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WCG Dream Diary (Part 1)

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When a prophet of the Lord is among you, I reveal Myself to him in visions, I speak to him in dreams (Numbers 12:6, NIV).
(H = Helena’s dream. M = Malcolm’s dream, etc.)

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches (Rev 2:7).

These are merely SOME of the revelations in dreams which concern the Worldwide Church of God (WCG).

Earlier dreams are contained in the book Dreams From God About The WCG.


Uselessness Of The WCG

16th February 2008. M. Tony Lodge and wasps.

Tony Lodge (a WCG local elder who opposed us) had a very small kitchen garden. It was totally impractical, on a 45 degree slope, and so very small! He should have been letting Tonya or me grow things in it, but he didn’t. He let someone else use it, but it was totally neglected. It was just breeding wasps!

Meaning: The dream depicts the useless impractical teaching of false ministers in the WCG – and there are plenty of them! They are not giving truth to the people and are under judgement from God.

45 = 5 (preparation) x 9 (God’s judgement). They should be producing food to feed and nourish their hearers. And that food going to the people should have been ‘ours’, as God points out through the symbolism of the dream.

Because they don’t accept us, and have rejected the truth we ‘produce’ in MM literature, their ‘vegetable plot’ is only a breeding ground of demons (wasps)!

Passing The Security Check

1st Dec 1997. M. Dream of Being in Large Church.

The building was huge, like the Royal Albert Hall. I recognised some of the people there. I was coming into this arena but there was a security guard to pass. One of the men on security was Jonathan Buck (a minister friend in WCG). We both knew each other. A bit of friendly banter passed between us, and he allowed me to slip into the meeting.

Meaning: The dream conveys the fact that I am not welcome in most church circles, especially those of the WCG and its offshoots. Prophets rarely are. To keep the prophets out, churches erect ‘security’ barriers. To pass this ‘security’ is usually not possible, or extremely difficult, but God makes a way where it is His will. He will cause us to penetrate and for the work which He is doing through us to achieve His ends.

Renovating The Building

3rd December 1997. Malcolm.

Dream of Alterations / Renovation to Building.

We were involved in doing extensive alterations to a building. On one wall the electricity supply was attached. We had to remove this box from the wall in order to complete the job. This could be done without disconnecting the electricity supply. However, for some reason, when we loosened the inlet box the power went off. We were blamed for cutting off the power supply, although we had not done so.

Meaning: we are blamed for much that has gone wrong in the Church, yet it is not our fault. Spiritual power and influence disappears when people step back from doing what is right in God’s sight.

Vile Tapeworm!

5th December 1997. Helena. Dream of Tapeworm.

Helena saw a long, writhing tapeworm. This thing could only be killed by pouring boiling water on it. Otherwise it was impossible to get rid of it.

Meaning given: The prodigious power of the devil to invade Christians if they compromise in their life.

Little Chicks Begin to Fly

12th January 1998. Malcolm.

This dream concerned some who have come out of Worldwide. I entered the grounds of a large mansion. Although you would expect to be stopped by security, somehow I managed to get in unhindered. On the wall of this mansion, high up, there were two large wooden boxes which served as nest boxes. I saw some little fluffy chicks in them and one or two were learning to fly. I saw them take their first leap out of the box into the air and plummet down. They made good. It was an encouraging sight. One thing that the dream conveyed was that although you would expect there to be a mother hen incubating the eggs and keeping the chicks warm, there wasn’t.

Meaning: The few from the WCG who are learning to ‘fly’ spiritually after receiving our materials.

Flying Supernaturally!

22nd January 1998. Malcolm. Dream of Flying.

This was an incredibly vivid dream! I was flying like superman with my arms stretched out and fists clenched. I had supernatural power flowing through me and it seemed like I could go anywhere, do anything!

Meaning: This revelation symbolised the anointing that then came upon me to write the more than 40 articles to help Worldwiders. (From Jan to Mar 1998.)

27th January 1998. M. Dream of One-Page Articles.

In this dream, God showed me that I was to write lots of one page articles and that these would be very helpful to Worldwiders.

The dream was fulfilled over subsequent weeks, when an ‘anointing’ came upon me to write all those articles for WCG.

The Scattering of the Church

27th January 1998. H.

Dream of Small Hills Surrounded by Water.

In this dream Helena saw lots of small hills projecting out of what was like a large expanse of waterlogged ground.

Meaning: The distribution of the Church into lots of small groups and how the water of God can better reach them in this environment, than if they were amalgamated as larger mountains.

MM Effects Changes in WCG

16th January 1998. M. Dream of Changes.

Little Kimble Lodge was depicted in this dream. (This was an old ornate former lodge of the Chequers Estate on which I did some extensive building work when a builder. I was in the WCG at the time.) I was engaged in doing extensive alterations to this property yet again, but this time it was situated over the other side of the road!

Meaning: The Lodge depicts the WCG. The alterations we are engaged in depict the profound effects our ministry will have on this organisation and many of those in it.

Woman Left In The Drawer

6th March 1998. M. Dream of Woman in Drawer.

‘They’ put a woman in a filing cabinet drawer and left her there, intending to come back to her later. I thought she might die there, but amazingly she didn’t – not quite!

Meaning: The WCG hierarchy files away the church, ignoring them and leaving them to die spiritually.

A WCG Minister

4th May 1998. M. I was given a dream of a friend of mine who is still a WCG minister. This dream was quite complicated, but the gist of it was that there was something which was holding him back spiritually. It was lust for power.

Comment: What holds WCG ministers inside the WCG is often that they don’t want to lose their position.

WCG Minister’s Warped Mentality

1st July 1998. M. Minister’s arrogance and prejudice.

He needed others to help him with ministry work. I offered to help him but he would not have it. He had written a book entitled “100% Truth!” He later let me minister to his flock, but only on the condition that I read this book to them.

When I recorded a tape, they were surprised at how good it was. They never thought I could do anything which would be much cop! In another scene, he conceded to me helping him out. He was willing to pay my train fare, but when it came to Helena’s train fare he balked. He refused to pay that. Yet she was the more outspoken and capable partner in the ministry!

Meaning: This man, like most WCG ministers, is shackled by the mentality WCG has bred into him. Top on his list is CONTROL! Like most WCG ministers, he feels he must be in control. He determines what his flock knows about, spiritually.

Secondly, he thinks he has all truth and has no need to learn from other Christians, least of all from us! This is sheer arrogance, combined with Laodicean complacency.

Thirdly, his concept of women ministering is radically decrepit. He still thinks it’s a man’s task. His concept of ministry is still one of ruling over others. Manipulation and control are what he exerts for his satanic ends.

WCG Minister’s Desolate House

10th July 1998. Zenya. Dream of a WCG Minister’s desolate spiritual house. (Narrated by Zenya.)

The start of the dream began with me standing outside the gates of a massive mansion, which was dark and gloomy [the spiritual state of the WCG]. It looked empty and lifeless, and indeed it was, hardly known of by anyone, most probably because it was surrounded by acres of woodland.  The gates were ajar, and the house was unlocked, waiting to be intruded.

Then I was inside, this time not on my own, but with my mum, my dad, and Tonya. We were searching the house for some kind of evidence, against or on behalf of him I do not know. We were searching absolutely everywhere, every crack and hole would be covered. It was as if we were carrying out a police search, over the whole house.

Meaning: To do with our dealings with this man. We know the derelict spiritual state of the WCG. There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed (Luke 12:2). God is using us (like the police) to investigate and expose WCG spiritual corruption.

Church Tradition Is Hard To Break

24th July 1998. M. Dream of an ex-WCG man and others. In this dream I was talking to a number of people in a small group situation. Various things were being discussed, among them moving forward spiritually and receiving tongues and other gifts of the Spirit.

I asked if they would like me to pray for them to receive the Holy Spirit’s gifts. Axxxxx Sxxxxx was among those present.

The conversation came around to something to do with Xxxx. I was quite frank and said that not all he did was ideal. Then I said that to move forward, sometimes God wants us to move – physically – just as Abraham had to leave his family and home behind. We must be prepared to leave family and friends behind, and that often means being willing to physically separate ourselves to get in line with God’s will for us. I said that I hadn’t got a final word on Xxxx’s situation, but that that may be what God was indicating for him.

Meaning: The WCG minister is so limited by his indoctrination in that church that he looks to the example of others in that church before him and follows their example more than the Word of God. He really needs to leave that church behind, to be able to move on spiritually and accept the truths of God and the spiritual fulness which Jesus wants to share with him.

Overview of MM’s Work & the WCG

3rd August 1998. H. Dream of Returning to finish a job [to do with the WCG]. Helena started on a long journey by foot. It was tedious and lonesome and it took a long time [depicts the path of our ministry which has been difficult]. Then Helena realised she had to go back to where she started, to finish a job that needed attention. She ended up in the company of a group of people [the WCG]. This group seemed to be run like a camp [WCG control]. David Stirk seemed to be the supervisor.

When the job was done she had to pay her way out of it, as if she had to pay for the uniform used while she was there [things are backward in our relationship with those in the WCG whom we are trying to help; they should be supporting us, but they end up costing us dearly!]. She looked in her purse, but didn’t have enough money [our low financial state].

Then she left them and carried on walking back on the same journey where she was previously [the return to WCG will only be temporary]. Miss Jackson was with her [this lady was with us at the time of this dream, but she died in 1999 and will be raised up from the dead]. Helena was amazed how Barbara Jackson was able to walk with such strength and determination. She and Helena just carried on walking. The walk seemed to be endless! [The task of this ministry.]

Meaning: [In brackets]. Many in the WCG are so arrogant they expect us to pay them for the ‘privilege’ of being with them! What a farcical insult!

We paid dearly to try and deliver these folks from their psychological prisons! We sent them publications at our expense, as well as videos and tapes, by the hundreds over the span of years. Thousands of pieces were sent at a cost that was several thousand pounds! We used up our savings till we were virtually destitute. But would they heed and respond? Not likely! We heard from a friend in the WCG that the videos were collected up, wiped, and given to charity or thrown away. Yet they contained messages of spiritual value from ministers in Elim Pentecostal churches, CfaN, and other ministries, promoting the baptism in the Spirit and spiritual gifts. While the WCG mentors hypocritically paid lip service to other believers outside their little cult, their actions demonstrated their disingenuous and deceitful manipulation of people’s minds.

WCG ministers polarised members against us from their vaunted pulpits, so that everything we sent for the members’ benefit was either trashed, viewed negatively with suspicion and returned with hostility, or used for firelighting and other scurrilous purposes. And now – about 19 years later – they expect us to pay to help them move forward spiritually!! No, that’s unscriptural. The worker is worthy of his keep (Matt 10). There can be no blessing for them without sacrifice. First, they should give, then they will receive what God is gracious to give them. But the dream infers they are so selfish they won’t!

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Further Reading

Confirmation of what the above dreams convey is provided in Articles for the Benefit of Members and Ex-Members of the WCG.

* * *

God speaks to His prophets today just as He spoke to His prophets of old.
One very expressive avenue of communication is via dreams and visions (Num 12:6).
The leadership of the Worldwide Church of God is under God's condemnation for:
1) defying Him in their spiritual promiscuity,
2) maintaining their spiritual control over the minds of their subjects, and
3) repudiating the words of the prophets He sends to correct and redirect them.

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