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No More Time

Preachers have been preaching grace, grace, grace, for decades. But God's day of grace for America and Britain is now over. There is no more time for grace. It's God's time for judgment!

Massive sin is the reason. Long term sin. Wild sin. Wanton sin. Gratuitous sin. Vile sins of every description!

Some years ago, God took the prophet Dumitru Duduman for a 'ride' over the USA in spirit. He showed him many vast cities wallowing in spiritual filth. God said, "This is Sodom and Gomorrah!!"

Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboiim were four decadent, wantonly sinful cities (Deut 29:23) that God destroyed by huge fireballs! He blitzed them from Above. People there were incinerated in seconds in temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Centigrade! The remains have been found by Ron Wyatt and Jonathan Gray near the Dead Sea, amazingly with buildings still recognisable although now turned to ash by the intense sulfurous heat!

Some American and British cities are also going to be incinerated through the horrendous judgement that's coming! The revelations from God about this are included in Dreams From God About The Judgement On Britain [75p].

God says these nations have had time enough to change but have refused. "Time is up. There's no more time for grace." God's judgement will now fall.

Seven years ago, when we produced a regular journal Awake! Awake! God spoke to me to write on the subject of judgement. I did. It was to warn of what America and Britain were facing. Back then I thought that He was going to judge these nations much sooner. But He was biding His time.

Seven years on, judgment is not assuaged, but it is now at the very doors! God gives time for change first. But if people don't alter course, things happen. Paul warned about the suddenness of it! (1 Thes 5:3.)

New York's Atomic Bomb

I was forwarded this letter recently from a friend in the USA:

Hey everyone! I went to a conference this past weekend where John Sandford was speaking. He is the founder of the inner healing courses, Elijah House Prayer Training...

I never saw him like he was. He said he was taken up to the counsel of the Lord here in NY [Syracuse, NY] just Friday morning (Oct. 15th 2004). God asked him, like God spoke to Abraham about Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 18:23-33).

The Lord asked him if He should take His hand of protection off America because of all the immorality here, and bring America to her knees. Many would be killed. He knew it was an atomic bomb and it was way bigger than 9/11. Or should He give America more time. More time meant a lot of pain & suffering.

He thought about it and remembered that 9/11 had brought people to their knees but only for a short time. He chose more time. God said the cost would be great. When this happened to him in the past, God confirmed His answer that He would give more time. This time it was not confirmed. He felt it depended fully on the prayers of the people. [It also depends upon people changing their ways.]

I never saw John Sandford so humbled and shaken! He was so solemn and said he was shaking in his boots. I knew he had been through some experience! It brought us to tears & intercession. We have been spreading the word to people to pray, pray, pray! God is contemplating taking His hand of protection off America. It does not look good, although I feel it is best that Bush is president.

Prayer is the only thing that will protect America. Even if we get more time, God said there would be much suffering. Our hearts join God in grieving over the sin in the world. John said to repent, repent, repent, for the sin of the world; one by one repenting for all the sin in our country.

It was comforting that Bush won because of values. I told God: "See, there are more of us who want morality." [Oh yeah?!] Pass this word on. Does anyone know how close we are to some large city being attacked with an atomic bomb? [Yes. Very close!] The only reason it has not happened yet is because of our Good Lord! And many cities [are] being affected by this, not to mention the fear in the whole country.

Pass this on to anyone. Either way our country is in for some judgement. But let's gather and pray that people come to Him by grace and not by a bigger disaster.  Diane

Sorry Diane, few humble themselves voluntarily. Most have to BE humbled. That's the sad statistic.

Why Prophets Are Needed

When God gives prophetic input, He doesn't give the whole picture to any one individual. Like Paul said, "we prophesy in part" (1 Cor 13:9).

He gives more to His prophets, of course, than He does to the 'general' believer, if I can put it like that. I don't mean to belittle those who are not prophets, but there is a need for those who are not prophets to listen to those who are, so they can receive what God gives to the whole Church through the prophets.

This acceptance, however, is seldom seen in the Body of Christ, sadly. And it gives rise to tragic consequences. This includes the destruction of churches, and the suffering and death of many Christians.

Steve and Mila Thompson sent 500 New York churches a copy of our book The Imminent Fall of America, and the response was effectively nil! That speaks volumes about the spiritual state of the Church! It is completely asleep! (Matt 25:5.) It has no idea what is coming, but worse still, it doesn't care!

That little mailing was barometric of the spiritual state of the entire Church in America and Britain! It doesn't matter where you go, and what you say to people, there is apathy right across the board! I'm talking about the people of God here, not the world.

Prophets are not accepted. Correction, change and reformation is not wanted, and as for telling people that judgement is coming big time! they don't care to know. Like the proverbial ostrich, they'd rather bury their heads in the sand.

Why is it that people turn away from what is best for them to know? Is it just the unpleasantness of the thought? Is it pride? Is it resentment? Is it self-will?

People must answer for their own reactions. But there is latent resentment against prophets, for various reasons, one of which is fierce independence. Derek Prince once gave a very good lecture on the sin of independence. And it is a sin. People want to rely upon themselves. They don't want to be told. They want to be pre-eminent. That's often at the root of some of this resentment against prophets of God.

But prophets are needed, because when the majority of the Church is missing the mark of God's holiness and needs direction, God sends prophets to redirect and He gives them the relevant input for the hour. We have received various dreams about the coming judgement, just as Dumitru Duduman did and other true prophets. What God gave us complements what He gave him.

Anyone who has read our past Dream Diaries will have seen this dream which Helena was given:

29th July 2003. H. Terrorist strike again in the USA.
I saw the American continent. The scene was near a peninsula like in New York, and I saw a terrible explosion take place. Meaning: Another terrorist strike!

God didn't tell Helena or me that it would be a nuclear strike, although I saw in dreams several British cities being obliterated. The mushroom clouds over them appeared like what I have seen in film of nuclear explosions. So, nuclear devastation is coming.

Kassahun Ayele was given a dream (18th Sept 2003) of New York being wiped out by a tidal wave.

I remember also what Harold Eatmon was given about the stock market falling. God said it would be at the time of the year when the leaves fall. And I don't believe he was meaning the fall that the NY exchange has suffered already. It is still future.

So, putting all these futuristic facts together, when New York is bombed by terrorists, it will be with a nuclear device, which will trigger a tidal wave that will completely destroy New York city. The stock market will crash, and the result throughout America will be pandemonium.

It is true that it's only God's grace which has averted that up to now. But it's coming, because the nations are not repenting of their horrendous sins!

A godly correspondent in the USA replied to the above missive:

I firmly believe the time of repentance for America is over... This nation is not going to turn around. We have to face the truth. As it said in your attachment, people flocked to the churches after 9/11. Soon after, they started to fall away and they are now at the level as before 9/11. God is not amused, and is not impressed. There is only one thing that is going to bring this country to total repentance and that is bringing the whole country to its knees. It is prophesied...

I know how sad it is and how frightening it can be too. I have loved this country all of my life and I am grieved over it. However, I also know how it grieves our Lord when He sees us do the things we do. We have become an immoral, corrupt, and evil nation in many ways. There's pornography, drugs, abortion, rampant homosexuality, corruption, deceit, selfishness, disregard for the law, and snubbing our noses at God... It's a wonder He has not already wiped us off the face of the planet especially when you consider how He has so blessed us, and what we did with His blessings...

Therefore, I have quit praying for this country to be saved or spared, as hard as that sounds. What I do pray for is for the true repentance of the people when it does happen so that their spiritual lives may be saved. That is of far greater importance, isn't it? Yes it is, and God knows it. That is why He will bring us to our knees.

He is going to turn the whole world upside down, and we will see it. Jesus taught us to not be afraid and He prepared us for the things to come. It is sometimes hard to conceive that we are living in the end times spoken of in the Bible, but we are and we must accept it and prepare as our Lord warned us. We have a better country to go to than the one where we live now, don't we? His Kingdom cannot not be expressed with words, and it will be one where we will be in His presence always, and there will be such peace, joy, and happiness the likes of which we have never known or could have imagined. That is what we focus on. This world is doomed, as is our country. It will happen in our lifetime, and sooner than many think. The handwriting is on the wall.

We must not pray for our lives to be saved, or to be spared the atrocities ahead of us. Rather, we should pray for Jesus to be with us and strengthen us for whatever encounter may lay ahead of us. Christ told us in Matt 16:25 "For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it [his spiritual life as well]; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it". Some of us will be spared the physical suffering, some of us will not. That is for God to determine. He knows what is best for us spiritually, and that is what He focuses on, our spiritual life. It is not His wish that any should perish (Matt 18:14).

It took me awhile, but I finally came to grips with all of this, and I pray daily for God to help me bring glory to His name in whatever lies before me. Look to Him always, and to His promises. To me, the most comforting words in the Bible are the closing words of the book of Matthew "..and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age".

It won't be long now. A mere couple of years or so. Time is up! Time is short! Prepare to meet your God!

Malcolm B Heap, December 2004

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