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The Pope and the Catholic Church

A dream from God

In April 2005, soon after Pope John Paul II died, God gave a dream to a friend of ours. This dream was to help him understand more about his own spiritual position and condition, but it also provided important revelation about Catholics in general from God's perspective.

The dream of 3rd April 2005
[Probable meaning in square brackets.]
I was in a meeting, sitting at the rear on the right hand side of the aisle. [Right, in this context, signifies those who will not be lost, who can be saved later (explained in Was The Pope Saved?).] There were less seats on the right of the aisle, only about 3 or 4 seats wide. [Means that about a third of Catholics will be saved.] To the left of the aisle the seats were about 8 wide. [Left here depicts lawless or libertine; and maybe that these people won't be saved.] It appeared that all the seats were full. [The popular acceptance of Catholicism in the world.]

Sitting in a slightly elevated position [how he was lifted up in his position as pope] in front of the left hand section [the people whose choice of lawlessness will preclude them from receiving salvation], was Pope John Paul II [likewise, he wasn't saved when he died]. He was facing to his right [however, his heart is not evil; this symbolism depicts him wanting to reorientate his life in obedience to God], which was to the left from where I was sitting.

There were three women in front of the pope [three depicts finality, so this probably depicts the end-time false church who holds to the dogma that the Godhead is trinitarian], standing in a triangular configuration, praying for him [what they have been doing after his death, which is all entirely unnecessary]. There was a fourth woman standing separately from the others [she depicts the heavenly saints] and to their left [who have true freedom in the Spirit]. Pope John Paul was either crying or perspiring [he is suffering now in the spirit realm, as he sees with perfect hindsight and with God's vision, the terrible deceptions he helped perpetuate and foist onto millions of poor people] and the fourth woman moved in and wiped his face with a wet facecloth [she helps him to come to terms with the spiritual abominations he promoted, and comforts him in his mental and spiritual torment].

It appeared then that someone in the right hand section, near the front, was prayed for and healed or delivered from a demon. [This is what is shortly to occur; revival will erupt with miracles and people being delivered from demons, to point out the deceptions of the Catholic Church, and to present the pure biblical truth to those who want to accept it.]

A man [church leadership] in the middle of the left hand section [the unconverted section] then started creating a scene as though he was demon-possessed. [Church leadership will vehemently oppose what we bring, resent the miracles, and resent and resist the truth of God.] Two men moved from the front of the right hand section, crossed the aisle and went to the disturbed man. He resisted them and they had to drag him struggling out into the aisle. They then dragged him backwards, with his heels dragging along the floor, up the aisle and across to where the three women were praying. [Funny parody; a mockery of the uselessness of church leadership trying to resist what God will do.]

I didn't see what happened when he got to the three women. The two men who had dragged him there turned and walked back towards their seats. I recognized one man, as he lives in my village and is campaigning to keep the local Catholic Junior School open. [Besides helping to further connect the dream's imagery to the Catholic Church, he is used in the dream because he's just an ordinary man, and it's ordinary people who will recognise that the revival coming is from God, though the Catholic hierarchy will mostly reject it.] The two men had determined looks on their faces as though they were totally confident in their actions and would tolerate no nonsense. [God gives boldness to those who fully commit to Him.]

The dream then ended. [Our friend, who is not a Catholic, was included in the dream, sitting in the right hand section of the Catholic Church, to portray his need to progress spiritually. Catholics are man- dominated and not Spirit-led as they should be. Even the ones who have received the baptism in the Spirit have not moved on enough to see that they are still giving homage to men by remaining part of a human church system instead of fully embracing the truths of God, and being fully committed to following and serving Jesus in the Spirit.]

Malcolm B Heap, 2005

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