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Mighty Miracles Of God (Volume 4)

48. To Angola

You are the God who does wonders (Psalm 77:14).

Shortly after Vuga returned from Zanzibar, God instructed Mark where the van was to go next. The destination was east Angola. It surprised me – very much so! What a lawless place!

God is not targeting the churches. He is reaching out to the meek and often unreached folk; taking the Gospel to places least exposed to it.

John and Vuga left on 4th November at 4 am. Travelling through Tanzania and Zambia, they reached Angola on 10th November.

Mark had e-mailed me on 9th November, to relay a message warning of an impending attack. Masjid Musa (a Muslim leader with connections to more than 2,000 soldiers) had a gang of five in a white car following our van to kill John and Vuga, and destroy the van. The 7 angels had notified Mark of this. I censured Masjid (see p 79 of MMG Volume 3).

10th November 2014. 19:29. To John, Rhoda and Mark about the attack:

Mark was warned by the angels that Masjid Musa will be mounting another attack to try and kill you all and burn the van. But don’t worry. There’s no need to fear. God has everything perfectly organised in His plan, and He doesn’t send 7 angels to tell us about an imminent attack if that attack would succeed in killing God’s servants. He has given us that warning so that we are not too shocked when the attack happens, and so that we are mentally and spiritually prepared, with a booklet at the ready like a spiritual shield.

God is watching over all of you, and those angels will deal with all opposition. Ours is to stand firm, raise the shield of faith [the MM booklet on Faith], at which the angels will act to defend us.

Helena’s duty over here has been to intercede (fight against) the evil demons that are instigating this attack which is coming. Through her intercession she pushes at the demons and thwarts their power or influence by the power of God’s Spirit working with her. She felt considerable powers when she battled them yesterday. God is setting up another victory that will bring glory to His name.

Jesus’ words (in Luke 12:32 and Revelation 2:10 and other places in the NT) remind us that we are not to fear. Evil people are only allowed by God to do a certain amount of evil against His Work before God intervenes to rescue His chosen ones. God bless!

With Special Agents In Angola

13th November 2014.

Our God be praised for delivering our lives from the devil’s plan! On Monday just after crossing into Angola, our van was stopped on our way to Capenda-Camulemba Town by 7 rebels protesting the leadership of Edwardo dos Santo. They rummaged through the van taking all the food and water we carried. Then one of them pushed Vuga out of the driver’s seat. They frogmarched us out of the van pointing guns at us.

They all got into the vehicle and tried to drive it but the van remained static. They then forced us into the van and tried again to start the engine but it remained static till they gave Vuga the key. When Vuga turned the key, the engine started and we moved with ease.

Then they pleaded with us to spare their lives and they took us to their homes to witness, as they testified to others about the things that happened.

God gave us power to tell them to accompany us to various towns to preach the true Gospel of God of MM. They accompanied us to Cuangor, Chissamba, Cuanga, Cuilo, Caungula and today to Dala where we received stiff opposition from the Catholics. We are at Dala now.

I realized that it is God who did this for us because I and Vuga cannot speak in Portuguese language which is the national language most people speak here, so He brought them along to ensure that the mission was achieved. Most people here are not friendly, but our God has neutralised all these in Jesus’ name. I kept the laptop and my phone silent for I feared they could steal them. But I asked Nuno, Gomez, Almandla, Likavusa, Mozaret, Dinilla and Dokude to leave us alone tonight to have a meeting with our God at midnight, and they left us without resistance.

So far we have used £3200. Pls receive full report later for I don’t want the Catholic mad people here to detect that we are communicating to you. John

The only way to explain the bizarre and sudden change of behaviour in those gunmen is a miracle. When the angels intervened at the turn of the key, they must have appeared in a frightening vision to the bandits. Whatever the angels did or said caused the gunmen to fear for their lives. They turned from militant and murderous to being meek and malleable. Thus, God utilised them for the outreach in Angola. In awe of what they experienced, the gunmen also told others what had happened to them. And the message was shared with the meek and receptive.

Over the next few days John and Vuga visited seven towns and distributed MM publications. One ‘Full Gospel’ pastor was struck blind for opposing them. Here is John’s summary:

Angola: Costly Seeds Sown

23rd November 2014. Thanks to God, this is the Angola account.

When we reached Capenda-Camulemba we got captured by 7 rebels: Nuno, Gomez, Almandla, Likavusa, Mozaret, Dinila, Dokude, who led us to:

1) Cuangor Town where we met E and Z, two … who had left the SDA church and accepted the MM lits. We gave them Why Love?

2) Next we moved to Chissamba Town. We met an old ailing woman called… We gave her Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation. She read page 4 and instantly got well.

3) Our next stop was Cuanga, where a Full Gospel church pastor Elimosa Vuiilo accused us of being devil worshippers. I pointed the Faith booklet at him and he lost his eyesight. A young girl of 14 yrs accepted us there and we gave her the booklet on Faith.

4) Cuilo Town was next where a widow ran away from us on seeing Nuno who she claimed killed her husband. We gave her Why Forgive? and left her happy and willing to study more MM lit.

5) Caungula Town, dominated by Moslems and Catholics: we talked to youths in a football pitch and gave them Why Love?

6) Dala Town: we were chased by Catholic faithfuls and it is here where Masjid’s men started to follow us in a chase into DRC up to Burundi.

So John and Vuga left that night, 13th November, to return via the Congo and Burundi.

The High Speed Chase From Angola To Burundi

Masjid’s men tailed our van all the way from Angola, through the Democratic Republic of Congo (a dangerous place indeed!), to the border of Burundi. Five gunmen ambushed the van. I received these e-mails:

The route from Angola to Burundi: Dala, Cassol, Dilolo, Kolwezi, Likasi, Manono, Kalemie, Makobola, Uviva, Bujumbura. From here we took the route to Rwanda but got ambushed at Ngozi by Masjid’s men…  John

14th November 2014. 18:26. Mark in Kenya wrote:

The spirits [angels] of the Lord are telling me that a group of people are planning to attack J and V on their way back around Rwanda but don’t worry about that because the Lord is going to do wonders. They will try to burn the van but they will all die on the spot. So pray for them as we do…

14th Nov 2014. 18:30. Followed. From last night up to now we have been pursued by a white car with no registration number. We are at Burundi border and we have decided to branch into a thicket to let them pass so that we can enter Burundi early in the morning. John

14th November 2014. 18:53. From Rhoda (in Kenya): 7 angels in glittering white clothes have just informed me to tell all MM to put J and V in prayers for they are under attack. They said that the attack is in Rwanda or Burundi. The attackers will all die when they want to burn the MM van. Burundi or Rwanda Police will then put the van, J and Vuga in custody. They left leaving me in a great worry. Thanks. R

14th November 2014. 18:59. From John: We are captured, the war is God’s. They have surrounded us, all with guns and their heads and faces covered, long robes, yes Muslims… [message unfinished].

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