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Articles for the Benefit of Members and Ex-Members of the WCG





The Corrupt Leaders of the WCG
wcga01.htm Halford's Hypocrisy wcga30.htm Was Herbert W Armstrong Guided By God?
wcga02.htm Are You Among the Wise, or the Foolish Virgins? wcga31.htm The Deviousness and Deceit of the WCG
wcga03.htm The Demonic Subjugation of Worldwiders wcga32.htm OK, So You Have Left the WCG. What now?
wcga04.htm Halford's Heresies wcga33.htm Do You Care For The Poor?
wcga05.htm Are You One of Halford's Mindless Lemmings? wcga34.htm Trial By The Press
wcga06.htm Exposing Worldwide's Demonic Dirt! wcga35.htm Confusing the Minds of the Simple
wcga07.htm KINDERGARTEN at the WCG! wcga36.htm WCG: Church of the Cloned and Fearful!
wcga08.htm Faith or Farce in the WCG? wcga37.htm Why Do You Still Attend WCG Meetings?
wcga09.htm Where is Jesus in the WCG? wcga38.htm WCG: Don't Trust Your Leaders, Part 1
wcga10.htm Where is the POWER in the WCG? wcga39.htm WCG: Don't Trust Your Leaders, Part 2
wcga11.htm Satan is Coming...! wcga40.htm WCG: Don't Trust Your Leaders, Part 3
wcga12.htm The Nakedness of the Church wcga41.htm WCG: Don't Trust Your Leaders, Part 4
wcga13.htm More of Halford's Hypocrisy wcga42.htm WCG: Don't Trust Your Leaders, Part 5
wcga14.htm Falsely Accused! wcga43.htm WCG: Don't Trust Your Leaders, Part 6
wcga15.htm Controlling the Minds of WCG Members wcga44.htm WCG: Don't Trust Your Leaders, Part 7
wcga16.htm Leaving the Bubble wcga45.htm How Long Revival?
wcga17.htm If You Are, or Were, in the WCG READ THIS! wcga46.htm Why the Scattering of the Church
wcga18.htm WCG: Coming to the Point of Accepting Deliverance wcga47.htm Just What is 'The Work'?
wcga19.htm WCG: The Basis of Your Belief wcga48.htm The Stupidity of WCG Members
wcga20.htm Worldwide Church of God Intransigence wcga49.htm Do You Still Follow Pope Herbert the Pervert?
wcga21.htm The Shame of the WCG wcga50.htm The Captivity of WCG Members Prophesied!
wcga22.htm Tkach's Big Heresy, Part 1 wcga51.htm A Message to the WCG, Part 1
wcga23.htm Tkach's Big Heresy, Part 2 wcga52.htm A Message to the WCG, Part 2
wcga24.htm Tkach's Big Heresy, Part 3 wcga53.htm A Message to the WCG, Part 3
wcga25.htm Tkach's Big Heresy, Part 4 wcga54.htm A Message to the WCG, Part 4
wcga26.htm Worldwide Church of God Selfishness wcga55.htm A Message to the WCG, Part 5
wcga27.htm The Painful Truth About the WCG wcga56.htm A Message to the WCG, Part 6
wcga28.htm The Deceitfulness of Herbert W Armstrong WCG Still Committing Spiritual Abuse! (An open letter to Joseph Tkach from David Covington)


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