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End-Time Fireballs

You have undoubtedly read what God said through the prophet Joel: I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth: blood, fire and pillars of smoke... before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord (Joel 2:30,31).

Jesus also prophesied of heavenly signs to occur before the end of the age, drawing people’s attention to what God is doing on earth. Luke recorded His words as “great signs from heaven” (Lk 21:11).

Some of these things are happening now.

A Remarkable Vision

A caller, named Tanya (who spoke with a foreign accent) telephoned UK’s Revelation TV channel on 4th January 2010. At the time, Eleanor (a friend or ours) was alerted by the Spirit to record what was about to be aired, and she managed to record what Tanya said. Eleanor then passed on the tape to us, and here is the transcript of what Tanya mentioned (underlined words explained later):

“The reason why I called is because two days ago, on the 2nd January (2010), the Lord gave me a prophetic message to share it out, and very quickly, before I tell you that prophetic message, exactly on midnight on new year’s day the Lord told me to come out in my back garden and I wasn’t ready for what I was going to see. For three quarters of an hour, God gave me a huge display in the sky, and it was like fireballs rising up five at a time on the north side, then on the west, going towards the south. And they were like cherubims, they were like shooting stars, and they were like balls of fire! And the sky was full of them for about three quarters of an hour, dead on midnight!

“So then I seek the Lord to tell me what the meaning of this is. And then out of the blue, I was in the middle of cooking, on the 2nd of January, and the Lord gave me this prophetic message to share it out, and it said this:

“The Spirit of prophecy rests upon you, My daughter, what you have witnessed in the heavenlies is a paradigm shift of My armies in heaven. I, says the Lord, have placed in the heavenlies a new office of My armies in heaven, specially and specifically for these end times, ready for My coming. For behold, for behold, soon, and very soon, the world shall witness revival like they have never seen before. Yes, My daughter, what you have sensed in your spirit of the resurrection of the dead; yes, My daughter, it shall come to pass. For I am calling for those who are dead in spirit, who have been chained by the evil one, those who have been in prison, I call them forth; lot of them come forth, come out. There shall be a witness of resurrection, for once again I shall shake the heavens and the earth, and the prisoners I shall free, just like when I, the Lord Jesus, spent three days in the belly of the earth and set the prisoners free, and I have disarmed the rulers and authorities and made a public display of them, having [word unclear].... over them, so once again I have come to set the captives free.

“Speak to My anointed deliverers; tell them they will no longer operate through frustrations of deliverance, for their hour of the anointing I have placed upon them has come; the time to favour Zion, the set time has come. There shall be a world revival like the world has never witnessed before. For you shall see many coming out of their tombs, coming out of their caves, and they shall be My evangelists, to evangelise My Word before My coming. For behold I am coming soon. My pavilion is set. My heavens and the armies of heaven are set, just like they are set on the air. For behold, I shall do a new thing. Do you not perceive it? I am coming quickly. To him who is ready I shall crown him with the crown of life. The sound of the shofar you heard at 7 pm is the heavenly sound of My coming, so sound the alarm. Tell My people, My apostles and prophets, and all those who minister through My Spirit and in My name to get ready, for the set time to favour Zion has come. Tanya.”

Explaining The Prophecy

The prophecy has immense significance! I have underlined words that I will now elaborate upon:

Exactly on midnight.

This ministry was named Midnight for a purpose. Many foolishly mock us with the puerile suggestion that we are all in darkness. If they only did a study in the Bible of the meaning and inference of midnight, they might see that God performed some of His greatest miracles and deliverances at midnight (explained in the article, The Midnight Cry).

Precisely at midnight God spoke to Tanya and told her to come out into her garden to see what God would show her in the sky. She saw some amazing heavenly signs that presage deliverance.

The sovereign intervention of God and the revelation of His truth precede deliverance. For example, before God delivered Israel from Egypt, He first sovereignly appeared to Moses and revealed truth to him by which Israel was to live. He instituted the Passover ceremonies and festival days to commemorate His deliverance which came at midnight (Ex 12:29).

The prophet Samson rose up at midnight and wrenched Gaza’s city gates – huge fence posts and all – and dumped them on the top of the hill facing Hebron (Judges 16:3). Such a superhuman feat was a sign of God’s approaching challenge of false religion by Samson, in which he sacrificed his life to obey God’s call (16:23-31).

These are just two examples of God’s fireballs!

Likewise the fireballs Tanya saw were a visual representation of the amazing feats God will perform through His prophets today. God wants to deliver His people from the grip of false religion. He will raise the dead to draw people’s attention, then declare the pure truths that He has restored at this end time. This revelation will set the captives free – those who are meek enough to accept it.

I wasn’t ready for what I was about to see.

Nor are people today. Most Christians are not ready for Jesus’ coming. The Church is not ready for the Tribulation. Believers are not ready for the revelation of truth in this Last Restoration. It will shock and surprise!

Fireballs rose up five at a time.

The number 5 has biblical significance (explained in The Missing Dimension in Christian Living). It symbolically denotes preparation and humbling. People are going to be humbled by what is coming up. God wants to prepare His people for the hard times ahead, and for Jesus’ soon return when He will establish His Kingdom on earth.

Notice that the fireballs were not descending, but rising up. This presages the raising of the dead. It points to miraculous activity on earth by the ‘fire’ of God, which is a metaphor for the power of His Spirit.

When Jesus’ first disciples were imbued with the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, God gave a visual manifestation of fire upon their heads.

The fireballs arose on the north side, then on the west, and went towards the south.

God’s throne is figuratively portrayed “in the north” (Ps 48:1,2; Is 14:13). Secondarily the revival that is coming will begin in Britain (see More Than A Prophet), which is north and west of the biblical land of Israel, which God often uses as a geographical reference point. West of Britain is America, where God will also do much to draw attention to His name.

The fireball display continued for three quarters of an hour.

45 minutes is 5 x 9. God uses numeric indicators to depict what He is doing. Five, as I have said, points to humbling and His preparation – often with dramatic happenings. Nine indicates two contrasting things: 1) His judgement (on those who reject the truths He will present), but also 2) the outpouring of His Spirit in spiritual gifts and miracles.

They were like cherubims, shooting stars, balls of fire.

This awesome visual atmospheric display prefigures the equally awesome display of miraculous power that God is about to release on earth. The effect of people rising from the dead, witnessing for Jesus, is like the effect on you of seeing great angels – cherubim – which are awesome spirit beings, not the silly little fat dumplings portrayed so wrongly in mediaeval art as ‘cherubs’.

Two of our children saw angels when they were young. When they described what they saw, it had a distinct impression on us even though my wife and I couldn’t see them. Fear of God comes over you – a positive, wonderful awe of Him and a greater awareness of unseen spiritual realities.

So it will be when these events unfold shortly. People will be given a new awareness of God and of His awesome attributes and power.

What you have witnessed in the heavenlies is a paradigm shift of My armies in heaven.

A paradigm is an example or model, one that is worthy of imitation or duplication. But a shift is coming in the way God administers His judgement by His angelic hosts.

The majority of Christians have been Sunday observing believers, who saw nothing wrong with keeping Sunday as the Sabbath, even though it is not divinely sanctioned, and the Bible sanctions the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week (Saturday), not the first (Sunday). That paradigm is about to change.

 God has had mercy upon those who have observed Sunday in ignorance. But the time is shortly coming when that ignorance will be removed. The true Sabbath will be championed by those who come back from the dead to witness to this truth which has long remained hidden from the eyes of most. With the knowledge of this truth known – by what is about to happen – there will no longer be a justifiable excuse in the West to reject Sabbath observance. God will hold all people in western nations accountable after this truth is widely publicised. Those who reject it will incur God’s judgement upon them, just as the book of Revelation reveals in symbol (explained in the tome, Understanding The Book of Revelation).

The paradigm of God’s festivals listed in Leviticus 23 is the ideal, not Sunday-keeping, not Christmas, not Easter, not Halloween, not all the man-made traditions borrowed from paganism by a corrupt Catholic church and forced upon the population by its unbiblical edicts.

God will no longer excuse the acceptance of syncretised customs as He has done previously due to ignorance and misunderstanding. He is going to set the world ablaze with new truth that will require your obedience.

The world shall witness revival like they have never seen before.

Some years ago, I received a similar prophetic word in one of our meetings. God said: There is coming an outpouring of My Spirit upon this land the likes of which it has never seen before.

God prophesied through the prophets of a great shaking to affect the whole world (Haggai 2:6,7; Heb 12:26; Joel 3:16).

True Revival is not having a good time, like was witnessed at Toronto, Pensacola, and other places where people flocked in their droves to GET an experience. The end produce of most of that was evil. Self-seeking, and experiential pursuit ruined much of what God began (covered in the book Testing The Spirits).

True revival is predicated upon repentance:

And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (Jn 8:32).

Truth will be presented to a Church largely ignorant of various aspects of the faith once delivered (explained in The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints). Believers will then have the option of obeying or disobeying; accepting or rejecting. The faithful will accept this new presentation. They will accept the Sabbaths; the holy days of God; the truth that churches are out of the will of God; that their hierarchic form of governing is unbiblical; the spiritual equality of women; and all the other aspects of truth that God has made plain. They will be set free by these revelations. And, to verify them, He will provide signs and wonders as He has always done to accompany those who preach His Word.

Many will accept the truth. Many will be set free. Millions will have a new appraisal of biblical truth, find hope in God, repent of the error of their ways, and the prophesied Great Reformation will happen – but not as so many false prophets have prophesied.

You cannot divorce the restoration of pure truth from revival. There is no other basis for revival than:

1) Presentation of truth.
2) Acceptance of it.
3) Repentance, and
4) Reform, which brings
5) Revival.

The resurrection of the dead shall come to pass.

In 1993, God first spoke to us about what He was going to do to trigger revival. Mostly in dreams, He showed that He would bring back people who had died many years previously. He gave us some names of people we knew and who knew us.

As any faithful scribe would do, I wrote out what God had said and gave biblical back-up where I could. But at first we couldn’t see that this was going to have world-wide impact, and bring massive revival.

As the years passed, Jesus revealed more. One by one, He revealed more names. Many of these are documented in the article Waking The Dead.

The prisoners I shall free.

Are believers aware when they are imprisoned in churches, held captive by false ministers? No. Yet such is invariably the case. It was prophesied (Is 52).

Are believers aware when they are held down by false teaching? No, of course not. Such is the nature of deception. It is unseen by those who are deceived. To be set free from wrong concepts, the deceived must be presented with the truth that can shine the light onto their path.

The prophets’ task was always to forewarn of danger, to alert God’s people to the error of their ways, and call them to repentance. Elijah’s task was the restoration of truth in a nation that had rejected it. This prophet’s role today is the restoration of the Faith Once Delivered.

What is good is when people are humble enough to meekly accept it when shown. The raising of the dead is God’s confirmation that it IS truth, and to create a platform for its widespread presentation.

You are to test all revelations and hold fast to what is good (1 Thes 5:21). If you do that, you can find freedom in Christ.

Chained by the evil one.

Satan holds people in bondage through false concepts. Deception is like a chain. It has many links and they are very hard to break. Have you ever tried breaking a chain? You can’t do it with your own hands. You need a tool like a boltcropper to cut through it. A boltcropper exerts tremendous pressure in the right place, and snaps the chain.

There are various analogies used in the Bible for Satan’s control over people. One is in 1 Corinthians 10:4. Paul referred to “strongholds”.

A bank has a strongroom. It is a large safe, with steel walls and a door so thick you cannot get into it without the code to open the lock. But, provide the right code in the lock and the door will unlock for you. So it is with truth. Truth unlocks people from their prisons. And similarly, their chains of bondage to false concepts fall away (1 Cor 10:5).

God is going to present the truths that Christians have lacked, and offer people freedom. God has stored the ‘code’ in MM literature.

Speak to My anointed deliverers; tell them they will no longer operate through frustrations of deliverance.

What is God referring to – “frustrations of deliverance”?

Well, if you have truth and have tried to reach people chained in churches through false concepts, you will know. It is highly frustrating trying to set them free, because they automatically dismiss you and what you bring them. They reject the truth because they are cloned by the teaching of their church or their ministry they look up to. They are not objective. They are not open. They are shut in and trapped. Isaiah 52 depicts the scene prophetically.

So, God reveals in this strong prophetic word what He will do.

Their hour of the anointing I have placed upon them has come.

The subject here is the deliverers. God has called various people to receive a special “anointing” – which is an outpouring of His Spirit with spiritual gifts to fulfil His purpose. For example, I was given an anointing to write. As I write for God’s purposes, the Spirit ‘kicks in’. Thoughts flow, inspiration comes, words of knowledge and wisdom are given to me to complete the job. The result is the literature you see in print and some of which is on the web for all to benefit from.

We get some grateful people writing to us, who thank us for opening their eyes through the articles. In that respect, the hour of the anointing placed upon us has come. It has come to fruition.

When the dead are raised, creating a worldwide platform through media coverage, the hour (a short time) of bearing fruit will have come for which we have been labouring during the previous 19 years. God’s time cycle will have completed, and begun to bear fruit.

My pavilion is set.

On 3rd May 2002, I was given this dream:

We had a big top, a circus tent. It was huge. Inside this marquee were many exhibits. Much was being offered, and a great deal had been assembled for people to enjoy and gain from. God portrayed it in a very positive light.

Then there was a massive downpour. Some of the rain came through the roof and, although I could not see what damage it had caused, I knew that it must have caused some destruction.

Meaning: The dream portrays in symbol, this ministry in the near future, after expansion. What is on offer under this canopy are many publications that have been assembled over the years since 1991. Their positive impact and appeal was also indicated in the dream. But Satan is out to destroy the value of God’s liberating truth. In symbol, the devil tries to harness the heavy rain as a destructive force, even though it has come from God. (People tend to resist God’s outpouring, and Satan can turn people against it and, with false accusations and distortions, can ruin some of what God is attempting to achieve.)

A world revival like the world has never witnessed before.

Whilst millions will hear of the truth and receive it, many millions more will not. But never will a revival have been so widespread.

God has saved the best wine till last!

Never before has God challenged today’s most deep-rooted false concepts in Christendom on such a scale. The 11 areas of spiritual teaching and practice which I outline in Wielding The Divine Axe and aspects listed in The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints will be offered more widely than ever before.

Many will accept these revelations. However, many will not. Yet God’s purpose will be done.

As Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24:14, before the end of the age this Gospel shall go into all the world as a witness against those who resist the truth.

I shall do a new thing.

God has never before in the history of the world brought back MANY people from the dead who have been dead for years. Some few saints were brought back at the time of Jesus’ resurrection (Matt 27:53). But never so many. And never before has He openly challenged the strongholds of Catholic domination and of other false religions on a worldwide scale. This is a new thing. It is the last Great Reformation. It is the prophesied time of Elijah. It is the Final Restoration. It comes just before the curtain closes upon truth in the Great Tribulation. It comes to prepare God’s people for that time. It is the time of greatest witness for God’s truth.

“Witness” in Greek is marturion, from which “martyr” is derived. The two will be inseparable.

At 7 pm is the heavenly sound of My coming, so sound the alarm.

Seven denotes God’s perfection. Jesus is coming back SOON to inaugurate His perfect government over all the earth. You and I are called to prepare spiritually. Part of that preparation is 1) to share these wonderful restored truths with others who are receptive and submissive to God. And 2) as God shows you, to also declare that judgement will fall on those who stubbornly resist and rebel. That has always been the message of the prophets from the beginning. 

Malcolm B Heap

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