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A Prophet

In 1998, a friend e-mailed me with a pertinent message. God had spoken to him about others’ reactions to what God has given me to do for Him. Here is that e-mail:

Subj: A Word From Jonathan   Date:    10/12/98

Hello Malcolm:
I've had a feeling, a picture [vision], and a Word.

Feeling: You become overly emotionally personally involved in some issues.

Word: I Samuel 8:7 was put in my mind to give you.

And the Lord told him [Samuel]: “Listen.... it is not you they have rejected..., but Me.” (1 Sam 8:7.)

You are doing your tasks. Don't fret too much about closed minds.

Picture: You are in a first-century type eastern market.

You used to be in a tent; but when you tried to give the other occupants treasure maps that have already been paid for, you were mocked by those who thought such a thing could only be handed down by the cheifest of merchants; and only if the petitioner stooped low enough to satisfy him.

(The picture also had an amusing scene. Whenever anyone stooped really low, all the men around the chiefest of merchants applauded!).

You are now out in the street, but you can still be heard faintly calling through the curtain. Most street people hurry by. Some merchants, proud of who they are, mock you because they have their own treasure maps.

But beyond them, peering around the robes of the mockers are a few who are waiting for an opportunity to ask you for a map.

Cheerio, in Christian love,

My Reply:

Thanks for this, Jon. Makes much sense! ...Helena and I do tend to get quite emotionally involved and grieved at the stubbornness of people – their refusal to accept the aspects of truth we are trying to alert them to.

I have just had a lengthy altercation via the net with a pastor in the USA, who shuts his mind to anything other than what he wants to pursue in his own agenda and personal ambition (cut and pasted below this note. You might find it interesting). His pride prevents him learning more. ("Some merchants, proud of who they are, mock you because they have their own treasure maps.")

....your reminder is very timely. Helena had a dream last night that a person was watching us, suspiciously, from around the corner. Some are very curious to know what's going on. We have found that there are a few believers who truly want to know and believe the whole truth, at any cost to themselves, but we can't reach most of them because church leaders block the way, either physically or psychologically. That's why God will blast the doors open with supernatural power.

Thanks again.

Subj:    Re: Your emails and things   Date:    08/12/98
To:       sshultz@worldaccessnet.com

In a message dated 07/12/98 17:50:40 GMT, you write:

<< I have sent you a tape which perhaps you have not received yet. Please listen to it and take it as one brother blessing another. >>

Dear Steve,

Thanks. The tape came this morning. I include some comments on that at the end of this reply.

 << I have not responded to all your recent emails because I have not and do not feel called to respond to issues related to Sabbath, or feasts, or Christmas. These are issues, all of which I have examined in depth years ago. I have and am trying to be at peace with all men, and whenever I respond, you write with "upsetness" in your "voice" and the result is not peace between us. >>

If I am grieved by your lack of objective response, is that a sin on my part or on yours?

Keith Davis wrote a very worthwhile summary of the life of John G Lake (Back To The Future, 12/11/98), which you published on your Elijah List. In it he said very appropriately that Lake was "a man without compromise when it involved the Spirit's revelation of the Word, Lake utterly refused to compromise the true revelation of the Word for a false unity which he believed resulted in spiritual weakness. He believed that principle is better than unity, and the ultimate end of right principles would be true unity of the faith as described in Ephesians 4:13."

Peace was not achieved by Jesus either. When He turned up the spiritual heat, MANY of His disciples no longer walked with Him (Jn 6:66). Was that Jesus' fault for demanding greater spiritual depth from them, or theirs for stepping back from what He asked? Is it my fault that we don't walk in peace for challenging you to accept further revelation of what God requires of us in obedience to Him, or your fault for refusing to accept the input?

<< Since we are both trying to listen to the Lord, I ask you to go to Him and ask Him personally to what depth He has seen me research this Sabbath issue. Then you will not have to ask me, or ask me to prove anything to you, and when the Lord tells you about my research, you will then know that it is not a matter of throwing texts your way to "prove my point" as that would only be fodder for your canon to tell me why each and every text has been misapplied. >>

OK, I will tell you what He has given me about you. I have told you some of it already, but you didn't like to hear it.

Firstly, when your e-mail reply appeared on my screen I felt a sinking feeling inside and I knew that you had rejected me. That was the last thing He said. He told me more before.

I was given a dream last week of you. You were represented by a van (I don't know if you use the same word, but a van is a working vehicle in which tradesmen carry their tools and materials for work) which was in my way. Petrol was being poured out on the ground very near your van. I knew that it would ignite soon and cause a fierce explosion, so I asked you to consider moving your van. I was troubled because I cared for your van and didn't want to see it damaged. But you wouldn't move it.

So, He doesn't have to tell me how much you have 'researched' these issues I have presented to you for your consideration. What if I have researched them for longer? I have kept the Sabbath for 33 years now, and in all that time He has continued to increase my understanding and appreciation of the spiritual value of obeying this command, just like the other nine.

It's not really a question of how much you may have researched anything. If you are wrong, you are wrong, despite the length of time you have devoted to it. Are you proud of that? Then, that pride could hinder a correct appraisal. If you think you have arrived at a right conclusion and that there is no need for you to reinvestigate anything concerning what I have sent you, then what more can I say? Arrogance occludes humility, and division is the result.

<< Honestly, Malcolm, I must be about my Father's business – and so must you. >>

Then one of us is wrong. Which one? We can't both be about our Father's business, because we are heading apart, not together.

<< If I responded in kind to each person that disagreed with my beliefs and theology, I would have time for nothing else. If I responded to you the way you would prefer I do, I certainly would have no time for the Elijah List at all. >>

Which shows what is top of your agenda. It's your baby, not necessarily that which God wants ideally for you at this time. The Lord prophesied to you previously about your pride and pursuit of personal ambition.

<< I am called to the nations with what the Lord is asking me to do >>

Yes. And you could go a lot more effectively if you let Him do it His way, not work it out your way. His way inevitably causes confrontation and sifts hearers along the way. Doing what God wants also involves giving up what we hold dear.

<< and to stop and argue about the Sabbath as a means to salvation is simply unfruitful. >>

You shouldn't be arguing. You should be busy examining what I have sent, and humbling yourself before God to accept what HE says in His Word on the matter. Then you would find the keeping of the Sabbath most fruitful. And I didn't say it was a means to salvation. That is twisting what I have said. We don't obey anything God says to get salvation. We obey to do what God says. Even after having done all that, we are still unprofitable servants; we have only done what we should have done in the first place.  We are not justified by works, but saved by grace. Then, when we accept His grace, we allow Him to sanctify us as we accept and live out the obedience to His Word in our lives.

<< Especially when both of our minds are made up in concrete on this issue >>

Which proves again that one of us is wrong. We can't both be right, or we would be in agreement.

<< (please don't respond here with another "prophecy" that God is now going to judge me – This does not have the fruit of the Spirit in it when that happens.) >>

Doesn't it? Did Jeremiah's correction also lack the fruit of the Spirit of God in it when he said: "I will make this house like Shiloh and this city an object of cursing among all the nations of the earth..... The Lord sent me to prophesy against this house and this city all the things you have heard. Now reform your ways and your actions and obey the Lord your God. Then the Lord will relent and not bring the disaster He has pronounced against you" (Jer 26:6,12-13).

God had previously told him: "Tell them, This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: Drink, get drunk and vomit, and fall to rise no more...." (Jer 25:27). If you think what I have said to you at the Lord's bidding is without the fruit of His Spirit, you reject Jeremiah as a prophet of God, too.

<< We are called to make disciples of all nations and not converts of other Christians to our own doctrinal beliefs. >>

Shouldn't the two go hand in hand? Indeed! Jesus said: ".... teaching them to obey all things I have commanded you" (Matt 28:20). Disciples who are not disciplined in living in obedience to every word of God are not fully disciplined. They have yet to learn other important lessons in discipleship. Jesus said: "You are My friends if you do what I command" (Jn 15:14). You can't keep nine commands and scotch one of them because it doesn't suit your style. Whoever breaks one command is guilty of breaking all, James wrote. Who's right? You or the apostle James?

<< Too many people are being "Lost" to spend our time arguing doctrinal issues on the law.>>

Do you think God needs you to race off after the lost? Doesn't He have the time of their calling all under His control? He does! He wants YOU first to obey Him, then He can use you to bring others into His fold. The 'lost' will come when the time is right. They're not as lost as you think. They're going through a time of preparation before they can be called and saved. If you use your 'busyness' in trying to reach the lost as an excuse for ignoring important issues of obedience in Christian living and discipleship, whose agenda are you pursuing? Your own.

<< Please respect that these issues are not mine, >> which is what I say to you, Steve.

<<and please discontinue trying to get my attention or change my mind on them. >>

This will be my last, unless you resume correspondence.

<< If you knew my time and research already expended, you would know that such discussion between us would be fruitless. >>

Would I waste so much of my time on you if I was not sent by the Almighty?! I have nothing to gain personally, except another enemy.

<< I'm trying to direct your attention to things that are not a waste of the precious time the Lord has given on this earth. >>

I'm sorry I have been wasting your precious time. I didn't notice how valuable it was compared with mine.

<< You need to know Malcolm that as I read your posts, when or if you start to tell me the awful things that will now happen to me because of my position, I just quickly hit delete. So if you write a passionate word "against me" "from the Lord" it simply doesn't ever get read. >>

He that turns away his ear from hearing the law, his prayer shall be an abomination to the Lord (Prov 28:9).

<< I won't  read them when you "go off" like that. Why take your time that is better spent on other things? >>

You're right. I'm going now.

<< If you take 20 minutes to tell me why I'm now in trouble, it is only wasted time as I just hit delete when I see where you are going. So much of what you've written in that vein has never even been read by me.>>

So, along with the law (the Pentateuch) I suppose you never read the Prophets either.




Dear Steve,

Thank you. I received the tape this morning and listened to it all the way through. While you come over as well meaning, I cannot help but conclude that you are labouring under some delusions.

You know harmony is not just founded upon speaking nice kind things and never disagreeing or contesting anything. There are times when the wounds of a friend are better than the kisses of an enemy. And correction towards righteousness comes initially from the Throne of Grace. But you don't see it that way at the moment.

There were some wrong points about us on your tape:

1. I am not 'wounded' in the sense that you insinuated. I am grieved by the stubbornness of many of those to whom I am sent, yes. But so were the prophets God used towards Israel.

2. My wife, Helena, does not second guess anything I am commissioned to do. She is 100% behind me in the work God has given me. She has an intercessory ministry. She prays all day long, and sometimes awakes at night to intercede.

3. You mentioned romance and prayed that our romance be restored. That conclusion was also false.  [My wife and I are both happily married, and our relationship has steadily improved over the past 30 years. We have never looked back. So, your ‘prophetic’ input was wrong. You are hearing from the adversary.]

4. And you prayed for our favour in the community to be restored. I don't seek that, nor pray for it. If it comes in measure, so be it. I don't care for that. I'm not a man-pleaser. I have been told by God that I will give my life for Him in what He has commissioned me to do. I will be murdered, martyred, if you like. Like Peter, James and many of the other apostles, prophets and other believers down through the centuries.

What I seek most is to see those to whom I am sent, accept our input from the Lord, change, and get their conduct into line with EVERY word of God.

5. You quoted the preacher who said that 50% of what we believe is wrong, and the problem is we don't know which 50%. You included yourself in that along with me. But if 50% of what I believe is wrong, then why did God send me to correct your doctrinal errors?

It's strange that I am [was] willing to listen to your tapes and even pass them on to others, but that you will not reciprocate in that regard – even though you say you want to have an open spirit. You refuse to look into the facts of what I have sent you.

Who IS nurturing an open spirit? Perhaps you should take a more introspective look at your own approach and be more honest with yourself.

Jesus came down heavily on the religious leaders of His time for their arrogance and hypocrisy. He was fulfilling His role as Prophet of God. If I have come to you for the same reasons, who are you really resisting?

This will be my last missive to you. I am called elsewhere now. I do not wish you ill, but well. However, the choice is down to you, not me.

Should you ever want to respond positively and objectively I welcome your friendship and brotherhood.

In His love,



Steve Shultz, moderator of the ‘Elijah List’ which publishes prophetic words over the web, refused to accept any correction. He has all the doctrinal truth he wants from the Bible. He doesn’t want any more. He is not alone in his myopia. That is the prevalent approach in this Laodicean church age (Rev 3:14-22). It saddens Jesus. But with His patience and love, He stands outside their door, continuing to knock. 

The Picnics

Helena was given this dream on 23rd January 2001:

Dream about a lot of people, all sitting around in their little groups, having their picnics, without being aware of each other. We were at the side trying to get on with our business. We were ignored. They were all doing 'their own thing'.

Meaning: This depicts the attitude of most to the truths God wants them to accept and move on with, and it depicts their attitude and approach towards us. They are involved in their little churches, doing what they want. They take little notice of what we have written, so they fail to grasp the spiritual depth of many issues. This one of taking seriously input from the prophets of God is one of them. So, instead of having a more substantial feast, they are content to just picnic.

What this means is that people are all engrossed in what THEY are doing, concerned about their little area of activity. It is the product of a selfish spirit. It is idolatrous and blinds people to the bigger picture. They don't see what God means to do through our literature. They may see the publications, but what is inside them is lost on them. They fail to see how God wants to give this truth to the Church worldwide and how it is meant to totally reform it around the world. This selfishness causes blindness which keeps them out of the revival which God means for many more to share in.

N.B. God has given us many more dreams, which we record in our regular newsletters for the benefit of others who want to learn from them. It’s a shame that most allow their own carnality to resist God and reject what He brings them through our writings.

Malcolm B Heap

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