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Dreams From God About the WCG

God speaks to His prophets1 today just as He spoke to His prophets of old. One very expressive means is via dreams and visions (Num 12:6).

The appropriate response to a revelation from God is to humble yourself, and change, to receive His mercy. Will you? Or will you arrogantly refuse the correction - like in times past - and repudiate the prophet God has sent!?

There is a reward to those who heed. It's the prophet's reward, which you gain when you receive him and the One who sent him (Matt 10:40, 41).

God has spoken, as you will see in what follows. I hope you can receive His words.

This publication contains many of the dreams which God has given me, my wife and some others who were with us at the time when God ‘spoke’. They all concern the Worldwide Church of God.

In the nineties, dramatic changes took place in the WCG. After repudiating the voices which God sent to warn them of corruption and sin within, their spiritual and organisational demise was inevitable. This collapse, and the prophetic witness that preceded it, are recounted in God Speaks To The WCG (£2.00 from Midnight Ministries). But, though judgement has fallen (and continues daily), God has not stopped warning through His prophets.

Where people will listen, God never ceases to warn. His warnings are not vindictive nor vengeful. They may be stern and uncompromising. But they stem from His great love and concern for all people – even for those who despise Him and who reject His ways. He always holds out a hand of clemency, ready to accept anyone who will turn from evil and seek good.

He is good, and the dreams which follow are a reflection of His goodness measured in the crucible of His correction.

On 26th February 1993, this dream came to me by the Spirit of God.

There was a long queue of people waiting in line to talk to a young minister. He had much to deal with and couldn’t help the people. [God is illustrating the spiritual inadequacy of the WCG and its ministry.] I walked up to him and asked who he was in an amicable way. [People misunderstand my motives, but God here illustrates what He knows is in my heart.] I didn’t know this man. Then I walked past him and stood a few paces away. As people came from talking with the WCG minister, I went up to ask if I could help.

The first man had a metal pin in his leg, which had penetrated the bone. [Illustrates the horrendous spiritual problems people in the WCG have.] He didn’t know what to do to get it out. It was making him lame. I bent down and pulled it out for him. [If people would read our materials, they could be set free from the horrendous demonic curses to which they are subjected.] It wasn’t as painful as he had expected. [Most fear to read what we have written. This demonic response is inbred through WCG propaganda and conditioning. But deliverance can only come by the acceptance of the fulness of the Spirit of God. And deliverance from WCG psychology or dogma is not as painful as their prejudice leads them to think.] Things seemed to be all right for him after that. (In the dream, I prayed for his healing and God honoured my request.)

Dream of Four Water Tanks

An ex-WCG friend was staying with us about that time, and because of his association with us, God gave him this dream to confirm His approval and calling upon our lives and ministry:

He saw four water tanks. Three of them were fairly large and one was comparatively much smaller. These tanks represented offshoots of the WCG with which this man (I will call him ‘Jim’) was familiar. They were all supposed to filter water that passed through them.

At that time there were three major spin offs of the WCG which Jim knew of: Church of God International run by Garner Ted Armstrong and Ron Dart, Philadelphia Church of God under Gerald Flurry, and Triumph under William Dankenbring. The fourth tank represented our ministry, which was much maligned, not only by WCG but also by all the other spin offs, and so was comparatively small in influence and seemingly of much less significance.

The water coming into each tank was dirty and needed filtering. This represents how people have not been properly cleansed by being in the WCG, and need spiritual and mental cleansing. People inherit doctrinal, mental and spiritual impurities from their association with the WCG – and its offshoot church organisations.

As the water passed through each of the three big tanks, instead of being properly filtered and cleansed, it came out dirty, except for the little tank at the end of the line. This tank filtered out the impurities and the water was clear and pure because it was filtered by the Holy Spirit.

That was Jim’s dream, and it was given to him to confirm that what God was doing with us was of great spiritual benefit to those who really want to be spiritually clean. Unfortunately, he didn’t! Which was another reason God gave him this dream, and not someone else. He later stepped back and chose to continue his selfish lifestyle, rather than live one of sacrifice with us in order to help deliver those oppressed by WCG false teachings and psychology.

God is ingenious and He knows how to trap the rebellious and self-willed!

What follows in these pages will bring more opposition from the stubborn and hard-hearted, but so be it, if it must. To God we look, not man...

...for I am poor and needy (Ps 109:22).

...and the words which follow are not merely mine, as anyone with spiritual gumption will see. So I say to the One who has given us these revelations:

Save me according to Your mercy, that they may know that this is Your hand; that You, Lord, have done it. Let them curse, but You bless; when they arise, let them be ashamed, but let Your servant rejoice (Ps 109:26-28).

So it shall be.

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If you are unfamiliar with this fact, request our free article Prophets In The Church! Also available are the publications Prophets and Prophesying (£2.00) and Dreams and Visions From God (£5.00).

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If you resent another asserting that he is a prophet, I ask you to kindly read under The Proper Arrangement in the True Church on page 48 of this publication. God will reward your willingness.

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