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Will Turn Back To God

On page 20 of The Bible Speaks Vol 2, under the title Power From Above, this is written:

...many more will come to hear the end-time witness when the dead are raised in conjunction with 'our' work for God. Millions will get to hear of such things!

That's power to witness! God's power!

A year or two ago, a man called at our door about a mundane matter. But after a brief chat, we realised that God had brought him here to pass on this tid bit of information. He told us how, in the mid 1990s he had a vision. In this experience he saw the Book of Life open in front of him and two angels standing either side. (This was an allegory of the offer of eternal life which God has placed before him.) He heard these words: "In these days, many millions of people will come to know the Lord. The number is 55 million!"

We didn’t know whether the number was literal or figurative. I was musing on the matter recently, and believe that the number is figurative. I’ll explain why.

One of the first publications God had me write was The Missing Dimension in Christian Living. You will read in there about the meaning of the number 5 to do with preparation, humbling and God’s grace. God drew my attention to the various meanings of numbers at the outset of our ministry. Now I can see why. He was going to speak to us through the symbol- ism of various numbers, to highlight significances.

Soon afterwards, He showed me the need to write a booklet to demonstrate the unique and divinely guided content of the Bible.

Ivan Panin discovered many amazing numeric facts about its intricate composition. And other more recent researchers corroborated his evidence. The Bible is not a book written by mortals alone! You can see that from the never-ending display of complexity in its design which is reflected in its numeric composition. If you are not familiar with that proof of God’s guidance upon the Bible’s compilation, take a look at the book God’s Great Genius.

Another author, Ethelbert Bullinger (1837-1913), wrote a substantial volume on the significance of various numbers in Scripture. Of 11 he wrote:

If 12 is the number which marks the perfection of Divine government, then 11 falls short of it... it is the number which marks disorder, disorganization, imperfection, and disintegration (Number in Scripture, p 231.)

Jesus died at the age of 33, which is 3 x 11. He was “cut off” and “we see not yet all things put under Him” (Dan 9:26; Heb 2:8), signified by the 11.

3 denotes finality. Jesus was the Final Solution for mankind. He finished the means of redemption at the cross (Jn 19:30). He completed His purpose for coming to earth in flesh.

One day Jesus pointed out to me Ezekiel 33:33. It was to be ‘my prophetic signature’ to detractors. I was commissioned to prophesy of the raising of the dead (amongst other things). I warn those who scoff, with the words of that verse. They are words of judgement against unbelievers and ‘lukewarmers’.

Adding to what Bullinger said about the number 11, Jesus revealed to me one day that 11 and 22 are figures which denote His inspiration in writings.

After we were falsely accused and spiritually abused by the blind leaders of our former church, I wrote many letters to them, to try to clear my name. After 55 letters, God drew my attention to the number and that it had His significance.

It didn’t matter so much about us. It mattered far more about the purpose He was working out.

Likewise, He had an inspired purpose for the 55 issues of Awake! Awake! written between 1992 and 2000. (A regular journal which ended in 2000.) They prepare people for the Tribulation coming.

And so it is with the “55 million” who will be saved after ‘our’ witness to Britain and Europe. Certainly millions will be saved as a result of it. (See dream on page 28.) That is part of the meaning. But it won’t be the way most would expect. It will be through what we have written (11), and through disorder and disintegration (11) in the Tribulation.

Only a minority will accept our witness. The vast majority will reject it. (Please refer to the final chapter of Who Is The End-Time Elijah?) For rejecting it, God will leave them to endure the rigours of the Tribulation (Prov 1:23-32; Rev 2:12-23).

God humbles (5) people through loss (11) in the Tribulation. Their suffering and hardship prepares these millions to return to God. Hence 5 x 11.

You read about these converts in Revelation 7. They come to conversion in their awful trial (7:14). They are described in two categories. Verses 1-8 are about the ‘144,000’ redeemed from Israel – a figurative number – to be among the Firstfruits saved. The following verses describe the ones saved from the rest of the world during these last days.

It will be a great harvest! But small in relation to the rest of the world’s population (about 6 billion).

Isaiah 55 tells us how to get ready.

Malcolm B Heap

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