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Benny Hinn’s Ministry Receives Input

There are some huge problems with all the large ministries. I reproduce below some correspondence with Benny Hinn’s which illustrates. They do not accept prophets, nor ‘outside’ input:

The Marketing Manager
Benny Hinn Ministries

12th February 2007

Dear Friend,

I have received the enclosed circular or promotional, and if you can receive it, I will explain why it is returned.

Paul mentioned how he went to the Jews as a Jew, but adopted a different approach to Gentiles, etc., that he might reach some. He was emphasising the need for wisdom in one’s approach.

There is little wisdom in your mailing approach.

1. If you are writing to me, urging me to come on board what you are doing in gospel outreach, you don’t write to all and sundry on the outside of the envelope, telling them what you are doing. You write privately to me.

2. One doesn’t slap a picture of the cross on the envelope, which our secular society does not care to know about. Paul wrote that the message of the cross is foolishness to the unconverted. You are only asking for unnecessary insult, derision, or dismissal by so doing.

3. We sometimes have a Muslim postman. If he were to get irate about what he considers trash or offensive, we might have found your letter in a nearby ditch and not in our letterbox.

4. Your ‘technique’ is a mirror of the world’s slick marketing approach, designed to reach as many as possible by using physical attraction and allure. This is merely appealing to lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

5. The production of such glossy, full colour stuff must surely be expensive. Huge sums spent on unnecessary advertising are surely not part of the good stewardship Jesus requires of us all.

6. Finally, on the back, you deceive by suggesting that you have the road map to my future. Are you a prophet? No. Is Benny Hinn a prophet? No.

Am I a prophet? That’s up to you to find out. And if I am, and if I have a message which can provide YOU with a road map for your future, then perhaps you should pay more attention this direction than you have up to now.

God bless.

Malcolm B Heap

23rd March 2007

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your anonymous letter of 9th March, overpage. It is not signed, nor has anyone written to me personally to explain the paucity of response from Benny Hinn or his entourage. You have merely tried to fob me off with a pitiful form letter. If you think your approach is sanctioned by God, you are sorely deceived.

Your response is nothing less than a huge dose of HYPOCRISY. Here’s why:

1. You begin by claiming you are writing in the name of Jesus Christ. Yet I have come to you in the name of Jesus, several times, bringing to Benny Hinn what Jesus has given me for the whole Church, Benny Hinn included, and you prevent him receiving it. You are not acting in Jesus’ name, but in Satan’s. It is rank hypocrisy to write in such a vein. You take His name in vain by such insincere and untrue words.

2. Then you say "It is always a great blessing to hear from those who are being touched by the Lord..." while you ignore what I have sent, and don’t pass it on to Benny. You don’t consider my response a blessing at all. It’s an inconvenience to you; be honest.

3. You say "It is our desire to let you know that we are agreeing with you in prayer for God’s perfect will to be done..." No you’re not! You’re disagreeing with a prophet of the Almighty. While you espouse God’s name, you block His will!

4. Then you preach to me about prayer, while you are resisting the Holy Spirit! Whoever turns away his ear from hearing the Truth, His prayer is an abomination to God (Prov 28:9).

5. "We appreciate the time and effort that you have given both to write and send this to Pastor Benny." No you don’t. Another lie! Because you have not passed on to him what the Spirit has had me send him. I wrote to you in July 2006 and you ignored those missives, too.

6. "Pastor Benny has appointed one of the pastors, along with the staff to review these materials and respond to those who have sent them to him."

If that is so, then where is the reply? The letter overpage [from Benny Hinn Ministries, not included here] about ‘protecting my privacy’ is rubbish. It is not a considered and adequate response. I didn’t ask for your response. I have asked for Benny Hinn’s. I am asking for a satisfactory reply and confirmation from Benny Hinn himself, that the materials I have sent have reached him.

When that occurs, then I may be able to retract my scathing indictment of your ministry. But at present, you are acting out his dream of Jezebel, the evil woman opposing the will and work of God.

Please note that I come to you as a prophet of the Almighty. I do not come in my own name. This is the first warning.

In His love,
Malcolm B Heap

Toe Nail Or Prophet?

12th April 2007

Dear Friend,

I have written to you on 12th February 2007, on 23rd March 2007, and on numerous other occasions, only to have all my input trashed, or ignored. The ‘idiots’ who handle your mail haven’t got enough spiritual discernment to see the difference between a toe nail and a prophet...

Just as Benny Hinn’s dream of Jezebel showed!

Besides my letters which have been totally disregarded, we sent you a whole raft of publications constituting the last restoration in this age, and all I received in response was your pitiful letter of March 22nd which had no relevance to what I was sending you. I asked for you to pass these things on to your ‘governor’, but there’s fat chance of that!

Clearly you can’t communicate, and all your operations over here are simply to extract funds from people – to fleece the sheep. Cash is the only ‘seed’ you recognise. The true seed of spiritual truth, which is the main Bible meaning, you can’t handle, except in minute doses.

So take me off your mailing list.

Please note that I have come to you as a prophet of the Almighty. I do not come in my own name. This is the second warning. God’s judgement will now proceed.

In His love,
Malcolm B Heap

God backs up the words of His prophets, where He sends them. After I wrote to Benny Hinn’s Ministry God then gave further revelation. The dreams which follow show that it is only a matter of a short time (very few years) before Benny Hinn’s Ministry is finished.


They shut the door on the prophets whom Jesus sends, and only accept false prophets who preach smooth things or who prophesy deceits and half truths. They are not properly feeding the sheep!

Benny’s Ministry Soon To End

26th April 2007

Dear Friend,

Revelations From God About Benny Hinn Ministries

Last night I was proof-reading a final draft of Revelations From God About The Judgement Of Britain. In that publication, we give some of the dreams and visions we and others have received about the catastrophic events which will shortly befall Britain (and America). Events like nuclear obliteration of London and some major cities (and in America, too, as Henry Gruver was shown in vision); chemical weapons used by the Russian general Lebed to wipe out the population of much of southern Britain, etc.

The time is short! ... Yet the Church slumbers.

A copy of Revelations From God About The Judgement Of Britain (£1.00) is available on request.

After I proof-read that booklet I went to sleep. Just before I awoke, God gave me three dreams about Benny Hinn Ministries. I believe His reason for this is closely tied in with what that publication reveals. Time is short, and the direction Benny Hinn Ministries is going is not the direction God wants, only partly so, as one of the dreams shows.

We have sent MM publications to the London address, only to have a completely inadequate response from whoever is responsible there. We received no signed letter, no polite acknowledgment, no confirmation that my request to reach Benny Hinn with these materials would be granted. The response fulfils Benny Hinn’s dream of Jezebel which he was given many years ago, about which I tried to reach him years ago also, but Jezebel who ‘mans the fort’ blocks these things reaching the man for whom the structure is meant to serve. It doesn’t serve him; it serves itself, as the dream conveys obliquely.

Here are the three dreams (excerpted from my Dream Diary):

26th April 2007. M.
Three dreams about Benny Hinn Ministries.

1) The lorry
A modern-looking lorry was at the sea shore. It backed up so that its wheels were partly in the sea. It was pointed at an oblique angle. As it revved up, its wheels spun on the gravel beneath. The lorry was stuck; it couldn’t move forward. The more its wheels spun, the higher it became. It was lifted up on a pillar of gravel the same shape as the lorry.

I wanted to see the lorry move forward, so that it could fulfil its function on land, and I hoped that it could do so. But when I came back the next day to see, it was partly engulfed by the sea, and the day following that, it was totally submerged. At that time there was the top of a mast and part of a white sail visible, marking the spot where the lorry was. But the lorry was gone, completely beneath the ocean.

Meaning: The lorry represents Benny Hinn Ministries. It is lifted up, but in a precarious position, and pointed partly in the wrong direction. There is much ‘revving’ of the ‘engine’ through the campaigns in various countries, and the accompanying miracles, but it is not going anywhere. Its agenda is misplaced, thinking that it should just stay static at the sea shore. The sea represents the world. "Winning the lost at any cost" is depicted by its position in the vision.

If a day represents a year (Ezek 4:6b), in about two years time [from the specified raising of the dead, about which we have prophesied in Waking The Dead ] it will have disappeared from view, submerged by the influences of the world.

2) The shop
I was looking at a shop front. It was run down and in need of modernisation, painting, and refurbishing. There were many people about, from various different races and nationalities.

Meaning: The shop represents Benny Hinn Ministries. It is well established, but it is antiquated. Its theology needs updating with the most recent revelation that God has provided through Midnight Ministries’ literature.

Comment: We have sent all our publications to Benny Hinn Ministries’ London address, but any proper response was pathetically absent. True prophets are rejected!

3) Why Benny Hinn?
Rageh Omaar
was talking to his father, who was in a different country. His father asked him about Benny Hinn and wanted to know WHY Benny Hinn?

Comment: Rageh Omaar was a BBC correspondent for many years. He was born in Somalia and brought up in Britain as a Muslim, but he has recently made a three-part BBC documentary programme on The Miracles of Jesus.

The purpose of miracles is explained in our booklet Why Miracles? which those who avidly follow Benny Hinn should realise. It doesn’t mean Benny Hinn is the only servant of God, or that he has all available truth, or that his theology is faultless and not in need of revision and refurbishment. But many who follow the man fail to see the trap they have fallen into. We are to follow Jesus, not the man. The man is merely a vehicle, a means, to reach physical people with the gospel of Jesus. It is That Name which matters most.

If you want to ‘check me out’, then go to www.midnightministries.org.uk and view:

Midnight Ministries Dream Diary
What God Said About Midnight Ministries
Revelations From God About Midnight Ministries.
There is sufficient evidence there to attest to our credentials.


God bless.

Sincerely, in His name,
Malcolm B Heap

Sent by e-mail

From: Malcolm Heap
Sent: Sat 07/02/2009
Subject: An appropriate, proper response is requested from you

Dear Friend,

I wrote to your ministry two years ago, but I received no adequate reply.

I asked to be removed from your mailing list, because when a prophet delivers something from God and is rebuffed, there is no point in continuing an unbalanced 'dialogue'. Monologue is worthless to closed ears.

Now I receive from you, without requesting them, e-mails notifying of evangelistic progress of BHMinistries in Venezuela and other places. Fine. It's good to see what God is doing on that front, but you don't want to see what God is doing on other fronts, and you do not forward to Benny Hinn what God gave me for him through revelation. Thus you shut out the prophets (except for the false ones, widely accepted but without divine commendation), and by that, you shut that door on Jesus, limiting the scope and value of your work.

Eventually, if this process continues, you will cause Benny Hinn's ministry to fail and be shut down, finished! All because you are shutting out further revelation from the Spirit. God will raise up a new channel of His flow.

And your candlestick or lampstand will be removed from its place, according to Jesus' promise in Rev 2.

I doubt if you will do anything as you should with this communication, but I give you the opportunity. So, I cut and paste below the four letters which I sent to Benny Hinn Ministries in 2007. (There were others – significant others – sent before that. If you want to pass them on to Benny Hinn, do request them. But I doubt if you care, or demonic protocol prevents you!?)

I wish you well.

God bless,
Malcolm B Heap

More ‘Drip’ From His Ministry

Clearly they thought what I had written was SPAM – trash correspondence, unwanted and worthless! This is all I received from them in reply – a ‘form’ letter by e-mail.

From: Europe Information
To: Malcolm Heap
Sent: Thursday, March 05, 2009
Subject: RE: [SPAM?]

Dear Partner,

Thank you for your love, prayers and support of Benny Hinn Ministries.

We recently received your request for your mailings to stop. We would like to inform you that this has now been rectified on our database.

We would like to inform you that it will generally take a minimum of 60 days for mailings to cease from the time of request as we usually release our letters well in advance.

We thank you again for all your tremendous love and support to the ministry. [Hypocritical clap-trap! They didn’t accept or even read the spiritual support I offered them. They didn’t want it. They called it SPAM and treated me like a .... You can fit the appropriate word in there.]

In His Service,
Partner Responses
Benny Hinn United Kingdom

The Dead Will Arise!


No, it's not SPAM. I meant what I said, but your response is still disingenuous and unreceptive.

How close-minded you are, shut in, blinkered, blind!

You don't accept prophets, so when God

Sends a

you shut the door.

The dead will be raised, to prove the authenticity and veracity of what I have tried to tell you. When it comes to pass, and it surely will, then you will know that a prophet has been among you (Ezek 33:33).

Malcolm B Heap

Yes, the dead will arise, but will they – these hirelings of Benny Hinn’s Ministry? I very much doubt it! They are behaving like the foolish virgins, who have not taken oil with their lamps, so they lack spiritual discernment, are not spiritually attuned, and do not even hear the Midnight Cry that is going out. They just don’t care to hear! Their attention is only on the physical.

They follow the man because of ‘his’ miracles – a gifting which God gave him for gospel witness, not for his own elevation. Because they follow Benny Hinn and not Jesus, Jesus gets eclipsed by their idol and master. Thus they only see the man whom they follow, and not the greater scope of Jesus’ Work on earth. They become Laodicean, self-satisfied (Rev 3:17).

It is now the Midnight Hour. The Cry goes out (Matt 25:6). But who listens?

Malcolm B Heap

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