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The Lesson of Psalm 123

Not long ago, God gave Helena a scripture that teaches all of us an important lesson. It's in Psalm 123.

When we were going through intense financial difficulties, God gave me a dream that someone gave us 100,000. But in that figure also were the digits 123. (It was a figure within a figure. Please don't ask me to explain it!) When I awoke I wondered what God meant by the 123. Then He dropped Psalm 123 into my mind. It made sense when I read it.

God wants each person to look to Him far more, and not just recognise intellectually that He is the Great Giver and holds ultimate control of everything in His hands, but to lay down at His feet our self-will and do His will. Then, things will go well and we will fulfil the wording of verse 2:

As the eyes of servants (slaves) look to the hand of their masters [in other words, they are entirely dependent upon their masters]... so our eyes look to the Eternal our God...

Abraham did this. He put God first, being careful to be diligently obedient to all God asked. Abraham's self-will was replaced through the experiences God took him through, as he surrendered all to do what God asked. (God asked the hardest thing of him -- to give up the most beloved son, whom he had waited most of his life for.) Despite the great love Abraham had for Isaac, God was more important to him than anything else.

There are many things in life which steal that prime position in our hearts which God should have.

A young man came to fellowship with us. Previously, God had spoken to him personally about supporting this ministry. He told us what God had said to him. It was quite an event for him to hear from God. He knew it was a special word! He responded to God and gave us a donation.

Some weeks passed, and he didn't contribute anything further. (We weren't looking for it for ourselves but to see his response, because it's as clear as daylight how someone gives money. You can't help but notice, one way or the other.) Soon, he stopped attending. I suspected he was finding the word difficult to obey -- and other commands of God, too, because of his love for money. His selfishness was being challenged head on. God tests everyone!

Something transpired and one of our daughters had to contact him via a text message. I used the opportunity to point him to our book Giving and Receiving and mentioned that there was a prophetic word (corrective word) there for him on such and such a page. He came to meet with us again one Sabbath after this and he mentioned how God had spoken to him even more through what was written there. He cited the message of Haggai, which was really poignant. Clearly God had reminded him that it's essential to put the Work of God first, before self. Giving what God requires is the start of knowing Him. It is elementary! Haggai's corrective prophetic message berated the returned exiles that they had been busy building their own homes before they had done their first duty -- to build God's house. This young man was also putting his own life first.

He mentioned and explained Haggai's message! We didn't. But did he then relate that to his duty to fulfil the word which God had previously spoken to him? He cited the lesson that Haggai had pronounced and seemed to think that he had fulfilled it! Many Christians suffer from this delusion that, because it's in their head, they have lived it out, too.

'Faith' without works is dead and useless. Many don't have faith. They are still living in the flesh.

A few days later Jesus gave Helena a dream. She saw people bowing down to a money god in their heads. They were all committing idolatry. The more they did this, the more distant God became to them. The love of money surely has many in its grip. They worship at the shrine of their money god.

God is angry when people put money first before Him!! By putting money first, they cut themselves off from Him.

When God asks them to love Him more -- and you can only do that by giving your money up, to Him, so your love for Him takes the place of your love for money -- they can't do it. It is a cruncher of a test. Many fail it. Judgement inevitably falls.

God may have to take away from you whatever you put your trust in, to save you from spiritual destruction. Better to give it to Him willingly! Until you learn to trust in God and not in mammon or riches, you can never come to know how wonderful God is.

When He is all you have, then you can only look to Him. That is the position of the slave in Psalm 123. He has nothing and can only to look to his master. We are the Almighty's slaves. He wants us to humbly and submissively revere and obey Him and not look for anything for ourselves.

Malcolm B Heap, September 2003

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