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Guidelines For Evangelists

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age
(Matt 28:18-20, NIV).

An evangelist in Kenya, recently called by Jesus to 'go' with the gospel and truths of God, wrote to me about what God had given to him in a dream. It was this:

In my dream last night we were in a hall with all your representatives from all countries. In that hall there was some water with sugar cane. And some more sugar cane was there.

I, you, and some brothers were at the door with water in our hands and we were giving a piece of sugar cane to everybody who came into the hall. After an hour the hall was full with people singing and dancing with joy.

After that, I saw you Malcolm with two loaves of bread. You were giving this bread to people.

I heard a voice telling me "Nxxxxxxx, do you know that this man is a prophet of God?" I didn't answer that question

Again I heard the voice asking me the same question "Nxxxxxxx, do you know that this man is a prophet of God?" That time I answered "yes I know." And at that time you were in white clothes shining like the stars.

As I awoke I praised God for what happened and what I saw.

My response: About your dream of 17th April 2004. The probable interpretation follows each part.

In my dream last night we were in a hall with all your representatives from all countries.

This shows that God has called you to be a part of the outreach of Midnight Ministries, in your own area. You are included in the worldwide outreach. There are many others whom God is using in various quarters of the world.

...in that hall there was some water with sugar cane.

The water represents the Holy Spirit and the sugar cane the sweet things of God (His truths and instruction which are an exhibit of His love for all people).

And some more sugar cane was there.

Perhaps you mean a lot of sugar cane. If so, that is an allegory of just how much wonderful truth God has given this ministry to share with others.

I, you, and some brothers were at the door with water in our hands and we were giving a piece of sugarcane to everybody who came into the hall.

A pictorial likeness of what God is doing through us, and you, in the spirit. He wants to share His truths (in 'our' publications) with others.

After an hour the hall was full with people singing and dancing with joy.

Many people will come to know God, and experience that joy of being accepted by Him, through 'our' literature being distributed by you and others.

...after that I saw you Malcolm with two loaves of bread. You were giving this bread to people.

Sugar cane does not have much food value. In fact, if you eat a lot of it, it is harmful. A lot is actually a poison to the body. It will damage teeth, and deplete the body of energy, as well as needed vitamins and minerals. Sugar is sweet, but it reduces calcium levels in the blood, and can lead to sickness, for the reasons already stated.

By contrast, bread is the staff of life. It has more food value. People need feeding properly, and very much so in the spiritual area. God is portraying 'our' teaching materials as this bread that can give people something proper to eat spiritually.

At first, the benefit you are receiving through 'our' publications is likened to sugar cane. It has immediate appeal. As you get further into devouring what is written, it will be more like bread to you and others.

I heard a voice telling me "Nxxxxxxx, do you know that this man is a prophet of God?"

If you read Prophets and Prophesying and other leaflets or articles in which the purpose of prophets is explained, you will see why God was pointing this out to you. It's not to glorify me. I am nothing. By contrast, God is everything. But the function or calling of a prophet is to deliver what God has given to him for the benefit of others. As they accept him and his message from God, they accept the One who sent him (Matt 10:39-41), and they benefit proportionately.

Where people have spurned me (my office as a prophet of God) they actually spurn God, because He has appointed me as a prophet. They fail to benefit from the message God has given through us. They are not benefited by the revelations which God has provided in His great love for you and all people.

I didn't answer that question.

This depicts your relative ignorance at that stage. You didn't know what to say, because you didn't understand why He was saying that. But...

Again I heard the voice asking me the same question "Nxxxxxxx, do you know that this man is a prophet of God?" That time I answer "yes I know."

God is showing His complete foreknowledge of how you will respond positively to what you read. Because you will accept me as a prophet of God, you accept Him and His truths that He has given us.

...and that time you were in white clothes shining like the stars.

That symbolises the wonderful righteous reward God has awaiting, not just me, but you and all who will accept Him because of what Jesus has done for us all. [End of explanation.]

What Was The Dream For?

The dream above portrays, in outline, several facts to the recipient:

1) The man's calling from God to evangelise;
2) My appointment from God as a prophet (so that he can realise that what MM teaches is not ours as such, but inspired by God);
3) The spiritual value of our ministry's materials;
...besides all the other specific points mentioned in the explanation.

Where God gives dreams and other prophetic revelations, it is to highlight what is being overlooked, or to emphasise aspects that are not given sufficient emphasis, or to reveal what would not otherwise be grasped, or to convey knowledge and understanding that you need to take note of, to confirm and consolidate God's truth and purpose.

Humanity is consigned to spiritual ignorance until God gives His revelation. God-given dreams are a vital aspect of the prophetic work on earth which God is doing today. These are the days of 'Elijah'. Just as Elijah stood before the people as His mouthpiece for righteousness, God is restoring His righteousness among His people. Likewise, He also uses prophets today who are commissioned by Him and who speak for Him.

The dream above highlighted his need to recognise and take note of what God has given me in this ministry. That's not for my benefit, but for his, and for the good of all the people to whom God will now take him.

Need I say that it is also in your interests to heed the same admonition?

God has been preparing him through several years of learning and growth. He is ready to 'graduate' and reach out to others, sharing the truth of God with them, so that they can come to Christ and know God's love.  The dream was confirmation of his appointment, and encouragement before 'setting out'.

When you are sufficiently committed to God, and prepared, you too can 'go'. So, don't be surprised if you receive a dream or other revelation confirming what He wants to do with your life to benefit others.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few! (Matt 9:37, NIV).

God Speaks Three Times!

Prior to that dream he had had one other. God was pointing out to him what He intended to do with his life. After he wrote to tell me what God had given him in that vision, I replied:

Thank you for relating your dream. In the explanation that follows, your description in bold is followed by 'my' explanation:

I saw you in Migori market preaching the gospel. Many people surrounded you to hear what you were talking about.
I will not be there in person. The dream may depict how others will take the message to that location by taking 'our' publications there.

After that you called me to come and help preach the gospel.
That is your calling, too, from Jesus. Notice Matthew 28:19-20 is a commission that involves EVERY disciple who is willing and able, not merely the first ones whom Jesus trained. You are being trained by Him though 'our' publications. If you are not familiar with this truth, read Just What Is The Work? and Witnessing For Christ.

God gave us many people.
The response. God backs up those who 'go' for Him in sincerity and unselfish dedication.

On the day after that, you guided us into a very beautiful room.
[This depicts the heavenly reward which Jesus promised us all in John 14:2. This will come later. First we all have to do Jesus' will on earth, as is explained in 'our' publications. They show the way to eternal glory.]

When we entered that room, Helena, Tonya and Zenya welcomed all of us with a smile and invited us to sit in beautiful chairs, then they served us with a very nice meal. We were all very glad and ate with gratitude.
[This depicts how H, T and Z have all helped by their work and efforts to make this literature available to you, so that you can partake in the spiritual feast that the publications contain for those who will 'eat' what they contain.]

You took a very close look at my meal and encouraged me to eat more. Your face was shining when you did this.
When Moses came down from Mt Sinai, his face shone because he had been in the presence of God. I have been in the presence of God while writing MM publications.[1] I couldn't write them of and by myself. God moved me in what was written, hence the imagery of my face shining. My taking a close look at your meal symbolises how I have paid attention to detail in some of the particulars of doctrine which I have written about. Those are 'fine details' of the faith to do with Sabbaths, holy days, new moon celebrations and other aspects summarised briefly in Wielding The Divine Axe which many other Christians are not aware of.

I was surprised to see you serve a meal to so many people, and I was thankful to God and praised Him.
This depicts the many people who will benefit from what God has had us write. It will not be just a small work. Soon, after the dead are raised, it will be a worldwide work and reach MANY people! Millions!

That is the dream which God gave me three times.
Three depicts finality in God's workings. We are very close to the end of this age in relation to its overall history. There are only a few more years left; very few! It's time to get to work and to work diligently for Jesus! The Kingdom of God awaits.

God Prepares You

When Jesus called the first twelve to 'go' and represent Him, He trained them. They learned from Him. He showed them 'how to do it'. He also equipped them. After He taught them the truth, He gave them spiritual power to help and deliver others from spiritual oppressions.

He does the same today. He prepares you.

His intention was the perfecting and full equipping of the saints (His consecrated people), [that they should do] the work of ministering toward building up Christ's body (the church)  (Eph 4:12, Amplified).

Whatever God does, He does in love for His people. That same love for others MUST be the underlying motive behind your ministry.

I have known people who 'minister' for selfish reasons. There is very little of Jesus in their work. They don't deliver people. They merely bring them into another type of bondage bondage to them.

I have seen others who have gone out to minister out of pride and desire for self-elevation. The devil goes with them wherever they go. They lure their prey into another pit, to join them in their own darkness. It's sad.

For you who are privileged to have this opportunity of serving the King and helping prepare those whom He has called to reign with Him in glory it doesn't have to be like that. It certainly shouldn't!

Here are some guidelines for true ministry.

1. Get Down Into The Starting Position
If you are humble, you can start from the right foundation. It's a foundation that no one else can lay Jesus Christ, the Chief Cornerstone. He has shown you how:

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus, who... made Himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant... He humbled Himself and became obedient to death... (Phil 2:3-8, NIV).

With that approach, you don't need to be concerned, "How will I cope? Will He provide?" Of course He will! He never fails. God will uphold the needy who fully rely upon Him. It's a promise. Notice:

On this one will I look: on him who is poor [needy] and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at My word (Is 66:2).

For thus says the High and Lofty One who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy: I dwell in the high and holy place, [but also] with him who has a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones (Is 57:15).

These are enemies of true ministry: pride; desire for self-elevation; wanting to be noticed; seeking attention; wanting pre-eminence, prestige or 'position', to be important; competition; hypocrisy; jealousy; resentment against others; gossiping; lying, deceit; laziness; hostility; self-seeking or egoism; and lust for power or money.

God cannot use people with such traits. They are tools of the devil.

2. Let Jesus Live In You
It's not surprising, but you can only take Jesus to others if He is in you to begin with. Too many have 'gone' on their own, fuelled by a desire for prominence or some demented motive.

There can be only one true motive for ministry in Jesus' name Jesus Himself. Jesus said:

I am the Vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing (Jn 15:5).

However, if you are truly humble and don't think highly of yourself, then His Spirit will have found a home within, and He will be able to use you to take Him to others.

3. Love Others
Jesus showed His immense love for us all in His life and His death.

As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; [so] abide in My love (Jn 15:9). If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love... (15:10). This is My commandment that you love one another as I have loved you (15:12).

What sort of love was this? Self-sacrificing! Serving. Caring.

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends (Jn 15:13).
You are My friends if you do whatever I command you (15:14).
These things I command you that you love one another (15:17).

4. Trust Him
Without faith it is impossible to please Him (Heb 11:6). So, please Him by simply trusting Him.

I get letters from evangelists who haven't yet learned to trust Him. They write to me, looking to me as if I were their source of supply. I'm not. Jesus is. And when you trust Him, He'll prove it to you. He won't do it before.

You've got to put your life in His hands. When you do, you'll find out just how immeasurable is His love, how great is His foreknowledge, and how immense is His ability.

But you can only do that after you have begun to take the first steps of laying down your life, and of accepting His humility; of giving up your ambitions, and accepting His; and of sacrificing your desires to put His first. When you start doing that, He takes control of things.

He gives you revelation dreams, visions, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, prophetic words whatever you need so that you know what to do, and how to do it.

As you walk, step by step, relying upon Him, He walks with you. And when you can't walk because it's impossible by human means, He carries you. But He will only do that after you have put your hand in His, like a child holds the hand of the strong Daddy he trusts unwaveringly.

5. Look To Him Continually
If you don't know what to do, ask Him. But generally, He will make His will known before you ask Him. Usually, He is waiting for us; not the other way around.

After He has shown you what He wants you to do, don't waste time. Get started immediately. Vacillation, indecision, or procrastination are weapons the devil will try and employ to thwart you.

When you get going, don't look back. Keep going. Don't give up. Work hard. And keep looking up. Keep looking to Him.

Not surprisingly, one of the major obstacles we all face is lack. Lacks of all sorts can deter you. It may be lack in your own ability. Don't worry, Jesus makes up for that. He will strengthen you, so that your weaknesses or shortcomings don't hinder His work through you.

I have lacks and shortcomings in my personality and my abilities. We all do. But they don't have to prevent God one bit. I have found that He creates a course of ministry that He knows you can cope with. He doesn't take you into situations which would be too daunting for you. And when you think He does, you'd better get your thinking straight, because He's just about to prove to you that you can do it with His help.

If you want to fear He'll 'frighten the living daylight out of you', like He did to Israel at the Red Sea. So, don't choose to doubt or fear. Make your decision now beforehand, that whatever situations He takes you into, you set your will to face them, regardless of what you want to do or how you feel inside, and irrespective of what you think you can do.

I never imagined that one day I would be allowing Him to write through me, to teach and help others to fulfil the highest calling in life! But that's what He's done, because I was willing to 'go', to submit to the calling He chose for me. And He will do His will with you, too, if you:

a) Rely upon Him, look to Him, and trust Him.
b) Don't trust men or fear men.
c) Don't fear the spiritual enemy or those used by Satan.
d) Work hard, persevere, and don't give up.
e) Don't look for a reward for yourself.

Another major area of lack is money. The rich ministries are often the ones that have provided what their hearers wanted to hear. It's relatively easy to 'con' people, if you are a 'con' artist. But we are not in that 'game'. We are not here to massage our hearers' ears.

You are to preach the truths of God, without fear or favour, without deviating from what is right, and without compromise. Because of that you may not have a ready financial reward in this life. Money may well be in short supply. But don't worry, God does provide.

God could open the windows of heaven and pour out barrow-loads of banknotes, couldn't He? He doesn't do things that way, of course, but He could. And there are good reasons He doesn't. So, don't fret for lack of money. Just accept it and make the best use of what little you have. Use it properly, wisely, and frugally. Don't waste it.

Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a fatted calf with hatred (Prov 15:17).

Better is the small offering of love like the widow's mite than the donation of a glutted millionaire with strings attached.

Where there is need, there can be humility, carefulness, thrift, gratitude to God, and dependency upon Him. So, don't despise the day of small things. Remember the mustard seed. Whatever God begins, begins small, but grows big in time.

I have seen evangelists get mega-thousands, only to get puffed up by it, and blow out in their exhibition of opulence and pride. They planned great campaigns to reach the masses. They strutted their stuff on stage. They preached with vigour and verve; they pranced and performed. They spent huge sums making a big splash in the sea of humanity. But the surface soon returned to normal, because the Spirit was not stirring. Their impact was like a brick thrown in a pond short-lived and soon forgotten.

Money doesn't make success. God does.

They failed because they sought acclaim for themselves more than for Christ. They drew attention to themselves. They loved the elevation.

That's not God's way.

Do you think they will be saved? No. Learn from Matthew 7:15-23.

So, why be disappointed that He has planned something less damaging for you? If it were essential for you to always have sufficient money to do what you think you need to do, He would supply it. The fact that He doesn't is often because it would be bad for you if He did. He doesn't want to lose you, while He's saving others.

He will provide your needs, not your wants. So, learn to be wise in handling what He provides. (Some tips on this later.) But never forget, if you look to God like Abraham did, God will provide! He doesn't fail!

A man wrote to me some time ago, asking me if he could have our publications on computer disk so that he could get them printed in his own country. (It's much cheaper than sending them from here.) I was only too happy to oblige. But I had a little question in my mind. Naturally I wondered how he was going to pay for such a large operation especially in Africa!

I waited for his inevitable request for assistance... But it didn't come! (A rare man indeed. He looked to God, not to me.) I was surprised. When I found out the reason, he said God had spoken to his heart about doing this because he perceived that God had put an anointing upon 'our' publications; they were life-giving vectors for the Spirit.

God had also spoken to his spirit about how He would achieve this impossible task. He told him that He would cause someone to pay for it.

That's what God has done with us, time and time again. When you step out to do what God shows you to do, He makes a way. First you have to step out in faith. Like Peter stepped out of that boat, you step out into the unknown and into the area of the impossible. You just look to God and follow His directions. The better you do that, the better He can provide for you and put your mind at rest. He will give you words of knowledge, dreams, or words of wisdom to know what you need to know. And you can just get on with doing the physical aspects of your spiritual calling.

And it works out because you do.

6. Use The Publications
The man I mentioned earlier saw the spiritual value of what we have printed. He was sufficiently attuned to the Spirit to perceive. Too many are not, and they miss out on the massive possible benefits.

I have mentioned in What God Said About Midnight Ministries some things which God said to others about MM publications. One man was told by God that He has put an anointing upon 'our' writings, like He did with the biblical writings. That is because they are written by divine decree, for a divine purpose. So God 'anointed' them. In one sense, God had to, because humans just can't do such things alone.

It offends many arrogant ears to hear this. Consequently I have been accused of arrogance for the claim, even though it is what God has said to others, not specifically to me, other than by inference in dreams.

One man accused me of having 're-written the gospel'. It's a pity he can't tolerate that God would do something elsewhere, other than through him.

If he only had the humility like some others, to be willing to learn from what is written, to correct himself on his doctrinal errors, to change his concepts where they are proved wrong, and give credit to someone else for a change, then he would benefit. Instead, he regards Midnight Ministries as a threat, a subversive element, unwelcome competition, and he labels me a false prophet. All because he is arrogant, unteachable, and jealous.

By contrast, those with meekness are willing to take what is written and share it, duplicate it, distribute it, as well as learn from it. And they are blessed, really blessed in their deed. Why? Because they are spreading the anointing of the Spirit.

If you take something inspired by the Spirit as the Holy Bible is and pass it on to someone else who is hungry for spiritual truth, the Spirit transmits to them. It infuses them. It energises them. It teaches them.

That's just a fact of life, and it's what happens when you give or lend to other hungry hearts MM publications or leaflets. They are an avenue for the Spirit to go right inside the mind and heart of that person, and touch them, change them, convert them. That's why you should make full use of these writings, and make them the central core of your evangelism not for my sake, but for His sake.

I don't want any 'glory'. I didn't write them, even though my fingers typed the keys. And those who are of like mind only want to get them into the hands of others, because they too don't want glory for themselves. They care for God's truth and they love people, and want to share God's truths with them, because:

If you abide in My word you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (Jn 8:31,32).

7. Don't Look To Us For Support
What I mention here goes beyond the principles already outlined in:

Faith Raising Our Level of Expectation,
Witnessing For Christ, and
Lessons in Faith.

So, if you have not yet read them, I suggest you do.

The first one explains how you can learn to have your level of faith raised so that you can trust God for anything. The second gives a practical explanation of this in the context of reaching out to others with God's truths. And the third gives some lessons learned from other evangelists who have gone before us, walking this faith road.

As an evangelist, called by God, not by me, you are to rely on Him for spiritual guidance and material help, not me. All I am here to do is to convey what He has given me, to you. That responsibility has cost me immensely. We have had lack of finance for years! So I appreciate your lack of money that is virtually inevitable. Remember Jesus' words:

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few! (Matt 9:37, NIV).

The term 'workers' includes money because that's what workers produce. It's always in short supply for true servants of God.

Independent evangelists are aware of their own predicament, but few understand ours. They think we are flush with funds because of what they see us produce. Appearances can be very deceptive!

We have been in short supply very short supply, so much so that we have jeopardised losing all, to do this work for God. Your position will be similar. God knows. So, don't worry about it. Just look to Him.

However, God, being the practical Being that He is, lets YOU find the way to pay by your own efforts. He waits until you use up all the possible means you have at your disposal before He performs a miracle to deliver you. This happened to the apostle Paul. He had to work (1 Cor 4:12; 9:6) to pay the price for the failure and negligence of the Corinthians and other believers who were not in the will of God (1 Cor 9).

Is it right for you to ask me to support you financially? Is your calling more important than mine that I should pay you? Those who ask us for help, don't think things through. Should not I be rewarded for the service I provide to you and to other believers via our publications, as Matthew 10:10 indicates? If so, instead of you asking me for money, shouldn't I be asking you? (But I won't do that.)

Why is the Scripture turned on its head? Should it be, just because of the (wrong) perception of believers in poor countries, who think that because Britain is 'rich' compared with Africa and India, that a servant of God in Britain should be supporting Africans, or Indians? (Oh that I could!)

Those who think that have no idea what we have to do to make this work of God viable! We have SACRIFICED! So should others who want to enjoy the same spiritual benefits from God. There is no blessing without sacrifice. That's where many in Africa and India go wrong.

They look at the physical, instead of the spiritual. They don't see THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. Some don't fulfil their responsibility in giving. They expect us to do the giving, even when we have nothing. When they have nothing, they ask us. But when they have something, they don't consider helping us. It's a one way street, and that's the problem.

When they turn their motivation around and do the giving as well, then they would see the Hand of God deliver them like we have seen it deliver us. One of the first lessons you must learn is that giving is better than getting. Ironically, it is the avenue of receipt from God:

Give and it will be given to you...  For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you (Luke 6:38).

The pioneering missionary of 100 years ago, C T Studd, said aptly:

Use what you have for God and don't wait for what you haven't got.

That's right. Get going. Don't wait for money. Don't wait for people. If God has called, answer His call. Of course, use wisdom, but don't let physical, material or human factors deter you.

Don't look to us, look to God. He WILL provide for you, as you learn to trust Him and follow the lead of His Spirit in all you do.

Read Witnessing For Christ, especially chapter 5 and you will see more of what I mean.

8. Don't try to set up 'your' church.
I won't say much on this topic, because it is covered in various other leaflets such as Dismantling Churches, The Last Outpouring of the Spirit, Fierce Persecution and the book Meetings With Jesus. Your task is not to form an organised 'church', but to bring people to Jesus and teach them how to follow Him without having to rely upon you or anyone else.

9. Some Practical Tips
Make the Literature Central Because of Its 'Anointing'
I have mentioned that the literature we have produced should be central to your outreach. That is because of what God has revealed concerning its production. It is 'anointed' by God. I don't say that I have conveyed everything perfectly. There may be minor mistakes. But overall, certainly in the major aspects, it is without error because of God's plan for it. Being 'anointed', it carries the Spirit of God to those who are receptive. That's why I say use it. Not because of me. I am only a vehicle, like you. A carrier to take to others what God has given. Thank God for His truths! They are liberating.

OK, so what do you do? Do you photocopy as much as you can and give it away? That's up to you. You have to decide, using wisdom, if that is the right approach. If you don't have any funds whatsoever, and no means to duplicate, then you can't do that, can you?

But you could loan people items of literature and encourage them to do that with what means they have. Some will have funds to be able to duplicate. Others can copy by hand. If they really value what they read, and want it that much, they will do this. It takes some of the load off you and onto them, and it's scriptural for each of us to be industrious.

When Jesus healed people, He often asked them to DO something in order to receive. As people demonstrate by their actions whether they really want what God is offering them, God blesses them. So, they are blessed more by doing what they can, than if you did it all for them.

If you need money to make literature available, but don't have it, then the literature will have to wait, won't it? (That is, until people rally to help you. God can bring people along to assist.)

"But I thought you said, use what you've got and don't wait for what you haven't got." Yes, but you have got to use it in the appropriate manner. That's why you have to 'listen to the Spirit' to know whether God would have you use the money in such a way.

It cannot be overemphasised that the proper USE of money is pivotal to success. If you are foolish and give everything away 'willy-nilly', you will be giving things to people who don't care for truth. Maybe only a small minority will care. So it will prove to be a very expensive operation, and you will let the wicked drain you.

A man in Nigeria received a box of literature and went out giving everything away without asking God what he should do. He assumed he should just give all the publications away to anyone and everyone. Most of them were wasted.

God does not work like that. He is selective in what He does. Didn't Jesus say something even stronger? "Don't cast your pearls before pigs!"

Learn to listen to the Spirit and follow divine directives. God will speak about many things. He won't tell you what you should be able to work out for yourself. So use your mind as well. But let Him influence that.

Libraries and Lending
Why give away copies to others when you can't afford it? If they are not going to reimburse you, then lend them the leaflets or booklets. Ask them to give them back when they have finished reading them. Most people either throw the truth away or demean it. So be wise. Don't waste precious resources. Once they are gone, they are gone. I can't get them back any more than you can.

In communist China, where Bibles are a sought-after commodity because they have been banned, zealous hungry believers share a Bible between them. Some may only possess one page. But they treat that page like gold. They protect it with their life, and copy it for others. Where truth is scarce and forbidden, it is much more highly prized.

Those who really want it will pay the price to have it.

Should I Go Into Debt?
In this ministry, we went into debt because God showed us before- hand that we would have to. It was part of our test. He gave us a dream and prophetic words to confirm it. But for most it's not advisable. Ideally, don't go into debt, unless God definitely shows you to do so.

Listen To The Spirit
Make sure that, in listening to God, you don't follow human hunches, but are receiving correctly, with confirmation from reliable people who are submitted fully to God, or from independent witnesses.

What If I Make Mistakes?
If you make mistakes, don't worry. Just get up and carry on. We all make mistakes. And God forgives. But forgiving a mistake does not reverse the results of that mistake. If you go without because of mistakes, you can't blame God or anyone else but yourself. You have to live with the consequences until such time as God helps you out of the hole you dug.

Financial Dilemmas
If you have a financial dilemma, share it with your brothers in the faith locally, to see how you can resolve the problem amongst yourselves. When the early Church did this, they sold their possessions to provide for those with greatest need (Acts 4:34,35).

You can't look to us. All we can do is make truth-loaded literature available. For that we have paid a heavy price. So, don't add to our burdens, please! Look to God in your own situations, and as you learn the faith walk, He will show you how to cope.

More Information is provided in Witnessing For Christ, particularly chapter 5 of that, Meetings With Jesus, and also in The Bible Speaks, Vol 1, under Following God's Spirit (p 36) and Giving Up Self-Will (p 41).

In Summary

1. Be humble. Don't let wrong motivation prompt you.
2. Let Jesus live in you.
3. Love others. Care for them. Have their interests at heart.
4. Trust Him to provide for you.
5. Look to Him continually. Rely upon Him in all things.
6. Use the 'anointed' publications as much as possible.
7. Don't look to us for your financial support.
8. Don't try to set up 'your' church. Teach people to be independent.
9. Follow the lead of the Spirit. Listen to the Spirit as you 'go'.

And God will be with you! Jesus says to you:

I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you (Jn 15:16).

Malcolm B Heap

[1] This is substantiated by several independent witnesses to whom God gave separate revelations. Some of these are recounted in the leaflet What God Said About Midnight Ministries (there are a number more that are not in that leaflet).

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