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The End Of The World

In Mediaeval times and earlier, people feared that the world would suddenly come to an end. This fear was fostered by an apostate Church which bred superstition and used fear to manipulate and control society.

Fear of the unknown, and fear of death, held people in their grip. And wicked Church leaders exploited the widespread ignorance. The Church masqueraded as the people's 'Messiah', claiming it could save these people from impending doom. Knowing nothing better, the masses bought the lie. And out of this repression and exploitation, the Catholic Church gained its massive wealth and influence.

Advances in knowledge since then have lifted some of the veil of that superstition, but have created other problems. Scientific expertise has created another ignorant extreme – of assuming that we can control our destiny. That appeals to the human ego. So science has now become society's new 'Messiah' in whom most people put their trust.

But it has not dispelled the demons of the past. They are still here haunting this last generation!

The spectre of the end of the world is more of a reality today than it was in Mediaeval times! We are facing the extinction of civilisation; the end of all life on earth; and the destruction of the planet as a life-sustaining unit!

These are not the irrational fears of some Nostradamus. They are the stark reality recognised by objective scientists in 2006!

A Clear Warning

When Gordon Rattray Taylor wrote The Doomsday Book in the 1960s, he was one of a minority of scientists who was honest enough to admit that we were hurtling toward extinction. The human race faced annihilation as a result of the increasing demands of population made on the environment

Soothing platitudes followed during the decades of the 'Green Revolution' (genetically engineered crops which produced higher yields, but depended upon artificial fertilisers and pesticides for their growth). They may have deferred the horror of famine for a generation or more, but the respite such 'advances' bought us was only temporary.

The benefits of that to humanity have now passed. The negative impact upon the environment of our oil-based industrial and technological system continue to mount.

Hardly a day goes by when you don't hear about 'global warming'. Greenland and polar ice sheets are disappearing at an alarming rate. Sea levels and global temperatures are steadily rising, scientists warn.

The end of the world is no longer a myth of mediaeval minds. It is part of objective, modern, rational, scientific opinion! (Even though many scientists still won't admit to it.)

James Lovelock, quoted in BBC Focus of May 2006, warned: "Climate change is happening regardless of what we do. There is no chance of reversing the effects. If we stop all fossil fuel burning and all habitat destruction, it won't make any difference. We have passed the point of no return."

Professor Lovelock, aged 87, is not a crackpot. He is a respected environmentalist. And there are many others like him, who are forced to admit that the fate of the world's environment is now outside the control of human hands.

And it's not just the destruction of the environment, or the break- down in normal weather patterns that sound the death knell of civilisation.

Hatred and conflict between nations is increasing, with evil religion taking advantage of the volatility by fostering intolerance and oppression for its own power-hungry ends.

Wherever you look there is trouble! If it's not overt, it's latent and brewing on the horizon – under the shadow of nuclear mushroom clouds!

The threats from warfare are more intense than ever. Power play can be triggered by new crises over issues such as food, water, oil. or other commodities. Shifts in wealth or population pressure can exert an influence that creates a global danger.

We only have to see a country like Mexico bottom out on its debt repayments, for a financial disaster to occur that will plunge the whole world into chaos. The top-heavy financial system, completely overloaded by individual and national debt, is ready to collapse. America is the world's biggest debtor nation. When she falls – which she will very soon – the whole world will suffer a crisis unique in its history.

Nations are racing headlong toward certain catastrophe! Humanly, there are no real solutions, and no hope. That's humanly...

But there IS hope and a solution, but it doesn't reside in man's domain. I'll come to that later. But first we have to face the crisis head on, and be willing to admit to the problem and to its cause, before we can have hope in the only solution.

The Stark Reality

The truth is, humanity’s management of earth has utterly failed! Proud people, however, don’t want to admit that. But if you are to accept the solution, you have to accept that fact first. It is humbling.

Science, and its technological arm, has been mankind’s attempt to bolster his pride. On the surface it seems good. Like the worn-out cliché “It’s amazing what they can do these days!” it is out of date.

Self-reliance is not so good when you look longer and deeper. You see things that are very sad, disappointing, even traumatic. Human error takes its toll. Alongside every medical ‘marvel’ there are thousands of other cases of despair, failure and tragedy. Likewise with scientific achievements; every ‘success’ has its price that humanity doesn’t really want. If you could see the complete picture, with 100 / 100 vision from Above, you would not be so enamoured by the glossy veneer people paint of science and technology.

The earth is reeling like a drunkard! Humanity cannot cope with the increasing and worsening problems. It was predicted 2800 years ago:

The earth reels like a drunkard, it sways like a hut in the wind; so heavy upon it is the guilt of its rebellion that it falls – never to rise again! (Isaiah 24:20, NIV.)

This prophecy is being fulfilled. We face the end of the world!


The earth is defiled by its people; they have disobeyed the laws, violated the statutes and broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore  a curse consumes the earth; its people must bear their guilt (Is 24:5,6, NIV).

The laws which God gave mankind to live by, mankind as a whole has rejected. That’s why we face oblivion. The result of this rebellion?

The earth will be completely laid waste and totally plundered... (Is 24:3, NIV). Therefore earth’s inhabitants are burned up and very few are left (Is 24:6, NIV).

God Has Spoken!

That was what one prophet of old predicted would come. It’s now about to find its complete fulfilment at this time! His words were not his. They came from God.

Other prophets, in our time, have received more revelations from God about what is coming upon earth. I shall include some of those here. They are not from psychics, spooks, or modern ‘Nostradamuses’. They are not the ramblings of ‘weirdoes’ or ‘nutters’. God speaks to those who love Him and who truly obey Him.[1] And God gives them revelations in dreams, visions or in various other ways, because He loves humanity and wants to save all who will put their trust in Him.

However, I am well aware that most people do not want Him and do not care about His solution. Why?

Because the sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so (Rom 8:7, NIV).

You don’t have to be ignorant. For those with the courage to read on, you can have the deliverance God offers you. But, as I said, first you have to be willing to acknowledge the cause of the problem. Here is what God says about it. These are dreams given to Kassahun Ayele, a prophet who currently lives in Ethiopia, another trouble-spot in the world.

The 7th Angel’s Message

July 1, 2004

An Angel Declares To Kassahun:
The End Of The World Has Come!
[See Revelation 16:17-21.]

Last night God gave me a dream. In that dream a mighty angel appeared on the roof of my home. The house shook (see also Hebrews 12:26). [This symbolises the ‘shaking’ or violent disturbances that will come to all nations through these tumultuous end-time events.] I went to see what was happening and saw the angel hovering above the house. [God’s angels – powerful invisible beings – are in control of world events.] In his hands the angel held a scroll on which some warnings were written in red letters. [Red symbolises war, trouble, bloodshed, and warnings about the same.]

I couldn't see what was written on the scroll, so I called to the angel to come a little closer. [Humanity can’t see what is ahead unless people want to read what God has to say. Their perception is limited by earthly constraints.] The angel responded by coming swiftly. [To those who sincerely want to obey God, and to know what God has to say, His angels come swiftly to show them.] I could now see that some of what was written there were quotations from the book of Ezekiel. [A book about the judgement of God against sin and wickedness. It contains end-time warnings about punishment as a result of sin – war, famine, and other calamities and suffering that come about because people refuse to repent of sinful lifestyles.]

I saw Ezekiel chapter 5 [which will be fulfilled shortly in many nations including Ethiopia, and also America and Britain]. I also saw Ezekiel 21:8-32. [You can see what God is saying now – that terrible warfare is about to engulf the region where he lives, and spread to many other lands.]

The angel said twice: "The end of the world has come. THE END OF THE WORLD HAS COME!" [The end of man's age of misrule.] "Go out and tell the warnings written on this scroll." [The prophet’s duty.]

I began to cry. I couldn't control my tears, because of the presence of God. I said to the angel, "This is a huge responsibility. I can't take it. Please tell Malcolm what you have said to me."

The angel responded, "I will visit Malcolm soon." Then he left.

Comment: The pivotal message, The end of the world has come, was repeated. This is highly significant! God repeats things for EMPHASIS! The message got more emphatic as it was re-stated. God is warning through His angel. He is insistent that you take note! He holds you accountable now for all your actions.

Kassahun was troubled by the powerful dream. He wept because of the power of God. He was in God’s presence! God is reaching out to His errant children in love, through the message He gave to His angel to pass on to Kassahun.

This is a passage from Ezekiel[2] which the angel told Kassahun to read:

The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, prophesy and say, ‘This is what the Lord says: A sword, a sword, sharpened and polished – sharpened for the slaughter, polished, and flashing like lightning! [Sudden, modern warfare!]

You, my son, have despised the rod [correction] and all advice.

The sword is appointed to be polished, to be grasped with the hand; it is sharpened and polished, made ready for the hand of the slayer.

Cry out and wail, son of man, for it is against My people; it is against all the princes [rulers] of Israel [the ones to whom God has come with His word in the Bible [3] ]. They are thrown to the sword along with My people. Therefore beat your breast. [Lament; mourn.]

Testing will surely come. [This is also predicted in Revelation 3:10, a time so terrible that every person on earth will be tried by it. All people will suffer.] Why is it that you have despised the rod? It will not succeed! declares the Sovereign Lord. [People refuse to be corrected by God’s word. So they will not succeed without Him.]

So prophesy, son of man, and strike your hands together. Let the sword strike twice, even three times. [Twice depicts certainty. Thrice depicts finality. This is a message for the end time – now!] It is a sword for slaughter – a sword for great slaughter, closing in on them from every side. [People have no idea what is about the descend on the earth. The greatest time of trouble in all its history! There is going to be MASSIVE CARNAGE!]

So that hearts may melt and the fallen be many, I have stationed the sword for slaughter at all their gates. [Military defences will not withstand it.] Oh! It is made to flash like lightning [swift military strikes], it is grasped for slaughter.

O sword, slash to the right, then to the left, wherever your blade is turned.

I too will strike My hands together [God laments over this, too!], and My wrath will subside. [You need to understand the fury God has against evil, oppression, sin, and wickedness of all forms!] I the Lord have spoken.’ ” (Ezekiel 21:8-17, NIV.)

The prophecy continues. You can read the rest of it in your own Bible. The references to Babylon, in the modern context, refer to the world power that emerges to take control. (Babylon was the major power in the world at that time.) Babylon’s Mystery religion has continued in modern times under the guise of Catholicism. It is not Christian, but a pagan derivative with Christian overtones. It is an abomination to God (Rev 17 & 18).[4]

Ezekiel 21:26-27 foretells the end of Israel’s throne (currently in Britain), until Jesus comes to whom that sovereignty rightfully belongs. And Ezekiel 21:30 predicted that “in the land of your ancestry” – Babylonia, or modern day Iraq – God would judge these people. That is being fulfilled in the conflict in Iraq even now!

I will pour out My wrath upon you and breathe out My fiery anger against you; I will hand you over to brutal men, men skilled in destruction. You will be fuel for the fire, your blood will be shed in your land... (Ezek 21:31-32).

This is a terrible pronouncement of destruction upon our modern lands because of their flagrant evils in defiance of God’s way of love and goodness!

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

December 25/04. Ezekiel 9 Judgement Soon To Begin
In this dream I heard several cocks crow at midnight. I woke up and went outside to see what was going on. A man was standing at the door. He gave me a scroll and left without saying anything. Curious, I went into my home and opened the scroll. There, written in bold letters was: "Read Ezekiel Chapter 9. The Judgment of God is soon to begin. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!"

Comment: In Ezekiel 9, you will see that God's warning is about severe judgement to come upon all God’s people – Christians – who do not truly care about sin. They will be killed, beginning with the elders (v 6) in the Sanctuary (God's House), because people have tolerated abominations![5]

Darkness Will Cover The Earth In 2008

May 11/04. Someone gave me a written paper. On that paper this was written: “DARKNESS WILL COVER THIS EARTH IN 2008.” [6]

Comment: Darkness depicts evil and spiritual depravity. The dream probably indicates that Ethiopia, where Kassahun lives, will be suffering the horrors of the Great Tribulation in 2008, or the darkness that precedes it. [See Matt 24:21-22; Mrk 13:19-20; Lk 21:22.] Great Tribulation (lasting 3½ years, before Jesus’ return) will most likely engulf Britain a couple of years later. The dream corroborates the rough guidelines we have given in How Soon Will Jesus Come? that time is very short!!

Repent Now! Judgement Coming!

August 15/05. Repent now! The Judgment is at hand!
Someone gave me several pieces of white cloth like sheets. Written in red letters on all of them were the words, “Repent Now! The Judgment is at hand!” Then the man told me to give them to all whom I knew. I began giving them to my family members, neighbours, etc. Some accepted and some rejected.
Meaning: Time is short. God’s Judgement is at hand. What you are reading partly fulfils the symbolism of the white cloth with written warnings.

The Three Angels Of Revelation 14

August 30/05. The Three Angels
I saw in the sky pictures of three angels holding trumpets to their mouths. I stared at them. Then those angels became living beings and began blowing their trumpets. The sound of the trumpets was like thundering and the earth was shaking.

People were running with fear to save themselves but most of them couldn’t make it. I was numb and my heart failed within me. I knew God’s judgement had begun.

Meaning: People read Revelation’s prophecies and they are like a picture to them, that’s all. The reality of these things being fulfilled NOW is lost on most of them. But, just as the angels came to life, so will Revelation’s prophecies! Over the next few years, all that is in Revelation will be fulfilled with earth-shaking accuracy and horror!

No wonder people run in terror, but there is no place of escape for those who don’t serve God wholeheartedly NOW.

The three angels in Kassahun’s dream could be the first three angels mentioned in Revelation 14. They proclaim:

1. The gospel of Jesus to the whole world. Rev 14:6. [A worldwide witness of Jesus Christ reaching the whole earth through the media is coming shortly.]
2. Judgment upon spiritual
Babylon, for denying the truths of God and holding earth’s population in spiritual captivity. Rev 14:8.
3. Judgment upon the Beast, those who worship the Beast, his image (the Catholic monolith) and who accept the mark.[7] Rev 14:9.

Kassahun and MM will play a part in fulfilling some aspects of Revelation 14.

Corruption Shall Be Punished

April 18/06. In a dream I saw an old man [not literally old, but one with God’s wisdom, i.e. a prophet] walking in the street, telling people about government deceit, inequities, corruption and injustice. Then he said: “The judgement of God is at hand. He will judge the wicked system of the world very soon.”

No one heeded his warnings, but I wrote what he said in my note book.

Comment: The last sentence epitomises the problem with humanity as a whole. Only the righteous will listen to what God says through true prophets.

Terrible Dream of Tribulation!

16 January 2001. I dreamt this dream! It was terrifying!
It was evening and I went out of my home. It was very dark. I raised my eyes to the dark sky and I saw a meteor shower filled all the sky. I was surprised to see such a vast meteor shower in one night because it was unusual. [This dream portrays what Jesus also forewarned of in Matthew 24 and Luke 21.]

When I looked to the east of where I was standing, I saw fire coming down from heaven like rain. When the fire touched the earth it exploded like dynamite and spread all over the place. [This depicts horrendous warfare.] I was terrified. My body shook. I was the only one who saw this terrible scene. [Kassahun is a prophet and God has revealed these things to him, that’s why he was the only one to see them.]

While I was standing there, the fire began to move to the place where I was standing, destroying houses and buildings. The coming of the fire looked like a flood rolling and riding with great speed to destroy everything. I began to run to escape from the fire. I ran and ran, preaching that the fire of God is coming and people must repent and turn to God in order to escape this consuming fire. But the fire was coming behind me while I was running to escape the fire.

Suddenly I saw a great deep [chasm] coming between me and the fire. I jumped the deep and landed on a green and beautiful pasture. But the fire moved with much speed destroying and burning all the houses and buildings, all the electric poles and other things. But I was saved from the fire.

Immediately the night passed and light came. People gathered to see all the ruins, the burning ground and the dark soil. I began to preach to them about the cause of the destruction and I awoke.

Comment: This dream was given to Kassahun several years ago, before many other dreams which added to what God had already revealed. It depicts in symbol the coming time of tribulation to engulf the region where he lives. It is probably part of the Great Tribulation that Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24, and which I have explained in Understanding the Book of Revelation.

The meteor shower from heaven is similar to the description in Revelation 6:13 about the stars falling from the sky in John's vision. God gave Kassahun a similar vision, showing how it is relevant to his region, and how it will affect him.

This meteor shower is most likely a symbol of the demonic hordes that God is allowing to be released for this last time, to cause an upsurge in violence, war and unrest. John saw something similar when God showed him Satan being cast out of heaven to the earth (Rev 12:9,12).

In Revelation 12:16, John also describes the earth opening up to help the woman (the true believers who preserve God's truths), just as Kassahun saw the earth opening up to help him, by forming a buffer between him and the coming onslaught.

The imagery of fire, which burns and destroys buildings and land, depicts war and violent conflict. It is to come from the east. Immediately to the east of Ethiopia is Somalia, and Eritrea to the north-east... or over the Red Sea, Arabia (but I don't think it means Arabia). Perhaps the cause of the conflict will be something that erupts in either (or both) of those two neighbouring countries, and which causes terrible destruction in Ethiopia. God is forewarning.

God gave Kassahun this dream, like He shared similar revelations with the apostle John in about AD 96. It is very timely. God is showing that He is the same today as He was in AD 96. He reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7), for the benefit of the people who will heed the words of true prophets.

The dream conveyed that only Kassahun saw all this, which probably means that God has given this vision about coming destruction in Ethiopia to him, but not to anyone else. He has shown him what is to come in his region, just like He only revealed the Apocalypse to John, which was a visionary sequence for the whole (particularly the Christian) western world, leading up to Jesus' coming.

We are now so close to His return, a mere handful of years away! Time is short. Prophecy is marching on!

Only those who are totally dedicated to God will be shown the way out through this time of trouble, as He has promised.

All others, half-hearted believers, compromisers and rebellious ones will find themselves caught up in the fires of trouble "which come upon the whole world to try them that dwell on the earth." (Rev 3:10.)

Kassahun wrote: "Immediately the night passed and light came. Peoples gathered to see all the ruins, the burning ground and the dark soil. I began to preach to them about the cause of the destruction and I awoke."

The night is this time of spiritual darkness we are now living in, when war and horrible events take place in the world. The light is the coming of Jesus (both physical and spiritual). Physical coming = when the whole world will learn His truth and obey it. Spiritual coming now = those whom He has called now are seeing the light and learning to live by it.

The people gathering to look at the ruins depicts how they will learn from the mistakes. God uses these experiences of horror to teach people that they are all the result of disregarding what He says in His Word. They are the consequence of sin. And Kassahun’s preaching to people the cause of this destruction shows that God is using him to teach them (both now and in the future), explaining to them about God's truth and why it is important for everyone to live by it.

Kassahun also wrote: “I ran and ran, preaching that the fire of God is coming and people must repent and turn to God in order to escape this consuming fire.” This depicts the calling upon his life. God has called him to ‘run’ (see Habakkuk 2:2) with the prophecies and teaching God has given him. The major function of the prophet in warning others is to exhort them to repent and turn away from their own ways and to live by God’s ways. That is what repentance means.

Conflict In Ethiopia Looming

9th June 2001
I saw people shot by gunfire. Blood covered the street. The dead bodies were surrounded by cruel soldiers. I was very afraid.

People started to flow to the place, looking for their relatives, sons or friends. Most of them were women. I couldn’t bear the sight and went away from the place broken in spirit.

Comment: This portrays some of the horror and grief of war. In Matthew 24:6 Jesus exhorts us not to be overly troubled by these horrors. They are terribly saddening and discouraging, but we must never forget the joy of what lies beyond death. Jesus sets our priorities in Matthew 10:28. [There is life after death. Why Human Life? contains some testimony of those who have seen beyond death!]

Gearing Up For World War III

30th April 2006. A military official was displaying some kind of military equipment. The equipment was new. He showed me sophisticated military convoys, tanks, and whispered in my ear that the world is preparing for another brutal and bloody war.

Warfare and Persecution

4th November 2001. Terrifying warfare
The scene terrified me. I saw houses destroyed by tanks and machine guns. This action was taken by some women [symbol of religious followers] who covered their faces with tassels [depicts ritualism]; they were Arabs. [Depicts false religion espoused by Arabs being the motive for war; Islam, which will invade Ethiopia.]

Warnings That The End Of The Age Is Near

May 11/05. The end of this age
I heard several tower clocks ringing at the same time. When the ringing stopped, the whole earth became dark. It was pitch black. I became terrified and said to myself "It seems the end of the world has come".
Meaning: Tower clocks may symbolise prophets who are calling attention to the late hour it is now. But these will be silenced as the Great Tribulation engulfs the world.

The Coming Terrible Times

6th April 2001
The earth was covered by gross darkness. [The time to which Jesus referred as the Great Tribulation – Matt 24:9-10,21; Rev 6:9-11.]

I saw people very confused, running to and fro like madmen. [Terror, spiritual blindness and lack of true spiritual direction, because they have rejected the Holy Spirit.] I thought that it was the second coming of Christ. [It’s the time immediately leading up to it. The ‘birth pangs’ (see Mark 13:8, marginal rendering in NKJV) of the new age. Isaiah 13:8; Joel 2:6.]

Soon I saw an Angel coming from the east, holding in His hand a red paper. [Red warns of war and bloodshed.] I was gazing upon Him as if I was expecting something. But He didn’t tell me anything. He just threw down the red paper to the earth. [The whole earth will be engulfed in warfare and other troubles.]

After that I saw fire in several places. [War is going to break out in Ethiopia and other countries.] Buildings, large and small, were falling. Many lives were blotted out. The air was filled with the shrieks of the injured and the terrified.

I said in my terror, “It is the judgement of God!”

Comment: Remember that God judges sin and rebellion, but grants grace and mercy to those who give Him their lives completely. Psalm 91:7-8 contains a promise of God’s care, even in the most desperate and terrible of circumstances. Remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego (Dan 3). How God delivered them is how He will deliver those who truly love Him today.

Dream of Troublous Times Ahead

Kassahun wrote to me about another dream God gave him earlier in 2001:

Before I slept, I was reading the little booklet which you wrote The Ark of the Covenant Discovered! I was impressed and struck with awe. While meditating about the matter, I slept. Suddenly I dreamt a dream.

In my dream it seems that I was sitting on the top of a huge rock. I saw people rushing here and there, very confused, at the bottom of the rock. I realised that they are without Christ and without hope in this world.

In my dream the day was sunny and bright. I began to think about the judgement of God. While I was sitting there and meditating about the judgement, suddenly the sky became dark. A terrifying storm followed and I was afraid. When I looked at the sky I saw elephant-like sharp teeth hanging all over the sky.

The people at the bottom of the rock began to shout, and run to and fro, saying, "The judgement of God! The judgement of God!"

Suddenly tongues of fire began to rain from the sky. Most of the people at the bottom of the rock burned.

As the intensity of the pouring fire increased, a voice inside me told me that I must run to save my life and [where to go]. The fire was falling to my right and to my left.... but I was safe there [in the place God showed him in the dream]. My brothers and sisters in Christ were also there. Then the fire ceased to be poured.

I can't describe the damage! Everywhere were dead people. I was terrified and began to weep.  I thought that there would also be a second round of fire pouring. The sky was dark, and the teeth were still hanging there. I began to shake and I couldn't stand up very well. I shouted, and woke up promptly from my sleep.

Comment: It is about the coming tribulation upon earth. It will last for 3½ years and lead up to Jesus’ coming. (This is explained in various of our publications, especially the one on Revelation.) It is a time of great spiritual darkness upon earth, and severe physical conditions, with much suffering and anguish. God will allow it as part of His judgement upon people who refuse to obey Him, including the Church. Many believers refuse to accept the truth, and need purging with ‘fire’ (trials). God has to allow that to happen.

There will be great persecution against Christians, and many will die. There will be terrible confusion upon earth, with people not knowing which way to turn. But some who are actively involved in His service will be protected to enable them to fulfil whatever God has in His will for them.

Some of the dreams Kassahun has received reflect this opposition, as well as the wonderful spiritual rewards which come from being faithful to God.

I have only been able to include a very few of the hundreds of dreams God has given to Kassahun. I have omitted ones given to us. I was given a dream in 2004 hinting at the prospect of the end of the world in 7 years.

Jesus’ words about this crisis at the close of this age were these:

For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened (Matt 24:21,22, NKJV).

Please read the rest of what Jesus predicted in that chapter, as well as Mark 13, Luke 21, and Revelation 6.

This Is The Time Of Fulfilment

Jesus prophesied of our time about 1973 years ago:

For these are the days of vengeance, that all things which are written [by the prophets in the Bible] may be fulfilled (Luke 21:22, NKJV).

It is not that God is vindictive or malicious. But He has unwavering justice! He has warned in His Word (the Bible), and through His prophets, of the consequences of choosing a lifestyle of sin and selfishness, rather than doing the will of God. It is a matter of cause and effect. Ever since Adam, people have chosen the wrong route, and this age climaxing in cataclysmic troubles is the eventual outcome of that choice. You have contributed to it, and so have I, along with all the rest of humanity.

There is only one solution. It is found in Acts 2:39 – “Repent” and believe the Gospel, and Jesus will give you the help you need through His Spirit. He will come to save the world and inaugurate His government (Isaiah 2).

Malcolm B Heap

[1]  The ways God communicates is explained in Listening To God (£2.00), Prophets and Prophesying (£2.00), and An Introduction To The Spiritual Gifts (£2.00).    

[2]   Why Ezekiel’s prophecies still apply today is explained in Why Britain Will Fall Soon (£1.00).

[3]   The original nation of Israel from Ezekiel’s time has branched out into a number of nationalities. The modern identity of Israel is explained in The Identity of Britain and America (£1.00). Many people in various western democratic countries have Israelite roots – not Jewish, but Israelite, and there is a difference. They are the people to whom God gave the Bible, and who have a Christian heritage.

[4]   Explained in the book Understanding The Book Of Revelation (£7.00).

[5]   One abomination in churches is hierarchic dominion, as explained in God’s Church – Whose Authority? (£3.00), which can contribute to other evils, one of which is syncretism. Falsity in religion is countered in Apostasy In God’s Church! (£2.00), The Controversy Concerning Law and Grace (£2.00), Our Sabbath Rest (£3.00), The Truth About Easter (£1.00), The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints (£1.00) and various other publications from Midnight Ministries.

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