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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 4)

53. Rhoda’s Home Bombed

The salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; He is their strength in the time of trouble. And the Lord shall help them and deliver them; He shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in Him (Psalm 37:39-40).

From Rhoda in Nairobi:

14th December 2014. 8:34. My house besieged by Islamic mafias.

For the past three days we have seen firearms in the hands of these people. They followed me when I was from a M-pesa agent to collect what J sent to me. They grabbed me and took all the money from me but through God’s hand I managed to run when they were still dividing the money and we locked ourselves in the house. They have vowed to have me, John, and Mark beheaded. They are bitter that more Moslems were baptized in Somalia. Rhoda

Reply: Don’t worry. Just keep praying and trusting God to protect you, and be armed with MM booklets to use as a shield and spiritual sword. God bless. Helena is interceding here! God will deliver us all.

From Rhoda in Nairobi:

10:45. Inside we are going on with MM lit study for I know God is on our side. God promised us through angels in bright clothes today at midnight that He will kill raiders in prophet Mark’s compound. Let’s pray for him too. God is great. R

11:30. Reply: Thanks for keeping us informed. Obviously you have to wait for God’s timing to deal with the guys who are trying to intimidate you. Are they still outside? They obviously don’t know what to do. Presumably they are waiting for you to come out, when they think they can capture you.

But I would be inclined to take the offensive against them, and go outside to confront them with a Faith booklet as a sword and shield, pointing it at them, offering it to them as a gift, expecting God to strike them if they try to be nasty. However, only do that if you feel right about doing that, because it’s God’s timing and choice of how He deals with them.

Their objective, being used by Satan, is to try to immobilise us through fear. Through their intimidation they try to fill us with fear of them which is fear of Satan who uses them. But we don’t fear Satan, nor his stooges. So, it may be right for you to surprise them by taking such a bold stand against them, and see God’s power deal with them. But, like I say, seek God for His mind in how to deal with them. See what He puts in your mind to do. God bless!

11:58. They are still outside. At midnight today God will put them down at our feet. We are very hungry inside here, for 3 days without food. Rhoda

Rhoda’s Home Bombed, Killing Irine

15th December 2014. Rhoda has called to explain that last night the Muslims who surrounded their home just broke into confusion and fought one another till they dispersed themselves leaving behind one wounded man… J

Reply: 20:03. Thanks for the news. I haven’t heard from Rhoda yet. Regarding money. Bob is sending you the last of what he has. There are no more available funds for outreach, so it could well be that this trip in Rwanda is meant to be the last for the time being (unless another source of funding opens up to you completely unexpectedly). Wouldn’t it be nice if angels brought a bag of money with them when they come?!

16th Dec 2014. 5:52. From Rhoda: God made them [the Islamic gunmen] fight each other leaving behind a wounded one. Yesterday evening some of them came back to pick the wounded man and found Irine in our house when I went to buy food. They bombed our house killing Irine instantly. The house is no more.

At midnight 7 angels appeared to me and told me not to cry, for God is going to touch His people to buy me a piece of land in [a remote Kenyan region] away from Nairobi after the burial of Irine. The angels said the land will cost £7000. I am trusting Him. Concerning evangelism, they said this [message on page 28].

Reply: 9:32. …Perhaps God will raise Irine from the dead in the future, some months ahead, as a witness to others in Kenya?

16th Dec 2014. 9:29. The situation is worsening after city police have insisted that I leave this place. Irine’s body has been taken by her step brothers for burial. I am planning to move to [a remote Kenyan region] where I will see God’s favour. Rhoda

16th December 2014. 6:06. Let’s trust God for His will to occur. He is the one who sends us to spread His Word. He will provide money for His work. I humble myself before His throne for Him to use me how He likes. I know He is with us. The van requires service like changing all the tyres. I thought God will allow us to evangelise in South Africa before January but MONEY PROBLEM NOW… John

My reply: That 1.5k from Bob is the last money available from here as far as I know.

God illustrates the money problem: I had a dream that someone needed some money and I thought to give them £1,000, but when I went to look and see what could be found, I realised that we didn’t have anything at all. So I sent £50 and put it on my bank overdraft. It’s all I could do. [That is what happened later.]


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