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The CoG Spirit of Witchcraft

In the previous explanation, some people will find my statement rather strong that the Churches of God are dominated by a spirit of witchcraft.

Anyone who exercises spiritual control over others, to dominate them, to oppress them, to limit or control them is being governed by, and exercising this evil spirit of witchcraft. You may call it by another name if you think the term is inaccurate, but it does not change the evil nature behind it.

The following should prove my point.

In May 1999, I reached out to a number of CoG people by sending Awake! Awake! 7-3 (Just What Does It Take To WAKE UP The Churches of God?) and some other materials which exposed the spiritual penury of the CoG.

I received no positive response. The reason why is illustrated by an e-mail from Rick Stanczak, who demonstrated how much these people are in the grip of Satan. His reply is included in my response to him which follows:

Subj: Re: What a HEAP! followed by "Just What is 'The Work'?"
Date: 15/05/99 19:27:05 TST
In a message dated 15/05/99 11:51:48 TST,  stanczak@cwix.com writes:

<< Ah Malcolm......  What a HEAP!......

Of course, your side-stepping the prima facie issue with mumbo-jumbo distortions of focus would be expected coming from a false profit and glory seeker like you. (Has Lady Di come back to life as you prophesied, among many other false prophesies?? What is the fruit of your nonsense?!)

Someone mailed me some of your tapes a few years back, and I have never heard so much self-aggrandizing and fawning support for deceitful snake oil pushers like Benny Hinn and other charismatic goof-balls. Oh they've got a spirit all right!

I'm sure it would be wishful thinking on my part that you would hit the road and take your spirit with you too.

Rick Stanczak  >>


For those who want it, here is a Sabbath lesson on discerning the spirits. We'll take the above message, and I will give you a Holy Spirit analysis on the evil spirits infesting the writer's psyche, which give rise to the following evil fruits.

1. Rude, maliciously insulting:

Firstly, our 'friend' starts with rudeness. Rudeness is not in the catalogue of virtues supplied by the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 13:5). It comes from a proud and arrogant spirit.

2. Hostility and disparagement:

I would like to call him my brother in Christ, but his attitude and approach is denigrating and hostile. Two evils in one.

3. No love, only hate:

He doesn't come in love towards me or towards any others with whom he disagrees on doctrine or other Christian practice. He thinks he runs ahead of all the others, and does not need to practice loving others. Love is the greatest Christian doctrine and virtue. But clearly Rick doesn't have it. He has departed from the faith! John would not have welcomed him into his home (2 Jn 10).

4. Mocking:

Rick mocks the prophecy about Princess Diana's return to life, which God has given us. Has Jesus returned yet? Are we to mock those prophecies in the Bible, too? Mockers and scoffers have a wrong spirit. I shouldn't have to quote to any of you what Peter said about them!

5. Falsely accusing:

Rick falsely accuses me that I have had many other false prophecies, which failed to come to pass. That is untrue. He knows next to nothing about my work, nor about what prophecies God has given us. For those who want the truth, we have had prophecies come true.

Here is the first one: Early in our ministry in 1993 God told us to go to a local car dealership and tell them some things. We did as God said and told them what God had instructed. They mocked. Then God spoke again. He said their garage would close.

13 months later it did.

False prophecy? No! True prophecy. If any want further corroboration from us I can supply it. But by the tone of the objections, the fault-finders don't want the truth, only to slander us.

Those who don't seek truth or to be objective are guided by demon spirits. Satan's minions all have that quality of fault-finding and accusing.

6. More false accusing:

<< Someone mailed me some of your tapes a few years back, and I have never heard so much self-aggrandizing and fawning support for deceitful snake oil pushers like Benny Hinn and other charismatic goof-balls. >>

Ask others who know me whether I am self aggrandizing. What tapes are you referring to? I bet you don't even know! If it was the set of 3 tapes about Jim Rector's misdemeanours against me, plagiarising my publication "God's Church – Whose Authority?" on a tape he made on 10th August 1996 entitled "Who Is The Greatest?", let others hear those tapes and judge. You have arrived at your conclusion. If we are to take any objective note of your accusations, we need to have independent witnesses assess whether what I said was self-aggrandising and fawning as you falsely accuse. Otherwise, keep your accusative mouth shut. No demon should ever be allowed this much latitude in a church which claims to be part of God's Church!

7. Mock & speak evil of what you don't understand:

As for Benny Hinn and charismatics whom you insult, have you cast out demons? NO! Clearly not! They are running rampant throughout your brain! Benny Hinn, for all his mistakes and aspects of false doctrine, HAS cast out demons. Two of the participants on this forum have seen this with their own eyes.

Let me ask all you folks participating in this discussion (which is fast developing into outright war between those who stand for Light and those who stand for Darkness), which of you have cast out demons? [No one replied!] If you have not, then don't judge just because you don't understand what others do in their worship. That is illicit, a demonic trait (Jude 10).

If my wife and I have cast them out (and she does so frequently, she is an intercessor also) are we not qualified to be heard in the assembly? Is not the Holy One moving in us and guiding our work? Yet all who don't understand, mock and try to find fault.

I have spent time to highlight the falsity and demonic nature of this man's attack on me. I hope that it proves useful to you on this forum to learn the need to test the spirits as John commands (1 Jn 4:1). Spirits work through others. They bequeath bad traits, chief among which is that of accusing falsely.

You are to assess others by their spiritual fruits, not by their doctrine. Many from our background have not yet come out of the deceptive approach (of Satan) of judging another on the grounds of their doctrine. "If they don't keep the Sabbath, or if they don't believe like we do on this or that... then they're false.." This is a false notion itself! When the Spirit of Christ lives in a person, they are Christ's, even if they still have not come to see where their doctrines may still be in error. So, beware coming to wrong conclusions.

All who want to examine Xxxx’s emphasis on praise should first read Merlin Carother's book "Prison to Praise", before they try judging him on that one!

God bless you all – all, that is, who want to learn more and move on in the power of the Spirit of God. (The ALLmighty!)

Are you ready for miracles? Are you ready for the dead being raised. It's coming. It's not far away. But when it does, are you ready to preach about Jesus and not merely about your own petty doctrines? People need setting free, not trapping again by the dogmas of men!

Sincerely, in His love, Malcolm (Heap)

PS What follows is an article which I hope you find helpful. [End of e-mail.]

In that e-mail I also included the article Just What Is 'The Work'? Here is an excerpt from it:

What IS The Work?

.....Jesus had told them to wait in Jerusalem until that happened (Acts 1:4). They were to be baptized in the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5). That occurred (Acts chapter 2). You know the story. That's when they became witnesses for God:

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).

They didn't reach the ends of the earth. That commission is still continuing today. Jesus prophesied that the gospel WOULD go to the ends of the earth before He came again. I'm sure you know the scripture well! (Matt 24:14.)

We are now very close to the time of Jesus' return, and the gospel IS going to the world! But WHO is preaching it? Do you see, or are you blind?

It is not the Worldwide Church of God, nor its offshoots, although some may lay claim to that honour. Their impact is so minimal it is almost not worth considering! I will come to who is preaching it in a minute. First, let's notice something else that was hidden to you in the Worldwide Church of God.

There are two points about the Work which emerge from a careful examination of these verses:

1) The Work is carried on by the Holy Spirit, not just by men.

2) The Holy Spirit provides supernatural POWER which gains people's attention and inspires the preaching.

How is 'the Work'  Done?

The Work of God is carried on through the agency of the Holy Spirit. It is not a work of man, although men (and women) are directly involved.

It is conducted by the inspiration of the Spirit of God. Paul talked about the uselessness of trying to reach the minds of men with human speech alone (1 Cor 1:17). You can be the greatest orator the world has ever seen, but if the Spirit of God does not lead you, your words will do nothing to bring true life to your hearers.

This was part of the problem with all that transpired in the Worldwide Church of God, and why its work is finally disintegrating. Its operations were humanly directed, humanly governed, and humanly led. The presence of dominant hierarchy was one major indicator of this fact.

Seldom did evangelism occur under the direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

That may sound shocking to many ears, but there is much with which we should be shocked about our former association!

Paul's preaching was much different. He stated:

My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a DEMONSTRATION OF THE SPIRIT'S POWER (1 Cor 2:4).

When have you seen a demonstration of the Spirit's POWER? I bet you haven't if all you have been exposed to is the preaching of the Worldwide Church of God or any of its offshoots!

When have you seen blind eyes opened at public meetings when the gospel is preached? When have you seen deaf ears opened, lame people walk, cripples get up out of wheelchairs, various sicknesses miraculously cured, demons cast out of demoniacs, or even (dare I suggest it?) the dead raised?

You probably haven't! Well, sorry if this shocks you! I have! I have seen all those things occur at evangelistic meetings when those who preach also have the faith to rely upon Jesus to back them up. That is, I have witnessed all those miracles occur except one. I haven't yet seen dead people raised, but I have read several authentic accounts to know that it has occurred. Jesus said it would, and He gave the command to do so (Matt 10:8).

The trouble for us who keep the Sabbath is that all these miracles have been occurring mostly through the preaching of those who don't keep the Sabbath in the way we do. For want of a better description they are 'Sunday keepers'.

And these are the ones who are preaching the gospel to the world for a witness. They are taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the former communist lands of the USSR, eastern Europe, South America, Africa and around the world, even in the farthermost corners and underground in red China.

The Baptism of the Spirit

You have probably been baptized in water, but there is a baptism you have not been told about which is more important if you are to do the Work of God.

Jesus told those whom He had first commissioned that they would be BAPTIZED IN THE HOLY SPIRIT (Acts 1:5). That phrase usually falls on deaf ears. It means little to the uninitiated. But Jesus was telling them that when He baptized them in His Spirit, they would be clothed with power (Luke 24:49).

Paul was clothed with this power. When he preached, Jesus backed him up by performing miracles that convinced many of the presence of God. At Iconium:

Paul and Barnabas spoke boldly for the Lord, who confirmed the message of His grace by enabling them to do miraculous signs and wonders (Acts 14:3).

At Jerusalem:

The whole assembly became silent as they listened to Barnabas and Paul telling about the miraculous signs and wonders God had done among the Gentiles through them (Acts 15:12).

There are many other places in the book of Acts describing the miraculous witness that accompanied the preaching of the gospel. That is because those who preached were baptized, as Jesus was, in the Holy Spirit AND power (Acts 10:38). You can have the Holy Spirit without the power, or you can have it with power. Miraculous signs and wonders will only follow if you believe for them. You've got to ask, and expect (Matt 7:7,11).

What is not generally realised in Sabbatarian circles is that the same miraculous signs and wonders have not ceased occurring where the gospel is preached and those preaching it have faith to receive demonstrations of miraculous power.

It is the power of God which authenticates the divine source of the gospel message. That is what it means to preach the gospel for a WITNESS! Supernatural power convicts more than words alone.

When the Holy Spirit came on that first N.T. Pentecost, it brought power. The Holy Spirit has not left. It/He is still with us today. How much is God's power utilized? It has been neutralised too often by false teaching that has elevated unbelief above faith!

Faith clothes us with power from on high. Unbelief undermines it. When the Spirit descended on the disciples in that upper room, manifestations of power erupted. If they had been as unbelieving as many of the onlookers, do you think God could have done so much through them? No. It was because of their expectancy, as well as their desperate need for help, that they were recipients. They were expecting something dramatic. Jesus had told them to wait and see what He would do (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:5). Coupled with that, they felt vulnerable and knew their need for God after what had transpired. God could work so mightily through them because they were open to His Spirit.

By contrast, the self-righteous, smug, complacent climate engendered in a comfortable arm-chair church does nothing to aid the manifestation of the Spirit's power. It stifles it. But that is the tragic legacy the Worldwide culture has spawned.

The WCG Legacy

If you have been a part of the Worldwide Church of God and thought that its doctrines and spiritual experience were more or less complete, you won't have received this 'clothing' of the Spirit Jesus mentioned in Luke 24:49 – this power from on high. Why not? Because you were not taught to expect it, or to accept it.

And what you don't believe you should receive, you won't. We all receive according to our faith. We were actually taught to distrust any 'Pentecostals' who promoted this baptism!

The Signs of This Baptism

Mark wrote Jesus' words about what it meant to be baptized with His Spirit. He wasn't just talking about receiving a small dose of the Holy Spirit, an 'earnest' or downpayment. One talent, if you like. He was talking about an OUTPOURING that would demonstrate visible POWER through supernatural signs and wonders...

(If you ‘itch’ to know the rest, request the entire article, Just What IS The Work?)

Malcolm B Heap

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