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Listening To What God Is Saying

A short while ago, I received a packet in the post from the USA. It contained written accounts of some dreams, prophetic words and spiritual experiences which God had given to Nila Yeo, a grandmother who actively helps others in Christian ministry and who also works as a nurse.

God has spoken to her about the hypocrisy and spiritual somnolence in churches, and she was moved by the Spirit to invite others to stand in the gap with her, in intercession. She found the response disappointing.

But we are not disappointed by her contact. It is encouraging when others are truly led by the Spirit and are humbly listening to God, responding to His call.

Here are some of the revelations she was given.

A Warning to the Church!

God is tired of the Church playing Church, instead of being the Church!!!

The Church has left Me their first love. You compromise and conform with the things of this world, rather than conforming to Me. And I will not compromise!!! But how can the world come to know Me through you, when you are no different from them?

There is a day of trouble coming and it is upon you even now, and there are those in the body of Christ that will not be able to stand when the fire of this day comes. You will look for Me and seek after Me, but you will not be able to find Me, for you will be in a dry place that is afar off from Me.

My word says: “If My people which are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.” [From 2 Chron 7:14.]

Humble yourselves before Me now My people and seek Me now, so that when this day of trouble comes, you will be able to go through the fire and find Me, for many will not be able to stand.

On this day, the world will try to find Me, but they won’t know where to look for Me, as they don’t know Me or My ways. They will seek you out, and as My servant Job had to do for his friends and neighbors, you are to pray for them.

But how can I hear your prayers, when you call yourself My people, and you yourselves don’t even know who I am? With your lips you say you know Me, when you really don’t. You’d rather believe the words of man, than believing the words that I have spoken to you. You say that I am the name of many gods, that they and I are one and the same. NO I say, I am the One True God and there is no other in heaven or in earth. For they are dead, but I am alive.

You pray and ask for revival and blessings. Tell Me why should I? You do not acknowledge Me in your daily walk and am ashamed to speak of Me outside the gatherings of the body.  You praise Me in your churches, but you ignore Me and do not talk to Me or read My word in your daily living. You even curse My Holy name openly and in secret, but then you have the nerve to come into My house and ask Me to bless you. Your praises have only become that of lip service to Me.

You yourselves have made your own prayers and requests null and void, for you ask Me in disbelief. You ask for blessings, healings, and salvation, but after you have made your request known, you say these things and people can’t and will never change. How can I answer your requests, when you have canceled your requests out with your own words?

You withhold your tithes and offerings from Me, making excuses. Therefore you withhold your own financial blessings, forsaking what I have for you instead. You double-minded people, you take what you say you don’t have, then go and buy your lotteries and get rich schemes.  Don’t you know that you are rich in Me?

Your houses and minds have become sewers. For in secret you hide your filth from Me and from the eyes of My people, while professing to live for Me. You watch and listen to the perversion of this world on your TV’s and radios. You hide things in secret on your computers, using secret words to hide your deeds. Do you not remember My Word, that nothing is hid from Me? Return to Me now and repent, for there are consequences for your ways if you do not turn to Me now.

You have even forgotten how to pray to Me. When others seek you out and ask you to pray for them, you do not know how, for you have separated yourselves from Me.

You do a work in My name that I have called you to do, but you have forgotten Me in this and have placed yourselves instead in My high seat of honor, and received the glory meant for Me. I tell you that I do not share My glory with anyone else.  But I have longed to shower you with My blessings to overflowing, but how can I do so when you choose to receive the glory meant for Me and the blessings of man above Mine?

I am a jealous God, and I tell you the truth that I will remove you from your high places of honor meant for Me. So do not be surprised when you see these things happen, for I have already raised up a people to take your place, and I will receive My glory!  Repent now, for I am already moving against you and your ways.

Woe to you ministers of the Word. But what word are you speaking, as they are not my words. This word that you speak is foreign to Me. You do not teach My ways, but rather the ways of division within the body. You are more concerned about denominational doctrine than My doctrine.

You refuse to acknowledge the Holy Spirit, or to teach My people of Him and His gifts and power that is given to you from on High. Therefore your works are just that – of works done in vain, without His leading, guidance, or power.

You are more worried about being politically correct, than being Biblically correct. For you close your eyes and condone the shedding of innocent young blood. Politics are man-made and only for a time, but My ways are law and eternal.

You worry more about offending people with My Word, rather than worrying about giving them My Word and feeding their souls. You do not warn those of their perversion; and their blood is on your hands.

You depend on your government to do the work that I have called the Church to do. You close your ears to the cries of those in need? You turn your head and close your eyes, saying that you do not see or know of their hurt. As you have turned away from them, so I am turning away from you.

Repent!!! Stop polluting, perverting and defiling My people, for you are misleading them. My Word and hand is strong and moving against you even now. For I have already raised Me up a people, even children to take your place, who will do My bidding, to teach My Word and My ways, and to lead My people back to Me.

Do not think that you will not be judged as the others, and will escape My Word, for My Word is true. Humble yourselves before Me now and repent. Repent now and do My work that I have called you to do since the days of old. There is no time left, for harvest time is now.

Prophecy to Nila Yeo, 18th Feb 2003

God's Hand of Wrath Coming Over America

At 7:43 a.m., I awoke to a hand coming from the waters of the west coast and it began moving over America. It crossed over California and kept moving inland a ways. All of a sudden without warning, it closed upon the land holding it tight in its grip.

It is upon us now.

God has been warning the church for years of what is coming, to turn the hearts of the people back to Himself.  But His patience has come to an end and I fear for America of that which I saw. I fear that it is truly the hand of wrath closing upon us, due to our disobedience. For we have forgotten Him and have sought out and lusted after other gods. Please pray, and for those around you!!!  There is an urgency in my spirit.

20th January 2004

The Church Vomits Up Meat

The house of God has to repent, and Repent Now! 

The house of God has to get off the milk and get onto the meat of God’s Word, or it will not be able to stand against what is coming. For it stands on the threshold of death at this very moment and doesn’t even realize it.

They (the Church) will vomit the meat of My Word on this day, due to the reality of what has happened, and they will ask themselves, how did this thing come to be? They will be as a starving people who cannot handle solid food, for when it is introduced into their stomach they vomit it out. They will have to be spoon-fed in small amounts, to be able to tolerate what is given them. For they will be a starved people and will hunger after the food that they have turned up their noses at for so long, saying, “I don’t like that”, and have become as a child picking at its food.

They did not seek after My Truth, so it is that they will not be able to come out from the grasp of what has happened, for they did not believe those that tried to give them the meat of My Word. They laughed at the love I have for them. They laughed and scorned those that gave the meat, while thinking within themselves that they could follow their own way instead.

The house of God will then turn their heart back to their God and truly learn how to worship Me in Spirit and in Truth, but not without penalty. But what god are they lusting after now? 

The house of God has to repent, and Repent Now!

Prophecy given to Nila Yeo, 2/1/04 and re-spoken 3/4/04

How God Will Protect You

I asked the Lord how would He save His people in the day of trouble? That I knew that He had told Dumitru Duduman (2/4/04) that as You saved the 3 Hebrew children from the fire and Daniel from the den of lions, that’s how You would save the Church. But I asked Him again, how would He save His people in the day of trouble?

He answered, “I will save the Church, as I saved My people out of the land of Egypt. As I caused water to spring forth out of the rock, so will I cause water to spring up out of the dry ground. As the children of Israel’s clothes did not wear out and their feet did not swell, so shall it be for the Church.”

I then realized the reality of the water from the rock. We, in our human mind, think of just some water trickled out of a rock and watered (some) people in a desert. But then I realized how many people and animals that water actually supplied. (Not just the people, but ALL the people, and ALL the animals.)

“I shall feed them manna from heaven, as I fed the Hebrew children 40 years. As the widow spared nothing from My servant and gave her all to him, so it was that she and her son hungered not and was saved in their day of trouble. So shall it be for My people in your day of trouble. My people and all theirs shall not lack, if they continue to abide in Me.

“As the wounds are anointed with oil and wrapped, you are to pray for them. The oil shall be as the balm of Gilead, and their wounds shall be healed.

“In the day of trouble, be not dismayed, as not all shall survive. For a time is appointed unto each man and I shall call many home.”

I then questioned Him about the babies, as there will be a lack of formula and the mothers’ milk will be dried up. He then said, “I will give suck to the infant and their mothers’ milk shall return to them. All this will I do for My people who stand obedient to Me. I will do all that I have said I will do.”

Prophecy to Nila 4/17/04

Vision of Angels

During Bible study and prayer meeting, I saw a vision of an army of angels on horseback standing ready in the sky to the north. They lined the entire horizon in the early morning sunrise. The angels and horses were brilliant white with swords drawn. The horses pranced restlessly in anticipation of the work at hand. (Their restlessness reminded me of my daughter’s horse when in competition for speed events. He is so well trained and eager for the barrels, that she only has to cue him during the event, but he prances in excitement when he sees the barrels.)

I was then told that these are the ones in wait to save the Church in the day of trouble.

Vision given to Nila Yeo 11/16/04

Boy Delivered From Demons

I  went to a family’s house, as they had no furniture and no means to come to the mission to get some. The family consisted of 2 grown daughters and a mother. One daughter had 2 young children. The adults have a true relationship with the Lord.

As we were talking, they told me about the 5 year old boy and how he tries to hurt them when they’re asleep and has to go to special schools, due to his behavior, that he’s even tried to burn the house with them in it.

The boy looked at me and said, “I’ll kill you” and laughed.

I questioned the family and they said that they thought that he was demon-possessed. I’d only encountered this 2 times before, but it was with adults, one of which I witnessed and helped to pray for, the other surprised me at the mission.

I asked the family if I could bring someone back with me to pray for the family and they said yes, but they seemed sad at my attempts to leave, when all of a sudden the little boy let out the most dreadful laugh and in another voice said, “See, I made you go away.”

Up to this point, I was actually a little fearful, but when this happened, a boldness came upon me. I asked the mother if I could pray for her son and she said that’s what she’d been hoping and praying for.

The child growled and sneered and screamed at times, the demon tried to act like he’d left, but the Spirit told me he wasn’t gone. 

Just before the demons left, they cried out as if in desperation for help, Carreau (spelling?). On the internet, it means Tormentor. Within minutes the boy became limp as a baby and lay in my arms, sopping, with the prettiest eyes.

He and his sister asked Jesus to come live in them and we baptized them in the tub that day.

The boy then told us about the demons and their names, that they told him to kill his family, but that they were hurting him instead because he had failed due to the family’s faith and protection. 

Nila Yeo, 9/6/04

I visited the family and the children are so different from before. The little boy plays as a child now and the family doesn’t fear him any longer. They said he is changed. Praise God.


The Horn Of The Beast

While passing a church on 1/13/05, for some reason I began to focus on the steeple, unable to break my gaze from it.  While looking at it, I watched it transform into that of one of the horns of the beast from the book of Daniel.

It wasn’t about any church in particular or any denomination, it was about the Church in general. I wondered, “Lord, what could this mean?” Somehow in my spirit, I knew that this had meaning about the Church and the beast, but I’m not sure of its full meaning at this time, I can only guess to it.  Lord, help me to understand.

The Small Horn Is Apostate Church Leadership

The vision of the steeple does not leave me and troubles me much. As I see the horn on the original steeple, I noticed that it is small in comparison to the many other steeples that I have observed. As I have read Daniel 7 concerning the horns, I am also transfixed on the small horn of the beast.

Lord, how has this happened? The following is as the word was given to me.

“If My people which are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.” [Church leadership is lifted up, NOT humble.]

You reject My word, and the word of my prophets, so it is that you have allowed a curse to enter in among yourselves and it has been allowed to grow unchecked. It is as a canker sore that has been allowed to fester and has now ulcerated, and you have become ill from the poison that purges through the very veins of your spirit, as you have now become Septic.

From among you, one shall rise up from within. You shall follow him and he shall be your demise.

The small Horn shall come from within of what you call the church, but it is not of My Church. You are not My bride who stands in wait and looks to Me their deliverer. For you have become as the foolish virgins who did not keep their wicks trimmed and their lamps full of oil, while waiting for Me.

You shall look to the Horn as your salvation, you shall look to him as your deliverer, you shall look to him as your redeemer. For you have forgotten Me and are not of Mine any longer, for you have chosen to separate yourselves from Me, in the name self-will and self-gratification.

Do you not see the Horn?  Look to the top of your houses of worship and look at the magnet that you have created. For it attracts and welcomes in the things of the world that are not of Me. You look to your wealth and size, as you rob from each other while using My name to justify your deeds. You look to your apparel and your being more holy than your neighbor, as you condone the things of this world. But you’d rather reject and not listen to My warning to turn back to Me while there is still time, to turn from these things that you have placed as god over Me.

Turn back to Me and run from the Horn of this world while you can, for there is not time left. For he shall utterly destroy you. The freedoms that he shall promise you, shall entrap you. Only I will be able to save you, but only if you turn to Me before you are no longer able to.

You have made your house of worship a sellers' market with a floor show and stage and I do not know this house, for it is not Mine. You have even allowed and practice witchcraft within, while worshipping their deities.

Come out from among this world, come out from its perversity... Repent and ask, and I shall heal your marriages, restore your families, and I shall utterly destroy the generational curses from among you, but only if you look to Me and repent.  Run from the Horn, that I may be your help in the day of trouble, run to Me for there is not time left.  Run to Me now.


Satan's Attack Against Her

I had asked Nila by e-mail to e-mail these things to me to include them in this Newsletter. Shortly afterwards, someone hit her jeep (car) in the parking lot while she was at work. Then, while driving home, the steering wheel broke. She says "it was nearly completely broken off and I couldn't steer or turn the jeep at all. I just kept repeating three words over and over again, 'Help me Jesus'. Thanks to my Lord I drove 30 miles and got home safely."

Satan wants to prevent this Work that God is doing!

True Ministry Requires Sacrifice

"...Our ministry ... runs off my paycheck from work and an occasional donation, though the Lord has recently placed it on one retired gentleman's heart to help support us from his pension. Local officials have tried to shut us down, but all those who have come against us have lost their positions..."

 Nila Yeo

The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles (Ps 34:17).

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