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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 3)

47. Watch It! Masjid!

You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own, for he is a liar and the father of it (John 8:44).

The aggression of many Muslims reveals the source of their ‘belief’. Much of Muslim ideology is untrue. Such lies come from the father of lies. The following episode illustrates the satanic source of Islamic aggression:

God Tells Mark Of Coming Attack

9th November 2014. 20:42. The Lord has revealed to me thru His angels that Masjid Musa is planning an attack on us. He is targeting Vuga, Rhoda and me, and he will try to threaten you, so we beg for your prayers. Mark

Reply: 9th November 2014. 22:07. Yes. You'll be OK. God will not allow this Work to fail. Helena is interceding constantly because there is much opposition. She feels it in the spirit, and fights against the demons trying to cause this trouble. But we have the victory because of God's purpose, through Christ.

God bless! Do not worry unduly (I don't think you do). God only allows such attacks to demonstrate His complete mastery and superiority.

Comment: I then wrote to Masjid Musa, to warn him:

9th November 2014. 23:23. Watch it!

Hey, Masjid Musa, Do you not  realise that everything you plan against us is known? We are waiting for you. God’s angels are waiting to intercept anyone who fights against MM and God’s people, and strike them dead. Life for life.

Repent of your wicked motives, and turn away from doing evil, or you will face the fierceness of the anger of God Almighty. Get yourself a Bible and read 2 Kings chapter 1, where Elijah called down fire from heaven upon his attackers.

We have that same authority under Jesus Christ. You have been warned.

10th November 2014. 18:52. From Masjid Musa.

I told you to warn your people to stop converting our people into christianity but you seem not to understand. First I will finish Rhoda and destroy everything she has followed by prophet Mark and set his home on fire then I will also set [alight] that van Vuga is using to distribute books and see where he will get the money to replace it. Idiot!!

Reply: 10th November 2014. 19:15. I don't take my orders from you. I take them from God Almighty. And it is HIM you are fighting against!

You have a very short memory. You don't learn, do you? You seem to have forgotten what happened to your nephew. God struck him dead. He was heard crying aloud: 'please don't burn me in hot coal.' Then he died. Hand grenades were found in his pockets. You sent him to kill John, but God's hand finished him. And the other bloke you sent to murder John also died similarly.

God will strike you dead, too, if you persist in coming against us. Because you are coming against God's outreach. It is not merely ours; it is HIS.

You know, your religion is empty. Islam has no supernatural power, because it is the worship of a false god. Muslims don't realise that it is a religion of deception. It has no true and good ethos to live by. It has no true moral standard from God. It is a counterfeit religion foisted onto humanity by the one who is presently the god of this world (Satan the devil). So it is not surprising that many people follow it or go along with it, not realising its source. But it's not too difficult to see that its basis is evil, especially when thugs like you want to kill Christians who are living lives towards God, and who do not want do perpetrate evil against others, but only good. Why do you want to kill good people?

Because you don't want to do good. You just want to do evil, like ISIS and the many militant Muslim organisations which espouse pure Islam from the Koran which tells you to kill 'infidels' who do not agree with you. If you think that approach is laudable, your mind is bent. But those who think like that are so deceived that they don't care. Satan has them hooked. He is revealed in Revelation 12:9 as the one who has deceived the whole world. And the supreme God, who revealed that truth, also reveals to us what we need to know about those who mount vicious attacks against us to kill or harm God's Work in Africa.

Seven angels are overseeing this Work in Africa, and you don't have power over even one of God's angels, never mind seven! So your henchmen don't stand a chance. When your evil hit men come against good people in this Work of God they will be struck dead, or blinded, or paralysed, or burned up, or struck by lightning and thunder, or swallowed up by the earth. There are all sorts of ways God's angels can deal with your wicked murderers to thwart their attacks.

Like I said, true Christianity has POWER. It has the power of God behind it. You don't. So back off, if you have any wisdom, or you will find your henchmen incinerated, or blitzed, and wiped out. But if you want that fate, come on then. We're ready for you. God's angels will deal with you all, no problem! MBH &  2015

What followed and how God struck Masjid Musa dead are reported in the next volume of Mighty Miracles of God.

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