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Will Jesus Come Soon?

Curiosity has gripped millions of believers wanting to know when Jesus will return.

I remember once joking with a church deacon about this. I thought I would 'wind him up', since he was already becoming a bit alarmed by some of (what he considered) the outlandish things I had already said. So, I added fuel to the fire and suddenly declared:

"I know when Jesus is coming back!"

He looked at me in horror, expecting the worst – that I had truly 'gone off my rocker'! But instead of giving him what he thought I would – a date – cheekily I said, "At a time when you think not."

Think about those words of Jesus. They are from Luke 12:40 (the Old King James text).

Jesus comes at a time when you do not expect.

Isn't it amazing how He has left people wondering? You can get so close, yet still be so far away from knowing!

There are many indicators, showing that Jesus' return is close, but still you can't put your finger on an exact time. Until recently, you couldn't put a year to it, and even now the year is hazy, but it could be around 2012-14, because God told Kassahun in a dream that darkness will cover the earth in 2008. He didn't say the Tribulation would start in 2008, although that is what I first thought He might mean. So, it still leaves us guessing, which is what Jesus wants. He wants you on your toes, spiritually-speaking, 'watching' spiritually.

One of the most accurate chronologies of the Bible has been Archbishop Ussher's, a long while ago. He placed Creation at 4004 BC. Using that as a benchmark, and moving forward 6000 years, many Christians in the 20th century speculated that Jesus' return could be in 1997. But there was something all have overlooked, and I didn't realise this until recently.

We have all assumed that the 6000 years allotted for man's misrule began at the time when God made Adam. But as I was praying one Sabbath, God dropped this simple thought into my head, that Adam and Eve did not rebel against God until they had lived many years. The Genesis account doesn't say when this occurred. It is only a brief summary.

Consider that they brought up righteous sons Abel and Seth (besides the wicked Cain). To do that, they would have walked in righteousness, from which they later digressed. When did they fall into serious sin? Was it 7 years into their lives, or 14 years, or even longer? God doesn't say, and He doesn't need to. You don't need to know.

What you need to know is that the wages of sin is death, that the world faces extinction because of sin, and that Jesus, who died to save the world (Jn 3:16), is coming soon to deliver His people.

So let your waist be girded and your lamps burning (Luke 12:35).  

God has provided many indicators in revelations which He has given over the years, which, when all taken together, show that Jesus' coming is very close!

Just to cite a few, Mila Thompson received a dream last year that Jesus' coming is around seven years away. The dream did not set a date. It merely gave seven years as an approximate time period. Seven years from 2004 brings us to 2011. But God didn’t say when to count FROM!

The little booklet How Soon Will Jesus Come? provides some other facts showing that it is time for the Church to awaken and put on the garments of righteousness Jesus is now providing in MM literature. There is so little time remaining. The Bride must get ready. We must all be urgent in responding to His call! (The following is also included in Revelations From God About The Judgement of Britain.)

The Day Is Far Spent

29th July 2003. H. The end of the age is very close!
In this dream I read some literature to do with the end of the age. I was stirred up by it. I wanted to share it with others, but somehow no one cared!
Meaning: The apathy in most people. They have become spiritually dull and don't care about what really matters. So they don't know where the world is in God's heavenly timetable! God has to get people's attention, through raising the dead!

We have circulated many thousands of copies of the booklet How Soon Will Jesus Come? In it, we publish material that indicates Jesus will return before this decade is out.[1] Those who can't see how close such an event is are blind! Sin blinds the majority. Even of the Church, portrayed as ten virgins or bridesmaids in a parable, ALL – the majority – are asleep! (Matt 25:5.)

Kassahun Ayele in Ethiopia was shown this in a dream:

The world scene is now at 20 minutes to Midnight!
Nov 25/03. Malcolm had sent me a Newsletter. The cover was not as usual (light green). It was red, and written in black and bold letters: “THE ANGEL SAID THE WORLD CLOCK IS AT 20 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT.” [Biblically, 20 often denotes expectation.]

That dream depicted Newsletter 25, which included the account of that dream. When God prompted me to start it, He gave me the title It's Later Than You Think! It is a warning from God, hence the colour red, and the angel's words which warn of the nearness of the end of this age of man's misrule. So is this:

25th Jan 2004. M. End of the world within 7 years
A person was capable of giving a prediction at any time. He (or she – that was not made clear in the dream) could receive predictive information whenever he wanted, almost like turning on the tap.

I knew that this type of prophetic proclivity was occultic. He (or she) had 'a familiar spirit' with him, giving him the information he sought whenever he sought it. (There's a similar account of this in Acts 16:16-17 to do with the girl who had this ability.) He said that the world as we know it would end in less than 7 years.

Meaning: As I mused on this later, I realised that God was pointing out that the demons know how short the time is that they have left before they are restrained in the Millennium when Jesus rules (Rev 20:1-4), so their determination to provoke evil at this time is more intense than ever.

The illustration is also quite a contrast with the true gift of prophecy.

When God gives prophetic statements (see, for example, 1 Cor 14:24, 25) they are for specific purposes, with the ultimate aim of turning people back to God and promoting righteousness. While psychic prediction seems impressive to the ill-informed, such a constant stream of information has no value in turning people to God. It is merely an exercise that impresses others, intrigues, generates curiosity, or elevates the one so 'gifted' with psychic abilities.

Steer clear of it – it's demonic, despite the elements of truth that it may convey.

The day after this dream was given, on 26th January, a Russian girl with remarkable psychic abilities was interviewed on This Morning programme on ITV. The presenters were very impressed with her 'gift'. From the age of 8 she could diagnose the physiological and anatomical problems or ailments of hospital patients.

Psychically, she is given the information about what is wrong with them, and is very knowledgeable about medical matters. The information, however, comes from demons. But none of the TV presenters realised this. They thought it was wonderful.

Apart from leading people away from God, another purpose of demonic revelation of this sort is to cause pride in the recipient which can ruin their life. (1 Cor 8:1.) The evil spirits that are involved receive adulation and worship through what they do.[2] (Information also in Revelations From God About The Judgement of Britain.)

Kassahun also received these dreams:

11th May 2004. K. Darkness over the earth in 2008
Someone gave me a written paper. On that paper this was written: “DARKNESS WILL COVER THIS EARTH IN 2008.” Meaning: Explained in the article What Will 2008 Bring? You need to have a sense of URGENCY!

July 1/04. K. An Angel Declares: The End Of The World Has Come! [See Rev 16:17-21.]
A mighty angel appeared on the roof of my home. The house shook (see also Heb 12:26). I went to see what was happening and saw the angel hovering above the house. In his hands the angel held a scroll on which some warnings were written in red letters.

I couldn't see what was written on the scroll, so I called to the angel to come closer. The angel responded by coming swiftly. I could now see that some of what was written there were quotations from the book of Ezekiel. [A book about the judgement of God against sin and wickedness. It contains end-time warnings about punishment as a result of sin – war, famine, and other calamities and suffering that come about because people refuse to repent of sinful lifestyles.]

I saw Ezekiel chapter 5 [which will be fulfilled shortly in many nations including Ethiopia, and also America and Britain]. I also saw Ezekiel 21:8-32. [You can read it for yourself and see what God is saying now – that terrible warfare is about to engulf the region where he lives, and spread to many other lands.]

The angel said twice: "The end of the world has come. THE END OF THE WORLD HAS COME!" [The end of man's age of misrule.] "Go out and tell the warnings written on this scroll."

I began to cry. I couldn't control my tears, because of the presence of God. I said to the angel, "This is a huge responsibility. I can't take it. Please tell Malcolm what you have said to me."

The angel responded, "I will visit Malcolm soon."

How To Prepare

While time is short, there is no need to panic or fear. That is what Satan wants you to do, not what God wants. He wants you to take seriously the imminence of the end of this Age, and 'seek His face' in prayer and dedicated obedience.

Spend meaningful time with Him. Study the truths He is revealing. Think on them. Hold onto them. Develop a greater love for His Word, and live out His way of life in selfless, uncompromising obedience to whatever He tells you. Listen to His Spirit for opportunities to share His gems with others. Walk with Him daily, in humble and obedient gratitude for the price He has paid for us all. And He will prepare you.

Malcolm B Heap, March 2005

[1]   Some people like to nit-pick over details and find fault with us over this statement. If we are a year or two out, what is that to God? But for detractors who only want to find fault, it is the difference between life and death, because they have a wrong approach. God gives revelations that SEEM to indicate things are much closer than they are, because people are so sleepy! He wants to wake them up, so they can spiritually prepare.

[2]   The subject of demonic delusion, especially how to discern between true and false, is expounded in Testing The Spirits (£6.00) from Midnight Ministries, PO Box 29, Aylesbury, HP17 8TL, UK.

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