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Benny Hinn's Dream of Jezebel & The Last Outpouring

I would like to share with you a dream which God gave to Benny Hinn and which he reported in his January 2002 partner letter.

Benny Hinn's Partner Letter

Just days ago I had a dream that I know was prophetic and from the Lord, and as my partner in ministry, I want to share it with you!

In the dream I saw myself standing on-stage in a large coliseum filled with people who were worshipping God, singing "How Great Thou Art". As the dream continued and in the midst of all this glory, I noticed a large woman with black hair standing on the platform to my left a few feet from me, attempting to distract me. Nobody else seemed to notice her as she made noise, talked out loud and mocked what was going on. I remember wondering why no one could see her or stop her. I turned to her as everyone else kept singing, and I rebuked her in the name of the Lord. The moment I took authority in the Spirit over her, it was as if she vanished into thin air.

Almost immediately a remarkable thing happened. Suddenly, I was standing in front of the first row of the audience, leading in "How Great Thou Art", when instantly the power of God fell on the first part of the audience, a third of the crowd, all of them, shaking violently under the anointing.

Instantaneously, I was transported in front of the second section of the audience, leading again in "How Great Thou Art". As we sang, the second group fell, shaking violently under the anointing with heavy rain falling on them as they remained glued to their seats, trembling forcefully.

The most amazing part of the dream was still to come. In a heartbeat I was translated to the front of the last section of the audience. As I led again with "How Great Thou Art", the final third of the audience fell back into their seats, shaking violently with fiery rain falling on them. It looked like liquid fire.

Suddenly I awoke, totally amazed and shaken by what I had seen in the dream. I asked the Lord to reveal the meaning of the dream to me. That same day as I shared it with my wife Suzanne, she immediately said that five weeks ago the Lord had given her a similar dream, and went on to tell me that the woman I saw was the spirit of Jezebel. And the Lord showed me that day clearly that the spirit of Jezebel must be removed before the power and glory of God falls.

As you remember, Jezebel was the woman who stood against Elijah in the Old Covenant, and I believe today she represents control, legalism, intimidation, manipulation, fear and a religious spirit. And there is much more in Scripture of what she represents [more of that in what follows; editor]. I believe with all of my heart the Lord is going to destroy this spirit of Jezebel. And when this stronghold is dealt with, then we are going to see these things begin to happen:

First, the Presence of God will be intensified, overwhelming us with a deeper anointing and greater manifestations of the Spirit that will sweep across the body of Christ. It will be a prelude to what comes next.

Secondly, this anointing will go to a higher level as the latter rain descends which, according to Joel 2:23-26, speaks of the restoration of God's power and the restoration of the years that the locust has eaten. The latter rain speaks of the fulfilment of all of God's promises.

Third, the fire of God will then rain down on your life, and on the whole body of Christ as the glory of God intensifies and becomes visible to His people. In the Scripture, God's fire was visible to Israel for 40 years, and on the Day of Pentecost, the fire of God was visible again in the Upper Room. It is the fire of God that will bring us into a total jubilee!

Get ready... it's coming! And I believe we are about to see the beginning of it this year! More than ever, seek His presence, expect great things for your life and loved ones, and sow your seed of faith for His work and Kingdom with joy, knowing that His glory is about to saturate your life. 

Benny Hinn.

Wigglesworth's Prophecy

Smith Wigglesworth prophesied in 1947 that before Jesus’ second coming there would be a final revival which would impact the British Isles and Europe. This would occur when the movements of Word and Spirit come together.

We are about to enter the beginnings of that, which is why I believe Benny Hinn was expecting things to happen in 2002. [The 1947 Wigglesworth prophecy is recorded in The Last Outpouring and Newsletter 13 (£1.00).]

The Meaning of the Dream

Here is the meaning of Benny Hinn’s dream. The metaphors used were deliberate and distinctive. He wrote:

In the dream I saw myself standing on-stage in a large coliseum filled with people who were worshipping God, singing "How Great Thou Art". As the dream continued and in the midst of all this glory, I noticed a large woman with black hair standing on the platform to my left a few feet from me, attempting to distract me.

A large woman: She is large because she is a dominant influence in the Church. Remember, the woman is Jezebel, a symbol of apostate influence which is idolatrous.

With black hair: Black is a symbol of witchcraft. (Witches invariably were regarded as having black hair.) Satanic control is the dominant feature of this false religion. It is also employed by false ministers in the Christian Church.

Also, compared with Jesus’ brilliant white hair (Rev 1:14), depicting the purity of what is in His mind, this woman (church) has very impure doctrine and concepts.

Standing on the platform: This identifies this damnable influence as elevated in the Church. It is accepted by the people because it is in, and promoted by, the Church leadership. It includes many leaders in church structures. The people look up to her (Jezebel).

To my left: Left depicts liberalism in teaching. Liberals water down the importance of obedience to God’s law, and the extreme left promote the lie that God’s law for man has been done away.

A few feet from me: This pernicious influence is very close to Benny Hinn.

Attempting to distract me (from the truth): As God pours out His power accompanying this last move of God – to give credibility to the previously unacceptable message that goes along with it – false ministers in the Church will oppose the truths that are promoted. They will try to distract Benny and draw him away from the truths God is making known.

He continued:

Nobody else seemed to notice her as she made noise, talked out loud and mocked what was going on. I remember wondering why no one could see her or stop her. I turned to her as everyone else kept singing, and I rebuked her in the name of the Lord. The moment I took authority in the Spirit over her, it was as if she vanished into thin air.

Nobody else seemed to notice her: This shows how this wicked element in the Church is not recognised for what it is. It is not regarded as apostate. Tell most Church folks that the most acclaimed ministers promoting Jesus are publicising false teachings on very basic biblical issues, and they will probably tell you not to be so deluded!

But deception is not noticed, is it? Those who are deceived by Jezebel, don’t know that they are deceived. So, nobody seems to notice her, as the dream conveyed.

She made noise, talked out loud and mocked what was going on: The general way to distract from the truth is make as much noise as you can to promote the error that is commonly believed; talk people out of believing the new truth; and mock it. It then sounds like you know what you are talking about. And you have done Satan’s work to oppose what God wants to do.

I remember wondering why no one could see her or stop her: Satan’s delusions are invisible. He hides behind a mask of ‘righteousness’. He is also very astute, and knows how to promote error so that people can’t see how to oppose it. He makes error and falsity seem more appealing that what is right, which is why his power of deception is so effective.

I turned to her as everyone else kept singing, and I rebuked her in the name of the Lord: God will open Benny’s mind to the truth and he will make a stand for what is right. He will counter this evil influence in the Church, which wants to undermine righteousness through subtle antinomian teaching.

The moment I took authority in the Spirit over her, it was as if she vanished into thin air: When error is countered, it is as if it has never been! You wonder how you could ever have believed such false concepts!

Benny Hinn remarked:

Suddenly I awoke, totally amazed and shaken... and the Lord showed me that day clearly that the spirit of Jezebel must be removed before the power and glory of God falls.

That is how it will be. SUDDENLY, it will happen. God is preparing to light the fuse right now. We are not far away. The fuse will be lit, the taper burn, and BANG!!! off will go the explosion! And people will wonder what has happened! They will be amazed and shaken. The power of God will fall and error will be challenged head on!  

The Messages to the Seven Churches
4: Thyatira
(From Understanding the Book of Revelation (£7.00) available from Midnight Ministries.)

When John received the vision which he recorded in Revelation, Jesus appeared to him in brilliant glory. He shone with an intensity brighter than the sun, His hair was as white as snow, and His eyes blazed like fire (Rev 1:13-15).

Few men have ever seen the Son of God in such a display of outright splendour. John’s reaction was to be expected. He collapsed in terror! The display of sheer power was too much for any mortal to withstand.

This power will be displayed to the whole world when Jesus returns to wrest rulership from the decadent hands of mankind. At that time the rulers, the élite, and the military – all the ‘greats’ of the earth – will plead in terror for the rocks and mountains to fall on them to hide them from the face of this almighty Being (Rev 6:16). None will want to face this awesome display of supernatural magnificence. God’s greatness is so great, that mankind is insignificantly puny by comparison!

The Message To Thyatira

The message to Thyatira is conveyed in the same dramatic tone: one of stern judgement. “These are the words of the Son of God, whose eyes blaze like fire” (Rev 2:18). This is not a mere mortal speaking. Jesus is addressing Thyatira in severe tones, not because they lack love, faith, service or perseverance – He says they have those qualities (v 19) – but because of their tolerance of evil.

You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols (v 20).

What Jesus castigates this church for, is tolerating false teaching – for not taking a vehement stand against it. Heresy was leading people astray; taking them away from God and from the biblical truths which help us to understand Him and what He is doing on earth through His Church. So vile was this heresy in God’s sight that He likened it to sexual immorality and obscene pagan idolatry. In the rites of idolatrous pagan religions, fornication with temple prostitutes was commonplace. God was likening the depths to which the Church had sunk, by absorbing heresy, to this debased level!

The Church is to keep herself unspotted from the world and to be a chaste virgin, faithfully waiting for the coming of her heavenly Groom (Matt 25:1-6; Rev 19:7,8; Eph 5:25-27). By compromising with the Word of God and accepting this heresy they were jeopardizing their spiritual future as the Bride of Christ.

What was this heresy which had beguiled many at Thyatira? Who was Jezebel? We will see in a moment.

First let us continue with the warning Jesus gives His Church:

I have given her [Jezebel] time to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways (vs 21,22). I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am He who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds. Now I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets, I will not impose any other burden on you: Only hold on to what you have until I come (vs 23-25).

The heresy was:

1) False teaching. Something not sanctioned in the Bible.
2) A mystery, or mysteries – Satan’s so-called ‘deep secrets’ – something masquerading as deeper understanding but which is in actual fact deception, not truth.
3) Jesus says: “hold on to what you have…” implying that this heresy is actually a taking away from original revealed truth.

Thyatira’s Compromise

One of the heresies by which the Church of the early centuries AD was being corrupted was the substitution of the Sabbath of the fourth commandment by an idolatrous replacement, Sunday. Sunday is the first day of the week and was commonly recognized in pagan religions. It was so named in honour of the sun which was widely worshipped. In the Roman pantheon, the sun god was the chief sky god.

“Sunday being the day on which the Gentiles solemnly adored that planet, and called it Sunday, partly from its influence on that day especially, and partly in respect to its divine body (as they conceived it), the Christian thought fit to keep the same day and the same name of it” (Six Dialogues on The Lord’s Day, by T H Morer, p 22,23).

The trouble is, God did not sanction the transference of the Sabbath rest to Sunday. The cunning of Satan instigated the change. He deceived certain men who were false apostles, who, in turn deceived some Christians. The falling away from original truth began early. Paul was warning the Ephesian elders of serious apostasy quite a while before it occurred (Acts 20:30). His sentiments were echoed by Jude (Jude 3,4) and Peter (2 Pet 2:1,2). And Peter’s prophecy warned of the large numbers of Christians who would fall prey to such heresy: “Many will follow their shameful ways…” (2 Pet 2:2).

Satan’s masterly deception was readily accepted by a large number of believers because of the persuasion of ‘Christian’ leaders who promoted the deceitful philosophy. It was a teaching that was appealing to the masses in the Roman Empire because that was the day of the sun with which the pagans were familiar anyway. The sun was worshipped as the great life-giver. Instead of calling Sunday a day in honour of the sun, why not call it a day in honour of the Sun of Righteousness (Mal 4:2), the Son of God, the Christian life-giver? Thus, it was relatively easy to form a bridge between the ubiquitous pagan philosophies and that of Christianity. Such a merger could bring stability to the Roman empire in its twilight years, so Constantine thought. The cleverly political Roman emperor found in it a very convenient tool with which to consolidate his power and regulate the religious frictions within the Empire (see under Constantine – Christian or Charlatan?). Moreover, because of prevalent anti-Semitic resentment, such teaching was more readily accepted by Gentiles than pure Christian truth.

Later, as the customs of the broad Church drifted further from those of the biblically revealed Sabbaths and Passover of 14th Abib, the accurate details of when the Lord died and was resurrected became lost. Faded by time, and by misunderstandings about the meaning of certain gospel texts, it became generally believed that Jesus rose on a Sunday, the first day of the week. This seemed a good justification for emphasising the value of Sunday observance and doing away with the ‘Jewish’ custom of the Sabbath.

Pear’s Cyclopaedia, under the heading Sabbath and Sunday, states: “Sunday, or the Lord’s Day, is the first day of the week in the Christian year. It was substituted for the Jewish Sabbath in the 1st century AD as the Christian day of worship in commemoration of the Resurrection. The Sabbath in the Jewish system was the last day of the week (Saturday in the Christian calendar), designated as the day of rest in the fourth commandment of the Decalogue.”

The argument for changing from Sabbath to Sunday sounds very plausible, except for the fact that nowhere has God indicated that such a change is divinely approved. Reprobate men made the change, under satanic influence – impostors, masquerading as Christian teachers, but who were devoid of the Spirit of God (2 Cor 11:13; Jude 12).

Unfortunately, this rational-sounding explanation above (from Pear’s Cyclopaedia) contains a number of lies and misleading half-truths.

1) The Sabbath was never exclusively Jewish. It was instituted at Creation (Gen 2:3), long before any Jew existed. It is one of the commandments given to Israel (not just to Jews... incidentally, not all Israelites are of the tribe of Judah – the ‘Jews’) that are not to be altered or abrogated until heaven and earth disappear (Matt 5:18). The Sabbath was made for man, not merely for the Jew (Mark 2:27). And the Sabbath is the true Lord’s day for mankind (Mark 2:28).

2) The resurrection of Jesus is not honoured by keeping Sunday. Biblical and secular evidence points to the fact that Jesus rose on a Friday afternoon, not a Sunday (please refer to our article Jesus’ Resurrection Was NOT On Sunday!).

Actually, the substitution of Sunday in place of the Sabbath occurred long before the first century AD! A similar occurrence had transpired hundreds of years before in Israel, when that nation was heavily influenced by the inroads of the religion of Baalism. (Baal means ‘lord’ or ‘master’).

Jezebel’s Rebellion

The Israelites – the people of God in the Old Testament – were negligent in keeping the fourth commandment (Ezek 20:12-21; 22:8,26). Of all the commands, it often seems to be most undesirable for carnal man. Perhaps because it claims so much of our time which, humanly, we would rather have for ourselves.

After the secession of the ten tribes of Israel from the rest of the Israelite union (which left the kingdom of the ‘Jews’ – comprised of Judah, Benjamin and Levi under the Davidic monarch), Jeroboam led the rebel northern Israelite nation further into idolatry by instituting an eighth-month festival in place of the seventh-month Feast of Tabernacles (1 Kings 12:33; Lev 23:33,34). In the Hebrew calendar this occurs about the time of the modern pagan Hallowe’en, and may have something to do with its origin.

Over the subsequent decades, the nation drifted further into idolatry and began to embrace Baalism wholesale under the reign of Ahab, whose wife’s name was Jezebel. Elijah contested with Ahab, king of Israel, over the illicit rights of Baal-worshippers as opposed to those of the oppressed minority who wanted to worship the true God, Yahweh. Baal-worship and other associated heathen practices were so prevalent, they had become the dominant religious influences by that time.

The outcome of Elijah’s famous duel is described in 1 Kings chapter 18. Elijah called down fire from heaven which consumed the sacrifice to Yahweh. Elijah’s exploits could not be matched by the pagans, so the false prophets were slaughtered en masse.

Despite the obvious fact that Yahweh was the only God worthy of worship and that Baal was a mere figment of men’s imaginations, the attitudes of the evil king and his notorious wife did not change. If anything, they got worse!

Jezebel was probably the most evil woman described in the Bible. She was deliberately deceptive. She had an innocent, law-abiding man killed at her command so that she and her husband could possess the fruits of his hard labours (1 Kings 21). She purposely falsified the truth and had Naboth (whose name means prominence) put to death. Her character was so marred that seeing innocent blood spilled did not trouble her.

The spiritual parallel with Thyatira is unavoidable. Thyatira also had a ‘Jezebel’ within the Church. The spirit of Jezebel was one of deliberate falsification of the truth in order to lead astray. The motive? One of selfish gain. The majority preferred to accommodate pagan traditions which later included keeping Sunday, than be faithful to biblical truth which involved keeping the Sabbath.

What Thyatira was guilty of, was the tolerance of evil heresies within the Church. The substitution of the Sabbath by Sunday was flagrantly idolatrous. Many of those who promoted such a change knew better! Scripture, or scriptural customs, cannot be changed for the sake of personal whims and fancies, or for private convenience because of the difficulties of the times. The command- ments of God are not alterable as long as night and day exist (Ex 31:13,17 and Matt 5:18).

Instead of accepting the consequences of adhering strictly to pure biblical truth, some in Thyatira compromised. They allowed the truth of the Sabbath to become watered down with the Sunday substitute.

“The last day of the week was strictly kept in connection with that of the first day for a long time after the overthrow of the temple and its worship” (Ancient Christianity Exemplified, Chap 26, Sec 2, by Lyman Coleman).

Some embraced the ‘new teaching’ entirely; some partially. One way some hurdled this obstacle was by keeping both days:

Unfortunately, keeping two days does not properly fulfil the fourth commandment, because half of the command is to work for six days of each week. It was a compromise. There ought to be no compromise with heresy!

The same author admits:

“Down even to the fifth century the observance of the Jewish Sabbath was continued in the Christian church, but with a rigour and solemnity gradually diminishing until it was wholly discontinued” (Ibid).

Satan’s ‘Deep Secrets’

In AD 321 Constantine attempted to put an end to the controversy by establishing Sunday as the ‘official’ day of rest. He claimed to have embraced Christianity.

“Let all the judges and town people, and the occupation of all trades, rest on the venerable day of the sun; but let those who are situated in the country, freely and at full liberty attend to the business of agriculture, because it often happens that no other day is so fit for sowing corn and planting vines; lest, the critical moment being let slip, men should lose the commodities granted by heaven. Given the seventh day of March [7th March, AD 321], Crispus and Constantine being consuls, each of them for the second time” (Corpus Juris Civillis God, lib. 3, tit. 12,3).

Eusebius, bishop of the Church in Constantinople during this time, added in his Commentary on The Psalms, “All things whatsoever that it was duty to do on the Sabbath, these we have transferred to the Lord’s day.”

However, God made no such transfer. Men did!

Not only was the true biblical Sabbath illegally abrogated in favour of a pagan custom, so too were other correct biblical traditions. The Church lost sight of the Passover, which became supplanted by an unbiblical name, ‘Lord’s Supper’ or ‘Communion’. The Days of Unleavened Bread with which the early Church was familiar were replaced by Easter and Lent. Pentecost was substituted with what has now become Whit Sunday, and the other God-ordained Festivals given to Israel were abandoned equally illicitly.

Thus, correct ‘Hebrew’ tradition which Jesus passed on to the Church was gradually forgotten, and the customs of Babylonian mystery religions took their place. These were the ‘deep secrets’ of Satan – many of which were customs the wicked Jezebel had supported in Israel a millennium earlier. Satan had used similar tactics before to infiltrate and destroy God’s model Old Testament nation. Now he was employing them with increased subtlety to infiltrate and spiritually destroy the Church.

Christian or Charlatan?

When he became a ‘Christian’, the Roman emperor Constantine issued an edict granting everyone in the empire the right to determine the religion of his choice. This was a dramatic turnaround from the ghastly victimisation of Christians of preceding centuries, when they were tortured, torn apart by lions, barbarously crucified and denied human rights.

Constantine abolished death by crucifixion and caused the vicious persecutions against Christians to cease. Why such a dramatic reversal? Had the Roman emperor truly become a Christian?

Jesus tells us quite plainly that a person’s inner motives are revealed by the fruits of their life (Matt 7:15-20). History records that, even after his ‘turnaround’, Constantine murdered both his wife and one of his sons. “No murderer has eternal life abiding in him” (1 Jn 3:15).

“Constantine’s first marriage was to Minervina, by whom he had a son named Crispus. His second wife, Fausta, bore him three daughters and three sons. Crispus became an outstanding soldier and help to his father. Yet, in 326 – very shortly after directing the Nicene Council – he had his son put to death. The story is that Crispus had made love to Fausta. At least this was the accusation of Fausta. But this may have been her method of getting him out of the way, so one of her sons might have claim to the throne! Constantine’s mother, however, persuaded him that his wife “had yielded to his son”. Constantine had Fausta suffocated to death in an overheated bath. About this same time he had his sister’s son flogged to death and her husband strangled – even though he had promised he would spare his life” (From The Story of Civilisation: Caesar and Christ, p 66, by Durant, quoted in Babylon Mystery Religion – Ancient and Modern, p 48, by Ralph E. Woodrow).

Durant asks: “Was his conversion sincere – was it an act of religious belief, or a consummate stroke of political wisdom?” He answers his own question: “Probably the latter … He seldom conformed to the ceremonial requirements of Christian worship. His letters to Christian bishops make it clear that he cared little for the theological differences that agitated Christendom – though he was willing to suppress dissent in the interests of imperial unity. Throughout his reign he treated the bishops as his political aides; he summoned them, presided over their councils, and agreed to enforce whatever opinion their majority should formulate. A real believer would have been a Christian first and a statesman afterward; with Constantine it was the reverse. Christianity was to him a means, not an end” (Durant, pp 655,656).

Rather than destroying Christianity in the empire, the fires of persecution had only served to inflame passion and further the interests of the persecuted, not the persecutor. “Constantine knew this. Instead of the empire constantly being divided – with pagans in conflict with Christians – why not take such steps as might be necessary to mix elements of both religions together, he reasoned, and thereby bring a united force to the empire? There were similarities between the two religious systems … The Christianity of Constantine was a mixture. Though he had his statue removed from pagan temples and renounced the offering of sacrifices to himself, yet people continued to speak of the divinity of the emperor. As pontifex maximus he continued to watch over the heathen worship and protect its rights. In dedicating Constantinople in 330, a ceremonial that was half pagan and half Christian was used. The chariot of the sun god was set in the marketplace and over it the cross. Coins made by Constantine featured the cross, but also representations of Mars or Apollo. While professing to be a Christian, he continued to believe in pagan magic formulas for the protection of crops and the healing of disease. All these things are pointed out in The Catholic Encyclopaedia. Yet, the practice of Constantine – the concept of mixture – was clearly the method whereby the Catholic church developed and became rich and increased with goods” (Babylon Mystery Religion, pp 49,50, by Ralph E. Woodrow).

It was this deliberate deceitful mixing of Christian truth with paganism – syncretism – for which Thyatira’s Jezebel was condemned.


As I have already explained, the Church is in error in not keeping the fourth commandment as God stated it from the beginning. I am not stating this humanly, but as a prophet of God, I represent Him in this assertion.

The false substitution of Sunday to replace the Sabbath, and the teachings that support this illicit change, are Jezebel influences.

That I do not speak for myself but for God, I give you a sign. It is the raising of the dead. There will be as many as 50 people raised from the dead in the near future, to verify my words.

One has already occurred. In Aba, Abia State, Nigeria, God has raised a 2-year-old boy through the ministry of an evangelist who uses our publications extensively to promote aspects of God’s Truth that the majority of churches lack. In June 2002, God performed this miracle, not through the ministry of Benny Hinn, or Reinhard Bonnke, or any other ‘big name’ evangelist. He honoured a humble Sabbath-keeping evangelist named David Isaac Ohuoba. David related:

“I started telling them about one of Midnight Ministries’ powerful books entitled Testing The Spirits... The Bible says dogmatically that God is the Healer (Ex 15:26; Ps 103:3)... Miracles of healing at Christian meetings and evangelistic campaigns where they occur in the name of Jesus, are bona fide miracles of God, done to glorify Jesus. He died to pay the price for our deliverance (Is 53:45).

“Restoring pure biblical truth is much less exciting than seeing miracles occur in front of your eyes. It’s no wonder that signs and wonders can relegate the restoration of biblical truth to the back row of the church. [David’s love for the purity of God’s truth is second to none. The restoration of God’s truth in the Church is top on his priority list!]

“So, at sundown we prayed... I was there with them [the parents of Chimereucheya, the little boy who had died] for four days. At midnight, as I was praying... I referred to what He did to Elisha in the book of 2nd Kings 4:18-32.

“As I was praying, challenging God that He is still God - the same today - God restored the life of this boy. Immediately he started crying, and calling for his mother, but he could not walk or stand.

“We started praying day and night with your wonder books Faith and Healing, Listening To God, and Witnessing For Christ. We did 3 nights and 3 days. Then this boy started to walk on his own. Praise God! Normal blood pressure was restored and we discovered that the boy was not seeing... Then I read Luke 18:35-41. Verse 42 said, “And Jesus said unto him, ‘Receive thy sight: thy faith hath saved thee.’ And immediately he received his sight.”

“People, when they saw it happen here, gave praise to God. This miracle was covered with a photograph as I was giving back the boy to his mother. Praise to God.”

The document was signed by: David Isaac Ohuoba (evangelist); Eberechi Dick (father); Uchechi Dick (mother).

This boy was completely restored on 22nd June 2002, the Sabbath day, which depicts our spiritual restoration! God wants the knowledge of His Sabbaths restored too, and Jezebel ousted!

Malcolm B Heap

Copyright: Midnight Ministries, PO Box 29, Aylesbury, HP17 8TL, UK