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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 4)

54. Torture In Tanzania

If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you (John 15:20).

John and Vuga were sent to rescue new believers in Ukerewe:

17th December 2014. The day before yesterday night at midnight, seven angels in long white robes appeared to me speaking in one voice, saying: J and V must go to Ukerewe from Rwanda and proceed to South Africa to deliver God’s people thru MM from drugs and child trafficking. Failure to which they will face the full wrath of God including their families. Those are the words from the Lord. Mark

In Ukerewe, Tanzania

19th December 2014. 15:21. We are entering Ukerewe. John

19th December 2014. 10:37. To John:

I had this dream last night. I wonder if it’s to do with what the believers have suffered in prison whom you will see and release tonight:

19th December 2014. M. Prisoners oppressed.

Some prisoners were really suffering; poorly nourished, they were getting bad colds and other illnesses, especially one prisoner more than all the others. I wrote to the prison authority about it and told them that the prisoners needed Vitamin C, lots of it, to be kept healthy. The advice solved the problem. [MM writings release people from spiritual sickness in the prison of this dark satanic world. It may portray what the believers in Ukerewe, Tanzania, have been subjected to in recent weeks, where they were imprisoned for their faith.]

One skinny woman [she needs more spiritual food] was being really oppressed and made to strip, under the excuse of their strip search policy, but it was utter humiliation. She was helpless in the situation. [How the new believers there have been humiliated by being imprisoned for their faith by Muslims.]

The Vitamin C in the dream is a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

Vit C is needed by the body to maintain general health and wellbeing. It builds up the immune system, making it capable of fighting pathogens (germs). Vit C is also needed for most bodily processes or functions to operate adequately.

So, when believers are released from the prison of Satan’s system, they are able to become spiritually healthy by imbibing and utilising the Holy Spirit, just as the human body imbibes and utilises Vit C.

I guess God used Vit C as the symbol in this dream because we imbibe large quantities of it each day (in manufactured pills of Vit C) in order to counter the bodily effects of the huge demonic attacks or burdens we have to bear in order for release to come to the folks in Africa whom God is calling. The demons surrounding those people who are being delivered from demons and demonic influences have to go somewhere in order to be put away. So, God lets them come here (that’s the way He’s arranged things), they affect me, Helena, Tonya and some others, and then Helena intercedes pushing them away to their intended destination that God has in mind. We don’t know where they go, but they have to be shifted from the strongholds or principalities that they command in various regions in Africa (or elsewhere in the world where God is at work like this).

If the demons were not put away from their principalities, those strongholds would still control the people’s minds preventing them from coming to understand God’s truths. Deception would still reign in their minds and they wouldn’t be able to comprehend the new information God is offering them to live by.

19th December 2014. 16:31. To John: How much do you have left? There was a huge demonic blockage somewhere in the system, preventing the funds coming to you. It needed clearing and Helena has done that now. So, hopefully it will come through tonight, but if it’s not in your account tomorrow, please let us know, and how much you have left, in case an emergency transfer of a small amount has to be done by WU.

…I am hoping that the money Bob sent will be through by morning because I can’t afford to send anything much. It will leave us without here and I would have to borrow. So, let me know the situation tomorrow. Thanks.

Ukerewe Prisoners Supernaturally Released

21st Dec 2014. 9:31. In Ukerewe.

Prisoners rescued by God. We are down financially. That money is not yet in. You will get full report soon. John

John and Vuga tell what happened:

On Ukerewe Island we found the MM supporters. Six of them had been imprisoned in a cell of freezing cold water.

When we reached Mali ya Mungu Beach which is 200m from where they were held captive, we were surrounded by a group of drunk men and women who wanted to know our business in that area. Vuga convinced them that we were tourists. Then we were allowed onto the beach turned torture hell. The sight of weak, hungry and tired people immersed in ice-cold water was what greeted us. It was sad to see the cruel treatment God’s people were undergoing. We did not talk to them, because onlookers and drunken people who followed us would have known our intention.

They had been squeezed into a cage in Lake Victoria. It was a prison cage made of iron bars. The captives were submerged in water up to their waists. They had been there for two weeks, with no rest and given very little food! [God sustained them, helping them to endure this ordeal.] They were accused of devil worship and of converting Muslims to Christianity. Their captors demanded that they renounce their Christian Faith and move back to being Muslim.

After seeing where the prisoners were being held, we then requested for a place to rest and we were taken outside the beach. It was a safe place where we could safely park the MM van before doing what God sent us to do. We rested until midnight.

At midnight 7 angels all in white clothes with sharp swords suddenly appeared and led us back to the hellish cell. The angels surrounded the beach as we placed the MM booklet Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation at the gate outside the watery prison cell. Just outside the water basin was a dry entrance not filled with water. That’s where God’s Spirit led us to place the booklet.

When we had done that the angels instructed us to go back to the van. We lay down to get some rest, intending to drive towards the ferry terminus in the morning, to depart for South Africa.

After something like 20 minutes we heard screams behind us. Some screams were police personnel who saw how their comrades got struck dead by lightning. Other screams were jubilations from freed prisoners who openly thanked the God of MM.

On that Saturday at midnight the angels killed by thunder and lightning all the 5 people who held MM supporters captive. (3 police reservists and 2 doorkeepers.)

On Sunday morning when we were about to board the ferry off the island, armed policemen came and arrested us. They even deflated the van tyres and took my phone. We were taken back to the water hell and locked in a small wooden room. Thankfully it was dry with no water, so we could sit or lie down.

At midnight Monday the Lord visited the place. It all started with a strong wind and a heavy downpour for about 15 minutes. Then thunder and flashes of lightning struck.

We walked out safely after the frightened doorkeeper was struck dead, but we could not leave for my phone was still in their custody, so we went back to the van and rested.

In the morning my phone was handed to me by one police officer called Z, who also guided us out by ferry to the mainland. But he feared to be baptised for he was a staunch Muslim, a teacher.

A mechanic called N inflated our tyres free of charge. God moved him to come supernaturally without J or me calling him. He did it on his own.  Vuga


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