a builder, and had a pick-up, hence the imagery which God used in the dream. A pick-up is a very practical vehicle to a builder.

God is very practical. Theology is not meant to be head knowledge. That’s where it starts, but between the starting line and the finish post is a long road of practical outworking of spiritual principles. If you don’t live what you know, you are worthless to God.

So, this dream was very encouraging, because God was showing that this dear friend was truly moving out in a very practical way to do what God had been training him for – to ‘deliver’ God’s love to others.

He was getting ready to go on the road, and his two vehicles represented the two outreaches in his life to others – two different ‘segments’ of God’s people whom he could reach with God’s truths. His work for Him is not a ministry in the conventional sense. You don’t have to have hands laid on you, and be ‘ordained’, adopt a ministry name or have a desk in an office or a radio or TV broadcast, or publish Christian literature, to be used by God. This man was using our literature and taking it to others, and teaching from it. And through that means, he was being carried along by the Spirit.

There are not many like him. Too many want ‘glory’ for themselves. They don’t have the humility to do what our friend did: recognise God’s call upon our lives here, and meekly take what we have laboured to produce under God’s guidance, and share it with others. But, because he had the humility to do that, God blessed him and has ‘carried’ him.

He can use you, too, if you are willing.

Carried Along In Prophecy

The apostle Paul emphasised how important the spiritual gifts are, especially that of prophecy in the local assembly. But that doesn’t mean that prophesying can only occur in the assembly. God can manifest wherever there is a need, and often that need is in very lonely situations.

Another brother wrote to me a short while ago with a prophecy which he had received for our family. He is not part of our local fellowship. He had never met me and I had never met him. But he was carried along by the Spirit in what he wrote to encourage us. I also believe God gave him this prophetic ‘word’ as a witness to others (and to him), confirming the validity of our ministry which most reject.

Here is what God gave him:

Malcolm, fear not about your life and what you are going through, or what you will go through in the coming months ahead. I have been hard at work in the heavens opening and shutting doors, and I have already determined your steps and have opened doors for you that only you can walk through – they are inaccessible to any others except your household. The hunger and the thirst that is growing in your heart is of divine origin, and it has been born out of much suffering and trial, but I am the Master of all destinies, and have arranged everything just as it ought to be for you and your household. There is nothing that can happen to you except I say that it shall! All things are in My hands and I work out all things to suit My own ends, and, it has pleased Me to call you into the storms that you are walking through.

The work that you have ahead will always bring glory to Me, even though it will seem that you are not making any headway at all. But this, My son, is how it is with Me, as My ways are so different, and they are beyond searching out. I know the way that I have chosen for you, and it shall come to pass. Even as I speak to you now, in your dreams and your troubles, there is a certainty that I will place into your spirit that will quicken you to know that I am with you and that which I have given to you will come to pass. I am going to increase your faith and it will grow in every area of your life, and the pace at which you run will be quicker and smoother. This is to My glory.

Be assured that what you have gone through for Me has not been to no avail. No! It has accomplished much and many doors have been opened because of the dedication of your works and the spirit by which you did it. There has been much damage to the kingdom of darkness, and one day you will have the joy of seeing some of this work that I have accomplished through you. Nothing that you do or say in My name will ever be put to waste as it is a fragrance to My heart and I love you so passionately and will always honour your labour of love.

Prophecy of this sort from someone who is not a prophet, is meant to edify and encourage – as Paul explains (1 Cor 14:3). If you think that a person who prophesies under the unction of the Spirit must be a prophet, you are wrong. Prophets have separate commissions from God, but anyone in the Church can prophesy. And you should. It’s a highly valuable way to be led by the Spirit!

In closing, may I remind you of the following dream which God gave to Helena? In it, Jesus expresses His exasperation at how believers are keeping Him at arm’s length.

24th March 2000. H. Jesus, Exasperated, Waits For His Bride!
I was busy cleaning toilets [symbol of the spiritual clean up taking place] and doing house duties [a lot of mundane work is to be done to get the Bride ready]. There was someone outside, like a Fiancé, waiting [Jesus, waiting for His Bride]. I would go and show Him love occasionally. [Helena was put in the place of God’s people.] He was worn out by waiting, but He was totally loyal and faithful to the woman (Church).
Meaning: The Church is busy doing its own thing. Jesus is tired of waiting! The dream portrayed Him exhausted or exasperated by the way He was made to wait. Jesus says to the Church: “WAKE UP! MY LOVE!” The woman wakes up slowly, smiling as she does so, with demons leaving.

Finally, last night, before rearranging this in leaflet format, God gave me yet another dream about the WCG, showing it is still 'mad':

22nd March 2004. M.
A man was reducing the size of a window in a bathroom which was about four feet square. The window seemed to be between the bathroom and another room (a peculiar arrangement). He was filling in part of the opening with bricks, and installing a much narrower window only about a foot high. But instead of doing it like any sensible builder would, by putting in the window frame first and then filling in above it, he was sticking the bricks above the opening to the bricks above them and working his way down (in reality that's impossible, but strange things can be shown in dreams!). Besides this madness, he intended to instal dark or black glass in the window. I asked him if it was opaque glass, since it was in a bathroom and you wouldn't want people seeing in. He said, "no, it's clear." That was pretty stupid, and I told him so.
Meaning: Don't think the WCG has changed. It's still just as mad as ever!

Now is the time to be led by His Spirit! Now is the time to accept His gifts and power. Now is your day of salvation!

Malcolm B Heap

 [1] If you are not familiar with these gifts, request An Introduction to the Spiritual Gifts (£2.00) and Prophets and Prophesying (£2.00) from Midnight Ministries. Further information on discerning of spirits is given in Testing The Spirits (£6.00).

 The 50 WCG-related articles mentioned on page 4 are available for a suggested donation of £10.00 from Midnight Ministries.

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