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The Middle East Is about to EXPLODE!

More than three years ago, on 3rd June 2001, Kassahun Ayele had a dream about Yasser Arafat. As you know, Arafat died on 11th November 2004.

The dream's symbolism was this:

War Between Palestinians and Israel.
It seemed to be night. I saw in a room the leader of the Palestinian people, Yasser Arafat, with some of his officials talking about a secret mission. I couldn't hear what he was saying to his officials. Suddenly, he was shot and killed while he was in the room. After the killing a great war broke out between the Palestinians and Israel. (Newsletter 15, Sept 2001, p 25.)

When the dream was given, it seemed to be a literal portrayal of what was to come. There are some obvious symbols in it, of course, such as the darkness (symbol of the spiritual state of the world, and in the Middle East), and the secret mission (it is unknown what the Palestinians have been planning). But, we had no reason to suppose that the shooting of Arafat was anything other than literal, as is the war predicted in the dream.

The main purpose of the dream would seem to be to alert you to a dreadful war which will break out between Palestinians and Israel.

Some people will wonder – understandably – why Arafat was not shot as the dream portrayed. And some will go further to find fault and suggest that the prophecy was false because of that. I would caution anyone to be very careful not to be hasty in concluding that!

Certainly, the Yasser Arafat scenario was a bit of a surprise the way it worked out. Although we're still not sure about the circumstances surrounding his sudden turn for the worse, it appears highly unlikely that he was shot, as Kassahun's dream portrayed. But appearances can be deceptive!

Some would be quick to shout "False prophecy! False prophet!" which is part of the reason why God gives pictorial and figurative imagery in dreams, rather than literal things, more often than not. He is giving unbelievers a chance to doubt and find fault, to let them trip up and show their true colours, while those with God's Spirit can understand and believe.

"Believe what?" many will ask.

Well, in this instance, the purpose of the dream was to point out something much more than merely the fact that Yasser Arafat would die.

Being shot represented an unseen hostility against him from the other Palestinian 'big wigs'. They wanted him out of the way so they could move their political objectives forward more radically. Arafat would tend to play a double game, appeasing the West, or appearing to, and condemning suicide bombings against Israel. I think the dream hints that there are some hardliners there who want more ruthlessness and cruelty in their dealings with Israel to get what they want. That is borne out by what the dream account said next. After Arafat was dead "a great war began between the Palestinians and Israel."

THAT'S the focus of the dream, and is the most salient part of it, warning about what is now going to come. God help His people to heed!

But, you know, most don't. I have sent that dream to some people in the region, one of whom lives near Jerusalem, but I don't think he believes it. He's not making any preparations to get out of the country. He's expanding his project in Israel, instead of following Jesus' advice!

Jesus warned, "When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies... GET OUT!" That's the situation today. You don't have to see literal armies there. Long range weapons can reach Jerusalem from the Mediterranean or from any neighbouring Arab state. Israel is surrounded by enemies right now, who are waiting for their opportunity and justification to pounce. It's getting close.

The media are quick to talk about "Israeli aggression", and world opinion is on the side of Palestinians. Israel is isolated, beleaguered, misunderstood and persecuted, like a lone sheep with growling lions, hyenas and jackals all around her.

Now that Arafat is gone, it's only a matter of time before things in the Middle East rapidly deteriorate into full scale war. Whether it's months or years, time is very short and events will move rapidly from then on, with the "king of the North" realising he must assert himself more in order to try and stabilise the region. But his attempts will only be anti-Semitic and pro- Palestinian, further crushing little Israel. (The Kings of North and South are referred to in 'our' new publication Daniel's Prophecies For Our Time!)

This was not a 'failed prophecy'. There are still some unknown and undisclosed facts to be revealed.

Was Arafat Shot?

The meaning in the dream of being shot may have been symbolic, or it may reveal more about what took place, but which the media have not been told.

I wrote to a friend, who likes to keep abreast of world news items, about this piece of news, to see what he thought about the whole episode. I said:

There's something 'fishy' about the lack of information surrounding Arafat's death. The news is unable to disclose his cause of death. The hospital doctors have not said what he died from. There are many unanswered questions.

Why was he taken ill suddenly? What was he suffering from? They said it was a blood disorder, but no one knows what it was, apparently. That's strange for expert doctors.

And if he was suffering from a blood disorder like Leukaemia, he wouldn't go into a coma. So why did he go comatose?

His body was taken back to Ramallah, but there was no autopsy, and no statement about his cause of death. It seems that the French wanted to get rid of him as quickly as they could to avoid any trouble.

Why did his wife go almost 'mental' when the Palestinian delegation arrived in France? Why did she say he had been poisoned? And why did others quickly deny that? Why did she accuse those henchmen of coming there to finish him off? Why did she refuse them access to him? She, more than anyone else, would know about any 'inside' job.

What if he WAS shot with a poison dart? Like Bulgarian spies did in the 60s. Or what if he had a medical condition and the doctor or whoever gave him an injection of something, making out it was beneficial, but was actually poison? And the poison didn't work?

And what if the doctors in France knew that he had been injected with something lethal, naturally they would keep quiet, lest they be held accountable. Then all hell could break out in France in reprisals from mad terrorists.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that there was a very 'good' motive to get rid of him. He was getting senile and ineffective, but he would not step down and relinquish power. He held onto power with a tight grip and insisted, like so many other middle eastern dictators, that he was the head of state and would stay that way until he died. Yet the Palestinians have been getting more and more frustrated that their cause was not progressing. Some would say that they needed a new, younger leader who would be much more of an appealing and dynamic figurehead to the younger Palestinian zealots.

I'm not a one for conspiracy theories, but this one I am still wondering about – whether God was saying something in that dream about him being shot that is very revealing!? I know that God does tend to predict the well nigh impossible, or what is totally unexpected. So, perhaps the truth is buried and yet to be unearthed (if ever?). We'll have to wait and see.

My friend replied to that missive, saying he also had some misgivings about the gaps in the reporting:

I actually thought of some of this after I read about Arafat and Kassahun's dream. You are right, they have not disclosed what the actual cause of death was. The news here in the States say that it is a mystery as to what brought all this on. Granted, he was 75 years old, but he was actually doing OK. Then suddenly he falls deathly ill, is rushed off to Paris (of all places), and dies with no real reason given. As you said, there was no autopsy performed. However, if someone had ordered one, then this in itself would have aroused suspicion and any outcome of the autopsy would have been challenged and away we go with all the conspiracy theories. As it is, they handled it rather slick, in my opinion. Oh, there will be a few who question this and there will be theories to be sure. There is always a chance, of course, that a true conspiracy will be exposed and then all hell will break loose.

The thing with his wife I did not pay that much attention to, but I think you may be right. She smelled a rat. However, she cared little for him but did care for his billions he is supposed to have stashed across the world. [She is reported to have received $60 million into her bank account shortly before Arafat was flown to Paris - editor.] She is used to living on a $100,000 PER MONTH allowance since she has lived in Paris. We can see where her motivations are. She has little or no chance to make any kind of power play. No, money is her concern. I'm sure some kind of deal was struck. Interesting that she was saying he was OK and would return to Israel and suddenly he dies.

You are also right about the motive. Much like the attempts on Hitler's life. Old, senile, ineffective, and causing more harm than good.

The poison dart is also a distinct possibility. The Russians and East Germans perfected another method of injecting poison with a tiny hollow ball with holes. The poison was inside and just leaked out after injection. This ball was about the size of a peppercorn, or smaller (if my memory serves). They could inject it from a device inserted in the tip of an umbrella. The poison at the time (risen I think) was virtually untraceable. That was in the 60's and 70's. Technology has advanced since then, as has biological science. No telling what can be done now.

As you said, we'll have to wait and see. We may not find out until after Christ comes.

In London's Daily Mail of Monday November 15th 2004, this letter was printed from a US reader:

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, both one of the most hated and revered political leaders on earth, was treated in a military hospital in France where he was killed by an unknown ailment. He was reported to have had an unusual condition which had reduced his blood platelets to dangerous levels.

Doctors said his symptoms also included nausea, extreme weakness, vomiting and diarrhoea. They were unable to treat him, and he eventually became comatose.

Taken all together, these symptoms are consistent with the effects of high-intensity radiation exposure – as happened to Karen Silkwood at the Kerr-McGee nuclear company.

If this is the case, it could mean that someone had been exposing the PLO leader to a strong source of radiation; or Arafat could have been exposed accidentally in the presence of radioactive materials such as a nuclear device or radio-isotopes stolen for the construction of a 'dirty' bomb.

With the PLO reportedly having many millions of dollars at its disposal, its ability to purchase nuclear materials on the black market for use against Israel or other enemies is within the realm of real possibility...

J Guth, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

God revealed in the dream that he was plotting a secret mission, and that he was deliberately killed!

Islamic Fanaticism Rising

Here are some other dreams from God portraying what is about to come now:

26th April 2004. K. Fanaticism.

I saw that a group of people were holding hands, singing and celebrating in front of their temple. These people had a sort of idol made of feathers on their chest. The Spirit of God implanted in my mind the word ‘Fanaticism.’

Meaning: The North American Indians worshipped many nature gods. They decorated themselves with feathers, and gave themselves over in ritual dances to the animal spirits with whom they identified. But they were actually giving worship to demons.

Similar demon-inspired worship is occurring today in the Middle East, although in a different form.

As the true God has been ignored or rejected in our physical, indulgent, Western society, so has fanaticism increased against such empty, decadent materialism. You see it in radical Muslims who have declared jihad or 'holy war' on these excesses of Western decadence. Even if they can see some of what is so blatantly evil about the indulgences of the pornographic, liberal, irreligious, self-centred Western culture, they cannot offer a suitable alternative. Their fanaticism is one that kills, maims, or destroys. It is not based on the love of God.

One of Satan's most powerful lies – the promise of paradise in the afterlife to suicide bombers who physically obliterate such 'infidels' who indulge in this decadence – claims many adherents. And as long as the love of God is unknown to such people, fanaticism will claim its victims.

Fanaticism is on the increase!

29th June 2003. M.
Grotesque and horrible massacre: Muslim hatred and revenge!

I saw three groups of 3 bodies in each. They were men who had been killed by Muslim fighters in their Intifada against the Jews. Their bodies, on their backs, were laid out in a star shape, 3 in each star. [3 depicts finality. 3 x 3 = 9, which portrays judgement.] The bodies had been mutilated.

The Muslims had perpetrated the worst humiliating and disrespectful atrocity they could upon these victims. They had cut away their clothes around their genitals and cut off every man's penis.

Meaning: This portrays the horrible hatred which Muslim fighters have for the Jews. They want them exterminated! The symbolism portrays how they want to totally cut off their ability to regenerate. (See Ps 83:2-4.)

29th May 2004. K.  Islamic Slaughter Coming.

I saw on TV a huge heap of corpses killed and burned by Islamic radicals. Their leader was holding a burnt skeleton in his hand. He also made a verbal outburst with disgusting words. I couldn't tolerate the sight so I turned my TV off.

Meaning: These evil people who perpetrate such atrocities are demonised. Uncontrolled foul language is a sign of demonic influence. Demons will whip up tremendous hatred, provoking terrible violence and horror.

7th November 2003. K.
Islamic invasion and division amongst themselves.

I saw divisions in Islamic religion. Moslems were completely in disagreement with each other and killed each other. Some of them were burning the Koran. Others were burning mosques. The scene was terrible.

Comment: In war, even what moderate Muslims want to believe – that their faith is peace-loving (which, actually it isn't; they are deceived about that because it is essentially intolerant of Jews and Christians), will be discarded.

22nd October 2003. K.
Islamic punishment?

A man lay in the street. The corpse was naked and many people surrounded it. He was stoned until dead.

Such atrocities are not confined to Palestinians. Jewish retaliation only repeats the horrors!

2nd April 2004. K.
Escalating violence between Israelis and Palestinians

I saw in the media that Israeli jets had bombarded Palestinians. Dead bodies were everywhere. Some had been mutilated. [Symbolises Israeli army hatred for Palestinians.] Their homes were completely destroyed. Some media reports said that 5,000 Palestinians had been killed in the attack.

Some Reached By The Gospel

Yet in all this vileness, somehow the Gospel will be preached and some people reached!

31st May 2004. K. Israelis Receive The Gospel.

I was invited to share God's word in the home of an Israeli leader. When I arrived there the leader met me with a dagger in his hand. I was shocked but he told me not to be afraid. He said that the dagger is for protection because in that same day 2 top officials had been kidnapped by Palestinians.

Meaning: Probably after the dead are raised, Kassahun will receive such an invitation, which is depictive of how many national leaders will listen to 'our' message from God. The dagger kept for self defence depicts the constant dangers faced by Jews from hate-filled Palestinians who are out to kill Jews.

Sea of War

The conflict in the Middle East will not be confined to Palestine. It will engulf Europe and Africa. Demons are stirring up people throughout the region. There is terrible genocide taking place in Darfur, Sudan. Instigated by Arabs, and condoned by the government, it will spread. Kassahun has received numerous dreams about terrible conflict, war and atrocities to come, which will engulf Ethiopia. In this vacuum of stability and order, Islam will take hold and bring horrendous oppression and misery to the South of Israel.

The North (Europe) will be against this anarchic Islamic despotism, but unable to do very much about it. In their selfish pragmatism, they will merely care about their own physical needs, keeping a particular eye on the supply of oil. The instability in the region could jeopardise that.

Finally, the whole Mediterranean basin will become a war zone between the 'King of the North' and the 'King of the South'. Europe and the southern Islamic power will be at each other's throats.

22nd October 2004. K. Mediterranean Sea a War Zone.

I saw the Mediterranean Sea filled with all kinds of snakes and crocodiles so that one could not see the waters. It seemed that the sea was covered with a vast black curtain over it. I thought ships would not be able to pass through the sea.

Comment: Snakes and crocodiles depict evil spirits which stir up the nations to war and commit atrocities and evils.

Antidote to Islamic Ideology

The Islamic suicide bomber instils fear into many. His victory over others is through fear. He has no fear of death, because his ideology (even though false) over- rides it. The Westerner, who is engrossed in the physical things of this life, fears death. This is the materialist's Achilles' heel and Islam has exploited it.

The antidote to Islamic oppression is in ideology too – a greater ideology that also does not fear death – but an ideology that is based on love, not hate. It is in knowing Jesus, having His love, and the assurance of His faith. The true Christian knows that if you remain true to Him, a wonderful life awaits you the other side of death. We do not fear what men can do (Ps 27; 56:4).

"Here is the patience [endurance] of the saints" (Rev 13:10; 14:12). See also Revelation 12:11,12.

Malcolm B Heap December 2004

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